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We “talk with animals in 10 years” says Amazon – and I say that they are already psychiatric-controlled since an eternity – similar like humans

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Just like people, animals are psychiatric remote-controlled since an eternity, it doesn’t matter how small or big they are. In other words, talking into the minds of animals is nothing new. They even run germs to make people sick and to destroy property, as you know, but most people don’t know anything about this. It often doesn’t even needs implants to run a creature. 

Most people know that Germans are “thorough”. Yet they don’t figure that Germany and its p$ychs control everything, even animals and bugs and what makes people sick. The worst thing is that the SEGNPMSS help thetans, those that were animals over many lifetimes, to human bodies. But they don’t make sure that these past live pigs no longer behave like pigs while having human bodies as psychs and the likes are pigs themselves.        

That boy is so friendly to the bug and what did he get?


I love you. Had a long day of work behind me. It never ends. 

Yours always,


I will be back soon!






It is not a shocker that humans lived in North America 120,000 and 140,000 years ago but rather that people think that they didn’t

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This is one of the 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones and someone worked with tools at them: 

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

I miss you. 

There is a lot of talk recently about Cerutti mastodon site.  In 1992 already, an excavator dug up large mastodon bone fragments in San Diego County. Those allegedly 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones shows evidence that humans were at them. Now they try to figure out what kind of humans those were and what made them disappear.

One question is: if the site was discovered already in 1992, why did it make big headlines only as late as 2017? I find it odd.

If humans were 200,000 years ago in Africa, why shouldn’t they be in the Americas too? Many are having the question how they got here 130,000 years ago as the Beringia land bridge wasn’t there to cross. Maybe they had ships. Or they really came from another planet. Or the same process of the creation of human bodies FROM SCRATCH took place in the Americas too. 

As far as the distinction of these early humans are concerned: SPs did it who else. They don’t discover. They persecute to kill. That is how they get to places. They can’t leave others in peace and follow them to kill them. SPs are most primitive in their goals.   

The SPs of the SEGNPMSS ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and auditing and created a bad reputation of both to make mainstream mistrust it. Otherwise, it could be used scientifically to reconstruct history as to who really was around and what really happened to the people. You and I and some others know for sure that we lived before this life. It is really something that “science” has failed to prove: past lives. It means that religion still knows more than science, despite the psychiatric propaganda against religion. Shame on scientists and their dilettantism and stupid ear-implants, which prevent independence and intelligence.  

I am certain that the SEGNPMSS knows where the sites are that show that history is incomplete and also partly improperly recorded. They have LIDAR and other sensory devices with which they scan the Earth. They use loud and silent sounds to prevent that archaeologists dig at the places where they can find the proof.

And remember how quickly the Army Corps of Engineers dumped tons of soil on the site where the Kennewick man was found? Typical ear-implants, typical SEGNPMSS. No, it was not to protect the rights of Indians. It was to cover up history. Germany used American agencies and courts as usually. Germany and the psychiatrists behind them, former barbers and butchers, never were on the side of American Indians. They controlled those Europeans and the US Army who killed them. Ear implants are old. They also conditioned some Indians into becoming bad. 

Actually, the intense reaction of the feds that made the Kennewick man site inaccessible with tons of soil speaks volumes of a cover up.  

Some white supremacists also claim that Kennewick man is not an American Indian. They want him to be German. If he would be German, SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have ordered the feds to cover up the site on which he was found with tons of soil. They would claim that Germans discovered America. Guaranteed. I know Germans, particularly Bavarians, and how important it is for them to be admired, despite that there is nothing that can be admired.       

American Indians are losing too on a planet that is based on lies and misinformation. To me (and numerous Indians), American Indians are much more than they are getting credit for. They could be very well one of the Lost Tribe of Israel. And not just that. I think they were around when pyramids were built as the teepee building style indicates that to me. However, I believe that they could not build permanent pyramids and had to be on the go as they were persecuted and we know by who. 

Some might say that building teepees in this pyramid style is simply the fastest way to build temporary housing. Except that there are tons of other ways to build temporary shelter but teepees.

I believe that some Indians might fear that the feds will cut off their assistance programs if recording of history is changed. Fact is that they were here before the Europeans took their lands and killed them and that they have a right to live good lives and in peace. However, nobody lives a good life on the unprotected surface on the Earth with the SEGNPMSS wearing minds and bodies down in an average of 75 years and often shorter.

