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How Germany will try to hide what it is doing when finally approached on it…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I worry about you. This world is so hostile to decent YOU. 

Germany’s will argue like this: If we run the entire world with ear-implants, why don’t we just tell everyone outright what we want and make them do it.” 

Due to that Germany behaved in the past like the monster that is is, it harmed so many people during the course of history. That made it a lot more difficult for it to be accepted as the world’s official leader by all the people. What is Germany doing against it? They secretly harm anyone’s else reputation to make other countries look bad and the world applaud Germany.

They work on changing their own rotten image (without bettering their characters) by selecting people with low characters to become the leaders of other countries and selecting women as their own politicians (because many people think that women are better people). Then they have these women and also some of their male politicians pretending “we are humane people” and “we are the peacemakers”. Except when one looks really close as you and I do, Marty. We see Germany’s disgusting plans, set ups, covert actions, and calculations.

At the moment, the Nazis, doctors, psychs, and mindcontrollers behind Germany are thinking that it is easier to run the world without it knowing that Germany is the ruler of anyone’s ear-implants to avoid that people retaliate against Germany when they have to suffer in this world. They should not know that it is a secret German world. They rather want that people retaliate against the USA, or Russia, or any other country. 

Furthermore, beside fascism, communism is another horrible German invention. With communism, Germany (also using countries like Russia and China) suppressed already millions of people for much of their lives. When people are suppressed, they revolt rather sooner or later against the system. When Germany would lay open that they ran/run all people via ear-implants under communism and made/makes them exist living poor and suppressed lives, the entire ear-implant system would fail as people don’t like to be suppressed. 

The beasts, secret service doctors and psychs behind Germany want to be adored and worshiped as the most intelligent human beings, despite there is nothing to adore and worship and their “intelligence” is so primitive that we figure them out in a snap. Who would adore and worship suppressors? Most people don’t.

Germany will also say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” That is an easy one to answer. So that Germany can say: “If we can sway the US election by talking in  voter’s ears via ear-implants, why would we use Russians to hack into US computers and have them commit disinformation warfare in the USA?” 

If people become aware that all people are run by Germany, including their enemies who harmed them or their family badly and deadly, they will be very upset ditch the ear-implants and everything German. And Germany tries to avoid this by all means. These are some of the reasons, why Germany will deny running and manipulating the entire world with ear-implants.  

Besides, Germany wants Russia, China, and the USA in a hot war. If it turns out that Germany is responsible for all political problems in the world, the would would not be interested in another war in which the countries exhaust themselves so that Germany can take over. By constantly telling the American public how horrible Russia is and that Trump is a Russian puppet (none is innocent but all that is a German plan, which is not known to the people), Germany wants Trump and the USA to be provoked. Trump should “prove” to the American people that he is no Russian puppet and hit Russia real hard and the Americans should see Russia as enemy, and the Russians should see the Americans as enemy, and all of this should end in a horrible world war, with other countries (South America, Iran, etc.) supporting either Russia or the USA until all are down and exhausted. Except Germany of course, the alleged “peacemaker”, yeah right. Telling nobody of course that Germany controlled its puppets into that horrible world war, Germany wants the world to cry out for Germany’s help as they did with the Ukraine, for example.

Germany is pretty sure that Trump won’t hit Germany, after all, they wanted him to run and become the US president, and he feels being German. Anyone can stick a US flag on his jacket and hug a American flag. He even said that his father was born in Germany. He is even afraid that Merkel ruined his beloved Germany by allowing those many refugees into Germany. He has no clue that Germany instigated the Syrian war to get all these hard workers to make Germany’s economy even richer. Germany can control where terrorism takes place. Nobody commits any terror, unless the psychs and doctors behind Germany approve it. But all these foreigners will be robbed of their heritage and identity until they are Germans. Yes, it is horrible. Germany will use controlled terror to bring the Nazis back. They even kill their own politicians if it must be to send a message to other politicians to not come in the way of getting the Nazis back in form of the AfG or another Nazi party. And Trump’s typical German anti-foreigner attitude will not correct raising Nazi hostility in German. That is another reason why they wanted him to run for US president and win.    

