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Donald Trump, a fool, the ultimate disgrace, and the Evangelicals still are supporting him!

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Dearest Marty, my hero and ethical Prince, how is your life? I worry about you as I know how gruesome SPs can be. 


Who will vote for Trump, proud to be German? He speaks about people of other races and women the way he does, shouldn’t be surprised when others are appalled of him. That man is stupid and he doesn’t know it. WHAT was the GOP thinking nominating him? They should use the tonescale. But instead they are bringing the GOP down. They are losing the White House and might even lose Congress if they don’t change course. Infiltration and ear-implants bring down anything. Religion, morals, values, governments, and a party that freed slaves.   

Some of the people who still will vote for him were interviewed and asked why they are still for Trump. They think that Trump’s character has nothing with how Trump will behave as President. They think that a low character can be a good president. Hell’s bells!  Their lack of knowledge human nature is shocking. Everything about a person is hinged and connected.

I read that the “Evangelicals”, a Protestant movement, keeps on supporting Trump despite anything he did and does. The National Association of Evangelicals says that they consists of Reformed, Holiness, Anabaptist, Pentecostal, Charismatic, and other directions. If they support Trump, his lack of morals and lewdness, imo, they sink to the level of the perverts in the Catholic Church. 

Marty, I really noticed this again and again: so many Christians have not much of a conscience. They are indoctrinating themselves and others that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit forgives any sins anyway, it doesn’t matter how horrible they are. So, why being ethical if these three welcome anyway each pig and monster into paradise? All they have to say and maybe mean for a little moment: I am sorry. This of course first when they  are standing before Heaven’s gate BUT UNTIL THEN, LET’S FORGET ETHICS AND LET’S SIN! 

They must think that the Holy Trinity is stupid.

Also, did you ever understand the weird concept that Jesus’s death on the cross FORGAVE THEIR SINS (!)? 

RB forced me as minor to attend Lutheran Church. I heard “Jesus died for our sins” all the time and always thought what a piece of crap that is. Jesus came to help mankind, but that the Messiah was brutally killed makes it a lot WORSE for mankind not better. It just shows what bad people are capable of.   

There are various Christian interpretations on the “atonement”:

Christus Victor: Jesus’s death defeated the powers of evil, which had held humankind in their dominion. I still can’t see how a brutal death can archive that, Marty. And evil in the world isn’t defeated. It is 2016. The world is bad and dangerous. Evangelicals want a man who sees other races and women as inferior and admitted to group sex and wanting to break marriage vows of others to lead the USA. And that is for sure not the only evil thing that they support. Christus Victor says that Jesus’s work is a victory over the powers that hold mankind in bondage: sin, death, and the devil. Yes, what Jesus did but not what mankind incl. the Christian churches did and do. It is 2016 and what do we see when looking around just a bit? Sin, death, and SPs, and a possible “future leader of the free world” who has no morals. I am sure that Trump will lose but so many Evangelicals want this man to win. 

Satisfaction theory of atonement: This one is very creepy. Jesus Christ suffered crucifixion as a substitute for human sin. Christ’s death, the ultimate act of obedience, brings God great honor. The trinity says that Holy Trinity is one being, right? Consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. So, according to this atonement, God wants his other identity being obedient to himself as this brings himself great honor? Huh?  It makes no sense in hell, except that those believers are creeps and want the easy way out: not having to change their rotten ways unless last-minute when they stand in front of the pearly gates (by saying: “Gee, God, I’m sorry… Let me in…”) They want to commit crimes but have no plans to change and don’t want to make amends for their damage.  Besides, who says that for all damage commit by sins amends can be made and forgiveness obtained? Some crimes are so brutal and gruesome that I wonder who they, who are committing them, can even remotely think that they will ever have a good feeling about themselves. They are wasting away what is most valuable: deep happiness and serenity. In other words, they are idiots.   

Penal substitution: Another very creepy justification.  It says that Jesus, by own sacrificial choice, was punished instead of the sinners as substitution and thus satisfying the demands of justice so God can justly forgive the sins. Christians don’t know God, otherwise they wouldn’t make up that kind if rubbish. Jesus didn’t want to be butchered. Came to help people by showing them a much better way to live. SPs made the choice to brutally murder Jesus (and Jesus’s dearest) and God (who, even according to the Christians, IS Jesus) does not forgive sins of sinners by having his own identity being brutally murdered or murdered at all.  

