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Hypocrite Trump

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Once again, Marty, my hero,

Hypocrite Trump wants ASAP Rocky freed but not you, the completely innocent. For one with a typical German mindset as Trump and the likes, you are chopped liver. Where is his tweet and his intervention against your wrongful incarceration with the German government that framed you and used Spain the USA to lock you up and steal your human rights of freedom and more?  






How can they live with themselves?  

I love you, Marty.

Yours always,




Yemen, other ongoing armed conflicts, and Germany’s role in it

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

How are you? Another check of the Federal Bureau of Prison records with your name online still provides 0 result. Well, my intuition still tells me otherwise. I am sorry for all your sufferings, Marty. You never did anything wrong. I am sure that Germany set it up, including using Spain and the USA. It is so typical Germany, penalizing those who are good and giving monsters powers instead.   

Germany has a booming weapons industry, and they are behind setting up wars to keep it so and to sell even more weapons. They sold a lot of weapons to keep also the Yemen war going.  

The war in Yemen allegedly is also a “religious war”, e.g. Sunnis and Shias are fighting. The men and women, the psychiatrists behind Germany want to get rid of religion altogether. They use mind-control (loud and silent sounds) through their beloved ear- and body-implants that they internationally install already in babies and first graders and to turn them into their agents. Those who are violent aren’t religious at all but it happens under the cover of “religion” so that the rest of the people is appalled by “religions” and turn atheists. 

I asked myself why these men and women behind Germany hate religions and God so much that they even set up wars to make people hate it. It all boils down to that they committed so horrible crimes against humanity that they are afraid of God. They are talking themselves into if God wouldn’t exist and religion wouldn’t remind them of him, their bad conscience would go away. But it won’t work. Only clean hands make a good conscience and a happy life. The hands of these Dorian Greys are so blood-crusted that one can’t call those hands anymore. They are claws.

Instead of busting Germany behind setting up wars, poverty, crimes, and other problems all over the world try to put away with religions. They pervert religion, and steal and make more and more money through unfair “competition”. Germany wants to become the world’s leader and the USA, and other countries aren’t investigating it at all or properly. Of course they don’t, because who has no German-controlled ear-implants? Germany is much too fanatical not to control anyone. 

Of course I don’t know all people in the world personally. Why do I think that all people have German-controlled ear-implants? First, it doesn’t matter who it is in the world, by talking to whatever nationality the person had, I could tell that the men and women behind Germany control their ears and actions, may these people know it or not, and may they do it consciously or subconsciously. Second, I know Germany, the psychs behind Germany and how obsessed they are. A stalker victim can write huge books about the lack of characters and cruelties of her stalkers. 

In fact, Marty, I never have read a book or saw a movie that would portray obsession, perversion, and cruelty in that degree as that the people behind Germany are applying it every day. And this is quite something, considering how much authors making their villains standing out. 

Below is a list of ongoing armed conflicts. And I bet the entire universe on it that Germany can be found behind each of them. Including pulling the USA and other countries into these conflicts. Germany is the driving invisible force behind these “conflicts”. “Wenn zwei sich streiten, freut sich der Dritte”, and “der Dritte”. Germany blames religion, tries to get rid of religion, sell weapons, advances its economy with the most unfair psychiatric methods. They have fun when others are suffering (yes, they are that disturbed). They want their Germany to become the world’s leader, by making the world believe that other countries are the bad guys and Germany is the cradle of thinkers and scientists (yeah right!), humanitarians (the most cruel joke ever), and advanced human beings (they want to be this by doing nothing for it). Germany is a gigantic lie.

It also brings me to that the Security Conference is held in Munich, where U.S. foreign policies (secretly ordered by the psychs behind Germany also control American statemen and -women) are slammed and where German Chancellor Angela Merkel is getting a sustained standing ovation. Why is it held in Germany? So that simple minds are saying: Germany can’t be behind terror and the conflicts of the world, after all, they are holding the international Security Conference.

The conference is an alibi and control tool so that other nations won’t bust them.  

Under Merkel, the German arms business has boomed – a tenfold increase. 

And there were also sad news today from Aurora Illinois. As long as the USA won’t persecute Germany and the psychiatrists who are setting people up into becoming monsters like they are, these shootings or similar atrocities will never end. 

