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Sure, those “innocent” medical doctors and medical workers…

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and brilliant husband, how is your life?  

Federal prosecutors are charging 60 doctors, pharmacists, medical professionals and others in connection with alleged opioid pushing and health care fraud, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

And this is just the tip of the medical iceberg. I bet the farm that there is not one profession on the planet that does more harm to people than psychs, medical doctors, and other medical “professionals”. And the barbers and butchers behind Germany are coordinating and running the rest of the medical world via ear implants. But they want to be adored and worshiped by mankind as super-intelligent, advanced, and human, and they are anything but. I couldn’t think lower of them because I know my (our) stalkers. Scum without conscience. I often think that if they would invest their energy into developing a good character instead of torturing innocent people, they would be someone today instead of disgusting vermin.    

Passover has started. I also believe that since your wrongful arrest, neither you nor your family ever could celebrate anything happily.

I love and miss you, Marty. Still haven’t found a solution to find you. No message or letter, etc. by you or on your behalf was ever delivered by anyone because Germany runs anyone with ear-implants. The person who says that this would be not possible is one of their agents because it is easy to attach kids to their system and keep them in-line all their lives. And this is what German doctors order and what is being done. The entire world is a German medical cult. And it shows.

As Germany committed so many crimes against us and set up the case and your wrongful incarceration, they of course don’t want me to testify for you as it would be revealed what they have done.  

Nevertheless, I haven’t given up on hoping to see you again. Praying for the miracle to make it against all odds. 

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,






What the Mayan earrings indicate to me

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

Another hot summer day, and I find myself again thinking of you. 

A longer time ago, I thought that the SEGNPMSS has formed in the middle ages, however, as deeper back I go into history, as more as I am convinced that they landed on Earth during the time when humans suddenly became violent to each other.


The Mayan civilization declined mysteriously 800 A.D. and this advanced civilization known for spectacular architecture suddenly engaged in violence, torture, and warfare. What I see is that they were psychiatric conditioned (they had another name back then for invading human bodies and mind to control people) and controlled to go against each other. I strongly believe that some Mayan (and some people of any other nation or tribe) were psychiatric altered by these barbers and butchers, SPs, which then developed into psychiatrists, medical doctors, neuroscientists, chemists, pharmacists, SPs, you name it.


A civilization like the Mayan in unaltered form would be able to survive a climate change and would know how to stop deforestation. Today’s scientists have a tendency to ignore or even whitewash evil that is going around this planet for a very long time.


Many nations, civilizations, and tribes used earrings. However, Mayan art showed them ostentatious. To me, their art does not just show outside body decorations but ear implants. Either subconsciously or consciously, the Mayan indicated having ear implants. I don’t think most knew that mind-control, hypnosis, and ear implants would be the reason that their civilization would collapse. But that was the reason, and the reason why any other advanced civilization suddenly crashed or turned bad. 11

And it happens still today. People are set up and prepared to do the unspeakable through psychiatric mind-control, hypnosis, e-shocks, lasers, other psychiatric secret service “inventions”, drugs, and ear-implants. And still today, the authorities, controlled by the same system and ear implants fail to go after those medical and psychiatric terrorists. How will governments allow this? It is such a shame for mankind that they don’t put a foot down and say: We had it with you monsters! 

The medical/psychiatric terrorist is JEALOUS. That is why he destroys and doesn’t allow people to live in peace. He sees a creation, but as he/she feels unable to do the same, he/she destroys it. I said it before and I say it again: if they would have put their energy to destroy and harm into positive energy that creates but allows to people be, they would be somebody today. However, as they constantly harm people, they are monsters.

You are the wrong person to hold lectures too, Marty. I know. But as I don’t see any publication anywhere talking about it, I feel sometimes the urge to do it, despite they do everything they can to bury my blog in the deepest cracks of the Internet. And His Cobness is helping them by employing and paying services, which hold my blog down. What a “harmless darling” he is.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. We will see each other again against all odds.

I love you.

Yours since the beginning of time,






My thoughts about the San Bernadino schooting

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Marty, my dearest and soulmate,

You are unforgettable and it doesn’t matter how many eras roll by, there will be only you for me. Only people incapable of true love separate people who truly love each other, otherwise they wouldn’t do it for a number of reasons. And one of these reasons is: true love doesn’t give up. So, all what these conspirators do to us is in vain and just prolongs their rap sheets and burden their own happiness as nobody who does to us what they do to us is happy. People who do horrible things are never happy. They are extremely suppressed by their own stupid doings.    

Now about the horrible San Bernadino shootings: Syed Rizwan Farook, the shooter suspect was a health inspector of the Bernardino County Department of Public Health.  The shooting took place during a party in the mental health building for Developmental Disabilities. Farook was born in the USA from Pakistani parents, allegedly a practicing Muslim and traveled recently to Saudi Arabia. He had an argument with somebody at the party and came back heavily armed briefly later with his wife and killed 14 people.

Marty, what I am seeing is another psychiatric conditioning that took place in any country in which he and his wife were, and the psychiatric target IS RELIGION! Generally, Islam is non-violent but psychs inserted (like in the Bible and other religious scriptures) violence into these writings, and SEGNPMSS recruits hateful people  by using the violent passages that the barbers and butchers (these days called psychiatrists, neuro-scientists, pharmacists, chemists, physicians, etc.) added to scriptures to make simple minds believe that violence is God-approved. And if there is not enough hatred to conduct terror and kill, SEGNPMSS organizes the psychiatric-conditioning of hateful people into Manchurian candidates, in other words into sleepers who commit atrocities without their conscientiousness  whenever their freaking ear implant code is called.

