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What the Mayan earrings indicate to me

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

Another hot summer day, and I find myself again thinking of you. 

A longer time ago, I thought that the SEGNPMSS has formed in the middle ages, however, as deeper back I go into history, as more as I am convinced that they landed on Earth during the time when humans suddenly became violent to each other.


The Mayan civilization declined mysteriously 800 A.D. and this advanced civilization known for spectacular architecture suddenly engaged in violence, torture, and warfare. What I see is that they were psychiatric conditioned (they had another name back then for invading human bodies and mind to control people) and controlled to go against each other. I strongly believe that some Mayan (and some people of any other nation or tribe) were psychiatric altered by these barbers and butchers, SPs, which then developed into psychiatrists, medical doctors, neuroscientists, chemists, pharmacists, SPs, you name it.


A civilization like the Mayan in unaltered form would be able to survive a climate change and would know how to stop deforestation. Today’s scientists have a tendency to ignore or even whitewash evil that is going around this planet for a very long time.


Many nations, civilizations, and tribes used earrings. However, Mayan art showed them ostentatious. To me, their art does not just show outside body decorations but ear implants. Either subconsciously or consciously, the Mayan indicated having ear implants. I don’t think most knew that mind-control, hypnosis, and ear implants would be the reason that their civilization would collapse. But that was the reason, and the reason why any other advanced civilization suddenly crashed or turned bad. 11

And it happens still today. People are set up and prepared to do the unspeakable through psychiatric mind-control, hypnosis, e-shocks, lasers, other psychiatric secret service “inventions”, drugs, and ear-implants. And still today, the authorities, controlled by the same system and ear implants fail to go after those medical and psychiatric terrorists. How will governments allow this? It is such a shame for mankind that they don’t put a foot down and say: We had it with you monsters! 

The medical/psychiatric terrorist is JEALOUS. That is why he destroys and doesn’t allow people to live in peace. He sees a creation, but as he/she feels unable to do the same, he/she destroys it. I said it before and I say it again: if they would have put their energy to destroy and harm into positive energy that creates but allows to people be, they would be somebody today. However, as they constantly harm people, they are monsters.

You are the wrong person to hold lectures too, Marty. I know. But as I don’t see any publication anywhere talking about it, I feel sometimes the urge to do it, despite they do everything they can to bury my blog in the deepest cracks of the Internet. And His Cobness is helping them by employing and paying services, which hold my blog down. What a “harmless darling” he is.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. We will see each other again against all odds.

I love you.

Yours since the beginning of time,






Germany is anti-Black, since ever…

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Dearest Marty, dashing rockstar, I am here again. 🙂

I wrote that before, my friend Susanna had two black kids. Germans did stuck her racial hate mail through her door. That was in the 80s. If Hitler would have succeeded, Jews would be exterminated by now but Blacks and other minorities too. So, those uninformed people who are thinking that Nazis would have spared Blacks, never read this:     

Hitler made his thoughts about black people in Germany abundantly clear in his book Mein Kampf (1923), when he wrote: “It is a scarcely conceivable fallacy of thought to believe that a Negro…will turn into a German because he learns German and is willing to speak the German language and perhaps even give his vote to a German political party.”

There was also a Black Holocaust, black people killed among Jews and gypsies in concentration camps.

Germany had black slaves. Here is a report about how Germans treated slaves. THE BLACK SLAVES OF PRUSSIA, AN OPEN LETTER ADDRESSED TO GENERAL SMUTS, BY FRANK WESTON, D.D. BISHOP OF ZANZIBAR, Head of the Universities’ Mission in the Eastern, Districts of German East Africa. “We are afraid that Africa will be enslaved to Germany”; “They Rule Entirely by Fear”;  “Flogging is the German’s pleasure”; “Torture is another recognized method of dealing with Africans”; “Punishment of the chain-gang is a most serious cruelty”; “Germans encouraged their police in cruelty”; “Another peculiarly German habit is the persecution of native chiefs”; “These are but a few typical examples of the  working of the German colonial system. It is cruel, relentless, inhuman.” 

More here, a very revealing document:

In 1905, Germany published pictures like this to portray “the typical Black person” and claimed that “the south” stinks after bad fruits, meat, manure and Negroes. (Who knows what they did to him. Maybe they tortured him, maybe he was stabbed in the back, and this is not shown on the picture.) 


Germany does not just feels threatened by Jews but also by Blacks. France occupied the Rhine area after WWI and France had black soldiers and some had children with German women. The Nazis called these kids “bastards”. I learned that almost 400 of these children were collected and sterilized in German clinics so that they can’t have kids.    


And look at this, Marty, Germans  call Jews bastard as they consist of Orientals, Blacks, Middle Easterners, and Hamits. Particularly all races who are being defamed here should not fall into the trap doing Germany any favors. All those races are better than Nazis. 


