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1) What is the truth here and what is the lie? Is the Pennsylvanian standstone strata 300 million years or not? 2) David Mayo

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible husband,

How are your days and nights?

You are my dream and I never let my dream die. To me, you are perfect, even if you should make a mistake. The important thing, and this is so loveable about you, is that you truly and with each fiber of your being want justice and decency. You don’t want a world with chipped robots who can’t spell human rights.

To my headline: This one is really interesting. Scientists are saying that the sandstone in  the Pennsylvanian strata is 300 000 million years old. Scientists are also saying that 300 000 years ago, no humans or animals existed on Earth. Yet, they found advanced human creations imprinted in the 300 000 million years old sandstone. So, what is the truth and what is the lie? Either the lie is that the sandstone is not 300 000 million years old or the lie is that no advanced humans were around 300 000 million years on this very planet in North America. I rather think the latter applies. The discovery was made in the corner of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.


Have a look at this article and the video:

To the other subject: David Mayo died. I never was a fan of David Mayo. He “audited” (“Vistarology” instead of Scientology) the impostor and kept it from the world that the man who he helped was not the founder but the impostor. It is possible that David Miscavige also threw Scientology money at David Mayo. 

Be kissed and embraced, Marty.

Yours forever,



It is not a shocker that humans lived in North America 120,000 and 140,000 years ago but rather that people think that they didn’t

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This is one of the 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones and someone worked with tools at them: 

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

I miss you. 

There is a lot of talk recently about Cerutti mastodon site.  In 1992 already, an excavator dug up large mastodon bone fragments in San Diego County. Those allegedly 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones shows evidence that humans were at them. Now they try to figure out what kind of humans those were and what made them disappear.

One question is: if the site was discovered already in 1992, why did it make big headlines only as late as 2017? I find it odd.

If humans were 200,000 years ago in Africa, why shouldn’t they be in the Americas too? Many are having the question how they got here 130,000 years ago as the Beringia land bridge wasn’t there to cross. Maybe they had ships. Or they really came from another planet. Or the same process of the creation of human bodies FROM SCRATCH took place in the Americas too. 

As far as the distinction of these early humans are concerned: SPs did it who else. They don’t discover. They persecute to kill. That is how they get to places. They can’t leave others in peace and follow them to kill them. SPs are most primitive in their goals.   

The SPs of the SEGNPMSS ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and auditing and created a bad reputation of both to make mainstream mistrust it. Otherwise, it could be used scientifically to reconstruct history as to who really was around and what really happened to the people. You and I and some others know for sure that we lived before this life. It is really something that “science” has failed to prove: past lives. It means that religion still knows more than science, despite the psychiatric propaganda against religion. Shame on scientists and their dilettantism and stupid ear-implants, which prevent independence and intelligence.  

I am certain that the SEGNPMSS knows where the sites are that show that history is incomplete and also partly improperly recorded. They have LIDAR and other sensory devices with which they scan the Earth. They use loud and silent sounds to prevent that archaeologists dig at the places where they can find the proof.

And remember how quickly the Army Corps of Engineers dumped tons of soil on the site where the Kennewick man was found? Typical ear-implants, typical SEGNPMSS. No, it was not to protect the rights of Indians. It was to cover up history. Germany used American agencies and courts as usually. Germany and the psychiatrists behind them, former barbers and butchers, never were on the side of American Indians. They controlled those Europeans and the US Army who killed them. Ear implants are old. They also conditioned some Indians into becoming bad. 

Actually, the intense reaction of the feds that made the Kennewick man site inaccessible with tons of soil speaks volumes of a cover up.  

Some white supremacists also claim that Kennewick man is not an American Indian. They want him to be German. If he would be German, SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have ordered the feds to cover up the site on which he was found with tons of soil. They would claim that Germans discovered America. Guaranteed. I know Germans, particularly Bavarians, and how important it is for them to be admired, despite that there is nothing that can be admired.       

American Indians are losing too on a planet that is based on lies and misinformation. To me (and numerous Indians), American Indians are much more than they are getting credit for. They could be very well one of the Lost Tribe of Israel. And not just that. I think they were around when pyramids were built as the teepee building style indicates that to me. However, I believe that they could not build permanent pyramids and had to be on the go as they were persecuted and we know by who. 

Some might say that building teepees in this pyramid style is simply the fastest way to build temporary housing. Except that there are tons of other ways to build temporary shelter but teepees.

