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Pope’s Butler sentenced to 18 month for stealing Vatican’s and pope’s (Benedict XVI / Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) “sensitive documents”

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Dearest Marty, my eternal Prince,

Maybe you heard that too: The Pope’s Butler (Paolo Gabriele) was sentenced to 18 month for stealing and sealing Vatican’s and pope’s (Benedict XVI / Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, a Bavarian) “sensitive documents”. 

Sensitive documents in the Vatican? What is that? Why does a religion need “sensitive documents”? Why does a religion have secrets? Original Scientology as by the real founder had NONE.

The media reported that the Pope will likely pardon Paolo Gabriele. Because he has not yet published the worst documents? To prevent that he publishes the worst documents? To whitewash the pope in other areas?  Is it all a spectacle to cover something more grave up?

The very same pope (Munich Ex-Cardinal Ratzinger) said once that people should pray for HIM. I find this really odd because shouldn’t a pope be a saint without sins and shouldn’t HE pray for the people? 

The media: But according to Ignazio Ingrao, a Vatican expert with the Italian newsweekly Panorama, the tribunal “didn’t show much determination in discovering the network” that fed Gabriele with documents from across the Vatican, not just from the papal apartments.

The media: (Reuters) – The swift conviction of Pope Benedict’s former butler leaves lingering suspicions that he was a pawn in a much larger Vatican intrigue involving infighting in the papal court and alleged corruption at the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church.

“The scandal has done enormous damage to the Vatican, shedding light on corruption, conflicts between Benedict’s secretary of state and senior cardinals and clashes over the need for transparency at the Vatican bank,” said Marco Politi, a Vatican expert and author of Joseph Ratzinger, Crisis of a Papacy.

“None of the letters found in Gabriele’s apartment on which the pope had written ‘To be destroyed’ have been published so far,” said Politi.

Gabriele is not the first papal butler to be charged with betraying his master. A German priest, Rudolf Gerlach, who was hired by Pope Benedict XV in 1914, was given a life sentence for leaking military secrets he picked up through the Vatican to Austro-Hungarian agents, leading to the sinking of two Italian warships during the first world war.

David Miscavige and Karin Pouw have compared  the Church of Scientology to the Catholic Church. Even if it is true that these two are a lot more Catholic than Scientologists, original Scientology was the anti-cult and anything but the Catholic Church.

I heard that most people believe that Scientology is not a religion. As far as JACK VISTARIL’S and HIS COBNESS’ organisations are concerned, it might be true but certainly not as far as original Scientology, the anti-cult is concerned.

As as a sum, I bet the worst crimes of rotten like hell “religious leaders” will be written nowhere in their pomp churches. They are top secrets and just secret services might have the evidence that they took place.

Catholic Church does not have the wisdom that the truth comes out ALWAYS. The worst, however,  imo, what the Catholic Church in recent times has done was supporting Hitler (Pius XII) and murdering Jews and other minorities  and did in recent years the sexual child abuse. For that alone, that correct and only place for that “church” is hell or hard labor prison camps for each of these pigs and those cover it up so that they can sweat out their evil intentions and aberrations. They are so disgusting! If anyone thinks that God or Jesus is with the Catholic Church, they must be complete idiots in denial.  

On the other side, people who think that the real founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard is on the side of David Miscavige or Mosey’s husband and his group are also in denial.  If you look at what DM created, he really tries to copy the Catholic Church by adopting pomp, his own scandal-riddled Vatican (INT base), and no children-rule. His only justification is that “Jack Vistaril” did this as well to some degree. But I bet all the riches in the world that DM knows that Jack Vistaril was nothing but an impostor and not the real founder of Scientology.   

Many kisses for you, Marty. Hope to find you soon.

Yours in all eternity,


I DO! I DO! 🙂