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95-96% of the universe is unknown and all their theories have failed! (I’m not making this up; it was said by physicists)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate and husband, how are you?

Just the thought of you makes my heart beat faster and at the same time, you are making me being at peace. The never-ending attraction, the devotion, and the true love between us is worth its own equation!

To my header:

Many people think that CERN in Europe indeed discovered the Higgs boson, because CERN under a German director made that announcement a few years ago. It made big headlines, saying that “science” in Europe figured and discovered the “God” particle. Numerous  people think that there is no God and that physics or “science” can replace the belief in him. 

I think that psychs (fearful and stupid atheists) spoke through (more or less defenseless) Steven Hawkins when he said that science can explain the universe without God. 

With the alleged discovery of the “God” particle that allegedly gives mass to elementary particles, numerous people think that there is no God as CERN can create the universe all things inside with a smashing machine. 

When CERN was asked to provide more details, they took the discovery “back” (sort of) and published that what they found by smashing elementary parts together in their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was possibly just an impostor. (Sort of Monique’s husband instead of you.)

They had 5 years time to produce some matter with this boson, but they didn’t as they can’t.

The universe was not created by smashing or exploding. Although AFTER it was created, there was a lot of exploding and smashing by thetans who got bad almost instantly, and science doesn’t look into this because people think that religion can’t be scientific. (Little do they know!) 

Due to the first false and broadly published information by CERN, most people seem to think that the Higgs Boson was discovered, because the information that they didn’t find the particle that gives mass to particle was NOT as broadly published. 

Spinning and crashing is psychiatric crap, and unfortunately, it took over the fields of physics.  Nobel prices were awarded for nonsense like this. 

CERN has spent approx. 14 Billion Dollars (!) on that rubbish. And some physicists admit that CERN and found absolutely nothing of value (!) But as they want more money, they claim they found what they didn’t. The USA pays large sums of tax payers money to this European nonsense.

Below is a video that is worth seeing about the Higgs boson. Not all physicists are blind. Have a look here:

Due to psychiatric abuse that made me avoid math, I still stay away from it, Marty, despite that I know why I don’t like it. I therefore solve problems through intuition (no “exact science” but I figured lots out by using it). However, I am very well aware that math sure helps to verify things, and I appreciate anything that is reliable and exactly figured.

Someone made the Higgs boson math here. If the Higgs boson has 100 trillion times (!) less energy to work than what the Standard Model predicts, and I bet it predicted as low as possible already, what kind of lousy and weak “matter” will create the Higgs Boson if it creates any matter at all? Math-challenged as I am, even I can tell that 100 trillion times less is a HUGE number!      









And here is again what I am very comfortable with, Marty, heaven and hell. 😉  The Higgs boson has a snowball’s change in hell having a mass in that predicted ballpark. 

In other words: the LHC doesn’t solve the problems in physics. They still don’t know how mass was created.   

 And here, physicists admit: All Our Theories Have Failed! And we know why, Marty. They are taking the wrong approach! 

They are right by saying that they have to start all over.  This time not with smashing and exploding, I hope. If they would understand spiritual abilities and wouldn’t separate physics completely from it, they could come much closer to solving the puzzle of the universe. Besides, they also would figure out why they just know 95-96% of the universe: it is a fake German projection and behind the projection is the real one. 

For me, it is mind-boggling how physicists overlooked thetans with theta bodies. They are all over the place. Ron has discovered them many centuries ago but these data were stolen from Scientology. 

Some Scientologists (and I believe Mormons too) are thinking that they are Gods in baby shoes so-to-speak. That if they rehabilitated their abilities, they can do the same as God did. While I agree that all are having abilities they never dreamed of, I came to the conclusion that God was always and will be always superior in all abilities. Thanks God that God is good. Even the name (people basically know) indicates it.    

I love you, Marty, through the universe and back. Sending you passionate and tender kissed.  

Yours forever,


  I woke up to snow this morning. Not sure if the Mom of my young friend let’s him comes over today. He can be very persistent and complains that we are not playing enough with each other. If he comes over, I have to hide his Easter surprises in the snow!

Actually, a couple of physicists figured already end of last century that the universe is just a hologram – but (YIKES!), they think it is NATURAL!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? If I could change your world and a wrongful incarceration, I would do so in a snap. But it is us against one disgusting conspiratorial world. Ron, you, I, and a very other few thetans would never participate in it. 