Ransom theory of atonement: Yikes! It teaches that the death of Christ was a ransom sacrifice paid to Satan or to death itself or even to God the Father, in satisfaction for the bondage and debt on the souls of humanity as a result of inherited sin. Once again, Christians are saying that The Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son are one being, yet, on the other side, they are saying that God the Father, or the Holy spirit wants satisfaction by having his own kid, his own identity (himself!) murdered or forgave the sin of mankind after that brutal act. Holy smoke! I doubt that Christians think much about their teachings as they make no sense whatsoever. They do not want to pay for their own sins and do not want to give them up either until the very last-minute after death before the gates of paradise so that they can get in. They are using Jesus as justification. And they think that God wants such hypocrites of Christians or any other religions or also atheists in paradise.  

They also say that one does inherit the sins of others. Just like that. I was thinking how one could inherit sins, Marty. I never made sense to me that I should inherit for example RB’s sin or other people’s sins by opposing them and their activities all my life. But there is actually a way to inherit overts (sins, in Christian words). For example, people all over the world join and support the ear-implant conspiracy. One must be very dumb not getting that the people behind this systems are evil, are Nazis, and lawless psychiatrists. Now, by working for this conspiracy instead of working against it, one inherits their crimes due to agreement.  Who supports Nazis is a Nazi. This is the only way one can inherit sins, by agreement, by working for SPs or supporting them by basically knowing how bad they are. 

Here is my conclusion: Christians (Catholic and Evangelicals) look for a justification to be unethical and they want an easy way out: “Thanks for suffering for our sins, Jesus. We repent outside the gates of paradise to get in, but until then, we support Satan.”  

None of those four Christian atonements work or make sense. Scientology in comparison makes a lot of sense.

A. An overt act is injuring someone or something; it is also an act of omission or commission that does harm to any or all dynamics.
B . Any intentionally committed harmful act committed in an effort to resolve a problem.
C.  The things that people do of which they don’t want that it happens to them.

A. An aggressive or destructive act received by the person. It’s called a motivator because it tends to prompt that one pays it back—it “motivates” a new overt.
B . Something which the person feels has been done to him, which he is not willing to have happen.
C. An act received by the person or individual causing injury, reduction or degradation of his beingness, person, associations or dynamics.  A motivator is a harmful action performed by somebody else against oneself.

Overt-motivator sequence:
A. If a person commits an overt, he/she will then believe he/she has a motivator to do so: like that other person deserved it, etc.
B. The sequence wherein someone who has committed an overt has to claim the existence of motivators. The motivators are then most of the time used to justify committing further overt acts.

And by committing OWs, the person gets smaller, blinder, dumber, and it shows on the inside and also on the outside through yucky charisma.   

No delusion that God forgives OWs and whitewashes pigs. Holding people responsible to live an ethical life. Original Scientology raises the ethics level. Unless one is a stupid infiltrator and never honestly studied Scientology properly.  

I don’t see that other religions are raising the ethic level of people. I also don’t see the atheist movement raising the ethic level or people.  One is responsible for not committing OWs (or sins as the Christians say). Nothing will change that. The way out is not a lazy and comfy one. One has to work on ones own character. 

Proud to be an original Scientologist! Proud to have you as my soulmate, Marty. You should run for US President. I love you intellect and morals. I always did. I could see and feel them when I was around you. It makes you more exciting than anyone else. The really ethical one wins first. Bad people win nothing but their bad conscience, and I can see it usually on the outside what a person is up to on the inside and what she had done. I know you can too.  

Be passionately and tenderly kissed. 

Yours forever,




No wonder we are getting no justice, Marty, with a (former) speaker of the House like Dennis Hastert

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Dearest Marty, my precious Prince, husband, and soulmate,

How are you?

My intuition is that you knocked at just about any door for justice but that it was denied to you, just as Germany orders it, and the USA, Spain, and other countries obey despite Germany’s notorious past.  

