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How psychiatrists smear Scientology again: case of Richard Rojas

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How is your life? My thoughts are with you.

I read about Richard Rojas who drove his car into people at Times Square last Thursday and killed a woman and injured numerous others.

He was in troubles for many years before and reportedly high on synthetic marijuana at the time. Despite that original Scientology is more anti-drugs than anyone, psychs organized that he had Scientology books in his car. Ear-implants make such p$ych set-ups real easy! He evidently didn’t read them, otherwise he wouldn’t smoke pot, take other drugs and plow into people. But all that is what the media and numerous other people need is some books somewhere to accuse Scientology on that heinous crime.

If they would have found books on psychiatry, the media and many others would report that he tried to get help but that it was too late or some stuff like that.

That is not all. Rojas said that he wanted to kill these pedestrians, people who he didn’t even know. That is definitely not a Scientologists but rather a psychiatric conditioned individual. Psychiatrists have planned this to smear Scientology. The main target of this heinous crime is another psychiatric attack against Scientology. That is why this Manchurian candidate had Scientology books in his car.

Here is a report about his driving: “He left his house at 10:30 yesterday morning, and at 11:54, he came here to Times Square,” Aubry said. “There were no incidents in between. That goes to his state of his mind. He waited for those cars to pass, and he accelerated, striking down these pedestrians. That goes to his state of mind.”

Remote-controlled driving. His psychiatric case officers had him drive carefully so that he doesn’t just end up in a ditch without mowing people down at Time Square to prevent that he kills nobody and that nobody reports about his books on Scientology in his car. And at Time Square, they pulled out all the stops by controlling him into this rage. Psychiatric conditioning activated by psychiatric ear implants.

I hope that CCHR takes on psychiatric in their TV station constantly and does not hold back documenting and reporting about  their atrocities. They should have done this on TV already many decades ago. Psychiatrists (or neuro-scientists who they call themselves now more and more to get rig of their own bad reputation as psychiatrists) are monsters and this is no exaggeration. 

They can’t fool you, me, and some others. But most people have no clue what’s going on and how these monsters work. 

I love you, Marty, keep on surviving. 

Yours forever,










Independent investigations? What independent investigations?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I am not saying anything about the firing of Comey, except if Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, how come he can remove a FBI director who overlooks the Russia investigation?

Seems not a 100% recusal to me.

German-psychiatric ear-implants rule in or outside of governments. The repeated involvement of Jews in matters that are set up to get a lot of publicity and their “falls” also points clearly to the SEGNPMSS. They want people say one day that Hitler and Nazi Germany were right trying to eliminating them. That is why they want them involved in shady if not criminal matters. Numerous of these secret service psychs are aware of past lives since they spied on Ron and his work. They just don’t want mainstream to know that past and future lives are a scientific fact. They also arrange that  former Nazis became/become Jews, Americans, and other nationals in their next lifetimes, as they want to ruin the Jewish reputations even more while psychs and Nazis want to smell like roses. They thought nobody ever will figure what they are up to. What an error. We do.     

SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war so that Germany can move in and pick up the pieces and attach these countries to the EU, which will be later, when nobody is more able to oppose them, be called Germany. 

Marty, I am 100% sure that if Germany wouldn’t run everyone with ear-implants and loud and silent sounds, other people would have figured out a long time that the biggest enemy of the USA is not Russia (although they are not innocent and have to watch out like the USA not being used by Germany) but the psychs behind Germany.

I am looking at the world and see the German Nazi psych scribbling clearly in thousands of horrible situations, yet, the world seems completely blind. Ear-implants don’t make smarter. And they take away the independence.

I know that you think the same way, Marty. Sine 1984, I know that you think that they suck. They are going on your nerves too, badly. And you know that running people through implants isn’t Scientology but psychiatry, just as running around in circles, etc. is psychiatry and the psychiatric infiltration  of Scientology.   