Imagine this, Marty, some physicists figured already end of last century that the universe is just a holographic projection, but they believe that the cosmos differs from our planet or the nearby planets. They think that a simpler, flatter cosmos with no gravity IS REAL. Come on! What are they thinking? 

They think that our dimensions are an illusion and the flat universe is real. They got it all backwards.

All these people have heard of the Nazi scientists, but they can’t imagine that they project a holographic projection on top of the real universe in order to stop the rest of our planet reaching other worlds before the Nazis do. Why is it so hard to count 1 and 1 together?

I love you, my Prince. I know that you figured it out too. I miss you terribly.

Yours always and forever,



Why did they change String Theory to Membrane or “Brane” Theory?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

How are you? 

Tiny strings of vibrating energy in the smallest particles make sense to me. How did the energy get in there? Somebody can and did postulate it – including the miracles that plants grow from seeds and that people can have babies.    

Why can’t a string of energy wiggle in the four dimensions length, width, height, and depth to maintain structure? Because the fake deep space universe projection tells differently?

Suddenly, my friends, the theoretical physicists come up with 11 string dimensions, and this doesn’t sound right to me. Did I miss something? Also some believe that the strings are now open-ended or rather membranes or “branes”…  Reminds me to “brains”… 

They think that strings can grow into membranes and that our universe is on one. And when these universes in form of membranes collide in the multiverse, there will be big bangs. Which means, that some think that the big bang didn’t create our universe but that it did crash with another one and not just once. And they are standing now before the question: who or what created the multiverse?   

At a certain point, physics can’t be considered without the spiritual aspect.  

The first they have to do is to scrape away the fake projection of the universe to have a look at how the real universe looks like. And they have to get away from silent sounds to figure everything out.

Did you hear those strange sounds that planets allegedly are making? Yeah right, our legs are being pulled. Earth sounds as if somebody recorded a strong wind storm on Earth and then recorded it and plays it for space probes to record so that people believe that all the sounds of the other planets/moons are real and that no other noise is covered up by secret services underneath those alleged planet sounds:  

Silent sounds to prevent people to be truly themselves and to discover their spiritual abilities are anywhere. For example, when a person dies and the thetan leaves the human body, it still can hear these silent sounds and is still manipulated by them. If it happens to me, Marty, I sure will postulate myself away from them. And if necessary in another universe. Like you, I want to be no one but completely myself. Besides, it is hard to recover spiritual abilities when being bombarded with millions of silent psychiatric secret services sounds to keep a thetan small. The relation is so unfair: 1: millions of tailor-made silent sounds to prevent thetan’s true spiritual freedom and abilities.  

I love you in any universe, Marty. In any universe, in which I would meet you, I would fall again in love with you. Soul mates, the best any universe has to offer.

Be kissed my darling.

Yours always,




Expensive crap from Cern/Geneva: the Higgs Boson (and what a “surprise”, there are also Boson impostors!)

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and husband,

As you know, physicists are trying to explain, among other things, the beginning of the universe. They want to explain it “scientifically”, just by facts. Alright, good idea, but really, where are their “facts”? It is just one theory after the other. I am sure you also came to the conclusion, Marty, that the elusive Higgs Boson is basically nothing but a theoretical idea of quantum physicists who think that rocket scientists have nothing on them. They dreamed that thing up and looked for it, like for an imaginary friend or so. Haha! It is invisible and can’t be measured. (Okay, a thetan without a theta body is invisible too and can’t be measured with any sensor, but we know a lot more about the origin of life than they know about the “God particle”.)

Since many decades, quantum physicists are building bigger accelerators  to prove that what Higgs dreamed up does really exist. They are trying to “vaporize” particles and screen the “debris”.  Some “scientists” in Cern say that they  MAY have found the Higgs Boson, but did they really find? What they figured is a “statistical” glimmer of a Higgs Boson or his “impostors” somewhere in countless actions of throwing subatomic parts together.  

Physicists: CERN may have discovered Higgs boson impostor

They believe that the Higgs field is a sticky field that attracts some subparticles and some not. It does not attract electrons but allegedly quarks that consist of pro- and neutrons. These quarks have some mass. Question raises, who or what created the mass in the quarks that they are using? If quarks have already mass, isn’t it cheating trying to create mass with it? If you put milk and flour together, you get dough but milk and flour are already material.  If they want to play God, shouldn’t they try from scratch? Shouldn’t they create mass from nothing to explain the creation of the physical universe? I learned that there are some Higgs bosons that are named Z and W. They have already quite some mass and are attracted to the sticky Boson field. Interestingly, the subatomic particle gluon that is thought to hold quarks together is not  attracted by the Higgs field. Neither are photons. I admit, I have not followed most of their experiments but those that they celebrate as win don’t excite or convince me.   

