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Mass shootings / terrorism: When do congress, intelligence, and law enforcement FINALLY get it?

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Dearest Marty, my incredible husband and soulmate,

I am thinking of you and trying to imagine how your life must be. I wish I could make everything easier for you.

About the terrorism, this is what Rod Rosenstein said today:

“Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism. FBI classifies it as domestic terrorism, but ‘white terrorism’ is more precise. Many of the killers are lone-wolf losers indoctrinated to hate through the internet, just like Islamic terrorists.”

He is right by saying “just like Islamic terrorists” but he (like the rest of the world) do not see that the SEGNPMSS uses anybody for its agenda by psychiatric-conditioning individuals and controlling them via their ear-implants to execute the atrocities. It is most certainly German white supremacy behind all of it. Psychiatrists and neuro”scientists” want more freedom by governments to commit people. Putting fear into populations helps p$ychs to win more ground to commit people and treat them with psycho-pharma and shocks and whatever.  

And if Germany attacks Germans, it is also German white supremacy as they want the world to believe that they are not the “who” but victims as well so that nobody comes after them. 

The Nazis took officially power in Bavaria and then the rest of Germany and other countries but the doctors behind the Nazis were at it already before the Third Reich. The Nazis were JUST ONE of their horrible movements, however, the Third Reich showed exactly what horrible monsters they are. History proved that psychiatrists needed the Nazis as they wanted to make experiment on people that were prior not allowed under the laws in various countries that Germany invaded.

The Great Replacement manifest that Crusius hailed is written by this creep:

He admitted that his smear is Nazism’s nephew.    

There were 249 mass shootings this year. Some of their psychiatric-controlled people are using the internet to spread more hatred, but I am absolutely sure that none of these terror acts would have been ever executed if psychs wouldn’t condition people into terrorists and control them with via ear-implants.  

It is impossible to prevent all terror activities, particularly not when they are aimed at soft targets says law enforcement.

Congress, the intelligence community, and law enforcement finally must point the finger on the doctors behind Germany who condition, implant, and hypnotize people, otherwise the world will NEVER be safe. It is the SEGNPMSS, however, they call themselves. They want to bring the USA down and destroy its reputation (turn it into a Nazi country), tourism, and economy and make Germany superior to any country in the world.

Mexico wants to sue the USA because some of the dead people in El Paso were Mexican nationals. More fleecing of the USA because those who have the saying in the USA don’t put Germany and the doctors and psychiatrists behind it on trial.   

We always hear the same thing: He acted alone… No, he didn’t. They all didn’t. People have ear-implants and secret case officers all over the world. And they are all getting away because nobody acknowledges their existence and comes after them to arrests them.

The monsters who conditioned them are on the loose and are planning their next terror attacks because congress, intelligence, and law enforcement don’t come after them.

Law enforcement says that their approach to combat terrorism worked numerous times. They prevent some before they happened. Great, that is fine. But they have to stop them all. And that is just possible if the world learns who is behind it. People have to become vigilant if some who they know suddenly have a different personality, etc. That is an indicator that a person was psychiatric-conditioned.   

And courts have to put the hardest justice on the monsters who turn others into terrorists. They should be penalized according to what they LEAST want to go through. What do the monster fears the most? Let’s find out and this is how courts should sentence them. That is what they should get as penalty. If that becomes clear to them, they will think twice before they turn the world into hell. 

I know you don’t need a lecture, Marty. You can see what I am seeing. But above mentioned apparently can’t. 

I love you so much. Be safe.

Yours forever,


P.S. If the info is correct, the father of  the El Paso shooter is a registered mental health counselor. I noticed that he squirrels “thetahealing” (his trademark!) and “mind, body, spirit” in this therapy.  He also could have chosen alpha-, beta-, gamma- or whatever-healing but didn’t. And his name is “Crus”ius. All combined, it looks like the SEGNPMSS selected that family and that son for the atrocity, trying to MANIPULATE people into thinking that Scientology had something to do with the atrocity. 

Also, it appears from his website as if his father moved away from mind-altering chemicals. That is not what the SEGNPMSS wants, so maybe this is another reason why they turned his son into a mass murderer. On the other side, the father worked in a mental health hospital. I doubt that they don’t drug people there. In any case, the father should have noticed that something is wrong with his son. 

See here, what his father does:

Another mass shooter, Holmes was a neuro”scientist” in the making. He was targeted too. The Dayton shooter studied psychology. Psychs are also gruesome to each other. 

The Parkland gunman has the name “Cruz”. The intelligence analytics don’t do their jobs seeing the common denominator behind these horrendous acts of violence.

Trump says that lots of things will be done and called the shooters “mental ill”. It seems to me that he does exactly what psychs who conditioned these shooters want, which is more power by the government for the psychs. It is all so predictable.