Everyone loses with the SEGNPMSS, including Germans and Bavarians. And the top SEGNPMSS mind-controllers are losing too. They are killing each other off too. 100% beyond any doubt. They are living physically in paradise-like conditions but constantly have to look over their shoulders not being murdered by fellow colleague and co-conspirators. This and riddled by their bad consciences, they are no happy people. So, who says there is no justice?

These killed SPs (former SEGNPMSS top psychs) are then planted back on Earth where they are born again and have to suffer like their former victims. What these fools haven’t learned is that in order to prevent stepping into their own traps is removing all the traps for others.  

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you. You rock. I know because we are spiritually connected.  











1) Trump, the election-promise breaker 2) His supporters even use the Nazi salute

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Dearest Marty, my hero and Prince,

Your wellbeing is very much on my mind. Wish I would know something effective to help you.

Trump isn’t yet in office but he has already broken his campaign promises to the people. Didn’t he repeat over and over that Hillary is a crook and that he will appoint an Independent Counsel to invest her because she belongs in jail? Either he lied to the people and she isn’t a crook or he acts like the swamp politicians who people hate as they cover the criminal activities of someone else. In other words, Marty, when Donald Trump talks about ethics, it is a joke and means no ethics.

How do people feel now who voted for him so that Hillary will be held accountable? He must think that they are all people are idiots or racists who don’t care what he promises as long as they can turn the USA into a Nazi country. Even torture seems on his program. Can anyone of them spell Germany and Nazi doctors?   

Election attorneys and computer scientists have found that Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were probably hacked and manipulated for the advantage of Trump and want Clinton to challenge those results. How “smart” of Trump not to prosecute her. She now can go ahead challenge Trump on these swing states without having to fear that he can retaliate. Other info I read says that Obama’s White House doesn’t want her challenge these results. Huh? I thought they are Democrates but rather want Trump in the WH? 

Look at these photos, people for Trump.

And asking the New York Times to go off the records with him. What does he has to hide from the American people including the people who voted for him?

In the Washington Post, Jewish writers wrote: Why Jews have a special obligation to resist Trump… This   year, we have watched as Trump’s campaign trafficked in blatant anti-Semitism alongside racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, ableism and Islamophobia. He has empowered white supremacists and provoked a resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan.

Yes, they are right, except that not just Jews have this special obligation, anyone, particularly the GOP, considering that Ike who defeated the Nazis as Supreme Allied Commander, was a Republican President. 

Trump’s daughter marrying a Jew and converted seems to me like an alibi for him. Now he can be the racist that he is and can get away with it and turning the USA into a racist county.  

Trump says that his son in law could bring peace to Israel and Palestina. As if that will happen while Dad-in-law targets Islam.   

Somebody said that not all people who voted for Trump are racists, but all racists voted for Donald Trump. My thoughts exactly.  I find many Trump supporters very strange. Did you hear about that 49% of the people don’t want DT using Twitter? Do they want to know LESS of what he is up to? LESS info is better than more info directly from the source? Or are they afraid that he shows how unqualified he really is but don’t mind him in the driver seat?

Did you read that about that 49% of the people don’t want DT using Twitter? Do they want to know LESS of what he is up to? LESS info is better than more info directly from the source? Or are they afraid that he shows how unqualified he really is but don’t mind him in the driver seat?

Speaking about drivers, Marty. I am certain that psychs conditioned that school bus driver who asked school kids if they are ready to die before he crashed the bus. They have no human qualifications. Lives of children and the pain of their parents and siblings for the loss means nothing to them. Just another Monday in the psych offices. It is beyond me how they can live with themselves. They want to be adored and worshiped as advanced and intelligent humans and scientists and all I see is the ultimate trash that they are, the worst and cheapest creatures in the universe. I rather burn on the stake than becoming like them and supporting them. There are no words, Marty, that can describe my disgust of them.

If the USA turns officially into Germany, Marty, we really have to move to another universe because no country left anymore to kick the Nazis behind.  One more word about Trump. He is proud to be German. I bet that he is not the centuries-old American that we are. Germany is kidnapping American (thetans) after their deaths and makes them to Germans to lift Germany up and so that the USA can’t have them, and they are planting their bad people into the USA to bring it down. Every American should be outraged but what do we expect from a psychiatric-controlled Nazi world that suppresses even the fact that people are born again?