Iran of course is doing exactly what the SPs behind Germany order. They also assigned me a fake father. Iran is rogue thanks to Germany. It uses Iran very much so for international terror or terrorizing the Persian gulf by bombing tankers etc. Germany wanted the nuclear deal for Iran but not for peace in the region or anywhere. They want the USA and Iran fighting and Russia and China, and other countries fighting the USA. Fighting as in hot wars. As a rogue secret agent country for Germany, Iran really should NOT be allowed to get a green light to produce nuclear material. Any agreement can be broken or cancelled. And after that and with the nuclear experience gained, Iran can progress more quickly by producing atomic weapons. Iran has accelerated enrichment of uranium. Whatever Iran did and does, it is double-faced Germany who orders it secretly while is official representatives play the unsuccessful peacemakers. “We tried…”

Hell, they did and do.

I also read that Iran has violated the terms of the NPT by illicitly developing its nuclear program without consulting the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Sure, IAEA is in Austria, Germany’s partner in crime, of course they are lax and Iran or North Korea is told via German controlled-ear-implants that they don’t have to fear the IAEA.     

Peace on earth will be gained if the monsters behind Germany are busted. If the world learns who they are and how they work, they have to think twice before committing yet another crime against humanity. 

Have you heard this sentence, Marty: Imagine there would be war and nobody goes there to fight?

The entire world is run by German-controlled ear-implants and all are going to war. Ear-implants are worth nothing. They are a trap and are just helping the snakes behind it.   

How about this sentence instead: Imagine no persons follows her psychiatric-controlled ear-implants code anymore but becomes truly herself, and Germany can’t no longer manipulate the world into war or otherwise? 

I am certain, Marty, that independently from me, you figured all that out too. 

Have you ever seen the movie The Good Shepherd? It’s about the creation of the CIA. It shows that those who started the CIA were “Bonesmen”, members of Yale’s Skull and Bones (typical medical cult as the title indicates). The movie is fiction but maybe the “oath of secrecy” is not. It is a German not an English rhyme (!) [Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, wer Bettler oder Kaiser, ob arm ob reich im Code gleich! Which means basically a fool or smart, rich or poor, all are same under the oath]. The Skull and Bones applicants swear this oath and wrestle naked in the mud and making themselves otherwise vulnerable just to be part of a medical Skull and Bones cult. It is so typically German instead of smart, Marty.  

I love you, Marty, I am sending you a million kisses. I am proud of you and miss you every day.

Yours always and forever,







Creepy Europe

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and dashing Prince, how are you? You are never far from my thoughts. 

Another one around here asked me two days ago to date him. I told him that all I can offer is friendship, anything else won’t happen because I am romantically not available because I have a soulmate. And that is you, Marty.

One can read of people betraying their partners all the time. For me, it is incomprehensible. They can’t be much emotionally involved, otherwise they wouldn’t consider anyone but their partner. It wouldn’t even cross their minds. They wouldn’t even be tempted by someone new or young or rich or good-looking or all of those combined. Disloyalty and betrayal is not in either one of us. And it feels good, straight, strong, honest, proud… and anything but boring. Betrayal is so common. Loyalty is so rare.  

I gave my heart to you, the moment I discovered your personality, Marty. Your extremely good looks were just a bonus. What touched me deep was seeing and recognizing your value as a being. It sets you apart from anyone. Nothing more wrong than the saying that a good guy finishes last. Not with a woman who can difference between the treasure (you) and worthless pebbles.

Now to my header: 

Instead of using subterranean living against aging and for security, Paris uses the underground catacombs for dead people. Provided the structures are a safe constructions of course. I assume you know that there are Paris Catacombs with 6 million skeletons. That the bones were used “decorative” is even more creepy and has medical doctors and Catholic downtoneness written all over it. Like in a medical lab. Couldn’t they have paid more respect to the person that once owned the body by keeping her bones together and not form creepy decorations?  



                                                                                                                                             More Paris:



And more Paris:  




As you will know, Rome has a skulls and bones underground too, including “bone churches”. Basically, Bavaria IS the Catholic Church. Even creeper than Paris:


Still in Rome. What of a creepy tonelevel is that anyway? Worshiping skeletons. No wonder that this church attracts pedophiles.  


Sedlec Ossuary, or the  Bone Church – Look at this bone and skull “glory”. Do people really pray in such a creepy medical lab place? 


Look, Jesus among lots of bones in Poland – what a “happy” place in Czerma. Actually, I never seen any structure of ANY religion that creepy that Catholic Churches. No Mosque is that creepy.



