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Another interesting underground city: Noushabad (tasty water) Noosh Abad, or Nushabad (Ouyi) in Isfahan, Iran

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Their water well, it seems:


Dearest Marty, my mesmerizing Prince and awesome soulmate,

My thoughts are with you.

I read that a Sassanid prince came to the region that is today’s Isfahan, Iran, and discovered approx. 1500 years ago a well with very good  cold and pure water. He decided to build a city around this well. Just as the pyramids and the Taj Mahal and other amazing buildings had a protected well in their centers. There is enough evidence anywhere on the planet that wise people protected their water sources from outside influences. And they also had to protect themselves from being discovered and attacked.

Not just good but evil choose this planet too and still is at it with the same lunatic mindset of dark ages.

This pre-Islamic underground town is praised as a marble of ancient architecture. It was also built to combat environmental influences and I strongly assume that they discovered that living outside promotes aging. Seems that our modern world thinks wrongfully that sunscreen and drinking store-buyed water handles this problem.

This underground structure Ouyi was built under a town. When on the surface, its residents could move in the underground without being spotted by intruders.  The tunnels were built in a depth of 4 – 18 meters. They found rooms that revealed that people lived down there and the ventilation was really good.  I learned that the three levels in this underground town were built on different levels in  a slant to delay intruders. And the passages have deliberate curves and they had traps for the enemies. The architects knew apparently a lot about building, structures, stones, and physics.

Here is an interesting video. However, they are dead wrong that people today live in peace. It doesn’t matter where.  SEGNPMSS rules and wastes people including their own agents.   

However, the Sassanian also they didn’t make it. Infiltrated and attacked. I always felt that the Bavarian butchers and barbers had the Romans secretly working for them. It is TYPICAL for those cowards hiding behind others and using them for their purposes.  

I love you, Marty.

Yours always, 



2,500-year-old big city Vlochós discovered in Greece (190 miles from Athens)

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Dearest Marty, my exciting soulmate,

You are on my mind as always.

From the reports that I have read, it seems that city Vlochós was built on the ground and buried by for example the Romans. Whatever “official history” says, Marty, behind the bad deeds of the Romans were Bavarian butchers and barbers, the later doctors, psychs and Nazis. Bavaria and the Roman-Catholic Church were always joined by the hip with Bavaria being its secret leader as I know Bavaria.  

Some people are surprised that this big city wasn’t discovered before, considering that some of the walls were visible to the bare eyes. Greece played an important role all through history. People are trying to figure out the past of this planet, science, religions, systems, and art, etc., yet ancient cities like Vlochós are not excavated.  Some say that this is the biggest mystery of all. 

No mystery to us, Marty, I am convinced that same applied to the USA, Marty. The German/Bavarian invention of controlling people with ear implants rules. Nothing is done unless ruling p$ychs can’t stop it any longer.

Some Native Americans are convinced that they have another history than the one stated in our history books. Yet, there is are justifications (mostly money that is wasted for something else) in the USA not to scan and excavate properly. On the other side, if the government (federal or state) would order it, the odds are high that if important sites are discovered, governments and researchers wouldn’t tell. Like in Greece, Egypt or elsewhere. Because the corrupt German/Bavarian ear implants rule. 

What I find very suspicious is that ancient history of North America allegedly contains nothing but shooting cowboys and nomadic Indian tribes and maybe a few mounts (not even broadly known).  It makes so sense to me that there was not more, considering that on other continents, there happened a lot more (even if all isn’t published either).

It fits very much so to a worldwide system that hates the US that no advanced human history is found here. Advanced cultures existed all over the planet but oddly not in huge North America? Give me a break.

Despite so much is written about American and Canadian Indians, their history is still a mystery. Some of them say that they are the Lost Tribe of Israel.

What I find very interesting is that the teepees are conical like pyramids. They could have built huts and hovels instead. But they built teepees that reminds of small pyramids. So, I ask myself: were they used to living in pyramids but couldn’t settle in them because constantly persecuted and therefore built portable teepees?         

I am also convinced that real history of this planet will be first known when people stop obeying to the controller of their ear implants.   

I love you, Marty. And I am proud of you. Very.

Yours always,





Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what Baalbek was before the Romans built their temple on it?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thinking of you. I am waiting for that conspiracy against us getting its motivator and breaking down. How far can we get when all obey to their psychiatric-oriented ear implant case officers and a Bavarian-controlled supercomputer? However, I know that our postulates are strong. Wish there wouldn’t be a “late” in the word postulate. Speaking about words: in our world, locker room talk is: Has anyone seen my other sock? 