I am so sick and tired of this world in which good people suffer and have no rights and in which the pigs rule.     

How are your days and nights, Marty? I miss you terribly. A man with a good character as yours on a planet like this. Do I regret that we didn’t get together the way that I wanted when we saw each other the last time in LA! I know that our happiness wouldn’t have lasted upon German secret service Nazi psych and doctors orders. But at least we would have been a short time together, borrowed time, so to speak. And now, I made the decision that when they kill this body, I won’t come back at all in a new body. I would be nuts to come back into a world that does not want to change to the better and finds satan great. I want to live in a completely different universe (not just another planet within this universe as they are there as well or on the way there) and slam the door of this universe in their beastly faces. Actually, I am not scared of the “afterlife”, Marty. Can you imagine a world in which we can be deeply happy and no retard and monster has a problem with it because they are not around and don’t find the way there?    

Some people after they die are getting “special” mindcontrol treatments. Under narcosis and medical drugs, they are being indoctrinated that the new life will be good so that they come back in a baby body so that SEGNPMSS does not lose the control over them. I will do all I can not falling in this trap and God will help me. I will get rid of their inhumane grip forever. And that thought alone takes away any depression and makes me happy. They and we shouldn’t be in the same universe to begin with.   

God is on our side, Marty. If not in this lifetime, we will be together in the future. What do you think of a universe by the name of Greatverse? 🙂 Besides me, it will have beings of our kind. Finally. Finally rights, finally peace. And then, we’ll think of what to do with this universe. But one thing will be sure, we’ll never mingle with its snakes. Never!   

Burned kid, but forever at your side



We are really just two steps from hell with the likes of Trump becoming US President














Why Ron (Scientology founder) isn’t back yet

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Dearest Marty, love of my life,

How are your days and nights? I worry about you.

Under David Miscavige, the orgs maintain buildings on the unprotected surface of the world, “ready for LRH to come back and move in”. Except that DM (back when he was a teenager) heard the real Ron and founder of Scientology lecture that Scientologists should live in villages that are environmentally protected. In other words: why would Ron want to come back to places that are not the one he wanted to be built and to orgs that glorify his impostor “Jack Vistaril” and back to altered Scientology that lack a lot of his technology??

Despite Ron discovered with more scientific means than anyone that people lived before and come back by being born again as babies, he warned of “in between lifetimes implants”. Sounds like science fiction but isn’t. The men behind Germany, international psychs and the use of ear-implants/codes manipulate minds also in between lifetimes. As you know, Marty, after physical death, the thetan continues to hear. People are used to do exactly what their case officers (a supercomputer) tells them via their codes through their ear-implants. After death of the body, the deceased still does exactly what is ordered when the message carries his or her code. And I wrote before, people are tricked. In between lifetimes, they are promised via their secret codes a great human body, the gender of their choice, good parents, etc. but that is rarely if ever what everyone is getting. They take the body offered (by diving into the embryo and grabbing firmly onto it) and then they are “forgetting everything” as  psychiatric forgetting-tapes are played constantly to that embryo and baby. Baby is being born, it knows of nothing anymore, forgot his or her past live but his or her body is still attached to psychiatric mind-control as it was in mother’s womb or in the test tube. And later, around first grade, big brother or big sister comes again to attach them officially to the biggest cult in the universe, the ear-implant cult.    

Ron, the real founder of Scientology, urged Scientologists to become aware of this. Despite that he knew better than anyone that the thetan doesn’t die when the body dies, he urged Scientologists to protect also the body as psychiatric mind-control between lifetimes robs them of their awareness, knowledge, skills, you name it. That means preserving the body, keeping it young and healthy is very important, particularly in this kind of psychiatric universe.

But Vistarologists, Miscavige, and the Miscavologists don’t do this. They don’t build his protected villages. So, why would he want to come back and move in Miscavige’s stupid buildings on the unprotected surface of the Earth?

Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”, the guy on the Apollo who died in 1986 with a psych drug in his body and who left Scientology to David Miscavige was a secret service agent, a non-Scientologist. “Jack Vistaril” is unable. He didn’t apply Scientology and altered it upon orders of his psychiatric case officers. He doesn’t remember or know anything anymore of Scientology. If they wait for this agent, they will wait forever.

