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More violence against Scientology – and another German psychiatric plot behind it

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince,

How is your life? I worry about you as I know how gruesome the world is to the innocent and noble.

It made no big news, typically, when bad things happens to Scientologists, the media is rather quiet:

Four people (most had Hispanic sounding names, a German plan of course that should support hatred in the USA against foreigners, which is typically German) are suspected of having fired shots at the Gilman Hot Springs Road, where the Scientology Int. Base is located.

Some Scientology bashers are claiming that they don’t want violence. Yeah right. They know exactly that their constant beating up on Scientology mobilizes such situations, e.g. somebody driving a car in a window right next to a Scientology nursery, etc. DM’s father was/is violent (beating) and same is reported about DM but two wrongs make no right.  

In the eyes of the hate-mongers, Scientologists don’t even have the right to complain about such attacks as they allegedly “can’t think”. In fact, the Scientology bashers have the thinking problems. Basically, they are saying: “We wrote and said so many nasty things about Scientology and that is why we can’t understand that anyone still wants to study it.  That means Scientologists must be in trance.”  

What the hate-mongers against Scientology don’t get is that they have no clue what original Scientology is and that somebody who hasn’t studies with the intention to infiltrate and bring it down had a much greater chance to discover its great value and what it was originally. These hate-mongers think they are the cat’s meow but have NO CLUE what they are actually attacking. 

People have ear-implants. What a German psychiatric cult! And they don’t get that it is a trap. Original Scientology, the real founder Ron, not his impostor “Jack Vistaril” was against ear-implants. The original illegal PC sat in session and repeated to the auditor what his non-Scientologist case officer transmitted in this ears. These people got of course no case again, and I bet they didn’t access any past lives either. They cheated themselves.

A few people might be alert as to that anyone can hi-jack their ear implant code. They might think that they are safe if they not act upon something out of their characters. However, there are also silent sounds, tons of them, which psychiatric manipulate people.

There are numerous websites that mentions secret service devices and methods. Usually, American secret services like the CIA are blamed but never Germany and its disgusting psychiatric invention of ear implants to secretly control people (and also to commit terror and crimes) and to rule the world.  The German psychiatric secret service method of micro ear-implants installed already in the ears of little kids to make them obedient followers is COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY HUSHED UP.    

Hate-mongers against Scientology and Scientologists like in the Bunker and other hate-forums have something to do with violence against Scientology and Scientologists. They can’t wash their hands in innocence. 

Sending you tender and passionate kisses, Marty. You rock!

I love you,

Yours always,


Despite that I don’t know where you are physically located, there is one place where I can find you all the time, Marty:





Although I don’t approve of DM at all, I don’t approve of Leah Remini’s activities either

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, I am thinking of you.

She plans an A&E Network series against Scientology, despite that she knows that people who listened to her resorted already to violence against Scientologists. Can’t she see what’s brewing on the horizon?

I don’t approve of Miscavology, yet, I don’t think that making people angry by using the media will resolve anything. Once the world learns that DM took over Scientology with legal papers issued by Ron’s impostor (Jack Vistaril), he has no rights heading Scientology any longer, Miscavology can be resolved and original Scientology can be restored. 

David Miscavige’s lack of ethics pulled her actions in as well as the actions by people like Remini. 

I don’t know why the wife (Michelle Miscavige) of a man (David Miscavige) who makes the world believe that an impostor  was the real founder of Scientology and gives a damn about real Scientology, the real founder and his family was/is that important to Leah Remini. 

Leah files a missing police report, police acted on it and they found Michelle not missing.

However, in order to stop the sounds of Remini’s fingernails on a blackboard wanting to see her, nothing would have been easier for DM to bring his wife to a Scientology event or have Michelle and Leah talk. 

He rather has Scientology attacked and smeared.

Michelle could approach Leah and tell her that she doesn’t approve of her beating up Scientology but she doesn’t. And yet, I don’t think that Michelle is locked up. I rather think that DM made a legal contract with her giving Michelle quite some financial incentives.

I bet the farm that DM didn’t keep his marriage vows. Michelle found out and he kept her quiet by making a contract with her. He apparently has not even the courage to ask her to appear with him at an event. He is a coward. Bad husband, bad conscience. He doesn’t want Leah talking to Michelle as he is afraid that she drops a hint and Scientologists and the world learns that he doesn’t apply ethics to his own life. 

DM is the total opposite of you, Marty. You are impressive, and he ain’t. Not even a bit. He and his family and their unethical actions harmed Scientology more than anyone.

I love you, Marty, very much.

Here is some slow blues for you.

Yours forever and always,




What the Mayan earrings indicate to me

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate, how are you?

Another hot summer day, and I find myself again thinking of you. 

A longer time ago, I thought that the SEGNPMSS has formed in the middle ages, however, as deeper back I go into history, as more as I am convinced that they landed on Earth during the time when humans suddenly became violent to each other.


The Mayan civilization declined mysteriously 800 A.D. and this advanced civilization known for spectacular architecture suddenly engaged in violence, torture, and warfare. What I see is that they were psychiatric conditioned (they had another name back then for invading human bodies and mind to control people) and controlled to go against each other. I strongly believe that some Mayan (and some people of any other nation or tribe) were psychiatric altered by these barbers and butchers, SPs, which then developed into psychiatrists, medical doctors, neuroscientists, chemists, pharmacists, SPs, you name it.


A civilization like the Mayan in unaltered form would be able to survive a climate change and would know how to stop deforestation. Today’s scientists have a tendency to ignore or even whitewash evil that is going around this planet for a very long time.


Many nations, civilizations, and tribes used earrings. However, Mayan art showed them ostentatious. To me, their art does not just show outside body decorations but ear implants. Either subconsciously or consciously, the Mayan indicated having ear implants. I don’t think most knew that mind-control, hypnosis, and ear implants would be the reason that their civilization would collapse. But that was the reason, and the reason why any other advanced civilization suddenly crashed or turned bad. 11

And it happens still today. People are set up and prepared to do the unspeakable through psychiatric mind-control, hypnosis, e-shocks, lasers, other psychiatric secret service “inventions”, drugs, and ear-implants. And still today, the authorities, controlled by the same system and ear implants fail to go after those medical and psychiatric terrorists. How will governments allow this? It is such a shame for mankind that they don’t put a foot down and say: We had it with you monsters! 

The medical/psychiatric terrorist is JEALOUS. That is why he destroys and doesn’t allow people to live in peace. He sees a creation, but as he/she feels unable to do the same, he/she destroys it. I said it before and I say it again: if they would have put their energy to destroy and harm into positive energy that creates but allows to people be, they would be somebody today. However, as they constantly harm people, they are monsters.

You are the wrong person to hold lectures too, Marty. I know. But as I don’t see any publication anywhere talking about it, I feel sometimes the urge to do it, despite they do everything they can to bury my blog in the deepest cracks of the Internet. And His Cobness is helping them by employing and paying services, which hold my blog down. What a “harmless darling” he is.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. We will see each other again against all odds.

I love you.

Yours since the beginning of time,