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95-96% of the universe is unknown and all their theories have failed! (I’m not making this up; it was said by physicists)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate and husband, how are you?

Just the thought of you makes my heart beat faster and at the same time, you are making me being at peace. The never-ending attraction, the devotion, and the true love between us is worth its own equation!

To my header:

Many people think that CERN in Europe indeed discovered the Higgs boson, because CERN under a German director made that announcement a few years ago. It made big headlines, saying that “science” in Europe figured and discovered the “God” particle. Numerous  people think that there is no God and that physics or “science” can replace the belief in him. 

I think that psychs (fearful and stupid atheists) spoke through (more or less defenseless) Steven Hawkins when he said that science can explain the universe without God. 

With the alleged discovery of the “God” particle that allegedly gives mass to elementary particles, numerous people think that there is no God as CERN can create the universe all things inside with a smashing machine. 

When CERN was asked to provide more details, they took the discovery “back” (sort of) and published that what they found by smashing elementary parts together in their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was possibly just an impostor. (Sort of Monique’s husband instead of you.)

They had 5 years time to produce some matter with this boson, but they didn’t as they can’t.

The universe was not created by smashing or exploding. Although AFTER it was created, there was a lot of exploding and smashing by thetans who got bad almost instantly, and science doesn’t look into this because people think that religion can’t be scientific. (Little do they know!) 

Due to the first false and broadly published information by CERN, most people seem to think that the Higgs Boson was discovered, because the information that they didn’t find the particle that gives mass to particle was NOT as broadly published. 

Spinning and crashing is psychiatric crap, and unfortunately, it took over the fields of physics.  Nobel prices were awarded for nonsense like this. 

CERN has spent approx. 14 Billion Dollars (!) on that rubbish. And some physicists admit that CERN and found absolutely nothing of value (!) But as they want more money, they claim they found what they didn’t. The USA pays large sums of tax payers money to this European nonsense.

Below is a video that is worth seeing about the Higgs boson. Not all physicists are blind. Have a look here:

Due to psychiatric abuse that made me avoid math, I still stay away from it, Marty, despite that I know why I don’t like it. I therefore solve problems through intuition (no “exact science” but I figured lots out by using it). However, I am very well aware that math sure helps to verify things, and I appreciate anything that is reliable and exactly figured.

Someone made the Higgs boson math here. If the Higgs boson has 100 trillion times (!) less energy to work than what the Standard Model predicts, and I bet it predicted as low as possible already, what kind of lousy and weak “matter” will create the Higgs Boson if it creates any matter at all? Math-challenged as I am, even I can tell that 100 trillion times less is a HUGE number!      









And here is again what I am very comfortable with, Marty, heaven and hell. 😉  The Higgs boson has a snowball’s change in hell having a mass in that predicted ballpark. 

In other words: the LHC doesn’t solve the problems in physics. They still don’t know how mass was created.   

 And here, physicists admit: All Our Theories Have Failed! And we know why, Marty. They are taking the wrong approach! 

They are right by saying that they have to start all over.  This time not with smashing and exploding, I hope. If they would understand spiritual abilities and wouldn’t separate physics completely from it, they could come much closer to solving the puzzle of the universe. Besides, they also would figure out why they just know 95-96% of the universe: it is a fake German projection and behind the projection is the real one. 

For me, it is mind-boggling how physicists overlooked thetans with theta bodies. They are all over the place. Ron has discovered them many centuries ago but these data were stolen from Scientology. 

Some Scientologists (and I believe Mormons too) are thinking that they are Gods in baby shoes so-to-speak. That if they rehabilitated their abilities, they can do the same as God did. While I agree that all are having abilities they never dreamed of, I came to the conclusion that God was always and will be always superior in all abilities. Thanks God that God is good. Even the name (people basically know) indicates it.    

I love you, Marty, through the universe and back. Sending you passionate and tender kissed.  

Yours forever,


  I woke up to snow this morning. Not sure if the Mom of my young friend let’s him comes over today. He can be very persistent and complains that we are not playing enough with each other. If he comes over, I have to hide his Easter surprises in the snow!

Despite that the USA is only an observer at CERN, Germany behind Europe wants the USA to spent even more millions if not billions of taxpayer’s money on CERN and their LHC smasher toy

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

The LHC subatomic smasher runs again. Can’t wait to hear their enormous discoveries that blow up in smoke just a few weeks, months or years later. They want to bolster or break the Standard Model through those experiments. 

People are confused if CERN found the Higgs boson or not. CERN (under a German director) claimed that they found it just a few years ago. That was a deception and unscientific. Besides, is making false statements after having received billions of dollars not fraud?

The USA paid $531 million already in 1997 to CERN and who knows how much in the following years. CERN (and behind it Germany) keeps on demanding cash from the USA.