As more as I read about the Higgs Boson, Marty, as more I come to the conclusion that they haven’t found what they were looking for. I am sure you know what the Higgs Boson or “God particle” is supposed to be: it is the particle that allegedly gives mass to other particles. As they are fixed on the idea that the universe was created by a big bang (I am convinced that a more denser universe was CREATED BY POSTULATES and then destroyed by one or likely several “big bangs”), they try to create that particle that gives mass to other particles by speeding protons along the long tunnels of the Hadron Collier (very expensive toy/ six billion bucks) at the speed of light at Cern, Geneva, Switzerland.  How I understand it: the protons wreck each other in the tunnels and create an explosion of energy. The quantum physicists play some more with it by firing new particles into that explosion of energy, and they sensor these particle all the time and, in addition, are trying to bend them. Don’t know how this looks in practical but I don’t think they find the key to the universe in that toy. They do this over and over, and all billions of times and hope that a Higgs Boson forms. But here is the “tricky” part, nobody can see it, and the sensors don’t sense it.  Bummer. And whatever they believe they got is also unstable. It falls into pieces. After smashing trillions of time fragments together in the Large Hadron Collier, they believe that they accumulated some kind of tiny growth on a statistical chart but they can’t see it nor measure it. Impressive. Could be nothing at all. But if they add more and more to this statistic of nothing that one can see and measure, they maybe have found the Higgs Boson (or whatever). Kind of funny.

In view of that, the hype in the news that they found the “God particle” is not at all justified but really just a big hype.

There are also some “impostor particles” instead of the  “God particle” aka “Higgs Boson” and not the “God particle” at all. Impostors in the LHC. Scandal. Not easy for them to play God, isn’t it? 

Many of these physicians believe that violence created  the universe, including us, being, mind, body. Lol. I don’t know how it looks inside of them, but you and I, Marty, and some others were for sure not “created” by violence. How can somebody even remotely think that a human being, body, mind, being was created by violence or explosions?? NASA thinks that it was created by one huge violent event. My intuition (works like a charm) tells me that there were huge explosions, but those blew up an ALREADY EXISTING universe and civilizations.  Also according to NASA, the universe is still expanding. Well, who says that not some hooligans are still exploding parts of the universe?   

Some say that it was not a big bang but a lot of gaseous nebula that created the universe. NASA says that this was one single violent event. Makes no sense to me in regards of for example the perfection of a human body. Where did that gaseous nebula come from?  International scientists  don’t know. These gases  sure didn’t “create” us, Marty.  It is being taught that there was one single very tiny, very dense, very hot point with energy, and this energy  became bigger and turned into the universe as we know it over a time period of billions of years. That very hot point of energy reminds me of me being upset with the people who deny our rights, Marty. But seriously, they make two huge mistakes: one, they should first figure out  the static of life (which can leave the static state and did so), and two, they should know that there their experiment and attempts to figure things out are deliberately sabotaged. They are being also intentionally mislead.  

Thinking of Nazis, Nazi doctors, psychs, their terrorists,  other monsters, and their co-conspirators, the thought that these primitive bastards were created by violence/explosion or simple gas is really tempting. We are nothing like them. That’s not how we came to be, besides, we always existed. And thinking about this some more, if we would have stayed in spiritual form (never assumed a body), we would have saved us a lot of pain, Marty. Honestly, picking up a human body in a snake pit like Earth doesn’t feel like the wisest decision that I made. If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t do it again. Looking at my life so far: having a human body is not worth the troubles. I would be much better off if I would have stayed a thetan without a body.  Maybe I would consider having a human body in a completely new physical universe (not just on another planet in this universe!) in a new dimension with beings of our good nature, Marty, a universe that they CAN’T FIND, it doesn’t matter where they look and how many particles they smash together. But if there would be only the tiniest chance that they could get there, I would waive that universe too. That’s how sick I am of them. This lifetime really “did it” for me, Marty. And my intuition tells me that I am not the only one who came to this conclusion. I am tired to be treated like a 2nd class person on this German-controlled planet. If they think that one conspiring against the other and constantly living under the medical Nazi boot with all the brutality, pain, and decay is so desirable, should they have it. But nobody can force me to live among them in another lifetime. Once this body expires, I chose an existence that is completely spiritual.  I bet you are deeply disappointed of this planet and beyond too, Marty, to put it lightly. 