The El Paso shooter was an anti-immigration supremacist and the Dayton shooter, a psychology student, was a left anarchist. What they had in common is hatred and that the SEGNPMSS decided to bring the worst out in them by turning people into killing machines to destroy the USA, its reputation, tourism, economy, financial reserves, resources, etc. They also want Americans not feeling safe anywhere so that they call Europe (Germany) for help without that they should ever learn that the monsters, the doctors behind Germany are responsible for turning the USA into hell.    

And have a look how the FBI profiles mass shooters:

No investigations take place as to if these shooters are Manchurian (rather  psychiatric German-run) candidates. 

I am certain that the SEGNPMSS, if backed in a corner, might also condition their own people to conduct terror in Germany, even in their beloved Bavaria, against their own peer and other doctors, to make the statement that it is not them who are doing it. Why would they attack and kill their own? To make the world buy that it is not Germany, Bavaria, Nazis, psychiatrists, doctors, etc. or any secret service behind Germany. But it is them, the psychiatric and medical Nazi monsters behind Germany who run the world with ear-implants. 

I definitely don’t want any violence against anybody, Germans included. I want them prosecuted before courts of law and sentenced so hard that whenever someone approaches them in any future life to do anything gruesome, that they scream: “No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” so loud that anyone in the universe can hear it. This is how you and me would handle SPs.  

The men behind Germany manipulate people by whispering in Merkel’s ears to form the rombush symbol as it stands for power. Manipulative and ridiculous!

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate and wonderful husband,

The psychiatrists behind Germany are not fooling you or me. They figured that after all they did in the past,  if they put a straw-woman on top, they can take over Europe and the world easier than with a man, considering what Germany had their male straw-puppets do in the past. I wrote a couple of times already how Germany holds other countries and economies down and advances its own, so I won’t go into this today.

I can see the psychs behind stupid Merkel manipulating the masses also with how she poses for pictures. She forms constantly some kind of pyramid with her hands. Ridiculous as Germans have nothing to do with pyramids except invading and robbing them. It is called the Merkel Raute, the triangle of power, and most people apparently don’t get that also this pose is supposed to manipulate them into being in awe of German power. Actually, I find this pose dumb and manipulative. It is staged as Germany is always manipulative and power-hungry and wants to be adored by the world. 

Yesterday, I read that white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klansmen band together in the USA for racism. Of course, they have German-controlled ear implants. 

Heidi Beirich, director of the hate-monitoring Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center said that “These things never last.

Intelligence? What a statement! She is downplaying these dangers. One of these “things”, the 3rd Reich did go on for years and did cost millions of human lives.

I quote from the Yahoo article: 

But leaders say there’s a difference this time: A spokesman for the Nationalist Front, Matthew Heimbach, said U.S. white nationalists are trying to follow the example of far-right European groups that have learned to work together rather than bicker over ideology, theology and organizational structure.

They are banding together also in the USA because Germany’s secret service psychs control their ear-implants.

Officially, Merkel is against these extremists, but is she really? She prepares the grounds for right-extremist parties as the AfG and others.

I am glad that I have you, Marty. Although Germany runs the world to prevent that we can be together, I nevertheless can feel how you think. You are never far away because we are basically one. To come between soulmates is never a good idea. These p$ychs have a lot to learn. As they are rotten, they have no soulmate on their own. They have no idea what this band between us is as they don’t have it with nobody. Nobody wants to be the soulmate of an evil person. They are missing out of the best in life.

I love you, Marty, keep your head up high. If we can’t put ethics in a German-psych-controlled world in this lifetime as the rest of mankind has a secret death wish and wants to go down with the horrible men behind Germany, we will do so after this lifetime. But we will do so.

Yesterday, someone wrote to me that I should forgive for the sake of inner peace. I have inner peace. Their crimes are not our crimes. It is their bad conscience not ours. Letting them off the hook would be the worst what we can do, as it means for them that crimes pay and that they can continue. I am proud of having them taken on FOR ALL ETERNITY TO COME.

By messing with us and the world, they asked for it, Marty, they shall get it. No, I don’t mean throwing bombs or shooting. That is them, not us. Our style is having them make amends. When we are done with them, and anyone in any universe ever approached them to commit a crime against another being, they will scream: “NO!” so loud that one can hear them on the other side of the universe and beyond. This is how SPs are handled. What they least can confront for themselves, they should get as penalty for not treating others how they want to be treated. Not forgiveness. Forgiveness is the easy way out and irresponsible as snakes that were not corrected will bite again.     

Your tough cookie wife with the most tender kisses for you.

I love you.









