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More p$ych crap and pseudo science!

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

You are on my mind.

Psychiatrists (Germany’s, particularly Bavaria’s favorite profession) and all their versions are conspiring against innocent people but also against their agents and each other.  

That is the reason why conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation. Psychs don’t want people to catch up with what they are secretly doing, so they are telling their agents to publish crap, e.g. that there was never a moon landing, etc. In fact, there were PLENTY of moon landings, and that is  another thing that the SEGNPMSS and their international (incl. US) agents are CONCEALING.  

In order to make people shy away from seeing outpoints and speaking about it, psychs (Uni of Kent) published a 2016 “study” in  Social Psychological and Personality Science (science, haha!) that people who believe in conspiracy theories have negative personalities. Easy to get that these psychs don’t want people to figure what they are up to. So, they decide to make thinking a bad trait. Who wants to be labeled “narcissist” and “paranoid”? Nobody, so they try to discourage people to become conspiracy theorists.

These psychs claim that they studied 202 people and came to the conclusion that conspiracy theories equals low self-esteem. It is just the opposite, as you, Marty, and some others know. One needs to be alert, must be able to see, have a high self-esteem, trust in one’s own perceptions to discover oddities, and be no yes-person.

Also, people having ear-implants. They give those answers, which their psych-case officers wants them to answer. If psychs want conspiracy theorists having a bad reputation, they radio into the ears of test persons to give the answers that result in the outcome that they want. Some “science”…

They prefer people who follow and don’t think for themselves! That is also the main reason why they infiltrated and altered original Scientology to Vistarology and later to Miscavology.

We don’t do them the favor of being fools. It’s enough that they are fools. World doesn’t need more fools.

Yours, Marty. In all the universes that ever will be, I will love you. Because I know you. You have one in me who knows your value and your rarity.












What was/is Paulette Cooper’s justification never to reveal to the public that the man on the Apollo was not the founder of Scientology but secret service agent “Jack Vistaril”?

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and Prince,

How’s life in your world? I’m counting the days until I see you again. I just know that I will. You are written into the palms on my hands. There are clearly two “Ms” in it. We were born for each other and that is why it is so stupid by people trying to disconnect us. Like magnets, we want to be together. If they would know how strong that feeling is, they would have never tried as that SEGNPMSS disconnection plan will fail. 

Now to Paulette Cooper. She is a psychologist who became a reporter. The first question that I had is why she didn’t “counsel” people as a psych? Because the psychiatric front against Scientology had other plans with her? She became a reporter and started attacking Scientology. Jack Vistaril, his wife Mary Sue, and other Scientology infiltrators “retaliated” in a secret service way (non-Scientology way) that Scientology would get the blame. (A very typical psychiatric/German strategy.)

As a reporter and alleged professional Cooper failed to inform the public that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that even the founder was impostored by a doppelganger, secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” and maybe even other doppelgangers. Some are saying there were three different “L. Ron Hubbards”, all three with different heights, shoe sizes, and characters, all pursuing different versions of “Scientology”.

Details of impostors sent into Scientology to take it over and destroy it from the inside out are kept a secret by the orgs and the outside attackers. Inside and outside conspires together. 


Cooper “studied Scientology since 1968”, and she never compared the photos and filmed footage of L. Ron Hubbard? Yikes! How “professional”.  How can anyone not see that there were several individuals by that name with different bodies and characters? Or did she knew and helped to keep this a secret? Didn’t she figure that Germany (SEGNPMSS) was the driving force behind alteration of Scientology and replacing the founder with an impostor? Or didn’t she mind?

Being obsessed with Scientology for so long and not writing the true story of Scientology is The Scandal of Paulette Cooper. 

Psychiatrists implant, e-shock, and hypnotize people to get confused, to commit horrible acts and also to commit suicide. They targeted people on lines in Scientology, even their very own infiltrators. So, when her friend who allegedly was in Scientology ended up in an institution, she never suspected secret service psychiatrists’ conditioning behind him going nuts? She never got the idea that German secret services told her other friend to claim that he was Jesus Christ and that Germany was using her in its campaign against Scientology?

Typically as Germany wants it: she blamed  Ron, the genuine founder of Scientology on what his impostors and the German-run infiltrators did in Scientology and allegedly to her.

