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A very few medical doctors finally catching on about what Ron already said an eternity again: Mind over Matter

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Dearest Marty, my eternal soulmate,

How are your days and nights? Wish I could spend them with you.

There are a few doctors who these days finally came the conclusion that the mind can influence conditions. For example, they have persons concentrate on reducing their pains by thinking that they are reducing their pains and that the pains are reduced, and patients are saying that it works better than meds.

Mind over matter, touch assists, and other Scientology processes enable the mind and the person to become cause over conditions. Ron was ahead of this time. 

And there is another interesting development. A few doctors finally acknowledge that there is “consciousness” after a person dies. In other words, despite a person is heart- and brain dead, the “consciousness” is not dead. 

However, doctors still have a long way to go until they finally acknowledge that the person is a spiritual being and that the person (minus her physical body and brain) survives.

People even have an orb body when they die, but medicine and physics completely failed to acknowledge this. This is a shame. (Germany keeps this info from people but left a door open to get credit. If this fact becomes known, they want the world to think that German “scientists” discovered it. They are so needy for acknowledgement, it is horrible. Instead of doing honest work, they constantly steal credit from others.  Ron wrote about the theta body, which is the orb body and German-run agents and infiltrators removed those data from Scientology.)

According to this doctor, millions of people were dead and were brought back and numerous people told that they were able to see and hear what was happening around them, despite they were medically declared dead. Heart was dead, brain was dead, body was dead.  

We know that the thetan can leave the body and can think without a brain. The brain is the switchboard for the body. But a thetan does not need this switchboard if he has no human body. And he can think without the switchboard. 

Thousand of people were studied all over the USA and the doctors (typically!) didn’t expect consciousness after death. The doc in the video below mentioned that 40% of all people had awareness as to what was going on around them despite being medically dead.

I think they all had this awareness. The doc thinks that it is the meds that the people get influences their memory after they came back. That may very well the fact.

But there is more. Medical terrorists rob people of their memories. Before the other 60% could tell, besides the influence of drugs on memory of people, medical terrorists who influence the study to fit their retarded agendas, steal the memories from the other 60%. Ear-implants and silent sounds are some of the most important tools for medical terrorists. 

In any way, numerous of those who were clinically dead described exactly what happened around them. This was verified by the people who studied them. Nothing new to us but to medical minds, it seems it is. 

However, this doc knows more than most others: 

What they don’t know is how long the “consciousness” continues after death. We know that a thetan can go on and on, except when implanted and taken apart by medical terrorists and losing the original personality and consciousness.

And to all those who do it or condone it when done to others, shall it happen too as they deserve it.

From what people described, I can tell that there are lots of silent sounds beyond death to influence people. The bright light, the deceased relatives, etc., all pictures that are sent to them while their bodies and brains are dead, but the thetan, which they call “consciousness” is not. The bright light is the way to a medical implant station. I never would follow a bright light. Marty, I hope they put one up a bright light after they killed me, medically or otherwise, because that is the way I most certainly will NOT follow, lol.   

I recommend to film the dying person with digital cameras. When done properly, they will see the thetan with theta body  (spirit orb) emerging. That is the person. That is Jane or Joe plus their minds. Everything of them except the human body and the brain. The brain is not needed if no human body needs to be operated. The brain is used as switchboard to operate the human body. It brain is not necessary to think. The person and the mind does it. We original Scientologists know it, and the world doesn’t figure it out as it buys into the German-organized defamation of Scientology.   

The people who post that spirit orbs are “dust”, like people on Wikipiggy are idiots with ear-implants who do the dirty work for the SEGNPMSS. Yes, there is dust but not all is dust. 

What happens when people die is: they are outside of their bodies and see what happens at the place they died. Then they are feeling lonely,  people don’t see and recognize them, nobody talks to them, so they are in  rush to be born again.