People who knew that shooter are saying that he was fine just hours before the killings:

You and I, we know what happened. German-controlled psychs are using lasers to cut off the consciousness of people. Then these people act as sleepers in trace. Psychs are using the code  with which they run people all their lives and make them do the unspeakable. People do exactly what their case officer orders them to do without thinking. I am not saying that these people are nothing but victims. Even if one is nice to some, they must have suppressive tendencies. Not even German psychs can transform Bambi into a grizzly. That’s why people have to make sure that they get rid of evil intentions so that they can’t be used. But I am saying that likely not one of the terror attacks or shootings would have ever taken place if it wouldn’t be for Germany and its psychs who set these horrible actions up, simply because they can and law enforcement won’t bust them. 

I love you, Marty, be kissed. Without having spoken to you in decades, I know many of your noble thoughts. And some idiots are saying that Scientology is worth nothing. Little do they know about it. Original Scientology was altered by the people behind Germany to prevent that there will be more like us, finding out what’s really going on in the world. 

Yours always, and be kissed







Did the Yamnaya eradicate the original Iberians? Or did another group use them and bring out the worst in them?

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate, husband, and Prince,

How is your world? Even if I am not here every day, there is no day when I don’t think of you. You belong to me like the oceans to the states. The world is nothing without you. 

The Yamnaya, nomads who came from what is now South Russia, are the major suspects of having eradicated the old Europeans. I wrote about their disappearance several times.  

David Reich seems to be an authority on ancient DNA testing. He has his office in the Harvard Medical School. Ancient research done in the Harvard Medical School. Is it just me or is this an unusual place for this kind of work?

In the New Scientist, David Reich mentioned one or several events on the Iberian Peninsula, probably 4500 years ago.  

It appears there was some sort of “violent conquest”, notes New Scientist, where local males were either killed or enslaved and the females claimed by the Yamnaya. This is evidenced by a “complete Y-chromosome replacement,” according to Reich. In other words, Spanish men disappeared completely from the gene pool.

My questions are: Did the Yamnaya eradicate the people on the Iberian Peninsula and in other places of Europe? Or did another group [those who landed in what became later Bavaria] use them and bring out the worst in them? One very typical characteristic for the SEGNPMSS is that they use other nations and countries and hide cowardly behind them. They did it in the past and are still doing it. 

I stumbled on an article in the New York Times about ancient DNA research.

I quote from the NYT article: About 5,000 years ago, a “relatively sudden” mass migration of nomadic herders from the east — the steppes of eastern Ukraine and southern Russia — swept in and almost entirely replaced the continent’s existing communities of hunter-gatherers and early farmers. 

It is a long read. But some like this really got my attention: That is, about 5,000 to 9,000 years ago, human history was, at least in a few crucial places, less about various groups coming together and more about some groups blotting  out their neighbors.

Yikes! Shouldn’t everyone ask the most important question: why does a rather peaceful world suddenly turn into hell? Nomads who lived peaceful before suddenly turn into monsters and become mass murderers? Or is this rather the case: monsters landed on this planet and brought out the worst in many using similar or the same methods that they still are using in modern times to bring out the worst in people: hypnosis and implants, etc.      

DNA and other researchers examine entire skulls. How come researchers still have not documented ear- and body implants? I assume that they were of small metals in the past not made of silicone as now.  

The NYT also reports about “atmosphere of intense suspicion, anxiety, and paranoia, among archaeologists and geneticists”. Tells me that things are being hid that shouldn’t be hidden. 

David Reich is Jewish or has Jewish roots and is father is a psychiatrist who became the first director of U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Not accusing anyone here, except, the men behind Hitler and the 3rd Reich were psychiatrists. Like a historian said so adequately: The Nazis didn’t need the psychiatrists, but the psychiatrists needed the Nazis” (to do the experiments on Jews and others, which they did). Did that made the men, the psychs behind Germany, breath relief, after a psychiatrist (despite Jewish) became the director of this museum? Hoping because Reich is a psychiatrist that he won’t have the museum exhibits more details about the psychiatrists behind the Nazis? I thinks so.  

