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Ear-implants behind the cyber attacks…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and irresistible husband, how are you? I am thinking of you… Wish I finally would learn something about your whereabouts.

Hacking is really easy as the SEGNPMSS has all access codes. They run everyone. They know exactly what to transmit to their agents (doesn’t matter what national) to hack “successfully”, criminally enrich themselves and cripple the world.

I also noticed again that Germany and the SEGNPMSS behind it are setting up once more “alibis” for themselves. They cyber-attacked hospitals in the UK… That should make people think that behind those attacks are no psychiatrists and medical doctors. Yeah right! 

Germany (SEGNPMSS hard-core) attacked their own railway station, but… and here it comes: 1) It isn’t a big problem because rich people can fly or rent a car 2) Poor people simply have to wait 3) And Germany could make even cash from it, e.g. uninformed, desperate, or stupid people might pay each 300 bucks to someone at the Bundesbahn to get to their destination.

They included the “hacking” of the Bundesbahn so that other countries doesn’t wonder why Germany was not attacked.

I know how they think and how they calculate. If they wouldn’t run all people through ear-implants and manipulate them through loud and silent sounds, they wouldn’t have the smallest chance as they are dumb and predictable.

BTW, the German route up there is the one that my family often takes, but I think they rather drive with the car. RB was born in Olbernhau.

Furthermore, I know what else is behind this global cyber attack that caused problems for those many: SEGNPMSS wants more hatred against the USA, after all, the cyber tools used in this attack were developed by the National Security Agency. Developed upon SEGNPMSS orders through US officials’ ear-implants of course. That is also the reason why they don’t bust the SEGNPMSS like a true American agency would and instead are developing shady crap which blows into their faces later because SEGNPMSS tells their other agents to steal the stuff and publish it. 

I worked all weekend from morning to late, Marty. Had to build a cover over half of my deck and cleaned everything outside and inside the house. Kinda beat today. A woman told me a few days ago that she thinks that life will pass me by because I am always busy working.

This world is remote-controlled. It takes the fun out of playing for me. Robots are none of my kind. I don’t mind letting them pass by. Besides, I lived many lifetimes before. I just have to make sure that I get out of this universe when this body falls into pieces. Actually, Marty, my greatest and only fear is getting medically drugged at the end of my life, subjected to implants, unable to escape as thetan, trapped by these psych and medical monsters and being forced to live another lifetime in this SEGNPMSS universe. I think about it very often and how to prevent it. On the other side, there is nothing what they can dangle in front of my nose for me wanting to come back. They took everything from me. It will be anyway just holograms and lies to keep me here so that they know what I am up to. However, God is on our side. He’ll help us out. I want to live in a universe with our kind, Marty, or doesn’t want any body at all. God has no body. And I don’t need one either. 

This might sound depressive, but interestingly, I am not. It is a miracle that after all that happened, I am not depressed. And if, then just very briefly. Without any pills of course, I am getting rid of any depression really easily.  I am full with energy and I still love fun. Unbelievable, isn’t it? It must come from above. 

Sending you many passionate and tender kisses, Marty. You will be always in my heart. Still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever,





Are we really the only ones who are able to see religion-hating p$ychs conditioning people into terrorists, shooters, and other killers?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? I worry about you. There was still no message by you or on your behalf for me, but I can feel strongly that you are trying to reach me.  

Germany (German secret service psychiatrists and their international psychs and helpers) are behind Daesh (ISIS) and the “Islamic terror”. We know that they are using Islamists to conduct Nazi acts and are hiding behind these other nations. They think when religion is wiped off this planet, people will have even less conscience and their own bad conscience with evaporate. (As far as the latter is concerned, they would be in for a big surprise. Even without religions, their jauntiness is gone. They basically know that they are the worst scum. Only character change of 360 degree to the better will provide relief. And they rather sick their lunatics heads in the sand but acknowledging this. 

Omar Mateen was identified as the gunman in the Orlando nightclub, shooting who killed 50 and injured 50 more before he was shot. ISIS (SEGNPMSS runs it) claimed “responsibility” for the atrocity. It is Ramadan, and Germany’s secret service psychs are setting up such a horrible acts in the USA in the name “of Islam” or “religion”.  Psychs condition people and have them call “Allahu Akbar” before the atrocity to make people hate religion or deny God. It is so typical German, so typical psychs. Any non-conditioned Muslim knows that violence is nothing Allah would ever approve of. 

