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5000-year-old Armenian City of Ani had secret underground structures as living and learning quarters

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I am thinking of you.

Ani is also called the city of 1001 churches and 40 gates. The secret underground of Ani however seems to be much older than the many churches.  

4500 years ago, the DNA of the old Europeans disappeared without a trace. And structures were build all over the world telling that evil was going around and people tried to protect themselves by going underground. 

It seems that the Armenians knew that they were in troubles 4500 – 5000 years ago, so they built water channels, rooms, tunnels,  secret doors, and traps underground.  As of now, they found 823 underground structures, mostly used for living purposes. And there was also a school down there.

“This school was said to have possessed great knowledge, containing the key to many secret mysteries.”

Read more:

The only other explanation for building underground is that the people back then knew that living on the surface of the Earth ages them. I assume it was a mixture of both that they decided to go underground.

In the article above you can see the entrance to the underground of Ani. Small and not very inviting. Defense, definitely! One had to crawl in it. Probably was covered with a huge stone or stone wheel on the inside.   

The underground must be older than anything else in Ani, and the churches were built on top much later.

   As you know, the Armenian Genocide took place from 1914 – 1923. Germany, the “masters” of psychiatric ear implants used the Ottomans to get rid of the Armenians. And 4500 – 5000 years ago, they had a very similar problem, I strongly assume.

I miss you, Marty. What else can I say?

M. travels end of August to Bali for a couple of days and then three months or so to Australia. All alone. She got a sabbatical from work. One year. She also will come to the USA again but I don’t know when exactly.  She is looking for something/someone she hasn’t found yet. I had this too. The exact same feeling of suffocating in Germany and wanting to get out. When I found Scientology and you, I clearly had found it. How sad that I wasn’t able to hold onto you and SCN. I often think about what I should have done better or different. 

I love you, Marty. Be hugged and kissed, my darling. 

Yours forever, 







Armenian Holocaust – other genocides, and Germany behind them

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

My thoughts are with you, today as they are always.

As you know, Ottoman was a Sunni Islamic State that ended in 1923. Turkey succeeded it.

There was a huge genocide that isn’t often referred to in the Western World, the Armenian Genocide. It took place from 1915 until in the 1920s, and approx. 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered. Like murdering the Jews and other minorities in the 1940s, it was an organized system to eradicate an entire people.

I read that it is still illegal in Turkey to talk about this Holocaust. But they should talk about it. It is horrible what the Ottoman’s did to children, women, and men.

You know that I am 100% convinced that German secret services runs Germans and all other nationals since many centuries via ear implants. Medical doctors, psychiatrists, and other monsters are bringing out the worst in people. Hitler and the Nazis were JUST ONE of their many monstrous regimes to take over  countries and the world. And sometimes, they just torture and murder people to be entertained. After all, it is not them who are being tortured and killed. They are distances away in safety, unless a co-conspirator wants more power and gets rid of them too. That’s what is killing top mind-controllers. They sure pull it in. 

I am sure that the Armenian Holocaust was the “brainchild” of the same SPs who had the Nazis march, Marty. Intellectuals were arrested and killed. There was slavery and rape. People were burned and crucified. Turkey was littered with dead people.

And there is more evidence that Germany did run the Ottomans (Turks). They entered WW I as German allies and declared Jihad against all except their allies. Of course Germany did run them via ear implants.

And more about Germany: after the Ottomans  had to surrender in 1918, the commanders of the brutal Young Turks fled to Germany. And what happened there? Germany promised not to prosecute them for the genocide. Of course not, because Germany put them up to the genocide in the first place. And continued with it…

Below article reveals some of the connections of the Ottomans with Germany. These connections run really, really deep. Grand Vizier Mahmud Şevket Paşa said around 1912 that the Ottoman’s had army instructors from Germany since 30 years and that their Ottoman Army applied German methods. (And we all know that those methods are torture and genocide.) He wanted a huge German military mission and a German General to take over and a German commander for each Turkish Army unit. (This is so typical German ear-implant stuff!)