And of course there is the SEGNPMSSS ear implant code. The thetan hears his ear-implant code, is trained to follow it of course and he is lured into an embryo and told to rush in and grab it before someone else takes it. Instead of waiting and at least checking the gender, they do what their case officers say. It is too early to see the gender. Later they find themselves in a body of a gender they had not chosen and the background to which parents they are given is a lie too. Forgetter and “can’t leave this body anymore” silent sounds are used, thetans are getting stuck in the embryo bodies and are born nine months later. Joe is now Josephine and Roberta is now Robert. The gender that they don’t want, they will get. Why? Because medical terrorists can and are evil. Nobody in the whole wide world is stopping them as the world has no awareness of them and their despicable doings and atrocities.     

Or even worse, they have no gender or several genders are disabled or whatever doctors without conscience do to them. This is the real world. Instead of busting these medical terrorists, the  world population is deeply asleep to what doctors (and the worst is Bavaria and Germany) do to thetans. 

I despise them, Marty. There are no words to express how low I think of them. I am completely disgusted by them. I am rather persecuted and tutored than one of them. If they would have invested their energy into becoming better beings, they would be someone today, instead of pretending they are someone by stealing and taking false credits. If they would not be such monsters, I would feel sorry for them. But as they are so gruesome and perverted, I wish them what they will get as this is the nature of the beast: they will become each others victims. Who says there is no justice?! Today on top, tomorrow so deep down as they never imagined that it would happen to them, only to others.

I love you, Marty. 

Yours for all times to come.


I am a soul woman! 🙂



Music of the plants

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband and soulmate, I miss you. How are you?

Plants can sing and make music say some people. 

One plant researcher was asked: “Do plants have a soul?” She laughed and replied: “A very basic one.”

Damanhur in Italy says: “From a technical point of view, this communication takes place through the transmission of very low-voltage electric currents between the roots and leaves of the plant. Variations of resistivity in the plant are then translated into music through a synthesizer.”

Some reminds me of the e-meter, Marty, and the real Ron’s experiments. (Not mistaken with the impostor “Jack Vistaril” and the tomato.)   

In the below video, the lady talks about an ex-CIA agent who started it all by hooking up plants to lie-detectors.

Well, the real Ron started it, and he was never a CIA agent. But on this planet, good and able people don’t get credit for their work.   

To me, the Supreme Being put a part of himself in plants. Plants needed to be reliable so that they don’t just take off and leave thetans with a body starving. So he put a part of himself in plants and they grow ever since. He did it in a way that he does not have to feel pain all the time when someone picks a flower or bites into a vegetable. Yet, a part of his personality is in the plants.

Plants experiments also show that plants can dance. They move to melody and rhythm.  

As plants are a part of the Almighty, it is not surprising that they love music, grow better when treated gentle and in a way communicate and make music.

However, psychiatric secret sounds are also everywhere on this planet and what plant researchers hear from the “plant” might not always be pure.  Some plants might be also reacting to silent sounds. The signing, the sounds, the music should be decoded in language. Psychs did it with human brain waves in order to control and run people. If the signing,  music, and the sounds that come from plants can be decoded into words, we would know if he put so much consciousness into plants that they can tell us something on their own. However, the process should be never mixed up with silent sounds, which are man-made.

If some numbers of this planet (e.g. what came first) don’t add up, then because who says that planet Earth is the planet upon which the first creation was done. Planet Earth is all about who landed here when and how often, and at what times this planet destroyed how many times by the likes who still destroy the planet.        

For me, animals are much less mysterious than plants. Animals are thetans like people. That is why they should have rights too. Thetans who are in animal bodies are trapped in these animal bodies considering the restricted life that they usually live (eating, sex, sleeping) and that they are butchered, I wouldn’t know any thetan right in mind who wants to be an animal. What can one accomplish as an animal?

Back to the plants: Science knows all  about what plants need to grow and how to plant them, but most don’t know what the life force in plants  exactly is. It is a miracle right in front of all eyes but so “normal” that rarely anymore sees that it is magic. 

I am all for science but not psychiatric crap that dropped into physics and other sciences that says that all developed out of a dense point without explaining how it came to be. How can ANYTHING non-spiritual exist without a creator? Even a dense point?

