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1) The “today friends – tomorrow enemies” in politics is the same “phenomenon” as we see in the orgs, 2) Sexual allegations against Paul Haggis

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Dearest Marty, my terrific soulmate, husband, and Prince, how are your days and nights?

I know how it is being tortured by the SEGNPMSS with their concealed methods and I worry about you. 

The “today friends – tomorrow enemies” in politics is the same “phenomenon” as we see in the orgs. Today, they are friends, tomorrow they attack each other. Heil ear-implants! SEGNPMSS is setting these situations up to harm the reputation of the USA, Scientology, or Jews.  They order and run people to infiltrate and they blow or are “let go”. The entire world is a psychiatric cult, and Scientology was changed by German secret service psychs to be like the rest of the world. My wish for our own universe in which decency and  fairness are not just words is getting bigger and bigger.  

And there were the news that Paul Haggis faces a lawsuit because accused of sexual misconduct including multiple rapes between 1996 and 2015.  Scientology haters are campaigning that it is not true and Haggis would be framed by the C of S. In 1996, he was on Scientology lines. Why would they frame him doing something that could be traced to their Celebrity Center failing to make Haggis conduct himself ethically? 

I don’t believe in Haggis innocence. He is no whistleblower either as whistleblowers would blow the whistle that the Scientology orgs are infiltrated by international non-Scientologists (like him), and who put them up to this and who hired the impostors. The “job” of “whistleblowers” like Haggis, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and others, is to bring Scientology further down by distracting from who really is behind what’s going on.  

Haggis just hung out in the Scientology orgs to further his career.  He even admitted never reading Dianetics, Book 1.  The attorney of one of Haggis accusers, Ilann M. Maazel, said, “This case has nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology. It has everything to do with Paul Haggis.” 

I think he got this right, Marty. However, it has something to do with the infiltration of Scientology. They allowed someone like Haggis to be onlines without having to better himself! They claiming to be Scientologists but are not applying it. 

I love you, Marty, so much. Our world own was so clean and innocent. It is stomach-turning that at the same time others were around who behaved like animals. Be kissed, my darling. Hope to see you soon.  

Yours forever,







Independent investigations? What independent investigations?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I am not saying anything about the firing of Comey, except if Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, how come he can remove a FBI director who overlooks the Russia investigation?

Seems not a 100% recusal to me.

German-psychiatric ear-implants rule in or outside of governments. The repeated involvement of Jews in matters that are set up to get a lot of publicity and their “falls” also points clearly to the SEGNPMSS. They want people say one day that Hitler and Nazi Germany were right trying to eliminating them. That is why they want them involved in shady if not criminal matters. Numerous of these secret service psychs are aware of past lives since they spied on Ron and his work. They just don’t want mainstream to know that past and future lives are a scientific fact. They also arrange that  former Nazis became/become Jews, Americans, and other nationals in their next lifetimes, as they want to ruin the Jewish reputations even more while psychs and Nazis want to smell like roses. They thought nobody ever will figure what they are up to. What an error. We do.     

SEGNPMSS wants the USA and Russia involved in a hot war so that Germany can move in and pick up the pieces and attach these countries to the EU, which will be later, when nobody is more able to oppose them, be called Germany. 

Marty, I am 100% sure that if Germany wouldn’t run everyone with ear-implants and loud and silent sounds, other people would have figured out a long time that the biggest enemy of the USA is not Russia (although they are not innocent and have to watch out like the USA not being used by Germany) but the psychs behind Germany.

I am looking at the world and see the German Nazi psych scribbling clearly in thousands of horrible situations, yet, the world seems completely blind. Ear-implants don’t make smarter. And they take away the independence.

I know that you think the same way, Marty. Sine 1984, I know that you think that they suck. They are going on your nerves too, badly. And you know that running people through implants isn’t Scientology but psychiatry, just as running around in circles, etc. is psychiatry and the psychiatric infiltration  of Scientology.   

