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The outpoints in the German justifications on how North Korea obtained nuclear and chemical war technology

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and soulmate,

I think of you.  

For me, you did not just hung the moon. For me, you are able to create a new universe. Some Buddhists say that one feels weak in the knees and the heart pounds, it would not be the one. One who makes one feel calm and at peace would be the right person. I have all these things at once: heart pounds, butterflies, weak in the knees but same time feeling very calm and at peace. That is the right one, and that is you!   

I can’t tell you how often I roll my eyes reading news, particularly about Germany.

As the world is German-chipped and ear-implant-controlled, most people “miss”, ignore, or excuse the German role in the most horrible atrocities or the German role in the manufacture of items for horrible atrocities.

There were a couple of media reports yesterday saying that the boss of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (German: Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz or BfV),  Germany’s domestic security agency, said that North Korea procured equipment and technology for its ballistics missiles program using Germany’s embassy in Berlin. 

The media portrayed Germany as the victim. And they got it completely wrong. Germany is using other countries, including North Korea. And above all is the very secret SEGNPMSS (whatever name they call it). The BfV and other official German secret services are branches of it. 

First of all, I am 100% sure that Kim Jong Un is a threat to the USA and other nations because Germany didn’t want peace in Korea or the world. They kidnapped him from his school in Switzerland and conditioned him in to become the person he is today, and I think that the Swiss was very much involved. 

In order to have other countries do their dirty work, Germany and some of other countries that Germany secretly run, produce “products” that allegedly can be used also for peaceful activities. That is one of their justifications to deliver horrible weapons to their chipped and psychiatric conditioned Manchurian candidates in other nations. However, when getting such an order from a country that is known to make threats to other nations, how difficult is it too figure that these devices or technology is not used for anything peaceful?

Germany’s secret services spy (and not just spy but worse) on us, the Scientologists but they constantly fail to spy on terrorists or war makers. Isn’t that suspicious? There must be tons of evidence of this, but here just three: North Korea, 7/11 (cell who flew into the twin towns plotted the atrocities in Germany), and chemical weapons delivered to Libya.

The boss of Germany’s BfG said now that in 2014, a North Korean diplomat reportedly tried to obtain a “multi-gas monitor” that is used in the development of chemical weapons.

Since 2014! And they didn’t close the NR embassy in Germany despite that they knew that “NR uses it” to get its hands on  weapons for mass destruction?! For those people who do not believe that Germany secretly runs NR and other rogue nations, why would they let an embassy go on for years of which they knew would help NR’s weapons program?  

The BfG boss said that when they see something like this, they would stop it:  “But we can’t guarantee that we will be able to detect and thwart all cases.”

Yikes! Nothing but alibis! What a justification. They might have “stopped” something for alibi reasons so that gullible people think that they are anti-war, anti-terror, and anti-mass destruction, but see what they added immediately to it: “might not be able to guarantee that we will be able to detect and thwart all cases.” Of course not! Because they don’t want to detect and thwart all cases. They chipped the planet and run all people with ear-implants. The NK and any other dangerous situation could end immediately if they would radio their agents of any nation to take a peaceful route for a change.    

BfV boss Hans-Georg Maassen said that the parts for Pyongyang’s weapon programs “were acquired via other markets, or that shadow firms had acquired them in Germany.”

Germany runs these markets and the owners of those shadow firms. With German insane “thoroughness”, they chipped just about any being in the world to do what they want. Besides, they know of the NK danger since decades. Why don’t they spy on NK activities in Germany as closely as on Scientologists? No Scientologist ever would be able to open a shadow company of sorts in Germany. But NK can  and other rogue nations or terror groups can because Germany doesn’t just let them. They set them up to commit these acts. Heil psychiaty, heil ear-implants!

And that is not just all. North Korea sold a ballistic missile system to Myanmar and it appears that NR is “helping” Syria with a chemical weapons program. Germany is behind that as well as it wanted the Syrians, hard-working people, to leave their country and boost the German economy.  

At the same time, it is reported that the German Army is falling behind. As Germany has all nations chipped and the USA to defend Germany if they can’t control one of their own foreign puppet leaders anymore, why spending money for Armed Forces? Let Americans pay for this defense. Let them believe that Germany is pro freedom and not behind the wars and terrors of this world and do the fighting for Germany. That saves Germany money, which they crave to become World Power No. 1. I know how they tick. 

Also, Germany is needy for intellectual approval. They want to be the world’s thinkers and advanced people. They want the world pray to them in awe over their mental capacities.  They want the world to think how intelligent Germans are by being capable to invent those weapons and technologies that other’s can’t. Now as NK is getting attention on how they developed these weapons, Germany wants credit: they got it from us but we don’t use it. 

Yeah right. Nothing they do is advanced and intelligent. But everything they do is low and obsessed.

love you, Marty.   

Yours forever,



It is still a German Nazi world thanks to the German psychiatric invention to control people through ear-implants

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband,

How is your life?

I wish I just could listen to you for days and nights, you telling your story to me, where you were and what you did all these years in which I could not see you. And I wish I could snuggle with you and forget how gruesome the world is, at least for a time.

