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How can two men unravel Leah Remini’s faith? If two men were able to do it, she was never a real Scientologist to begin with

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and one of a kind soulmate, how are you?

I miss you and would give the world to know where to find you.

Leah Remini blames David Miscavige and Tom Cruise for leaving Scientology.

Gee, if two men can steal her faith, she couldn’t have much of a faith to begin with. Leah like David Miscavige or Mike Rinder didn’t search and find Scientology on their own, which could mean that they were all lacking interest in philosophy from the start and never tried to understand Scientology. The parents (and a Church of Scientology that is infiltrated by other non-Scientologists and agents) failed to explain Scientology’s deep philosophical values (not just how to become successful in the professional world) to their offspring.

Her mother Vicky (what a mother is that anyway who is rarely home and leaves children to themselves or anyone who joined the Sea Org?) apparently never was a Scientologist either and had other motives to join Scientology like Ron Miscavige, and others.

I watched Leah’s interview with 20/20. I agree with her that David Miscavige is bad for Scientology, but not with much more. What a person leaves her philosophy (of life) just because two men in the Scientology orgs allegedly or really upset her? What a flat and tiny world’s view is that anyway? Two men can undo 30+ years!? What does that say about Leah and her family? Like Katie Holmes, she registers her daughter with the Catholic Church. The many pedophiles in this church apparently doesn’t bother these women. Shocking!

She picked her husband (unfaithful to his then-wife) outside of Scientology. Another indicator that she wasn’t a Scientologist. A real Scientologist wants to share her advanced Scientology knowledge and reality with that partner, and we all know what a wealth of knowledge it is. Picking a non-Scientologist means that he/she might never get there, which means that the Scientologist would be lonely in this marriage. Why would a real Scientologist make such a mistake? If the “Scientologist” doesn’t feel lonely in a marriage with a non-Scientologist than because that “Scientologist” isn’t one.

Leah wrote in her book that she slept around a lot. Yikes! She did not apply Scientology ethics to her life! What a real Scientologist sleeps around? None. I was/am completely different that she.

Scientology is taken over by David Miscavige and the non-Scientologist men behind him. His family members are not just no Scientologists but Scientology attackers. He gets an affidavit by Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” and takes Scientology over and makes one bad decision after the other with the result that Scientology is shrinking and getting a bad reputation. Leah says she tried to save Scientology from the bad decisions that DM or others made. Really? If this is true, how come she didn’t stay a Scientologist outside of His Cobness’s reign? She threw all of Scientology away but because of two men. That is not what a real Scientologist does.

Quite revealing is that two catholic women (Katie Holmes and Leah Remini) who do not apply Scientology upset each other in Knowledge Reports about some wedding stuff. This is so superficial and not Scientology. In all my years in Scientology I never wrote a Knowledge Report about a personal upset as Katie Holmes did. If Holmes apologized to Leah Remini now, it couldn’t have been much of a problem in the past, so why did Katie Holmes tattletail on Leah Remini in the first place? It was Katie’s  and Leah’s decisions to fight in Scientology, which apparently never was the religion of these catholic women.

For me, writing a Knowledge Report was about a problem that needed the assistance of the group to be handled and nothing that I can handle alone. KR’s are no means to be evil, third-party, tattletails or complain about ridiculous stuff. So, if Katie or Leah would upset me, I would handle it with communicating to her, the Scientology way, until it is resolved.

Leah Remini fails to make a difference between real Scientology and the non-Scientologist infiltration of Scientology. She also never complained about the impostors that are sent in Scientology to replace the founder or you, Marty. And that is a reason to complain about and write KRs about! (Same goes for Katie Holmes and so many others.) 

Among other things, Ron, the founder said: “When children become unimportant to society, that society has forfeited its future.” Does this statement or other statement by Ron say that kids should be left to themselves with the parent never home (Vicky), or that they should get an inflated ego or be treated like an adult? No, it does not. But Leah does make it look that way. Real Scientologists are very good parents. They treat their child AGE-APPROPRIATE with lots of love but not with disrespect.

I once said to Scientology-hating RB that I have rights too, Marty. She answered: “You, rights? Bwahahaha!” That is what I mean with disrespect. Kids have rights and anyone who doesn’t apply Scientology correctly isn’t a Scientologist and doesn’t bring up kids the Scientology-way.

I have a young friend around here, Marty. I don’t think he would come to visit me that often (whenever he can) if I would not treat him age-appropriate but also with respect. Do I treat him like an adult? Of course not as he is not an adult. Do I set boundaries if things could be dangerous for him? Of course. For example, I don’t allow him (and any other kid around here) climbing my big trees because I don’t want him to fall. With respect, I mean, I ask him for his opinions and I listen to what he is telling me. He knows that I look out for him when he is around, he can’t get away with doing anything dangerous but he can be himself when he visits. The hugs that I get at the end of his visits tells me that he values the way I treat him.

I love you, Marty. This planet sucks but you don’t.

Be kissed.

Yours forever,