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More German-ordered controlled dirt

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Dearest Marty, my endless love,

Your pro-Miscavology impostor, Monique’s husband, protested on his blog on August 22, 2019 against Sergio Gil. According to your impostor, Gil made false accusations about him and that he wouldn’t even know Gil.

No need to go in the details as I am sure you know where to find the blog of your impostor.

What I am saying is: as Germany has Monique’s husband impersonating you, the p$ychs behind Germany are trying to throw more dirt at you trying to make the world believe that there was just one Mark or Marty Rathbun in Scientology. The same they did with Ron, the founder. They keep it under wraps that Germany together with their poodle CIA run/ran impostors to impersonate Ron, the founder of Scientology, and change his writings, activities, and legacy and our religion Scientology, and that they also run your impostor to impersonate you and ruin your work and legacy. 

I despise them, Marty. Although, the psychs behind Germany hoped mostly that I of all people would fall for their impostors – but despite they stalk me all my life, they don’t really know me and neither do they know you, Marty. They are arrogant know-it-all lunatics without feeling the necessity to learn. 

And there is another thing, p$ych dupe Tony Ortega, in his tortured syntax, blogged yesterday (and likely already earlier) on the Underground Bunker (go figure!) favorable of Sergio Gil’s statements. Yet, he also stressed that before Monique’s husband joined DM and Miscavology again, he told Ortega that he wouldn’t know Gil. So, what do we have here? Ortega makes it look as if Gil’s claims AND also the claim of your impostor are true. If the claims of those two creeps are true, I am getting the idea who Ortega really tries to frame here: YOU!

Although in typical German-controlled manner, Ortega hushes up any truth about the doppelgangers sent by secret services into Scientology to alter and destroy it and the decent originals. 

I never read the books of your impostor, Marty. I assume that they are riddled with false data, claiming that he is you and that you committed crimes to which he “confessed”, except that you didn’t commit them. this is a typical German Nazi strategy and similar to “the affirmations” that the real founder Ron most certainly did not write. 

On another subject, did you read that Bin Laden’s son Hamza is confirmed to be dead? Yeah right. Not even the real Bin Laden was killed – just one of his doppelgangers.

I love you, Marty. Be hugged and kissed.

Abracadabra, I want to reach out and grab you. 🙂

Yours forever,


Violence against Scientology

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Dearest Marty, my husband and hero,

Although written by a Miscavologist, hatred and anti-Scientology propaganda in TV, media, blogs, and forums against Scientology absolutely contribute to making people resort to violence.

Here are the letters:

Missing in those letters is that psychiatrists are conditioning people to conduct violence. It is not just anti-Scientology propaganda on TV and in blogs. Deliberate psychiatric-conditioning is one step, the propaganda against Scientology is the supporting step, and the psychiatrists behind Germany and international psychs are plotting and coordinating these steps. Ear-implants are assisting them. They navigate each step a conditioned person during terror or murder attacks.    

However, His Cobness (who antagonizes his former partners in crime and creates also his own enemies) and the infiltrators also have to keep in mind that motivators follows the overts: They conceal real Scientology, DM and others do not apply Scientology, they hire or accept impostors, they left you, the innocent, behind, they conceal that “Jack Vistaril” was not the founder and Monique’s husband is not you, they allow the men behind Germany and other p$ychs to secretly alter Scientology and merge with an anti-Semite cult (NOI), etc.

David Miscavige, His Cobness might fear for his life now. But if he and the infiltrators should know by now that motivators follow the overt, or how some others say: Karma is a bitch.

According to my perceptions, more violence against Scientology will take place as motivators after the overts. Because the orgs don’t come forward with the truth and nothing but. SEGNPMSS which sets up all of that (including the infiltration in Scientology) and implants and conditions people to go through with violence, carries most of the responsibility when their agents, which also become conditioned victims, go rogue. However, but the rest, the propaganda-makers as named above and the infiltrators of Scientology are anything but innocent when violence is committed.

I wish I could talk to you about this, Marty.

I love you.

Yours always,





Tony Ortega and David Touretzky are selling convicted kidnapper Cyril Vosper as an authority to the dumb people who believe that they are authorities and not anti-religious snake-oil-salesmen

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband,

I am thinking of you every day. What a disgusting world it is: the innocent is locked up, the criminals go free. 