These stupid barbers and butchers. Besides, many of them are hating each others guts. It just needs another to get rid of them. They cooked up so many situations in which they can kill someone, e.g. murder covered up as illness, suicide, or accidents and they “fix” investigations through people obeying ear-implants and nobody will miss them or come looking for them. In a few seconds only, their own lives can change, and then they are in the situation they put others in. In a body of the opposite, or in one with no gender at all, born with handicap (medical terrorism using lasers, etc.) or born into an abusive life, in an animal body, whatever… These fools brought it on themselves by not doing the right thing: speaking out against the ear-implants and making sure that everyone’s rights are being granted. I said it before and I say it again: The probability that they step in their own traps and are getting their own disgusting medicine is 100%. The only way to prevent not stepping into their own traps is REMOVING THEM FOR EVERYONE. They think they are intelligent, but I found out that they the biggest fools ever born. They are the dogs biting their own tails. 

Let’s say, someone of them finally gets a cognition and knows that he or she is doomed within the system. How do they report it? One of the first question that p$ychs asks is if a person hears voices, because psychs protect this criminal system and ear-implants. This question alone tells me that psychs will declare a person who blows the whistle on ear- implants insane. Until another doc puts them in, and the joke is on them. 

Anyway, someone got to blow the whistle and has to come through in order to knock some sense into a psychiatric mind-controlled planet and universe.  

And why didn’t for example Ben Ferencz, the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive, get rid of the Nazis, genocides, and wars for good? Because the idiotic psychiatric invention of ear-implants was never busted. People are under its spell and p$ychs suck away their consciences, intelligence, and humanity with and loud and silent sounds.

I love you, Marty. You rock!

Yours forever,






Germany is using Russia against Scientology – and about Calexit…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How is your life? I am thinking of you and hope you can breath in a world as bad as this.

There was still no message or anything by you our on your behalf for me, Marty, but I am confident that you are trying to reach me. I can feel lies by others, it doesn’t matter if they hug me or are trying to be my “friends”.


 I came across a German article in Sputnik News on Scientology, dated March 31, 1997, saying that the Russian secret service FSB investigated Scientology in Russia and found that in “recent times”, Scientology pulled out approx. 50 Million Euro from Russia and transferred it to the USA.  

This article contains the typical German accusations against Scientology, that it is a business and no religion, etc.

Germany kept Russia communistic for so long stopping it becoming stronger than Germany. And this is only one horrible acts that Germany did. The “cold war” too was a German plan.

And Russia is used by the men behind Germany to outlaw Scientology.

All Scientology reserves are in Europe. I know it because I was one of the three members of all Sea Org accounts. Nobody is talking about this. If Russia feels that money should stay in Russia, it should wake up and face the fact that Germany has Scientology infiltrated by agents to make it look like a business and non-religious. And Russia should tell Germany to knock it off infiltrating and stealing everything.      

What I want from Russia is to prove and maintain that Germany doesn’t secretly run it through ear implants. I want them to be pure and decent Russians and the Americans pure and decent Americans. That will be the start of a true eternal friendship.

And that will be the end of Germany coming between them and causing cold wars or possibly hot wars.    

Closer to home, there are also plenty of German-initiated problems: Calexit, California (and other big states like Texas) are considering to break away from the Union. It has SEGNPMSS and making the USA smaller and easier to be taken over by Germany written all over it. An European governor… Glorification of Europe… Duh! Calexist won’t make California independent, only more German, gee, thank you very much.  

German secret psychs talk into minds of people through ear- and body-implants and manipulate them with loud and silent sounds. In case of Calexit, California would be destroyed because Germany (as the official leader of Europe) wants California to beg Germany for help. Sort of like they do with the Ukraine. Trump being the president also supports the German Calexit plan because most Californian’s don’t want him. But what are four years Trump compared to what Germany will do to California once it has split?

