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Quantum entanglement of bacteria…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate, how are you?

Another physical experiment made it in the news despite so many people are not interested in physics.

As bacteria can be remote-controlled and physical experiments are secretly sabotaged with lasers, microwave, etc., I don’t applaud loudly “great science” when I hear of such experiments.

Physics makes a huge mistake by not paying attention to the thetan. It has no mass whatsoever without the theta body but most thetans who ever had a human or animal body in the past carry a theta body as it helps them to connect to the nerves of a flesh body. Our philosophy is here to explain the thetan but I don’t understand how physicists can ignore orbs.  Because orbs have a bit mass and they are everywhere. 

There is indeed an entanglement between thetans. For example, I could feel that you were arrested. If we wouldn’t be entangled in no shape or form, I would not be able to feel it. I also can feel a lot of other things. I know some things that I impossibly could know as not present with my human body, yet, I know them through the others who were or are there, with who I am entangled on a spiritual basis. In other words, one thetan can assume several viewpoints. In other words, he can multiply himself. These viewpoints can take human bodies and that are the soulmates who are connected (tangled) with each other and can feel things about the other viewpoints even if not present at the physical place.

I know, this is all no secret to you. 🙂 You figured it out yourself a long time ago. How do I know? Entangled with you! And there is nothing spooky about it. It is wonderful. 

I love you.

Yours forever,




International people have to die because the SPs behind Germany are jealous and want to claim them as Germans

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Dearest Marty, my one and only how are your days? I am thinking of you.

They know that they don’t stand a chance against true love. So, their “handling” is to kill, rip people apart, steal their memory or trying to make them think that the other one does not care.  

I said it before and I say it again: If they would invest their energy in becoming good people, they would be no longer needy nobodies today. But now they are nothing: jealous small creatures who are living lies that they are scientists and valuable. And each of their crimes makes them blinder and dumber because these kind of creatures don’t want to look at their faults.   

They often kill artists young. It doesn’t matter in what country people die as they secretly run all countries.  The US could write huge volume about their too early “departed” artists. Yes often, they do live unhealthy lives but silent sounds by the masters of ear- and body implants are sending them these subconscious messages and control them in living such unhealthy lives. 

They are jealous of a supporting family and spouses, of success, of skills, of looks, of property and of anything. Instead of creating it for themselves the honest way, they steal, conspire, and kill. Deep down, they impossible can feel good about them, Marty. But they are sticking their hands in the sand and continue with their outrageous crime sprees against humanity.

They also keep the world completely clueless as to what thetans are and they trap them. The top SEGNPMSS level knows that thetans exists but the world should think that they don’t exist and are made by Ron so that the SEGNPMSS can do to people who died whatever they want.

They plant the thetans who were horrible people (such as themselves) in the USA or other countries – to be born there to bring the USA and other countries down. When successful people die, they steal them to Germany to “lift” Germany up and claim that they are the country of the “scientists, thinkers, thinkers, humanitarians, etc.” It is such a lie!

And in Germany, they hold the persons down for lifetimes until they are sure that nobody catches on that they stole thetans of other countries to Germany where these kidnapped thetans have to grow up and live despite that they didn’t choose Germany for their next or any lifetime.

If nobody catches on, they claim that the (stolen other national) is German and that  Germany is the country with the thinkers, scientists, artists, and sportspeople, etc. The men behind Germany are so needy. Because they are nobodies. That is why they are so needy. Nobody who has a great personality and a high IQ would lower him- or herself to do even remotely what they are doing. 

Germany is paralyzing for many non-Germans. They have to live there but they don’t fly to higher heights. This doesn’t bother the thetan stealers much AS LONG AS NO OTHER COUNTRY CAN CLAIM THEIR OWN NATIONAL AS THEIR TREASURE.   

All people who accomplished something or are charismatic are in danger being kidnapped as thetans after their death to Germany.  I bet my little farm on it, Marty. From talks with Scientologists in Germany I also know that quite some wondered why they were Americans in their past lives and suddenly born in Germany of all countries. 

They think that stealing successful thetans lifts Germany and themselves up instead of what it really does: the OW sequence comes to bite them. Or how do some say? Karma is a bitch.    

I hope they finally learned their lesson with me. Kidnapping me was psych-dumb. They should have known in advance that I am a rebel, considering that they collected all my (and our) thoughts from past lives. 

