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How Sea Org members can become millionaires with putting aside USD 200.00 per month (saving calculation is by financial experts)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

If a fairy would come by my place and tell me that I have some free wishes, one would be definitely learning your real whereabouts.

Psychiatric agents put up to attack Scientology often bring forward that a Sea Org member earns only USD 200 per month. This seems to be a really very low amount but there is more to be considered. It all of the following is included (not sure as far as Miscavology is concerned) in Scientology orgs that would apply real and original Scientology, then a Sea Org member would have following on top of the USD 200 per month:


  1. A nice clean and quiet apartment (room/bathroom/bathtub/shower) for free in a very pretty and crime-free environment 
  2. All the organic, healthy, and delicious food one can eat and wants, cooked by cooks who really know how to cook
  3. Free health care/prevention
  4. Free dental care/prevention 
  5. Room service, cleaning of their rooms and laundry (no wasting time on the weekend cleaning the house and washing and doing other chores like people must who are not in the Sea Org)   
  6. Free clothes and shoes
  7. Free towels and linens
  8. Access to swimming pool, tennis court, and all other kinds of sport equipment  
  9. Free transportation
  10. Free child care (Non-Scientologist DM cancelled kids, I know)
  11. Family time
  12. Free education for themselves and their kids
  13. Free auditing
  14. Free training
  15. Cruising on the Freewinds 
  16. Living in an environment in which people can prevent aging, illness, and dying 
  17. Vacation too
  18. No loneliness, international friends, fun, excitement, and activities 
  19. Protection against discrimination of all kinds of bad things under Ron’s ethics codes and friendly environment
  20. Free entertainment and arts
  21. Trips and travels all over the planet, trip, food, room paid
  22. Free legal representation
  23. Fair treatment and a safe place to stay forever
  24. Doing what one loves on all dynamics
  25. Learning the secret of life 
  26. On top of all earning 200 Dollars per month that they can save and carry to the bank to become millionaires if one considers this important:

Anyway, looking at this list makes people not in the Sea Org look like slaves. Those psychiatric agents who attack the idea of the Sea Org conveniently forget how hard the majority of people outside of the Sea Org has to work and hardly make ends meet and how many are unable to save 200 Dollars per month. And in their time off, they have to clean, wash, scrub and mow, and… and… and…

Some of the above items (as for example Miscavige’s non-source decision to cut the 2nd D short with his no-kids in the Sea Org rule) are not guaranteed as Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists, but it could be like above, even better than above and completely fair to any Sea Org member.

I miss you, Marty. Your impostor is silent since January. Wonder where he is hiding. Retired to the Cayman Islands after DM threw a load of cash at him?  

I love you. Be kissed my irresistible husband. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours forever,





More bad PR for Scientology by non-Scientologist David Miscavige and family (also non-Scientologists): no meaningful relationships and dirty laundry

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? I would like to know this more than anything!

If David Miscavige would be a real Scientologist, he would (due to his wrongful actions and his PTS situations) have removed himself a long time ago from heading Scientology  to allow real Scientologists to lead Scientology. In earlier times, people with just one family member of the sort DM has more, was enough routed out of not just the Sea Org but any org, mission or group as PTS C.

Marty, I remember in the late 70s, RB being angry that I couldn’t spend my vacation time with her in Yugoslavia. She called the Munich org and threatened that if they don’t give me the vacation, she will picket the Munich org. This alone was reason for the Guardian Office to route me out of the GO. I was labeled PTS C. I had to work hard without disconnection  to get back in. RB constantly was high maintenance. The “situation” always came back when I was not around her. Others pushed her buttons while I wasn’t around and her suppressive character and insane fears were unleashed again in the mid 80s.  

As DM grabbed Scientology from the founder Ron’s impostor, he can get away with anything. Even the worst PTS sits. David Miscavige’s family members do not just threaten. They attack Scientology constantly in the media or in publication. 

As the “leader”, he has to be informed about attacks against Scientology. That is not really disconnecting from the stuff his own family claims and does. So, it will influence him. DM is heavily PTS, no doubt about it, and he pulls in more and more motivators for himself and Scientology. Just as Germany and p$ychs want it. 

His Cobness’s attorney addressed St. Martin’s Press, Miscavige senior’s U.S. publisher, indicating that if his father’s book would be published, DM would sue and that DM had “no meaningful relationship with his dad since age 16”. Is DM really that stupid not knowing what people will think when they read this? They will blame Scientology on it. He (and the non-Scientologist secret service case officers behind him)  don’t apply Scientology, otherwise he would have meaningful relationships with his family! Or does DM not care what people think about Scientology as long as he can run it, has a luxurious life and call the shots? Both applies if you ask me.  

DM and his father (and other members of this clan of non-Scientologists) were both in Scientology at the same time for decades. How come they didn’t have a meaningful relationship during those times? A “family of Scientologists” has no meaningful relationship? People will think that if not even the leader has good family relationships, so what is Scientology worth? They would not want their family members join as afraid that they get a family like the Miscaviges! Who wants THAT? 

