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Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince, how are you?

I think of you and wonder what else has to happen until we can see each other again?!

Scientology was altered immediately after SPs noticed that it makes people smarter and saner. Sometimes, I read somewhere a quote from the Bible, Quran, Torah, and other scriptures and I shake my head in disbelief that people believe that these scriptures are not altered.

That gruesome God in these scriptures isn’t the God who I know. However, the one who I encountered also isn’t a fool either who let’s SPs off the hook by forgiving without the appropriate amends. Each criminal that gets easy off the hook will continue his or her crime-spree.

 But this seems to be the “God” in most religious scriptures. Either he chops heads off or he forgives any crime there is. And that tells me crystal clear that those scriptures are not by God but by men. And what people describe as The Good Book ain’t one in my view. Nothing holy about this thing or other such scriptures. 

There is the famous story about Sodom and Gomorrah and its unethical residents. According to the Bible, “God” (yeah right) told Jews to wipe out those people (Canaanites) approx. 4000 years ago.  “He” wanted anything wiped out that breathes, which means probably also their kids and pets, and whatever… This “God” sounds rather like a German psychiatrists to me doing genocide, a Holocaust or ethical cleansing so that Jews will be blamed later.

Many Christians say that Judas was the worst traitor ever. Not saying there was no traitor. World was and is full with them. But they gave him a name with “Jud” in it, which is German for Jew. Indicates to me that the writer(s) of the Bible wanted Jews to be blamed on this “wipe out”. 

The media reported recently that DNA research done on the modern Lebanese people showed that 90% of them can be traced back to the Canaanites, which means that they were not exterminated by the Jews. And that is this.

Everything good reminds me of you, Marty. I see or read something nice or beautiful, I think of you. I hear beautiful music, I hear of you. Our timetrack back and forth until present was/is hard and painful, but we both didn’t give us any pain. And I think so often about you: What does a wonderful thetan on a planet like this?

Yours forever,



David Miscavige is the most unqualified person “to lead” Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and soulmate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. What a disgusting world in which the guilty are free or come free easily and the innocent (you) is framed and robbed of your freedom for so long. The worst of all is that Scientologists should be there to change that kind of unjust world, but they turned into Vistarologists and Miscavologists instead.

I watched that Norman Starkey video and came to the conclusion that this guy is one of the dumbest people ever born. And maybe also corrupt like hell if he knows that the man who “left Scientology” to David Miscavige was not the founder but a secret service agent and impostor.  

DM, an SP is also heavily PTS with those numerous antagonistic people in his family. He hears and reads in the media what his family members are saying, which means that he is subjected to their arguments and accordingly, PTS. 

The Miscavige family! What a horrible family! There is nothing but problems!

What I find also suspicious is that these non-Scientologists with the first name “Ron” float around the “leadership” of Scientology. Looks like another German-psychiatric set-up to me. Guess they want the ethical founder Ron not just confused with his impostor “Jack (“LRH”) Vistaril” but also with the scum of Miscaviges. They like Scientology to be smeared and brought down, and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”, a German/CIA double agent upon German psych-orders selected David Miscavige for that. He and his family would harm Scientology greatly through their characters (or the lack thereof), conduct, and activities is the German/p$ych calculation behind that.

Marty, had you time to read about Ronald  (“Ronnie”) Miscavige junior?

From the articles about his father Ronald Thomas Miscavige (senior) one can conclude that David Miscavige and the Miscavologists never believed that Miscavige senior was innocent on attempted rape and all that other stuff he was accused on. Instead of letting justice do its course, DM hires an expensive lawyer/law firm to get him out and demanded afterwards from his father to join the Sea Org. Can you believe it? What about the safety of female Sea Org members? DM pulls in the worst kind of people because he is no Scientologist. And nobody’s family is such a liability to Scientology as his. There are thousands of Scientologists who do not come with that kind of baggage and would make better decisions than His Cobness. But this is the secret psychiatric purpose of him being the “Chairman of the Board”. People on top of Scientology who are no Scientologists and don’t apply it to their own lives and family.  

Guess DM apparently is also surrounded and applauded by fools like Norman Starkey who need cult leaders and also don’t apply Scientology. It doesn’t matter how many decades they hang out in Scientology. Many joined for wrong reasons. Also, the German-controlled international cult of ear implants runs people. Idiots never find out what a trap it is and they stay German-controlled international ear implant cultist for all their lives, but real Scientologists figure what’s up with it and what a trap it is. And this system has nothing to do with Scientology. Original Scientology and the real founder was attacked and defamed and infiltrated because Ron (the real founder) opposed ear implants whose carriers conspire against others and are also manipulated by silent sounds.  