The terror attack on the people in the Orlando nightclub was organized and well prepared, reported law enforcement. Sure, just as the psychiatrists behind the Nazis prepared killings very systematically. And as psychs have the ear implant codes of people, their Manchurian candidates function. He or she does the shooting, the secret service psychs make sure, step by step, in all details, that the conditioned person does in any detail what they want him/her to do.   

The father of the shooter says that his son got upset because he saw two men kissing. One can’t just pull out guns and start shooting only because one disagrees. Besides, this wasn’t the real reason. Son was psychiatric conditioned. And he isn’t the first security guard who was psychiatric conditioned. I noticed this done before on another security guard in D.C.     

On the border between Turkey and Iran, I once drove through a town in a horse carriage (in this lifetime). It was late afternoon and a cinema just ended a movie. Hundreds of men (only men, no woman anywhere) were streaming out of the cinema, ALL of the men were holding hands. I didn’t see anyone kissing but I never saw anything like this ever again. It was like the entire city in a Muslim country was gay. Women apparently were not allowed. The suppression of women, etc. and tricking thetans in between lifetimes in the body of the opposite gender to make them gay, but on the other side also slaughtering them, is so psychiatric, so German Nazi.

I can spot when somebody is psych-conditioned. And I am sure you can too, Marty. What is the excuse of the company who hired him, law enforcement, FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies of the intelligence community not seeing it? Those people who sell weapons are unable to spot a psychiatric conditioned person also. Psychs pick angry people, conditioned them and cut their consciousness off. Easy to control with ear implant codes, the  REAL Walking Death do exactly what the doctor orders:

You and me, and any original real Scientologist can feel a person’s character and personality. If somebody is around us and we know him or her just a little, we get it right away if somebody is psychiatric conditioned and altered. And if it is a stranger, we also feel the low tonelevel and the robotic vibe of such a person.   

Singer Christina Grimmie (devoted Christian, apparently) was shoot just a day earlier by Kevin James Loibl. He isn’t a Muslim. His last name sounds Bavarian. I read that he targeted her because she was religious. Then he shot himself. How convenient for the psychs to transmitting through the ear implants to their Manchurian Candidates to kill themselves after the terror. This is done most of the time to get rid of the evidence (a badly tampered mind).   

Her Twitter account was hacked too, saying: “The End”. Psychs want to end religiosity for the reasons stated above. Guess these psychs were afraid that this young artist could spark more young people;s interest in religion instead of hating it.

Governments and law enforcement allow the world to go to hell by not stopping psychiatric conditioning of people.

You are in my heart, Marty, deeply. I miss you and still hope for a peaceful and exciting life together with you.

Be safe! My heart says your name every day.  There is where you belong.  Be kissed. 

Yours always.












Why did Germany allow “whistleblower” info on them spying on the USA and its allies? (For alibi-reasons… I explain below.)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, sweetest Prince and bright soulmate, and Captain of my heart,

How is your life?

You are worth any wait and I just don’t want to imagine a life without you. We were born for each other, and nobody has the right to violate or deny us our rights. If they are standing in our ways, there will be definitely not in the number that will be played when Saints come marching in, and I don’t mean any football team. Instead of creating all the happiness on Earth for themselves without influencing it through the pain of a bad conscience, they stop our happiness and create dirty hands for themselves. Isn’t that the ultimate low IQ? I wouldn’t mess with anyone, particularly not with us as our love is meant for the eternity.  All the timetrack up and down, we loved each other and helped each other. And suddenly, because SPs want it, we should hate each other? Lol. Total idiots. Never will happen.

And speaking of total idiots, this is the introduction to my header of today, Marty. The Washington Times reported yesterday, that “Germany’ is “rocked by news reports of spying on U.S. allies”, and this after Merkel slammed the NSA of snooping on her cell phone. You and I, Marty, we know that it would be a piece of cake for Germany to silence such kind of info before it makes it into any news report but they allowed it this time to conceal or distract from what the German hypocrites are really doing: not just regular spying but by implanting babies and kids in school and by reading and influencing the thoughts of all people on the planet and beyond with inhuman psychiatric tools and super-computers.