 Germany was/is truly anti-Blacks. For great music like that, Blacks had to die in concentration camps:


More German propaganda drawings against Blacks:


As you know, Austria is Germany’s neighbor. As Hitler was born there, Austria was immediately pro-Nazis and pro-Germany  Below article calls for boycott, saying that the Vienna state opera fell victim to a Jewish-Black defilement because of the Opera “Johnny spielt auf”. It is the story of a Black jazz musician and the Nazis banned it.


Here is a book by a black boy who grew up in Nazi Germany. It is titled: “Neger, Neger, Schornsteinfeger” (“Negro, Negro, Chimney Sweeper”). He was shunned.  


How many Blacks  died in Nazi concentration camps is not known, but estimated between 25,000 and 50,000. 

I read that the story of black people in Germany during the years of Hitler’s reign (1933-1945) is complex and not well-known, but I can’t imagine that they felt happy during the time, knowing that at any time they could join the Jews and Roma in concentration camps.  

In their fight against the Jews, Nazis thought that Blacks could be useful. I have no doubt in my mind that if the Nazis would have succeeded to kill all Jews and Roma, Blacks would have been the very next to be killed, after the principle: The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go.”

Have a look at this German propaganda picture: the black girl is not allowed to rest her arm on the white girl. The black girl has to agree and look up to the German girl. This picture just confirms German superiority once again.  Blacks  were considered to be inferior by the Nazis, but as Blacks were only a very small group of people in Germany, the Nazis concentrated instead of them on Jews and Roma. But Nazi propaganda was also aimed at Black people. Germans were told that marrying a black person was betraying one’s race. So, who believes those Nazi lies of equal rights?


I know, the Ku-Klux-Klan allegedly was created in the USA allegedly without German involvement.  But I don’t believe it. Klan is the German word for clan. Officially, the  Ku-Klux-Klan was also in Germany in the 1920. It still is and as far as I know, it is still there with Neo-Nazis joining in and opening new branches in Germany in 2011.  

I also remember sweets in Germany with racial black names.   

That is a German Mohrenkopf. Head of a black person in form of marshmallows covered by chocolate.  


 This too. Some people say that this is just a pastry or a candy, no big deal. But it is disrespectful and the names were are surely created by racist minds. There is for example no pastry or candy that is called “German head” that others can bite off or into… Germany has also a pastry that is called “Amerikaner” (The American.) A Danish is not called “The Dane” in the USA, it is called Danish.           


Another one. Sometimes, they were also called Negerkuss (Kiss of a negro.) Who wants to kiss that grim thing?


Another one:

th (2)

Another one:

th (1)

Another one:


And another one:


Here is the Sarotti Moor. A black servant.


  Nestlé is the majority stockholder in the company. They got into troubles as many saw the Mohr as racial stereotype. They are using now one with a lighter skin who throws stars into the sky.  He looks now more Oriental than Black. But they still sell their “Nostalgia” chocolates with a very black servant.  


German beer by the name Neger (Negro).


So, the problem of racism is declining?  

Not really, considering that this painting from 2006 is called Mohrenkopf.


There is the  FPÖ, a far right political party in Austria who is afraid of black genes in 2007.

FA Falter Cover Stmk 2007_47

A racial design of 2007


KKK in Germany opened a new branch in 2013. In 2012, two German police men were found to be members of the European KKK. That German Nazi guy below blames Blacks on that he doesn’t get any women. (Yes, women, he wants not just one.) The idea that women don’t want him because he has a disgusting, appalling personality never hit him. And those are the guys who claim to have higher IQs than other nationals. If that isn’t funny. He wants people to vote for the German Nazi party NPD.  


The NPD in Germany, a political party, is supported by Germany’s many Neo-Nazis. The articles in German language that I read are really alarming. Shame on Germany allowing them to grow. 

What a rotten and idiotic world we live in.

 Monique’s husband is trying to portray himself as anti-racist and pro-Black. But is he really? What man who truly respects and loves a black woman would marry her by using an incorrect date of birth? Would he do such a thing also to a white woman? Or just to a black woman?

I love you, Marty. Many kisses.

Yours forever,


Typical secret service psychs hypnotizing and implanting somebody angry into shooting people to make a planet in trance believe that mind control and torture is a “delusion”…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? Just briefly today:

The Navy Yard shooting has psychiatric secret service written all over it. 

I bet a gazillion dollars that psychs implanted and hypnotized Alexis to open fire with his “ELF” gun for no other purpose but making people believe that there is no such thing as mind control and  microwave torture and that anyone who claims so is delusional and dangerous. Who wants to be compared with violent man as Alexis?

Just the thing they need to continue violating human rights and torturing people secretly with their instruments who never did anything to them. 