On another note: I looked again at megaliths. The Romans obscured the original purpose of the Baalbek platform/structure and turned it into their Temple of Jupiter. Very suspicious, if you ask me. I think the Romans were used by the Bavarian barbers and butchers to build on this site, far away from Rome, to cover up who really built the base and why.  Bavarians and Romans were always joined by the hip.

The Middle East was home to many wonders and now is has very sadly such a bad reputation. And why? Heil ear-implants!

There is a stone that is even heavier than the Stone of the Pregnant Woman (approx. 1000 tons), which is also at Baalbek, Lebanon. (I read that Baal stands for God but some say that it means City of the Sun. I believe that this is rubbish. Nobody uses gigantic stones to let the sun in, rather keeping it out, e.g. to avoid aging.)

These red granite stones look like machine-cut but the “technology” used is unknown. These stones contradict the history books. Some think that giants inhabited the world once or that aliens were here who had the technology and then left. Maybe the lady was pregnant. But being pregnant doesn’t stop one from being able to cut and move heavy stones with willpower. Most beings can lift their heads, arms, legs, and I bet the farm that some could lift a lot more if not restrained by silent sounds. Christians shouldn’t be that shocked, after all, did Jesus not do all kinds of miracles?

These huge stones were moved a half a mile up a hill from a quarry and then piled on each other to form the gigantic formation upon which the Romans then placed their temple.

Some of the huge stones are still in the quarry. Were the architects/masons killed before they could finish the original construction? That is a question that I always have when looking at megalithic structures. Stonehenge and so many other structures look UNFINISHED to me. I bet these massive stones also served defense purposes.

However, the stones at Baalbek are looking as if very precisely cut with sharp machines or lasers. Can that be done with willpower? Why not? But not with x silent tapes playing in the subconscious mind, reducing abilities so that one is only able to lift own body parts or some daisies.    

Below mentioned author asks why the masons of Baalbek struggled with transporting 800 tons heavy stones a half a mile uphill if they could split the stones into smaller stones. My point: exactly. Who says anything weighs heavy when done with willpower?

Marty, I don’t believe that all thetans have the same abilities, some have less, some have more. However, all people would have more abilities if constant psychiatric tapes with silent sounds playing in anyone’s mind would not steal those abilities. I bet the farm that top SEGNPMSS psychs are sitting in rooms of which they think are not penetrated by silent sounds (secret communication carried by neutrinos) or which are indeed not penetrated by silent sounds, trying to lift and cut a tiny pebble with willpower but are not being able to do it. Lack of ethics is what is holding themselves down. That is the sure way to reduce own abilities and making oneself smaller.    

Of course, most people find the idea of willpower over matter ridiculous and unscientific. But what do they know? Constant tapes with silent sounds, reducing their abilities, are playing in their minds underneath the tinnitus. Scientists failed to figure that out too.   

I know Bavarian butchers and barbers. They are afraid of spirituality and abilities. Those subjects are causing panic in them as they fear that people as bad as they are dropping 1000 ton stone onto them.  And that is why fearful psychs came up with silent sounds send into anyone’s ear and other implants, instead of working to raise their ethics level and that of other people so that nobody resorts to violence anymore.    

You know these SPs too, Marty. It is such a shame that these people don’t work on themselves. The universe could be a good place if they finally applied ethics to their lives. And it is easy: they just don’t have to do things to others that they don’t want to be done to themselves. The easiest thing in the world!!!!

Be kissed, my hero. I am watching the presidential debates and always think what a loss for the world that you are not the US President yet. You got all it, Marty. The intellect, the ethics, the courage, the knowledge, the vision, and the clean character.  

I love you and will be always with you.






Discovery of Viking Village in North American could re-write history, but will it be THE CORRECT and NOTHING but the TRUE HISTORY?

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Dearest Marty, my heart throb, it is all over the news. 

From space, they made a seismic discovery, something that looks like a Viking site in Canada. What is behind the “sudden” discovery of Vikings on the North American continent before Columbus if not Germany trying to pin the eradication of American Indians on someone else but them? After all, the Vikings were only Germanic and not German. 

Some American Indians are convinced that they are the Lost Tribe of Israel, which means that this tribe discovered the American continent. Not the Vikings, not the Spaniards, and by all means not the Germans.

I feel an attempt by Germany to prepare the ground to blame the eradication of several peaceful American Indian tribes approx. 800 years ago on the Vikings. Maybe Germans came together with the Vikings. Maybe they came alone. The Vikings were brutal people too, and I bet the farm that they had German-controlled ear implants already back then. Technically very advanced jaw-dropping buildings were built on this planet ages ago. Compared to that, radio technology is a very simple technology, and they likely have stolen that tech too and perverted to control and conspire against people.