Usually, they control these sleepwalking terrorists into committing “suicide” or have them shot by police to get rid of the psychiatric altered evidence: their minds. A good trained auditor who knows his e-meter and ORIGINAL Scientology tech could prove to a court of law or Congress that a person was implanted and conditioned into a violent person/terrorist by asking her some questions on the meter. (But the current C of S hasn’t even checked that Lisa McPherson was psychiatric-conditioned to self-destruct and die in their hands so that C of S finally “learns” to accept psychiatry as the expert on confused human minds.) Yeah right, some “experts”!

If the entire world would not have these freaking ear-implants, Marty, I for sure would not the only person writing and complaining about them.

So, why do psychiatrists hate religion so much that they make religions to the bad guy? Originally, religions should make people live ethical lifestyles, right? I came to the conclusion that a true religion and truly religious people with ethical lifestyles remind these psychiatrists of what they are not: ethical. And they want to feel superior to everyone and everything, so religions and religious people are in their ways. 

It is also a lot harder to manipulate truly ethical people. Germany and international psychs decided that religions have to go. If the entire world thinks that life is just a drop on a hot stone and nobody will be held accountable by God, they think their own bad conscience disappears too and they won if the authorities don’t catch them. They are so stupid. Bad consciousness stays forever.  Even if they ask psych colleagues to remove their memories of their atrocities (sort of like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Men in Black), the bad consciousness stays, and they will be heavily depressed even without knowing why.

They are also afraid of God. That’s why they want anyone to become an atheist. Basically, there are  no real atheists. Even the atheists believe deep down. Some try to provoke God to come forward and interact with them to convince them of his existence and abilities. It isn’t difficult to figure out why God doesn’t go on TV or appears suddenly on the horizon, and no, he doesn’t want human or animal sacrifices. Truly ethical lifestyles are easy (and are exciting as one can find out who one truly is) and will do.     

Latest since mass murder committed by neuro-scientist James Holmes, crime/terror analysts (where the hell are they?) should know that psychiatrists target also THEIR OWN (patients including other psychs and people working in the “health” profession) also for a number of reasons, but some that come into my mind right now are: easy access to them or just general dislike of them but always for the psychiatric profession to win more influence and money. If somebody within their own rows commits a horrible crime, the other psychs hold out their greedy hands and say: we need more funding and freedom under the law to act to prevent this, etc. (and no word about it that if the authorities would finally investigate Germany, psychiatry and neuro”science” behind terrorism, that the world would learn jaw-dropping facts about them, which is the only way to combat terrorism effectively. I know you are fully aware of that, Marty, however, sometimes, I feel the need to repeat it because much of the world is in trance concerning this matter.

Right now, it looks that James Holmes is being portrayed as mentally ill since childhood. He spends years among psychiatrists and neuro-scientists but they don’t noticed this? What a “science of mental health” is that? He blended in quite nicely into the “intense” psychs and neuro-scientists? (According to psychiatric reality, if a non-psych is “intense”, he is crazy, if a psych is “intense”, he is just intense.) It is possible that he had loose screws right from the start, after all I learned, people become psychs to heal themselves first of all.  A nurse said to me that she never met a psychiatrist who wasn’t crazy. But as I wrote in earlier postings, Holmes was psychiatric-conditioned by colleagues who are so stupid to believe that same will not and never be done to them too. It just needs a few people to conspire and get away under the dirty SEGNPMSS grip that controls the world. Bad people are also not good to their own. 

Here is the Wikipedia page on James Holmes.

Since 2006, he had constantly contact with the mental health industry. And nobody of the other “experts in the field of mental health” noticed that he had loose screws? Or were his screws rather loosened by his colleagues who conditioned him deliberately into becoming a terrorist? This is what I am convinced of. 

Holmes received USD 21,600 grant from the NIH. Taxpayer’s money that is. A court-appointed psychiatrist who interviewed Holmes for a total of about 22 hours did either not get or did not reveal that Holmes was psychiatric-altered by colleagues and psychiatric-controlled a during the shootings a remotely run Manchurian candidate. And these psychs call themselves “experts of the human minds”, yet, we, real Scientologists can really tell what happened to Holmes and others.     

SEGNPMSS can continue because psychs run law enforcement and all others through ear-implants. It doesn’t matter what psychiatry does, even to their own, they can continue. And the media rather beats up on Scientology instead of helping to pull strings of who really is behind international and “home-grown” terror: psychs and Germany.

Psychs want to make us believe that running people by cutting of conscientiousness is a very new invention. It is not. It is as old as mind-control and psychiatry itself.  I  wrote about this here:  

Since Holmes, the same psychiatric terror method (as just now in San Bernadino) was applied many times in the USA and in the world (includes also the activities of ISIS and other terror groups), but the authorities don’t go after the psychs and Germany as the driving force behind terror. It is as if the world has a secret death wish.  Guess many people believe subconsciously that after all they have done, they don’t deserve a peaceful and good life.

But we, and some others, deserve it, Marty. We don’t cover for anyone. We don’t conspire against anyone, we want the truth revealed and a civilization to be proud of not a planet of remote-controlled robots committing atrocities to have the SEGNPMSS entertained.   

Many kisses my darling. Be safe and tenderly embraced.

Yours for all days and nights to come.