As you know, Vosper wrote a smear book on Scientology, in which he deliberately concealed that Ron, the founder of Scientology was impersonated behind his back by an German-CIA-controlled impostor and blamed what the impostor did deliberately on the good founder. German psychs were/are the driving force behind altering the OT levels and making Ron’s research look ridiculous. 

Both, Tony Ortega and David Touretzky promote Cyril Vosper on their blog/website, either with hailing Vosper as a great person and excellent expert on Scientology (Ortega) or webbing all chapters of his book to promote him and Vosper’s garbage book (Touretzky) by concealing that he and his men kidnapped me in 1987 to “deprogram” me, false imprisoned me, and caused me bodily harm. 

I had no “program” in me. I became a Scientologist by THINKING on my own. I would never been able to figure out what I did by being “programmed”.

RB sometimes asked me why I can’t make a “u-turn” from Scientology and “run away”. Her question alone was insulting. Through years, millions of thoughts and own observations, I came to the conclusion that Scientology contains more truth than other religions or movements. I also discovered those ideas that German secret service and CIA psychiatrists added through Ron’s impostor and others to Scientology to make it look ridiculous and get it off track and distanced myself from those. How can anyone expect from me to make a “u-turn and run away” from using her mind extensively? I am telling you, what kind of people ask such things: those who don’t think!

Instead of me, Mike Rinder or Tory Christman, for example, should have been RB’s kids. They didn’t use their minds. For me, it is incomprehensible that both spent decades in Scientology, promoting the version of Jack Vistaril and David Miscavige, and now telling other people it was nonsense. It wouldn’t take me more than a week to figure out the gist of even a complex movement and if I want to stay at a place for long or not. 

Anyway, during the “deprogramming” I saw in Cyril Vosper’s eyes. He was a money-oriented coward. A small criminal man. No wonder Ortega and Touretzky are all for him.  

I also believe that he knew that I was the real founder’s daughter and that you, Marty, and married legally in the UK, and that Germany framed you wrongfully of having harmed me, Marty. He had the icky aura of guilt hanging all over him and I can see these things.  

I love you, Marty. I know you are a deep thinking person too. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you. You are different. And I saw also that your ringer is not a person who thinks deep.

Yours forever,


P.S. RB was introduced to the idea of kidnapping and deprogramming by German Lutheran pastor Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack. He manipulated her into it, and a German psych brought her in contact with criminal Vosper and his gang. 

It went like this. She told me what he said.

Haack: Your daughter needs deprogramming, but you are not the kind of woman to go through with it.

(By telling her that she is not the kind of women to go through with it, he provoked that dumb creature to do it. She was rough, the opposite of a tender mother. Haack  knew that she was exactly the person who would go through with something like this. That is why he said it and referred her to the psych. )

He threw the hook and stupid RB swallowed it and got involved.  

And then he put her in contact with the psych who was connected to Vosper and his gang. Haack and the psych got away. Actually, all got away. RB, while being the defendant in a criminal case even got Interpol to stalk me in the USA. 

Germany awarded to Haack the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, also known as the Federal Cross of Merit, is the only general award of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is awarded for special achievements in political, economic, cultural, intellectual, or honorary fields.

To Haack! This horrible lawless man! Germany is despicable. 

He also wrote me a real nasty and insulting letter or two before I moved to the USA.  

Also, I always had the feeling that Haack knew RB from years before, e.g. when I was kidnapped as child from my dad Ron, the founder, in the USA, and later from Ron and you when we were married. And that he knew that her memory was psychiatric removed as well. SEGNPMSS didn’t want her to be around me with the memory as they were afraid that she would blurt something out to me about you and Ron when having a hysterical outburst.








What about Scientology-hater Tony Ortega ties to After 3 years of DOJ investigation, the FBI did shut the Backpages finally down.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, here is a brief P.S., 

Daily Mail just published this revealing article about

FBI shuts down ‘sex trafficking website’ for ‘child exploitation and obscenity’ following years of futile investigations

Here are some C of S information about Ortega’s background:

I don’t think they pulled the data about him out of their hats.  

I bet the farm that Tony Ortega knows very well that also Ron, the founder, was impersonalized by a German/CIA double agent, non-Scientologist “Jack Vistaril”. To distract from his own shady Backpages activities, Ortega picks out odd statements that Ron’s impostor planted into Scientology and blames it on Ron, the founder.

How disgusting is that?

But what is to be expected by a Backpages guy?

I love you.





Typical, Tony Ortega gives David Miscavige credit… Yikes!

