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Europeans caused the devastating epidemic in Mesoamerica in the 16th century

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, 

How are your days and nights? I am thinking of you. For many people love is just a word consisting of four letters but we know it exists and that if not true, it ain’t love at all. You are amazing the way you are, Marty. Nobody can copy you. A stellar character can’t be copied by one who hasn’t a stellar character as the non-stellar character shines through just as the truly stellar character does. Besides, a stellar character would never impersonate another person in real life as it happens to you and happened to the real Ron. And those psychs who put the impostors up are clueless about the tonescale. They rather have their stupid agents campaigning that the tonescale doesn’t work and in the process they are missing out on it. I am applying it, and I never mistook the originals with the impostors. 

Now to my header:  80% of the population of  Guatemala, Mexico and Peru was wiped out in the 16th century.

Recently, DNA testings were done on a number of skeletons in a cemetery in Mexico and traces of salmonella were found. It is also possible that other bacteria contributed to the death of these people.

These many South Americans apparently died on an epidemic, and it is also believed that the arrival of Europeans was the cause as they were very likely the “carriers” of salmonella. The Europeans appeared having not died or did not die in this rate as the Meso-Americans, which should make one think too.

It doesn’t matter what the tool of the murderers is: axe, guns, bombs or bacteria. Murder is murder. In the 16th centuries, barbers and butchers, the later medical doctors and psychs, the SEGNPMSS, knew how to grow germs and release them deliberately in water and food and the body. I am also certain that they knew how to remote-control them when in the body of people. They could determine this way who dies and who dies not. It still is the same today. Even doctors say today that it is pure “luck” who dies on cancer or not. I see, it is the decision of the SEGNPMSS who dies on it and who not as they are from hell.

Around 1900 and before and after, people in Germany used to say: “It is more difficult to control a girl than a bag of fleas.” Go figure!  Germs are just a bit smaller but function the same.   

Europeans were also wiped out by some diseases in past centuries as they do horrible things also to their own people, however, if germs are not deliberately activated, they don’t do the same harm as they do when they are.

I also have a good clue as to why the SEGNPMSS wiped out the 80% of the Meso-Americans. As always, to rule the world, to get rid of other cultures as they think their own creepy one is the best, to populate South America with their own people and to get the riches of South America. And they got it by using Spain, for example. 

The Beringans could have been killed by activated remote-controlled germs too. There is such a thing as germ genocide. I bet the farm that breeding and training of germs to kill started with the first evil barber on the planet.   

My point is that at one time in the past, a large load of medical monsters landed on this planet. And the horrible thing is that these SPs are still at it and the population doesn’t look for them and so, these monsters are getting away, over and over again, with their atrocities. Only what they do to each other and to themselves (O/W sequence) is making them pay. While they all will suffer at the end, it doesn’t mean that the population ever will be spared if mainstream and governments acts as if they would not exist.

I know, you need no lecture by me, Marty. I would love to hear your thoughts on it and everything else.

Be kissed, my sweetheart.

I love you.

Yours always,






1) Sabotage of physics experiments 2) USS Fitzgerald 3) “Troika”

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are your days and nights? My thoughts are with you, as always. I wish I could make your life easier.

Chinese scientists made an experiment with photons and entanglement. Earlier on, a similar experiment was done near the Canary Islands, 143 km apart. An entanglement was noticed, so they say. 

Now, China beamed from a satellite, a height of 500 km, 6 million entangled photons down to Earth, 1200 km apart to two of their ground stations. I learned that the correlation between photons is created when a laser is directed to beam through a crystal. 

The experiments should serve “future” super secret communication. Can anyone spell SEGNPMSS?

Many photons got lost on their way down. They received some that were “entangled” despite no “information” took place between them… I think that “information” (sabotage with lasers) took place! 

Physicist Brian Greene (not saying what I am saying that these experiments are deliberately sabotaged by the SEGNPMSS) explains the process of the entanglement. You can see this short video here:

So, why do they not give the complete description of how it really works? Up or down? Or how the natural world works? Because it is sabotaged at the other end with lasers. They have it spin unpredictably.  Just as the do with the double-slit experiment. A particle suddenly turns into a wave. What a crap. So is the “run-away universe”.  It is rubbish too. SEGNPMSS does not want us to enter deep space and catch-up with them. As less scientists are certain about physical laws of the universe, as less they feel confident to enter into deep space.