When it becomes mainstream that Germany runs the planet through ear-implants for the advantage of Germany, medical doctors, psychiatrists, the pharmaceutical industry, and Nazis, Germany wants to say: “No, we don’t do that. We got caught spying  the old-fashioned way on U.S. arms companies, the FBI, a top French diplomat, several international organizations, allied government departments, U.S. defense entities such as Lockheed Martin, the World Health Organization, the International Criminal Court, and even a German diplomat working for the EU… If we would run the world with ear-implants and be able to read and influence their thoughts, why would we spy the old-fashioned way and are getting caught?”

One word: German ALIBI.  Above is the line they want to use when being accused on the methods that they are really using to spy and control:  ear-implants, body-implants, psychiatric mind-control, and turning people into robots.

Germany is behind the WHO. The reason why the USA is such a psychiatric- and medical-oriented and controlled country instead of allowing people to live that they are not fall victim to illnesses (you and I know that and how it is possible) is because the SEGNPMSS runs it secretly. There is no reason for any German secret service to spy on any of these organisations as SEGNPMSS controls what they think and do.

 And read this line in the WP, Marty: “Officials at the Central Intelligence Agency’s office of public affairs, as well as at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment Wednesday. The State Department did not respond to requests for comment at deadline.”

Gee, true Americans would slam Germany right away for hypocrisy. But as their behavior needs to be approved by the SEGNPMSS, they are quiet. Germany wants an alibi to be there in case them behind psychiatric ear-implant control can’t be no longer concealed in the future but they don’t want a big issue on them spying in any way or form.

Whatever rotten thing they are doing, Marty, we are getting it in a snap without reading any mind. We look at situations, and we simply know. Magic that they don’t have.

You mean happiness, honesty, excitement, tenderness, hope, future, reliability,  and eternal love to me.  You are a treasure, Marty, and for me, happiness is a direct place. In your arms and next to you.

I love you so much. 

Yours – promising romantic 










Many wrongs make no right. (Germany!)

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Dearest Marty, my precious husband and Prince,

You remind me of anything that is beautiful and worthwhile in this universe. Without you, it would be like a universe without music or air or joy or hope. You are a star, never forget this, Marty, a star that sparkles better than any other because it is a genuine star.

The media reports that Germany is at the brink of anarchy and civil war, and I do worry about my family members still in Germany, Marty.

Whatever I read or heat about or from Germany, any opinion/action in regards to the migrants is wrong because:

  1. The government of Angela Merkel uses “studies”. It is easy to figure what Germany under Merkel is up to.  The baby boom generation prepares to retire, and in order to take over the world, half a million immigrants needed annually for 35 years in Germany, say such studies. Studies say that EU has not enough people and most of the workers will have to be “imported”  from outside of the EU. Merkel wants to go into history as “humanitarian” and “great leader” but anything she does is designed to put dangerous Germany above any other nation on the planet. (I really would like to look at her phone records that the NSA got. I bet a billion bucks that she has secret case officers who tell her what to do and she is just Germany’s puppet “leader”.)
  2. The Nazis wanted to rule the world, and current Germany wants it too. And they never play fair. Instead of starting yet another war and emptying Syria, Germany could have advertised all over the world that they want young people to immigrate to Germany. There are many people who live in poverty in their own countries (because Germany, the secret psychiatric force behind all ear implants on the planet) holds economies down (also the USA, Russia, and China) to make Germany the mightiest country on the planet. These people who live in poverty in their own countries might have considered migrating to Germany to get jobs.
  3. The question is: why do they want people from the Middle East to populate Germany? It is really simple: historically, many so-called Muslim (not all but many) were pro Hitler and Nazis. Like infiltrators of Scientology and other religions, they are not religious. Hitler said that Islam is a “religion of men” and suited the Germanic temperament (I call this Nazi “temperament” retarded, perverted, and utterly insane, Marty. It is not even a temperament. Is brutality and monster attitude. It is just appalling. And on top: they are BORING!) 
  4. The reason why the SEGNPMSS emptied Syria with their most secret weapon “ear implants” through another brutal war is because they want these Syrians to help them to bring Nazi Germany back. They want a Nazi world. If it should fail for a reason, they will blame it on the Syrians. “It is them who bring the Nazis back, not we Germans/Bavarians…” If it doesn’t fail, psychiatric insane dreams of a new Nazi-Germany will become true. (And if Middle Easterners think for a minute that they will be equal with Germans, they are in for a big surprise). Germany will sort out again and their ethnicity might suddenly no longer be good enough for Germany, like in: The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go. 
  5. There are also fanatical people in Germany who do not want Syrians, other Muslims or just foreigners in Germany, and it seems that the SEGNPMSS has not yet explained in all detail their plan to them that these Syrians were made homeless and “imported” to help Germany to bring Nazi-Germany back. It is also possible that these foreigner hating people are the alternative new Nazi movement if the Syrians and other Middle Easterners/Muslims in Germany don’t take the bait and refuse to do the dirt work for Germany to bring the Nazis back. Also possible is that any non-peaceful activities from the side of the Syrians will be used to get Nazi Germany back, like: “We had to stop the Syrians, we had no other choice…” (Concealing that any brutal activities is approved by the SEGNPMSS and without them talking in their ear implants, Middle Easterners  would be peaceful.) There is PEGIDA and Lediga, Sügida, Kadiga, Wüdiga, Bodiga, Dagida, Fragida, Pegada, EnDgAmE (they are anti-American) who are anti-foreigners and have already thousands of German followers. They sound just like the Nazis. They are the beginning of the taste of what will happen to Syrians after they helped the Nazis back into power and when they become the Moors who can go. Two or even many wrongs make no right. Germany as a country has to dissolve for the sake of peace on this world. EU should do it instead of being Germany’s helpers. And I don’t mean another war or killings. The German superiority can’t take over the world without having a country from  which to overtake. People in Germany, Germans should discover their Jewish and/or other roots and act accordingly peaceful and non-fanatical. That’s the right step towards a better world.      
  6. Germany likes alibis, something to hide behind if people become suspicious. For example, if I say that they (SEGNPMSS) are the force behind all sides of the Syrian war (and other wars) by using ear-implants and controlling all people on the planet into behaving the way they want them to act, Germany will say: That is not so. If we would run everyone with ear implants, why are people even fighting in Germany with some wanting the foreigners and some not? My answer: “DUH! Just another stupid alibi that Germany is not behind the Syrian war and other wars, and I am not falling for that crap.”    