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? You are on my mind as always. 

C of S’s  websites are sabotaged. Look what I got when I tried to visit them. It happens all the time and is apparently never fixed by the Miscavologists. It seems that the Scientology TV  indeed just serves David Miscavige as a tool to get a better reputation and indeed does not promote Scientology!  


Tony Ortega gives David Miscavige credit for his TV appearances. Ortega also gave  credit to your impostor and who else other shady person. Some journalist!

As you and I, and actually tons of other people know (but they don’t talk about it): David Miscavige took Scientology over from Ron’s impostor  (the guy on the Apollo who died with Vistaril in this behind in 1986) and keeps it a top secret that Ron, the real founder of Scientology and you were/are impersonated. Instead of being able to access original Scientology, Scientologists, and others just get access to Vistarology (this is the version of SCN of Ron’s impostor) and to Miscavology (this is the version of Scientology of His Cobness, David Miscavige). And DM plans even more of this by trying to implement psych planted material found in a garage into Scientology. He needs his (by means of legal not violence) behind kicked. I really mean it, Marty.

No wonder that Tony Ortega gives him credit, or he wants millions from Scientology through David Miscavige as a certain impostor and others, and hopes he gets it by posting more positive about him.

Just as I thought, Marty, before Scientology TV aired: it serves mainly for His Cobness to get a better reputation, otherwise he would have found another reason to prevent Scientology TV for some more decades as he did in the decades before. The man is bad. He keeps you wrongfully behind bars and works together with your impostor.  But he is also bad to other Scientologists and the rest of the world, by keeping original Scientology under wraps and expects them to be satisfied and pay for the “Scientology” version that secret service agent “Jack Vistaril” and he arranged. 

DM was filmed in the “Super Power Building”. It includes psychiatric remnants as the spinner “motion quadrant”. How stupid is that man (and others) not realizing or admitting that psychiatric tools were added to Scientology by p$ychs to alter or destroy it? Or is the destruction rather DM’s job in the first place? Psychiatry is known for having spun people around. If he would be a Scientologist, he would know immediately that it is not Scientology, and he never would withhold that the man who left Scientology to him wasn’t even the founder of Scientology! 

I know that NASA has some similar spinning devices, but NASA is also infiltrated by psychs. They have a special interest in NASA as the SPs behind Germany don’t want the universe explored. That’s why the deep universe is covered with a German fake projection and why they call it “run-away-universe”. 

I don’t use the term wogs for non-Scientologists as “Jack Vistaril” and his psychiatric case officers came up with this and not the founder. However, I can’t help myself. In this case, I want to use their terms: David Miscavige, the Miscavologists and the Vistarologists are wogs. They are no Scientologists. There are light years between their and our ways of thinking and their and our abilities. 

Below is Mr. Wog, His Cobness, in his Super Power (yeah right!) building with psychiatric devices, which is actually a ticking time bomb. Sooner or later, some psychiatric-conditioned person will go nuts there after some additional Miscavige-spinning. If he would be an OT, he would know it in advance.    

 This has disaster written all over it. And despite that psychs altered Scientology and incorporated their crap “technology” like spinning and running in circles, etc., I feel that psychs still want to destroy Scientology even more. Their next set up against Scientology is for sure already planned, and His Cobness and the Miscavologists are stepping right in it. If they would be real Scientologists, they would have OT abilities as we have them. But don’t have them, Marty. DM and the Miscavologists can’t see in the future. Blind wogs. 

Giving you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. I am glad that you are a real Scientologist and not a Vistarologist or a Miscavologist. 

Yours forever,





I would like to know in which law office these videos were filmed: I bet in a law office of DM’s attorneys

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

Although I could think any lower of Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and Tony Ortega, I think just as low of David Miscavige, his attorneys, any Miscavologist, and your impostor, Monique’s husband and his wife.

There is a constant back and forth as far as trust, loyalty, and coordination as far as above named individuals are concerned. Friends, enemies, supporters, etc., the line always blurs, but what I know is that David Miscavige, Mike Rinder and your impostor, Monique’s husband, always conspired against you. Even when the animosity seemed the highest between DM and your impostor, at the time when the idiotic Squirrel Busters helped Monique to have claims in court against the orgs, they still kept quiet about that Monique’s husband is your impostor and as to what happened to your whereabouts.