Dennis Hasters was the longest-serving Republican speaker. His victims were children entrusted in his care, right? This is beyond disgusting.

To those who promote pedophiles: how can they not feel the slimy characters of them? A person emanates what he/she does and did. It is all in him/her and around him/her. Creeps usually think that when they don’t speak of their crimes, nobody will know. But a sensitive person can FEEL and SEE the creepiness on the outside of a person. It hasn’t anything to do with looks in general. It is what the creeps add to the aura of their bodies and hiding the OWs won’t work.        

The Republicans (and Democrats and all other people too) should learn the tonescale and apply it. It would help them a lot to promote the correct people. The people who promoted Hasters and the likes and gave him a teaching job are the worst judges of characters or just as horrible. 

Hasters played now finally guilty to violations of federal banking laws but for me, pedophilia is not just “misconduct”. It is the lowest kind of activity and completely inhumane. Pedophiles are animals, and the only right place for them is the zoo but not walking among people or even getting high positions. They are degraded and are trying to degrade others, e.g. children with unripe minds whose lives are destroyed by this. Depending where they are on the tonescale when it happens to them, they either become pedophiles or sexual perverts themselves later (when low on the tonescale) or they have to live with anger all their lives (when higher on the tonescale) that this has happened to them.  So, this is freaking not just a “misconduct”.   

An adult who preys on a child makes my blood boil. I want to kick their butts in all eternity, Marty. I despise everything about them. How can they live with themselves? Someone said that Hasters made himself almost “humble”. He is DEGRADED and has nothing to be proud of. That’s his kind of humility. Yuck!

Germany is that country that has most reasons to keep us separated and you wrongfully behind bars, Marty. With a US House of Representatives and a speaker not helping us, Marty, we know why and which country is mostly behind that and what kind of people help it. It is so disgusting. 

In our true American world, people with the best characters would lead. In the German-controlled world, people with the WORST characters are in top positions and that is why the world is a never-ending pig stable.

You are my treasure. Without you, the world would be nothing but a hell hole. I can feel the bad (lowtone) but also the good (uptone). And did I feel the latter when I saw you. Wonderful. Noble. Anything but a Hasters.

I love you, and this will never change.

Be kissed.

Always yours,



Vistarology and/or Miscavology auditing is not original Scientology auditing

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb, how are your days? My thoughts are never far from you.

Many of the people who attack Scientology apparently never got real Scientology auditing. Some of them who hung out in Scientology for years apparently never accessed one past life. The physical universe isn’t very friendly. It needs courage to be willing to “go back” and truly discover past lives and the events that still influence the person today. An auditor and C/S has a duty to make that possible for the PC with whole track auditing tech.


Isn’t it what psychs are doing? Talking with their patients about this lifetime ONLY? Timetrack is being ignored.

As Scientologists, we know that not just this lifetime but events in former lifetimes have an effect of people of today, and these effects may have a negative impact on a person. Personally, I think that a person’s own OWs in past lives make her deny the existence of past lives. It is easier to pretend that there were no past lives and that they are “new souls” or whatever, than being willing to honestly look as to what they did and what happened to them in past lives. If they don’t run their past lives, the whole track, further back, further back, and further back, they never learn who they really are and how to profit from those learned experiences and prevent making the same mistakes over and over again.

Also, a person who knows that she lived before and comes back with a new body has much more drive to change the world to the better. After all, they will suffer again on a planet in a new lifetime if they failed to change the bad world to one that is much better to her and others. Some people might think: the Nazis come back? Who cares, I will be dead by then anyway. This is not how a real Scientologist thinks. He knows that he and people who he loved will be back and having to live among monsters.    


How can people feel relief from past pains and losses if they have no idea that they took place and that these feelings of losses are still with them? Psychs stop their “therapy” in childhood, and infiltrators who become “auditors” of Scientology apparently too, despite it is off-tech. Some of those people who left “Scientology” apparently never accessed one lousy lifetime. What they are saying is a very clear indicator that original Scientology is not applied and that they have NO CLUE what Scientology really is. Some PCs access the timetrack even if the auditor or the C/S are infiltrators and non-Scientologists and are not helping them much to get there. But others never get there: swindled PCs.

