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Loud and silent sounds make people not spotting what Germany is up to

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and husband,

I am again here, thinking of you. Here is another lecture by me, despite you are the last who needs it. I know you are already aware of what I am addressing.  But I can’t help it. 🙂 It just breaks out of me, particularly when I read the news.  

Germany wants the business ties that the USA has with China because Germany wants to become the major if not only world power. The medical and psychiatric monsters behind Germany planted the coronavirus in China (far away from Germany so that it won’t be suspected) to kill people of a certain age group. Also, by turning it into a pandemic, it wants the USA to blame China, so that the USA/China relationship sours and Germany, behind the cover of the EU, can get the business from China instead of the USA. However, any sort of alleged equal relationship between Germany and China will be short-lived. The monsters behind Germany plan nothing less than to overtake China and rule it entirely and completely.     

A German teacher who taught German in China told me that China treated the German teachers better than the Chinese teachers and paid the German teachers more than its Chinese teachers for the same work. China, like all other countries, really must get out from under the German thumb. China kicking the German invention of communism to the curve and seeing Germany for what it is, would be a great start.    

I assume you have read that Germany has not upgraded its military/defense, Marty. Well, why should they? First of all, the lunatic psychiatrists behind Germany run all other countries via ear-implants, including Germany’s “enemies”. If Germany steps on another country’s toes despite all the willing ear-implants in that country, it has other countries to pay the bill for the German defense, e.g. the USA and the other countries in the EU. The rich country Germany stole US taxpayers’ money for this low and hidden purpose since WWII.

All what Germany has to do is using their beloved ear-implants and sending loud commands or silent sounds into the ears and heads of their agents in the relevant countries (which they “hired” when they were kids with unripe minds, assisted by implants already shot into not yet born or new born babies at the doctor’s offices or hospitals) and they get their rewards, which is of course a lousy pay considering what they would get and have by playing fair. Ear-implants in all is one of Germany’s dirtiest psychiatric secrets. 

Germany is not afraid of communism. It is their very own invention! Suppression of people. No country can do this better than Germany. They are not afraid of Russia or China because they secretly run all countries. Putin has/had a German secret service ID. Even if Russia would “invade” Germany, even if Russia would bomb them and millions of Germans would die, the monsters behind Germany are safe and at the end, it all would serve the German purpose to take over more of the world. At the end, Russia would turn into Germany but Germany not into Russia. How do I know? I know the obsessed psychiatric minds behind Germany.     

Some people utter concern about the US ordering troops back from Germany. They write idiotic stuff like: The US let’s one of its best allies without adequate defense against the Russians, blah blah. Ridiculous. People are superficial thinkers. There are layers to consider, which they don’t. 


If Germany really would need the US defense in form of troops in Germany, it would have paid its NATO dues and would be not delinquent as it is. It should have raised alarm bells in each political analyst. Why does a rich country like Germany does not want to pay for its own defense? 1) Because it runs everyone. Therefore, they need no real defense. It is just to fleece the USA and play the possible victim so that nobody suspects it. A little whisper through German-controlled ear implants, and things go how Germany wants it. 2) They want the USA to leave Germany as they fear that one day in the future, particularly if we win, Marty, the USA will not be that gullible anymore. And a smart USA on German ground, knowing what Germany is up too, no, that is what Germany tries to avoid by all means. So, they control Trump into calling them back. Officially, it looks as if Trump would be no close friend of Germany but wittingly or unwittingly, he does exactly what they want him to do. And I doubt that Biden will be better. The Obama administration allowed Germany to get away with whatever it did.     

Germany’s neediness to control everything is in clear sight. France is another example. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who build the Eiffel Tower was born in France but had a German last name and came from German roots. They had him build a tower that copies the pyramids with his name and made it France’s icon. And it doesn’t end here. Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi who designed the Statue of Liberty also came from a German family. Why? Because German neediness to be seen as superior people also in other countries.  

They hold other nationalities down and promote selected people who are German or come from German roots. Thanks to Germany, nothing on Earth is an honest competition. If there really is a nationality or a country that produces more able people than others, it is for sure not German or Germany, otherwise, Germany wouldn’t have sunk so low and plot, conspire, steal, and hi-jack even minds, but would have allowed history take its course naturally and in friendly and fair competition with any race and country. Only those who are indeed inferior fear such an approach. 

In the USA, I see German names as holders of businesses much more than any other nationality. Why? Again, because Germany keeps all other nationalities down using loud and silent commands through ear-implants. If another national has a great idea, they will use loud or silent commands to talk him or her out of it. And then, if possible, they convey it to Germany or a German instead as the riches and the fame should be German. Until they get rid of that German as the monsters behind Germany don’t really like their own either. They have no human qualifications.    

If what Germany is up to ever should become breaking news, this should be known too: In order to conceal what they do, the psychiatric and medical monsters behind Germany would attack and shred their own Germans into pieces in an attempt to hide that is them who is behind the setups, as in: “It is not us, don’t you see, Germans just were attacked…” But it is them. All through history, we saw that monsters behind Germany was also bad to Germans.