I know the typical German/Bavarian mind and handwriting, and that is why I am NOT impressed by them setting foot on this continent because they just butchered:

The Lost Tribe of Israel went where nobody went before them. But the barbers and butchers of German/Bavaria, hypnotized people and made/make them work for them. They even hypnotize their own. They are cowards, they stay in safe places and send/sent these conditioned people into peril. They put a bunch of hypnotized colleagues on boats and sent them to the American continent to eradicate the  Mount Builders, the Fremont Indians and the Pueblo People, and anyone else who was successful. How much courage does a person need to sail over the oceans if his mind doesn’t realize anything anymore, except that he was programmed to kidnap Indians and others and condition them into attacking their own tribes?

Same as in going into space. These Manchurian candidates don’t use their minds anymore. They are robotic like suicide-bombers and killers. They are being sent to other planets, they kidnap some aliens and have their conditioned people condition the aliens to think that  implanting ear-implants is their idea and so the aliens do it to their own people. Germany, its barbers and butchers have the overall control over it and soon they have another slave planet somewhere in space. I am so “impressed”. An intelligent person knows that if he puts out a trap for others, he will step in it himself one day. But these psychs and barbers are anything but intelligent. Jealousy and insanity, that is what they are all about. The devil’s disease.   

The typical German (particular the Bavarian) rather runs in a jealous rage after successful people, to stop, torture, and kill them, instead of putting his energy in something worthwhile and decent.

If these kind of people end up on the bottom of the world, they brought it onto themselves by behaving the way they did and do. It is  SO IMPORTANT to them to be admired and worshiped that they take what does not belong to them incl. the kidnapping of people. If it would be important to you and me to be adored and worshiped by the world, we wouldn’t want to be admired for what we are not. How bad does that feel! People celebrate them as “Oh, Herr Doktor!” and they know they are disgusting cowards, perverts, brutal animals and monsters. Germany, particularly Bavaria and the very twisted men/women behind them are living a huge lie. They are FREAKING FAKE!!!!!      

Before the Germans called themselves Germans, they were referred to Teutons and described as “mad, merciless, berserk rage in battle”. The German word for satan is Teufel. They allegedly came from Jutland, which is odd, because it reminds to Jude, the German word for Jew. Or typical German mind-control trying to plant pictures of others in the subconscious minds  But Germany re-wrote the entire history anyway. Who knows where they really came from and what evil things they did there and elsewhere. Jutland is today’s Scandinavia as you know. We making a full circle here: Vikings came from Scandinavia.  

Barbers and butchers (today’s psychs and medical doctors) always had/have a problem with religions, 1) because TRULY religious people are harder to control if they believe that a God will judge them one day if they lived horrible lives 2) because barbers and butchers  (psychs and med. doctors) think that their bad consciences simply vaporizes if there is no religion and no belief in God anymore. They are that dumb. Their bad conscience will make them smaller and smaller, even on a planet without any religion and God. This is how it works, and nobody can do anything against it except being the best one can be. And that is the only way to live and being amazed by oneself.

The wives of the Teutonics were allegedly or really raped by Romans. These women killed their own children and committed mass suicide. Nobody wants to be a slave but this sounds awfully like psychiatric mind-control that is still applied in our modern days. Bavaria and then Catholic Church were always very close also according to the stats of the 30 year war in Germany. In this case, the brutal Teutons are portrayed as victims in this case. Were they really? 

On the other side, Germany might have the plan to claim that the Vikings are actually German and that Germany discovered North America. It all depends. When proven that the Indians were slaughtered by barbers and butchers setting up some Indians to do that as I described, Germany will do all it can to claim that it has nothing to do with the early “discovery” of this planet.       

In the Munich org, there was a staff member in the late 70s who had a sign on his wall, which said that the Munich org is the Teutonic Clear Expander. Considering how Scientology was overtaken and altered, particularly by the German- and psychiatric-controlled infiltration of Scientology, it was not much of an expander, Marty.    

I love you. It doesn’t matter how hard it’s gonna get, I want you, and nothing will ever change this. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,


I like that one:






The secrets of absolutely spectacular and completely amazing Petra in Jordan

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Dearest Marty, most irresistible Prince of all times,

You heard of the place, Petra, one of the seven NEW world wonders, a place as big as Manhattan, 50 square km, carved into stone, probably 2000 years ago, and hidden behind a mile long narrow canon. Why? The architects and residents apparently knew of evil people on this planet and what they can and will do to others. There was no other reason to build Petra behind that narrow canon, although some rumors are trying to conceal this and they come up with other “explanations” that don’t ring true to me. If invaders came, they could not come at once through that narrow opening.