Accessing past lives and finding out who one really is (the decision one made, skills and abilities one had, nationalities that one had, gender one had, relationships and family one had, travels one made, inventions one made, books one wrote, position one took in society, the marks that one did on this planet, education and knowledge one had,  professions one had, interests and hobbies one had, problems one had, fights one fought, deaths one died, etc.) helps tremendously to do everything better in the future. And these Scientology attackers are missing out on this.

Yes, just one person can be Jesus. It is important to be true and not fabricate past lives. If somebody runs a death on a cross, it might have happened but not just Jesus was crucified. Making up past lives doesn’t help either, it must be the real past lives. I had talks with Scientologists, and they told me some of their past lives. I could tell that they were real, e.g. the American pilot who was downed over Germany in WW II; the Jew who dies in the concentration camp; the German soldier who died before Stalingrad because the Nazis didn’t call them back despite they knew that the war was lost; the man who still is listed as “missing in action” but was born into the same family again and they didn’t recognize him despite he even got the name of  the person “missing in action”, or the woman who joined a circus to survive hard times, etc. Interestingly, not one of those people who truly re-lived past lives in Scientology became a Scientology attackers. Some might not be active within Scientology right now due to Miscavology, but I assume that they still consider themselves being Scientologists.   


Some people wonder why many Scientologists don’t break away despite the psychiatric campaign in the media, in the streets, and on the Internet against Scientology. There are numerous reasons.  But one is: why should they trash Scientology, which helped them (among other things) to find out who they really are and live better lives because of this knowledge/experiences? Why would they trade in hate gossip and propaganda for advanced knowledge about themselves and advanced abilities? It is a very bad trade for anyone who discovered real Scientology. 

Vistarology and Miscavology doesn’t work very well but real Scientology does.

And I figured something else, Marty. Infiltrators of Scientology don’t make always the same journey. They all come in to overtake, and destroy. The dummy or coward doesn’t apply and recognize real Scientology at all, but some who are smarter actually do. On their journey to destroy Scientology from the inside, they suddenly recognize that Scientology really works and is able to help anyone to a better life, also them. They know more about themselves as ever before, and they don’t want Scientology no more.

They are starting to question the motives of the secret service who sent them into Scientology to destroy it. They rather want their secret service to quit but real Scientology. It is time that these people come forward.

In other words: the best infiltrators for the SEGNPMSS are people with low IQs. People with higher IQs are able to recognize what real Scientology truly is and what it can do for each individual and the universe. They feel that there is nothing on this planet that can compare to Scientology, and destroying Scientology means destroying their own survival chances in the future as evil will continue as long as real Scientology and Scientologists will not stop it.

Yes, there are also many non-Scientologists who want peace on Earth but I don’t see that they are handling ruling hidden evil. In between lives, thetans are robbed of their gender identity and tricked into bodies of the opposite gender or no gender at all. Or former humans are tricked into being born again in animal bodies. Non-Scientologists (and many non-Scientologists hanging out in Scientology under cover as Scientologists) believe that there is no psychiatric trickery in between lifetimes. They don’t even know that they are spiritual beings who are being born again and what is being done to them. And those non-Scientologists are clueless about ear-implants and silent sounds and how they are manipulated through them. They also think that Germany has changed and that there are no evil men behind it who continue with the Nazi agenda. And they don’t get that other economies are deliberately ruined so that Germany can take the planet officially over. Also wars are deliberately provoked and these “suicide” terrorists, bombers, shooters, pilots, etc. are psychiatric conditioned by the secret rulers of this sorry excuse of a planet. Non-Scientologists constantly say: “The suspect acted alone.” No, hell, he didn’t. With the mindset to allow the men (psychs hypnotize and condition others to become “suicide” terrorists, bombers, shooters, pilots by cutting their consciousness off) behind terror to get away ALL THE TIME, non-Scientologists are not saving the world. And there is a lot more what we are seeing and they don’t. 

I love you, Marty. You are my great and one love. Something else that we real and original Scientologists have that one doesn’t see around very often. True and persistent love despite a planetary effort to alienate us. After all of that and so much more, who else but we are still standing?        

Be kissed and tenderly embraced, my dearest.

Yours always.