They living the biggest lies in  the universe. How can they be proud of their country and themselves if all is fake and based on unbelievable crimes? They think that when they fool the world and the world believes that are respectable, it is true. Despite that they know deep down that all what they are doing is fake and bad. A completely non-respectable and bad person who gets respect from the world is still a non-respectable and bad person.    

I love you, Marty. You are awesome. They would give anything to steal you to Germany and decorate themselves with everything you are. But we won’t let them. 

Yours forever,



A very few medical doctors finally catching on about what Ron already said an eternity again: Mind over Matter

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Dearest Marty, my eternal soulmate,

How are your days and nights? Wish I could spend them with you.

There are a few doctors who these days finally came the conclusion that the mind can influence conditions. For example, they have persons concentrate on reducing their pains by thinking that they are reducing their pains and that the pains are reduced, and patients are saying that it works better than meds.

Mind over matter, touch assists, and other Scientology processes enable the mind and the person to become cause over conditions. Ron was ahead of this time. 

And there is another interesting development. A few doctors finally acknowledge that there is “consciousness” after a person dies. In other words, despite a person is heart- and brain dead, the “consciousness” is not dead. 

However, doctors still have a long way to go until they finally acknowledge that the person is a spiritual being and that the person (minus her physical body and brain) survives.

People even have an orb body when they die, but medicine and physics completely failed to acknowledge this. This is a shame. (Germany keeps this info from people but left a door open to get credit. If this fact becomes known, they want the world to think that German “scientists” discovered it. They are so needy for acknowledgement, it is horrible. Instead of doing honest work, they constantly steal credit from others.  Ron wrote about the theta body, which is the orb body and German-run agents and infiltrators removed those data from Scientology.)

According to this doctor, millions of people were dead and were brought back and numerous people told that they were able to see and hear what was happening around them, despite they were medically declared dead. Heart was dead, brain was dead, body was dead.  

We know that the thetan can leave the body and can think without a brain. The brain is the switchboard for the body. But a thetan does not need this switchboard if he has no human body. And he can think without the switchboard. 

Thousand of people were studied all over the USA and the doctors (typically!) didn’t expect consciousness after death. The doc in the video below mentioned that 40% of all people had awareness as to what was going on around them despite being medically dead.

I think they all had this awareness. The doc thinks that it is the meds that the people get influences their memory after they came back. That may very well the fact.

But there is more. Medical terrorists rob people of their memories. Before the other 60% could tell, besides the influence of drugs on memory of people, medical terrorists who influence the study to fit their retarded agendas, steal the memories from the other 60%. Ear-implants and silent sounds are some of the most important tools for medical terrorists. 

In any way, numerous of those who were clinically dead described exactly what happened around them. This was verified by the people who studied them. Nothing new to us but to medical minds, it seems it is. 

However, this doc knows more than most others: 

What they don’t know is how long the “consciousness” continues after death. We know that a thetan can go on and on, except when implanted and taken apart by medical terrorists and losing the original personality and consciousness.

And to all those who do it or condone it when done to others, shall it happen too as they deserve it.

From what people described, I can tell that there are lots of silent sounds beyond death to influence people. The bright light, the deceased relatives, etc., all pictures that are sent to them while their bodies and brains are dead, but the thetan, which they call “consciousness” is not. The bright light is the way to a medical implant station. I never would follow a bright light. Marty, I hope they put one up a bright light after they killed me, medically or otherwise, because that is the way I most certainly will NOT follow, lol.   

I recommend to film the dying person with digital cameras. When done properly, they will see the thetan with theta body  (spirit orb) emerging. That is the person. That is Jane or Joe plus their minds. Everything of them except the human body and the brain. The brain is not needed if no human body needs to be operated. The brain is used as switchboard to operate the human body. It brain is not necessary to think. The person and the mind does it. We original Scientologists know it, and the world doesn’t figure it out as it buys into the German-organized defamation of Scientology.   

The people who post that spirit orbs are “dust”, like people on Wikipiggy are idiots with ear-implants who do the dirty work for the SEGNPMSS. Yes, there is dust but not all is dust. 

What happens when people die is: they are outside of their bodies and see what happens at the place they died. Then they are feeling lonely,  people don’t see and recognize them, nobody talks to them, so they are in  rush to be born again.