If I would be German, I would search as long and deep until I discovered my Jewish roots and behave accordingly. And with accordingly, I don’t mean like Epstein and Weinstein or other bad apples that the SEGNPMSS cherry-picked to get riches and fame FOR NO OTHER REASON BUT TO HAVE THEM FALL IN DISGRACE TO PROMOTE THE IDEA IN PEOPLE’S HEADS THAT THE NAZIS WERE RIGHT TO GET RID OF THE JEWS.

One just has to read the news and the truth jumps out at one. Well, at us is does. They cannot fool all the people all the time.

As I said, Marty, stalkers always think that they know all about their stalker victims. Yet, alert stalker victims might know also all about their stalkers by just paying attention into what direction the rats run. It enables me to discover their most secretive plans and ideas. 

How can they be the most intelligent people by making such horrible mistakes by putting their dirty claws on us, Marty? Thinking is anything but their strengths. 

Have a look at below video. The reporter asks Donald Trump why Germany has less coronavirus deaths than the USA and Trump doesn’t know how to answer this.

The coronavirus like other viruses and germs is remote-controlled. SEGNPMSS can determine who gets sick on it or dies from it and who don’t. As Germany wants the world to think that it is such an advanced country of super-intelligent scientific people, it just kills some Germans. The world should think that Germany’s doctors and hospitals and government are better. However, fact is that the USA is a huge SEGNPMSS target. That’s why good people are held down and incompetent leaders are elected and why the USA has incompetent plans in place to battle viruses and diseases. 

You and I, we would know how to get a handle the virus: Building environmentally closed villages and knocking the remote-control to people’s minds and bodies out of Germany’s claws.

I love you, Marty.

Can’t wait to see you against all odds.







The SPs of the SEGNPMSS determine who comes down with the remote-controlled coronavirus, who is just tortured with it and recovers, and who dies on it right away or later in life

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and husband,

What happens in your world? Without my OT abilities, I would be clueless as absolutely no information by a human is forwarded to me.

Well, when love is “crazy”, then I never want to be not crazy, Marty. 🙂 Nothing feels as good as loving the man who deserves it: YOU!

You are everything to me. If I could turn back the time, I would do all in my power to prevent that we are getting separated but I would choose you again and again. Just the thought of you makes me happy. Thinking of you is my place to be happy, despite so much is wrong with the world.   

Coronavirus cases increase more in the USA because the USA is very much a SEGNPMSS target and the virus is activated remote-controlled. The SPs behind can determine who gets it, who comes down with it, who recovers or dies. And on top of that, SEGNPMSS transmits in people’s ear-implants (loud and silent sounds) to behave irresponsibly during the pandemic. Despite younger people die rarely on it, the virus might be dormant in their bodies and might be activated to kill them later in life. I don’t think that they are out of the woods. 

Of course, I read about the hunt for a vaccine and medicine. While I agree that the virus must be stopped, how much chemicals can a human body tolerate? There is already news from new mutations of the corona viruses, which might not be stopped with a Covid-19 vaccine or medicine, in case they come up with one. The bubonic plague is now suspected on Mongolia, and a newly identified swine flu could become a human pandemic. And this is for sure just the tip of the iceberg. There are likely thousands of viruses that were deliberately bred upon secret SEGNPMSS order to torture and kill mankind. 

It all boils down to that the world population needs villages that can be closed up. If a virus is planted into one, the residents in all other villages still would be safe and could continue with their lives as usually. The leaders of all countries and those who are responsible for protecting human life (medical doctors and researchers) are indeed completely incapable by not seeing and implementing this way of life or they have suppressive characters and profit from sickness and death. 

And there is a giant dust wave making its way over the planet, radiation from nuclear power plants, flooding to unusual heat wave, etc. When do people finally get that the planet needs another infrastructure to protect them? They don’t see it and don’t do it because the medical creeps behind Germany have the overall control over their ear-implants.

About Germany: Officially, Germany makes it look as if the USA would let ally ( yeah right!) Germany hang without protection from the Russians and other “enemies” by withdrawing US troops from Germany. I see something very different, Marty. Germany controls all its enemy via ear-implants. If they don’t want Russia or others to attack them, it or they won’t. If Russia or another country would attack Germany or other parts of Europe, then because the SPs behind Germany ORDER it for some alibi reason, e.g. to be able to say: See, we don’t run Russia or other countries, we just were attacked. Their own creepy behinds are safe. If Germans are hit, they won’t be among them. Lots of agents would be killed of course but this is nothing new for Germany. They did it so often already. 

Trumps order to withdraw troops from Germany makes the SPs behind Germany feel more secure from the USA. When against all odds it should become broad public knowledge what the monsters behind Germany do to the world, they prefer as little US troops in Germany as possible.

I miss you so much, Marty, still nobody brought me a message about your whereabouts, and the planet allegedly is not run on German ear-implant. Yeah, right. The consistent secrecy and lies is such a giveaway. Thanks heaven that I have this special connection to the Almighty. He is the one not lying to me. 