Looks like the walls of that church are constructed of human bones and skulls in Portugal


The Austrians paint the skulls and write names on it and put it on display. Actually, I would want to investigate of any of these skull and bones show signs that they once had ear- and skull implants and the bones body implants. In earlier centuries, they probably were not made of silicone but very tiny metal pieces, maybe not bigger than pin needle heads.    



A bone collection in a Swiss church. The sign says: You will become what we are. We were what you are. Good grief! A church should know that the person isn’t skull and bones.  That is medical belief that people are their bodies.      schweiz



In Germany, they call these odd (to say it mildly) places “Beinhäuser”. Bavaria has numerous of such creepy places.  Below is in Oppenheim in Germany. Has approx. 20.000 skeletons. While most thetans who exhibited these bodies once are gone, it is just creepy to collect and worship or display them.



London kept their underground free of skeletons. What a relief to the eyes!


Speaking of the European Union, Marty, below is a map that shows the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Germany tries to stay low-key, but the SEGNPMSS controls all other countries, and very much so Austria with its 35% official new Nazis.  I am not so sure about the 4.7 % Nazis in Germany. I read elsewhere that the AfD has around 12% of the German votes and is short before getting seats in the Bundestag.   


I see the SEGNPMSS  at least with three different approaches to secretly take over the EU and then the world.

1) The Nazis come back, probably just using a different name but with very similar insane goals.

2) The psychiatric-conditioned Islamists take over Europe and the rest of the world, however, whenever the secret service doctor orders, with the snap of a finger,  they will suddenly stop being Islamists and turn into German Nazis

 3) The EU continue to pretending to be western and good, until all other countries are trapped and when there is nobody anymore who can stop them as they ruined all other countries, incl. the USA,  they turn the world officially into their Nazi world.

I know, some people say that could happen. But I bet all the advanced civilizations that suddenly got bad and disappeared from surface of the Earth were saying the same thing.

SEGNPMSS’s favorite plan is taking over Europe with Nazis again. (See map above.) UK could be that country in the EU that is most in their way on going quickly brown again. So, they arrange that it leaves (BREXIT) and plan to split Ireland and Scotland from the UK, so England becomes small and unable to stop Germany and the countries that it devours. In addition, they will hold the UK economy down with very unfair methods (like they do in the USA, with loud and silent sounds).  As I said before, Merkel is a tool. And they picked a woman because people think they are not as bad. I really would like to see Merkel’s NSA phone records and who whispers in her ears.    

Well, nothing you didn’t hear before from me, Marty. I would love to hear your thoughts. I bet you figured very similar conclusions.

I am sending you a million kisses and you are always on my mind.

I love you.



















London kept their underground skeleton-free






eear implants
















President George Washington warned of the Bavarian Illuminati?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how are you?

I am convinced that the Bavarian Illuminati was just a front group of barbers and butchers (medical doctors and psychiatrists) to blame “philosophy” or “religion” so that they and later medicine and psychiatry would not be blamed on the horrible stuff they were doing. They make the world believe that philosophy and religion is bad and medicine/psychiatry is good despite all obvious shortcomings. 

BTW, Marty, I noticed that Ron (the real founder) rather referred to Scientology as an applied philosophy instead of a religion.

Anyway, allegedly, the Jesuits founded a secret order in Europe already in 1543. I bet the farm that this was another Bavarian front group. I know, most people think that history is correctly described, and secret services and particularly Bavarian secret services don’t go as far back, but I say this is not correct. The wars happened, and I am sure not even all were recorded and they were even more gruesome than described. The world has to look at history again. 

Religion has a bad reputation because barber and butcher, the today’s medical doctors and psychiatrists hate ethics. True ethical behavior was very originally at the heart of a real religion. So, ever since, they blame religion on being the evil, which does not makes sense.  They alter also the content of religious beliefs to make many people turn their backs on this with the words: Who believes that crap? They also radio in the ear implants of “representatives” of religions as Catholic priests to behave like pigs and Muslims to be brutal.

I read about historical events that go pretty much back to the Middle Ages that indicate to me medical/mind-control organized crime in Germany and Europe, and it came with the Europeans to the USA.  Same about Freemasonry. It consisted of front groups behind which mainly German (particularly Bavarian) butchers and barbers hid. Masonic conspiracies are also linked to the KKK or Skull and Bones. (Skulls and bones, that is a sure medical giveaway, is it not?)