The Young Turks had a German party (Fraktion), and they considered Germany to be their ideal partners. The Ottomans and Germany entered into a secret agreement that stayed in force until December 31, 1918. Various Sources say that the Armenian Genocide started in 1915 and continued for years.

In other words, the Ottomans and the Young Turks allowed Germany to use them for genocide instead preventing such evil. The world and particularly Islamic countries have to free themselves from secret German infiltration and manipulation. No, not with new violence and systems as these:

and neither with new terror groups or German-secret service controlled governments, but with legal prosecution before independent commissions that may not headed by German agents with ear-implants.  

Remember the Rwanda genocide, Marty?  The Hutu and the Tutsi were one people once and not at war until the Germans and the Belgians came to Rwanda.

Had you time to read about Leopold II of Belgium and the Holocaust of Congo? Like Hitler, this fanatic mass murderer and pedophile also appears to be psychiatric implanted and hypnotized.

A German by the name of  Hermann Wilhelm Leopold Ludwig Wissmann worked with Leopold II of Belgium. He was the Governor of German East Africa, right next to Congo. The Book Twentieth Century Africa refers to Leopold II of German origin.  “King Leopold II was of German origin (Gunther 653-654) and never saw Africa or visited his vast domain.”

His father Leopold the I. was born in Bavaria, Germany, the state that allowed the Nazis to march and from there, infect the rest of Germany with Nazi hatred.  


Marty, whatever landed 4000 – 5000 years ago in Europe, particularly in Germany/Bavaria and wiped out the original Europeans, was the most evil “society” that the universe spit out. It can’t get anymore evil. Another Holocaust that history books don’t mention. All successful people with the original DNA are gone, and suddenly, there are people with new DNA who turn out to be unspeakable gruesome. The word monsters is too weak to describe them.

They suppressed the basic goodness of thetans inside of themselves so badly and paralyzed this goodness so completely that it is virtually not-existent. And this is why they are no humans but Unmenschen. However, stupidity is one side effect from avoiding a conscience. Despite Germany runs nations secretly, it constantly makes huge mistakes by being brutal and violating human rights so outrageously, which results that they can’t afford to tell numerous of their own agents what they did and still do. This is why those idiots are losing always again despite they hold all strings.

What many Christians, Jews, and Muslims likely don’t know is that Germany altered religious scriptures. It happened to Scientology in just a few decades years. Why do Christians, Muslim, and Jews don’t think that it happened also to their scriptures? Why should it just happen to Scientology? There are paragraphs for example in the Bible, Torah, and very much also in the Koran, where one should wonder: how did those completely non-religious and fanatical statements get in those religious scriptures? It’s easy for someone to figure out who truly knows Germany. THEY had those texts put in scriptures as they love to degrade religions. Truly religious people have a conscience and come in the way of  German brutality and could stop the brutality of the countries and terror groups that German secret services run. German Unmenschen whisper in their international agents’ ears to blame anything on religions. They want that the entire planet puts away with God, philosophy, and religion, and you and I know why.

Germany (and its psychiatric-run secret services) work BOTH sides. They use non-religious agents to commit horrible acts in the name of religions. And they use people who do not look deep enough and claim that these horrible acts were committed by religious people (not by German agents) and that there is no God, except that even atheists deep down believe in a supreme being. They just can’t figure out why he is not on TV and does not fulfill all their wishes despite their unethical behaviors. They blame him for not stopping crimes and slaughters. If they would put themselves into the shoes of God, they would know that they have to do their parts too. You and I know, Marty, that God is a being with feelings, why should he be the eternal firebrigade? And how fair are those who wants to be protected to God (when in a human form) or to those who he loves? Anyone who blames God on something should think about this.    

I know you understand him too, Marty, and he does a lot more than just watching and still hasn’t given up this planet and universe. But mankind shouldn’t push the envelope. Any patience can be exhausted one day, and then they are really alone with the monsters. 

I love you, my Prince of Courage and Peace.

Yours always,