Anyway, if scientists would use Ron’s axioms and his other work as starting point for their work, they would understand a lot more and would make some real progress. One has to understand life first. The big bang was not the creation of life. It was a destroyer. And the original creation of the physical universe was not done by violence. I believe that if all silent sounds played into the minds of people to mislead them are gone, the magic of the God particle postulate will be much better understood. 

I love you, my rockstar. Billions of  tender and passionate kisses.  Can’t wait to see you again. Our love is a God particle too. And it doesn’t falter like the alleged Higg Boson and his impostors. Lol.   

Yours forever,








Schrödinger’s cat (What a cruel and stupid idea of an experiment… And was it really just theoretical? Or did he “inspire” others to really conduct it?)

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and superstar,

There is Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian who also worked in Berlin for Germany. He was allegedly no Nazi but later “recanted”. (How “impressive”.) He won a Nobel prize in physics.

Is that cat experiment really just a theoretical “thought experiment” or was the idea behind it that creepy and cruel nerds really try it? Looking at his cat experiment, I came to the conclusion that the physicists are not better than the medical doctors, psychs, and chemists who also have cruel animal experiments on their minds.

Some scenery at the moon was named after Schrödinger. Good grief! 

His last words allegedly were: “I wish I never would have met that cat…” Was he saying that cat experiment wasn’t his but handed to him? If yes, who was it?

It is about quantum theory, the mechanics of atoms, molecules as well as other physical systems that are subject to the “uncertainty principle”. They are basically saying that they don’t know much.  If they would know or confess that useless people equipped with lasers, microwave, satellites, and other secret service equipment are sabotaging physical experiments, they finally would get somewhere and they would understand a lot more.

The cat experiment is pure nonsense in my opinion. It is about “superposition”, saying that everything is in the eye of the beholder. To come to this conclusion, I don’t have to propose a cruel and dangerous cat experiment with hydrocyanic acid and a radioactive substance. If  just one atom falls into pieces, it would trigger a sequence and a hammer break the vial with the chemical and kill the poor cat. (Marty, who in the world but a person with a very creepy mind would use a dangerous and cruel example like this to make his point?) His point is this: If the box isn’t opened, one wouldn’t know whether the hammer broke the vial and according to the quantum law and the “superposition of states”, one would not know if the cat is alive or dead, and that means that the cat is alive and dead at the same time. (And there is always somebody who is paying these “scientists” and awarding them!)

Ron (real founder of Scientology not his impostor) said it without any cruelty and very straight and clear: space, energy, objects, form, and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon by the static (life as it was before it started to play games in the physical universe) and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

That means that we can maintain, win, or lose our perceptions, depending on what we think we are capable of. 

However, we all AGREED a long time ago on the laws of physics that if a cat is dead, it is dead. If it is alive, it is alive. It is dead OR alive, if we open the box or not. If somebody has not much intuition and no logic, he thinks a cat survived it. But in any case, the car is not alive and dead at the same time, just because we don’t know the state of the poor cat’s fate.  It is dead OR alive. Quantum mechanics is sabotaged and that is why it is counter-intuitive and weird.

Seriously, Schrödinger’s alleged point was a “thought” experiment. Physicists are like psychs or what? They try to make it real complicated what “quantum theory” says about nature and behavior of matter on a “microscopic level” and what we observe as true in regards to  nature and the behavior of matter on the “macroscopic level” (visible to the human eyes without the help of optic aides). The biggest mistake that all these “scientists” (all the same kind of people in little boxes made of ticky tacky) are making is ignoring or allowing CORRUPTION at the microscopic and the macroscopic level. As fewer people know or are certain over facts of life, as easier for the SEGNPMSS to control them and give them the run around.

That “superposition” takes allegedly place at the subatomic level as there are observable effects of “interference”. These “scientists” believe either that these “interferences” are natural, or they don’t open their mouths to state what they are really thinking: corruption by useless people having devices to hinder science and to corrupt experiments and keep factual knowledge down. 

I was briefly confused by something I read… that a single particle can be in several locations at the same time. Huh? Later I learned that this is just one theory of “quantum physics”. I think it moves so fast that it APPEARS to be in several places at the same time but is of course not in the same place.

Like our thoughts. 😉

I miss you, Marty. Would love to do some science projects with you. 🙂 We would figure corruption when it is there. And when is it not on a corrupt planet like this?

I love you, and neither psychs nor quantum physicists can explain why our love remains as strong and pure as always. 🙂 

Yours forever,