According to this website, which for sure is one by the C of S, David Miscavige’s brother “Ronnie” was arrested on August 21, 2012 for solicitation of prostitution as part of a larger FBI investigation.

Here are the police reports:

What on Earth?! David Miscavige can’t convince his own family members to live ethical lives because he is unethical too. For starters, he accepted Scientology from the founders IMPOSTOR!! And he knows it.

DM’s twin sister Denise was also recently in legal troubles with the law. Another non-Scientologist.

Another question: Is that Scientology money that his brother pays to prostitutes? Where does his money come from? Did DM give him money as he also gave his unethical father a high sum of money? Nothing is DM’s personal money as everything he has, he got by unlawfully taking Scientology over from the impostor. That is what needs to be investigated by Congress and courts that he can’t buy (if there is such a thing).

German secret services and the psychs behind them picked the most unethical family because they knew that they would smear the name of Scientology (and the real founder) and bring it down.  David Miscavige “opens buildings” for “Scientology” to impress VIPs but ruins the reputation of Scientology by behaving unethical and also failing to handle his own family and throwing money at them. His merger of Scientology with the anti-Semitic cult of Farrakhan has more alteration of Scientology and future disaster written all over it and shows basically that DM is his father’s son.  

Jenna Miscavige Hill blames the arrest of her aunt Denise on Scientology. Can you believe it? Her own uncle, David Miscavige runs Scientology in a non-Scientology way, and she blames Scientology on it! He made the rules. If she couldn’t see her parents while in the Sea Org, she has nobody to blame but her own uncle and family. It was David Miscavige who re-instated the Disconnection Policy that Jack Vistaril or some other infiltrators once introduced to Scientology and that was cancelled later. Instead of applying real Scientology, DM adopted also some scribblings from German/CIA double agent “Jack Vistaril”, the founder’s impostor.

Denise Miscavige was taken into custody in 2013 in connection with DUI, failure to yield and misdemeanor marijuana possession, INSTEAD OF APPLYING SCIENTOLOGY, WHICH IS ANTI BOOZE AND DRUGS. Did Jenna understand anything of Scientology while she was on staff? I doubt it. The Miscaviges are one big nightmare for Scientology.    

“Ronnie/Ralph” (arrested for solicitation of prostitution) is Jenna Miscavige Hill’s father. If I would be her, I would be happy for any minute I didn’t have to spent with someone as downtone and unethical as he is. But they simply blame Scientology on their own lack of ethics, and stupid people (and corrupt reporters) allow them to get away with this. “Something else made me/him/her do it… I/he/she am/is a good person…” Yeah right! It is so non-Scientology.

I, the “bundle of energy” 😉 would like to tell the “stick of dynamite” face to face what I think of him and his family and kick him off his throne.  

You heard it from me before, Marty, but I can’t help it. You and I belong to ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY as the coasts to America.

We were ethical. We were not involved in anything like this. We worked truly for a better world not to make money and throw it at unethical people or to have power. We respected human rights. We are the real Scientologists. Proud to be no Vistarologist, no Miscavologist, no “Independent Vistarologists” no Ex-“Scientologist”.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Hope to see you against all odds soon.

Yours forever,



Monique’s husband (former husband of Cheray and Anne) wasn’t around in the mid to end 80s in Scientology International

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original-martyMarty, my wonderful dashing Prince and husband with the great ethical character,

Sorry for posting your photo in a blog article that contains – except the original Ron and the original Ike – also photos of the scum of the world.  I want to make a point here. Germany and any government that secretly obeys to the orders of German secret service doctors and other agents should know that they will not get away in future with making the originals disappear and replacing them with doppelgangers/impostors. They also will not get away with helping rotten individuals (e.g. Hitler and Bin Laden) to hide while their doppelgangers are killed or commit “suicide”. (Yeah right!)   

Nobody knows that this is  going around  better than you do, Marty, my soul mate, as you are a victim of this, but so am I.