And of course there is the SEGNPMSSS ear implant code. The thetan hears his ear-implant code, is trained to follow it of course and he is lured into an embryo and told to rush in and grab it before someone else takes it. Instead of waiting and at least checking the gender, they do what their case officers say. It is too early to see the gender. Later they find themselves in a body of a gender they had not chosen and the background to which parents they are given is a lie too. Forgetter and “can’t leave this body anymore” silent sounds are used, thetans are getting stuck in the embryo bodies and are born nine months later. Joe is now Josephine and Roberta is now Robert. The gender that they don’t want, they will get. Why? Because medical terrorists can and are evil. Nobody in the whole wide world is stopping them as the world has no awareness of them and their despicable doings and atrocities.     

Or even worse, they have no gender or several genders are disabled or whatever doctors without conscience do to them. This is the real world. Instead of busting these medical terrorists, the  world population is deeply asleep to what doctors (and the worst is Bavaria and Germany) do to thetans. 

I despise them, Marty. There are no words to express how low I think of them. I am completely disgusted by them. I am rather persecuted and tutored than one of them. If they would have invested their energy into becoming better beings, they would be someone today, instead of pretending they are someone by stealing and taking false credits. If they would not be such monsters, I would feel sorry for them. But as they are so gruesome and perverted, I wish them what they will get as this is the nature of the beast: they will become each others victims. Who says there is no justice?! Today on top, tomorrow so deep down as they never imagined that it would happen to them, only to others.

I love you, Marty. 

Yours for all times to come.


I am a soul woman! 🙂



Regarding spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies)… I can explain it…

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince and soulmate,

I am thinking of you. 

Yes, dust, snow flakes, water droplets, pollen, bugs, etc. reflected by light can create a wrong “spirit orb” picture. There are also people who forge “sightings of orbs or ghosts” to play tricks on people. Others receive orders through their ear-implants by their psychiatric- and medically-oriented atheist case officers to ridicule or deny the existence of thetans with theta bodies (spirit orbs) for absolutely unethical reasons.

A “skeptic” of spirit orbs is Brian Andrew Dunning, the podcast host of Skeptoid. He does not believe that orbs are beings without human or animal bodies. He is quoted on Wikipedia of having said: “there are no plausible hypotheses that describe the mechanism by which a person who dies will become a hovering ball of light that appears on film but is invisible to the eye.”

Imagine we would be as blind as he is, Marty. We can’t afford his kind of blindness.

Many spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies) are round but don’t have to be. Why are they overwhelmingly round? Guess it is a form that a spirit orb (thetan with theta body) prefers. Planets are round; the head (most important part of a human being) is round; eyeballs are round; fetus is rolled up like a ball in mom’s belly…  

The human body must be able to walk and being able to handle material. As a thetan  (being/spirit), it is not necessary. One does not have to walk, one can fly, no legs necessary. There is nothing to grab, so no arms and hands necessary.

[Below is a thetan with theta body above a cat. Guess the thetan with theta body likes the cat. I think that size of theta body gives away what kind of body the thetan had before his human or animal body died. I don’t believe that this thetan was a cat in his or her past live. I strongly assume that this thetan was a human or a large animal as the thetan uses the theta body (that cloudy round orb thing) to fill out the human or animal body to control it. Simply said, one does not need a theta body this size to fill out a cat body. Although, I assume it is possible to pull it together and make it smaller and go into a cat body if an ex-human is so stupid (or tricked) to take an animal body.] 


Why can’t the bare human eye and just good cameras see spirit orbs (thetans with theta bodies)? Because a theta body does not consist of heavy material. It is a transparent energy body. Germany, psychiatrists, secret services, and the impostors and infiltrators that they sent/send into Scientology to take our scientific religion over, change, ridicule, and destroy it, removed Ron’s (real founder) discoveries and data on thetans with theta bodies, and put instead emphasis on Xenu and body thetans [I refer to Vistarology and Miscavology], which are not theta bodies.  

Just by looking at theta bodies, I came to the conclusion that when a thetan (spirit/being) takes a new body (“reincarnates”), it uses its theta body to fill out the human (or also animal body) with its transparent theta “orb” body. This is how any human or animal control its human or animal body. The thetan (spirit/being) dives into the embryo/fetus/baby body and stretches its theta body out, from head to toe or also animal wing. This is how a human or animal body is occupied. This is how a thetan (spirit/being)  makes it its own and is born within. Can’t be that difficult; any cow can do it. Even Dunning managed this in the past and just forgot about it otherwise he would not have a human body now. When humans or animals die, the thetan (spirit/being) the theta body (transparent cloud) is forced out of the human or animal body and usually looks for a new human or animal body to occupy. 