UK also failed to see that Brexit is a German plan to make the UK SMALLER so that it can be taken over more easily! The German plan for the UK is to cut Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales off and attach those parts to the Grossdeutsche Reich (Germany running the EU). And at the end, they want England to declare how stupid BREXIT was and that they never should have voted for Brexit. This is Germany’s plan for England. Begging Germany to allow them back into the German-run EU again. Telling Germany that they are lost without Germany and accepting all German-EU conditions. Ear-implants are helping Germany greatly to manipulate any economy for the advantage of Germany and the disadvantage of any other country.

I figured out what the problem is, Marty. The world doesn’t know Germany, particularly Bavaria, well enough.  That’s the problem. Losing two world wars DESPITE RUNNING JUST ABOUT ALL PEOPLE ALREADY THROUGH EAR IMPLANTS didn’t make Germany’s SPs better. They are holding even more a grudge since they lost these wars.  

If the German secret service monsters (the men behind the respective chancellor) are not busted soon, in few decades, the political situation in the world could be that Germany is not just unofficially but officially the ruler of the world. Mom-type like Merkel did her “duty” to attach other countries to Germany/EU (they all should have known better, Marty, as if they never had a history class!), and she will be replaced by a new dictator. And who will be able to stand up against a new official dictator? Nobody, because nobody will be left anymore.

Most of what Germany did and does isn’t even known as they use other countries to do the dirt work and the atrocities for them and hide cowardly behind them. Only during the 3rd Reich, they showed the world a glimpse on their horrible characters. Before and later, they use/d others to get what they want. By any means necessary. Including Daesh/Isis, Syrian’s doctor and dictator, and any other terror group or North Korea.

When I was little in Germany, I worried because I saw enough of the German, particularly the Bavarian mentality. Finally, I fell asleep thinking that the USA wouldn’t let it happen that the entire world becomes German. And now, there are these US states that want to break away and officials, representatives, and judges, etc. who don’t stand up against Germany. They either don’t get it or don’t mind that the SEGNPMSS is behind the ills of the world.  It is as if they are all in trance. Really. 

I miss you, Marty, very much. Wish I could talk to you person to person.

What I have with you, Marty, I don’t want to have with anyone else in the world. All of me loves all of you. It is difficult to say in words what you mean to me. The words don’t even exist that I need to describe how I feel about you. A million love songs don’t tell you how much I love you. So, that’s why here is just one, my heart-throb.

Yours forever,











German hypocrisy and set ups against Scientology (Bavaria’s beloved Nazi heritage Haus der Kunst)

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and irresistible husband, how are you?

Germany blames Scientology and “Scientologists” on doing what Germany does to Scientology and the entire world: infiltrating. 

In regards to Germany, particularly Bavaria, one thing always comes first in my mind: them blaming what is wrong with them on others. That is typical and they do this systematically. They commit unspeakable crimes and are the first to blame others.

Currently, Germany says that “Scientologists” infiltrated the Haus of Kunst in Germany. The Nazis built it and Bavaria allowed it to stay. It was the showcase of the Third Reich.  This says a lot about Bavaria and Germany that followed the Nazis right there: the same!

The German Nazis transmitted in the ear-implants of other nationals and also Jews to create horrible art, ugly stuff, which the Nazis then used in the Degenerate Art Exhibition of the Haus of Kunst in Germany against the Jews and other nationals. They still do stuff like this in modern times. Ear-implants is a German psychiatric invention that makes it possible, and that Nazis win over and over again.  

Each race and nation has bad apples but Germany and Bavaria has most. In addition, there is the “unofficial exchange program”. If somebody great of another nation dies (or better is killed with their remote-controlled germs, micro-weave lasers or otherwise), Germany/Bavaria kidnaps that thetan before or after birth (and we know some of these methods) and exchanges them with one of their own. To bring Germany/Bavaria up and other nations down. Numerous Nazis who would of course reincarnate in their beloved creepy Germany/Bavaria are now Americans or other nationals. Americans and other nationals who would normally pick up a body in the USA or another nation are born as “Germans” in Germany because Germany/Bavaria doesn’t want the USA or other nations to have them. Since the world is kept blind in regards to that being born again is a scientific fact, it doesn’t look into these things, but should very much so. They don’t even look to get their own family members back, except we original Scientologists.