Knowledge Reports are routine in the professional world – it has nothing to do with snitching – only unprofessional entities are not using them

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I was pretty busy last week, but here I am again. I am thinking of you and miss you terribly.

I noticed that psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology are calling writing of knowledge reports “snitch culture”. This is a clear indicator that these psychiatric agents aka haters of Scientology do not participate in the professional world. Just about any professional institution demands from its employees to write knowledge reports.

Of course, a knowledge report must contain the truth and be done in good faith but most professional institution prefer a knowledge report even if an employee doubts that he/she is right. They want the knowledge report first and sort out the facts and who did wrong or not wrong later. In the professional world, institutions or companies may FIRE a person who failed to write a knowledge report or demand payment of financial penalties from her.

Calling a knowledge report “snitching” just shows that these haters of Scientology come from a very unprofessional world. I do not defend DM’s reign in any shape or form, I wish a real Scientology management for Scientology, but the videos that Freedom Magazine published about that those Scientology haters are people involved in incestuous pedophilia and prostitution, etc. ring true to me. What a bad, dirty world it is.

Any professional will shake her head when reading that writing of knowledge reports is called snitch culture by Scientology-haters. If that would be true, all professional institutions and companies who have a Code of Conduct, are guilty of “snitching”.

Actually, most international institutions and companies started to introduce Codes of Conduct, Codes of Ethics and knowledge reports in recent times. Ron (the real founder) was ahead of the times by having those implemented into Scientology from the start. It is not his fault that secret services, their psychiatrists, and Germany above everything infiltrated Scientology and changed it.     

It can be such a cruel world, but love, the way we love, makes it worthwhile, Marty. The thought of you really brightens my day. There is you, the most wonderful man who I know. Honor and ethics is not just words to you. You live them and it shines through you to the outside, same as bad deeds by others can be seen on their outside. I can see it and so can you and some others.

I think love has not much meaning to people who don’t experience it as we do. There are two people who recognized the good inside of them and who are dedicated to be good and true and help the other person as much as possible. It is not you and me. In a way, such two people love each other as if they would be one.

For example, if I would do something wrong by you, Marty, I would consider this done wrong to MYSELF. And why would I do something wrong to myself? Exactly, my soulmate. Yes, we are Scientologists, and people should ask themselves that if Scientology produces people with this capability to love, be true and move mountains for the right reasons, that there is a lot more to this applied philosophy as they assume and were made to believe.

Many people believe that love is just a little bit of chemistry in the beginning and then becomes a drag and often results in monotony or divorce. You and I know that the reasons are OWs and lack of creation and taking the other person for granted. I like the feeling of eternal butterflies and excitement that comes with romance and love so much that I will do all in my power to keep this and not have it overcome by OWs, lack of creation or taking you for granted. Even when we should be married and physically together for thousands of years, nothing should become routine, it all should be always as special and romantic as it was at the start. And I can’t wait for us to continue our journey that we already began when we are teenagers.

I simply and plain love you, Marty. There is no other explanation for these feelings that I am having and which are not changing.

Yours for all eternity,



Kha-Khan status (not by the real Scientology founder) objects Scientology ethics!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? I am thinking of you.

The Kha-Khan status is by impostor “Jack Vistaril” and his non-Scientology secret case officers and not by founder Ron. It is easy to figure  because OWs can’t be just forgiven. IT DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY.

Amends must be done to get rid of overts (and in my view some are so serious that no amends can make them up), not because Ron or original Scientology said so but because the thetan (each person) is basically good and feels bad about rotten activities. It is like gravity on this planet. It works like this, it doesn’t matter how hard some people are working on trying to bury that fact. The mechanism exist in all people, religious or not, Scientologists or people from other religions including those who say that they are atheists. If people would be basically bad, they would work at least subconsciously against themselves as penalty for their unethical behavior.

If Kha-Khan is assigned to an unethical person, he does not get rid of the OWs as they continue nagging on him. Clean hands are making a happy life, this is what the real founder Ron said. Kha-Khan doesn’t work. It is undermining Scientology ethics. Let’s say a Kha-Khan recipient betrays his wife. She is clueless. Despite his Kha-Khan status, he will have a bad conscience whenever he looks at her. And he can’t do anything against it, except confessing and hoping SHE (not anyone else) forgives.    