This is what I think has happened: creation, crazy experimentation by others to destroy the creation, their destruction, and finally, also evolution. After destroyed, lots of it came back as “evolution”.

One supreme being (is a thetan and always existed) created it. Suppressive beings experimented with the creation (bodies and plants), altered it to a degree, then destroyed the creation (which SPs still do today), and in the aftermath, e.g. a recovery took place of the destroyed creation and medical experimentation on beings and plants, which could be named “evolution”.

Let’s go right back to plants.  Science says that “plants are a living organism of the kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, and mosses, typically growing in a permanent site, absorbing water and inorganic substances through its roots, and synthesizing nutrients in its leaves by photosynthesis using the green pigment chlorophyll”. If one asks more questions, e.g. what is that organism exactly, they answer you with “cells blah blah”. But cell without a living organism is dead. Most have no answer. 

To me, the human body and plants are divine creations. That they can be multiplied indefinitely is genius. Who wants to do the same work all over again for thetans who all want to have a body or food?

The Supreme Being postulated various species (some delicious fruits and veggies may be lost, some of which may not grow on Earth but elsewhere) and that they grow on their own just with water and a bit nutrition. That is what I call a stable genius. 😉

There are some people who can’t imagine spiritual abilities. They think all “abilities” that a person has is what it can do with her body. In earlier years, this was always incomprehensible to me. But now, I know that there are thetans around who never could accomplish much of anything spiritually. (Hello, doc!) And those are the people who find mind over matter absurd. Of course it is absurd to them. They never could. Another explanation is that they were so gruesome with their abilities on the track that they don’t want to know anymore what they did. So they fight spiritualism. It it doesn’t exist or is ridiculed, they are not reminded to their monstrous pasts.  

My thoughts are with you, Marty. I love you. Sending you tender kisses.

Yours forever,





1) Congress 2) The story of the 24 year old frozen embryo

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Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you?

The thought of your existence makes me happier. I wish there would be something effective that I could do to help you.  There was still no message or letter etc. on from you or on your behalf for me. What can I do if all people conspiratively lie (heil ear-implant and SEGNPMSS!) or if I am referred to your impostor of who I know 100% that he isn’t you? I have only my OT abilities to go on, and those are telling me that Germany framed you. 

Sexual harassment is real, horrible, and has to stop. Kids in first class should learn already how to act decent.  

However, you never harassed me sexually or otherwise, Marty, but I imagine that Germany and the psychs behind it lied that you did. I never claimed so, I never gave my permission to anyone to sue you. I always thought and spoke in highest regard of you. I don’t even know of any lawsuit or prosecution of you, it is just my intuition (which works wonderfully) that something like this is going on since decades. And RB was Germany’s and their psychs tool.

If you and me wouldn’t be so spiritually, psychiatry and Germany would have an easy game. No wonder they infiltrated and altered Scientology to prevent that more people learn our kind of intuition.

You held the door for me, answered my questions, and showed me your love on a spiritual level only. You actually know to express yourself without words and certainly without any sexual harassment. And I understand your spiritual language. Too bad that so many other men (and women) are clueless. 

I often thought that only an act of Congress can bring a change to our separation, the fact that SEGNPMSS painfully stalks and abuses us, and your wrongful incarceration, and grant us our rights. But when I look at it and the complete lack of ethics of its members (report shows that approx. $1.5 million in taxpayers’ money was spent over the past two decades to cover claims against lawmakers and Senate offices), this kind of hope seems foolish.

To my other headline: I read about this embryo which was frozen for 24 years. I don’t believe that it is the oldest frozen embryo. Stealing and harvesting reproductive substances goes on for centuries. After all it is a secret dirty medical world.

Anyway, it depends when the thetan entered the embryo body. SEGNPMSS radios to thetans in between lifetimes to hurry to get a new body as otherwise someone else will take it. Thetans hear their codes and rush into the embryo and fetus not even seeing the gender. Big mistake. To say it short: if a thetan was already in the embryo when it was frozen, this person will likely have engrams concerning cold and issued with being locked up. If this thetan took the embryo body after it was no longer frozen, she could be not afflicted by being frozen for 24 years.