Back to the “Haus of Kunst”: Again, Nazis (and very much so the psychiatrists behind them who came up with controlling people in any form and shape) transmit in the ear-implants of Jews and other people (using silent and loud sounds) to produce ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria, its Nazis and psychs have a justification to showcase the ugly art with the words: See how degenerate they are? See how insulting this is?Do you want this in your living room? Do you see how little artistic they are? Do you see why we must be Nazis and do something against them?

And no word of course that many of the artists that they on the other side promote weren’t/aren’t even Germans as they are stolen other nationals. And that goes for all artists, sculptures, painter, actors, singers, musicians, writers, you name it, statesmen, discoverers, sportlers too, etc. And they do it still. I still see and hear “art” of which I can swear that still existing Nazi psychs made it happen to shame the USA or other countries.

To make their outrage of “Degenerate Art” look sincere, the Nazis burned later thousands of such “art pieces”, however, made it happen that the USA revived that “art”. Another way to keep the ugly (ordered secretly by the Nazis to shame) going and of course the USA behind the revival. 

Still existing Nazis and the psychs behind them even run a secret campaign saying that Picasso of all people was a Scientologist. The hell he was. That stuff he painted has active German/Bavarian ear implants/loud and/or silent sounds written all over it. Same goes for Dali and the like. 

They defined “Degenerate Art” as creations that would insult a German feeling or destroy natural forms or not being artful. 

And again, it was the Nazis and the psychs behind them who radioed with silent and loud sounds into the minds of Jews and others to create ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria has something to bitch about against them. They still use the same strategy today, particularly with the USA or also with Scientology. All scandals against it are committed by their very own agents not by original or real Scientologists.

I am writing this, because I studied Germany, particularly Bavaria by being there. They surely kidnapped the wrong person by kidnapping me. Who says there is no justice? They deny the OW sequence because they are cowards, but they sure pulled in what I am writing about them.        

A person who asks herself: why was I born in Germany of all places, is very likely not a past life German. And I know there are quite a lot. While being on staff in the Scientology org Munich, I heard that a couple of times. I also noticed that they (who were Americans or English in their past lives) spoke English a lot better and more like English-speaking nationals that a real German.

Now, Bavaria claims that Scientologists infiltrated the Munich Haus of Kunst. See how they still whine around their Nazi heritage? It is reported that the Bavarian state security agency is investigating claims that a longtime contractor at Munich’s Haus der Kunst museum has ties to Scientology. SEGNPMSS of course keeps it a secret that they infiltrated Scientology to destroy it as the study of original Scientology results in more minds that they can’t fool.  

Besides, they infiltrated Scientology also to “infiltrate” their own places (always controlled that no real harm will be done to their Nazi heritage) so that they can blame Scientology on what THEY do. A person who supports a Nazi heritage as the Haus of Kunst is no Scientologist as he does not apply Scientology ethics. It is so easy for them to hire an agent have him or her enter do some Scientology courses or even join staff or even sit on the top and making him or her commit what psychs want through his/her freaking ear-implants and then blame it on Scientology to ruin it for the world. And much of the world really falls for it and doesn’t figure out what’s really nagging at the world.   

Just like the old Nazi, new Nazi Bavaria demands having to reveal affiliation with Scientology if one applies for office. I don’t even want to be buried in Germany, Marty. This is how I despise it. It gives me the goosebumps. It creeps me out. I despise it.