Be safe. I love you, my hero. I cannot imagine my heart without you in it. You belong to it like its beat. 

Yours forever and ever,




Yikes, herd immunity!

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Marty, love of my life, how is your life?

I feel warmness and excitement whenever I think of you. It is still the same awesome feeling that I had when I saw you so many years ago. Time didn’t change anything. I’m neither tired of loving you nor did I ever regret falling in love with you. I would do it all over again. I am so happy that you exist, Marty. This universe without you would be one grey spot. I know that the Almighty (and yes, he exists) helped us finding each other and finding each other again, and I am eternally grateful that he did.

Like all other religious scriptures on the planet, the Bible is altered too by we know who. Yet, sometimes, however, there are some kernels of truth left in it. Like this one: Mark 10:9 (NKJV) Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Interesting is that it is under the chapter Mark. How fitting. Too bad that so many people who are saying that they Christians separate us, the two who God has joined together.

Germany due to its massmurder past doesn’t have the guts to apply their coronavirus “herd immunity” to Germany, so they are using the Swedes for that experiment. Heil ear-implants. A few days ago, I watched a video about how deeply concerned young American Indians are that their elders could die in the pandemic, yet, the Swedes seem giving a damn about their elders or young people with risk factors. How German. Even if the Swedish government says that they don’t forbid people to socially distance, enough people will have a hard time doing so in a country that doesn’t take a pandemic seriously. I read that Sweden is a country of willfully compliant citizen. Yikes! On a planet with German-controlled ear-implants!

Even if they indeed are getting “herd immunity” from one version of the coronavirus (and it isn’t even proven that there is such a thing as definitive immunity from it), they are not “herd immune” against other strands of this virus. That means that as soon the medical massmurderers behind Germany order another strand of the coronavirus (and those exists already) unleashed, the “herd immunity” was for nothing and more vulnerable Swedes (and also non-Swedes visiting or living there) will die again.

Self-sustainable villages that have a roof and walls and can be closed in case of an epidemic and in which life can go on is the solution and not allowing virus after virus roll over “the herd”. Creepy also that they refer to people as if they would be cows and cattle.

If there is a space problem, such villages could be also built on top of each other, however, each level should be sealed off, in case of need. Each level should be self-sustainable, providing all what its residents need to live forever good and healthy social lives even if one pandemic chases the other one.

Did you read that Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen who is also European Commission President wants to “probe” how coronavirus emerged? Her decision was allegedly made after the Swedish health minister requested it. Swedish health minister whose decision of “herd immunity” sounds so German to me. Germany needs an alibi that it is not behind this pandemic. Germany does not want to be caught having set up China and this pandemic and any other virus released in China. Leyen wants “transparency”. What a joke. Neither she or the EU will bust the still existing Nazi monsters behind Germany, the most untransparent movement in the universe.

China infecting its own people with this virus or other viruses and shut their own economy down is highly unlikely. The problem that China has is that their labs and wet markets are very inviting for the still existing Nazi doctors behind Germany to set it up for epidemics and pandemics. The advice that I would give China is to get rid of these vulnerable spots including communism as the latter is German too to keeps China under the German thumb.

Marty, I know that you too figured what the purpose of the pandemic is that the massmurderers and still existing Nazis behind Germany unleashed. Among killing some within an age group that they fear most at the moment, Germany loves to alienate friends, allies, and partners and bring all to the brink of a hot war. They want China and Russia to be at war with the USA and destroying themselves. Then Germany comes in under the cover of the EU and picks up the pieces of all countries they destroyed. Nazi doctors’ dream come true. They run the world and when nobody can object anymore, Nazi boots will stomp the entire planet and eradicate those who are undesirable, and that is anybody. Once Jews and Scientologists are gone, any other race and religion will follow.

Trump’s Dr. Fauchi says that the virus is too consistent with the development from an animal to a human to be engineered. Really? Since when can’t this be done in German-controlled lab, considering how obsessed Nazi doctors and still existing Nazi doctors are with “playing God”. Just that God would never do what they are doing.

I also read that other “scientists” said that the virus would be “beyond human intelligence”. This is how German Nazi doctors want to see themselves. Beyond intelligence. The crème de la crème of intelligence. This is how they talk themselves into that their monstrous activities are so incredible intelligent that even regular scientists can’t even get it done. Except them of course. Lol. These dummies are so full of themselves.

The killer Nazi doctors behind Germany work constantly at making the entire world think that Germany is the home of the thinkers and scientists and that no country is more blessed with intelligence than Germany is. The hell they are. This neediness should have raised a red flag already with all other nations. The killers behind Germany have an eternal death wish. But the problem is that they want to take everyone else down with them. If they would be just remotely intelligent, they would NEVER act the way they do. They would use their energy for pro-survival activities, something they can be proud of but not torture, terror, and murder. If they would be smart, they would go morally up not down. Having them stalking me shows me constantly how incredible primitive they are. Nobody is intelligent who acts this way. They are losing self-respect and self-esteem. They are completely destructive. They are sinking deeper and deeper. They might be able to destroy our bodies but by doing so, they are destroying their personalities and tonelevels. And that is the only thing that they can take in the beyond when another Nazi doctor turn on them and kills them. And that goes around too. Who says there is no justice?