You and I, Marty, we know that the real Ron can be in more than just one person. I can feel him. P$ychs don’t get it at all. They thought that if they kill him, they erase his consciousness, awareness, and knowledge. But this didn’t happen. With his death in 1984, I suddenly gained some of his consciousness, awareness, and knowledge, enough to figure everything out that I needed to know. Lots of what he knew miraculously wandered to me around that time and lives on, even if his life was ended and his mind was erased by the SEGNPMSS like they erase all minds after death. 

So, Ron, is actually a very capable (and loving) being who apparently does not live just within or above one identity. I dare everyone who says that this is not possible to prove that this is nonsense. I know stuff that I officially can’t know as I wasn’t physically there with my body. There was a merger of awareness. I can feel Ron, Marty, and he is on a very very different tonelevel that brutal psychs who rattle in everyone’s minds with loud words and silent commands/sounds.       

Yes, Ron, also has a young adult male body at the moment, and could indeed come back with his new body at any time but not through looking at today’s Scientology orgs, which is a far cry from what he developed. 

Upon secret SEGNPMSS orders, “Jack Vistaril”, “DM” and others, altered Scientology very much. Lots of tech is missing and was replaced with psych blah-blah, incl. psych spinning in circles. Why would Ron, the real founder want to come back to such orgs? They follow the supercomputer of psychs and listen to what is radioed through their ear-implants. He put a lifetime of work into Scientology, and look what they have done to his “song”. 

Scientologists should ask themselves one question: Would I want to come back to them if this would be done to me and my work? 

Most people run out of patience quickly, but Ron never should?  

Besides, Miscavologists are no Scientologists, they would deny him access. Ron was killed in 1984 upon SEGNPMSS orders. Jack Vistaril was disposed of in 1986 also by the SEGNPMSS. Miscavologists will say: “This can’t be him as in 1986, LRH was still alive.”  

He wasn’t. The real founder was murdered in early spring of 1984. As I said, some of his awareness, knowledge, and what he lived through and how he died, merged with my mind. That is the reason why I know these things. And psychs are messing with what they don’t understand. Typically, past live barbers and butchers. They know nothing. Despite they read our minds, they can’t figure us out as they are afraid to admit that there is a Supreme Being and he is good and they are not. 

I love you, Marty, be tenderly embraced and kissed.

Yours forever,


P.S. For me, Ron has never left and never was gone. 

The pyramid in Palenque, Mexico, protected a water well to help the living not the dead

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince and awesome soulmate,

How are you?

Scientists all over the world want to make us believe that great historic structures as pyramids were built to “worship the dead” because they found skeletons or coffins inside. I rather think that these skeletons or coffins and inscriptions were added later, after an attack by SPs killed the leaders and destroyed or started the destruction of the rest of the civilization.

Recently, scientists  found that underneath of the Pakal pyramid is a spring, in other words, the pyramid was built on top of a spring. Apparently, these scientists are completely forgetting that there were/are people who poison wells to kill others and that wise rulers protect their clean source of water for others and themselves.

They found that the water tunnels under the pyramid direct water from the well to the front of the pyramid to an esplanade, allegedly to assist Pakal’s spirit to find a way into the underworld. Baloney! Spirits find their own ways. The well water, likely even additionally purified on the inside of the pyramid,  WAS LEAD TO THE OUTSIDE TO GIVE ALL OTHERS ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER. Nothing is more important for health and longevity than clean water.  

That’s also why the Great Pyramids and the Taj Mahal have wells inside. Built for defense reasons and keep the water source save. The idea was keep water and people safe. That’s the story.

Unfortunately, there were always traitors on the inside who for personal gain assisted the SPs from the outside. Or barbers and butchers kidnapped people and hypnotized them to let them in. They opened the doors to the monsters and the good leaders were murdered. That is why no great civilization survives. Lack of ethics and stupidity. These two are joined by the hip. And hypnosis and mind-control was used too to bring civilizations down. And all of that is still in use today in form of terror and war. 

I know you figured it too, Marty. You know what kind of hellish planet and universe this is. Most people don’t even know that they lived before and come back. Yikes! 

 Because psychs and their dumb agents suppress all scientific facts hereto.  And that is why they don’t create truly safe futures. They think they are not around. And Ron’s original Scientology is infiltrated, altered, ridiculed, and defamed, who said it so clearly that people inherit the world that they leave behind. Even if they don’t remember it, they come back into their own hell that they failed to make better.