Have a look here:

And I love you with any fiber of my being. I am so glad that I found you. I am glad that you are nothing like them, Marty. Everything about you is different from a German/Bavarian psych. There are light years between your character and their characters. They are not worth to kiss the dust on which you walked billions of years ago. That you and they are on the same planet or even in the same universe is had to believe. And if this world and universe allows them to go on like this, Marty, we should seriously consider immigrating into another universe in which we have rights. And if it does not yet exist, it must be created in a dimension to which they have no access. May sound crazy to anyone but us and physicists.   

Yours, my darling,











Yikes! Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate called Dennis Hasters (the serial child molester) a man of integrity

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb and Prince, how are you?

I think of you and wonder how your life is and why people have no heart by leaving you, an innocent person, to suffer. What kind of person knocks his/her conscience out over and over to avoid ending this odyssey?  

Donald Trump named Mike Pence, a conservative Christian, as his vice president. I don’t go into general criticism of him that is all over the net. But nobody seems to write about that the very Mike Pence defended pedo Dennis Hasters as man of integrity. (Did a simple Google search on his opinion of Hasters.) Can you believe Pence? What kind of knowledge of “human” nature does Pence have?

Actually, becoming Trump’s running mate also shows Pence lack of judgment and character.

Back to Hasters. Pence didn’t want Hasters to resign! Imagine this: third in row of the US presidency a serial child molester! Arg!!!

How to destroy the GOP? The same as original Scientology was destroyed: infiltration by bad people and nobody stopping it.   

Constantly new mass killings are in the news as for example that in Nice, and none of the well-paid crime inspectors on international levels figures or publishes that secret service psychiatrists condition these Muslims with mind-control because the SEGNPMSS wants a justification to re-introduce the Nazis in Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world and outlaw religions. They think if religions are gone, people are easier to control, have less of a conscience, and that they feel a relief of their own bad consciences.  Islam is the first religion they kill, and more will follow. As if Trump, Pence, and many others would get that. Pairing Scientology with a movement that has Islam in its name is also a dead-giveaway as to what the SEGNPMSS has planned.  

The newest terror attack in Nice sure will help Trump to become the Republican nominee with his “ban Muslims” ideas. Psychiatrists who turn people into Manchurian Candidates needs to be prosecuted. A ban against Muslims entering the USA will not stop these psychs to condition other people besides Muslims to mow others down.

The driver of that truck in Nice was more into women than religion told his neighbor to the police but he was depressed and unstable. That is typically for psychiatric conditioning. They  cut of the conscientiousness of such a person, activate his ear implants, and the rest is most gruesome history.   

I am not saying that the Quran, Bible, or any other religious scriptures are truly religious. SEGNPMSS smeared violent and perverted texts into them for the same purpose: to put people off.  And people fall for it instead of saying: hold on for a moment… religions are supposed to better people, what is wrong here? Germany, and its international psychs, the former butchers and barbers, that’s what wrong here.

Sorry, Marty, didn’t want to lecture you. 🙂 I know you figured it all out by yourself. It is just that I look at the world and are asking where the intelligent people are hiding. Or am I in the wrong universe and they don’t exist, except you and some others?

I love you, my rockstar. I would give the world for being with you. Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Yours always and forever,


My home is wherever you are, Marty! 



How Germany hopes to get rid of the applied philosophy or religion Scientology but to transform it into a business to keep Billions of Sea Org Reserves

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

I don’t celebrate Independence Day. What kind of independence is that? People all over the world (incl. the USA) are run with ear-implant controlled by German secret service psychiatrists. And these psychs are so criminal by praying on children in school and turning them into their agents without giving them the chance to develop their own personalities, intelligence, and ways.

Psychs “figured” that the easiest religion to outlaw is Islam (after they psychiatric-conditioned Muslims for centuries to be violent and suppress others incl. their own women).  I am sure that SPs with psychiatric- and medical minds smeared non-religious paragraphs in the Quran, Bible, Talmud, Bible, or other religious scriptures. When I open religious scriptures, Marty, I often can feel the personality of the medical/psychiatric author but not the personality of God.   