Besides, you, Marty, and I, we just have to read the headlines and figure their plans in a snap. The way they think and operate it not even a challenge for us. How can they be intelligent? Everything and anything is giving them away, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!

What intelligence? Infecting the world, needs no intelligence just lunacy and down the line one’s own death wish and own destruction of sanity and good character. Also, who says that other viruses were not man-made too and corona is just a spin off? How about harvesting and breeding viruses in German-controlled labs? As if German monster doctors wouldn’t do this. Really, I wonder if all people were absent during history class when they were supposed to learn what lunatic Nazi doctors are capable of.

There is nothing easier than jailing animals and make them sick and breeding viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. They run lab doctors and workers who have nothing better to do than executing their horrible experiments. And on top of it, these viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. are remote-controlled and Nazi doctors can pick and choose who dies on the disease they bring or who is just tortured with them. There is nothing intelligent about it either. Each medieval flea circus director can do it.

Scientists say it is “almost certain” that it is natural. “Almost certain!” Some “science”, right? It looks “almost” natural and therefore, nobody planted it to create the pandemic? Did people miss out history classes by not suspecting them? Are history classes so watered down, that people don’t get the Nazis anymore? During the Third Reich some Nazi doctors showed their real horrible faces, however, they were at it long before the Third Reich and still are. Since centuries they are obsessed with creating pain, diseases, torture, and death in their labs.

“Scientists” are saying that there is “no evidence” that the virus comes from a lab. Sure, the German medical terrorists know how to hide the evidence. But there is also “no evidence” that it does not come from a lab! So many “scientists” are just as stupid as so many police officers when there are terror attacks. “The suspect acted alone”. Hell, he or she did. His or her case officers where part of it. And this virus and other viruses didn’t develop natural. Animals were involved but when did this ever stop a Nazi doctor using an animal to breed a virus that can jump over from animals to humans?

I know our stalkers, Marty. As I said before, it was/is a huge mistake that they did and do to us. We know their tonelevels. We know their way of twisted and retarded thinking. We know their plans by looking at their past and current horrible deeds. We know where they want to go and where they are headed if nobody stops them. Stalkers are so sure that they know all of their victims and have the advantage. I said it many times and again: They are dumb because an alert stalker victim might now the stalker even better as the stalker the victim. Because the stalkers have dirty hands and are afraid to look at the consequences of their harmful acts. But the stalker victim is not blind here. The word victim contains a victor. As painful and dangerous it is, the victim can defeat the stalkers, most definitive on the long range and even if the victim is killed. But as I said, stalkers are making themselves blind by committing the crimes that they are committing. They can’t see that they are steering right into their own ruin.

The biggest mistake that mankind can do is not pointing the fingers on them. This will mean endless suffering in this universe. If people work for them, conspire with them, they will end up with them. Cling together, swing together!

I know that there are enough people who thinks that the case officers who run them via ear-implants will protect them. But fact is that the Nazi doctors who came up with this system and who have the overall control of it doesn’t even love themselves. They are unable to love. That is why these idiots thought that they can separate us, Marty and that it would work in their favor. Ear-implants are nothing but a control tool, to make sure that nobody throws them a wrench into their Nazi doctor activities, as we are doing it. So, what do people get who did and do all what the Nazi doctor asked them to? Diseases, pain, hardship, loss of loved ones, uncertainty of life, war, death, and taxes. And plenty of other horrible things.

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, my hero. I am at your side, rain or shine. Keep on surviving.

Yours forever,




Roswell, area 51, Project Blue Book, and other matters

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Dearest Marty, my hero and superstar, I am thinking of you.

Due to the coronavirus (which I call COVERT-19), my chance testifying for you should be again prevented, isn’t it? If this virus doesn’t stink after the SEGNPMSS! So easy for them to talk into the ear-implants of some low people in medical labs anywhere on the planet and have them set a deliberately grown highly infectious virus free on purpose.  

To my header: Knowing German SPs, I can tell with absolute certainty that no alien spaceship made it to Earth since the SEGNPMSS runs this planet secretly. Germany would order Americans and other nationals through their ear-implants to shoot down any spacecraft approaching our solar system. We also know why: The monsters behind Germany wants any aliens being controlled by German ear-implants first before Earth learns about real aliens out there. Aliens should not learn about the Nazis crimes from people on Earth. They don’t want us to prevent the nazification of the universe. The monsters behind Germany want all aliens in the universe become biased brutal perverted Nazi idiots who are worshipping German Nazi ideals, being run with ear-implants and living a retarded chemical and medical short way of life, and admire that as “science”. 

Furthermore, I am convinced that our solar system is cloaked since long before photography was officially invented on Earth. The SPs behind Germany didn’t invent it. All they do is spying on people and stealing their intentions for their own control reasons. SPs didn’t invent a thing except bias, total control, race hatred, jealousy, perversion, brutality, and deception.

