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14 million-year-old vehicle tracks in central Turkey

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

How are your days and nights? I often wonder how many letters you wrote to me that I never received. The downfall of the conspiracy against us is that they don’t even want to grant basic human rights to us, rights that they take for granted. They would loudly protest if anyone would do to them what they do to us. OW sequence sure works. One day, it was suddenly very clear to me how it all will end for them without us making our hands dirty on them. They will do it all to themselves. He/she that will not hear must feel. 

About my header:

Today, Turkey doesn’t seem the center of the world anymore but it apparently played such a role in the past, considering  Göbekli Tepe, the oldest religious sanctuary that was found. Each stone there weighs up to 20 tons. However, I think that the animals and the naked woman were scratched in the stone later. It reminds me to the low tonelevel of German, particularly Bavarian doctors and their insane urges to degrade spiritual places.

Turks are telling since decades this joke: “One day, Turkey will rule the world. Why? Because all other nations fly to the moon.” This joke tells me that our secret German world took much of their confidence and price. Turkey is the country with most impressive neolithic or historic structures while Germany can show mainly some Neanderthal caves.   

Another place in Turkey:     

Anyway, there are Russian geologists and archaeologists who draw the attention again to Turkey. In the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey, they found big tracks that look like vehicle tracks of which is said that they are at least 14 million old. According to Alexander Koltypin and other scientists,  these ancient tracks are preserved pieces of evidence that prove the existence of highly advanced historical civilizations that once inhabited the planet.
Looks exactly like it. Advanced worlds and advanced technology can be destroyed. Should be a warning to everyone that technology does not protect against evil or self-destruction. Only being high on the tonelevel and sanity protects from being wiped off the surface of the Earth. And not even sane and uptone people are safe if too many SPs are around. Some people believe that nice and helpful aliens were here, and after a while, they left to go back to their own world. Yeah right. That “explains” why they never showed up again in million of years.
It is interesting that they don’t conclude that advanced knowledge and technology was on Earth by some who were on this planet when aliens saw it and came to get/destroyed it. And maybe on the way, destroyed themselves or formed in the creepy SEGNPMSS that is still around.  
You and I don’t have this problem, our love lasts and lasts, Marty. But I like the melody of this song.  Be kissed my hero.
Yours always,