For example, fair game, and disconnection policies was never by the founder of Scientology but by the German/CIA double agent and doppelganger “Jack Vistaril”. Also, any illegality by the GO were not by Ron, the genuine founder. Imposter’s wife Mary Sue run the GO, not the founder. I am very sure the real founder never heard of her.

I figured the details out, and I am certain you did too, Marty, so what are Paulette’s and other’s justifications not to figure it out?


Calling her “Miss Lovely” tells me that she had her allies in the infiltrated C of S. Why would alleged enemies of her would give her such a nice name? She probably knew that her life was never in danger, that she never would be committed and that her attacking Scientology and she being “attacked” in return by infiltrators of Scientology was just a spectacle to make her win cash in a settlement and harm Scientology’s reputation some more.  

Real Scientologists commit nobody. Not even their opponents as Scientologists know with what brutal methods psychiatrists work, and they make people even into worse beings than they were before.

Germany gassed Jews but in regards to Scientology, they also have a purpose for Germany now. When Jews attack Scientology, still existing German Nazis think that nobody will point fingers to them who are behind the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and who turned it into a cult that works with secret service methods. After all, if Jews attack, it are not then Germans, right? No, that is not right. Germany’s secret services have their grip on any race, nationality, religion, gender, and profession.   

Germany is a snake that attacks AND infiltrates. I can see the German slimy snake trail within the orgs and on the outside, working hand in hand to get rid of original Scientology, which is completely and entirely different from what people claim and complain about.


I am sure you know that Cooper got cash from Scientology as a “settlement”. Maybe that was the plan all along? Infiltrators did anti-Scientology actions so that she can cash in? Settlements usually contain that both parties quit going against each other. Through Ortega’s book, did she violate a settlement agreement? She also posted recently in a Scientology-hate forum. And if she violated it, did she violate it because Scientology is more than ever infiltrated by anti-Scientologists and she counts being let off the hook with that violation of a settlement agreement? Or does she wants more cash from Scientology? Maybe Ortega hopes that too that Scientology orgs throw cash at him and makes him rich? Your impostor and his wife Monique and others sure think so.


She attacks Scientology but promotes psychics? Gee! Huh?

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am so glad that I found the genuine you in this ocean of dishonest people.

I love you, my awesome Prince.

Yours always,



What a huge waste of taxpayer’s money by the HHS – considering that the founder of Scientology never claimed that the e-meter was a medical device

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not haha


Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

How are your days and nights? I wish I could do something effective to help you.

If the US government would have asked the real founder of Scientology, Ron, to attach a plate to the e-meter saying that it is not intended to treat medical diseases, he would have gladly done so, because – and everyone knows it – the e-meter never was designed to treat diseases.

Original Dianetics and Scientology addressed the spirit, however, original Dianetics and Scientology offered a way of life (protected living under a roof with making own water and food, etc.) against diseases, which medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry didn’t like as it means that people don’t age and are not getting sick, and they don’t get filthy rich upon the suffering of mankind. Dianetics and Scientology, as you know, approaches the mind too by approaching the spirit, but who the hell are p$ychs to prohibit this to the people?  Ron didn’t go into brains. He said it is a switchboard for the human body but concentrated again on the spiritual approach of Scientology. It is all about the thetan, and it is a spirit not a brain or a body. Period.         

Instead of asking, the U.S. Department of Health and its officials, medical doctors, psychiatrists, neuro”scientists”, and psychologists wasted huge amounts of US taxpayer’s money in an incredible witch hunt.

The US raid of 1963, and the attacks against Scientology took place upon secret German psychiatric Nazi orders to prohibit Scientology. The e-meter was just their gimmick, a justification for what they were doing.

The CIA (also upon German secret service orders) uses “Jack Vistaril” to impostor the founder and change his writings, so that the German-controlled USA can do something against Scientology, because under the real founder Ron and original Scientology, they had nothing that mainstream would dislike or attack.

Typically for crook Nixon also to support psychs and trying to bring Scientology down by concealing that the founder of Scientology was replaced by a secret service agent and impostor. Nixon even concealed before the American people that President Eisenhower was impostored by a doppelganger. Nixon had no conscience.