As you know, the second dynamic does not just consists of the first part. It has a second part too: family relations. It is not an inferior part either. In original Scientology it is as important as the other dynamics. Under infiltrator, impostor, and secret service agent Jack Vistaril (who passed Scientology to DM), the second part of the 2D became already worth less and Miscavology took it to another (bad) level. 

People ask, if Scientology is so good, how come the leader’s relationship with his family is so dysfunctional? How come he was not able to create a good relationship with his family if Scientology has the tools?

They will think that Scientology does not work. It does work but DM and his family doesn’t apply it.

The rumors about Shelley Miscavige’s “disappearance” don’t die either, Marty. Police said that she is alive and on her own free will in SCN.  However, that DM doesn’t ask her to make an appearance to end these rumors means imo only one thing: he is afraid that she could talk about his infidelity to others. He doesn’t apply ethics to his own life as he is no Scientologist, and he is hit by one motivator after the other. Behind him, the secret service men in this secret German and psychiatric world leave His Cobness on top of Scientology as he brings it down.

It was never difficult for you and me to explain  DM’s actions. And I also don’t believe that your impostor walked on his own into Scientology and took over your job and life. I am certain that DM, Mike Rinder, and others were in on this. Leaving you, an innocent person behind, and exchanging you with an impostor (Monique’s husband) is ultimate non-Scientology of never leave one behind! But they are typical German and psychiatric methods!

David Miscavige v. Ron Miscavige is once again not Scientologist v. Ex-Scientologist but agent/infiltrator v. agent/former infiltrator. Secret service psychiatrists and Germany, behind trying to get rid of Scientology and ruining it, are rubbing their blood-crusted hands. However, they are forgetting that not just Miscaviges but also they will get their motivators. They will not have the last laugh. Truth will come out. They all fail to apply Scientology, otherwise they would see it coming as we do. 

I love you. Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. Can’t wait to put my arms around you. You never should have been locked up. Time for guilty people to experience hell behind bars.   

Yours forever,









Death threats against His Cobness from a “Jewish businessman” of all people? This sounds very German to me.

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Dearest Marty, my hero and irresistible husband,

I am thinking of you and every day, I hope you don’t have to suffer. I still believe that you are wrongfully incarcerated and that you were left behind. It is a world ruled by German Nazis and p$ychs who installed in just about anyone ear implants to control them and force their will upon all. They know that you are non-corruptible, Marty and that is why they steal your freedom (behind the cover of the USA, Spain, other countries, and even behind the cover of Scientology that they infiltrated). If my intuition is right, my hero, you are now longer wrongfully incarcerated than Nelson Mandela. And Germany wants to get away with it but we won’t do them this favor. They messed with the wrong people. No, no bombs dropped on Germany but anyone involved (incl. their international agents) must to be prosecuted. All strings must be pulled. Their sentences must be that strict that they never do anything like that ever before. Each one of them has to come to the conclusion that crime doesn’t pay. Right now, these idiots think it does.    

The International Business Time reported yesterday that David Miscavige is getting death threats. (TMZ broke it.) Death threats called in orgs are nothing new. I remember that briefly after I assumed the post of President of the Church of Scientology Germany, somebody called in and threatened to blow up the entire Munich Scientology org. I also remembered the first time when I was in LA that somebody called in a bomb threat into the Scientology orgs in the PAC area. All students, staff and Sea Org members had to leave the premises. You and I were one of them who had to leave the premises to be safe. When I was in the Sea Org in Copenhagen, somebody called in a bomb threat too. 

What’s so odd (or revealing) about the reports in the media on these death threats against David Miscavige is:

  • Why is it mentioned that the person who allegedly or really made those death threats is Jewish? This sounds very Nazi German and anti-Semitic. If a Lutheran or Catholic or Atheist businessman does something against the law, nobody mentions his/her religion. Why is it mentioned that the alleged or real caller is Jewish? The entire matter is clearly German Nazi propaganda. 
  • Garry Scarff lied to the world that he would be Jewish to extort the University of California for money. He is a death threat maker. He made some death threats against me, and I had to call the LAPD on him. Is that person who made those death threats against DM really Jewish or did he just made it up?
  • I am fully very aware of it that any race or religion has its rotten apples. (People who are lying that they are religious.) By reading people’s minds with body implants and running them through ear implants, the SEGNPMSS has no problem finding people like themselves, people low on the tonescale who they order and control to do unspeakable crimes. And if a person is not low enough for them to function without problems, psychs are turning them into Manchurian candidates, killers, shooters, bombers or other kind of terrorists and cut off their consciousness. Very sad but it seems that this method from hell works on all people, genders, ages, races and religions and atheists. Was the person who made the death threats against DM psychiatric-conditioned?
  • Under David Miscavige, Scientology kind of merged with the anti-Semitic movement of Louis Farrakhan. This is such a slap in the face of Ron, the real founder, son of Ike who defeated the Nazis from officially taking over the world. Does the racial stereotyping of Jews come from that merger? When you and I were on staff in Scientology, we did no racial stereotyping against anyone.
  • Just like still existing white Nazis want it, Farrakhan blames Jews on the misfortune and sufferings of black people instead of noticing or revealing that Blacks and Jews (and other minorities, which are probably all but Bavarian psychs) are the target of still existing secret service doctors/Nazis. I bet that those trigger-happy police men who shot black people have Nazi German-controlled ear implants and so have the Blacks who kill White or Blacks or anyone. Farrakhan preaches hatred and wants “white people” to be killed, and says that they deserve to be killed. This man is a lose cannon. He also wants to overthrow the US government. You and I, Marty, and any other real and original Scientologist don’t want the US government to be overthrown. We want the German Nazi psych infiltration of the US government convicted. We never would work with brutality, terror and death but rather want people to UNDERSTAND what really is going down and that all have to build a better world with rights for everyone, and I mean, everyone. Nation of Islam was founded in 1930. At the same time, German Nazis grew very strong in Germany. Both movements are known for anti-Semitic hatred. Nation of Islam has a march on October 10 in Washington, and with all the hatred that Farrakhan preaches, I wouldn’t want to be in the streets that day. 
  • Tony Ortega is pushing German p$ych propaganda against Scientology. Typically, he doesn’t reveal  that Scientology is infiltrated by the SEGNPMSS, that Scientology was/is altered, and that Ron, the founder, and you, Marty, were replaced by secret service impostors. His book on Paulette Cooper apparently should help Germany not to be accused of being the persecutors of Scientology, after all, Paulette came after Scientology and she was almost killed by the Nazis as a kid. The German-psych-infiltrated GO (controlled by Mary Sue who was married to secret service agent Jack Vistaril, Ron’s impostor) used secret service methods (not Scientology) on Paulette, after she apparently started to go after Scientology first (and not revealing that Scientology is German-psych-infiltrated). Typical for all people who attack Scientology. Nobody writes the truth.
  • There is something odd about her rescue story, Marty. I read that a friend (De Hoo) of her father bribed a Nazi guard to spare Paulette’s and her sister’s life by paying him in 1943 around USD 64.000 in today’s currency, which was a lot back then. The money came allegedly from an inheritance that De Hoo made. Paulette and her sister were sent to an orphanage in Belgium where Paulette became unhappy and malnourished.  Here is what’s so odd about it: De Hoo spends allegedly that much cash on other children but his own and NEVER visits them in the orphanage and mails NO care parcels that could have avoided Paulette’s undernourishment? What’s the purpose of spending so much cash but risking having them die nevertheless, just in another place?  The war was over in 1945. Paulette was adopted in 1948, not by De Hoo but Americans. Why didn’t De Hoo adopt them or at least visit them after the war? He had three years time for that.  Why didn’t Paulette see the De Hoo family after she was of age but rather spent her time attacking Scientology just because some a Scientology infiltrator claimed to be Jesus? Odd stuff, isn’t it?  Jack Vistaril, Ron’s impostor, must have been on Paulette’s side and against Scientology, otherwise he wouldn’t have her named “Miss Lovely”. This is not a name one chooses for an alleged enemy. There were apparently people who knew from the start that “Operation Freakout” would set Paulette up with settlement cash and the true purpose of  “Operation Freakout” would be harming Scientology’s and the real founder’s reputation (who never heard of that operation).      
  • Did the “Jewish” death threat maker read Ortega’s book? Are that the kind of people who his book breeds?
  • Back to DM. The death threat maker allegedly called the Scientology orgs for a lengthy time period of 2 hours and 55 minutes. The SEGNPMSS wanted this man to be caught, otherwise, they wouldn’t allow him to call so long to be tracked. SEGNPMSS wants Jews to be blamed on death threats against Scientology as they want Scientologists to turn Anti-Semites. It is going on since a long time. Dressing up as Nazis as a “protest measure” is typical for German-controlled agents in Scientology. I know exactly who radioed in the ear-implants of these people and infiltrators of Scientology.   
  • Police issued an arrest warrant “on an Jewish businessman” but it is not clear if an arrest was made? What is that secrecy all about? I know: all of it is a SEGNPMSS program to blame Jews on still exiting Nazi psych crimes. SEGNPMSS has a deadly plan to attack Scientologists but Nazi doctors want it to be blamed on Jews. They really want to kill Scientologists but Jews should take the blame. Scientologists would be much safer if they would make this known. Not showing with the fingers of the Bavarian/German/international psychs of the SEGNPMSS is a huge mistake. 
  • David Miscavige is no Scientologist. He is an agent who got Scientology from Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”. In other words, DM leading Scientology and behaving the way he did and does, is just what the doctor orders. I don’t worry much about non-smart and unethical DM, however, if  the SEGNPMSS wants to get rid of His Cobness now, then because of this: The Moor has done his work the Moor may go…

I love you, Marty. Keep on surviving. SEGNPMSS really targets you because you are good and smart. That is the kind of person that these evil fanatical stupid Nazi pigs fear.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my love. I stand by you.  