In the book “Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior”, which rather should be named “Memoirs of an Infiltrator and Impostor”, Mosey’s husband describes “in details” the mid-80s. He wasn’t even there. You were. I saw him NOWHERE. But I meet YOU. He just heard or assumes what happened in the 80s. He spent so much time writing about the 80s as he wants to D/A that HE WAS NOT THERE. He really is serious about impostering you. He can’t claim: DM made me do it – as a decade after he left DM’s side, he still is impostering you. What is his award for doing so, Marty? Why is he so eager wanting to be you and not himself? And now he and his current wife want multi-million Dollars from Scientology in the court case before judge Dip Waldrip. To be able to afford a great hiding place once mainstream learns that he is indeed an impostor and that his wife supports this? 

A Scientologist is no true believer. If Monique’s husband was a true believer of sorts, he was never a Scientologist. A real Scientologist does not believe, he/she studies and reviews things and finds things out himself/herself. That makes a real Scientologist. A real Scientologist wants to know for sure and beyond any doubt.   

The last photo of you that I saw, Marty, was in the RTC magazine in the mid to late 80s. You (looking breathtakingly dashing as always) wore a white Sea Org Uniform and spoke to Italian staff members in Italy. And then it was quiet. Everyone else’s name was promoted in the SCN magazine Impact but yours. It was as if somebody wiped out your entire existence. I saw with my own eyes how capable and able you were. I also noticed that others were honored in the Impact magazine who had nothing on you as far as abilities are concerned. So, I wondered and wondered more and more as to how this is possible and what is going on at Scientology Int. And the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported before about arrests in Spain due to that high amounts of Spanish money allegedly were transferred to the USA (again: at this time all Sea Org reserves were in Europe NOT in the USA and I bet they are still in Europe), I got the distinct feeling that Germany used Spain to come specifically after you for no other reasons but to deny your human rights by wrongfully arresting you. That’s why your name was not more mentioned in Scientology magazines anymore in the very late 80s. Typically for non-Scientologist David Miscavige to leave a comrade in need. Code of Honor means nothing to this dude. But I was not willing to forget you. 

And what a “surprise”: suddenly, around 1990, photos of you doppelganger showed up in Impact and other RTC publications. He looked a lot like you but already on photos, I could see a very different personality. He smiled and carried his body differently. You knew that the world is a very dangerous place but you were unafraid. Behind your impostor’s eyes I could read that he thought life is just a foolish game.  There is a very different expression behind his and your eyes. The aura is very different.  On the video that Mark Bunker had webbed for a short while, I could see that Monique’s husband (former husband of Cheray and Anne) also moved and walked differently than you did. After he took your position, RTC publications and Impact suddenly “honored your name”.  




Everybody who knew you, Marty, must have noticed that  Monique’s husband (former husband of Cheray and Anne) isn’t you, and if their IQ is worth a cent, they should have noticed that Ron the founder was also impostored and that this impostor “Jack Vistaril” changed Scientology and smeared the founder’s legacy.  

As Mosey’s husband (former husband of Cheray and Anne) is an impostor himself, he never will blow the whistle on that the founder of Scientology was also impostored. Below is the real founder, the genius and absolutely ethical person who developed Scientology who differs quite a lot from today’s Miscavology and Vistarilogy. “Jack Vistaril” and David Miscavige altered Scientology, just as the doctor ordered.   


Below is above the law “Jack Vistaril”, and the impostor of the founder, who was married to criminal Mary Sue. Both agents of sorts. How “Scientologists” can mistake this man on his 1.1 tonelevel to be the founder is BEYOND ME.  It is the impostor’s handwriting on OT III. (His version of OT III differs quite a bit from the OT III and the other OT levels that the real founder wrote.) The guy below, the impostor left Scientology to David Miscavige. If it turns out that this man was an impostor, David Miscavige will lose his grip on Scientology. So, it is no surprise that DM doesn’t say a word about impostors in Scientology, isn’t it? How “Scientologists” can think that the real founder ever married a woman as low on the tonescale and criminal as Mary Sue is also beyond me.  The original Ron who knew the tonescale better than anyone never would have made that mistake marrying Mary Sue. Never in a gazillion years. Here is the impostor slime bucket on the Apollo:     


The use of Doppelgänger is very German. It is the German word for double walker as you know. That even a German word is used should give the world a hint who came up with having cheap and criminal impostors impostering good originals or other doppelganger assisting rotten originals as Bin Laden and Hitler to get away. Goebbels hired at least six doppelganger for Hitler. Saddam Hussein had approx. 10, and even Winston Churchill had one. 

The CIA must have hired also a doppelganger/impostor for David Dwight Eisenhower.