As our solar system is cloaked, alien can’t see our planets. That is why they are not coming, and that explains that Fermi failed to think his paradox through. It would be per accident if they would come near our solar system. And if they would make a “joy ride” into the middle of “nowhere”, to our planets that they can’t see as they are under the cloak, a projection of black and gas, I am sure that they would be taken out in space. Taken out in space on orders of the monsters behind Germany that run secretly the USA or Russians or any other nation with space programs – BEFORE they can crash on Earth.  

SPs didn’t cloak our solar system because they care for us and want to protect us us from aliens. No, no. These SPs are living in our solar system too, and they are afraid that their behinds are getting kicked by aliens as long are not all aliens are attached to the ear-implants that they control.

Actually, Marty, the cloak is what I would apply myself and would not remove because not all aliens are kind or analytical. Also, we have lots of people on Earth who do not think straight and they might provoke aliens just as they provoke others on this planet. But I wouldn’t lie to mainstream that they don’t exist.

However, I bet that the SPs also have plans to remove the cloak and involve planet Earth in star wars. It all depends on if they themselves are getting in danger or not. Not just we few, all of mainstream Earth is just food for the cannons for them, even those who followed each ear-implant command that they ever heard.

There was also Project Blue Book, a US program, that started in 1952 that studied alleged UFOs. It was terminated in 1969 or 1970. Astronomer Dr. Hynek was the leading scientists of the project. He should have figured that deep space as astronomers see it from Earth is a fake projection that covers up the real universe behind it but like others, he didn’t figure that out. I read an article saying that he was skeptic in the beginning as far as the existence of UFOs were concerned but that he also found unexplainable reports.

I saw on TV once a report that Roswell and route 51 was used to build secret US aircrafts against the threat coming from Russia. (Again, Russia is just a “threat” because German SPs is the secret force behind Russian and US hostilities, using people’s freaking ear-implants.) However, I also believe that the USA and likely Russia and other countries too are much more active in space than mainstream knows. People have ear-implants and allow themselves to be run by anyone who has their code. The obsessed Germans have all codes and they use them. These nationals might fly to those stations in space and back to Earth, and sometimes, there could be an accident. And people think those who crashed are aliens when in fact those people are flying for shadow governments that the men behind Germany officially or secretly run. If this ever should be revealed, Germany will argue that they are not involved and that this secrecy solely the doing of the USA or Russia or China or any other countries or the Jews. 

Knowing how the SPs behind Germany tick, I figured also what they do to get investigations cancelled. 

Let’s say, a German-controlled US spacecraft doing secret business in space of which not the USA but Germany will profit one way or the other. People near Roswell, route 51 or elsewhere see it fly or crash. They might even take a picture of it or make a video of it. To nourish the illusion that the USA is a free country and not German-controlled, the US government will say it will investigate. Among the credible accounts, there will be also outlandish reports by people who are being put up by their pro-Germany case officer to make the story sound ridiculous, e.g. like little green men abducting them, etc. When enough fabricated stuff lands on a desk of an official, he has a justification to close the case, also the credible sightings. This is what is intended by false reports and “conspiracy theorists” who spread ridiculous conspiracy theories for no other reasons but to cover up real conspiracies.  

So, I am so certain that no little green aliens crashed on Earth, because I know our stalkers, Marty. It is really interesting that one alert person can be an counterintelligence agency just by studying the behavior of her stalkers. I bet I found out plenty more than so many intelligence analysts. If someone wants to stay secret, as the still existing Nazi psychiatrists and doctors behind Germany so desperately want, the last they should do is stalk someone who has the potential of figuring them out. But as they must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must must and did I say must control each living being and as their crimes made them dumber and dumber and blinder and blinder, the more mistakes they make.         

Oh, this became another lecture by me. It just pours out of me sometimes, Marty, because for me, and for sure for you too, the monsters behind Germany are a very open but very dirty book. 

I love you so much my sweetheart. Hope to see you despite all odds.

Yours forever,


More mighty music for you, the very mighty nobleman.






Lot’s of stuff happens – except anyone bringing me a message by you or on your behalf, Marty

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How are you, my awesome husband and soulmate?

I know intuitive that the monsters behind Germany prevent me getting information about your whereabouts, Marty.

Remember when Barr said that Mueller found that the Russian government sponsored efforts to illegally 2016 elections, etc.

I bet everything that I have that Barr, Mueller, and Trump and millions of others know that the German government calls secretly the shots in the US government and then world, and nothing is done against it. Heil ear-implants.

My intuition tells me that Barr knew of the German infiltration and influence already under Bush sr. He should have freed you already in the 80s and should have prosecuted Germany and its helpers, e.g. Spain for wrongfully arresting you.

You know what is so striking about this all? It is not difficult to figure out that Germany is above and behind everything. Anyone who covers for Germany is a traitor of the real USA. 