Yours always and forever,


Added on Sept. 7. Daily Mail reported: “LAPD’s Major Crime Unit launched an investigation, but it’s unclear if anyone has been arrested.” How can it be unclear of anyone has been arrested? Either somebody was arrested or not. 

Sexual behavior and real Scientologists: Scientology-haters fail to get their stories of lies and misunderstandings straight

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Dearest Marty, my exciting husband and very sexy Prince, how are you?

It’s shocking that some people hung out in Scientology orgs and missions for years and never got the basics of Scientology. Despite Ron’s advice for people to USE their minds and think for themselves, they didn’t use them. If they would use their minds, they would see the big elephants in the orgs: the psychiatric-ordered and -controlled infiltration of Scientology, the impostors, the agents/infiltrators and alteration of Scientology.

Numerous of these people didn’t just fail to figure out for themselves, they also forward their lies and/or misunderstandings to others through the media, hate websites, forums, YouTube or blogs. Not impressive the Scientology-haters, not impressive at all. Typical ear-implant carriers. Their psychiatric case officers are doing the thinking for them. (And the psychiatric case officers of the psychiatric case officers do the thinking for the psychiatric case officers, etc, etc. They all fail to think!)  

For you, Marty, and for me, it is easy to differentiate what the real founder said and wrote and what his impostor(s) [there were probably three of them] or other infiltrators and agents (or their children or other relatives) made up. They are unable or unwilling to differentiate.

Misunderstanding the tonescale is so typical for them. They never tried to understand or tried it out. They are afraid to discover themselves low, instead of bettering themselves, and they think that the tonelevel of a person is just one fixed emotion all the time. So stupid. They don’t get that a person goes up and down but usually peddles back where she is chronically. And being with a person who is chronically towntone is one constant pain in the neck or boring, depending where she is chronically. Ron says that a uptone person often gets angry when having to deal with a lowtoned person, which is understandable, because the lowtoned people brings others down. Downtone people suck the fun out of life. Playing games with them… Well, I don’t want to play games with them as they are unfair.    

Some publications of Scientology-haters are and accusing Scientology of both: teaching being prude and perverted. Huh?  

Scientology is none of both as you and I know. Typical psychiatric-propaganda to claim that it is. (If a secret service agent infiltrates the org and acts prude or perverted, it is not Scientology, it is what he/she does upon the order of his/her p$ych case officer radioing that through his/her ear implants. The real Ron and original Scientology never approved ear implants. They are a trap. P$ychs are using them to control people.)

So, what did Ron (the real one) really say about sexual behavior? He said that people high on the tonescale have a high interest in sex but sublimated with creative thoughts. Does that sound prude or perverted to you? Not to me. High interest in sex and being prude doesn’t even go along. How would that look in practice? Some prude people having passionate nights? Lol. How does that work? 

Being prude is also often referred to as having no interest or very limited interest in sex, which means it is exactly opposite as to what an original Scientologist high on the tonescale has (among million other things of course) on her/his mind. He/she has high interest in sex but sublimated with creative thoughts. Those are uptone thoughts not primitive and brutal thoughts.

Marty, passion and tender admiration for each other are our middle names.

Having high interest in sex means being afraid of kissing more than his or her forehead? Nope. It means being a very sensual person. Creative thoughts and the sublimation means NOT degrading oneself or the partner or causing him pain. It should be the difference between an animal and a human. Animals don’t care but humans should. Being a real Scientologist doesn’t mean Victorian morality. It means monogamy but fun together. And you know what, Marty, with our passion and tenderness, I bet we are having a hell of a lot more fun that the perverts. 

Actually, a person on 2.0 is disgusted by sex (Victorian mortality) and has revulsion of it. That is not even remotely us. And even deeper on 1.1 we find promiscuity, perversion, sadism, and irregular practices. That is the tonelevel of the pedophiles and other perverts. We are a billions of light years away from this tonelevel and never will end up there. Never! It is where the psychs want us to be (so that they don’t have to feel bad knowing that there are much better people) but we won’t do them that favor.  

Actually, DM ordering Sea Org not having children is low on the tonescale (see below) but who in the Miscavige family is a Scientologist anyway?