I  miss everything about you, Marty, your eyes, your face, your hands, your voice, and most of all your  unique personality, which nobody can copy.

On another subject, I read this article about Texas Prisons banning more than 11,000 books but not Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It is still a German Nazi world thanks to the German psychiatric invention to control people through ear-implants.

The SEGNPMSS puts up candidates and influences elections. Heil ear-implants. They are working hard at getting the Nazis back in Europe and all over the world. When Bavaria gave power to Hitler, the SEGNPMSS had the idea of hiding behind Austria in case he should not be able to take over the world, so that they can blame the atrocities on another country. And it seems that Austria accepted this role.

And it happens again.  A party founded by former Nazis forms the current government in Austria. SEGNPMSS hopes that nothing goes wrong with taking over the world through Nazis this time. They also think that it is easier if Austria starts with a new Nazi government this time instead of Germany because some people might still remember the 1930s. And Germany and its secret rules, the psychs are cowards. Hiding behind other countries and people is very important to them.

SEGNPMSS radios extremism and suppression of women in the ears of some so-called Muslims to make people who can’t think deep enough accept Nazis as their saviors from a “culture”, they don’t fear. But we understand this “culture” of psychiatric ear-implants and set ups very well and who is behind it.

The new Nazis have almost 100 seats in Germany’s parliament. Muslims should stand up and peacefully but very loudly and effectively protest against that German psychiatrists and German-controlled international psychiatrists are conditioning numerous of their people into becoming violent extremists.

And they are working on this too in Great Britain by trying to splitting Scotland and Ireland off GB and sabotaging the economy of Britain to make it poor and overtake it later. They want GB begging for acceptance into new Nazi Europe in a couple of years.  Too bad that GB, Ireland, Scotland, and other European countries don’t see what is planned.

And sure enough, same is planned for the USA. Splitting off the west and east coast from the mainland by having helped yet another unwise candidate to become President who doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it. 

And as I said, Germany instigates wars as the one in Syria to get cheap and hard workers to Germany to become the mightiest country of the world. On the other side, Trump wants to build a wall to keep people away who want to work in the USA. This is not just a waste of money it is so short-sided and stupid.

BTW, there is no danger ever that any other nationality or a religion takes over Germany, Austria or any other European or any other country of the world, because the world does exactly what their case officers transmit into their ears. Extreme attitude and terror attacks would stop immediately, if  the SEGNPMSS would stop conditioning people into committing extremism. Even NR and others would give up their nuclear bombs. It is a secret German, particularly Bavarian world, and if the world does not take peaceful but very effective steps, they will have very unhappy future lives and lifetimes under the psychiatric Nazi boots. Even Nazis and psychs fall victims to each other.

The German psychiatric plan for the world is not difficult to see, yet, nobody sees it because ear-implants inputs rule their ways of thinking.


I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours always and forever,


P.S. I never heard of this Canadian Andre Mathieu composer until now. He had a troubled life and died young. Psychs influence, if you ask me. 

Midnight Terror Cave in Belize

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Dearest Marty, my credible soulmate and husband,

I am thinking of you and that in the so-called age of human rights, the planet conspires to deny them to us.

As I explained before, to me, history is not just about dead people and archaeology is not about old stuff because we were there as we are here now, and what hits me most is that terror was there back then and is here now. It doesn’t matter what someone might say, it really raises the question if this planet or even the universe really is getting better or will get ever better. Original Scientology would have accomplished this, but Vistarology and Miscavology won’t. They even implemented outdated psychiatric garbage (e.g. spinning around in circles, etc) into Scientology and discarded, buried, or changed most valuable original Scientology data and technology.

SPs are at it as they were thousands of years ago. They landed on this planet thousands of years ago and ever since, this planet knows mainly suffering, torture, brutality, perversion, mind-control, and death. People who want to live in peace constantly had to find ways to protect themselves from them and nothing really protected them on the long run. 

The problem that I am seeing is that drawing walls around a village or city simply didn’t work, as the barber and the butcher (the later psychiatrists, medical doctors and the likes) are sneaky. They persons, implant and hypnotize them and turn them into remote-controlled zombie. They did it all the way back in history and still do it today. People open the door to what they think is one if theirs, but he or she is no longer one of theirs. This explains the cannibalism of the Aztecs or other nations like the Maya that “turned”.

The Midnight Terror Cave in Belize was discovered last year. It tells me that the men behind the Nazis were also the men behind this and other massacres. They don’t die in an average of 75 years as other people as they stole the technology to protect their lousy bodies.

Almost 10000 bones ones were found in that cave. At least 118 persons were butchered in there, many of them children who were rounded up from other places. Just like Pied Piper of Hamelin or Nazis who rounded up the Jews and transported them to the concentration camps. Atrocities  make me really angry, it doesn’t matter how old they are. I want to find these people who ordered and conducted this and bring them to justice. Their tonelevel (under death as a person) grosses me out! And these horrors do not stop because investigators always fail to go to the root of the evil as controller of their ear implants are telling them to stop the investigation. This is how the SEGNPMSS gets away all the time. Until when they fall victim to each other, haha! And they do. 