Still existing Nazi doctors sabotage space missions, shuttles explode, equipment fails, while astronomers, physicists, and other scientists are looking at a fake deep universe that was designed with black holes, black matter, and other stuff that doesn’t even exist on Earth. All that to keep particularly the US grounded while Nazi doctors (hiding in safe spaces) are sending their Manchurian candidates into space to attach any living creature out there to the SEGNPMSS super computer to control and manipulate them. They think that makes them the greatest race that ever lived, instead of the biggest idiots anywhere.  

You and I know that they are not intelligent, Marty. If they would be, they would not create and support a system that can also turn against them in a snap and make them for a change to (eternal, this lifetime and future lifetimes) victims. Their hiding spaces are not as safe as they think they are.  They conspire also against each other.  The only guarantee for not stepping in their own traps is removing their traps also for all others. There is no other way.  

I am sure I don’t tell you anything new, Marty. You figured it out too. But what about our scientists? Shouldn’t they look into it and make sure that nothing is sabotaged? I read somehow that the Chinese physicists who was in charge of above mentioned Chinese experiment studied in Austria, Bavaria’s twin, if you ask me.  

Another thing that got my attention this morning is that The U.S. Navy destroyer USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship from the Philippine off the coast of Japan. I believe that if they would have truly investigated the horrible disaster of the MV Dona Paz from the Philippines and the MV Vector, this and other such disasters would not happen. Psychiatrists are conditioning people. They can make people fall asleep or attack instantly by activating remote-controlled their body and ear-implant codes. These doctors enjoy suffering of people, and they are setting the stages for wars among nations. THEY ARE MONSTERS. They do not have human qualifications. What is utterly disgusting to us is fun for these lowest lifeforms!

Finally, a word to your impostor’s “troika”. In his introduction, he says that only three people conspire against Scientology. This is false and ridiculous. Scientology is a huge target of Germany’s secret services, and they are also using other countries like Spain, Russia, France, USA, actually any country. At the same time, Germany enriches itself on Scientology by ordering Scientology’s Sea Org accounts to Luxembourg, which makes it easy for Germany to use the cash. They managed to keep people so blind that they allowed Germany to lead Europe after all Germany did in the past and all it does secretly until now.  

Troika is a Russian term. Looks like your impostor tries to imply Russia instead of Germany being the force against Scientology. Russia is used like other countries (incl. the USA) by Germany against Scientology and in other matters. Besides, a troika has a driver. If the three horses are Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, and Tony Ortega (the masters of the sheep), who is the driver of the troika’s three horses? In other words, who is their case officer? 

Monique’s husband supported Germany in the past. If Germany (and its international secret service psychiatrists) hadn’t altered Scientology by putting non-Scientologists like the founder’s impostor and David Miscavige, etc. in charge, Scientology would have more people who don’t drink SEGNPMSS cool-aid. Your impostor is assisting David Miscavige. I also noticed that he said in those new videos that he “had issues with the organization”. He does not mention DM anymore being the one he had issues with. Now it is suddenly the “organization”.  I think that DM uses Scientology cash to pay him instead his wife and that her husband talks in those videos to DM’s attorney(s).  

However, Larry Wright, Lawrence Gibney, and John Sweeney etc. are not to be trusted either. Besides Wright failing to discover Germany, its secret services, and psychiatrists behind Al Qaeda and other terror groups, he completely failed to investigate the true story of Scientology. Others indeed are using his book to base their stuff about Scientology on it without making their own research from scratch. Wright’s writing that Sweeney never had such psychological and emotional pressure placed upon him than with Scientology, is just one example that should make other reporters shake their heads. Sweeney covered wars and visited North Korea. Him having a discussion with actor Anne Archer’s son Tommy Davis was worse than that? Give me a break! Although I do not in the slightest approve of your impostor, I don’t disapprove of him taking about this book, although it apparently will not be nothing but the truth. He continues to withhold the impostor issues.