Trump signed a $8.3 billion coronavirus package today. It is so easy to hold the world medically hostage and forcing billions out of the USA. The men behind Germany put a virus in circulation, preferably not in Germany so that they can’t be blamed, and people are getting sick, die, or are fearful and the economy goes down. The World Bank also pledged some more $50 billion to battle this intentionally bred and released virus. The winners is the pharma industry, and I bet the farm that the virus comes from one of their secretly or officially German-controlled labs. 

If billions would be put aside to build self-sustainable protected villages with roofs, if a virus is released in one of them, the rest of the world would be still safe and a virus easily contained.

And did you read about the “protester” on a Bernie Sanders rally who held up a huge flag with the swastika? Nazi Germany in the USA. Heil German controlled ear-implants. I think Bernie wants to help people living better lives, but I wouldn’t vote for him or anyone else who is on the ballot as his/their programs are not really changing the world. More money for health care instead of a new way of life in which medical terrorists and Germany can’t torture and kill people that easily as they do now.

And there are also some other issues. I always wondered why abortion is such a huge issue. So, I ask myself: are all these women raped? Are condoms of such low quality that they rupture in high quantities? Nobody seems to speak it out: It seems that people are using abortion as birth control and that is a horrible thing to do. Abortions should be really rare, e.g. if a women’s life is in danger or if she was raped, or victim of incest. Women are saying that it is their bodies and they should be able to do with it what they want. That is right but if they are not taking precautions before the act, they leave the door wide open for a thetan taking the body. A pregnancy is like an invitation. And then they cut it up. Imagine there is an open house and one thinks it is invited and then gets brutally murdered.

Republicans might not be huge on abortion but with their weapons obsession, their kids might get shot. The self-sustainable protected villages with roofs can be locked towards intruders. Who needs guns? A young man next door shot himself accidentally in the head with one of his own guns not long ago. And he is not the only one. 

I love you, Marty. The day I see you again will be the biggest holiday in my existence. It is the day when love and truth wins over hatred and lies and the still-existing Nazi doctors.

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, Marty.

Yours forever,











Mueller is a piece of incoherent German-oriented work

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and Prince,

Mueller’s arrogance is very German too. He doesn’t want to be questioned by Congress and said his testimony will be limited. Why did he even take the job of the Special Counsel if he wants to be left alone and not questioned? Because, apparently to protect Germany by busting only Russia.

Congress is supposed to represent the people. IMO, Mueller and others have to stay as long or come back until no questions are anymore left. I find this time-limitation of 5 minutes ridiculous. How can one find the truth and nothing but if they all have to race through the process?

Anyway, he stated clearly that conspiracy is a crime. And that is what the FBI, the HQ and all the FBI field offices did to us. 

Every defendant is innocent until proven guilty, hypocrite Mueller said. What about you and your wrongful incarceration, Marty? I never got the chance to testify that you are innocent and were framed by Germany and Spain. Trump with that much evidence that he committed crimes is innocent but you, the framed one has to suffer behind bars! How can Mueller and the likes live with themselves? 

Russian interference among ‘most serious’ challenges to American democracy but German isn’t according to Mueller, isn’t it? Because the guy is German-oriented and -controlled. Germany is using Russia to interfere in US elections and otherwise to take the fall for Germany when in fact German secret service psychiatrists talk directly with loud and silent sounds into the ears and minds of the voters to determine political races, etc. Their dirty inventions of ear-implants rule. That is why the polls were so wrong compared to the “outcome” of the 2016 election. And they have no intention to change this unless they are busted.

Have a look here. This reporter wrote:

Mueller’s Testimony Was Just as Confusing as His Report
The special counsel couldn’t defend to Democrats or Republicans why he didn’t charge Trump with obstruction of justice, but didn’t clear him either.

And here is another video with some highlights of the hearing.

According to my perception, Mueller did what his secret case officer ordered him to cover up and that is why Mueller doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t take a clear stand. The order was to let Trump off the hook and blame Russians alone and not Germany on criminal interference and infiltration. (Because the monsters behind Germany wants USA and Russia to defeat each others in a war so that Germany can take over the world, and despite that Germany is officially not a friend of Trump, secretly, they love his typical German racial attitude as it will not stop the monsters behind Germany making Germany and Europe even more Nazis as they are already are.)

Mueller said he didn’t subpoena Trump because he would have appealed it. Gee, what an “investigation” was that by not even trying?  

I would love to talk to you, Marty, but I can feel that you have very similar thoughts. After all, we are connected by being soulmates.

I love you.

Yours forever,


Never lose the light in your eyes, my darling, Marty!   









Wherever the original Amber Room is, Germany stole it and still sits on it

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and hero,

How is your life?

Not long ago, I saw a documentary about the missing Amber Room of Peter the Great. It is now worth $500 million and rightfully belongs to Russia. It seems that Russia gave up looking for it as they built a replica in more recent years. That also means that Germany above everything and everyone has no plans to returning the original to Russia.

It looks very rich and sparkling. Actually, all that glimmer isn’t exactly my taste, Marty. I like healthy fresh wood a lot more than gold and stones. However, I am fed up with Germany stealing everything and claiming that they are no Nazis anymore – but still not giving back what the Nazis stole or just giving some back because the rest of the world is outraged. 