Imagine governments finally saying: He/she/ they did not act alone, and we will never stop pulling strings until the last monster is brought to justice.

If they would not just say but also do that, this universe would have a chance but only then. Otherwise, it will stay the hell that is until mankind dies out as the result of their atrocities.   

Everything is sabotaged one way or the other. Guess my stalkers think that I have to be thankful for all the problems that they are causing me, e.g. “be glad that your bones are not in some kind of midnight cage”, but this is not how I am thinking, Marty. I am so tired of them that I would immigrate to a universe that they can’t enter in a blink of an eye. Leaving them in their own trap with people as bad as they are is what they actually deserve. I am generous in forgiving people faults but not in forgiving systematic planned crimes to wear someone down or deny rights to a person who hasn’t done anything to them. And I will keep this attitude until the end of time, not just this lifetime. They ask for it, Marty, justice that will make their pig heads spin, and it doesn’t mean me lowering myself on their primitive and brutal level. No, it means real justice instead of forgiving them. Forgiving them means that they will continue with their atrocities.

They make our lives so hard for us. Why the hell should we make anything easy for them in return when the tide changes? And it will change, one way or the other. I am looking at this world and I see the future of this planet and universe clearly. It is not overpopulation but the opposite, and one horror and terror event after the other will happen, just like in ancient times. If SPs are not handled and brought to justice, nothing ever will change. And with handling I don’t mean doing what they do: torturing and killing. With handling I mean not forgiving anything that they EVER did and that they have to do very hard labor with the earnings paid to their victims while their victims having finally a good time. This is the only way they ever will learn. And the amends must be conducted over a very, very, very, very, very  long time, so that they will feel the consequences of what they have done in any lifetime to come.

This is one lesson that I learned in this lifetime for sure, Marty. Letting monsters off the hook means future suffering. And nothing that I ever wrote should be construed that another wrong makes a right. No butchery and crimes from our side but instead justice that they ever will think that their crimes have paid. Everyday, they will say to themselves that what kind of complete idiots they were messing with us and others. 

I love you, Marty. I am sorry for what you have to go through. It is so inhumane to leave you behind in conditions that the SEGNPMSS rules. The people who conspire against us have human bodies but they are not humans otherwise they would not do what they are doing. It is still a miracle that you even are on a planet like this. And I am so glad that you exist.

Be kissed and tenderly embraced, my darling.

Yours forever and ever,





1) Mike Rinder’s blog and pictures of violence are absolutely disturbing and suspicious to me 2) North Korea

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate and husband, 

I rarely visit Mike Rinder’s blog because he boring and scum. However, today I ended up on Rinder’s blog and found disturbing pictures of violence there. Rinder knows very well that Scientologists are not trigger-happy (which even was confirmed by John Brousseau as well as others, wasn’t it?) yet, Rinder tries to position Scientologists with producing terrorists and with people who put guns to the heads of others. How dare agent Rinder to imply this! Infiltrators and secret service agents are the problem of Scientology.  Scientologists and Scientology is not the problem!

So, what is going on with Rinder by even pushing violent content and pictures against Scientology on his blog? Does he have secret information that Scientologists or others will be attacked? What made him post these violent images that have nothing to do with Scientology? Is Scientology to be set up by Germany, its secret services, international psychiatrists, their agents, and infiltrators, etc. for violence? If yes, did he inform the authorities (recently – if ever) with this information so that Scientologists and others can be protected? And I don’t mean producing TV shows that result in more hatred and in possible violence. Or, is it Rinder’s goal to “inspire” Scientology haters and infiltrators currently still in Scientology to become violent by posting such content and pictures?

Mike Rinder and his doings are CREEPY. There is no other word for it. 

Rinder and Leah Remini didn’t search Scientology on his own (neither DM). They were kids who likely never would have searched and studied spiritual knowledge to gain spiritual improvement and abilities if their parents wouldn’t have hung out in Scientology. That makes it so easy for them not only to discard Scientology but also attack it. Scientology so richly awarded me (and others) with knowledge and skills. I pity Remini, Rinder, and the likes for not having my abilities and knowledge. They have nobody to blame but their own ignorance. So, DM stepped on their toes or didn’t pay them attention. So what? DM isn’t Scientology. They should not blame Scientology on what a man did and does who got Scientology from the founder’s impostor. 

Anyway, as gun violence and terror is not even remotely a part of Scientology and Scientology being completely and entirely opposed to it, I wonder, does Mike Rinder have secret information that a terror act is in the making against Scientology and Scientologists or people who are online in Scientology? I try to explain why he pushes images of guns and terror on his blog and tries to position Scientology with it.  There is something really evil behind that Santa Claus look of his.

Rinder promotes psychiatry despite that he knows what this “profession” did in the past and what it still does in present time. Despicable. He does what all psychiatric agents do: as soon as one is critical of him, he claims that person has mental problems and should “seek professional help”. But him posting violent images on his blog is “sanity” of course.  

Your impostor says that the “Troika” is Mike Rinder, Leah Remini, and Tony Ortega, and that they do whatever they do for cash. That would be their motivations. That could be very well so but so does he. And no word about who the drivers (secret case officers) of the “Troika” are. Ortega calls them “we” on his blog but no other details emerge.

