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Ear-implants behind the cyber attacks…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and irresistible husband, how are you? I am thinking of you… Wish I finally would learn something about your whereabouts.

Hacking is really easy as the SEGNPMSS has all access codes. They run everyone. They know exactly what to transmit to their agents (doesn’t matter what national) to hack “successfully”, criminally enrich themselves and cripple the world.

I also noticed again that Germany and the SEGNPMSS behind it are setting up once more “alibis” for themselves. They cyber-attacked hospitals in the UK… That should make people think that behind those attacks are no psychiatrists and medical doctors. Yeah right! 

Germany (SEGNPMSS hard-core) attacked their own railway station, but… and here it comes: 1) It isn’t a big problem because rich people can fly or rent a car 2) Poor people simply have to wait 3) And Germany could make even cash from it, e.g. uninformed, desperate, or stupid people might pay each 300 bucks to someone at the Bundesbahn to get to their destination.

They included the “hacking” of the Bundesbahn so that other countries doesn’t wonder why Germany was not attacked.

I know how they think and how they calculate. If they wouldn’t run all people through ear-implants and manipulate them through loud and silent sounds, they wouldn’t have the smallest chance as they are dumb and predictable.

BTW, the German route up there is the one that my family often takes, but I think they rather drive with the car. RB was born in Olbernhau.

Furthermore, I know what else is behind this global cyber attack that caused problems for those many: SEGNPMSS wants more hatred against the USA, after all, the cyber tools used in this attack were developed by the National Security Agency. Developed upon SEGNPMSS orders through US officials’ ear-implants of course. That is also the reason why they don’t bust the SEGNPMSS like a true American agency would and instead are developing shady crap which blows into their faces later because SEGNPMSS tells their other agents to steal the stuff and publish it. 

I worked all weekend from morning to late, Marty. Had to build a cover over half of my deck and cleaned everything outside and inside the house. Kinda beat today. A woman told me a few days ago that she thinks that life will pass me by because I am always busy working.

This world is remote-controlled. It takes the fun out of playing for me. Robots are none of my kind. I don’t mind letting them pass by. Besides, I lived many lifetimes before. I just have to make sure that I get out of this universe when this body falls into pieces. Actually, Marty, my greatest and only fear is getting medically drugged at the end of my life, subjected to implants, unable to escape as thetan, trapped by these psych and medical monsters and being forced to live another lifetime in this SEGNPMSS universe. I think about it very often and how to prevent it. On the other side, there is nothing what they can dangle in front of my nose for me wanting to come back. They took everything from me. It will be anyway just holograms and lies to keep me here so that they know what I am up to. However, God is on our side. He’ll help us out. I want to live in a universe with our kind, Marty, or doesn’t want any body at all. God has no body. And I don’t need one either. 

This might sound depressive, but interestingly, I am not. It is a miracle that after all that happened, I am not depressed. And if, then just very briefly. Without any pills of course, I am getting rid of any depression really easily.  I am full with energy and I still love fun. Unbelievable, isn’t it? It must come from above. 

Sending you many passionate and tender kisses, Marty. You will be always in my heart. Still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever,





Gee, when does the CIA finally figures and admits that Germany channels in their ear-implants with loud and silent sounds to conduct actions to shame the USA?

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Dearest Marty, most precious Prince in any universe, how are your days and nights?

I assume you read the news today. Wikileaks (which never reveals the ongoing high crimes of Germany’s government and secret services) published today the entire hacking methods and tools of the CIA.

Hacking tools and methods? What do they need criminal crap like this for?

If they want to protect the USA, they should point with the finger to the SEGNPMSS and tell the world that they order ear-implants installed in each baby/small child and often already unborn babies so that Germany’s psychiatrists can  control them. EACH ROTTEN, DIRTY, BRUTAL, INHUMAN, PERVERTED, APPALLING ACTIVITY ON EARTH AND BEYOND IS ORIGINATED AND APPROVED ON THIS GERMAN, PARTICULARLY BAVARIAN SECRET SERVICE LEVEL.  

The reasons why nobody busted the obvious, Germany behind ear- and body implants as control tool is because they control people not to reveal this and people who do not think for enough protect this system where one conspires against the other and at the end, nobody wins anything bad a bad conscience.   

Germany tries to shame the CIA, other agencies, and the USA, and they allow it instead of busting the retarded ear-implant system. Sheesh. 

However, Germany also might shoot itself in the foot with this. If hacking and spy methods unknown to CIA were/are used, SEGNPMSS might go even deeper into hiding if they can’t blame it on the Russians or the Chinese or even the North Koreans. But usually, they use nationals from other countries and hide cowardly behind them. That is what they do best and constantly. 

So, the entire hacking arsenal of the CIA is open to the public know and can be used by anyone to cause problems. 