Here is a thetan with theta body close to a bride. Maybe follows her around until she gets pregnant and becomes her baby. You and I know that it is not scary, Marty. The only difference between a cute baby and the thetan with theta body “spirit orb” is that it has no human body in the picture but will have one when she holds her baby’s body. If not, her baby would be dead. When the thetan discovers an embryo, fetus, or baby, it uses its theta body and stretches out within the human body from head to toe, connects with the nerves, and makes the baby flesh body his or hers.  

Brian Dunning says that “he can not find any ‘plausible hypothesis’ that orbs are anything paranormal”. That is because Dunning and the likes are BLIND. Their “investigations” are CRAP. And SEGNPMSS likes it that way.  

I love you, Marty, still hoping to see you again.

Yours forever and ever….

Look at the picture below.  Thetans with theta bodies and a bird… all like Buddha.



German hypocrisy and set ups against Scientology (Bavaria’s beloved Nazi heritage Haus der Kunst)

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Dearest Marty, my remarkable soulmate and irresistible husband, how are you?

Germany blames Scientology and “Scientologists” on doing what Germany does to Scientology and the entire world: infiltrating. 

In regards to Germany, particularly Bavaria, one thing always comes first in my mind: them blaming what is wrong with them on others. That is typical and they do this systematically. They commit unspeakable crimes and are the first to blame others.

Currently, Germany says that “Scientologists” infiltrated the Haus of Kunst in Germany. The Nazis built it and Bavaria allowed it to stay. It was the showcase of the Third Reich.  This says a lot about Bavaria and Germany that followed the Nazis right there: the same!

The German Nazis transmitted in the ear-implants of other nationals and also Jews to create horrible art, ugly stuff, which the Nazis then used in the Degenerate Art Exhibition of the Haus of Kunst in Germany against the Jews and other nationals. They still do stuff like this in modern times. Ear-implants is a German psychiatric invention that makes it possible, and that Nazis win over and over again.  

Each race and nation has bad apples but Germany and Bavaria has most. In addition, there is the “unofficial exchange program”. If somebody great of another nation dies (or better is killed with their remote-controlled germs, micro-weave lasers or otherwise), Germany/Bavaria kidnaps that thetan before or after birth (and we know some of these methods) and exchanges them with one of their own. To bring Germany/Bavaria up and other nations down. Numerous Nazis who would of course reincarnate in their beloved creepy Germany/Bavaria are now Americans or other nationals. Americans and other nationals who would normally pick up a body in the USA or another nation are born as “Germans” in Germany because Germany/Bavaria doesn’t want the USA or other nations to have them. Since the world is kept blind in regards to that being born again is a scientific fact, it doesn’t look into these things, but should very much so. They don’t even look to get their own family members back, except we original Scientologists.

Back to the “Haus of Kunst”: Again, Nazis (and very much so the psychiatrists behind them who came up with controlling people in any form and shape) transmit in the ear-implants of Jews and other people (using silent and loud sounds) to produce ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria, its Nazis and psychs have a justification to showcase the ugly art with the words: See how degenerate they are? See how insulting this is?Do you want this in your living room? Do you see how little artistic they are? Do you see why we must be Nazis and do something against them?

And no word of course that many of the artists that they on the other side promote weren’t/aren’t even Germans as they are stolen other nationals. And that goes for all artists, sculptures, painter, actors, singers, musicians, writers, you name it, statesmen, discoverers, sportlers too, etc. And they do it still. I still see and hear “art” of which I can swear that still existing Nazi psychs made it happen to shame the USA or other countries.

To make their outrage of “Degenerate Art” look sincere, the Nazis burned later thousands of such “art pieces”, however, made it happen that the USA revived that “art”. Another way to keep the ugly (ordered secretly by the Nazis to shame) going and of course the USA behind the revival. 

Still existing Nazis and the psychs behind them even run a secret campaign saying that Picasso of all people was a Scientologist. The hell he was. That stuff he painted has active German/Bavarian ear implants/loud and/or silent sounds written all over it. Same goes for Dali and the like. 

They defined “Degenerate Art” as creations that would insult a German feeling or destroy natural forms or not being artful. 