There are all kinds of conspiracy theories where the original Amber Room is now. 

However, knowing German greed, I am sure the treasures of this room were not destroyed. A genuine panel of the Amber room surfaced in Bremen, in Germany in 1997, when a German tried to sell it. The seller didn’t reveal how he got it, saying his deceased father never revealed the origin of the panel. Yeah right. Typical German to never come clean. 

Like the stolen Jewish paintings in the Munich apartment by German Gurlitt’s sister, the definitive surfacing of an authentic original panel of the Amber room in Germany, indicates that Germans are sitting on this Russian treasure and are not handing it back. 

Germans told me that when gypsies are in town, all properties must be nailed down so that they don’t get stolen. Actually, I discovered that when Germans “are in town”, nailing property down isn’t enough as one can see on the example of the Amber room panels.

And stealing gems, art pieces, and other property isn’t all they are stealing. They stole me, they steal others, and they steal thetans. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know what those are and therefore, they have no protection. The world is in trance.

I miss you, Marty, and I love you.

Yours forever,



So, I asked myself, why did Mueller take the special counsel job?

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Dearest Marty, most missed husband and soulmate in any universe, how are you? 

He wants to live a private life, doesn’t want to talk to Congress and just wants to disappear from the eyes of the public.

So, why the hell did he agree to take on an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, including any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign?

I think I figured it out, Marty. Here it is: To blame only the Russians but let Germany get away. 

He was the FBI director when I filed my legal cases against the FBI, and I have a strong feeling that he knows your cases as well. That means that Mueller III knows very well that the US government is German-infiltrated (so-called Americans who work secretly for Germany) and denies us our rights.

And what has he done in those almost two decades in which he was the FBI director? As far as I can see, nothing to go after Germany, which he should have from day one as FBI director in coordination with the US intelligence community.

I think Mueller feels being German (has a German name) so he is pro Germany instead of pro USA. Same applies to Trump. And by just blaming the Russians and protecting Germany, Comey and Barr also are also pro Germany, the most evil country on the planet, which runs secretly other countries and brings out the worst in them. 

Be kissed, my darling, I love you.

Yours forever,




How Germany will try to hide what it is doing when finally approached on it…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I worry about you. This world is so hostile to decent YOU. 

Germany’s will argue like this: If we run the entire world with ear-implants, why don’t we just tell everyone outright what we want and make them do it.” 

Due to that Germany behaved in the past like the monster that is is, it harmed so many people during the course of history. That made it a lot more difficult for it to be accepted as the world’s official leader by all the people. What is Germany doing against it? They secretly harm anyone’s else reputation to make other countries look bad and the world applaud Germany.

They work on changing their own rotten image (without bettering their characters) by selecting people with low characters to become the leaders of other countries and selecting women as their own politicians (because many people think that women are better people). Then they have these women and also some of their male politicians pretending “we are humane people” and “we are the peacemakers”. Except when one looks really close as you and I do, Marty. We see Germany’s disgusting plans, set ups, covert actions, and calculations.

At the moment, the Nazis, doctors, psychs, and mindcontrollers behind Germany are thinking that it is easier to run the world without it knowing that Germany is the ruler of anyone’s ear-implants to avoid that people retaliate against Germany when they have to suffer in this world. They should not know that it is a secret German world. They rather want that people retaliate against the USA, or Russia, or any other country. 

Furthermore, beside fascism, communism is another horrible German invention. With communism, Germany (also using countries like Russia and China) suppressed already millions of people for much of their lives. When people are suppressed, they revolt rather sooner or later against the system. When Germany would lay open that they ran/run all people via ear-implants under communism and made/makes them exist living poor and suppressed lives, the entire ear-implant system would fail as people don’t like to be suppressed. 

The beasts, secret service doctors and psychs behind Germany want to be adored and worshiped as the most intelligent human beings, despite there is nothing to adore and worship and their “intelligence” is so primitive that we figure them out in a snap. Who would adore and worship suppressors? Most people don’t.

Germany will also say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” That is an easy one to answer. So that Germany can say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in  voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” 

If people become aware that all people are run by Germany, including their enemies who harmed them or their family badly and deadly, they will be very upset ditch the ear-implants and everything German. And Germany tries to avoid this by all means. These are some of the reasons, why Germany will deny running and manipulating the entire world with ear-implants.  

Besides, Germany wants Russia, China, and the USA in a hot war. If it turns out that Germany is responsible for all political problems in the world, the would would not be interested in another war in which the countries exhaust themselves so that Germany can take over. By constantly telling the American public how horrible Russia is and that Trump is a Russian puppet (none is innocent but all that is a German plan, which is not known to the people), Germany wants Trump and the USA to be provoked. Trump should “prove” to the American people that he is no Russian puppet and hit Russia real hard and the Americans should see Russia as enemy, and the Russians should see the Americans as enemy, and all of this should end in a horrible world war, with other countries (South America, Iran, etc.) supporting either Russia or the USA until all are down and exhausted. Except Germany of course, the alleged “peacemaker”, yeah right. Telling nobody of course that Germany controlled its puppets into that horrible world war, Germany wants the world to cry out for Germany’s help as they did with the Ukraine, for example.