Ron, the real one: 

Tonescale Sexual  behavior Attitude toward children
4.0 Sexual interest high but often sublimated to creative thought Intense interest in children (of course not as sex objects but members of their family or children in general)
3.0 Interest in procreation Interest in children (of course not as sex objects but members of their family or children in general)
2.0 Disgust at Sex; revulsion Nagging of and nervousness about children
1.1 Promiscuity, perversion, sadism, irregular practices Use of children for sadistic purposes

I can’t wait to see you, Marty, being together with you, my Prince. We will lose one another in each others arms in our endless, steamy nights of passion. We will feel the strokes of our burning lips and tender hands. We will feel the eternal butterflies of excitement by knowing that we are holding an irreplaceable treasure. It will be the ultimate desire between two soulmates, carried away in a wave of deep, honest, extraordinary love for each other, united again despite a corrupt world tried to prevent it. We will be each other’s world, Marty, our hearts beating in the rhythm of one, we will feel our wings grow, and we will lift off and fly into the sky of intense hot love, having no other thoughts but us. 

I will look in your eyes that have more fire than anyone’s, and they can speak without you saying a word. I will witness again your smile, and your warmth and your scent so close when we become one. We will live the all-consuming feeling of great happiness and joyful excitement. You are the only irresistible person in the world to me, Marty.

Actually, all about you is seduction. I just have to look at you and feeling seduced. And you don’t have to do anything. You just have to be. How do you do that? You can wear thick clothes like an Eskimo and I still will melt.

I truly feel sorry for people who think that intimacy is just physical. For us, it is so much more. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS EXCITING, Marty! The thought of you alone awakes hot passion in me. 

We real Scientologists being boring prude Victorians? Yeah right. 😉 Lol. Actually, this is hilarious.

Be kissed all over, Marty. I’ll travel barefoot to the end of the universe to be with you. In good days and in bad.    

Yours forever, and I hope very soon to share very passionate nights and very tender days with you.

I love you because that is what you deserve.


P.S. Not us but close. 


Monique’s husband fooled 60 Minutes in Australia into believing that he is you, Marty… Is that a great idea or could that at the end result in Australia not granting him asylum if there should be one day an US arrest warrant out on him for impostering you?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, 

I’ve seen a 60 minutes trailer of a show that will air in Australia in a few days. The trailer is very short. They aired a photo of the 80s (DM, Greg Wilhere and you on a staircase). It is not Monique’s husband on that photo, it is you. Monique’s husband leads 60 Minutes and the Australian public on that it is him on the photo. He is not telling them that he is not the original Inspector General for Ethics of the Church of Scientology. He is not telling them that he was hired by secret services to impersonate you and to take your life over. He is withholding that he is a secret service dupe who was hired to undo your legacy. He is misinforming the world that he, the brutal bully (and gold digger), is you.

He is no Scientologist (never was) and neither was or is Mike Rinder. These guys are agents. They were German-oriented cultists and still are. We were always ourselves. We had and still have our own personalities. We never were robotic cultists as they were and still are. Sometimes, when I hear them “confessing” what they did, I am shocked. How could they? Didn’t mean Scientology ethics anything to them? We were never engaged in what they did. Never!

If you would have been robotic, brutal, violent, dishonest, cultic or otherwise lowtone, I never would have fallen in love with you, Marty. Never! Monique’s husband and you are different like night and day. SEGNPMSS and other German secret services and their poodle CIA can fool idiots but they can’t fool me. And they can’t fool you either. If they would bring you together with an impostor of mine, you would immediately know that her is not me. (I was told by a guy that I have one even in this rural setting in which I am living right now.) It is easy to find doppelgangers, but it is really difficult to fake a uptone personality because imposters are not uptone. They are downtone and lawless otherwise they would turn down impostor jobs.   

DM is an agent too, and these agents are fighting among each other, and they make folks who can’t think for themselves believe that Scientology creates such horrible people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cultic behavior of infiltrator is typical German and not and never that of Scientologists. 


I remember times when I still had a regular job in Germany but had rediscovered Scientology again. There was a huge difference between the unfriendly Bavarian non-Scientology climate everywhere and the climate in the Munich Scientology org. The city of Munich has a slogan saying it would be a “world city with heart”, and that is exactly what I noticed that they don’t have: a heart. And they have no conscience either.

Back then, it was so much kinder working in Scientology orgs than in any non-Scientology setting or organization or business. There was so much back-stabbing and hostilities in German companies. For me, joining staff in Scientology orgs was a very easy decision. I was so tired of German hostility. The org was like an American island in Germany for me where I could breath, which I could not in any average Bavarian environment.     

Mary Sue run the GOWW as controller but neither she nor Jane Kember had much influence on the Munich org, at least not MUNPR. I remember that in the entire Guardian Office Munich, there was NO PHOTO of Mary Sue, except on the desk of infiltrator and non-Scientologist Jurg Stettler. (One day Jane Kember came to Munich and made him of all people in charge of the Guardian’s Office!) Of course, already back then, all orgs were already infiltrated by non-Scientologists and agents, but the kindness and decency of Scientologists had still the upper hand. 