These stupid barbers and butchers. Besides, many of them are hating each others guts. It just needs another to get rid of them. They cooked up so many situations in which they can kill someone, e.g. murder covered up as illness, suicide, or accidents and they “fix” investigations through people obeying ear-implants and nobody will miss them or come looking for them. In a few seconds only, their own lives can change, and then they are in the situation they put others in. In a body of the opposite, or in one with no gender at all, born with handicap (medical terrorism using lasers, etc.) or born into an abusive life, in an animal body, whatever… These fools brought it on themselves by not doing the right thing: speaking out against the ear-implants and making sure that everyone’s rights are being granted. I said it before and I say it again: The probability that they step in their own traps and are getting their own disgusting medicine is 100%. The only way to prevent not stepping into their own traps is REMOVING THEM FOR EVERYONE. They think they are intelligent, but I found out that they the biggest fools ever born. They are the dogs biting their own tails. 

Let’s say, someone of them finally gets a cognition and knows that he or she is doomed within the system. How do they report it? One of the first question that p$ychs asks is if a person hears voices, because psychs protect this criminal system and ear-implants. This question alone tells me that psychs will declare a person who blows the whistle on ear- implants insane. Until another doc puts them in, and the joke is on them. 

Anyway, someone got to blow the whistle and has to come through in order to knock some sense into a psychiatric mind-controlled planet and universe.  

And why didn’t for example Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive, get rid of the Nazis, genocides, and wars for good? Because the idiotic psychiatric invention of ear-implants was never busted. People are under its spell and p$ychs suck away their consciences, intelligence, and humanity with and loud and silent sounds.

I love you, Marty. You rock!

Yours forever,






Good news for the orgs, I guess: Intense FBI investigation and no charges against C of S filed…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

How are you? I work hard and a lot and maybe should learn to grow a lazy bone sometimes. It is just that I know how painful it is to have no cash if needed it. To prevent that it ever will happen to me, I produce and collect it. When in fact you and I should be in Scientology, because we know what it original was.  

I assume you know it already. Tampa Bay Times reported today that the FBI investigated the Sea Org in 2009 and 2010 intensively but filed no charges. I bet your impostor was involved big time in the investigation and that the FBI knows that he is your impostor and didn’t and doesn’t do anything against it. And that the FBI knows that you are innocent and doesn’t help you against the German/Spanish/psychiatric setup. 

A reporter at received 300 pages of FOIA docs on this 2009 – 2010 investigation.

James Comey, the current FBI director calls the FOIA process “a pain” but the law. 

As no charges were filed, the orgs won against those who accuse them on criminal doings. C of S says that the church has learned the investigation was conducted by “rogue agents,” including one who was later disciplined.

This FBI “investigation” had no intention to look where something is really wrong: the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists, the alteration of original Scientology, the impostors, e.g. the founder’s impostor, your impostor, and that DM, Mike Rinder, and others are fully aware of that and them but are not saying a word.

Neither former “Scientologists”, current infiltrators nor any governmental agency wants to look into this, because Germany and its psychiatric ear-implants in anyone rule until the motivator hits.

I love you, Marty. Sending you many tender and passionate kisses. Keep up surviving.  

Yours forever,










Staircase in the TV series Big Bang Theory looks strikingly similar to the one in the Munich Org in the 80s, incl. the permanent “out of order sign” on the elevator

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and Prince, I am thinking of you…


Yes, the staircase in the TV series Big Bang Theory looks strikingly similar to the one in the Munich Org in the 80s, incl. the permanent “out-of-order sign” on the elevator. 

Big Bang production location has the same type of  staircase and an elevator that ALWAYS had an out-of-order sign. I hardly saw it anymore after some years. Big Bang production pretends that the staircase is going up several stories. Munich org did/does.  

The big difference between us and the Big Bang cast was/is that no real Scientologist considered any Big Bang to be the creator of life or the physical universe. Not even the Germany/p$ych evolution crap that was added by infiltrators to Scientology scriptures (behind the real founder’s back) saying that humans allegedly evolved from clams changed our perception of how it all began. 

We knew and know that we always existed in spiritual form and that no gas or explosion created us thetans.