When cowardly people have committed many crimes, they don’t want to face that OWs are real, so they claim that are no OWs or one can commit all the crimes that one wants as the OW sequence or “karma” does not exist. But they are just lying to themselves. I know you agree with me, Marty.


Here is an example: 

There is a new video on YouTube with 15 minutes more deposition conducted by attorney Bert Deixler, in which Monique’s husband explains OW write-up as “mind-control”. If that is true, then a non-coercive confession before a court, in a witness stand, before police, and in the Catholic Church is mind-controlled too. People really have to get that Monique’s husband, your impostor, “confessed” in a very friendly environment. According to his own statements, David Miscavige begged him to return, and offered him a free cruise, free training, Kha-Khan status, and who know what else. Begged mind-control? What is the next crap your impostor comes up with?

Also, Monique’s husband never confessed that he is your impostor and was sent in Scientology to imposter you! He tells Bert Deixler that he “confessed everything” in his life, which is a tremendous lie under oath! He publishes a posting on his blog about “truth” and thinks he can fool people with his lies. Yeah right.  The only people he can fool are fools. 

In his deposition, I bet he never mentions that the founder was impostored too and that this impostor, a secret service agent like Monique’s husband who wrote numerous “policy letters” as free game, which was cancelled later. “Free game” was planted into Scientology to give the attackers of Scientology munition. It also objects to Scientology ethics. If bad things are done to people (who cares who they are and in what spectrum of life, people in Scientology or not, including those who never had anything to do with it), the rotten activities are sticking to the person who does them. So, the person who did it goes down morally as she does not more feel as proud, easy, competent, ethical as she could before the overt and withhold and her self-esteem goes down too. She gets depressed even if there is no real life suppression present. She gets depressed and dislikes herself. A less proud and capable being slips down the tonescale. And Monique’s husband and the likes did exactly that.     

On the 15 minutes video Monique’s hubby talks about his own “work” (that includes also the work of his buddy Mike Rinder), which of course was not honest. But they blame it on the founder because they are German/CIA-controlled agents and never were Scientologists.




Secret service agent Monique’s husband was telling Bert Deixler that he (and others) applied Fair Game (despite it was cancelled long before he entered Scientology to become your impostor, Marty). Unbelievable! And he is the guy who David Miscavige called back and rewarded with all kinds of stuff. Shouldn’t His Cobness have known that people who blow can’t stand the place anymore that they freely and happily joined because they have conducted OWs at this place? The handling of your impostor in 1993 (among other things) is a dead give-away that DM is not a Scientologist either.

Marty, he says that Greg Wilhere supervised him on this liability formula in 1993. Greg Wilhere KNOWS that Monique’s husband is your impostor as he worked also directly with you, and Wilhere allowed this impostor back into Scientology. IT IS BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS.    

Your impostor says that his liability formula was done to “escape” Scientology “punishment”. This is contradictory to his statement that DM begged him, begged him, begged him to come back and made him lots of promises, e.g. free cruise, kha-khan status (to allow this agent to get away with even more), free auditing, free training, and whatever else. Monique’s husband calls those awards “mind-control”, can you believe it? HE SAID ON THE SAME TAPE THAT HE GOT THE RED CARPET TREATMENT, HOW CAN THIS BE MIND-CONTROL? HE WAS IN A WEAK EMOTION CAPACITY DURING THIS RED CARPET TREATMENT. WHAT AN AGONY A RED CARPET TREATMENT IS! GEE, WHO WOULD HAVE EVER KNOW UNTIL YOUR IMPOSTOR CAME ALONG AND EXPLAINED IT!     

Instead turning this infiltrator and agent over to the law, David Miscavige took him back and awarded him, and if he would have applied Scientology ethics, the orgs would not have to deal with this man today but law enforcement would.


The super ball trip and the visit to the truckstop place was in 1981, that means, Marty, that you and DM (and others) did that trip and visited the truckstop, not Monique’s husband as he wasn’t near upper management back then. And he even impostors you in his OW write ups. IT IS BEYOND BELIEF! And His Cobness and Geg Wilhere look at his liability formula, they know exactly that he isn’t you and they approve it? Yikes. Tell me in which universe these people are Scientologists? They are none. Dumb agents are  they are who are getting motivators now.