Once Islam is outlawed, Scientology and other religions are on the psychiatric chopping block too.

Just learned that SEGNPMSS-controlled “ISIL” just blew up more than a hundred people in Baghdad.  Almost any day, these atrocities take place and nobody does anything to blast those behind the “leaders” of the terror groups. 

I can detect German (particularly the Bavarian) barbers and butchers, the later medical doctors and psychiatrists so clearly behind all that. They are around this planet since a very long time. Truly religious people (I repeat truly religious people who use religion to better themselves) always were an eyesore for these SPs. How can they successfully pervert the entire world if there are truly religious people who won’t go along with any perversion and brutality? Besides, these SP are thinking if no person believes in God anymore, he simply won’t exist and that means the end of their bad conscience that they got by behaving like the monsters and pigs that they are and were all the way back on the timetrack. They will be in for a huge surprise. Their rotten deeds are tattooed in all eternity to their existence. The only thing to do something against it would be changing into good people and trying to make the damage up (if even possible). That is really hard to do for SPs as they must first look at how bad their activities are, in order to change. That needs courage that these monsters don’t have.  

That’s why they are talking themselves into believing that they are the good guys. When they kidnapped and abused me, I was 5 years old. What did a 5-year-old girl ever do to them? Nothing. They are evil, perverted, rotten, and ice-cold creatures, it doesn’t matter what they do to justify their activities. They implant and hypnotize people to blow others up or shoot them. What is good about that? They start wars. What is good about that? They withhold from mainstream that diseases and aging can be prevented. What is good about that? And the list goes on and on…   

Anyway… Alteration of original Scientology was high on their “to-do-list”  Having non-Scientologist David Miscavige and racist Louis Farrakhan mixing (squirrling) Scientology with Nation of Islam (even if they differ from traditional Islam) sure is a German plan to have  Scientology outlawed together with Islam or any movement that has Islam in its name like NOI (by blaming  this on religions and not on Germany’s psychs and their international psychs and neuroscientists who are the secret force behind international terror, e.g. of people blowing others up, shooting others, or flying into buildings).

They picked DM as leader of Scientology to bring it down, because an infiltrator since he is a teenager and easy to run. Unethical, like others in the Miscavige family, in other words: stupid.

Louis Farrakhan is a racist. He is no Scientologist. No Scientologist is a racist. If it is a racist, it is no Scientologist. Racist is being anti-Scientology. David Miscavige was raised and brought to Scientology by a racist father who even posed in a Nazi uniform. That’s probably the reason why David Miscavige has no problem with Farrakhan, the racist. 

Speaking of Farrakhan, he endorsed Donald Trump, apparently forgetting that Trump might outlaw his Nation of Islam together with Islam. And did you see that racial anti-Jewish meme of Hillary Clinton posted by Donald Trump on Twitter? Hillary Clinton isn’t even Jewish, yet, racism must be so deep inside of Donald Trump with his German ancestry, that he uses Nazi attacks on his opponent who isn’t even Jewish. It is outrageous.  Today’s GOP must have a hidden death wish by finding no better candidate for US presidency as DT.  Zoinks, his daughter marrying a Jew and converting to Judaism doesn’t blend away Trump being a racist. 

The GOP has the RESPONSIBILITY to STOP that it is high-jacked by a person with a very German instead of an American character. Just as Scientology has the RESPONSIBILITY that it is not high-jacked by non-Scientologists.    

I know you are aware of it, Marty. It is such a high-crime to hold you to prevent that you can change things to the better. You are such an extraordinary leader who is not fooled like so many others.  