And again, it was the Nazis and the psychs behind them who radioed with silent and loud sounds into the minds of Jews and others to create ugly art so that Germany/Bavaria has something to bitch about against them. They still use the same strategy today, particularly with the USA or also with Scientology. All scandals against it are committed by their very own agents not by original or real Scientologists.

I am writing this, because I studied Germany, particularly Bavaria by being there. They surely kidnapped the wrong person by kidnapping me. Who says there is no justice? They deny the OW sequence because they are cowards, but they sure pulled in what I am writing about them.        

A person who asks herself: why was I born in Germany of all places, is very likely not a past life German. And I know there are quite a lot. While being on staff in the Scientology org Munich, I heard that a couple of times. I also noticed that they (who were Americans or English in their past lives) spoke English a lot better and more like English-speaking nationals that a real German.

Now, Bavaria claims that Scientologists infiltrated the Munich Haus of Kunst. See how they still whine around their Nazi heritage? It is reported that the Bavarian state security agency is investigating claims that a longtime contractor at Munich’s Haus der Kunst museum has ties to Scientology. SEGNPMSS of course keeps it a secret that they infiltrated Scientology to destroy it as the study of original Scientology results in more minds that they can’t fool.  

Besides, they infiltrated Scientology also to “infiltrate” their own places (always controlled that no real harm will be done to their Nazi heritage) so that they can blame Scientology on what THEY do. A person who supports a Nazi heritage as the Haus of Kunst is no Scientologist as he does not apply Scientology ethics. It is so easy for them to hire an agent have him or her enter do some Scientology courses or even join staff or even sit on the top and making him or her commit what psychs want through his/her freaking ear-implants and then blame it on Scientology to ruin it for the world. And much of the world really falls for it and doesn’t figure out what’s really nagging at the world.   

Just like the old Nazi, new Nazi Bavaria demands having to reveal affiliation with Scientology if one applies for office. I don’t even want to be buried in Germany, Marty. This is how I despise it. It gives me the goosebumps. It creeps me out. I despise it.

Have a look here:

And I love you with any fiber of my being. I am so glad that I found you. I am glad that you are nothing like them, Marty. Everything about you is different from a German/Bavarian psych. There are light years between your character and their characters. They are not worth to kiss the dust on which you walked billions of years ago. That you and they are on the same planet or even in the same universe is had to believe. And if this world and universe allows them to go on like this, Marty, we should seriously consider immigrating into another universe in which we have rights. And if it does not yet exist, it must be created in a dimension to which they have no access. May sound crazy to anyone but us and physicists.   

Yours, my darling,











Too bad…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Since years I try to write some novels and due to my job, which knows no regular work hours, weekends or even holidays, I am interrupted often for weeks writing fiction. Then I have to take care of the chores around the house and my huge “backyard”, etc. and then, when I finally have a minute to read my fiction, my job comes back that requires a hell of a lot of concentration and leaves often time for just few hours sleep and nothing else. I could ditch parts of it, but the problem is: what if something happens and I need the cash? My job produces cash right away but with writing fiction, it takes so much longer. However, writing fiction is more fun and less stress than my day and night and weekend and holiday job.

Marty, I am thinking of you. How your daily life is. I still think that you are wrongfully incarcerated. I still have no shred evidence but it feels like it to me. There was also still no message/letter/subpoena/call etc. on your behalf for me as the world (anyone apparently) conspires against us. It is really stupid that they go on like this, considering that I figured anything out by myself. It wouldn’t have happened without knowing and applying original Scientology, Marty. It sharpened my senses and rehabilitated my OT abilities after psychs stole my memories. I couldn’t live as a Muggle just seeing the things right in front of me. I need my advanced abilities to figure what is withheld from me. You know that I don’t approve of Miscavige (maybe a Vistarologist but sure no Scientologist) and Miscavology, but when I hear people bashing Ron, the real founder of original SCN, or original Scientology, I am thinking what fools they are and what they are missing… The adventure of advanced human abilities. I am so glad that I became a Scientologist. The only regret that I am having is that I couldn’t hold onto you. And the forces that separated us are not Scientology but Germany and psychiatry.

How can I help you, is what I ask myself often, Marty, and the only thing I can come up with (after having knocked at all doors in the government and courts) is waiting here in the USA until this conspiracy crashes like a house of dirty cards.