Rudolph Moyses who worked with me in the GOPR indicated to me very openly that he doesn’t trust Mary Sue. He wasn’t afraid to say so. Back then, we did utter our opinions. I didn’t trust her either. But I trusted my own perceptions as to that Scientology works. I applied it and it worked. Once in a while, I came across something that did not work or was contradictory, and I figured that it was altered and not original Scientology, and I was right.   

There were those blue Guardian’s Office orders coming down the line from the UK (GOWW). I studied some, and I never read anything illegal. I worked in GOPR, we ran no ops in GOPR. I became the AG/Munich AFTER Mary Sue was busted. After that, there was no real upper leadership for the Guardian’s Office. As I was a former GOPR person and no secret service agent, I didn’t run any ops. My GO was very transparent and open. Germany (monster Jürgen Keltsch and 100 police officers) raided my org to find something they could pin on me. They came on empty-handed. There was nothing. We also didn’t disconnect. We handled our problems back then, we didn’t run from them.   


Before the GOWW changes, the  programs for the GOPR came from David Gaiman’s office, and by meeting him, I could clearly tell that he truly wanted a better world. He wasn’t a part of Mary Sue’s criminal actions. I noticed that being around David Gaiman was kind of soothing. He has a very kind and non-German personality. 

The first cold wind of chance in the GO and the Munich orgs took place when the “Finance Police” (Sea Org not GO) showed up. Of course, there should be no financial irregularities in the orgs, but the way they approached it was really in a German Nazi style (two wrongs make no right), and this was also a dead giveaway for me as to who was behind it. It was less an act to clean up unethical acts but more to create upsets and make people break away. In  short: I FOUND THE SEA ORG A LOT WORSE THAN THE GUARDIAN’S OFFICE! Except for Mary Sue and those who supported her (and numerous GO staff incl. me did not), the Guardian’s Office was a lot more civilized than the Sea Org. And who is to blame? Not Ron, the founder. Around him, there was the kind and helpful Scientology, it doesn’t matter which org if GO or Sea Org, and life felt on such a much higher and more human level than elsewhere in the world.

The change in Scientology had something to do with us, Marty. You made your career in Scientology and I did. It was just a matter of time until we would meet again. Germany and their secret  service psychs were afraid of this. What if we would remember? By changing Scientology from the kind place it was into a German cult, they wanted us to leave Scientology and not meet again. We met nevertheless. And we fell in love again. And then, they decided to rip us apart so that we can’t put our memories together and do something effective against them. 

Back to your impostor who likes to attack the Guardian’s Office despite he and buddy Rinder were/are a lot worse.   

Monique’s husband fooled 60 Minutes in Australia into believing that he is you, Marty… Is that a great idea or could that at the end result in Australia not granting him asylum if he wants to go into hiding with buddy Rinder? What if Australia finds out that gold digger Monique’s husband misled the media in Australia of being you? Will they grant him asylum if he is wanted by the U.S authorities for impostering you and lying under oath that he is you?

Monique’s husband is not who says he is. He and Mike Rinder are also concealing that even the founder of Scientology was impersonated by impostor “Jack Vistaril”.  

So, is Monique’s husband burning his own bridges? Where will he flee to and hide if you make an appearance and convict him as the impostor and infiltrator of Scientology that he truly is?  

I bet he didn’t think that through. Maybe he doesn’t think anything else but how to extort millions from the orgs by using his obedient wife. After I have seen a video of her passing out papers to the Squirrel busters, I came to the conclusion that she acts like a cultist too. I was shocked to see how than man controls her and that she allows him to control her that way. Her own personality is completely swallowed by his commands: Mosey do this, Mosey do that, Mosey go there, Mosey hand out this… Unbelievable. I would suffocate if somebody would do that to me.    

I love you, my Prince. I may not be obedient, but I do not just love you, but I also deeply respect you, Marty. You never would command me around like a dog.

Yours as always and forever




Ron, the founder of Scientology said and wrote that abortions are harmful and low on the tonescale. The math is easy: anyone who aborts or promotes abortions nevertheless is simply not a Scientologist but an infiltrator…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, my first, my last and my everything.

I am thinking of you and wish you would be here. Or I could be with you wherever you want to be. 

How can people say that “Scientology is pro abortion” if the Scientology founder said clearly in the DMSMH and elsewhere  that women should NOT abort? Don’t they know what the word NOT means? 

Thetans are rushing into embryo bodies. They feel lonely and want a new body so badly that they don’t even wait to see the gender! It is not just “tissue” what is aborted.

IMO, the Laura Decresenzo files show that the orgs didn’t force her to have an abortion. She says so herself in a court document. I also don’t believe that they force anyone else to have one, BUT, and here it comes: DM’s idiotic no child rule in the Sea Org  invites such behavior with lowtone people, and infiltrators are lowtone. One just has to read what those who change their operations and become suddenly Scientology attackers are saying and writing.  They are really low on the tonescale and I find it shocking that they ever were in Scientology on staff. People who have such low regard of life (of other thetans) should NOT and NEVER be on staff in any SCN org. 