I love you, Marty. 

Yours forever,



Germany selling arms – making big business with wars

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Germany says it is anti-war but what do they do in reality? They are making lots of cash, Germany with its large weapons industry. (And their secret service p$ychs are running people through ear implants and make them start wars and fight each other.) They are making sure that Germany sells its weapons. Germany exported 3.5 billion euros (3.97 billion dollars) in the first six months of 2015, up from 2.2 billion in 2014. (See here:

Despite its (false) promises to rein in the country’s weapons exports, the German government is still “struggling” to kick its addiction to war profits.

Addicted to evil, that is their problem.

Despite this is important news, there are not many news reports about Germany’s huge weapon industry. Most media outlets are rather publishing anti-Scientology stuff than looking into what Germany really is up to.

Above picture is about future arms project of the German Army. Germans have invasions and wars on their minds. And they are also hiding their evil intentions behind the broad back of the USA. 

BTW, German secret secret services just “warned” that  Germany is importing Islamic extremism, anti-Semitism, etc. through the migrants. SEGNPMSS (whatever they call their own insane movement) is not an imagination. In the hard-core, they are German psychs, and they run the entire planet on ear implants. I KNOW who is making our lives miserable, Marty. They are the anti-Semites. They hate Scientology and real America. And they like to degrade their version of “Scientology” or the “USA”, what they made out of them by sending messages in ear implants of people to conduct anti-American or anti-Scientology activities, so that either Scientology or the USA gets the blame.

If they use Merkel’s ear implants to import “extremism” to Germany, than because they have an evil plan. There is a possibility that they have so-called Muslims immigrate to help Germany to become officially anti-Semitic again. And of course, these Syrians should work for Germany and make it bigger. If the plan goes wrong, the German psychs and Nazis behind the scene will say: “It wasn’t us. It was them!” Like they always do, hiding that German psychs radio in the ear implants and mind of all people.   

SEGNPMSS doesn’t mind if there are plenty of even their own Germans are harmed in the process. After all, the people shot at the Berlin wall were Germans. Millions of Jews were German citizens. SEGNPMSS thinks that blood spilled and pain caused is hilarious as long at is not theirs.

The world (and I mean all nationals) have to go looking for them and pull the strings  and arrest the ordering monsters. Without that, Germany will be above everything and no peace for anyone, not even for regular Germans.

I really would like to see the phone records that the NSA has on Merkel’s phone calls. I bet the farm that it will reveal that she is an order taker and not the real boss of Germany. And once more, the war in Syria (and other wars) was caused by Germany as they need lots of people to make Germany world power no. 1. And Bavaria wants to publish Mein Kampf again. (My struggle, in other word, whining and bragging.) 