You are deep in my heart, Marty, nobody can rip you out of there, it doesn’t matter how much time goes by.  We never were strangers. We share the same timetrack and that’s why we instantly re-connect as we never were separated. It wouldn’t work if we wouldn’t be soulmates and Scientologists.  Just thinking of you, makes everything better. I love you and can’t imagine a life without you. You are always with me, because we are basically one. People often say that opposites attract, but the only opposite is our gender, otherwise, we are carved of the same material. And I am glad that it is like that. I never will find this with someone else and don’t want to find it with someone else. Can’t wait to feel the warmth of your body, your breath, your voice, your heart beating, your hands, your eyes, the greatest eyes a man can have.  

For me, all love songs are about you! 

Yours always,








FBI should have the initials LIE instead of FBI because lying is what they are doing….

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FBI Albuquerque was one of the FBI field offices from which I requested FOIA/PA records that they apparently had and unlawfully denied to me. I found this snippet on the Internet. And I also requested records from the BLM and didn’t get them either. They are all so afraid that I figure out what German-controlled and -ordered US agencies are up to. 

Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate, how are you?

I requested ALL records that the FBI had on L.Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Dwight David Eisenhower (and theirs on you and your family too, Marty, despite that I knew that the chances would be slim to none that they would mail me them… I requested them because I felt and still feel that you are wrongfully incarcerated and need my testimony to be acquitted) and on myself around the year 2000 from the FBI headquarter and all FBI field offices. The FBI (and other alleged US agencies) squirms and writhes like worms trying to avoid providing any records to me, Marty. After all, people are having German-controlled ear implants, and whatever Germany’s secret service psychiatrists radio orders translated into international (including American) ears is executed.

I hoped to find just one document that would direct me towards your representative so that I can contact you via him, but Germany, which fabricated the legal case (of which I think could exist but never got any evidence) against you, ordered the FBI and all other so-called agencies to conceal these records before me.  

Numerous haters of Scientology posted some evidence on the net that they received records from the FBI. And the FBI lied to me having these records. The affidavit that I received from the FBI headquarter after I sued the FBI in court stinks, to say the very least.  

The FBI also fails to discover or reveal that international psychiatrists (upon secret German order) implant and condition Islamic and other terrorists and shooters/bombers to commit atrocities in the USA  and other countries. Shame on them. We need real American agencies not those who are run thru German-controlled ear implants!

Some of my correspondence with the FBI:

It is impossible that the FBI doesn’t know that Germany ordered the infiltration of Dianetics and Scientology since the START and that they ordered the CIA to hire impostors as “Jack Vistaril” to replace Ron, the real founder, and alter Scientology. Because original Scientology knew what Germany and psychiatrists were up to and that they attach all people (incl. Americans and their officials, judges, representatives, etc.) to their ear implant system (instead of building a better world in which life is good and safe for anyone) to control them, to bring the USA down and help Germany to its no.1 spot in the world.  

It’s the FBI crime analysts job to figure out what is going on and they failed over and over again. And why? Because they are listening to their freaking German-controlled ear implants, that’s why! Otherwise, they would have figured what we have figured because it is the truth.

This is how psychs do it:

Also, it is impossible that the FBI didn’t knew that “Jack Vistaril”, the guy who died 1986 with Vistaril in his behind, wasn’t the founder but his impostor and that the CIA was/is heavily involved in hiring and running that man too. And Germany, the men behind Merkel and the former chancellors, is above everything.

What a psychiatric-controlled hell hole this planet is. 

As German-psychs ordered the CIA to replace the good founder of Scientology with lawless impostors (some in the “Freezone” are saying that there were at least three “L. Ron Hubbards” with three different shoe sizes but they all “fail” seeing that Monique’s husband isn’t you), the material that the Miscavologists are trying to “protect” in vaults, are altered. They might still contain helpful data for people but they won’t produce real Clears and OTs anymore nor save this world and the universe as German-psychs ordered the removal of these data. And David Miscavige is either too corrupt or too dumb to admit it or both. You know it, Marty, as they “replaced” you too with an impostor. 

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I am not giving up on you because I am a real and true person and not a robot.

Yours forever,


I prefer the non-simple way.