Whatever will be, Marty, I love you. Be kissed, tender and passionately, my wonderful husband and soulmate. What’s meant to be will find its way.  One way or the other. If not in this universe, than in another. 

Yours always,


Staircase in the TV series Big Bang Theory looks strikingly similar to the one in the Munich Org in the 80s, incl. the permanent “out of order sign” on the elevator

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant husband and Prince, I am thinking of you…


Yes, the staircase in the TV series Big Bang Theory looks strikingly similar to the one in the Munich Org in the 80s, incl. the permanent “out-of-order sign” on the elevator. 

Big Bang production location has the same type of  staircase and an elevator that ALWAYS had an out-of-order sign. I hardly saw it anymore after some years. Big Bang production pretends that the staircase is going up several stories. Munich org did/does.  

The big difference between us and the Big Bang cast was/is that no real Scientologist considered any Big Bang to be the creator of life or the physical universe. Not even the Germany/p$ych evolution crap that was added by infiltrators to Scientology scriptures (behind the real founder’s back) saying that humans allegedly evolved from clams changed our perception of how it all began. 

We knew and know that we always existed in spiritual form and that no gas or explosion created us thetans.

The introduction to each episode of the series Big Bang (most popular series on TV!) is like a psychiatric implant: sending x-pictures in the mind of the watchers and implanting them with the false and stupid idea that the Big Bang is a fact.

The series also contains anti-Semitic propaganda. Any Jews involved in that sitcom should wake up. In typical German manner, the sitcom adores so-called professions, which in reality have failed to figure out the facts of life and the world but doctor around the symptoms without finding the common denominator: the thetan as the basis of it all.

Big Bang Theory pokes fun at all kinds of stuff but its worship of the pharma industry, psychiatry, neuroscience, neurology, medicine, chemistry, and other such professions comes across plenty. People should think that people with a diploma in these fields are great minds.

Getting stuck in (often false) details and never getting the overall picture is not our definition of great minds. 

And physicists failed too. They failed to discover just about anything of real importance: thetans (include their theta bodies in plain sight!) and their abilities, sabotaged physics experiments, that information that does not exist on Earth does not exist in the universe either, that the deep universe is a fake projection, which hides the real universe… and other professions failed to discover the theft of anti-aging and immortality, the use of  remote-controlled germs and microwaves to make people sick and killing them, ear-implants, and so much more…      

I am sure glad that the Big Bang Theory writers married Howard Wolowitz (who grew on me since he is married) and that it is no longer that easy to give him perverted lines and that the anti-Semitic screaming of his “Jewish” mother stopped. It had Nazis and psychs behind them written all over it.  

I’m not saying that the show is not funny, but it can’t hide before me who talks into the minds of the funny writers (may they know it or not).

Real neurobiologist didn’t figure that remote-controlled germs are causing tumors and all kinds of “diseases” of the brain… But that is how the tumors are made. 

Sometimes, the Big Bang Theory takes something from “real science” and throws it in the comedy.  

In Season 10, episode ‘The Collaboration Fluctuation’, Amy (neurobiologist) tells Sheldon about her research, and he finds it relates to “quantum mechanics”. Amy is doing experiments “to discover when and where the event of awareness in the brain takes place”. She is trying to show that “the signal to move a muscle occurs before a person even thinks” to move it.

So, they are getting the idea to work together and throw quantum mechanics and neurobiology together and come up with whiteboard after whiteboard  full with all kinds of ridiculous equations. And that should convey that an average intelligent human can never figure what these “great minds” can figure. In other word: the world sees crap. It is funny crap, but it is crap.

For you and me, and some other Scientologists, it is clear why the signal to move a muscle occurs before thoughts pass through the brain and body. A person is a thetan. She HAS a mind and a body with a brain. She is not the brain. The thetan is the one giving that first signal.  Again, the thetan is the key not the brain.