Other than that, I think it will have the effect on some reporters. They can’t trust the book blindly anymore (as it happened before), even if Monique’s husband is a liar too.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,


Over the hills and far away,
you swear you will return one day.
far from the mountains and the seas,
back in my arms is where you’ll be.

Over the hills and far away,
I prays you will return one day.
As sure as the rivers reach the seas,
back in your arms is where I’ll be.



Schwearinger’s dog is almost as famous as Schrödinger’s cat

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Dearest Marty, most missed husband and Prince in the entire universe,

Only Schrödinger’s cat is still slightly more famous than judge Swearinger’s dog.

It is not easy to be an impostor but your impostor choose this agent life, despite he should know that clean hands make a happy life.

Tony “Rattlesnake” Ortega who promoted your impostor and his wife for years, beats now up on him on his blog. These anti-Scientologists are worth nothing. Their friendships don’t last.

We original Scientologists are very different.

Anyway, Ortega posted a message today. Not not if this message on his blog can be trusted because he is an anti-religious creep and has such creepy sources.  

The message of “Linda” that Ortega posted end with “This is DK.” instead of  “This is OK.” What is Ortega trying to say with DK, David King? David Katzenjammer? David Knubble? David Kremlin? David Kennebecker?

Anyway, Ortega has heard for sure that Ron and you are impostored. In 1986, YOU headed the legal affairs. The two detectives Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold  who David Miscavige paid off as well, said that YOU STRESSED THAT THEY SHALL DO NOTHING ILLEGAL. That was YOU not Monique’s husband.

As this from Ortega’s blog, I am not sure if you wrote it but definitely not your impostor as he wasn’t even around during in 1986  

 21-Jun-1986 10:37

From: MFTC I/C

Re: Swearinger Invest

for your info and whatever else you can do with this…

20-Jun-1986 20:56

Dear Linda,
What does JP want to do with Bill Swearinqer? What did Bowles say to him? Why would we want Bill S to have Royce confess? Confess to what? When will the rest of the 13 original targets be done?

ML Marty

You would make a comma after the “ML”. As I said, this is from Ortega’s blog, the “tabloid” of the Scientology attackers. There get their daily dose of Schadenfreude and anti-Scientology crap, everything but the truth that the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that you are impostored and the founder was impostored by agents. 

Ortega also mentions Vicki Aznaran and her declaration in 1993. She wrote that OSA played dirty tricks in 1984-87. I definitely won’t put my hand in the fire for DM, Larry (the later Denise) Brennan, Mike Rinder, and other non-Scientologists and infiltrators, but I have witnessed you being serious about not violating laws. And the detectives Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold, former cops, acknowledged this.

By the end of 1988, Germany used Spain to get you wrongfully incarcerated. In 1993, Aznaran probably thought or was told by whoever runs her that you never can get after her legally.     

As I said, Marty, I can read personalities. And on yours, there is no dirt. I can’t say this about others.

Ortega also brings up that an e-mail over and over, mailed by Danny Lemberger (to your impostor) in which stupid Danny Lemberger fantasized or dreamed or whatever that if he had a pistol, with just one bullet, he would put it in Miscavige’s head. What a low life form makes such a violent statement? Sure no real Scientologist. We handle our problems with abilities, skills and technology.

I also feel something else behind such statements: Nazis and doctors. Lemberger is Jewish, so they enjoy to portraying Jews as violent, and he is an alleged Scientologist and that fits in the set up that psychs and Nazis have planned for Scientologists: giving them the reputation of being violent people. David Miscavige is bad for Scientology. You and I, we want justice for whatever he did and does, but we don’t want him dead.

It seems that your impostor turned over the message of Lemberger to a Church attorney. Ortega can’t let this go. He repeats it over and over again on his blog to make Lemberger’s violent streak known to the world, just like the Nazi doctors orders.  Germany’s secret service doctors definitely plan more violence in Scientology. What a pest they are.

I love you, Marty. One of my neighbors just stepped by inviting me to a summer party on Saturday. But there was still no message by you or on your behalf for me. However, I can tell that you are trying to reach me for so long. My intuition works. Thanks to  Ron and Scientology.