These guys are the ultimate cowards. Hiding and making others commit their crimes is what they are specialized on. Jews also joined Freemasonry,  but one has to pull more strings to get to the Bavarian Dorian Grays. They just can live with themselves by NOT thinking about their characters and by lying that good people are bad and that they are good. They think they can’t afford to be honest and so they made others to be the scapegoats. I pity them, Marty, that is all the only effect that they are making on me. I don’t even hate them. I feel sorry for the lousy characters they are having. I wouldn’t want to exchange my character with theirs for any price in the universe.

It can be all traced down to Europe. My intuition is that a lot of suppressive people landed  there approx. 4500 years ago and killed the original Europeans, and interestingly, got stuck there themselves. The old story of bad people conspiring also against bad people. I believe that their main base was Bavaria. Hey, I lived there.  It has a high concentration of the lowest kind of people, the most brutal and perverted kind of people one can imagine. They have no value whatsoever. It is a total shock that people can sink so low. But they do. They have my deepest contempt. I don’t even want to live in one universe with scum like this.

There is a tendency saying that the plaque likely killed the early Europeans and suddenly people with a very different DNA populated Europe approx. 4500 years ago. Knowing the Bavarians, the barber, the butcher and the later medical doctor and psychiatrists, I can tell with absolutely certainty that if those people died on the plague, that the bacteria that caused the plague were bred and planted. And they used for sure other methods too to kill the original Europeans.  


As more I learned of them, Marty, as harder I tried to be different. They wanted to degrade me (and you and some other good beings) and degraded themselves even more in the process. And they continue to conspire against us, and I noticed that the gaps between their and our characters are growing light years wider apart. They sent us through hell, Marty, but I know that neither you nor me can complain about lack of self-esteem. We have it as our acts are so different from their low acts. In order to feel better, they have to degrade others instead of changing their rotten characters. Degrading people with better characters make them feel superior. But it is not working as they have planned. They grow smaller personality-wise,  and we grow bigger personality-wise, it doesn’t matter what they do to us. And all because they are too much of cowards to take an honest look at who they are and their values. That is really what it is. A person with courage admits its shortcomings and changes them. She engages in honest and friendly competition when she wants games. But all that these suppressive people are doing is unfair and based on them being cowards and being on the bottom of the tonescale. Once I wondered about the lower part of the extended tonescale, Marty, but after I discovered the true faces of medical  doctors and psychiatrists (most of them from Bavaria or with a Bavarian timetrack), it made all sense.  

They are lying to themselves all the time. Many are living in physically paradise-like villages and conditions (stolen physical immortality technology) but are very unhappy and depressed people. And their physical immortality can change at any time. One conspires against the other one, and they are finding themselves reincarnated in an animal body or in a human body of a gender they would not  have chosen for themselves, or are given as babies to abusive families or people, or have to live in a war country, etc, etc. And all those things that they did to others is being done to them. And all that because they are too big cowards to come forward and CONFESS what they did, how they did it, and how long this is going on and where those Dorian Gray rat nets are exactly. We find out anyway. 

Some say that the Illuminati faked the moon landing. I don’t doubt the moon landing one bit, but I know that we (main population of planet Earth) we were NOT truthfully told what is up there and on other planets and space stations. The people who are saying that the moon landing never happened are put up by their case officers who do not want to be discovered up there.

Anyway, history says that George Washington feared that the people of America will be separated from its government by the Illuminati. The German-oriented and -controlled infiltrators (US officials) sure took over the US government and still run it secretly today. 

If George Washington would today warn of the Bavarian Illuminati (or the Bavarian butchers and barbers behind them),their agents would say that Washington is “mentally ill” or “wearing a tin-foil hat”, and “needs to take his meds”… Typical medical and psychiatric defamation campaign against somebody who discovered the Bavarian butcher and barber, the Bavarian Dorian Grays  – or is close to discover them.

I doubt that George Washington didn’t knew that the Bavarian Illuminati were just a front group put up by the Bavarian barber and butcher monsters behind such front groups as the Illuminati and Freemasons. Centuries ago, people started to suspect the Bavarians, and the barber and butchers thought that they have to encounter this with “religion-based” front groups, the “Illuminati” so that nobody comes after them, butchers and barbers who became later medical doctors and psychiatrists and are still butchers and barbers, secretly or openly, as of today. 

I know that I don’t have to lecture you on this, Marty. I just have to get them out of my system once in a while.

Many kisses and tender embraces.