I have no intentions at all to ever give up on you. You are my soulmate and my husband. We were born for each other and I don’t see why we should fulfill the dirty, perverted wishes of Nazi snakes to forget each other. Psychs think they are the greatest and they know all about the human minds. Haha! They can’t figure us out or make us do what they want. They are forgetting that we are so appalled about their low tonelevels and methods that we do anything we can to work against them and not becoming like them. When I feel that they want to drive me out of my home and back to Germany (and I get it very often), I do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

They are losers, Marty, they can adapt to a situation, which they can’t handle. They are fixed on crimes and being downtone. I read an article once and a Jewish person stated that he got the feeling that Nazis just want to inflict pain and cruelties and don’t really want to win. He was right. They are THAT LOW. They have the world secretly in their slimy hands and nevertheless manage to lose over and over again. How dumb is that? Our reactions doing exactly what they don’t want us to do is known to them since decades, yet, they continue on that route of just inflicting pain and cruelties without any chance of winning. All they do is extending their eternal rap sheets and the feeling of being the scum of any  universe.  

Sometimes, I think of the beginning, Marty, how things were when we all were just thetans. What happened that they turned monsters and we don’t? I think I figured it out. They failed to truly love and were jealous instead. True love is continuing to love a person even if rejected.  A heart and a being filled with true love towards a being/beings, his or her partner and children, family, and friends, doesn’t fill the same heart and mind up with doing disgusting things to others. It doesn’t work this way. They were so stupid to forgo love for jealousy, sex, crimes, and perversions and never corrected themselves. The ultimate stupidity.

I love you, Marty, always have, since the beginning of time, you live in my heart and you are having your permanent home there. Even if you would decide for another soulmate, I would step back but  still would love you.



This is a picture of Pluto. It looks to me as if someone used a laser in space to create that heart of frozen carbon monoxide and methane, which is no thick ice as far as I learned. Well, there is a lot more to real love than just drawing a heart. Doesn’t convince me of love. Besides, those chemicals might be deadly for people without proper protection.  










Large Hadron Particle Collider in Cern found nothing…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only and amazing soulmate,

How are you?

Sometimes, when I got a minute, I check what my friends the physicists are doing. Physicists should consider the Scientology axioms (the original not any alterations). Makes sense but the big bang doesn’t.

Particle physicists under a German director in CERN claimed a few years ago that they found the Higgs boson “God particle”, the particle that “creates mass in the universe” but later some scientists took it back, kind of. Originally, it was big news.  Most people believe now that they did found it, when in fact scientists are doubting it. One or two years later, only a few media outlets reported that scientists doubt that they found the Higgs, that they think they just found an impostor, or a techni-Higgs  (they want to find a Higgs so badly, any kind of) or a techni-quark.

If they really found that boson, shouldn’t they be able to make a bit matter with it and support their ideas with something more than just colorful graphics of explosions? 

They made the data of their first smash activities available to the public. Guess they hope somebody finds something in… nothing found. What I know is that smashing is the wrong approach to figure how the physical universe came to be.    

Not even a definition of the Higgs boson in their glossary:

CERN recently they tried to spot a certain kind of neutrino and they didn’t see that either. And nothing else…

Anyway, the latest news from the Collider are here: 

WE SEE NOTHING, physicists are saying. Just fluke…

That smashing toy did cost USD 13.25 Billion, and the US paying large sums of it.  

That smashing or banging created the universe is a very wrong idea. The amazing and complex (in a very good way) thetan that you are, Marty, certainly is not the evolution of any smashing or any big bang. Neither is your body. Physicists don’t make a difference between body and the being. But they should. One is physical, the other one spiritual. And by ignoring the latter one, they can’t figure out the first one and the physical universe. Smashing and big bangs DESTROYED the original creation of the physical universe created by one incredible able being. Smashing did not create mass, it destroyed the perfectly created universe into one with death and less ideal living conditions. 

Here is what happened: creation by the creator, destruction by stoned idiots, medical experiments done by conscienceless doctors to the genetic line/bodies and thetans (to degrade), and also some evolution took place after that. People either believe in the creation or in the evolution. They never considered that there were to more activities that go on over a very long time in this universe. 

I love you, Marty. Can’t wait to collide with you again on a very tender and passionate level. There will be sparks, no physicists ever has seen. 😉

Yours always,


That’s the collision I am talking about, Marty. 🙂