Here is the original:

real ike 

And below is his doppelganger. It is unbelievable how far the authorities go, Marty. The doppelganger was never elected President, yet, after they swept the real Dwight David Eisenhower’s death (I bet it was medical murder in the WH) under the carpet, the impostor was allowed to stay in office as the President of the United States. It is outrageous and a betrayal of all Americans who voted for Ike who defeated before as Commander of the Allied Forces the 3, Reich. For me, it is so easy to figure this out. So, what is the matter with the political and historic analysts, except having German-controlled ear implants that doesn’t allow them to see or publish the facts?  

Looks these two (Nixon on the right side… Ike didn’t even like Nixon!) having a good laugh as to that the original Ike  and properly elected U.S. President was “disposed” of. Little did these fools know that the truth  would come out so many years later. Nixon died suddenly in 1994. In 1990, I knew already that Ike was impostored and started to file FOIA/PA requests and legal cases.  


And yes, also Bin Laden had a doppelganger who was shot by the Navy Seals. The rotten original came away. Below, on the right side, that is not Bin Laden. Some people might say that on the picture on the right he dyed his hair and beard, but I can see a different person on the right side, even if they have their eyes closed. He isn’t good either but he isn’t that driven and ruthless as the real Bin Laden. The Pakistani doctor who wants big cash from the USA as award led the Americans to the wrong man, and I bet he knew that this man was just Bin Laden’s doppelganger. People might ask, who in the hell is so stupid to function as Bin Laden doppelganger? A man desperate in need for cash and a fool who thinks that if the American catch him, he always can explain that he is just a look-a-like. I bet he didn’t dream that they would mow him down unarmed.

And I think the reason why President  Obama didn’t publish the photo of the shot Bin Laden is because he too thinks that he just got the doppelganger. But what kind of justice is that for all those American and other families who suffered by the actions of the real Bin Laden (a secret German agent) who got away just like Hitler?           


Ron said that the truth comes out always. It sure does. The SEGNPMSS does everything to keep the truth from becoming main stream. This also includes David Miscavige paying services to keep my blog down in the search engines, despite he hates the guts of Monique’s husband, the impostor that he once allowed to take over your position in Scientology.

David Miscavige is as little a Scientologist as Monique’s husband or Mike Rinder. I often think if DM wouldn’t have “inherited” Scientology from Ron’s impostor, he would work together with the attackers of Scientology to bring it down. He sure makes a good job bringing Scientology down on the inside including implementing psychiatric equipment on the “SP Rundown”

Many kisses my darling. We will see each other again. Our love is here to stay. 

I love you.

Yours forever,



Scientologists should be entitled to choose who they are in contact with – just like all other people who select their companions

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

Facebook friends, are they really friends? How good of friends are they?

However, Scientologists have the right like anyone else to disconnect from Facebook friends as long as it is their own decision. Forcing Scientologists to befriend people they don’t want to befriend is as bad as forcing them to “unfriend”.  

What do you think of this?

I am not entertaining on Facebook or Twitter, because I don’t have the time, and also I can’t see that these websites create real friendships. I like having a blog better. That means that I am not linked to creeps.

I don’t want to be connected to people who run black propaganda operations on Ron and our religion, and I don’t want to make the impression that I approve of them and their low activities. Besides, are these really friends? From what I have seen, people collect friends to make the impression that they have many friends. Not a game that I want to play. If these friends are just a collection, I do very well without it.

Most people don’t even mind who they want to befriend as long as they are many people and make them appear that they have many. I think it is a stupid game. I don’t want phony friends. And I am sure you neither, Marty. Real friends who don’t lie to us and tell us the truth, this is what we want.

Speaking about disconnection, you remember, while we were on staff, nobody disconnected from family. We handled our problems with family. I am pretty sure that RB would have managed to kidnap me and subjected me to Cyril Vosper’s “deprogramming” if I would have disconnected or not. In order not to be kidnapped, one needs constant body guards. I would have needed full-time body guards who are not secretly double agents working for the kidnapping party. They would have napped me from the street.

RB was really making me sick. She barged in the middle of the night into my room and interrupted my sleep to tell me how wrong the choice of my religion is and that I should be a Lutheran or Moslem. Haha! I really had two choices, and she couldn’t understand that I wanted to choose my own religion without following her crazy footsteps. Some people really work towards making others sick, and should these have no right to disconnect from those who make them sick? The enemies of Scientology and the so-called “Independents” make it look as if somebody has no right to ever disconnect from anybody else. But I say if a SP makes a person physically sick or completely unhappy, this person has a right to disconnect from the SP.