If DM would be a real Scientologist, he would have reminded that Scientologists (males and females) have to take precautions (but not popping a chemical pill) if they don’t want to get pregnant. Only in cases of rape, incest  or endangerment of the mother’s life, an abortion should be considered. What kind of lowtone women and men don’t take precautions and use abortion instead? 

What I find mind-boggling,  Marty, is that DM didn’t see that his no-child-rule in the SO is the main problem? There would be no Decresenzo case  if he would have issued: There is no abortion in SCN. We don’t kill thetans who are trying to come back. Once, again, he pulled bad things in.

When we were in the Sea Org, Marty, Sea Org members were allowed to have kids. How can DM think that he doesn’t get a motivator by cutting short the second part of the 2D? Besides, DM also didn’t introduce  founder Ron’s alternative lifestyle that prevented aging and getting sick.  That means that his Sea Org members will age and get sick. If they have no family to take care of them when they are older and sick, who will?

DM is so unwise. No wonder the German secret service allowed him to sit on top of Scientology for decades. He was just the man they needed to make all these false decisions. And they put former infiltrators and non-Scientologists to blame the actions of non-Scientologists on Scientology and the founder.

As far as children’s work is concerned, despite we had a lot more children around, nobody under the age of 18 worked in the org that I led. Kids were around. We had a nursery in the org but all they did was playing. They didn’t work at all. I even played with them during breaks. I wouldn’t allow anyone to have a job in any Scientology org who is not 18. Yes, sometimes kids are delivering newspapers or have a summer job, but their main job is to learn not to work. (Germany sent me to work as child, and Scientology orgs should not do to children what Germany did to me.)

As far as the orgs are controlling communication (reading their letters), they should not. If the orgs are on policy, and ethical and have nothing to hide, nothing bad can be said about them. The LDS church has a rule that their Mormon missionaries may not talk to their family except twice a year.  It is odd for any church.  Ron, the founder of SCN said: communicate! And if kids are not important, a society has lost.  


What I don’t understand are the parents of  Laura Decresenzo, Marty. If they wanted to be together (which any real family wants), why didn’t they take their daughter with them?  I was in Scientology for many years, and I know that you can get what you want if you want it. I wouldn’t leave my kid struggling alone. I don’t understand her parents, how they can let it on for so long not seeing their daughter. I’m the founder’s daughter and I would be a very different parent than these people. As a parent, my child and its happiness and well-being is my responsibility. So, I don’t leave my child behind for others to raise. 

The SO noticed that Laura did not well in the SO but kept her instead of sending her home? If that hasn’t written “set up of a new case against Scientology” all over it. It is all so German psych secret service supervised. 

On the other side, Laura stayed years on beyond turning 18. If she really hated being in the SO as she tried to make the public and the courts believe, why didn’t she leave when she was 18? Makes me think she is one of the opportunists who thinks that now it is a good time to get a lot of  money from the orgs.  

These are allegedly some questions that the Miscavology-Sea Org asks some who wants to join the SO: Have you ever had doubts about being in Scientology and/or the Sea Org? Are you, or have you ever been a newspaper reporter or journalist of any kind? Have you ever been connected to anyone who has threatened or attacked Scientology? Are you an active drug pusher? Note any instances of homosexual activity from earliest time up to present time. Have you ever been employed by the Government? 

They don’t ask what they should ask: “Do you have an ear implant? Did your case officer tell you to infiltrate Scientology?” (Of course they don’t ask it as those who do the asking were sent in the orgs to infiltrate and are having ear implants.)

However, 50 Dollars pay per week with everything free (room and board, utilities, clothes, insurance, transportation, and what INT else offers, etc.) isn’t that bad of a deal. Most people not in the Sea Org can’t save 200 bucks per month. If it is a couple, they can save 400 bucks per month.  


Laura said that nobody forced her to have an abortion but she grew up in Scientology and that she was “programmed” to getting an abortion. Really? How can she be “programmed” on that if the Scientology founder said NOT to abort. She does the opposite as to what the founder said and then she blames in on Scientology.

Also odd is the D/CO I note. It reads: “27 Feb. 96 Note from D/CO I [Deputy Commanding Officer for Internal], Laura is 2 months pregnant, upsets about this, doesn’t want abortion.”

I am not trying to defend any Miscavologist and his idiotic non-Scientology out-2D rules but if the D/CO  I would have made her the proposal to abort, wouldn’t it rather read: Note from D/CO I [Deputy Commanding Officer for Internal], Laura is 2 months pregnant,  doesn’t want abortion, upsets about this.