Another matter: After 17 months of detention in North Korea, American student Otto Warmbier was returned to the USA as a vegetable and died briefly afterwards. No sign of outside violence but with extensive loss of brain tissue. Has psychs written all over it, if you ask me, Marty. E-shocks kill brain issue. And one really has to wonder how stupid one has to be to visit North Korea. If someone wants the thrill of danger, he can stay right here in the west.

Each visitor of North Korea adds to the regime by leaving money there. And how stupid is North Korea by treating tourists that way and scaring other tourists away. Didn’t Kim Jong Un set a target of attracting millions of tourists? Isn’t tourism is a significant source of currency for this regime?

Another odd thing is the poster. Warmbier confessed that he tried to steal it but it is not clear if he said it under pressure. He said a lot that sounded odd. Reports say the poster contained this text: “Let’s arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong Il’s patriotism!” Warmbier said he stole it for the mother of a friend who wanted it as a souvenir to be hung on the wall of a Methodist church in his hometown of Wyoming, Ohio. 

Huh? What kind of people are the Methodists if they want North Korea’s propaganda hanging in their church? Not sure if they acknowledge or deny it, but good grief!

Also, isn’t that poster a promotion for North Korea? If they would slap someone with a financial fine for trying to take the poster, ok, that would be acceptable, but jailing him for 15 years and making him into a vegetable for nothing else but actually doing North Korea’s job of carrying their propaganda into the world… That is very suspicious.  

As you know, Kim Jong Un was educated in Switzerland, another German poodle. They failed to raise humanity within North Korea’s current leader. How can they miss the characters of people? This is the first thing that teachers should try to better in students. 

Already in the Nazi time, Switzerland was not really neutral. Germany allowed them to be “neutral” for no other reasons but Jews banking their money and values in Switzerland and not in the USA so that Germany has again easy access to all that cash in Europe even of Jews who manage to escape. And how difficult did they make it for the surviving members of Jewish families to get to their values back!

A Munich appeals ruled that the Jewish paintings worth a Billion dollars stolen by German Nazis in the possession of Cornelius Gurlitt should be given to a museum in Switzerland. Again, close to Germany so that they really don’t have to give it back as Germany runs Switzerland tightly. Hail ear-implants. 

 Be kissed my darling. You are wonderful. Courageous, one of a kind. You are the legend, Marty. Your willpower is not from this world. You are the Blue Mauritius in a world of worthless stickers. I love you, Marty. Take it from me who can read personalities. 

  If people would be just a bit like you, we would have heaven on Earth not the hell that we are having instead.

Yours forever,






UK makes the same mistake like all other countries: not investigating that psychiatrists are making terrorists to outlaw religions

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

I miss you very much and no day goes by on which I don’t think of you.

P$ychs considers Islam to be the easiest religion to be destroyed and outlawed. We know that other religions (incl. Christianity) will follow, because authorities and also all others fail to investigate that behind each “religious extremist” are psychiatrists who hypnotize and conditioned people into committing the unspeakable. Psychs are thinking that if all religions are gone, it will be to their advantage, e.g. people being even easier controlled and run as they no longer think that they will be held accountable to a higher power.

Ron, the real founder, accepted all other religions, but he definitely has not named Flag “The Mecca of Technical perfection”. That came from psychs as their plans to make the world hate Islam and wanting to outlaw it were already in progress when this slogan was introduced to Scientology. Besides, Scientology is so infiltrated and altered upon orders by Germany and secret service psychs that it is no longer technical perfect. Apparently a psych plan exists to link Scientology with Islam, which also explains Scientology under Miscavige pairing with Nation of Islam.

Although NOI does not adhere to the core tenets of the Islamic theology, the words “Islam” and “Mecca” mixed into Scientology tells me clearly that psychs want Scientology in very big troubles. Psychs already set up the orgs so often in the past, and EVERY TIME, the orgs and also CCHR failed to publish that they are infiltrated by psychiatric agents and that psychiatrists implant, hypnotize, and condition also Scientologists or people who are online in the Scientology orgs. That means that the orgs and CCHR left the doors wide open for psychs to plan the next atrocity and blame Scientology on it.

Ron said that constant and continual alertness is the price of freedom. Constant willingness to fight back is the price of freedom. There is no other price. But the orgs and CCHR are not fighting back the infiltration of Scientology and the set ups against Scientology, at least not effectively.

In any of the attacks, murders, also murders under the cover of suicide, accident, or disease, in which a Scientologist or an alleged Scientologist or a person online was involved in or the target or a victim thereof, the orgs didn’t fight back. The orgs rather waited for grass to grow over what happened, instead of investigating and accusing psychs of having conditioned the persons who were involved. And that means, that psychs feel unrestricted to plan the next horror and involve Scientology. After all, Scientology and CCHR pretends that in the orgs is all milk and honey and that none of their members were/are ambushed and conditioned by psychs.  WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE TO MAKE. Because psychs are doing the above.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours always,


                                                                           Some Slow Blues for you, Marty, one of my favorite music styles!

                                                                                       I find it relaxing but also revitalizing. 