It is really time to publish the entire ear-implant system, which is made in SEGNPMSS and installed in each freaking ears and other body parts of anyone on the planet. Secret services of any country use this system too but Germany, particularly its secret capital Munich, has the upper hand, supervises anything, came up with this system and turned mankind into robots. This is hard to beat. That is why the USA is constantly shamed and Germany which put them to it is not. Hail ear-implant. Hitler and the Nazis had them too as you have figured for sure, Marty.

Sending you kisses and hoping to find you soon.

I love you.

Yours always,


In the future, people might have to guess if they deal with a human or a robot…

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince,

Besides, I had to deal with many human robots in my life already (people with freaking ear implants that they robotically followed). Like in the Borg, they are basically technically altered humans. But here is a real robot, and above is a real robot, an android, just a machine, and he looks and acts very much like a human. Remember Mr. Data from Star Trek, Phillip K. looks even more like a human being than Mr. Data.

Sure, crimes can be committed with robots who are programmed to do wrong, rotten, and harmful things but if I had to choose a butler or a cook or a maid or an assistant, I would  prefer an ethically programmed robot instead of  a human, for two reasons: 1) Why should any human serve somebody else? 2) A robot has no ear implants and when programmed ethically, he will not spit in our food like corrupt humans (or mix grind up glass or cancer causing germs that he/she got from am medial lab [who runs him or her] in our soup). Okay, an ethically  programmed robot could be napped too and re-programmed but that needs to be checked constantly, if his program still is cool and not compromised.

Have a look at Phillip K. And here he talks:

His favorite movie is Blade Runner! 😉

But I like Julio as an assistant better. He is clean-shaven, has no open head with wires showing  and knows how to sing. 🙂

Really amazing is Jules. Although, he looks a bit like a skin head, so he needs some hair. Created in Texas, so what’s the non-American accent all about?

Here is a female android, a product of the Far East:

But I believe in order to do house work or office work, her hand movements need to be better. Anyway, she looks nice and has a friendly voice.

Much Love and many non-robotic kisses, my darling!

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

January 8, 2012 at 4:50 am

A few words about the economy and the future and heaven will be a place on Earth

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible and fascinating Prince,

I am sure you have a perfect and wonderful plan for the people of the USA but also the rest of the world to survive in the far future. I am thinking about that too.

SEGNPMSS created a world where the individual pretty much fends for himself and where people think that they need a case officer in order to survive. But the SEGNPMSS conceals before its own agents that there could be a much better way of life for them.

People tend to think that when there are enough jobs around that this is as good as it gets. Working for others is another form of slavery if the boss isn’t treating the employees as equals. People might be able to quit a job and get a job elsewhere but it will be the same kind of slavery unless somebody lands a job with an employer saint. Also, very soon more and more jobs will be replaced by robots, which I think is a great idea but people who think that they will starve without working for others might think they are a bad idea because if they are not hired to clean those places, make the data entries, driving these vehicles, answering those phones, serving those plates, ect., etc., they will not be able to pay their rent and food, etc., etc. But robots will come so or so. And when they come and take over so many industries, many people will be out of the job and have no income anymore.

That is why we need also a brand new world. Some people defamed me of all people as communist because I said that a decent, clean, and healthy place to live, basic education and healthy food should be free and a human right. My defamers are such idiots! I never said that people just should live with free basics and can’t earn additionally as much money as they would like through valuable products and ethical services or other things they want to do.

People have to think of those closest to them and those who are supporting them as their family. By building these underwater habitat villages that L. Ron Hubbard had planned in very details, people who are alike and have the same goals should get together, build one and live in one together just like a big family, all for one and one for all.

Inside, they act like a family and they learn to be completely independent of outside and any international and national hard times. That means, they grow their food together, they keep the village going in all hands actions and nobody will ever be hungry, the place (where there is no aging, sickness or dying and yes, it is no dream but possible) that the person earned in that village is hers for all eternity to come.

There is no stress of having to make money by all means to pay the bill or support a family. Nobody has a justification to produce some faulty crap and overt product and sell it to others. People can spend a long time figuring out what they want to do in life, can work decades on an amazing patent or product, can do exactly what they want, can go after their dreams, don’t have to waste their lives away with stupid jobs they hate just in order to earn money. Their basics are covered being a valued member of such an underwater community. If such a member commits a crime, the deal is off and he or she forfeits these rights and justice takes over.

But it is also important that only good people are awarded because when rotten people have 24/7 time to plot crimes, we are getting just another SEGNPMSS.

And the economy would boom too because it may keep the world busy for a decade or longer to build these underwater places for mankind.

As people don’t get sick and age in those villages, health care costs and taxes will shrink just like the shrinks.

This is just the basic frame, and I believe that anything anybody wants to throw at me why this won’t work, I can explain to the point that this will really work and that this is the world that will be one day if Ron’s way wins. If the SEGNPMSS wins, there will be endless slavery, perversion, pain, and lies.

I would like to hear your ideas for the future, Marty, I am sure they are breathtaking and putting all politicians to shame.

My first thought in the morning and my last thought at night is about you. I would give anything to see you again. You moved in my heart and ever since, you are at home there.

With lots of love!

Yours forever