That note indicates that Laura is upset about the pregnancy, and once more, Tony Ortega and others fails to see what they should see. However, it appears that  D/CO I offered (not forced) Laura the option of abortion, which is a violation of Scientology. She should have advised her: “If you are healthy, deliver the baby and keep it. You can still stay in Scientology. If you don’t want to keep the baby, give it up for adoption.” I also would ask if the father knows and that he should have his saying too.

The orgs should not even discuss abortions because it is not Scientology. D/CO I and anyone else should report people who want to abort as are unfit to work in the SO as on 1.1. tonelevel. Period.

Laura is contradictory.  “After abortion…(Look in folder summary. Folder #9)…I was upset. Whole subject confusing…I still feel fucked that did that, not of doing it but having to do it.” 

But early she admitted in a court document that nobody forced her to do it.  And here she says that she is not sorry that she aborted. Guess what she is saying that her “mindset” made her do it. But what a justification is that? I never would have aborted and was so many years in SCN. Her “mindset” is the opposite of Scientology. My mind is also influenced by Scientology. It always said: don’t abort. 


What I see is that the orgs under Miscavige miserably fail to stop women having abortions. I assume that they even suggest it (I heard it from another woman in confidence briefly before I was kicked out) as they are infiltrators and no Scientologists.

What I find so outrageous is Laura’s report up the org lines that she had an abortion as if this would be a normal operation. No person who would go through with an abortion should be even on staff. Ron said clearly that a person who aborts is on 1.1 on the tonescale. How much clearer can it get? Nothing uptone and great can be expected from a person as low. Abortion in real Scientology would be a reason to route a person out of SCN orgs instead of in.

Why are the orgs in trouble? Why do they have all these scandals and  cases? Because they hire lowtone people.

And David Miscavige has no advanced abilities. He can’t predict the future at all.  

I love you, Marty. I know you know this. Too bad you can’t speak out. The world just knows Vistarologists and Miscavologists. They have no idea how real Scientologists are.

Many kisses.

On your side.

Yours forever





1)Why doesn’t David Miscavige live like the other Sea Org members? 2) Too bad that the “Independent Church of Scientology” just like the Freezone will not be SEGNPMSS-independent

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Dearest Marty,

How are you, my wonderful husband?

Look, I am so into trees that I got a new hairdo. (Just kidding, don’t want birds nesting on my head!)

I will be very busy all week and a handyman wants to show up too this week. I might not post a lot this week but be sure that I think of you whenever I can.

There are some DM agents who are running a campaign saying that DM does exactly what “LRH” did. Nothing could be further from the truth. DM seems to follow the footprints of the impostor but most certainly not those of Ron, the founder of Scientology.  One of the most suspicious things is that His Cobness doesn’t live like other Sea Org members.

I don’t know if it is true, I have not seen the acts and receipts myself, Marty, but Sea Org members are getting in average USD 50 per week and several people reported that DM pays himself a six-figure salary without having to pay for housing, food, clothing or transportation.  That could indeed mean that he lived in luxury and paid himself on top of this all 3 Million Dollar. His Cobness often reminds me to the Pope and the Catholic Church with all their pomp but these additional 3 Million Dollars top the Pope because I heard that he officially at least doesn’t own any money.

Besides building buildings and renovating buildings that are nice to look at but not the kind of habitats that Ron wanted Scientologists to live, work, and play in to preserve their health and youth, people say that DM spends the money on following:  $5,000 tailored suits, $500 Egyptian cotton shirts, finest Italian leather shoes, private jets, $50,000 Acura RL for the Int Base,  $25,000 for a Mazda Miata, a $80,000 Range Rover, a $150,000 bulletproof GMC Van, a $25,000 custom-made motorcycle, a $110,000 BMW M6, $45,000 for a Acura in Clearwater, a personal chef, a personal stylist, cleaning and laundry all done for him,  $250,000 for a party in 2004, $250,000 for another party in 2005, a $4,600,000.00 apartment complex, lavish personal vacations,  many Caribbean diving trips and a five star tour of Scotland (including cases of sampled Scotch being shipped to Miscavige’s residence afterward),  outside video special effects firm to erase the sweat on his photos, frame by frame, at a cost of $150,000.

And these might be just the expenditures that became public. With these types of expenditures, His Cobness really puts the non-profit status of Scientology on a risk. I just hope that the above personal expenditures are rumors because his expenditures remind me very much to how Pat Broeker wasted the real Ron’s cash. How is that religious? We would never behave like this. We would live like all other Scientologists, staffs, Sea Org members in the environmental protected villages, that is.

Something else, it seems that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder have founded the “Independent Church of Scientology”. I don’t know if they have registered it or if they call their non-registered movement that. I wish there would be one movement on Earth that is independent from the SEGNPMSS but there is not. As you know, they take over anything and sometimes they even “found” movements.

I am coming home to you soon, Marty, I can feel it. The house of cards with lies by the others will fall down and that will open our door to each other.

I love you, my dashing prince, forever and ever and ever and ever.

Many kisses