The “National Academy of American Psychology” was most certainly not the idea of Scientology founder but that of the CIA/German double agent “Jack Vistaril”. Germany and their agents in the USA wanted psychologists to attack Scientology. The real Ron didn’t want to have anything to do with psychology or psychiatry. I also know no real Scientologist who would want to be on such a board.

The real founder Ron knew from his dad Ike that Nixon was not to be trusted. Ike didn’t want him as vice president. The real Ron never would have addressed Nixon. And why would he? Ike was his Dad. He had a direct line to the one who was above Nixon. (However, in 1963, the real Ike was already murdered, and Ike’s doppelganger sat in the White House.) But nevertheless, Ron would not have tried to “win” Nixon. He knew his tonelevel and what to expect of him.

Besides, I am also sure that Nixon knew that Ron was impostored and that it was the impostor CIA/German double agent “Jack Vistaril” who wanted Nixon officially on his side. 

The one who wrote in 1955 to the FBI “turning communists in” was the impostor “Jack Vistaril” not the founder Ron. In 1955, the FBI got very likely mail from the real Ron but saying that I, Ron’s daughter, was kidnapped to Germany. (I was kidnapped several times and several times returned, but the last time returned when Ike was murdered in 1959/1960. Typical for an infiltrated USA!) CIA/FBI double agent “Jack Vistaril” probably even undermined the real founder’s letters by sending his baloney at the same time to the FBI.

Also, the real Ron knew that Communism was just one of the German systems and that not Russia but Germany is the cancer of the world.

So, the Secret Service invests secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” by concealing that Jack Vistaril is not the founder but a doppelganger and impostor. That is typical German-controlled slime. They think their setups are the smartest, but here we are, looking through them and their setups like through dirty windows.

Any letter citing Mary Sue is also by the impostor not the founder. Mary Sue was one of the impostors’ wives.

“Jack Vistaril” was to Ron what Monique’s husband is to you: nothing but non-Scientologists trying to impostor the originals. These two are so alike.

And you and the real Ron are so different from  them.

I love you, my Prince. Be kisses, tenderly and passionately.

Yours always,



Secret Services torture – what about electromagnetic and other types of torture?

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 Hitler was such an idiot and so is anyone who works for still existing Nazis. And yes, they still exist and are even growing.

Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate,

I am sure you noticed this too: Whenever some people mentions electromagnetic torture, many agents on the Internet and elsewhere telling them that they are “tinfoil crazies” and should see psychs or “take their meds”.   

Have a look below. Wikipedia writes that psychs are saying that people who believe in electronic harassment having “disorders” and are “mentally ill”. Let get that straight:  the fact that a bunch of p$ychs tortured people for the CIA is a “disorder” too? These secret service psychs are such choir boys, right? Gee, they never would torture people… Yeah right. It is quite revealing how psychs cover up the fact of secret torture, claiming it would not exist and people would have “disorders” or “mental illnesses” who think otherwise.

All these people are crazy?

Yet, there are a number of people on the net who say that electromagnetic harassment is real. I read online that a person called the FBI to ask them if Electromagnetic Harassment is real, and they hung the phone up on him. 


I read references saying that the German Nazis were the first to developing mind control technology and that they used their unlimited supply of children and adults available for experimentation in concentration camps and that mind control technology was either trauma or electronic based. They also misdiagnosed people who figured that they are using mind control technology, in other words, Marty, between the Nazi time and now, nothing has changed. 

A reader of the book Mind Matrix: Covert Electronic Harassment Mind Control Program (on Amazon) wrote: It has often been said of late that conspiracy theory is becoming increasingly mainstream and shedding some of its baggage as a strictly lunatic fringe subject…. Electromagnetic weapons operate at the speed of light. They can kill, torture and enslave, but the public are largely unaware that they exist, because these weapons operate by stealth and leave no physical evidence…  That book lists 100 patents involving psychotronic devices that can impinge on your personal freedom…”  

And those are only the US patents, and only those that were patented. The top secret stuff is not patented but top secret. 

A very good person in my life needs a cardiac pacemaker implanted on Monday in Germany, and I bet the farm, that his heart problems are not natural. I worry. He doesn’t deserve this at all. On top of this all, some pace makers are faulty or can malfunction with electronic or electronic harassment.