Well, enough of that. A section of the novel I am writing disappeared yesterday from my writing up, Marty, despite I saved it. Wondering if I have to back it up several times a day now! And I have so little time for this hobby, and it is frustrating when creations disappear like in a black hole.

I love you, Marty, very much so.  Still hoping to find you. Your whereabouts is more mysterious than quantum mechanics. Just that you know. On the other side, I think I figured it all out in the 80s.

Sending you kisses, and missing you more than Higgs misses his bosoms.

Yours forever



P.S. Assad is a medical creep. I bet his SEGNPSS colleagues radioed in his ear drums to use gas on the population and he the medical doctor doesn’t mind.  However, I am convinced that the true purpose of this atrocity is that still existing German Nazi doctors want Russia and the USA to fight each other in a devastating war. I know the SEGNPMSS. Following us around like the lunatics means also that get what these monsters are up to. Their personalities are revolting beyond means. I would think twice before sticking to us like the pest as we learned to know them. Most people don’t even know that such low creatures like them exist.    




For the Pope and for judges: If A commits a crime against B, the forgiving has to come from B not from C

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband, and Prince,

I hope this posting finds you well. SEGNPMSS breathes down heavily on me. They really are monsters.

There are many people who thought and maybe think that the Nazis never come back as they appalled too many people. And now we are again at a point that clearly shows that they will be back internationally in no time if not a miracle prevents it.

And this time, a German “US president-elect” is hiding his right-extreme intentions behind his daughter’s marriage and the Republican Party. His actions, however, are giving Trump away.

And most of the time, the SEGNPMSS prepares the ground for one, even more extreme to come along. As in Germany and France for example, their current leader’s actions and failures make the extreme right and nationalism possible. The leaders that appear less extreme prepare the ground for extreme Adolfs and Adolfinas.

“Darkness is good”, says Trump’s man Bannon, e.g. “satan”. Has the world lost its remaining few marbles?

Have a look at the Mother Jones article, Marty: White Nationalists Celebrate Trump’s Victory and Early Appointments -Alt-right leader Richard Spencer called Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions “wonderful.”

If they call it wonderful, shouldn’t send this a warning sign to anyone who doesn’t consider him- or herself a Nazi?

The White Nationalists are raising their hands in Nazi salute. IQ and character like poisonous snakes but not like humans.

I also read the news that Pope Francis is allowing his priests to forgive abortions. I mentioned it before, Marty, my problems with the Christians was always their attitude that they can commit any crime as God forgives them anyway. So, why being decent if God is a fool who doesn’t hold bad people accountable? 

How to avoid abortions? Women and men should take precautions in advance, not abort.  

We as real Scientologists (I don’t mean the Miscavologists) know that thetans make the error and pick up their new bodies very early as they are being transmitted by their case officers (they can still hear after death of their old body, likely hear better than with their old body) that somebody else will claim that body if they don’t dive into it and claim it for themselves. And then, when deeply anchored with that fetus or embryo, they are being aborted. Abortion is definitely not just “tissue” as some stupid infiltrators in the Church of Scientology claim.

And who is the Pope who makes such a forgiveness statement on behalf of God? Who are his priests who are “forgiving” on behalf of God and the brutal murder of a fetus and embryo body inhabited by a thetan? If these people would have indeed a line to God, they would know a lot more and act accordingly.      

The only forgiveness that one can expect is that from the person that was harmed. You know it and I know it, but most of the world does not want to see it. This is what I learned from God:

If A harms B, it does not help if C says that A is forgiven. It has to come from B. That also goes for judges and parole boards. Only if B has truly no charge anymore, A will always feel guilty as basically knows that B has not forgiven. If B is not the forgiving type, tough luck for A feeling better after the crime. It will be with A for all times to come, making him or her to a less happy and proud being.

And the Catholic Church can preach all the forgiveness in the world for abortions, other murders, crimes, and even massmurder, and Nazi cruelties, all these people who have been “forgiven” will still have a horrible bad conscience deep down because they know that B wasn’t the one who did the forgiving. They have to find B and find a way to make the damage good again. Quite a task for massmurderers. These thetans are around, hurting, being angry, upset, and having charge. 