On top of it, the USA has already a sub-particle smasher in Fermilabs. According to Forbes, the costs for finding the Higgs Boson was in 2012 already around $13.25 Billion. Yikes. Just because they have the fixed idea that the universe was created by smashing and exploding. 

So again, CERN misled the world by originally telling the press that they found the “Higgs boson”, which allegedly can explain the creation of the universe. This announcement  made huge headlines all over the world. Even if it would exist and be found, Marty, I am sure that you agree with me, it would still not explain the creation of this universe or other universes.

Some said later that they found one or more “Higgs boson” impostors or maybe something else. 

Below is a video with the wishy-washy press CERN conference: “We THINK we have found something. We THINK we’ve found a boson. We AREN’T sure what kind of boson it is. With another 10 years or more years of funding we THINK we MAY be able to determine WHAT we have found. IF we indeed we have found something.” LOL! What you just read is a $13.25 Billion joke.

They are basically saying that they don’t know exactly what they are doing. It is nothing but a fishing expedition by people who don’t know the foggiest about spiritual abilities. I am convinced that what’s giving mass to matter is a postulate by the creator. And just because he doesn’t call them and introduces him to them (for reasons they could figure out), they think he does not exist. Physics without the spiritual background won’t solve the mystery of the universe.

In the press conference, one male reporter asked a valid question and the CERN director gave a pretty weird/confusing and contradictory answer in regards to his existence.

They are getting billions of Dollars but provide no facts just opinions and uncertainties. Guess it is not easy to play God, isn’t it?


And here is the footnote that followed two years later:

A group of researchers, however, has casted doubt on whether or not the supposed particle discovered during experiments with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the largest and most powerful particle collider in the world, is the long sought after Higgs Boson. Nov 10, 2014

They haven’t found the Higgs boson, they say that they don’t know what they have found and are also saying that they found it faster than expected. WHAT? If one did not find it or does not know what one found, how can one say that one found what one was looking for faster than thought? And they need four years or so to figure what they found if they found something at all? WHAT? 

They are on such a wrong track thinking that smashing or exploding created the universe. As if they still are little kids who blow stuff up to see what happens. You and me, Marty, we are spiritual. For us, it is the biggest joke that so-called educated people think we came to be because particles were smashed together. Maybe it bangs a lot in the heads of those people who think that they were created by a big bang. 

That is called “science”. And we shall bow before it/them. (We don’t.)

Many kisses, I miss you dearly, Marty. I believe in us. You are the one for me, and a gem of a human being. I have no intentions to ever forget you. And I am proud of you, everything that you are. I love you, and did I say, I love you?


Yours and Yours,










MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IN ALL OF SCIENCE: What is a human being EXACTLY? (Ron asked this many decades ago, nobody could tell him, so he figured it out himself, but traditional science still hasn’t figured it out!)

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My amazing Marty, how are you?

Physicists are saying that nobody understands quantum mechanics/physics.

Marty, you know how easy this hostile world gives others the label or being “crazy” but I always wondered how most quantum physicists were able to escape this label, considering their theories. I am not saying that they are crazy, I just think that they are on the wrong path by not considering a creation and very  creative SPIRITUAL abilities at work BEFORE ANY BIG BANG. That is maybe why these quantum physicists are getting away without being psychiatric labelled as they are on the wrong track in regards how all started.  

They would understand more if they would do two things: 1) Assume that their experiments are sabotaged and that their case officers talking through their ear implants are misleading them 2) Trying to understand the highest level of physics with the viewpoint of what a thetan is and what its original abilities are/were. 

I know, as Germany and their international p$ychs and infiltrators have destroyed the reputation of Scientology, the chances are really slim that physicists explore this way, but nevertheless, I feel it should be said.

They coined the word “gravitons” but never detected any. It is supposed to be the smallest stuff that holds gravity together since the beginning of time. They look for lack of energy in subatomic collisions to explain it. An advanced real Scientologist would look into if we are dealing here with a postulate, as in space, energy, objects, form and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon by the static (thetans) and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them. Some foolish people mocked that the static, life itself is very active living. How can it be static? They overlook that Ron said that it is BASICALLY a static. Before the beginning of time, it was a static, but then, it postulated a game, thetans left the state of statics, took bodies, and the disaster began. So, in other words, if physicists are looking for “gravitons” as a piece of matter that transmit gravity to other particles, they might not ever find it.

As more as I read about it, as more I come to the conclusion that they are stuck in a big bang-think instead of a very intelligent creative beginning.  And with creative beginning I don’t mean a creepy God who penalizes people for a produce incident. 