My thoughts are also with you, Marty. Always.

Yours forever,



Didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych…

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 Yikes, another cross!!  

Marty, my sweet prince,

I can’t help it but psychology seems to me psychiatry having used some Scientology wisdom (tracing problems back to the roots) but still not getting it right. Ron said that he researched Dianetics and Scientology a long time before he ever published something. They spied on him.

I didn’t know that Mosey’s father is a psych. What do I conclude? Behind the scene, SEGNPMSS brought your impostor together with Mosey so that the “Independent Scientologists” (yeah right!) become psych-friendly dupes by turning Mosey’s husband into the opinion leader of the “Indies” and their movement.

P$ychs are so transparent and predictable, at least for a mind of a real Scientologist, a mind like mine and yours, Marty.

Mosey’s dad is a psych but he doesn’t get that Mosey’s husband is an impostor? Or does Mosey’s dad and also Mosey know but they are not talking about it?

If the pro-DM websites would be worth a cent, they would have mentioned that clearly, but no, that is too much to ask… I just read one comment somewhere that Mosey’s husband might be hypnotized by Mosey’s father but no clear hint that he is a psych.  No, I had to fish that information to make above conclusion from Tony Ortega’s long and often biased ramblings. Yes, that Backpage guy who probably was/is married to a Muslim woman but probably now lives together with a Jewish woman. That might be his contribution to the “peace” in the Middle East.

I meet a certified nurse and medical therapist recently, Marty. Never discussed Scientology with her. She is retired now, but she told me that ALL psychiatrists and psychologists who she met became psychiatrists and psychologists to be able to handle their own mental problems. ALL of them became psychiatrists or psychologists for exactly that reason.  Shocking, isn’t it? She said that she never met just one without mental problems. Not one!  Does that not mean that crazy guys are asking people to lie down on that couch? 

Remember that boy who did lie on the couch and the psych asked: “Tell me about your mother…”. And the boy answered: “She wants you to stop calling her!”

Or that one where a patient tells the psych that he has no mental problems, and the psych says that he will treat him with the “Mental Disease Deficiency Disorder”.

However, if psychs wouldn’t do anything  but just giving “advice” (even if  the advice is not much if worth anything) to people who like voluntarily blowing their money on them and pay their excessive fees, they  wouldn’t be that dangerous to mankind. But the problem are the dangerous drugs they prescribe, involuntary commitment, e-shocks, hypnosis, implants,  making of terrorists, set ups, infiltrations,  infiltration of governments, crimes, murders, secrets, conspiracies, and numerous other secret service methods that are enslaving mankind.

You understand the problem. Miss you more than words can say, Marty.

Love you forever, my dashing hero and one and only!


Mosey’s husband in Texas, the Germany loving impostor of the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology, defends psychology and psychiatry again…

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Dearest Marty, my prince, how are you? I am thinking of you.

Mosey’s husband, a Germany loving psych apologist just blogged another psychology/psychiatry apology today. He is such a psychiatric agent! He found two articles in Psychology Today that say that the soul exist. Duh! Any person aware of herself knows that since ever and one or two p$ychs finally are getting it too. Big deal! What is with all those other millions of psychs who still deny the existence of the thetan? 

Mosey’s husband sweeps still under the carpet that his beloved psychs prescribe dangerous drugs that shorten lifespans and make people submit suicide or take their memories with e-shocks, and the countless other acts against humanity committed by psych secret service. His own mother died because psychs failed her – if their treatment didn’t cause her to take her life. What a traitor he is working now as psych apologist. Alone what happened to his mother should make him to be in the faces of psychs and not being apologetic of them. 

Shouldn’t p$ychs as some finally, finally understand that the “soul” exist give up all those horrible treatments that harm the soul? But I don’t hold my breath here. 

It is really transparent who runs this apologetic guy. They took his Mom when he was little but he promotes psychs nevertheless. Some people are just not getting it. Is this his non-confront or what? Does he blame his poor mother instead of the p$ychs? 

I love you, Marty. P$ychs are complete idiots thinking that I would mistake his personality, IQ, and actions with yours. You and he are different like day and night. Unlike him, you know who would set you or your family up.

Many kisses, my irresistible husband. We will win at the end. You’ll see.

Yours forever,