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours always,





1) German auto manufacturer Volkswagen deliberately endangers health of all people 2) Syrians become very cheap labor (1 Euro for 1 hour!) for rich Germany 3) Refugees/migrants shelters in Germany are brothels…

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Dearest Marty, my amazing husband and Prince,

How are you?

German Nazi spin (that they are the greatest and best) is in full swing. And most people fall for it. They didn’t learn a thing about Germany. People so evil don’t become better just by losing a war. If that would work, they would have bettered themselves after they lost WWI and the Nazi never would have marched. I am not saying that everyone in Germany is a monster. I also don’t want anyone retaliating and terrorizing the general population in Germany or elsewhere, but there are men (apparently in majority psychiatrists and medical doctors, who decide over what illnesses people become and how long they may live, the main problems of mankind besides terror and war) behind Germany who are monsters. They control all other governments, incl. that of the USA. And these people must be found and prosecuted. If the world continues to drink Germany’s cool aide, I don’t want to be ever born on this planet again. Actually, I don’t even want to ever pick up another body in this universe again as long they are around with powers. I can’t express enough how sick I am of their slavery.

Here is just the tip of the iceberg, Marty.

German company Volkswagen deliberately and illegally installed software in its diesel-power cars to evade standards for reducing smog. What kind of monsters do something like that? It is typical for monsters to harm the health of people who didn’t do anything to them. They have to recall 500.000 cars. Considering how many people can die on bad air, what they did is attempted mass murder, is it not?

Germany wants to officially rule not just Europe but the entire world. All should look up to this country and obey. And when no power is left to stand up against it anymore, they will reveal their true faces again like they did during the Nazi times. As Germany’s population is aging like all other nationals who live on the unprotected surface of the world with processed food and water, chemicals and remote-controlled germs (thanks to their own SEGNPMSS psychs and medical doctors who didn’t even allow average Germans to protect their health and youth like the top SEGNPMSS doctors do), they need young and strong people to help Germany to reach this goal. Yes, Marty, these SEGNPMSS mind controllers are very degraded beings who try to be admired for what they are absolutely not (the greatest, the smartest, the best, the most intelligent and advanced…) They are so fake and stupid!

They cause wars by radioing in people’s ear implants to pick fights and create terror and war. Syria is just one example. This war serves Germany. It needs the young Syrians to work for Germany as they have not enough young Germans to make Germany world power no. I. Many were killed, they uprooted the people from their homes in Syria, having them promote Germany’s propaganda that they are the best by having the Hungarian and others behave like Nazis and they have the misinformed Syrians praising Germany. For me and I am sure also for you, it is a child game’s decoding Germany’s secret actions.       

I posted this before. Germany’s psychiatrists run people through ear implants with super computers. They have the overall control over all ear implants and numerous of the international people that they are running might not know this. These German psychiatrists are the force behind international crimes, terror, and wars. They do these horrible acts  because 1) They feel entertained and powerful when people suffer and die 2) They want to make Germany to be officially world’s power no.1 on this planet and the universe. (The ultimate nightmare!) 3) They are SPs and completely nuts who hate ethics and religion because it reminds them on how bad they are and are trying to destroy it by having their agents do horrible things in the name of religion 4) They try to deny God. Will they ever catch up with who makes me see who is behind Germany and the horrible things that they do?

Look how they use the Syrians. A German town offers refugees to work for one Euro per hour. Slavery!

What I am very interested in, Marty, is to find out where Angela Merkel gets her orders from. Germans coined a word for hesitating, “merkeln”, which is a clear indicator to me that she has to wait with her decisions until her case officer(s) approve it. (NSA has her phone calls. I’d like to take a look at the content. I bet she is run by case officers.) Merkel got the chancellor job because people in general think that women aren’t as bad as men.  They don’t see Merkel stuffing people in concentration camps. But her job is to make Germany stronger than any other country, so that the monsters who ordered mass murder can take over when Merkel or another chancellor puppet is gone. Even the word “chance” in chancellor for Germany’s alleged head is deliberate and crap. What chance? A chance to end up in hell? 

Germany isn’t a “reluctant leader” at all. They just don’t want to be caught again. They run other nationals through ear implants to make Germany beg to run them and take them over, so that Germany can say: Ukraine asked us, Syria asked us… and one day they will say that Russia asked us, China asked us, the USA asked us to run them… It was their idea, not our German idea.” Hell it was and is. Germany’s psychs are mind-controlling the world and at the same time are bringing the Nazis back on an international scale.      