Be kissed my irresistible soulmate 

Yours forever,


The kinds of duels and shootings that we like, Marty. It is getting really good around 1:30 min. 








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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and most precious Prince,

You are on my mind, also on days when I am not here.

Love is not blind. If I would love blind I would love a dishonest person. But I love you, and you are true. So, love is not blind, at least not my love to you.

There was still no message by you or on your behalf, Marty. And as the world has German-controlled ear-implants, no message will arrive. The only way, your message or one on behalf of you will reach me is if this German-ordered and controlled conspiracy crashes under its own OWs, despite that they rule the world, overtly and secretly. But they don’t rule the OW sequence. They step in with both feet in their own traps as they are pinheads.

If I would be one of them, I would not try to come between us. They don’t love, not even their own kids, otherwise they would not keep a system alive that conspires against anyone even their kids. Despite spying on us each second of our lives, they don’t understand us, Marty. These psychiatrists, medical doctors, and their international agents are the most superficial people in the world. Spying on us is waste of time, because they don’t understand what they spied out. They still try to come between a love that cannot be destroyed. And you know why: their own “love” can be destroyed in a snap because they don’t really love. Sex, yes, but love, no. If they wouldn’t be so evil, I would feel sorry for them.

And now to my header: before the Incas, there were other architects in Peru. The Incas inherited from them. It kind of reminds me to that there was first original Scientology, then it changed to Vistarology, and then to Miscavology…

The original building style is the best. It is awesome! Look at these large pebbles!

BTW, a few people came to the conclusion that the pre-Incas could read and write. I agree.   

Ollantaytambo (approx. 60 miles from Cuzco) is amazing. Built allegedly in 1440 AD by emperor Pachacuti. Some say it is 15.000 years old. Some say that it is more than 400.000 years old. Guess that is because various civilizations built here and not just one. 

Today, scientists don’t know how these massive granite blocks with a weight of more than 70 tons were lifted 3000 meters high by people who allegedly could not read and write and had no modern tools. Like Machu Piccu, several nations built this place. In Cuzco, one can see at least three different construction styles: pre-Inca, Inca, and the Spaniards (sent by Germany to steal South American gold to Europe). The pre-Inca style is the most impressive.   

Here you can see the pre-Inca building style in the front and in the upper right the Inca style with the smaller rocks.

I think that besides stolen technology and extremely advanced tools like lasers, some minds were not invaded at that early time. With thousands of tapes playing secret messages in anyone’s mind 24/7, what do modern people know about human abilities? Nothing. Christians believe in Jesus having had advanced abilities but they don’t make the conclusion that abilities are stolen by psychiatrists playing tapes in the subconscious mind and keeping people small and grounded. 

Ollantaytambo also looks like a pyramid when looking at it in a certain angle. They had an area with baths and fountains as irrigation system that was also their religious center. Interesting, isn’t it?

A princess or two took their baths here. 

Scientists are saying that the builders had no problems whatsoever lifting the heaviest stones. Makes some people think that the Earth was inhabited by giants but the truth is: these original architects had minds that were their owns. The barbers and butchers had not succeeded yet to invade those minds.

I often think how great it must feel to be completely non-invaded, physically and spiritually, by monster doctors. Only then, a person will learn who she really is and what she can do. These idiots even step in their own trap. What they do to others, somebody as bad as they are, does to them as well. They are just too dumb and to cowardly to figure that out. It is much easier to stick the head in the sand and pretend it is not true, even if they do it to others and should know better. Bad things just happen to others, never to them. Hey, they will be in for a big surprise, those idiots.

I love you, Marty. Sending you tender and passionate kisses. You are a star! Always were, always will be.  

Yours forever,















Good news for the orgs, I guess: Intense FBI investigation and no charges against C of S filed…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and Prince,

How are you? I work hard and a lot and maybe should learn to grow a lazy bone sometimes. It is just that I know how painful it is to have no cash if needed it. To prevent that it ever will happen to me, I produce and collect it. When in fact you and I should be in Scientology, because we know what it original was.  