I believe that some Indians might fear that the feds will cut off their assistance programs if recording of history is changed. Fact is that they were here before the Europeans took their lands and killed them and that they have a right to live good lives and in peace. However, nobody lives a good life on the unprotected surface on the Earth with the SEGNPMSS wearing minds and bodies down in an average of 75 years and often shorter.

Everyone loses with the SEGNPMSS, including Germans and Bavarians. And the top SEGNPMSS mind-controllers are losing too. They are killing each other off too. 100% beyond any doubt. They are living physically in paradise-like conditions but constantly have to look over their shoulders not being murdered by fellow colleague and co-conspirators. This and riddled by their bad consciences, they are no happy people. So, who says there is no justice?

These killed SPs (former SEGNPMSS top psychs) are then planted back on Earth where they are born again and have to suffer like their former victims. What these fools haven’t learned is that in order to prevent stepping into their own traps is removing all the traps for others.  

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you. You rock. I know because we are spiritually connected.  











Higgs Boson (that sticky thing) again (not) detected in CERN or elsewhere

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and amazing Prince,

CERN in Europe announced this month again that they discovered the completely theoretical particle Higgs Boson…. or something like it.

They announced already some years earlier that they discovered “the particle that could/would prove how particles gain mass”and later had to admit that their very expensive smasher toy, the Large Hadron Collider, produced “impostors”. Operating it costs $1 billion per year. Despite the US has Fermilab for smasher experiments, it pays huge sums to CERN. The idea is that the USA shall pay for the experiments but if Europe makes some sort of breakthrough (and even if just making people believe that they did without that they indeed found anything of value for science and mankind), the credit goes to Europe not to the USA. All that money is wasted under the holographic dome of a fake universe with the secret service inventions of dark matter, dark energy, and black holes to keep mainstream in the dark.  

But at least, they give something in return for that much wasted money: a bad music video. 

The initial focus of research was to investigate the possible existence of the Higgs boson to support the standard model of physics. It was not found, but they justify this by saying that it has an elusive nature and doesn’t live long. Hmmm, if that boson indeed would give mass to particles, shouldn’t it have a particularly long life, after all, most mass lives long? 

What professionals and real scientists sell incomplete research or falsehoods to the public?  Due to former publications of CERN, many people think that this “God particle” was indeed discovered. CERN people celebrated parties and the media reported that CERN found it.  But here is the fine print:  “This is not conclusive…”

From “We HAVE discovered it” (2013), they changed it to “We MIGHT HAVE discovered it”, to “It SHOWS THE PREDICTED ENERGY LINES, or to “could be its SHADOW” to we found “IMPOSTORS”, to “COULD BE A NUMBER OF OTHER ALREADY KNOWN PARTICLES”, to we “DISCOVERED THE SOCALLED TECHNI-HIGGS”, which is something very different from the boson, to (the latest) we (CERN) discovered with 750 giga electronvolts of energy a “HIGGS RELATIVE”.

It’s about time that Higgs discovers his relative. 😉

Seriously, all these vague and probably even false/contradictory information are called “science”? All based on the “Big Bang”. I am convinced there were numerous gigantic big bangs in the universe, deliberate explosions to destroy the existing creation.     

Scientists should finally discover that it is not smashing that creates mass from nothing/scratch. This is what they are basically looking for. They don’t see that a postulate created mass. It was smashing that destroyed mass/tried destroying it but didn’t create mass. Theoretical physics doesn’t solve the problems as they ignore spiritual abilities. We discovered spiritual abilities and are aware of them. But for people who think that they are their bodies or their brains, are lost here. If people don’t even know what they are, how can they solve the puzzles of life and the universe?  I know, I said it before…

Thinking about you turns cold to warm and rain to friendly skies, Marty. I love you from the start of times and will love you until the end of times. I won’t give up on you. You are too great to forget, my Prince. It would be like turning the lights out for my life. Those people who keep us apart should wordclear the word: eternal love, which means they won’t succeed in alienating us. Not the smallest change. It wouldn’t even crash when stuffed in the LHC and smashed with millions 750 gigaelectronvolts of energy. 

Yours always and forever,






Despite that the USA is only an observer at CERN, Germany behind Europe wants the USA to spent even more millions if not billions of taxpayer’s money on CERN and their LHC smasher toy

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

The LHC subatomic smasher runs again. Can’t wait to hear their enormous discoveries that blow up in smoke just a few weeks, months or years later. They want to bolster or break the Standard Model through those experiments. 