Dolmens – graves or rather hiding places for the living as evil was going around as it still does?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are your days and nights? My thoughts are always returning to you because we are soulmates.

Recently, I had a closer look at the dolmens.  All over the world, people did built them. Officially, nobody knows for what purpose they were erected.  The oldest allegedly were built by the old Europeans around 7000 years ago, and around 4500 the old and successful Europeans were nevertheless all eliminated. 

Typically, dolmens are explained as burial grounds (despite there is no shred evidence for it) but I think they were built by residents to protect themselves from brutal invaders (SPs) who were ice-cold killers.

Guess it is easier for the scientists and others to think that this planet hasn’t that evil past (as they also ignore the presence with psychiatrist invading everyone’s mind, altering personalities, bringing morals down, and murdering remote-controlled, etc.).

It seems that some humans were either murdered near those dolmens (maybe didn’t make it inside before they were ambushed) or human remains were intentionally placed there to make people think that those were burial grounds. Besides with mind-control, traitors can be made who open from the inside and let the monsters in. 

Russian dolmens have seams so tight that not even a blade of a knife could get through. If that isn’t a defense building, what then?


After some Australian scientists published that the old European disappeared approx. 4,500 years ago and were replaced by a new DNA, the University of Tübingen published around March 1, 2016 that the Europeans also disappeared 14,500 years ago and were replaced by others. Again, it is easier to blame the weather or not deliberately man-made diseases on their disappearance. But we know SPs. Those people who have completely cut off their human feelings and qualifications. Genocides and holocausts are nothing new to this planet or universe. And nothing will change of the population of this planet doesn’t confront and deals with it.  

I think it is complete crap that successful people die completely out because they can’t handle the weather. If the weather would be the reason, the same DNA would show up in other places to which they moved. It would not die out completely.

Furthermore, I have a had time believing that humans mated with Neanderthals (cannibals) by their own free will, Marty. Rape might have occurred. Ancient mind-control is another possibility to get humans pair with them. And at the end, someone who eliminated the old Europeans, finished the Neanderthals off too. I say that because Europeans lived alongside the Neanderthals for a long time. Sure didn’t mate with them on their own free will but also didn’t attack them. 

I also wonder if the Earth was their place to dumb those that they wanted to get rid of. And that without human DNA around that the best they can do on their own is becoming Neanderthals when starting over. You understand what I mean.   

Many people believe that aliens landed on this planet to help the Earth population and left some of their structures behind. I think the structures were not built by these invaders. They just landed periodically to exterminate. That explains nations dying out. And the worst of all, numerous of those SPs stayed. This also explains the Nazis, the doctors and psychiatrists behind them and the terrorism of today.

I love you, my hero.

Yours always,







1) NATO, a vehicle for Germany to take over the world 2) USA and Russia making the mistaking blaming each other and not the men behind Germany

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This is what they want young Syrians to become:

the hard workers for a Germany, a county that is covertly still very Nazi


Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband, how is your life?

Many, maybe most people are thinking that true, deep, passionate, romantic, and everlasting love between a man and a woman does not exist and/or that it just lasts a short while and then becomes boring or so. I knew a girl in Germany (not a Scientologist) and she saw a psychologist who told her that the only lasting love is from parents for their child, never from a husband/lover/partner. He is wrong. I keep loving you with every fiber of my being since before the beginning of time, and I know that this will never change.

I bet that ear-implants, psychiatric-silent sounds are being used to make romantic love die between two people as these psychs are jealous. 

Germany and their secret services, particularly the SEGNPMSS or any of the German/Bavarian secret services, which existences and names are not even publicly known, use NATO to defend them by taking over the world. When Germany steps on other countries toes (like invading, etc.), it wants the USA to take the beating instead, and Americans should pay for it. 

The USA and other countries are used to defend the still existing and again winning and worst enemy that the world (all other countries and even various cultures and people in Germany) ever had. And NATO is one of these vehicles. I am not staying that NATO and any joint organization of countries should be dismantled, but I am saying that they should watch out for German Nazi tricks, which they don’t. I am saying is that the world needs defense from the real WHO, and that is Germany, the psychs behind it.    

American taxpayer’s money goes into “defending” Europe (now another word for Germany). It would cost a lot less for every country if they finally would admit that the “threats” to democracy come from the men behind Germany and if they would act accordingly. 

Germany’s secret service psychs install ear-implants in people (most of the time already when they are little kids and have unripe minds) of other countries and turn them into their obedient robots, which call “Europe” (Germany) for help like the Ukraine did. Or they make other countries split so that “Europe” (Germany) has it easier to take over.

Apparently, the Russians as the Americans and any other countries got these ear implants too. So, what they do or fail to do has Germany written over it as well. At least I can see it and I know you too, Marty.

However, I can’t blame Russian intuition not wanting to be taken over by what is chopping away from them and is trying to take them over and forcing their brand on them.  But they are making the same mistake as the USA. Russia blames the USA; the USA blames Russia. By blaming each other and not the German instigator behind the scene, they do exactly what the still existing German Nazi doctor orders. 