For the Pope and for judges: If A commits a crime against B, the forgiving has to come from B not from C

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful husband, and Prince,

I hope this posting finds you well. SEGNPMSS breathes down heavily on me. They really are monsters.

There are many people who thought and maybe think that the Nazis never come back as they appalled too many people. And now we are again at a point that clearly shows that they will be back internationally in no time if not a miracle prevents it.

And this time, a German “US president-elect” is hiding his right-extreme intentions behind his daughter’s marriage and the Republican Party. His actions, however, are giving Trump away.

And most of the time, the SEGNPMSS prepares the ground for one, even more extreme to come along. As in Germany and France for example, their current leader’s actions and failures make the extreme right and nationalism possible. The leaders that appear less extreme prepare the ground for extreme Adolfs and Adolfinas.

“Darkness is good”, says Trump’s man Bannon, e.g. “satan”. Has the world lost its remaining few marbles?

Have a look at the Mother Jones article, Marty: White Nationalists Celebrate Trump’s Victory and Early Appointments -Alt-right leader Richard Spencer called Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions “wonderful.”

If they call it wonderful, shouldn’t send this a warning sign to anyone who doesn’t consider him- or herself a Nazi?

The White Nationalists are raising their hands in Nazi salute. IQ and character like poisonous snakes but not like humans.

I also read the news that Pope Francis is allowing his priests to forgive abortions. I mentioned it before, Marty, my problems with the Christians was always their attitude that they can commit any crime as God forgives them anyway. So, why being decent if God is a fool who doesn’t hold bad people accountable? 

How to avoid abortions? Women and men should take precautions in advance, not abort.  

We as real Scientologists (I don’t mean the Miscavologists) know that thetans make the error and pick up their new bodies very early as they are being transmitted by their case officers (they can still hear after death of their old body, likely hear better than with their old body) that somebody else will claim that body if they don’t dive into it and claim it for themselves. And then, when deeply anchored with that fetus or embryo, they are being aborted. Abortion is definitely not just “tissue” as some stupid infiltrators in the Church of Scientology claim.

And who is the Pope who makes such a forgiveness statement on behalf of God? Who are his priests who are “forgiving” on behalf of God and the brutal murder of a fetus and embryo body inhabited by a thetan? If these people would have indeed a line to God, they would know a lot more and act accordingly.      

The only forgiveness that one can expect is that from the person that was harmed. You know it and I know it, but most of the world does not want to see it. This is what I learned from God:

If A harms B, it does not help if C says that A is forgiven. It has to come from B. That also goes for judges and parole boards. Only if B has truly no charge anymore, A will always feel guilty as basically knows that B has not forgiven. If B is not the forgiving type, tough luck for A feeling better after the crime. It will be with A for all times to come, making him or her to a less happy and proud being.

And the Catholic Church can preach all the forgiveness in the world for abortions, other murders, crimes, and even massmurder, and Nazi cruelties, all these people who have been “forgiven” will still have a horrible bad conscience deep down because they know that B wasn’t the one who did the forgiving. They have to find B and find a way to make the damage good again. Quite a task for massmurderers. These thetans are around, hurting, being angry, upset, and having charge. 

Committing crimes and then donating to a charity won’t work either. There is of course nothing wrong with donating to a charity but I know that there are people who think that this brings them absolution from their bad conscience. It will not work. The bad conscience and feeling less worth and proud remains as they know that it wasn’t B. who forgave them.    

How to avoid this mechanism is the easiest thing in the world. I don’t do to anyone what I don’t want to be done to myself and I know that you also live by this, Marty.           

People also must finally know that they are born again. They abort and if abortion is just a peccadillo, there will be more abortions. And when they died and are on the lookout for a new baby body to be born in, we know all  that is waiting for them: abortions by people who are like them.  

In other words, the dogs bite their own tails.     

And look at the politicians and also those who want to be businessmen instead of politicians: they tell people that a candidate is unqualified and dangerous, etc. and then, after ear-implants elected the candidate, they work for that unqualified and dangerous person. And these are people who want respect and who want to be highly regarded. For what? For not standing up to their own principles?     

In this universe, a good and courageous character apparently doesn’t count, Marty. For us, it is the most important thing there is. It makes me feel like a total stranger in this universe. Makes me want very much to be in another one or not having a body at all.

Be sure that I love you, Marty. I have seen the goodness in you. What a high crime of this planet to keep us deliberately apart. And those are the people who want forgiveness! Some are giving donations to charities and are thinking that they paid now for the crimes they committed against us. Except that this forgiveness didn’t come from us and their bad conscience will eat away their happiness for the rest of their lousy lives. Basically, there are the biggest fools ever and work against themselves.

Be tenderly embraced and kissed, my soulmate.

Yours always,