People are confused if CERN found the Higgs boson or not. CERN (under a German director) claimed that they found it just a few years ago. That was a deception and unscientific. Besides, is making false statements after having received billions of dollars not fraud?

The USA paid $531 million already in 1997 to CERN and who knows how much in the following years. CERN (and behind it Germany) keeps on demanding cash from the USA.

On top of it, the USA has already a sub-particle smasher in Fermilabs. According to Forbes, the costs for finding the Higgs Boson was in 2012 already around $13.25 Billion. Yikes. Just because they have the fixed idea that the universe was created by smashing and exploding. 

So again, CERN misled the world by originally telling the press that they found the “Higgs boson”, which allegedly can explain the creation of the universe. This announcement  made huge headlines all over the world. Even if it would exist and be found, Marty, I am sure that you agree with me, it would still not explain the creation of this universe or other universes.

Some said later that they found one or more “Higgs boson” impostors or maybe something else. 

Below is a video with the wishy-washy press CERN conference: “We THINK we have found something. We THINK we’ve found a boson. We AREN’T sure what kind of boson it is. With another 10 years or more years of funding we THINK we MAY be able to determine WHAT we have found. IF we indeed we have found something.” LOL! What you just read is a $13.25 Billion joke.

They are basically saying that they don’t know exactly what they are doing. It is nothing but a fishing expedition by people who don’t know the foggiest about spiritual abilities. I am convinced that what’s giving mass to matter is a postulate by the creator. And just because he doesn’t call them and introduces him to them (for reasons they could figure out), they think he does not exist. Physics without the spiritual background won’t solve the mystery of the universe.

In the press conference, one male reporter asked a valid question and the CERN director gave a pretty weird/confusing and contradictory answer in regards to his existence.

They are getting billions of Dollars but provide no facts just opinions and uncertainties. Guess it is not easy to play God, isn’t it?


And here is the footnote that followed two years later:

A group of researchers, however, has casted doubt on whether or not the supposed particle discovered during experiments with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest and most powerful particle collider in the world, is the long sought after Higgs Boson. Nov 10, 2014

They haven’t found the Higgs boson, they say that they don’t know what they have found and are also saying that they found it faster than expected. WHAT? If one did not find it or does not know what one found, how can one say that one found what one was looking for faster than thought? And they need four years or so to figure what they found if they found something at all? WHAT? 

They are on such a wrong track thinking that smashing or exploding created the universe. As if they still are little kids who blow stuff up to see what happens. You and me, Marty, we are spiritual. For us, it is the biggest joke that so-called educated people think we came to be because particles were smashed together. Maybe it bangs a lot in the heads of those people who think that they were created by a big bang. 

That is called “science”. And we shall bow before it/them. (We don’t.)

Many kisses, I miss you dearly, Marty. I believe in us. You are the one for me, and a gem of a human being. I have no intentions to ever forget you. And I am proud of you, everything that you are. I love you, and did I say, I love you?


Yours and Yours,










Latest worldwide poll on who claims to be religious or not…

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Dearest Marty, my supernatural Prince and Love of my Life,

I noticed this poll. It says 2/3 of the world considers itself religious.

Secret service psychiatrists conditioning so-called religious people in becoming terrorists surely has something to do with some people blaming religion on these acts. They don’t look deep enough, otherwise they would know that psychiatry and medicine wants a godless/non-spiritual planet.

Scientist Allan Sandage: “It is only through the supernatural that I can understand the mystery of existence.”

And we know a lot about supernatural, don’t we?

Many supernatural and real kisses, Marty.

My supernatural abilities are telling me that we are coming home.

I love you.


Did Albert Einstein send mixed messages to the world on the existence of God?

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Dearest Marty, my genius Prince and husband, how are you?

Many people think that Albert Einstein was the smartest man who ever lived. I think the smartest men are Ron and you, Marty.

But back to Einstein. In my opinion, some of his messages are sending mixed messages to the world in regards of God.

He tried to explain that he wasn’t believing in a personal God but that he is no atheist and no pantheist either. 

However, for somebody who didn’t believe in a personal God (and I bet it was clear to him that most people in western cultures refer to a personal God when referring to God), he used the word God quite frequently:  

“I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.

(This statement indicates Einstein being more interested in God than anyone or anything.)

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that some spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe, one that is vastly superior to that of man.”

“Science without religion is lame.” 

“At any rate, I am convinced that he, God, does not play dice.”