Quantum physicists are so convinced that a big bang created the universe (instead of a bang that destroyed a denser one that was created) that they go down smash particle path. They should figure out what are postulates and considerations to perceive. If they don’t find for example the “gravitons” in form  of “a lacking energy” in the subatomic world, they should consider a “gravitation postulate”. Among some other definitions, Ron discovered that a postulate set a pattern for the future. That means, in order to prevent objects flying all over the place, the postulate was gravity, and there was gravity. 

But as they think that spiritual beings were created by a big bang and didn’t already exist before anyone was exploding anything, they are trapped in dead ends.

They smash constantly subatomic parts together “in order to create” but they don’t create and don’t get the answers with these procedures. I am not one who says that there was no big bang. I even go so far to say that there were several big bangs, but they ruined a creation that was made by postulates. As spiritual beings are not killed through explosions (only their bodies), we find them today in human and animal bodies or flying around with theta bodies (orbs).

Like you, Marty, I like science. I like experiments and seeing proof, but understanding LIFE is the first and most important step to understanding science, and yes, they all missed that step by ignoring thetans and their abilities when not abberated.  

Connections between various sciences fail, because all science directions have failed to define and explain what a human being (or an animal for that matter) is. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION IN ALL OF SCIENCE. There is no emergency of sciences. As Ron indicated, as young man, he asked the scientists and professors: “What is man?” And nobody could explain it to him. Thanks to that Ron found it then out on his own, we know it. But due to the international defamation campaign against Scientology, most other people still don’t know it.    

Some scientists discovered the “consciousness”. (Their way to say that a thetan can think.) Unfortunately, there are the medical doctors, the psychiatrists and the neuro”scientists” who degrade and belittle the “consciousness” to be the brain. They are so clueless. They fail to make the conclusion that a person has a brain and a mind but is not her brain. And because of this medical and psychiatric blindness, physicists and others fail to understand the origin of the universe and so many other things.

Marty, a lot of scientific approaches trying to understand is based on eyes wide shut as to what is in everyone’s face: the spiritual being. They should have figured out centuries ago: what is it, where did it come from, where does it go, why is it here, why can it think, why does it have feelings, why did it forget its past, and why the hell can’t it get along with others. 😉      

Glad we know. Too bad that many of those who can’t get along with others bite the hands who want to help them without hidden agenda.  

There is something that makes sense to me. Strings. At least how *I* see it. 🙂 In the elegant universe, strings were postulated by the creator as the basic particle system of matter. String theory says that inside of the smallest pieces of matter, e.g. molecules, atoms, quarks, neutrons, protons, etc. are small vibrating strings of energy like plucked strings of violins which works together with other particles that also have strings in them.

The big bang (explosion or gases) sounds more like the destroyer, strings sounds rather like the intelligent and elegant creation. Like: “How can be prevented that stuff flies all over the place?” Answer: “How about gravity on strings, now let’s postulate this…” And there is the elegant universe and not the debris that comes with explosions. (Those European guys in Cern are complete on the wrong page with their expensive experiments.)      

However, pro string theory quantum physicists claim that there are 11 dimensions in the string theory and some questions their own existence, and then I say: “Get real!” They are being misled and their experiments are sabotaged by those who don’t want them to find out.  I believe there are at least five different string theories and also a theory that opposed string theory, which is the particle theory and other theories. (Particle theory can’t explain gravity, except that stuff drops to the ground.)  Quantum physicists came up with the Standard Model  (Particle theory) decades ago but it does not explain gravity.

Some quantum physicists question if they as individuals are real. They think their existence could be an illusion.  I say, if they can feel, have emotions, they are pretty real. We original Scientologists know that postulates at the beginning of time made thetans to agree what is real, and that became real and is the reality. Quantum physicists are thinking in terms of time travel (in the past or future), which is complete nonsense, because what has happened, has happened, and what has not happened yet, still has to happen.  

However, the fact that we have one universe could mean imo that another one could be created in another dimension. My thetan basically knows intuition tells me, Marty, that as long this universe became such a pig stable, there will be no alternative universes unless this one becomes finally one to be proud of. Or, if the inhabitants in this universe want to stay conspiring creeps, those who are not of that kind, could enter another dimension and a universe that is out of the reach of monsters, so that they can have a good life too.  

String theory could explain gravity, e.g. hanging on and consisting of strings. If  scientific proven one day, the physicists would still not be able to answer the questions: who made those strings? We know it, but they don’t go there as they believe in a big bang as the creator, and that is why are in the dark. Life is a static, always existed. And someone there was able to postulate pretty big things, like a universe.

Would love to hear your explanations, Marty.  Just don’t ever tell psychiatrists anything. Those theoretical physicists and philosophers who weren’t committed, shocked, and drugged yet, are just lucky.    

I love you bunches. 

Yours forever and ever,