On the other side, I read often about alleged SPs, but compared to RB they really are none. They might be unethical creeps but nobody tops the SP personality that RB had. She was hypnotized and never noticed that I am not her biological daughter. She refused to accept the fact. She didn’t see where the mother ends and the daughter begins. She thought she has created my personality by giving birth to her daughter. Religious people of all kinds of faith think that children are a gift and that they probably created the body but not the soul. RB thought she can make souls. No kidding. A child was her possession, even if the child was of age. Yes, very suppressive. That’s a real SP. 

She would have been happier too with her own biological kids because they were more like she was or wouldn’t had mind becoming little mini-RBs.  Anyway, having known RB for so long, any other SPs that I met  or heard about is a lame joke to me. Really. The best to describe what my life with her is comparing her to a German Shepard running after you each second of your life, constantly attacking anything and anybody that is coming your way or what you are interested in.

Numerous Scientologists in Germany knew what a SP RB was and they jokingly told me: “What doesn’t kill you, just makes you stronger.” Despite she was that suppressive, I managed to stay in Scientology. However, I constantly had to pay her lots of attention, Marty, and I constantly ended up having a “PTS sit” after being longer away from home, e.g. in other orgs, on missions, ect. The PTS sit was triggered simply by: you don’t spend enough time with me.

No young woman should have to spent time with a mother or suffer the consequences, but this is how it was. RB was a real SP, no doubt about it. Making stupid remarks or repeating the stuff that a newspaper wrote about SCN wasn’t the actual problem. A real SP puts her thumb on a person and constantly presses her down to break her will. She has to control ANYTHING. What a person thinks, watches, writes, dreams about, works, talks to, wears, believes in it, anything. 

So, if I hear that someone disconnected because of a SP in their family, I look at that tame SP and I am thinking, gee, I wish RB would have been such a lame “SP” as your relative.  If your relative is a SP, mine was a super SP. I would be able to handle their PTS situation within a very short time period.

I am saying that there are some wrong ways in regards to disconnection:

1)      To disconnect because one is too lazy or unethical to handle the PTS sit. 2) To disconnect because some person orders it. 3) Not to disconnect and allow a gruesome SP step all over you and take your life away.

What I am saying is that disconnection should be the LAST resort and if there is really no other possibility. However, when disconnecting from a real SP, such a person needs also help not to be kidnapped in retaliation for the disconnection by the SP.

All that comes from personal experience, as you know, Marty. I really know both sides of this coin, disconnecting or not disconnecting. 

There is something wrong with people who disconnect just like that from their families. I always loved my siblings despite that RB had some success suppressing my sister. Disconnecting from my siblings would have been something I never would have done.

There is something really wrong with those families, and it has nothing to do with Scientology. Actually, it means that Scientology is not applied when people have this low affinity to each other. Real families are sticking together through thick and thin. Also families that never had anything to do with SCN disconnect but the media doesn’t report about these stories.

From what I can see, numerous so-called Scientologists disconnect for stupid reasons as not agreeing on what man David Miscavige is, and that results in lots of bad PR for the orgs.

This is so stupid, and comes back as a motivator to hunt the orgs.

Anyway, Marty, we both stick together too, through thick and thin, and forever. No force in the entire universe could make me disconnect from you. I am going nowhere. This is not even remotely on my mind, Marty. I never will be the cause of rain on our love. Our love is the true and rare love that lasts come rain or shine. Like a rock in any storm! Forever and ever…

Love you forever,



Good question, what is the motivation of psychs?

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My dearest Marty,

In many of these threads on natter boards one can see how little many people understood of Scientology,  and that includes those who infiltrated for a long time.

Somebody asked what the motivation of psychiatrists would be towards mankind. This question should be broadened because it comes basically again down to that it is the suppressive person who suppresses mankind and painfully each individual on Earth. I know that I don’t have to lecture you but I feel that I should write something about this.