What the USA and Russia, and all other countries have to do is uniting against Germany. Germany runs people with ear-implants for an eternity. They invented cults and robotism. They could have prevented crimes, terror, and war, even aging and death. The opposite, they did. They encouraged all these horrible things and even manipulated and still manipulate people with silent sounds to become brutal and perverted.

Russia and the USA, and any other countries should always think that Germany is enjoying when two or more are fighting and that they are being used by the men behind Germany.

Merkel is a puppet. The secret service psychs behind her are calling the shots. They use women now as people think that they are less brutal and more trustworthy than men. Are they of they follow the command of men without conscience? What people don’t consider is that these women are preparing the world for the extreme systems that follow. Merkel “accepted” the Syrian fugitive not from the goodness of her heart. Germany is behind the Syrian war. The purpose: to get its people as cheap and hard workers to make Germany world power no. 1. “Arbeit macht frei.” The Syrians are NOT known for being lazy. They work HARD. They didn’t empty a country whose residents are known to be work-shy. 

The men behind Germany don’t mind their own people going down. If Merkel loses the election, that is ok with them. She did what they wanted. The Moor has done his duty the Moor can go. Adolfina Frauke Petry and French Adolfina Marine Le Pen are waiting to be next, until they are moors who can go, to make turn the world over to even more extreme “leaders” (robots) until no one can breathe anymore.

Trump plays a big role too. I feel that people who do not like Nazis should be at ease as he has a Jewish son-in-law (adviser). The simple mind maybe at ease, but nobody who used his or her mind.  How convenient for Germany to get its agenda done in the USA with people thinking that all or most is ok for Jews. And Jews may be blamed on what Trump (adviser son-in-law) does, comes into my mind as well. Trump thinks that the Syrians or other Muslim immigrants “destroy” Germany, with which he still identifies himself. Trump is either completely clueless about what his fatherland is up to or he knows and keeps it a secret.

If alleged Muslims or others in Germany or elsewhere conduct terror, it is a German plan that shall result in the first step to get rid of all religions (others will follow) and as a justification to get the Nazis back “to protect Germany”.  

Pence has zero insight of people. He didn’t check what’s up with Merkel or other German politicians. Remember how he defended Hastert of all people as “a man of integrity”? Yikes! What is Pence capable of seeing anyway? Nothing… Or he knows and covers up. People who cover up bad things are blind, otherwise they would get that also they and their loved ones will lose in the process.  

SEGNPMSS continues to condition Muslims to conduct terror to archive the following: getting rid of religions and having a justification to get a Nazi government back.

Nothing happens to Germany that its secret rulers don’t want. They can afford to build a wall through it and play the defeated victim as they have the power to lift it at any time. Whatever Germany does, it will get away. Merkel explained it: It will not define us. (Because people have their ear-implants and allow it to the away and away and away.)    

You heard it before from me, Marty, but when I read the news, I can’t help it but saying my piece.

We are meant to be, Marty, (never by Germany, but by God) and that is why we will be together one day and if not in this freaking German psych universe, we will be so in another one.

I love you more than any words can tell.

Yours forever,







I don’t buy the Munich Security Conference as honest institution and without ulterior motives

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? 

I bet the farm that the SEGNPMSS hides also behind the Munich Security Conference. Just hearing that name makes me shake my head. The world has forgotten how sneaky Nazis are and that they haven’t died out.

Records say that Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist-Schmenzin founded the Münchner Wehrkundetagung, which evolved into the Munich Security Conference. They also say that von Kleist-Schemenzin  worked with Claus Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg to get rid of Hitler. I doubt the entire story, Marty, because they didn’t pulled off anything effective against Hitler. My intuition is telling me that assassination attempts were staged to send a message to those who really would like assassinate Hitler: it is in vain. We know the German, particularly the Bavarian mind and how they plot. That is why I think that these alleged assassination stories are a load of bull.     


The sneakiness of Germany, particularly Bavaria and German’s secret capital Munich, becomes very obvious by looking at the Munich Security Conference, a private thing, founded in 1963, which has so much power to draw hundreds of heads of states and international scientists to discuss “security and defense”. (Germany wants the USA to “defend” Germany [in case it again steps on somebody’s toe despite running everyone with ear implants] and to make Germany bigger and ruining the USA and other countries in the process! Just one example is that Germany wants the world, incl. Russia and they want the USA fights Russia so that Germany can add Russia to Germany, and so on.)

These conferences allegedly serve peace, yet, the SEGNPMSS is behind terror, crimes, racism, and wars. Their psychs came up with running people through ear-implants like robots with silent and loud sounds to control and manipulate them into committing all these things.

That the world is in this mess, that racism didn’t die out but is coming back, that there is so much terror and crime and never lasting peace is the fault of the SEGNPMSS who at hard-core are German/Bavarian butchers, barbers, doctors, Nazis, and psychs. I don’t care how they call themselves. Fact is that they never were prosecuted after WWII or ever before as they run the entire world with ear-implants since ages. 

