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It is not a shocker that humans lived in North America 120,000 and 140,000 years ago but rather that people think that they didn’t

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This is one of the 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones and someone worked with tools at them: 

Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

How are you?

I miss you. 

There is a lot of talk recently about Cerutti mastodon site.  In 1992 already, an excavator dug up large mastodon bone fragments in San Diego County. Those allegedly 120,000 and 140,000 years old mastodon bones shows evidence that humans were at them. Now they try to figure out what kind of humans those were and what made them disappear.

One question is: if the site was discovered already in 1992, why did it make big headlines only as late as 2017? I find it odd.

If humans were 200,000 years ago in Africa, why shouldn’t they be in the Americas too? Many are having the question how they got here 130,000 years ago as the Beringia land bridge wasn’t there to cross. Maybe they had ships. Or they really came from another planet. Or the same process of the creation of human bodies FROM SCRATCH took place in the Americas too. 

As far as the distinction of these early humans are concerned: SPs did it who else. They don’t discover. They persecute to kill. That is how they get to places. They can’t leave others in peace and follow them to kill them. SPs are most primitive in their goals.   

The SPs of the SEGNPMSS ordered the infiltration and alteration of Scientology and auditing and created a bad reputation of both to make mainstream mistrust it. Otherwise, it could be used scientifically to reconstruct history as to who really was around and what really happened to the people. You and I and some others know for sure that we lived before this life. It is really something that “science” has failed to prove: past lives. It means that religion still knows more than science, despite the psychiatric propaganda against religion. Shame on scientists and their dilettantism and stupid ear-implants, which prevent independence and intelligence.  

I am certain that the SEGNPMSS knows where the sites are that show that history is incomplete and also partly improperly recorded. They have LIDAR and other sensory devices with which they scan the Earth. They use loud and silent sounds to prevent that archaeologists dig at the places where they can find the proof.

And remember how quickly the Army Corps of Engineers dumped tons of soil on the site where the Kennewick man was found? Typical ear-implants, typical SEGNPMSS. No, it was not to protect the rights of Indians. It was to cover up history. Germany used American agencies and courts as usually. Germany and the psychiatrists behind them, former barbers and butchers, never were on the side of American Indians. They controlled those Europeans and the US Army who killed them. Ear implants are old. They also conditioned some Indians into becoming bad. 

Actually, the intense reaction of the feds that made the Kennewick man site inaccessible with tons of soil speaks volumes of a cover up.  

Some white supremacists also claim that Kennewick man is not an American Indian. They want him to be German. If he would be German, SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have ordered the feds to cover up the site on which he was found with tons of soil. They would claim that Germans discovered America. Guaranteed. I know Germans, particularly Bavarians, and how important it is for them to be admired, despite that there is nothing that can be admired.       

American Indians are losing too on a planet that is based on lies and misinformation. To me (and numerous Indians), American Indians are much more than they are getting credit for. They could be very well one of the Lost Tribe of Israel. And not just that. I think they were around when pyramids were built as the teepee building style indicates that to me. However, I believe that they could not build permanent pyramids and had to be on the go as they were persecuted and we know by who. 

Some might say that building teepees in this pyramid style is simply the fastest way to build temporary housing. Except that there are tons of other ways to build temporary shelter but teepees.

I believe that some Indians might fear that the feds will cut off their assistance programs if recording of history is changed. Fact is that they were here before the Europeans took their lands and killed them and that they have a right to live good lives and in peace. However, nobody lives a good life on the unprotected surface on the Earth with the SEGNPMSS wearing minds and bodies down in an average of 75 years and often shorter.

Everyone loses with the SEGNPMSS, including Germans and Bavarians. And the top SEGNPMSS mind-controllers are losing too. They are killing each other off too. 100% beyond any doubt. They are living physically in paradise-like conditions but constantly have to look over their shoulders not being murdered by fellow colleague and co-conspirators. This and riddled by their bad consciences, they are no happy people. So, who says there is no justice?

These killed SPs (former SEGNPMSS top psychs) are then planted back on Earth where they are born again and have to suffer like their former victims. What these fools haven’t learned is that in order to prevent stepping into their own traps is removing all the traps for others.  

Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I love you. You rock. I know because we are spiritually connected.  