The SP was first and SPs have a tendency to pick professions with which they can suppress, control or torture people. As you know, a SP  doesn’t have to be necessarily a p$ychiatrist. He can be a politician, a states man, a soldier, a barber, a butcher, another doctor, a dentist, a terrorist, a surgeon, a bum, a psychologist, a governmental official, secret service officer,  a police man, a teacher, a priest, a judge, a lawyer, a reporter, a business man, CEO of pharmaceutical company, whatever. The  SP has a tendency to pick a “profession” with which he can mess up people, can harm people, can control people, can torture people but at the same time is adored as good person that he not even remotely is and one of the best way to access body and mind is becoming a psychiatrist and that is why the profession of a psychiatrist so attractive for a SP. People are being brought to him of which is said that they are crazy and the psych can do whatever he wants with them because the public does not believe a so-called crazy person and often not even the person knows what is done to her because the psych knows to hypnotize, e-shock or drug that person to make her forget or ruin her otherwise. I have seen with my own eyes how people as normal as the average person in the streets were transformed by p$ychs into people who had no access anymore to their analytical minds.

Psychiatry really sucks and it just warehouses people and brings them down more and destroys them. The drugs don’t heal and often make a person unable to move and act.  Or the person on such drugs and in such psychiatric “care” commits suicide or attacks others. A person who has nothing to do with Scientology told me not long ago that anti-depressant make him want to kill people. And the worst is, most people don’t know what secret service psychs are up to and plotting against mankind and just about any individuals including their very own agents. If they would know, people would get so angry against psychs that they would ask courts to outlaw them and  for their execution. What psychs and other doctors conceal is that some of their colleagues work with secret service methods to create patients by radio in their subconscious mind and concealing before the world alternative lifestyles that could prevent illnesses and the fragile states of aging and could extend  a healthy lifespan indefinitely.  People don’t have to age or get sick but doctors and the pharmaceutical industry earn money of they do. Them being very rich is more important than anyone’s health and life. That’s why they defame Ron and  suppress and infiltrated original Scientology because he looked through their suppressive activities and published what they did and do and also that was altered.

If a non-SP would start studying psychiatry, he/she would come to the conclusion that it is bad and that there must be other ways to help people than shocking them and feeding them with chemicals. Such a person either gives up studying psychiatry or would work actively against it.

Those people who do not find alternative ways to deal with the alleged crazy people but work in the psychiatric profession as we know it, are suppressive people because they suppress others with drugs, shocks, invasion of the mind and brain alterations.

The motivation is clear: suppressing people by doing the wrong thing for them, by doing harmful things to them on the broadest level possible, and that is why psychs are not just the nerdy men in the white coat sitting in a chair next to the couch with a person asking sexually harassing questions: these psychs, these SPs are also in government and in official and unofficial international secret services where they control which person or movement should be defamed and brought down and which one supported. The one defamed and brought down are the real Ron and the real Scientology because it is able to build a better world and can handle insanity, criminality, terror, war, and all personal and even economical and all other problems. Not defamed but assisted and promoted is the way of life that make people depend on medicine and psychiatry.

Psychs, and SPs in all other professions want to be adored and worshiped by mankind. Nobody is more phony than these SPs. The medical profession developed from barbers. Psychiatry also has butcher roots. It is not a crazy claim that psychs were behind Hitler and the Nazis. It is true and can be proven. Despite that they basically know that they are the lowest kind of people anywhere, they are in denial and created the reputation that being a doctor is the most respectable profession and particularly in Germany, a doctor is like God. Not even judges have the courage to oppose them in any way or form in a court.

And that leads me back to the cradle of evil. It is Germany and very much so Bavaria. One can venture anywhere in the world, the German psychs are so obsessed that they feel they have to control any international spot by secretly running any official or unofficial secret service. They are too crazy not to attach anyone on a supercomputer and implant him with silicone ear implants. They say that they help people with it, and it is a blatant lie. The just control them and make sure that each one of them has dirty hands so that they don’t defect or blow the whistle. The system breeds fools, cowards, and criminals.

Here is more:

And all the doctors and psychs who run Hitler order and control the doctors who carry out the atrocities and controlled and run also the SS, the Gestapo, the concentration camp wardens, and other Nazis through ear implants came away. Until to the point in time where they kill each other, because SPs also hate each other when they feel that they don’t need the other one anymore. It is a system in which anyone loses.

How do answer the question: what is the motivation of psychs? They deep down hate anyone including themselves. If they would not hate themselves too, they would work on becoming better and give up suppressing others because as more they suppress, as more they go down too. Also, they think that everyone is as bad as they are and that is why they feel they have to control the entire world. I once saw a SP in a court room. She tried to control anyone within the court room including the people who sat there just to listen. The motivation of psychs is not to become victim of people like him or her and this is exactly what they are getting why keeping the SEGNPMSS and psychiatry alive.