I love you, Marty, I miss you more than I can tell. Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,







The Ex-“Scientologists”, other Scientology attackers, and what they tell nobody…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

The Ex-“Scientologists” and what they tell nobody… And that is that they never were Scientologists but are run by Germany’s psychs with psychiatric ear implants and translator programs if non-Germans. Psychiatry is the cult that they belonged and still belong to. They never applied Scientology. They just infiltrated, laid rotten eggs, and then blew to make Ron and Scientology look bad. They are the real cultists: psychiatric ear-implant-cultists.  

Often, I try to make sense to what happened to you and it looks like this:


  1. Germany files a rotten law suit behind my back against you in 1984, perverts are which they are, they probably accused you deliberately wrongfully on rape, using RB. (She and my sister [and of course my brother] couldn’t have been involved as they didn’t know of your existence until two years later. RB stated so several times. She also told me that when she was in Chicago, she meet Cynthia Kisser, and that woman panicked when she entered the room. RB suspected that she was hiding things from her.)   
  2. Maybe Germany, the Nazis that they always were and still are, asked for your extradition to Germany (for crimes that you never committed).
  3. Same time, Germany and its psychs closed in on me and took my passport away and lied that I would be unable to travel. This made me very suspicious, Marty. Of course they didn’t want me to travel and tell you that I never filed a lawsuit against you and claimed at any time anything else but that you are the perfect gentleman.
  4. You tried to get old of me via the orgs and the mail and the C of S attorneys and maybe your own attorney, but nobody told me anything about you or the case. The only thing that I felt was withholds. My intuition told me that I am being lied to by a huge conspiracy and that people are run with ear-implants and that Germany coordinates all this.
  5. A few years later, after you made the experience that nobody never will inform me about what Germany did to you, you traveled to Spain. I assume you wanted to come to Germany to see me via attorneys. As I know the evilness of Germany, I assume they filed a restraining order against you, despite I wanted nothing more than seeing you again. 
  6. Germany hides its crimes NOTORIOUSLY behind other nations as they are cowards and don’t want to hang. If their set ups fail, other countries should take the blame. (In recent times, it is Russia again, taking the blame for Germany’s order to meddle in the U.S. election process.)
  7. So, they put Spain up to arrest you on wrongful charges. Germany also organized to keep your name out of the news despite you were higher up the ranks than Heber Jentzsch. Nevertheless, it didn’t feel right to me, what happened in Spain.  – Spain dismissed the case many years lateron and paid bail money back with interests.  – Again, no word of you, but my intuition tells me another story, Marty.
  8. Suspiciously, also this happened in 1984 according to the LA Times: The U.S. government began an investigation of Hubbard’s tax returns after the Internal Revenue Service said it suspected that millions of dollars in church funds had been transferred to Scientology’s founder. Scientologists said the FBI, the CIA, the IRS and other government agencies took part in a conspiracy to harass the organization in violation of its religious freedom. The U.S. Supreme Court is considering the case. This is really something, considering that the man who committed crimes was not Ron, the founder, but “Jack Vistaril”, a doppelganger who was put up by Germany and the CIA etc. to ruin the real founder’s reputation and change the applied religious philosophy into a cult. The Miscavologists are no Scientologists and of course did not accuse Germany on this set up and they keep it a secret that you and Ron had/have ringers who work for Germany and psychiatry. Germany killed the real Ron in the USA in May 1984 and his impostor, their own agent, “Jack Vistaril” in January 1986. 
  9. On November 22, 1988, you were wrongfully arrested in Spain and David Miscavige, who received Scientology with an affidavit that not the founder wrote, but “Jack Vistaril”, his German-CIA run impostor. Instead of helping you, SP DM soon later hired Monique’s husband (back then nobody’s husband) to be your ringer, so that nobody misses you and nobody wants to help you. Particularly, I should be misled, thinking that my intuition is wrong and that you are free and happy. SP DM allowed your wringer, a non-Scientologist, to take over your executive position, and DM and the orgs got the motivator for that briefly later when he blew and turned on all.  