I assume you know it already. Tampa Bay Times reported today that the FBI investigated the Sea Org in 2009 and 2010 intensively but filed no charges. I bet your impostor was involved big time in the investigation and that the FBI knows that he is your impostor and didn’t and doesn’t do anything against it. And that the FBI knows that you are innocent and doesn’t help you against the German/Spanish/psychiatric setup. 

A reporter at received 300 pages of FOIA docs on this 2009 – 2010 investigation.

James Comey, the current FBI director calls the FOIA process “a pain” but the law. 

As no charges were filed, the orgs won against those who accuse them on criminal doings. C of S says that the church has learned the investigation was conducted by “rogue agents,” including one who was later disciplined.

This FBI “investigation” had no intention to look where something is really wrong: the infiltration of Scientology by non-Scientologists, the alteration of original Scientology, the impostors, e.g. the founder’s impostor, your impostor, and that DM, Mike Rinder, and others are fully aware of that and them but are not saying a word.

Neither former “Scientologists”, current infiltrators nor any governmental agency wants to look into this, because Germany and its psychiatric ear-implants in anyone rule until the motivator hits.

I love you, Marty. Sending you many tender and passionate kisses. Keep up surviving.  

Yours forever,










1) When does notorious liar Paul Horner finally get a clue about ethics? 2) The Electoral College is meeting again on December 19

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero,

I ask myself why Paul Horner (aka Fred Durks aka Darude al Ungar, Dr. K. etc.) doesn’t do serious time in prison.

I have some unpleasant conversations with him on Usenet, at least a decade ago. He was spreading lies about Ron, the (real) founder, Scientology, you and me. He ripped off the Religiousfreedomwatch. org and republished the website with very altered content, making the creepy and dishonest anti-religious extremists look very good. In addition, he issued that fake website in your and my name. He tried to frame us with his own illegal act.

Back then, I did a bit of research on him and found these links:

Too bad that Amazon and Microsoft didn’t kick Paul Horner’s behind effectively in court. He still lies and misleads people. He wants to see the world in confusion and chaos. And he even makes a living with that. Professional liar! Yikes! How low can one sink? What is wrong with the system keeping you wrongfully behind and the likes of Horner roaming free? 

Horner claimed that I am crazy, Marty. Lol! When a liar says one is crazy, that means that one is not crazy. I take crazy over stupid and liar any time.

Today, I noticed Horner’s name in the news. He says that he thinks that his fake news got Donald Trump elected. 66% of all Facebook users are getting their news from there. (Not me, Marty, I go to various official news outlets for the news and even then, I am careful what to believe.)   

66% of all Facebook users are getting their news from Facebook or Google, I suppose. (Not me, Marty, I go to various official news websites for the news and even then, I am careful what to believe.)   

The Washington Post:



To me, Paul Horner is not just doing mischief. He is a crook and somebody has to hold him finally accountable.

To my other header today: The Electoral College meets again in one month. The Constitution Daily predicts no drama (in other words: changes) on that day. But if Trump won because people were misinformed, shouldn’t they reconsider their vote?

Regardless of what happens on December 19, Republican candidate Trump will become the elected President on January 6, 2017, unless some vastly unforeseen event prevents Congress from counting the Electoral College votes during a joint meeting of Congress, or the President-elect is unable to take his oath on Friday, January 20, 2017.

However, there is of course also the problem with Hillary’s ethics and or better the lack of it. She was the Secretary of State and very Merkel-friendly. I bet she was approached to help you with your wrongful incarceration, which Germany set up and then hid behind Spain and the USA. Can’t be effective what she did, because I don’t feel that you are free, Marty.  

As far as Trump is concerned, he indicated himself to Evangelicals that he lived a life that qualifies him for hell. How I understand this: the worst about him isn’t published yet. If anyone has the info and loves this country, should come forward with it. I see crystal clear that Germany wants to bring the Nazis back in Europe and elsewhere, and they want a Republican Party who supports this or let them at least get away with it, and they are trying to blind Americans with promoting some Jewish people here or there. They are being used.  Once the Nazis can’t be stopped any longer, Jews and other minorities will have again no rights. Also, if some plans are rejected by the public, Nazi doctors, Nazis, and their international agents will blame their own Nazi activities on Jews. I am not saying that there was never or is no a bad apple Jew. But when still existing Nazis allowing a Jew or also a Scientologist in high places, they have an alternate motif. They are setting something up to smear the race or the religion. 