(Not he doesn’t. I am convinced that quantum mechanics is sabotaged, Marty.) 

“The more I study science, the more I believe in God.”

“Before God we are all equally wise and equally foolish.”

“The Lord God is subtle but malicious is He not.

(The Lord God! Isn’t that a person?)

“Study science. Believe in God.”

“God always takes the simplest way.”

“When the solution is simple. God is answering.”

“God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”

“The deep emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe, forms my idea of God.

(Marty, he used the term “superior reasoning power”. Is that not the definition of a personal God?)

Why did he use the word “God” and not “nature” or “physics” or something else or coined his own terms? Was Einstein afraid that he would alienate Jews, Christians, and others who believe in God? He also indicated in an interview that he believed that Jesus did exist.

“I am a deeply religious nonbeliever – this is a somewhat new kind of religion.”

He believed – but not? Was Einstein confused and tried to make it look funny?

He also said: “If you can’t explain it simple, you don’t understand it well enough.”  (Dang, Albert, your messages about God are mixed, and you didn’t explain yourself well at all.) 

Be kissed. I love you, Marty. So very much. Can’t wait to put my arms around you.

I believe in a very personal God, because I can feel his presence and not just in nature. Some atheists are saying that people believe in God because they can’t face the idea that nobody is looking out for them. That might be true with some people, but neither you nor I are wimps. We face whatever there is to face.  

TRULY religious people (not Christian perverts or Muslim killers or hypocrites) might make more use of “thetan basically knows”. They are more spiritual than those who don’t feel him or even their own spiritual nature.

I once met a woman who said that “God didn’t make himself available” to her. I made different experiences, Marty. But in a world as this one, how long would anyone live in freedom if openly contacted by God?  We are living in a world in which anyone is spied on. There is no real privacy anywhere. If God would answer someone with words and not actions, that person would be transported in a mental hospital in no time and kept there for experiments until death. This person would be tortured by lunatic doctors to PROVOKE God. As if he would want this. The public would never learn about this anyway. And if anyone would ask what happened to that person, they would tell her that this person is a mental case. Case closed.

Some people think that God can handle all these bad people. Sure, he could drop something on their heads or freeze them to ice or stone or whatever, but it would also hit others. People should never forget that bad people are taking their frustrations, fears, and evil intentions out on the innocent if God would make a public appearance. Is that what they want?  

Like you, I figured out God’s mission, Marty. He wants anyone to understand everything and people bettering themselves. If they figure out that being better means also having more fun, just the retard wants to stay rotten to the bone. Religion and science or science and religion belong indeed together, because God is a scientist. A real one. He came up with all those physical and natural laws. He isn’t the one who said that it is not for us to know.

I know we are on the same page, Marty. I can feel that too. 

Yours forever,



The universe is a 3D computer simulation but the true universe is hidden behind the projection

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Dearest Marty, my awesome rockstar,

How are you?

Did you hear about the news the universe allegedly being a hologram?

I am sure that you agree with me that being on this planet is real. This planet is not a hologram, neither are the sun, the moon, and the planets close to us.   

However, I am CONVINCED that the pictures of the universe that we are seeing is not the real universe. German controlled secret services don’t want us to see what is really out there as they want to attach those who are out there to their mind-control system (ear implants) before we can tell them about the Nazis and the doctors and psychs behind them. 

So, if scientists believe that what they are seeing with the Hubble or other space telescopes out there is a hologram, they might be absolutely right. But what they don’t see is that hidden behind the hologram is the real universe. We (Earth) are “floating in this holographic universe” as German-controlled secret services projected holograms are all around us. It is a big projection by those who think they have to control our minds. Germany is not just take over plans for this planet but the entire universe.  


And something else that I am convinced of: those who we may not detect have already ear-implants and are already German controlled. Unlike most other people, I know that there is no more fanatical person in the world but the typical German. They MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST control all and everyone and everything, otherwise they explode!  There is nothing sane and intelligent about them. They are not driven by wanting to know but by fear that somebody could do to them what they do to others.

One real nightmare: if this planet should be lucky to rid itself from the secret German grip (it doesn’t look like it right now as they having blinded most), they could turn people on other planets into marching Nazis and attack planet Earth again. This problem needs to be faced. Some sane people for a chance need to get their hands on their supercomputers.   

Discovery of hologram but otherwise clueless:

Many tender kisses, Marty. I wish I could talk to you.

Yours forever, and LOVE and PEACE from my universe to yours.