The introduction to each episode of the series Big Bang (most popular series on TV!) is like a psychiatric implant: sending x-pictures in the mind of the watchers and implanting them with the false and stupid idea that the Big Bang is a fact.

The series also contains anti-Semitic propaganda. Any Jews involved in that sitcom should wake up. In typical German manner, the sitcom adores so-called professions, which in reality have failed to figure out the facts of life and the world but doctor around the symptoms without finding the common denominator: the thetan as the basis of it all.

Big Bang Theory pokes fun at all kinds of stuff but its worship of the pharma industry, psychiatry, neuroscience, neurology, medicine, chemistry, and other such professions comes across plenty. People should think that people with a diploma in these fields are great minds.

Getting stuck in (often false) details and never getting the overall picture is not our definition of great minds. 

And physicists failed too. They failed to discover just about anything of real importance: thetans (include their theta bodies in plain sight!) and their abilities, sabotaged physics experiments, that information that does not exist on Earth does not exist in the universe either, that the deep universe is a fake projection, which hides the real universe… and other professions failed to discover the theft of anti-aging and immortality, the use of  remote-controlled germs and microwaves to make people sick and killing them, ear-implants, and so much more…      

I am sure glad that the Big Bang Theory writers married Howard Wolowitz (who grew on me since he is married) and that it is no longer that easy to give him perverted lines and that the anti-Semitic screaming of his “Jewish” mother stopped. It had Nazis and psychs behind them written all over it.  

I’m not saying that the show is not funny, but it can’t hide before me who talks into the minds of the funny writers (may they know it or not).

Real neurobiologist didn’t figure that remote-controlled germs are causing tumors and all kinds of “diseases” of the brain… But that is how the tumors are made. 

Sometimes, the Big Bang Theory takes something from “real science” and throws it in the comedy.  

In Season 10, episode ‘The Collaboration Fluctuation’, Amy (neurobiologist) tells Sheldon about her research, and he finds it relates to “quantum mechanics”. Amy is doing experiments “to discover when and where the event of awareness in the brain takes place”. She is trying to show that “the signal to move a muscle occurs before a person even thinks” to move it.

So, they are getting the idea to work together and throw quantum mechanics and neurobiology together and come up with whiteboard after whiteboard  full with all kinds of ridiculous equations. And that should convey that an average intelligent human can never figure what these “great minds” can figure. In other word: the world sees crap. It is funny crap, but it is crap.

For you and me, and some other Scientologists, it is clear why the signal to move a muscle occurs before thoughts pass through the brain and body. A person is a thetan. She HAS a mind and a body with a brain. She is not the brain. The thetan is the one giving that first signal.  Again, the thetan is the key not the brain.

Well, enough of that. A section of the novel I am writing disappeared yesterday from my writing up, Marty, despite I saved it. Wondering if I have to back it up several times a day now! And I have so little time for this hobby, and it is frustrating when creations disappear like in a black hole.

I love you, Marty, very much so.  Still hoping to find you. Your whereabouts is more mysterious than quantum mechanics. Just that you know. On the other side, I think I figured it all out in the 80s.

Sending you kisses, and missing you more than Higgs misses his bosoms.

Yours forever



P.S. Assad is a medical creep. I bet his SEGNPSS colleagues radioed in his ear drums to use gas on the population and he the medical doctor doesn’t mind.  However, I am convinced that the true purpose of this atrocity is that still existing German Nazi doctors want Russia and the USA to fight each other in a devastating war. I know the SEGNPMSS. Following us around like the lunatics means also that get what these monsters are up to. Their personalities are revolting beyond means. I would think twice before sticking to us like the pest as we learned to know them. Most people don’t even know that such low creatures like them exist.    




Psychiatrists hate the plan of Scientology TV channel – wouldn’t suprise me if they come up with “drastic measures” to stop it

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days and nights?

There was still no message or anything else by you or on your behalf, yet, I feel very clearly that you are trying to reach me but Germany and their psychs behind anyone’s ear implants prevent it.

Yes, Scientology is infiltrated up to the top by non-Scientologists but certain objections against psychiatry are still standing.