To become world power no. 1, Germany feels that it has to ruin and keep all other economies down. I remember in 1983, when I entered the USA, I was surprised how laid back the USA was, very different from what I knew from Germany. Then I figured what Germany does to the USA with the help of secret ear-implants. It is very easy, and they do it more or less also to all other countries.  They discourage people of other nationalities to do the right steps for a good economy. They mislead them. They make sure that Germany are getting the economic advantages, not other countries. This is how Germany’s economy became “robust”. And it was the reason for communism in China and Russia. These giants were held back with the German invention of communism forced upon them as they could have overpowered Germany with their economies.  

Merkel says that Germany accepts no illegal migrants who come to Germany for economic reasons. Hell, other nationals who do not have enough to feed their families are also German victims, because Germany held the economies of these countries down to become world power no.1 and have these countries beg for Germany’s help (and they will not get it if it doesn’t serve Germany!)  “Mother” Merkel vowed harsher measures against illegal economic migrants, the other victims that Germany creates! 

Germany also controls the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and the UAE) with ear implants, who have kept their doors to refugees firmly shut. Germany needs the Syrian people as work slaves and does not allow that Syria’s neighbors take them in. 

Germany is so greedy in wanting these people as workers that they grabbed them without making sure that they have the adequate facilities for them and protection for the women.

During the Third Reich, Germany had many brothels, and nothing has changed. Today,  German refugee centers became brothels too. Germany turns blind eyes on prostitution in refugee shelters. Read below article, Marty.  In the refugee shelter in Munich, the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten Euros.  Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk). 

Germany had 400.0000 prostitutes in 2011. Yikes! Morals like alley cats.  

Why did women have to leave Syria when they are being raped in Germany instead? German police is covering up the crimes committed in Germany to migrants or plays them down. German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities. Women in the German shelters are afraid to use the rest rooms at night! Germany planned the war to empty out Syria since numerous years but had no time to organize something better for women and children than this? I think it is deliberate because these low German doctors  who run people through ear implants want to be primitively “entertained”.

“In Bavaria, women and girls housed at a refugee shelter in Bayernkaserne, a former military base in Munich, are subject to rape and forced prostitution on a daily basis.”

Deutschland, Deutschland über alles! OMG, that is the country all people on Earth should look up to.

Not you and not me, Marty.

I love you. You are deep in my heart. German set ups to alienate us has failed utterly. LOL!

Be kissed, my hero.

Yours always,


I stay, Marty. I want to see you again, no matter what. 




A mind-controlled world doesn’t see that Germany secretly runs the USA – not the other way around!

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

The men (e.g. the secret service psychiatrists) behind Merkel think that they are the greatest, but I can look through them in a snap, and I know you can too.

Currently (beside a campaign against Scientology to bury this possibly effective critic of Germany and psychiatry), German SPs are running a campaign to blame the USA on what Germany plotted for them to do: spying on others. Germany and their international agents in other governments don’t want to be spied on because they have so much to hide. That is the real reason why “spying” is so such a “touchy subject” for Germany.   

Spying is rather harmless compared to what else German secret services are doing. Other German-controlled acts are terrorism and other high crimes, including infiltrating the USA and any other governments and transmitting orders through the ear implants of officials and others, orders that benefit Germany and harm other countries, particularly the USA.



99 9999

Attaching people to ear implants and running them with codes, loud commands and manipulating them with silent sounds is a very German invention. But all that Germany is doing backfires.

My advice to any other nation on the planet which works openly or secretly for Germany is that they should think how incapable German psychiatrists and other secret service people are. Despite that they have the world secretly in their hands for centuries, they always lose again by putting their beloved creepy Germany above everything and by applying no ethics whatsoever to their plans and by denying human rights to any other nation, to anyone, even sometimes to other Germans.    

If they would not manipulate and control the world with ear implants, I wouldn’t be the only one writing about it. 

Germany hides behind the broad back of the USA. The SPs behind and pro Germany are cowards. That’s why they always stay in the background just as they did by having provoked WWI, WWII, and all the other historic horrible events with thousands or millions of killed people before and after the Third Reich.  