My problem with those books is that they mainly just report about these very visible psychs and not these scum secret service psychs who recruited and run Hitler in the first place.

Marty, when I ignore the correct spelling of the name Hitler, then I get following secret message for somebody who speaks German and English: Hit as in ‘hit” and “leer” an in “empty”. In my way of decoding the a code in languages,  it says that the man (Hitler) was picked and those who picked him knew already then that he wouldn’t be hit, he wouldn’t be assassinated but protected. He didn’t die in 1945 but I feel that he is dead now that they killed him eventually but  many many years later than his alleged suicide. SPs protect each other just for certain periods, then they lash also out against each other. It is very likely that thetan Hitler (and German and international SP thetans of lots of other Nazi SPs) were planted by the SEGNPMSS in the USA to grow up here  to bring the USA down with their horrible personalities.

Basically, Marty, I believe they want to be us but they are too dirty and perverted to live ethical lives, and that is why they never will be like us but always the scum of mankind (it doesn’t matter if they have a Prof. Dr. Dr. med etc. in front or behind their names). Some of the secret service psychs have read all that the real Ron ever wrote. They read and heard more original Scientology than anyone else but they stole the data or changed them so that others don’t become real OTs and that Scientologists have to further depend on medical doctors, and there is always this secret program and set ups by psychs to force or maneuver Scientology to accept psychology or psychiatry. Despite many of these SPs have read original writings by Ron or heard him talk by spying on him during his real lectures, they are too dumb and too much in denial to think that they  will pull in no motivators. They think that motivators will only happen to others. And that is the ultimate sign of  stupidity.

I know that your thoughts are also those of a real OT, Marty. I can receive them without needing a supercomputer mindreader.

I love you, my hero. Hang in there, I have no intentions ever to give up on you.

Yours forever


Non-Scientologists disconnect too. But nobody in my org did. I did not disconnect either. Was that good or bad for me?

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Dearest Marty, my simply irresistible Prince,

Disconnection is discussed on TV and there is out-ethics on both sides, by the infiltrators in the orgs and the outside attackers of who were many former infiltrators. As you know, when I was President of the C of S Germany, we practiced no disconnection. But anybody else, non-Scientologists were practicing it. I heard from non-Scientologists, from Atheists, from Christians often that they had no contact with somebody in their family or even no contact with all of them because over some disagreement or different lifestyles or because they never were close in the first place. When people disconnect, something is already wrong in their families. People who love each other come to some kind of arrangement even when having opposite opinions. Family members who love each other do not disconnect.

Interesting is that nobody tells non-Scientologists that they have to stay together  by all means but all seem saying that Scientologists may not disconnect from relatives who attack their religion and way of living, which is unfair.

A PTS sit exists when somebody attacks SCN but if somebody still approves of Scientology but just is of the opinion that DM is no good, this should not be covered under the definition of PTS situation because DM is not SCN. Ron never wrote that one may not disagree with DM. I can imagine that infiltrators in the orgs, e.g. ethics officers who are not truly Scientologists tell Scientologists, those with  PTS A types situations to disconnect or the PTS A type infiltrator disconnects because he or she is too out-ethics to handle his own out ethics that caused the situations. Currently, it is possible that too many disconnections take place because some people might think that it is easier to disconnect that to handle a sit.

I had different PTS sits because RB was indeed a SP. No doubt about it. Germans who kidnapped me never would have given me to a non-SP parent. They are much too perverted than not wanting me to suffer all the time. She was a fanatical Christian who thought that anybody has to become Christian, even by force, kidnapping, and mind control and she was unable to leave it up to me to make my decision as to what religion to chose. I told her that she should leave my fate up to God, and she indicated that she thinks that Satan is stronger than God so she has to do God’s work. In other words, she was one of those obsessed people who thought that God is not strong enough, Marty. That means she considered her stronger than God as she tried to take “over” by forcing her religion onto me. And why would I want to join her ridiculous religion with that weak God?

Anyway, my PTS situations changed from PTS A to PTS C but most of the time, I was PTS 1. The reason why I made a career nevertheless in Scientology is because I did a miracle on her and invested a lot of time and effort to keep the SP from attacking. When other Scientologists took off on their free Saturdays and had a nice time, I drove to RB, helped her and stayed with her some hours to prevent that she would attack Scientology. I called her every day just to make sure that she was alright and that she had nothing in her hand that she could use against me and Scientology.