Ever since Tom Cruise dared to criticize psychiatry on national TV, they increased their campaign against Scientology (and also TC) in the USA and all over the world.

In summer 2017, this channel is planned to be on the air for 24 hours daily. They will take on psychiatry as well. Here are some of the episodes.

They will for sure feature the work of CCHR and the details of the Museum of Death, and tons of materials that they gathered about the abuses of psychiatry. Hard to believe that after all it has done, psychiatry is not outlawed. It is not outlawed because ear-implants rule. People do what p$ychs radio in their minds.

Psychiatry also wants to reinvent itself as neuroscience (science, what a joke) to itself from their own dirty past but I don’t see them becoming better. James Holmes was an aspiring student of neuroscience, and I bet the farm he was conditioned in the killer that he became by other neuroscientists.

One neuro-scientist said about others that they are “intense characters”. Isn’t that “great”? If a non-psych is “intense” he or she is diagnosed with a mental illness. If a p$ych is an intense character, he/she gets a diploma.   

Anti-psych info will air for sure on the TV channel, and it must drive the German invention psychiatry gone international even more nuts as it already is. 

There was already a bomb threat against the Scientology studio in Los Angeles. Scientologists had to leave the compound and people had to leave their homes. An empty rifle case was found. Which means that the rifle was still out there.

If the studio planned anti-psychiatry documentaries, they might be afraid to attack it directly, after all, the suspicion would fall directly onto psychiatry trying to stop the channel, so they are intimidating the studio and its neighbors with their scare tactics.

However, if they for example condition one of their infiltrators in a leading org, e.g. Flag, to attack Scientologists and make Scientology look dangerous in the eyes of the world, which original Scientology is absolutely not, psychs might calculate that Spectrum withdraws its channel for Scientology.

This is how psychs think that they can get away with violence being blamed on Scientology instead of them, because the orgs and CCHR failed to document the psychiatric conditioning of people in their own lines, e.g.  Fowler, Jeremy Perkins who killed a member of CCHR of all people (and CCHR failed to convict psychiatry even in a clear case as this!) and victims as Lisa McPherson, and others.

The biggest mistake that the orgs and CCHR made is not busting psychs for setting up people on lines in the org. And that is why psychs rub their bloody claws and continue.

Because they are not applying what Ron (the real one) said:

“Constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price.”

As the SCN orgs and CCHR didn’t fight back with documenting the truth of psychiatry conditioning also people on SCN orgs lines, they have not won freedom from psychiatry, and the attacks continued and likely will continue until they finally fight back the psychiatric infiltration of Scientology effective and lawfully.    

I know that you have very similar thoughts. They can’t fool you either.

I love you, my Prince.

Be kissed and embraced.

Yours forever,






More p$ych crap and pseudo science!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

You are on my mind.

Psychiatrists (Germany’s, particularly Bavaria’s favorite profession) and all their versions are conspiring against innocent people but also against their agents and each other.  

That is the reason why conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation. Psychs don’t want people to catch up with what they are secretly doing, so they are telling their agents to publish crap, e.g. that there was never a moon landing, etc. In fact, there were PLENTY of moon landings, and that is  another thing that the SEGNPMSS and their international (incl. US) agents are CONCEALING.  

In order to make people shy away from seeing outpoints and speaking about it, psychs (Uni of Kent) published a 2016 “study” in  Social Psychological and Personality Science (science, haha!) that people who believe in conspiracy theories have negative personalities. Easy to get that these psychs don’t want people to figure what they are up to. So, they decide to make thinking a bad trait. Who wants to be labeled “narcissist” and “paranoid”? Nobody, so they try to discourage people to become conspiracy theorists.

These psychs claim that they studied 202 people and came to the conclusion that conspiracy theories equals low self-esteem. It is just the opposite, as you, Marty, and some others know. One needs to be alert, must be able to see, have a high self-esteem, trust in one’s own perceptions to discover oddities, and be no yes-person.