  10. I believe that Spain extradited you to the USA. In all these years, I never fully figured out why you didn’t get parole. Germany controls anyone also the US parole board. They probably said that Germany and Spain wants you so they can’t parole you? All know that you are innocent, Marty, and sooner or later, the OW sequence will hit all concerned. At least they could let you home with an ankle bracelet. But Germany decided it is not enough suffering. They want to torture you in the gruesome and dangerous conditions of prisons as they are monsters. 
  11. Speaking about the rape that never happened: Rape has a statue of limitation in Germany of 20 years. Spain admitted that it was wrong with arresting Scientologists. Why, don’t I feel that you are free and home? Did Germany fabricate murder too? I would not be surprised. They accuse the innocent on what they are doing. There is no statute of limitation on murder. 
  12. Germany wants the Sea Org Reserves in Europe that they already in their pocket. They organized that the Sea Org Reserves are in Luxembourg and not in the USA. To make even more money, they allowed the IRS to tax exempt Scientology, despite Scientology is no longer pure Scientology but the German-p$sych altered version of “Jack Vistaril” and David Miscavige. Germany only wants Scientology to pay taxes in the USA when they feel that they can’t profit from Scientology reserves.      
  13. DM and your impostor, Monique’s husband walk into the IRS and make a “deal” with the IRS. Of course they do, as Germany wants all of the Sea Org Reserves, not just the Sea Org Reserves minus US taxes. It hits the media. The name Marty Rathbun is in the media, also for me, as I should believe that my intuition is wrong and that you are free and well. Except that I take my own intuition seriously. 
  14. You, your family, your representatives asked DM and the C of S attorneys what’s going on as they all knew that you are wrongfully locked up and failed to help you come free. 
  15. Your impostor has no time to enjoy his celeb status in Scientology and has to blow in 1993 that you can’t serve him with any legal action and so that DM, C of S attorneys and anyone else involved can claim: “What? That is not the original Marty? We thought he came free and we thought it is…”
  16. Your impostor claimed that DM begged him to come back. So much for “innocent” DM. He awarded your impostor with a cruise on the Freewind and free training. In other words: He knew all the time where your impostor was and didn’t turn him over to the authorities. 
  17. In 2003 or 2004, your impostor blew again and disappeared somewhere. In 2009, he surfaced in Texas and gave a long video interview to the St. Petersburg Times, turning against fellow agent DM. He also claimed that he is an “Independent Scientologist”, when in fact, neither he nor DM nor Rinder were ever Scientologists. Germany makes agents in school when they are around six years old by installing them ear-implants and then running them like the psychiatric cultists that they are.
  18. Mike Rinder who also blew (and who tried via a straw-man briefly before to make his opponents stop posting critical of him) (what a creep and idiot!) is now one of his closest friends.  Rinder speaks before Trinity College that Scientology is a religion but dumps all that after Leah Remini offered him a TV gig.   
  19. In 2010, your impostor and his latest wife Monique travel to Germany to work for Germany against Scientology. Germany wants to make money with Scientology but they don’t want it to be the religious applied philosophy that Scientology was under the real founder. 
  20. This is really something, isn’t it? How can the case they filed against you being true if they work together with “you”? How can they not know that you and also Ron were replaced by impostors by working with your impostor together? Germany, give me a break!   
  21. DM and the Miscavologists plays into the hands of your impostor and his wife with the obnoxious “Squirrel Busters”. He has his wife file a law suit against Scientology.    
  22. Your impostor proclaims finally publicly that he is no Scientologist.
  23. Mike Rinder attacks Scientology on TV of which he preached before at Trinity College that is a religion. 
  24. Suddenly, a few years and a million dollars of attorney/legal fees later, “Monique” dismisses her case and fires all attorneys. 
  25. Videos surface that are pro DM, in which your impostor turns now against Mike Rinder. That DM (and the C of S attorneys) still works with your impostor and paid him with Scientology money lies on the hand.  
  26. Monique and her husband are getting a new home and she opens up a sugar bakery. He attends the opening.
  27. There is one thing that I don’t understand, Marty: That you were and still are framed is not just one elephant in the room. It is a million elephants in a prison cell. My intuition who works so very well is telling me that you did not just addressed the courts but also Congress. The question that I ask myself is: What are they waiting for to act? Until we all are dead so that they don’t ever have to act?

I love you, Marty. No set up will ever change this. The psychs behind Germany and the rest of the world can’t fool us. They underestimate real OTs.

Yours forever,


A surprise….

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband and hero,

How are your days and nights?