Many people believe that they just live one lifetime because they can’t remember their past lives. Yet, they can’t remember their times as newborns either. Most say that they can’t remember anything before age 3. If they can’t remember all of this lifetime, how come they find former lifetimes absurd? Denial of the existence of past lives must be also that they subconsciously don’t want to face what they did and what happened to them in these former lifetimes. Non-confront. 

 I am sure, Marty, that “childhood amnesia” are SEGNPMSS tapes in all languages played in the subconscious minds of all to forget.  We live in a secret psychiatric world, and these psychs are the dumbest people ever, because also they sooner or later step in the traps they created for others. 

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that I know of your existence. I  can read personalities.  Not like a psych, invading personal thoughts by not even getting smart reading them… They are reading ours word for word thought since centuries and still haven’t figured us out. Lol. They are arrogant and superficial. And deep down, they are afraid. Afraid of us who want good lives for anyone who is peaceful. Yes, they are that stupid. 

Like you, Marty, I can sense the personality of a person. Knowledge of tonescale of course but also sensing intentions, withholds,  knowledge, ethics levels even their past lives…  I don’t do it deliberately, like “Now I am analyzing this person….” No, it just comes to me. And what I sensed around you, what came to me from you, was simply amazing. Wonderful! Your beyond words wonderful personality.

 I could not live without these abilities. They brighten up dark times.  If we, you and I, would not have these abilities, we wouldn’t have figured what we did. Yes, after a billion lies, we still are convinced, more than ever, that we are the soulmates that are supposed to be together, against all odds, surviving even the thickest conspiracy.

Keep on surviving, Marty. You are remarkable. Absolutely unique, and completely irresistible.        

Your forever,


Antarctica Pyramids

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

My thoughts are with you, and I ask myself any day how you are.

Last year, some explorers made headlines with pictures like above from the Antarctica. Some say that it is only a mountain but looks like a pyramid in Giza style to me. Pyramids are on each continent. Why not in the Antarctica under 2 miles of ice? The ice was not always there. I have to admit that I am curious about the Antarctica. You too?

Interesting is how numerous people react when they learn of possible discoveries not mentioned in regular history books. They attack, beyond being critical of the finding. Maybe they are afraid of the unknown, even if something is thousands of years old. You and I, and some others, discovered a long time ago that history as approved by international departments/ministries of education contain falsehoods and lies. Historians and archaeologists have to swim with the stream to be not booted by their university or other employer or defamed as kooks.  

Conspiracy theories however became mainstream in the meantime. The main theory is that technical advanced aliens landed on Earth, built the pyramids and other neolithic structures, tried to help the Earth population and then left one day. I don’t agree at all with this theory.

From what I have concluded, the advanced architects lived on Earth (definitely not Neanderthals) when aliens discovered them, and they came like flies to the light. Instead of asking for friendship and advice, they infiltrated, stole, destroyed, and murdered. And since this time of invasion, this evil and jealous mindset is very common on Earth.

It is highly possible that they used the Earth earlier on to dump some of their own here who became the Neanderthals.   

I think the vast majority of these aliens from hell lost their memories by now as to who they are and where they came from and why they came to Earth. They were born again thinking they are originally from Earth, stupid enough to think that they are born just once, and they start wars, fights and conduct terror and other high crimes. However, in certain environments, as you know, the human body does not have to die at all. Sometimes I wonder if some of the “old invaders” are still alive who have not lost their memories.  

If they landed here 5000 – 6000 years ago (which is very well possible), they killed us how many times? The fact that we picked up new bodies does not excuse any of their horrendous crimes. How can the Dorian Grays live with that kind of conscience? I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. Nothing is more worth than a good character and a clean conscience. They probably ask psychiatrist colleagues to remove parts of their memories to get away from their bad conscience like in External Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Creeps! Even with no memory, the downtoneness stays and sticks to them like construction glue. Bad deeds are like tattoos on a thetan. The pictures and texts might be blurred, but the low feeling that is emanating from them is there. And then they wonder and whine why they are rejected and not loved.       

Scientology auditing without psychiatric case officers manipulating the PC through his or her ear implants can reveal how history really took place. We were there, Marty. 