Committing crimes and then donating to a charity won’t work either. There is of course nothing wrong with donating to a charity but I know that there are people who think that this brings them absolution from their bad conscience. It will not work. The bad conscience and feeling less worth and proud remains as they know that it wasn’t B. who forgave them.    

How to avoid this mechanism is the easiest thing in the world. I don’t do to anyone what I don’t want to be done to myself and I know that you also live by this, Marty.           

People also must finally know that they are born again. They abort and if abortion is just a peccadillo, there will be more abortions. And when they died and are on the lookout for a new baby body to be born in, we know all  that is waiting for them: abortions by people who are like them.  

In other words, the dogs bite their own tails.     

And look at the politicians and also those who want to be businessmen instead of politicians: they tell people that a candidate is unqualified and dangerous, etc. and then, after ear-implants elected the candidate, they work for that unqualified and dangerous person. And these are people who want respect and who want to be highly regarded. For what? For not standing up to their own principles?     

In this universe, a good and courageous character apparently doesn’t count, Marty. For us, it is the most important thing there is. It makes me feel like a total stranger in this universe. Makes me want very much to be in another one or not having a body at all.

Be sure that I love you, Marty. I have seen the goodness in you. What a high crime of this planet to keep us deliberately apart. And those are the people who want forgiveness! Some are giving donations to charities and are thinking that they paid now for the crimes they committed against us. Except that this forgiveness didn’t come from us and their bad conscience will eat away their happiness for the rest of their lousy lives. Basically, there are the biggest fools ever and work against themselves.

Be tenderly embraced and kissed, my soulmate.

Yours always,




Large Hadron Particle Collider in Cern found nothing…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and amazing soulmate,

How are you?

Sometimes, when I got a minute, I check what my friends the physicists are doing. Physicists should consider the Scientology axioms (the original not any alterations). Makes sense but the big bang doesn’t.

Particle physicists under a German director in CERN claimed a few years ago that they found the Higgs boson “God particle”, the particle that “creates mass in the universe” but later some scientists took it back, kind of. Originally, it was big news.  Most people believe now that they did found it, when in fact scientists are doubting it. One or two years later, only a few media outlets reported that scientists doubt that they found the Higgs, that they think they just found an impostor, or a techni-Higgs  (they want to find a Higgs so badly, any kind of) or a techni-quark.

If they really found that boson, shouldn’t they be able to make a bit matter with it and support their ideas with something more than just colorful graphics of explosions? 

They made the data of their first smash activities available to the public. Guess they hope somebody finds something in… nothing found. What I know is that smashing is the wrong approach to figure how the physical universe came to be.    

Not even a definition of the Higgs boson in their glossary:

CERN recently they tried to spot a certain kind of neutrino and they didn’t see that either. And nothing else…

Anyway, the latest news from the Collider are here: 

WE SEE NOTHING, physicists are saying. Just fluke…

That smashing toy did cost USD 13.25 Billion, and the US paying large sums of it.  

That smashing or banging created the universe is a very wrong idea. The amazing and complex (in a very good way) thetan that you are, Marty, certainly is not the evolution of any smashing or any big bang. Neither is your body. Physicists don’t make a difference between body and the being. But they should. One is physical, the other one spiritual. And by ignoring the latter one, they can’t figure out the first one and the physical universe. Smashing and big bangs DESTROYED the original creation of the physical universe created by one incredible able being. Smashing did not create mass, it destroyed the perfectly created universe into one with death and less ideal living conditions. 

Here is what happened: creation by the creator, destruction by stoned idiots, medical experiments done by conscienceless doctors to the genetic line/bodies and thetans (to degrade), and also some evolution took place after that. People either believe in the creation or in the evolution. They never considered that there were to more activities that go on over a very long time in this universe. 