It did work. For years, she read all the lies that German hate mongers and media wrote about Ron and Scientology but she said no word against it as I was the “perfect daughter”. It would have been a lot easier for me to disconnect from her.

As RB had nothing to put the orgs under pressure with, I was able to continue in Scientology, could join the GO and advanced in the press office and later was elected President. But before, if something wasn’t going her way, she was threatening the org. She used the non-disconnection policy very much to her disadvantage. She forced me to go on vacation with her, all that work and the times visiting and calling her every day, it was a real burden on me but I did it in order to be able to be on staff and being able to get training and auditing. In 1984, when I left for LA, she was fine and on her best behavior, she did not criticize me as Scientologist or Scientology  but I was approx. two months away, just mailed her a few letters and I noticed right way that I had a new PTS A or better a PTS C or  PTS 1 situation when she called me one day. While I was gone, infiltrators as well as enemies of SCN had antagonized her behind my back and that caused another “PTS A” sit. Not being there, not being able to calm the SP down did already result in a new and bad PTS Situation.

I wonder if disconnecting from her would have spared me from being kidnapped for “deprogramming” when I was back in Germany. If she would have not known where to find me, it could have spared me the abduction but if I would have disconnected and if she would have known where to find me, I would have been kidnapped too, Marty.

RB also woke me up in the middle of the night to “deprogram” me and nailed crosses and bible citations in my room on the walls, etc. Is it not extremely unfair and even dangerous for a Scientologist not be allowed to disconnect from such a fanatical person? Should a Scientologist be forced to be together with a person who makes her sick? How long can you go without sleep?

However, I think that most Scientologists don’t have a fanatical person like RB in their lives and that their situations could be handled without disconnecting. When I was the President of the C of S Germany, I asked for data as to who had a similar person in her life as I had. It was just one other young woman who had a PTS C situation in the entire org with approx. 100 staff and thousands of public and she was handling it like I did without disconnection. The others were all fine except a few PTS A sits. Not one person in my org disconnected.

As President of the C of S Germany, I was also in charge for the external affairs of the other orgs and missions in Germany. Their staffs and publics didn’t disconnect either during that time. They had some PTS A sits but not PTS C sit was ever reported to me from these orgs and missions.

And despite hard on me, the Scientologist, non-disconnection did work as long I was in the area handling RB’s hysterical attitude in time. It often took many months to calm her down in which I could not much progress on my studies or auditing but I always handled it again and again till the definition of PTS did no longer apply. (But I sure knew that  PTS 1 did apply more me than PTS A or C because although RB could not object to SCN as I made no mistakes, I knew she was a SP. But not being able to progress in SCN at all because of her seemed suppressive too.)  BTW, family members disagreeing with DM should not classify as PTS sit. A PTS sit according to Ron is being antagonistic towards Scientology not DM.

But it is over now. When I was younger I often thought that when RB would die that I would have a huge relief. But I did not because at the end of her life, she was just a shadow anymore of that forceful SP that forced anybody to do what she wanted or else… I mainly was shocked to see how people go down when the body ages and how they lose strength, physically and mentally.

Otherwise, Marty, I spent some more time doing laundry and spring cleaning the house and I’m half done yet.

I don’t have my house stuffed with lots and heavy furniture as I prefer the minimalistic lifestyle more than burden myself with too much MEST, in other words, I rather have lots of space than lots of stuff standing around, Marty. Guess this is what Salt Lake Tribune described as “austere”. Lol. These guys are clueless. It is called minimalistic lifestyle, means one is an unclutterer. I try to get rid of MEST because I love space to walk, breath live, dance, exercise and it is easier to get exterior if not so much MEST around. Interesting is that often poor people clutter more than rich people, perhaps because they think they need that MEST again one day and don’t want to throw it out. RB was the absolute clutterer. She wasn’t sloppy or disorderly but she crammed lots of stuff into little rooms. I have a barn for this purpose and if this one is crammed, I’ll have another one build. I know you don’t like clutter either. I know like me, you love some nice smooth wooden natural furniture and not being crammed with MEST. I also stay away from metal, glass, plush, etc, and very modern furniture. It’s not my style. I don’t find it cozy. What I love most is your lifestyle, the massive wooden cabin style of our sub-habitat.

I miss love you and miss you so much, Marty. After all we went through, we sure deserve to come finally together. And I will hold onto you. This time, we will communicate what we should have told each other a so long time ago and it starts with: “I love you”.

And I got you babe, and you go got me as your babe…



Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 2, 2010 at 2:56 pm