Take Donald Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner for example. His father was convicted of several felony counts. Nazi goal fulfilled in this case, the reputation of Jews was smeared. Anthony Weiner sexting a minor. Nazi goal fulfilled in this case, the reputation of Jews was smeared. And all that on the highest level of international public attention: the election of the US president. 

If Trump makes racial comments or does other mean things, loud and silent sounds in the ear-implants of people will blame Jews as Jared Kushner allegedly or indeed was the architect of Trump’s online campaign.

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, my darling. I notice how so many people who warned of Trump now trying to get buddy-buddy with him. Good grief. Are we the only stable people who do not flip-flop or what?




The story of Earth: great original cultures and religions are deliberately altered/destroyed/eliminated to be gone, no longer that great or even destructive

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband, and soulmate,

My thoughts are with you.

Some researchers who visited Cusco and amazing Machu Picchu noticed at least three different building styles. The Spanish, the Inca, and the Pre-Inca megalithic style, and the last one is the most impressive. The megalithic style has stones that weigh 50+ tons that are precisely carved to fit together so that no mortar was necessary and not even a thin blade fits into these joints. The Inca stones are much smaller, although also no mortar used, and the Spanish building style shows smaller stones and used lots of mortar and was poor, considering the other both masonry styles.

Now that is what I call a wall, Marty! 🙂 These were built by the original architects and masons.  Pre-Inca style with no mortar. I learned that these walls are earthquake-proof. During earthquakes the blocks “dance” but fall back into place.  It makes me happy just looking at this wall and other walls like this.




Not built by any Neanderthals for sure: 



The Inca wall is alright but not more that impressive. Also no mortar used:






And this sloppy wall with the mortar on the left is a Spanish wall. What a difference.  Stones tell apparently a clearer story than our history books.  


When I learned that “the Inca” carved deep into the stone. I am certain that they inherited their road system and Machu Piccu from those who lived there before them. It is always the same: great originals disappear suddenly and are replaced by others, until also they are also gone. 

Here, stones were added in another building style to the pre-Inca wall. Definitely, beyond any doubt, different cultures worked on that wall.


With Scientology (but also with most other religions and cultures) it is the same: It is established, breathtakingly advanced and genius, and suddenly, the founder(s) is/are “disposed of” and the religion/culture changes and is no longer that great and helpful and decays due to out ethics and SPs who destroy excellent systems out of jealousy instead of working on themselves to develop into higher beings.   

It is being said that Machu Picchu (almost 8000 feet up) was used mainly for astronomical reasons, to watch the sky above. Sure, it served also to watch the skies, alright, although the sky can be watched also from low elevations. What I see clearly is this, Marty: it was mainly built up there to keep violent infiltrators away. Living high in the Andes with ropes that could be cut to keep the enemy away is really smart. Carving deep into the stone to prevent the atmosphere/environment destroying human bodies and keeping them young is genius too.

That is a temple/room, 400 m under the summit of Huayna Picchu. I bet the Pre-Inca carved indeed deep into the stone. The “interior” might have been changed by others as it does not contains also other than pre-Inca  building stones.  And then, infiltrators kill some people on the inside and the modern world declares it a burial ground. How convenient.  I know who sent the Spanish to Cusco to rob the gold: Germany wanted it in Europe.  


That pre-Inca culture disappeared apparently completely. Either the Inca used some of the pre-Inca ways and methods but in an altered form or they came later. Inca allegedly or really couldn’t write. I’m sure the pre-Inca could read and write.


This is 3D laser scan of Machu Picchu. The University of Arkansas did lots of scanning there and said that all of Cusco is a worthy architectural site to explore.

Wish history would tell the truth but nothing but. People memorize history and historic dates and much of it are lies. 

Yours forever,


P.S. Don’t forget, I love you. That heart of mine is earthquake-proof too. After a quake, it falls right back into place!