Germany, and its secret capitol Munich are playing the innocent card at the conference (and elsewhere). Typical for them to keep it from the world that it is them who are creating all the messes by running the planet’s population with ear-implants. Germany also runs the world making other countries blame the USA or other countries on what German secret services secretly do, but they keep it a top, top, top, top secret that they are running their officials via ear-implants including heads of state. They are not just meddling with elections. They determine who runs in the first place. They prevent that a good and effective person can do something to save the world from secretly still existing Nazi Germany and ear-implant robotism. You are wrongfully locked up instead of running for US-President, thanks to Germany. Instead, the USA gets Presidents like you know who…

Ear-implants are the only reason why Germany can do what it wants and can come back as if not much happened and can do the same atrocities over and over again in other countries and nobody stopping or rarely anyone blaming them.

This conference is just another alibi to mislead people who Munich is not the cradle of evil in the world. Alibi, alibi, alibi…

Germany wants the world, all country, to beg it running them. They want to be admired as the greatest beings ever.  And nothing could be further from the truth. They are still as nuts and perverted as they were under Hitler. And they still and more than ever want to take over the world and the universe.  The ultimate nightmare for anyone with a real conscience.

Imagine the nerves of the SEGNPMSS: they have their beloved Munich play the planetary host of the a conference that allegedly serves peace but all the disasters that these international people discuss were/are secretly ordered by the very German/Bavarian SEGNPMSS through a supercomputer in the ears of their agents. Germany/Bavaria and their secret services are the biggest security threats of all and they want to force all countries into their knees and wants to make the world and the universe turning into Germany. Argh!

Their alibi: “We are not behind crime, terror, racism, and war… we even host an international conference against it!”

They have to tell that line to people who are dumber than we are, Marty. 

BTW, I just read in the news that 48 Jewish centers in the USA and one in Canada received bomb threats in the last few weeks.

The Nazis didn’t die out and Germany’s psych control anyone’s ear implants. That is where the threats are coming from. 

Be kissed, my Prince. Many times. I think of you and hope to see you against all odds.

Yours forever,











We need to build a big beautiful wall all around Trump…

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Dearest Marty, my magnificent husband and Prince,

How are you feeling? I  miss you tremendously. 

Even if Trump does not always act German-friendly towards Merkel, I can see German secret services controlling  everything he does.

Why didn’t he mention the main victims of the Holocaust, during his speech on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day? How much clearer can it get that Trump is a typical German anti-Semite than this? His attitude towards other races and religions also scream the story of him being a racist. I bet you have very similar thoughts, Marty.

He is the man who said about himself that he is going to hell – and thanks to the Christians, and others who voted for him, he’ll intents to take the USA down that route too. How Christians can trust the USA into the hands of a man who says that he lived a life that deserves hell is very revealing. It means that tons of Christians are not truly religious. 

I know how German psychiatrists tick and how they plot. Trump’s Jewish son-in-law as “adviser” has a purpose. Whatever false and ugly decision Trump makes throughout his US presidency, in just a little bit of time, it will be blamed on the Jews. 

“I don’t regret the words,”  White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said when asked to defend the Holocaust statement. (German Reinhold creeps me out, Marty. How dare anyone who helped that man becoming the RNC chair.) And German Reinhold will make very sure that the WH will be very German. In the name of Ike, I consider Reince (and the likes) disgusting German-oriented weasels. If they would be no anti-Semites, they would have stated that the main victims were Jews.   

Trump and Reince identify as Germans, no doubt. Two men with German heritage. I bet there were selected as “US leaders” to never do anything effective against the SEGNPMSS.  

As I mentioned before, either Trump doesn’t get it or he covers it up: Merkel became the leader of Germany and Europe because people are more afraid of German men than of women. How can Germany take over Europe and the world? Better with a woman puppet than a man puppet. Women are picked as alleged leaders and it is hushed up that male secret service psychiatrists are running them. (Hail ear-implants.)

Now, as she is on top and EU is basically Germany, SEGNPMSS decided yet that it is time again for an official German racist leader, like Frauke “Adolfine” Petry supported by Marine Le Pen in France and other such foreigner hating extreme robots. They think  that Trump, Petry and Le Pen, etc. will get along great. Not for the USA but Germany.

Officially, Germany likes to play a more “laid back” role so that in case it doesn’t work out well for the Nazis, they can blame it again on other nations, e.g. the USA, France,  Middle East, whatever. But no doubt, Germany’s secret service psychiatrists are still the driving force behind the hatred against races and religions, and yes, they conditioned terrorists who commit atrocities in the name of religions or God, etc.  to help their ugly causes. Hollande blames German secret doings on the USA.

Germany’s top court ruled this January not to outlaw the  National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), the  far-right,  ultra-nationalist German party espousing German nationalism.

It is all very clear to me, what is going on, and I know also to you too, Marty. 

As I wrote before, Merkel wants to go as great humanitarian into history, despite she “invited” the Syrians and others to Germany by having stated herself a that multi-cultural society failed entirely in Germany. In other words, immigrants have to lose their identity or else. Also, she only invited the refugees because they want cheap workers and make Germany richer through their work. This is why Germany instigated the Syrian war and made all these people homeless. Syrians are known as hard workers and that is why the SEGNPMSS used ear-implants and psychiatric-conditioning to create Daesh (Isis). And they managed a medical doctor becoming the head of Syria to help empty the country so that Germany can take advantage of the refugees.