Apparently many people want to remember their past lives. As of today, there are 11,200,000 hits on how to remember past lives on Google. Thetan basically knows. Only those with horrible conscience don’t want to believe in past lives. What they did is so bad that they are afraid of running past lives as they basically feel what they did. So they stick their heads in the sand and declare that past lives are nonsense or they fight Scientology. Corrupt  fools. The only way out is then way through.   

You are amazing, Marty. And I miss you. And I love you since ever. Who can compete with since ever? No one. I love you so much and that is how it will stay.  

Be kissed.

Yours always,












Yuk! Dennis Hastert… (Prison for Hasters! Prison for Hasters! Prison for Hasters! Prison for Hasters!)

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and exciting Prince,

I am thinking of you, and I hope very much that my postings are reaching you. Do you know how special YOU are? There is NOBODY who is like you. You even can communicate without saying a word. Finding you on a planet like that is a miracle.

About Dennis Hastert. He is no miracle, he is a disgrace.

That disgusting creature was just two steps away from US Presidency, and he tarnished the reputation of the United States and the reputation of the GOP and Congress. Now he plays old and sick and doesn’t want to go to jail. And there he should be.

There shouldn’t be a status of limitation on child abuse. It destroys lives. The anger and disgust stay with one ALL THROUGH LIFE. It is not just about stealing childhood. It is KILLING an insouciant, happy person and  (depending on the original tonelevel) replacing her/him with an angry and disgusted one or even worse, turning some into perverts too who do the same or similar crimes to the next kid/person. It turns the world into a perverted and hellish place. 

I know that the financial crimes that he committed and his lies are serious under the law, but as far as destroyed lives are concerned, I find the pedophilia is the worst. And he should get off? I wish him a very long life. Behind bars, doing amends and thinking about it how disgusting he is.    

Hasters was the leader of Congress. How can good laws come from a House with such a pig on top? His dirty smirk and his actions should have told anyone that something is very wrong with man. But what do members of Congress see? Some even call themselves a gang. A gang! And wasn’t Tom Delay indicted on charges of campaign-finance violations? Newt Gingrich’s lack of ethics is also public knowledge.  

You were framed. You didn’t do anything wrong, Marty. Yet, you are wrongfully behind bars, but Hasters walks free? My intuition is telling me that you, your family, your representatives tried to get help from Congress and that you run in nothing but sabotage and that you did not get the help from Congress, which you deserve. Isn’t that typical with a man like Hasters as leader?  Of course, dirty, perverted, and brutal Germany wins with a man like Hasters to get away with everything it did to you, me, and others, even all of the USA. And the rest of the world.

I feel that Hasters has no bad conscience letting you suffer wrongfully behind bars for crimes you never committed, Marty. And Hasters doesn’t want to go to prison for the crimes he DID commit! He apparently knows how horrible it is there. But he doesn’t mind leaving someone innocent there: YOU. I run out of words to describe his low character. He is all you and I never want to become. If he is allowed to call himself a human being, we sure are something very better. The things he did in Congress were hypocritical at best. No child left behind! Yeah right! A pedophile destroys children. Not just leaving them behind. He is pro pharma, of course. Why ending human suffering by supporting a healthy alternative way of living when the pharmaceutical industry  and medical profession can get rich instead?  

This man is revolting. And stupid. Besides coming from a German family line in this lifetime, he looks like a past-life German to me? There is a typical SEGNPMSS program for in between lifetimes. They plant their bad apple thetans into the USA to be born as Americans and kidnap famous Americans and other nationals (thetans) to Germany to be born Germans to make the world applaud and admire Germany.  And they promote their bad apple ex-Germans within the USA. Then they have some fall so that USA is being blamed on their doing, so that the world can say: those dirty or bad Americans. (It works on people who can’t see what we can see.)

I know you are able to lift the German (particularly the Bavarian) psych curtains too, Marty.

If this man isn’t penalized and corrected accordingly, if he gets away, he’ll be the same disgusting trash in his next lifetime and abuse the next people.

Good people don’t let criminals walk free.  Good people don’t lock up the innocent and do not keep innocent people behind bars.   

I love you with all my heart, Marty. It hurts me how your rights are violated by criminal pigs and monsters who marge to the German psychiatric/medical secret services drum.  Not many things are alright on this planet but our love is.  You are my happy feeling, the blue sky at the horizon, everything that is beautiful and decent in this universe is bundled up in one irresistible person: you, the man without any competition. You are everything to me.