Wonder how his great buddy’s Mike Rinder’s deposition went down? I guess there is a reason why he doesn’t want his deposition tapes published?    

Monique’s husband feels harassed by the deposition because he has a hell of a lot to hide, particularly, being your impostor, Marty.

It shows perfectly how OWs work. He is one angry Pinocchio complaining that the deposition takes too long. If he wouldn’t have avoided clear and honest answers, that would have speed up the process significantly. Monique’s husband didn’t came clean, and now he feels bad. Easy math.  

I love you, Marty. You are so different from Monique’s husband. It is quite amusing how the SEGNPMSS and other secret services incl. the CIA could ever think that I would fall for that agent being you. Do they think I have potato on my eyes? There are light-years of differences between you and him. Thanks heaven that you are NOT like him.   

Be kissed, tenderly and passionately.

I love you.

Your soulmate that can’t be fooled.























Can you wrap your head around all those churchgoers (of all religions) who think that it is ok treating us like 2nd class citizen, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and wonderful hero,

There was no message or letter or mail by you or any of your representatives for me. But I can feel that you mailed them or had them mailed. Nothing is delivered. I feel what is going on. Conspirators have no chance against real OT abilities. 

I find these allegedly religious people the ultimate hypocrites. They (many of them officials, representatives, judges, etc.) go to churches, temples, mosques, and other places of worship and “pray”. (I assume they justify their rotten behavior and want absolution without bettering themselves.) They want Jesus or God to let them into paradise when they die. Yet, they have no problems conspiring against us and treat us like 2nd class citizen. What makes them think that they are intelligent thinking that we are children of a lesser God?

I know some people are making financial and other donations to feel better about their dirty deeds. They think that this “neutralizes” that they for example treat us like 2nd class beings and deny our rights. But it doesn’t work like this. They can make huge donations to some charities, it won’t clean their conscience as to what they have done to us. The damage must be made good again to exactly the persons who were harmed, if it is at all possible as some crimes are unforgivable. Many wouldn’t do to their pets what they do to us or what they allow others to do to us without objecting or stopping the German/medical/psychiatric-born and-controlled conspiracy to which also Americans and any other nationals contribute. They are so worthless!    

Let’s think about this a little longer… These people say that they are religious, and all religions are saying that people are created equal. Yet, they keep on conspiring against us. So, in their twisted minds, we are not created equal. 

Going to church and making donations to others won’t change that their conspiracy harmed us. Do they really believe that God wants hypocrites like them in paradise?  If one puts herself  in God’s shoes, the answer is no. God doesn’t want those around who didn’t grant the rights to others that they want to have granted for themselves. Hypocrites book a ticket to a very different place. I know that people who think that they can feign their way into paradise are in for a surprise.    

And let’s have a look at those people who are saying that they believe in Eastern Religions, including so-called Scientologists. How can they even remotely think that the OW sequence or karma doesn’t hit them real hard for keeping you, an innocent man behind bars, where he is being tortured? (I can feel this, Marty.) No wonder they leave Scientology or other religions and turn against it or alter it when the conscience becomes too heavy. But conscience is conscience, even suppressed, it will be with them forever and most certainly as long until those who they conspired against are forgiving them. And after a stolen life, love and family and torture instead, forgiving suppressives is the last thing on my mind, and I bet on yours too.

And finally, there are the atheists. Yes, those people who have committed so many past lives crimes that they are afraid to find out about them. So they deny and don’t want to accept the fact of past lives. They deny anything spiritual, except this lousy lifetime that they are in right now. Even if they do not believe in the existence of a supreme, any spirituality or OW sequence or karma, they still will have a bad conscience. It will be with them all through that only lifetime that they think they ever will have. How stupid is to waste a good conscience away for a heavy one and the fear being caught and convicted? They can drug themselves with antidepressants, but that shortens the lifespan of their only lifetime. What pitiful lives those are. 


I love you till the end of time, many kisses, my darling. 

Yours forever,