More ancient European mass graves… (What did really happen in ancient Europe?)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

 7 Billion people on this planet but I wouldn’t be ever happy without you. Nobody can ever replace you. You own my heart. You moved right in when I discovered your personality, so decent, so caring, so special, so true, so courageous and so uptone. I don’t read body language. I read personalities based on the tonescale. And I know you do too. Unlike what Scientology-haters claim, it really works. And there were you, and what I saw and felt was so beautiful and so rare! It is impossible not loving you, Marty. And whenever I met you on the timetrack, the same happened again: pure and true love, and while we were loving and helping each other, have a look what others did on the timetrack: 

I found contradictory reports as to who the first Europeans were and were they came from. Some historians and archaeologists say that they came from the Middle East, Africa, Romania, Central Asia or even the Americas. It seems that historians and archaeologists don’t know the clear answer and maybe they came from all of these places.

Archaeologists didn’t find weapons to kill other people in old Europe until something changed very drastically, approx. 7000 years ago. (And 4500 years ago, the old successful Europeans were completely eradicated.) Revealing, isn’t it?  They were peaceful and suddenly, butchery started. They shared Europe with the Neanderthals for thousands of years and made no weapons to kill them or their own. But suddenly they turn into brutal mass murderers. This is not a normal development of peaceful people. What disturbed that area?

I saw some documentaries of the History Channel. It seems that their producers and reporters think that the world has seen aliens, people not from this Earth, but that these aliens were good and advanced and trying to help Earth people but gave up one day and left. But what if they got this wrong? What if these aliens were anything but good and turned the peaceful European world and then the rest of the world into hell? And what if they didn’t leave and are still around?

Question is also when an alien is no longer an alien? Imagine some landed on Earth thousands of years ago and never left, do they still qualify as aliens? If some were killed and born again in new bodies (reincarnation), are they still aliens?

Historians and archaeologists are saying that the old Europeans turned against each other. I really can’t help it, Marty, but peaceful horticulturists, potters, and farmers do not turn suddenly into cannibals, kidnappers, mass murderers, in other words monsters. Some others were the monsters, or alternatively, they knew how to alter minds and personalities of the of Europeans and made them into monsters. Ancient psychs at work. The peaceful immigrants from western Asia and south Russia weren’t the monsters either. If the old Europeans were able to live with the Neanderthals side by side for thousand of years and they hadn’t developed weapons against them, why would they suddenly slaughter later their own kind? Does that makes sense?    

Wikipedia isn’t my “Bible”, Marty, but they collected some details about on the ancient mass killing in Thalheim.

Once again: originally, the old Europeans (approx. 7000 years ago) didn’t even make weapons to kill other people, and then an ancient Holocaust:

At  (Germany) a mass grave of 34 individuals was found, of which 16 were children, 7 women and 9 men.

At Herxheim (Germany) a mass grave of 500 individuals was found.

At Vahingen (Germany), 138 human skeletons have been found.

At Asparn-Schletz, Lower Austria, Bavaria’s next door neighbor, they found  67 skeletons, but they think the grave contains actually 300.

And now:

At Schöneck-Kilianstädten (Germany), they just found 26 skeletons indicating lethal injuries from organised crime:

Marty, I think that there are tons more of such mass graves all over Europe. 

Below article says that mutilated remains suggesting cannibalism in German Eilsleben and Ober-Hogern. Cannibalism! Were the cannibals not the old Europeans but people who were never recorded in history? Or who turned the successful old Europeans suddenly into cannibals and mass murderers? 

Read this line: There seems to be considerable evidence that relationships between the mesolithic hunter-gatherers in Europe and the LBK migrants were not entirely peaceful. Not ENTIRELY peaceful? What an understatement, considering that the original DNA of the old Europeans was completely eradicated!

And again, the question raises: was there a third party who made the gatherers in Europe and the LBK migrants clash? Who brought out the worst in them? Who ORGANIZED the brutality, killings, torture, cannibalism, and other perversions? These killings happened SYSTEMATICALLY. ORGANISED CRIMES. Ancient ear implants? 

The later Europeans domesticated the pigs. (Yuk.) For those idiots who blame Jews on anything: they couldn’t be Jewish.

Later Europeans gave birth to the Nazis. To me it seems that a completely different race, a very brutal one, got rid of the old Europeans and took over.   

Scientology auditing without loud and silent sounds could explain history. If people independently from each other are audited and tell the same events from their timetracks, we will be able to read true history books. It also will show what mankind has to do to make sure that history does not repeat itself, because it really does.

You are in my thoughts, Marty.

Yours always,