The animosity between Mike Rinder and your impostor, Monique’s husband could not be higher at the moment. Yet, Mike Rinder did not publish that Monique’s husband is your impostor, where he came from, who hire him to take over your post as Inspector General for Ethics and who told him to leave you behind and as the OSA in charge to stop my actions to find you. (The most non-Scientology act ever, as one does not leave a comrade behind according to the Scientology Code of Ethics.)  

This means that conspiring against you and me is their highest “obligation”. It is a higher order than their worst spat so far with each other. Conspiring against you and me overrules anything for these people. It is the most important thing for them. 

Some years ago, I received an anonymous email, which I think came from a very high place in OSA (not Mike Rinder). However, it is impossible that Rinder didn’t knew that he is your impostor, besides, anyone should know as your personalities are so different. The sender of the anonymous email confirmed that Monique’s husband is an impostor. My questions about your whereabouts however were not answered by this person or anyone else.    

I also scratch my head about the attorneys of Scientology. I am convinced that you, the innocent, took the fall in Spain. They helped Heber Jentzsch out but I don’t think they helped you. They hire an impostor to make me believe that my OT abilities and intuition does not work and that you don’t need my help, that Germany did not file a case behind my back against you with fabricated charges. Your impostor even flew to Germany to work for them against Scientology. They let you suffer wrongfully behind bars.

And now your impostor is paid with Scientology money? Are these people from hell or what? Did they ever wordclear the term conscience, humanity, officers of the court, ethics, law, and professional responsibility? 

This pro your impostor article was published on a Scientology-related website in case you have not seen it yet:

I love you.

Yours always,


Chris Owen’s stupid analysis of what L. Ron Hubbard allegedly wrote

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

I miss you more than I ever can express. Nobody wins at the end by keeping us apart. Those who are keeping us apart don’t have the courage to admit this. In character, they are very small beings. They committed so many crimes that they restricted their abilities to see and evaluate facts. And there are many of them and so few of us. Sigh. There is one thought that I have over and over again, Marty: there must be (and is!) another solution than we ever again mingle with them. This planet and universe is a snake pit. Who sets foot here is being bitten. 


To my header:  Chris Owen is attacking Scientology since decades. He likes to be called “historian”. What a joke. He, like a propaganda minister of a rogue state, denied also my access to Wikipedia after he learned that I object to false information about me on Wikipedia.  

A true historian would not keep the impostors sent by secret services into Scientology under wraps. They are easy to spot.

Besides, I am on the Internet since 2002. Since 16 years, the Scientology haters (pretty much all were hanging out at ARS) know from me that Scientology is infiltrated, altered, that Ron and you were impersonated by agents/impostors. Just like David Miscavige who hires even a company to keep my blog down in the search engines, they try to prevent that what I write reaches mainstream in typical psychiatric/German secret service manner.

As you know, the real founder of Scientology was no friend of psychiatry. But he wrote the truth and no nonsense about it. The real Ron has not written the Brainwashing Manual as Owen and Ortega are claiming. If he would have, Germany would be blamed most of all.

The SPs behind Germany came up with communism and forced Russia and other countries to implement communism and control opponents with psychiatric methods.  Ron also would not blame Dianetics and Scientology on what psychs are doing “death, insanity, aberration and slavish obedience.” Psychs came up with the term “Black Dianetics” to blame Dianetics on what psychs are doing.  They also were hoping to get Dianetics and Scientology outlawed by making people believe that Dianetics or SCN would be dangerous.  

The least group of people Ron would ever accept or support are anti-Semites/Nazis. Anything even remotely implying this is a blatant and stupid forgery.

Many people think that Nazi Germany and Communism were two different things because the Soviet Union fought the Nazis in World War II. The SPs behind these movements are the same. They don’t mind wasting their own agents and allies in wars or otherwise. They simply decided that they like German Nationalism even a step better to control the world than their communism. (Germans wrote even officially the Communist Manifesto.) I assume that many people in the Soviet Union suffered a lot under communism and that is why the men behind Germany couldn’t tell even their own agents in Russia that they are also behind communism. On the other side, German nationalism was apparently too appalling for the Russians to surrender to, so they fought back. 

The psychs behind Germany run indeed the entire world but as they lie to their own agents to control them, not everything falls into the German lap all the time.      


One can see this pattern still today. Communism declined but Nazis are on the rise.    

The writings of Tony Ortega, Chris Owens, Jon Attack, and the likes are psychiatric propaganda tools and their supporters are fools. 

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty.

Yours forever,