If microwave torture and mind control is “delusional”, then all these mind-control patents are a delusion too?

If microwave torture and mind control is “delusional”, then all these ELF patents are a delusion too?

The international top secret service devices are for sure not patented at all. Some people think that secret services are not secret and report everything to the patent office or the media or are posting about the Internet about what they are doing. Sheesh!

And I always notice how quickly the FBI or other authorities say that somebody “acted” alone. They really hate or don’t know how to pull strings, don’t they?

This planet is in “great” hands. What a rotten place.

I love you, Marty.

Yours forever,



Nothing explains stalking p$ychs and their agents better than this:

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Marty, my remarkable hero, 

Instead of bringing themselves up, they try to level the huge difference between us and them by trying to bring us down. When our rights are denied and we are tortured and suffer, they are telling themselves that they are superior to us, because THEY are the ones who are inflicting the pains and rights violations. That must make them mightier and above us. I know that you came to this conclusion as well.

But they are missing while doing so, that THEY are the ones who are shamed and go down, not we. We have done nothing to be ashamed of. We are true, and we are still the same. It doesn’t matter what they subject us too.  They are not succeeding in bringing us down. They are alone in that crash course downwards.

Insane jealousy because THE WAY WE ARE is their main problem. They are jealous of our characters. Instead of going up and meeting us as equals high up, these lazy cowards with non-confronts think we have to go down. It won’t work. We don’t do them this favor. They will be alone down there with fellow insane psych stalker pigs and their agents.

Love you eternally, Marty, and forever yours.

Sarah/Barbara, your wife 

The English word “Torture” consists of two German words – for those who ask who invented torture and still work with it

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

WordPress Dashboard is checking my Blog. Guess it has to do with that Chiquita’s dad had over a million visitors to his blog and Anonymous wanting him to make a statement in regards to me. I read today a postings on WWP. A poster with ID Goosh Goosh and with swastikas in his signature line posted: “Best way to troll babs: get rathbun to comment on her.” What is the problem of this SEGNPMSS troll? What did I ever do to him that he wants to “troll” me? Some other anonymous guy indicated that they spam Chiquita’s dad with posting about me or from me. (I don’t post to his blog but I read his postings when I have time.) Anonymous hasn’t thought things through.

Chiquita’s dad already made a statement in regards to me that he sent to Paul Horner, and he said that he doesn’t believe that he ever met me. That is quite true but he should have added that there is you, the other Marty, the original Marty. In order to make an impression on me, Anonymous and anybody else would have to find you, Marty, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology and get your statement on me. Your comment is more then important to me, and I know already that this comment will be very wonderful for me – but my stalkers don’t get it or don’t want it be true. Cool hairdo. 😉

I have seen the video from the “Shack”. That Chiquita’s dad hasn’t the money to throw around like DM and non-glamorous MEST does not bother me personally. Again, my problem is that he won’t tell me where you are. Chiquita’s dad indicated that he met real and good Christians. Wonder were he did meet them. On another planet? I never met any one of them. All the Christians (and members of all other religions) that I met had ear implants and allowed themselves to be robotically run by the SEGNPMSS just as their Atheist counterparts.

Truly decent and people are as rare as the Blue Mauritius.

Month ago, I’ve seen a posting of somebody asking him why he has no YouTube channel like Tory, and he replied to him or her that he wouldn’t be as pretty as Tory. Guess, he got that out of his system and saves time by just putting a video up instead of typing essays. However, also interesting are the reaction of the people who have not much success like Anonymous when they appear as individuals or Jeff Jacobsen, Chuck Beatty, Gerry Armstrong, and the likes, telling Chiquita’s dad what to do and what to say. If they are so successful to give advice, how come they don’t have over a Million hits?

But we are not Marty, one day, you and me will have our own video channel together, and it will have over 6 Billion viewers immediately because we will tell the true story of Scientology, this planet and this universe and will turn this world around. It will come straight at them from our underwater village.

How are you, Marty? I have really tough times. No, it is nothing financially and has nothing to do with the Internet but the SEGNPMSS tries to push me over the edge, Marty. I am sure that you know what I mean as they torture you just like me, and sometimes I don’t know anymore how to fight their attacks off. No doubt about it, they want us to commit suicide, which would be murder because they don’t allow us to life in peace. It is not based on depressions or loneliness or something like it. It is based on  pure inhumane torture. They are indeed Unmenschen. Interesting is that the word torture consists of two German words: Tor (gate) and Ture (Door). They think that torture is he way to go and gets rid of people who could endanger their bloody empire and that gates and doors open for them or stay open for them if they apply torture when good people are at the gate or the door to a better life that they deserve. Look, they push this woman off the bridge:

I love you, Marty