Germany is pretty sure that Trump won’t hit Germany, after all, they wanted him to run and become the US president, and he feels being German. Anyone can stick a US flag on his jacket and hug a American flag. He even said that his father was born in Germany. He is even afraid that Merkel ruined his beloved Germany by allowing those many refugees into Germany. He has no clue that Germany instigated the Syrian war to get all these hard workers to make Germany’s economy even richer. Germany can control where terrorism takes place. Nobody commits any terror, unless the psychs and doctors behind Germany approve it. But all these foreigners will be robbed of their heritage and identity until they are Germans. Yes, it is horrible. Germany will use controlled terror to bring the Nazis back. They even kill their own politicians if it must be to send a message to other politicians to not come in the way of getting the Nazis back in form of the AfG or another Nazi party. And Trump’s typical German anti-foreigner attitude will not correct raising Nazi hostility in German. That is another reason why they wanted him to run for US president and win.    

Iran of course is doing exactly what the SPs behind Germany order. They also assigned me a fake father. Iran is rogue thanks to Germany. It uses Iran very much so for international terror or terrorizing the Persian gulf by bombing tankers etc. Germany wanted the nuclear deal for Iran but not for peace in the region or anywhere. They want the USA and Iran fighting and Russia and China, and other countries fighting the USA. Fighting as in hot wars. As a rogue secret agent country for Germany, Iran really should NOT be allowed to get a green light to produce nuclear material. Any agreement can be broken or cancelled. And after that and with the nuclear experience gained, Iran can progress more quickly by producing atomic weapons. Iran has accelerated enrichment of uranium. Whatever Iran did and does, it is double-faced Germany who orders it secretly while is official representatives play the unsuccessful peacemakers. “We tried…”

Hell, they did and do.

I also read that Iran has violated the terms of the NPT by illicitly developing its nuclear program without consulting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Sure, IAEA is in Austria, Germany’s partner in crime, of course they are lax and Iran or North Korea is told via German controlled-ear-implants that they don’t have to fear the IAEA.     

Peace on earth will be gained if the monsters behind Germany are busted. If the world learns who they are and how they work, they have to think twice before committing yet another crime against humanity. 

Have you heard this sentence, Marty: Imagine there would be war and nobody goes there to fight?

The entire world is run by German-controlled ear-implants and all are going to war. Ear-implants are worth nothing. They are a trap and are just helping the snakes behind it.   

How about this sentence instead: Imagine no persons follows her psychiatric-controlled ear-implants code anymore but becomes truly herself, and Germany can’t no longer manipulate the world into war or otherwise? 

I am certain, Marty, that independently from me, you figured all that out too. 

Have you ever seen the movie The Good Shepherd? It’s about the creation of the CIA. It shows that those who started the CIA were “Bonesmen”, members of Yale’s Skull and Bones (typical medical cult as the title indicates). The movie is fiction but maybe the “oath of secrecy” is not. It is a German not an English rhyme (!) [Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, wer Bettler oder Kaiser, ob arm ob reich im Code gleich! Which means basically a fool or smart, rich or poor, all are same under the oath]. The Skull and Bones applicants swear this oath and wrestle naked in the mud and making themselves otherwise vulnerable just to be part of a medical Skull and Bones cult. It is so typically German instead of smart, Marty.  

I love you, Marty, I am sending you a million kisses. I am proud of you and miss you every day.

Yours always and forever,







When two (USA and Russia for example) are fighting, Germany is enjoying it. Germany wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war and destroying each other to become World Power No. 1

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and incredible husband,

How are you feeling? I wish I could talk to you directly and listen to what you have to say.

I read today that the “USA” is ramping up digital attacks on Russia’s power grid in retaliation for Russian involvement in disinformation and hacking in elections and that security advisor John Bolton said on Tuesday that the U.S. was more widely looking at digital targets in an attempt “to say to Russia, or anybody else that’s engaged in cyberoperations against us, ‘You will pay a price.’”

He shouldn’t be a security advisor because he didn’t figure out the situation this world is in. 

The retaliation is exactly as the monsters behind Germany order. They want USA and Russia and other states are at their throats so that no countries will win at the end, except Germany (by playing innocent, the alleged peacemaker, or a victim).


Two wrongs make no right and retaliating or attacking Russia, or any other country won’t solve anything except bring us closer to violence and war. Germany’s crimes must be published and each one involved must be prosecuted and be sentenced accordingly. 

Germany is putting some Russians up to provoke the USA and national security adviser John Bolton, the Cyber Command of the Defense Department, and others fall right into the trap. Ear-implants are sucking up any intelligence. A lot more people would see if not trained to do what Germany orders (in any language) in their stupid ear-implants.

I know you don’t need this lecture, Marty. But the rest of the planet does. Unfortunately.

I love you.

Yours always,