Those who built this amazing city in middle of the bone-dry desert had so much water that the place became an oasis. The residents even could build pools, pavilions, and gardens. There are also subterranean tunnels and rooms, similar as in Giza or Derinkuyu, Anatolia. Much of what’s underneath Petra is not yet discovered either.

The “Treasury” (but was it really one?) is breathtaking beautiful (picture above is a glance on it from the end of canyon). Its artful facade is 82 feet wide and 128 feet high. Four rooms (one big, three smaller) were CARVED inside. Like with the pyramids in Giza, they found no inscriptions and don’t know what those rooms were used for. Who knows, maybe some were scraped off. 

This is the floor plan of the “Treasury”. As with the pyramids, many say that the Treasury was a tomb (because somebody allegedly found human remains inside). People inside could have been murdered or corpses were placed inside later to make it look like a tomb. I think that Petra was very much a city for the living.


Others think it was a building for the tax administration of Petra. They say that the camel caravans came through and the city of Petra taxed them, but lately, some scholars think that this was not the case. I agree. Petra was very rich but that doesn’t mean that the city fathers and mothers were sleeze bags. People today make business too. If somebody produces one or more honest products and provides them to others who want and need it to a fair price, it is not bad.  

Originally, the “Treasury” had fountains in front. I think it was a school and library, Marty. And now, archaeologists have made a very interesting discovery: under the steps of the “Treasury”, they found the top level of at least three more floors! (Giza plateau has at least levels of subterranean floors also!) Built for safety but I bet also for anti-aging reasons. It seems that some back then knew more about aging on the unprotected surface of the world and what to do against it than people today. Some people are disappointed that the “Treasury” just has four plain rooms, but I am convinced that the subterranean floors and rooms were more important than anything above ground level. And the furniture were all robbed of course.



In other words, I am convinced that people came to Petra to STUDY. Some info suggests that all of Petra was built within a 100 years around the time of Jesus.

Scholars say that Petra was built by the Nabataeans, a group of Arabian nomads who lived in tents and were desert traders. Really? Does that makes sense that nomads go from tents directly to carving the most impressive gigantic stone buildings into mountains? From living in tents to becoming sophisticated architects who built gigantic monuments (“treasury” is higher than Mount Rushmore),  from living under the sky to becoming master engineers, dam builders, skilled masons, stone artists, water and weather experts, master hydro-engineers, teachers and scholars? I believe that they were advanced and educated people who had to FLEE their old place and were forced to be briefly nomads before they found a new place and settled again at the site in Petra and built a new civilization behind the canyon.

But it was taken later again from them. The Romans came to Petra and behind the Romans were the Bavarians. They “absorbed” the Nabataeans. Gee, what a friendly word for eradicating them.

Before the Romans came, Moses was in that area and struck a rock and released a well to supply people with fresh water just four miles from Petra. That well still exist today. Here is the spring in the valley of Moses  (Wadi of Moses). No swamp at all and modern people go still there to get fetch well water. Some say that water from this well was led to Petra in underground pipelines. 


Besides some flash floods, the area in Petra is dry as a bone. The Petraeans  – not to be mistaken with former CIA director Petraeus 😉 –  built 8 springs for drinking water, 36 dams to protect the city from flash floods, over hundred collection reservoir for rain water and 125 miles of above and underground pipeline to transport water into one integrate water system. I think they also dug for groundwater and maybe even knew how to make water from scratch. Some people compare Petra to the Las Vegas of biblical times. I don’t see Las Vegas and entertainment when I look at Petra but a beautiful oasis to study and prosper. But this is just me, when was I never right? 😉  

Petra was allegedly destroyed through an earthquake in the year 336 but some info suggests that something disastrous happened to Petra already 100 years earlier. This planet is horrible.

Approx. alleged 800 tombs were found in that area, not quite sure when they were built and who built them. That is not much for a huge city that had more than 20.000 residents. That means not many died until they were “absorbed”.

What do you think of Petra, Marty? Hope you can tell me your thoughts soon. I love and miss you. So very much. I wish I could say this and so much more to you face to face without the Internet in between. I am grateful that you exist, Marty, with your irresistible personality that is so unique. Everything gets better when you are in it. Loving the right person doesn’t hurt. It saves, heals, it creates miracles, it uplifts, and makes profoundly happy. It is you, Marty, and it always have been.

Totally yours,