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Tony Ortega and his followers are such fools…

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Yesterday, they (he and his case officers, “we”) published again a picture of Ron’s impostor and claimed that he is the founder of Scientology. And they always publish text that Germany’s secret service agents in coordination with the CIA altered to make Ron and Scientology look ridiculous. However, all money that Scientology makes, Germany steals by holding the Sea Org Reserves in Luxembourg, the EU with Germany on the helm of course.

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and hero,

I miss you. How are you?

In approx. one week my sis will be here and I still have lots to do and finish up work for that time, and a young visitor at my door who bargains just about every day real hard to get playtime out of me.

Last time, when I raced through town, I found a turtle on a street. I saved it and now my young visitor wants to keep him AT MY PLACE. Especially as the six kitten around here all disappeared suddenly. I have him on the deck in a plastic tote with water now. I rather would have the kittens back. In the meantime I found out that it is not a regular turtle but a snapping turtle. They can get very aggressive and even tear once arm off when older. And my young visitor wants to keep the snapping turtle names Spikes and just fed with life worms.

He hasn’t snapped at us yet.

I: “How about me just throwing it a piece of frozen fish?”
He: “Nope, under no circumstances. He needs alive worms. Get your own snapping turtle if you want to feed it fish.”

I have no idea what I should do with that snapping turtle in winter. I sure don’t want him inside the house. I could hand it over to animal control but that would crush my young visitor.

Be kissed, Marty, despite pretty busy, I am thinking of you so very often and would give anything to hear from you.

I love you,

Yikes. They behave like crocs.