After paying taxes to the IRS since 2005, I got my first refund from them now. A check for USD 265.03 issued on Aug 3 2018 with lady liberty on it send from the U.S. Department of Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Service, P.O. Box 52315, Philadelphia 19115-6315. Is a feeling I am not used to. IRS not just asking and demanding but giving something back?

Anyway, I ordered an electric trike after I had brake problems with my mechanical trike. I hope it works out for me and my terrain. It must be assembled and I read on the Internet that the instructions for it are terrible. My new neighbor said that he is a mechanic and he offered to give me a hand. Then I will fix the brake system of my mechanical trike. On top of all, I am more than busy with getting jobs. I have to refuse many as I can’t handle them all. On one side, it is good as it means cash, on the other side, there is rarely time for anything else.

At night, I lie in my bed and try to figure out what happened and happens at your side, Marty. I think about all possibilities and I usually come to a point where I think that the big stop lies in US courts and Congress using Germany and Spain as a justification not granting your and my rights. And they are calling themselves humans? The overt motivator sequence will not tell them much but they should have heard by now that Karma is a bitch. Crime never pays and there are no intelligent criminals.  

I love you, Marty, be kissed.

Yours forever,



Puppets on German strings, they are! 

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

My thoughts always return to you because I love you. 

According to my intuition, upon Germany’s secret p$ych orders, Spain arrested you for crimes you didn’t commit. They made sure that only Heber Jentzsch was mentioned in the media but your name withheld so that I can’t help you. Same time, also upon German secret psych orders, agent DM hired your impostor. Also upon German secret psych orders, the world, even the orgs (despite the Code of Honor!) and their attorneys left you behind, which is entirely inhuman. 

This is what Wikipedia says on Heber Jentzsch’s arrest in Spain:

In 1988 Heber Jentzsch was arrested in Spain along with 69 other members of Scientology.[18][19] Jentzsch was incarcerated in a Spanish jail for about three weeks.[20] He was released and fled to the United States after Scientology paid a bail bond of approximately $1 million. Sixteen people, including Jentzsch, were charged with “illegal association” and various other crimes including tax fraud and endangering public health. The trial of the indictees began in February 2001, but Jentzsch himself did not appear; the prosecution called for him to be given a 56-year prison sentence.[21] However, the Madrid Provincial Court dismissed all but the conspiracy charge and eventually ruled (in absentia) that the prosecution had presented insufficient evidence to prove this charge as well,[22] and in April 2002, the last charge was formally dropped. The court ordered the bail bond be returned to Scientology with interest, nearly doubling the original 1988 bond amount.[23]

Of course also here, no word about you as German ear-implants rule. Spain dismissed all charges of 1988 in 2002. As I said, Germany and Germany behind other countries make false accusations and steal liberty and rights, your liberty and rights. After Germany framed you in 1984, they used infiltrators of the org in Spain to have this country help them to frame you some more. And always carefully avoiding that I get a shred evidence. Luckily, I am getting insights from a higher power and them fooling me won’t work. 

But Germany (which even hired your impostor to work for their purposes to bring original Scientology, the good reputation of the founder, and religion as such down) still insists on the false charges they filed behind my back against you, don’t it? No country in the world is more from hell than Germany is.

I came across some information saying that in regards of the case in Spain, Heber Jentzsch was under the mutual legal assistance treaty of the US Department of State. If he got this assistance, what about you concerning the fake charges in Spain and Germany? Or does the German-controlled, -oriented and -run US state consider you (and me of course) 2nd class citizens?

If the C of S and its attorneys just helped HJ and not also you, it is of course oil on the fire of bias of the officials and judges in these countries. I am so disgusted by this behavior. How can creatures who do this to someone innocent (and they all know that you are!) even call themselves humans? Despite having human bodies, they are cruel animals on the inside and no humans. If such people are humans, we sure are something else, Marty. 

If I am correctly informed, there were a couple of meetings between the US Department of State and the Spanish government. It seemed that the US Department of State was so convinced that the Spanish case is none at all that they advised the DOJ not even forwarding a subpoena to Heber to show up for the Spanish trial? 

This is mention in this document that I found on the Internet:


>E.O. 12958: N/A
>REFS: A) 99 MADRID 4748; (B) 99 MADRID 5061

So, considering this… What did the US government do for you, except conspiring against you?