I love you, Marty. Can’t wait to collide with you again on a very tender and passionate level. There will be sparks, no physicists ever has seen. 😉

Yours always,


That’s the collision I am talking about, Marty. 🙂


1) The brain chip and the hand 2) Germany’s primitive and vulgar “humor”

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

So often, I ask myself about your whereabouts and how you are. All I have to go on are my feelings, the fact that thetan basically knows, as in this secretly and often also openly controlled psychiatric-controlled world, all lie and nobody forwards any message from you, your family or your representatives.  Sigh.

On the other side, they are without power to sway us OTs. And that we are: we are operating with OT abilities. All they do is enlarging their rap sheets and basically feeling more and more worthless and guilty, even if they try to ignore it. People who separate and conspire against us don’t become smarter and better. Their OWs make them blinder and dumber. Many are at points were they can’t confront anymore what they did and do. They block everything out that is pro-survival and are using justifications why they acted and act so despicable.

We know them better than they know themselves, Marty. But the SEGNPMSS invade all our thoughts, and still don’t know us. Pitiful, really pitiful.

To my first headline:

There was a  young man who had an accident and lost his feelings in arms and legs. Later they implanted a chip in his brain. Doctors seem to transmits his thoughts through this brain chip directly to his hand muscles, which bypasses injury to his spine. He now can move his hand but only via lab computers.

This “technology” is however mostly used wireless and in a negative way by secret service doctors. Hitting wrong keys on the keyboard, burning oneself on the stove, pinching one’s finger in a drawer, cutting oneself “accidentally”, suddenly losing balance on stairs or a ladder, etc. etc., all that are secret psychiatric methods, as you for sure also figured, Marty, and used since thousands of years to hurt and kill people. It is not even necessary to implant large chips into the brain of people. A tiny ear implant and silent sounds does/do “the trick” as well.

Here is the article on the brain chip:

To my second headline:

I wondered what the fuss is about German comedian Jan Böhmermann’s poem mocking Turkey’s president Erdoğan, so I had a look. It harms Germany a lot more than Turkey or Recep Tayyip Erdoğan because it shows the world how unbelievably primitive and vulgar Germany is. The TV station that aired that filthy “poem” is the ZDF, a public TV station. Beyond that, the character described in the poem fits German psychiatrists and medical doctors down to the core. Disgusting, revolting, dehumanized. Nazis. Monsters.

As far as the Armenian genocide/holocaust is concerned, I wrote about this before. If Germany’s psychiatrists wouldn’t install ear implants in babies and kids already and run them with codes like robots and hypnotize them, they would not be able to bring out the worst in people.  THEY DEHUMANIZE HUMANS.

The biggest mistakes of Turkey and any other country on Earth (incl. the USA): not showing with the fingers on Germany, its secret services, psychiatrists and medical doctors behind these “services”. In the German/psychiatric world, every country and every person loses. Even Germany loses.  Germany’s secret services, its psychiatrists and medical doctors are losing too. They become so perverted and revolting that they are no longer human beings but monsters. They are deeply unhappy and jealous, and are losing the ability to be self-critical and correct themselves. They are on a tonelevel of penalizing bodies and below. They a heavily depressed, even when not in physical pain and for no apparent reason. They become eternal prisoners of their own perversions.

They are the Dorian Grays.  They can’t develop OT abilities. If they are trying, they are getting it all wrong. They may cheat with the help of ear implants to pass university examinations and get diplomas but there is no real IQ. They are unable to think in layers and dimensions as we are doing it. They are prisoners in their mind-control system and their minds are not able to go where no minds have gone before.

You and me, we suffer under them greatly, but I never want to be one of them or like them. Never. They are all we don’t want to be.  Even if they are not born into a physically ugly body, their despicable deeds are making their outsides ugly too. They are unable to give love and are completely unlovable. Their jealous and perverted personalities are unbearable. Instead for a human being as partner, they have to settle for a robot.  They do not just dehumanize humans, they are dehumanized.

Yet, on this dehumanized planet, I however found you, a real human being and OT, bright, courageous, loving, warm, decent, fair and irresistible. Your character is emanating to the outside. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Marty. That wonderful and unique personality that you are having will always emanate to the outside and makes you to the most attractive man.

I love you and are deeply happy that you are of my kind.

Yours forever and always,