The USA (and actually the entire world) needs an US President who doesn’t drink German cool aide, and so many US Presidents kissed up to Germany. Ike Eisenhower was an exception. He was murdered in office and replaced  by the German-controlled CIA with a doppelganger. Germany does to the USA and good US citizens what it wants, and ear-implants make it possible. 

So what happened in recent years? Germany radioed in the ear implants of German-controlled CIA and NSA agents “to ask” the BND (one of Germany’s secret services) to spy on others. If the NSA, the CIA (and other US secret services) wouldn’t be German-controlled, they never would ask Germany to help them spy on others, because they would know that snake Germany never would provide them with true data and that Germany is the country they and anyone else should watch very intensively and carefully as horror emanates historically from this spot on the planet. If the NSA (and other US secret services) wouldn’t be competently German-controlled, they would KNOW what Germany is up too. It is not that difficult to figure out. What Germany is up to comes to me in a snap.

Edward Snowden who leaked classified NSA material to the media seems to acknowledge that there were these NSA requests to the BND to spy. Marty, I am sure that you noticed that all what came from Edward Snowden’s activities resulted in blaming the USA but not Germany, which is behind above the unlawful and anti-human rights activities of the USA and any other country in the world. When did he ever reveal that Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are the secret masters of all ear implants on the planet? Snowden got the German whistleblower award because he does not blow the whistle on Germany above and behind the German-obedient USA. He received the German “positive” Big Brother Award because he just blames the USA and not Big Brother Germany behind the USA. 




Also, what did Merkel’s Germany actually for the USA? Nothing! Like Scientology’s reputation, that one of the USA is also in the gutter. Here are some  German secret service plans: ruining the reputations of those who could get in the way of the German and psychiatric world domination.

No match for our abilities to figure things out, Marty.

I discover them all the time. I look at a situation and see their typical dishonest, slimy, retarded, inhuman, and monstrous activities and plans.  I recognize their handwriting behind set ups right away. Kidnapping me to Germany was another “great German idea”. I could study the monstrous Bavarian minds on a daily basis. They should have left their dirty claws off me. Exactly as discovered by Ron, there is an overt motivator sequence. And by not changing their ways, the SPs behind Germany and their agents are causing themselves the greatest problems. Indeed, they are pulling in their own troubles of greatest magnitude.

What is so difficult anyway for Germany and its mind-controllers to leave other people alone and not denying their human rights? I wouldn’t want their conscience as it must heavy, like the biggest and dirtiest landfill in the universe. What really counts and the only thing that they can take in the beyond, a good character, they throw away. Complete idiots! Really, it does not get dumber than these people. The creme de la creme of stupidity. Same goes for American and international agents. German mindcontrol sucks any IQ right out of them with these ear implants and by controlling them into making their hands dirty as well.  

Did the BND report to the USA that the people in the organizations that the USA wanted them to spy on are run with ear-implants and codes? Of course not, because that is Germany’s most secret tool. 

Germany doesn’t mind to pull their front straw people down.  If Merkel has to go down in order to make Germany look better and the USA look worse, so be it.    

Marty, the reason why we are separated is also because Germany put the USA, Spain, and others up to. They are such monsters. Only their human rights count. Ours don’t. But we simply will not take it. If psychs are so stupid to organize these crimes against us, they can’t complain that we are getting in their ugly faces. They should have seen it coming and should have left us alone and treated us with rights and respect. As simple as that.   

I love you, Marty. I miss your smile, your eyes, your face, your noble personality, everything.

Yours always,


Whatever they are doing, Marty, our love will go on.

This is a beautiful song by Buffy Sainte-Marie: 

Sat beside a beaver dam and watched the winter grow
Ice was hard with little tracks appearing in the snow
Fog is in the valley now and all the geese are gone
Cross the moon I saw them go and
Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.

Once I watched the summer flowers turn the fields to sun
Up and down the mountainside I watched the summer run
Now the fields are muffled in white and snow is on the dawn
Morning comes on shivering wings and
Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.

In every dream I can smell the Sweetgrass burning
And in my heart I can hear the drum
and hear the singers soaring
and se-e the jin-gle dancers
and Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.

Fancy Dancer come up north to see some friends of his
Fell in love in a powwow town and you know how that is
Beaded girls and painted ponies turn your life around
and now you’re singing “Ke sakihiten” ha on and on
On and on and on and on and

In every dream I can smell the Sweetgrass burning
And in my heart I can hear the drum
and hear the singers soaring
and se-e the jin-gle dancers
and Still this love goes on and on
Still this love goes on.