Also, people having ear-implants. They give those answers, which their psych-case officers wants them to answer. If psychs want conspiracy theorists having a bad reputation, they radio into the ears of test persons to give the answers that result in the outcome that they want. Some “science”…

They prefer people who follow and don’t think for themselves! That is also the main reason why they infiltrated and altered original Scientology to Vistarology and later to Miscavology.

We don’t do them the favor of being fools. It’s enough that they are fools. World doesn’t need more fools.

Yours, Marty. In all the universes that ever will be, I will love you. Because I know you. You have one in me who knows your value and your rarity.












1) Hunger Games 2) Kim Jong Un and the Liebefeld Steinhölzli school near Berne

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Dearest Marty, my sweet and wonderful Prince,

I wish you the best start into the new year and finally the liberty, freedom, rights,  exoneration, recognition, and love that you deserved for being such an extraordinary being.

Whenever I read something about the Hunger Games (novels or movies), I feel that your life rather “inspired” this “fiction”.  

The reality: Germany controls the world with psychiatric ear-implants. They placed you in a confined environment among the worst and violent criminals and brutal guards/police, where you always have to watch your back so that you are not injured or even killed.

On top of this, there is the lousy food and water that you can’t eat/drink, because upon secret German Nazi doctor orders (ear-implants in people), it is prepared to make you sick and kill you, and you often have hunger unless somebody of your family visits you and brings you something that is not contaminated. And those are the real Hunger “Games”.

I am connected with you spiritually, Marty. We are OTs, and I can feel details about the situation you are in. 

No words describe how disappointed I am in a world and humans who do things like that or allow them to happen. How can they live with themselves? Can people like that even be described as humans? Or are they rather animals without any human qualifications? That is what I am thinking, Marty.     

Now to my other subject: Apparently, Switzerland controlled by Germany like all other countries in Europe failed again to build good characters (it doesn’t matter under which alias one studied there), otherwise Kim Jong Un would make headlines with humanitarian decisions and not executions and constructing weapons. I believe the school says that they didn’t knew that their student was Kim Jong Un put instead a kid named Pak. It doesn’t matter who it is who they failed. School must be more than robotic “learning”. School must be the place in which students learn the importance of value and how it can make or break their own self-esteems, characters, lives, and the world.

This is the school he attended:

They consider their school a “company” in which the pupil or student is a “customer”. Their motto is: building quality.

Customer is King and teachers do what students want without teaching them values?

What quality? The one that we see in North Korea now? 

If the media reported  about Kim Jong Un correctly, this school failed enormously in building character. (I believe Kim Jong Un’s brother also attended this school.)

Some reports say that Kim Jong Un was an academic failure. Again, what is wrong with this German-controlled Swiss school? With Ron’s study tech that Germany wants to get rid of and that is ridiculed by Germany’s international agents ridicule, ALL and ANYONE can learn how to learn ANYTHING. If applied accurately and consistently, there will be no academic failure.

I am convinced that the principal of the school who introduced “Pak” to the 6th grade knew exactly who he was and failed miserably to instruct her teachers to teach the boy the values that he needed.

So many people are German psychiatric robots with ear-implants and have no values.

If I teach somebody for two years, I reach him. I explain him my values and the bad results that follow if these values are considered worthless until he understood them and is able to see them too.

I read that Kim Jong Un now allows women to wear high heels. Gee! Is that all they taught him in Europe?

He likely was also in Germany and France while studying in Switzerland.

Why did he go to a German-speaking school? Who else is behind it but Germany?

Why didn’t he go to a school in Germany? Because when Kim Jong Un commits acts against humanity (German still Nazi controlled ear implants at work), they don’t want to be blamed. Germany “shines” at hiding behind other nations so that they have to take the blame and shame for them.

I knows the German, particularly the Bavarian character, because they were so dumb to kidnap me where I learned to figure out how they tick. And it is a real brutal, perverted, and retarded ticking.  

Sending you warm and loving kisses, my sweetheart. You are the brightest star! Keep on surviving! I love you with all my heart and also with the deepest respect. You are awesome beyond words, Marty!   

The river flows in you.

Yours forever and ever…