They showed a bit of backbone in regards of Heber Jentzsch towards Spain, but none in regards of you and Spain and Germany? 

Puppets on German strings, they are!

And what always gets me is the US obedience towards Germany! It is as if these officials, judges, and representatives never had any history class. That Germany lost world wars (which is quite something, considering that these monsters have the overall control over just about anybody via their ear-implants!) doesn’t mean that they became better people.

The men behind Germany doesn’t even truly want to win. They would have acted much smarter during history and now if they would want to win. They just want to HURT innocent people. That is their main goal. Causing pain. It can’t be lower, I know. But this is them. Primitive, cruel, retarded, perverted, evil, and jealous monsters. Themselves robotic like the people who they turn into robots with their ear- and body- implants. 

And their crimes are making them dumber by the minute. They don’t look anymore where they have to in order to win. They are like a fat slimy stinky non-thinking snake that rolls over everything that is wonderful and beautiful.  

From the start, they should have known that setting us up against each other will never work. They should have left us alone. Letting us live in peace is against their low goal to hurt. And nothing has changed during the centuries. They are still like it today.

As all other governments still obey Germany despite it directly (not even speaking of the populations they killed via the ear-implants that they implanted in their foreign agents) killed millions of people, Germany thinks that their goal of hurting innocent people can be fixed easily if something is traced back to it. Germany thinks nobody ever corrects itself permanently and truly. They think they will always fall back in their feet. Whatever horrible think they do it will be just a hiccup and will not define them as they have each mind on a string. They are the puppet masters.  

And I know you and I, we will not allow them to get away with it.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,









Trump got it wrong like the rest of the world too: Russia (like Spain, USA, and all other countries) is captive by Germany

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Dearest Marty, my hero and wonderful husband,

What is really difficult to understand that you, the innocent, are not exonerated. Not even pardoned, according to what I sense.

This actually makes only sense when the cases, with which you were framed, are really huge and filed by federal governments (Germany above everything of course) and not any private initiative. I bet also the farm that they used RB despite they know that she didn’t have her marbles together because they conditioned her that way against Scientology and us.  I

It all looks like a typical Nazi p$ych set up by Germany to me.

Here is what I think is going down, Marty:   

USA: We can’t exonerate or pardon you, because Germany and Spain wants you.

Spain: We can’t exonerate or pardon you, because Germany wants you.

Germany: We can’t exonerate or pardon you, because Spain wants you.

In other words, Germany made sure that you suffer wrongfully behind bars, because this is how they have it set up. One country can hide behind the other one, and behind this set up I see Germany’s disgusting inhuman Nazi psych smirk.  

What they are not saying is that Germany framed you and nothing, I repeat nothing, they say and do is true.   

Germany of course has most reasons to radio his international agents to conceal my identity and prevent you getting hold of me. They know that I never would lie that you ever did harm to me or any member of my family or others, because they set the case(s) up against you, and Spain, and the mighty USA are Germany’s poodles. Shame on them. How can countries have so little backbones against still existing Nazi Germany? They even work(ed) together with your impostor and had him come to Germany in 2011. Sheesh! Nothing suspicious about that, huh? Germany can step over people as much as it wants and it is always excused.   

Germany thinks they are so smart by having framed you. Yeah right. As if I couldn’t figure out what these Nazi slime buckets are up to.

Trump said that Germany is captured by Russia. That is also what so many others are thinking. But in fact, Germany is above everyone and also tells Russia what to do. Loud and silent German psychiatric ear drum commands rule. Russia should not allow this. I don’t think that Russia and the USA would fight if Germany would be convinced of what it is secretly doing.  

Germany wants the world to think that they have changed, or even better, that it was the USA or any other country, even – if must be – their best friend Austria, who turned them into Nazis. And they condition Americans into behaving Non-American so that the USA is blamed on what the Nazis did and do, e.g. having wars on their mind, disconnecting families, committing perversions, sexual and other crimes, committing cruelties, etc.

If not everyone would be controlled by German Nazi psychs, they would had figured this all out a long time ago. It is not that difficult to analyze for anyone who doesn’t allow Germany to do the thinking for him or her. 

I love you, Marty. They picked the wrong person to turn against you. They are such idiots. I know you and I know them. That’s why I trust you and not them. 

Yours forever,