And as I said before, Brexit serves to make GB smaller, so that Germany [EU] can take over first Ireland, next Scotland, by holding the economy of England down (hail ear implants as they make it happen in each detail) and at the end, Germany wants England to beg them  being accepted in the EU as their economy failed terribly…  Theresa May should think about this. Holding Trump’s hand won’t safe GB. There is a reason for Germany having the most robust economy. Giving Germany the best deals and also having other nations making false decisions. On a stupid planet, ear implants rule. 

And there is Trump whose US presidency has the purpose TO BREAK THE USA. If he isn’t impeached and can continue, the US states at the East and West Coast will break away. Then other states will follow. 

Instead of helping Mexico to a better economy, he alienates Mexicans. He says that Mexico pays for the wall, but goods will become a lot more expensive for Americans, the way Trump “handles” things. Making Americans and Mexicans aware of how they are manipulated with silent and loud sounds will revive the economy as they will think sharper. Besides, we need a new way of live anyway and there will be plenty of work of anyone in that economy that we can create. Trump can shove his wall.

Only a few days in office and Trump is already a huge failure and liability. His decision to ban Muslims will result in terror acts in foreign countries against Americans. That man either can’t think or does not want to think. It is horrible to trap people at airport or transport them into holding facilities and make the US look like having concentration camps.  If those camps are created, SEGNPMSS plans to radio in the ear-implant of some of the managers of those camps to mistreat people so that the world can say that the Americans are the Nazis of today.  

Extreme Islamists [and other extremists] are psychiatric-conditioned. Psychiatric secret service method needs to be outlawed. If Muslims [and other people] understand that, they can avoid being psychiatric-conditioned and can avoid becoming hated and feared people. 

Americans who are clueless that Germany wants to break up the USA to make it smaller and defenseless against Germany will vote for US states breaking away from the Union, like Calexist, etc.

Germany wants the US and the western world to blame Russia and China, and others instead of Germany of what’s wrong with the world. SEGNPMSS is also using them.  German p$ychs are using all and anyone.

All over the world, there is a SEGNPMSS plan for each country, and if not a miracle happens, Germany will be always on top and all other countries under them. Just as their national hymn says.  

This is also not a good news for average Germans. Because once they have the world, and likely already before it, they will do horrible things again to each other. Most Jews who were gassed were Germans. The people that they shot at the Berlin wall were Germans. And they don’t allow most Germans to live a way of life to  prevent diseases, aging, and dying. They are screwed too if they don’t take down the SEGNPMSS once and forever.  

For lasting peace and rights for all the people in this world, SEGNPMSS needs to be convicted and the remote-control to people’s ear implants must be kicked out of their claws.

You know it, Marty, and I know it, most of the rest of the world seems in trance.

I love you as if you are a part of my being.  And you are my soulmate. Every day we can’t be together is the fault of the SEGNPMSS, and do you know when I forgive them and let them off the hook? NEVER! How dare them to rip us apart.

If that bunch of retired psychs could think, they never would have separated us.  They did it because they are unable to love. They are unlovable (who can love monsters as they are?) and they are unable to love. I assume they have robots, machines as “partners”.

Judging from their inability to love, they thought we are just infatuated with each other and would give up quickly.  As always, they were so wrong. They invaded our thoughts already in past lives, yet, they don’t understand us because we are from a different world and they are dumb. They are obsessed to control people but are stupid as… There is not even a metaphor for that kind of stupidity.   

You’ll never will leave my heart.

Yours forever,


No walls for you, Marty, and not the kind of walls that Trump builds.











Arrgh! Trump’s National Intelligence Director Pick is Dan Coats, the former ambassador to Germany… Yikes!

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Dearest Marty,

This here is Coats with the former German chancellor Schroeder. Coats shaking the hand of Schroeder with both hands. That picture is taken on September 14, 2001, three days after ring leader Atta (who was psychiatric-conditioned by German psychs and considered himself as a German) had his cell of Al Queda terrorists fly in the twin towers and  the Pentagon.

Coats is in awe of Germany and buys their cool aide, as one can see here. He failed to figure out Germany as an ambassador. That means that he won’t kick the SEGNPMSS behinds as National Intelligence Director who will oversee 13 different US intelligence agencies. And he doesn’t figure the doctors behind Germany and its chancellors or  doesn’t want to figure them. 

I can clearly see German secret services behind that pick.

It means that the gruesome SEGNPMSS hamster wheel for the USA and the rest of the human race will continue. SEGNPMSS and German-controlled ear-implants are behind terrorism, and I don’t see that either Trump or his picks will stop terror and the traps. Terror will stop only when the psychiatrists behind the terror are getting the message that the USA and the rest of the world is now coming for them. Otherwise it will never stop and even get worse.

Actually, I never thought that I would be political one day, Marty. I always thought that my life will center around philosophy and arts. And now look at me.  Others don’t solve the problems, and I somehow got political. 

Donald Swamp Trump is draining no swamp. He makes the swamp even swampier. 

You will be a completely different US President, Marty, one who really de-swamps and not just say so to win.

Yours always, and I love you. Being with you will be the best dream come true.