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“On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.” — L. Ron Hubbard. Did you notice that we both are there already, Marty? (Since ever actually.) We both trust each other fully.

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Dearest Marty, my handsome prince and star…

I wish you would be here. Anything would be better. Actually, it would not just be better but heavenly if you would be here. Did my laundry, water my flowers, put the spring decoration on the front porch, been to the mailbox, made a walk over the property, got the laundry from the washer, hung it outside, cleaned the upper story of the house and the staircase, had lunch, mailed bills and now I am making myself peppermint tea. I didn’t like peppermint tea in earlier times but now I like it.

Marty, the American Religious Identification Service says Scientology membership dropped from 55000 to 25000 in just a few years. This is quite worrisome, if this survey isn’t completely sabotaged, then DM’s product is mainly wasting money for type of buildings that Ron never would want Scientologists to live and work in and anything else goes down the drain including the reputation of Ron, Scientology and Scientologists, and their security.

Idiots continue to blame Ron, despite even the non-brightest should see that  L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that his writings were altered. Whatever his doppelganger did, it was to discredit and make the real Ron look ridiculous, contradictory or even abusive. I think the impostor was so nuts that he thought himself to be Ron after a while. But he did not found Scientology, he just changed it as ordered by his secret psych case officers. A world that is overworked and also often not too bright, is the ideal recipient for these kinds of lies. They swallow it and the truth will remain buried and loads of lies if we don’t publish the truth.

Interesting is also another matter. Anybody who was a longer time on staff but no longer seem to fall on his/her feet. Those who apply Scientology data for personal success are archiving the success. I heard a bit around under these former staff members, they rather quickly grow in some line of business and are rather affluent. I don’t know anybody of these people who are on welfare.

Marty, RB really hated that I was a Scientologist. Just the word Scientology was a red flag for her reactive mind but at the end of her life, she admitted that many of my skills and abilities were not the result of German school education but that I won them in Scientology. At the end of her life (but still hating SCN and still concealing her OWs against you and me), RB referred to me as genius.  How times change.

Even those who are angry with DM right now – if they still use Ron’s basic data on how to make it in life, are indeed making it outside of the orgs. From the photos that I have seen, the critics and the extremists are having troubles to get success, several of them live like bums, Scientologists not. It is not just the movie stars.

I suspect also other people, so-called  “ex-Scientologists” who also rant against Ron and Scientology that they still and secretly apply Ron’s tech and that it why they have some  success. Those people who never were in Scientology but attack it sure seem to be the biggest and most unsuccessful bums.

I often think about the last time we saw each other and I sure regret like nothing in the world that I didn’t find a way to stay with you. When I left to renew my visa, I thought I would be able to return at any time again but the Germans kept me by stealing my liberty once again. They are really from hell.

Some liars said that L. Ron Hubbard  said that Scientology would be no religion, which is an outrageous lie and a SEGNPMSS forgeries. Ron said very clearly in so many statements and also in the only video about him on that was webbed that Scientology is even more than a religion, an applied religious philosophy.

But you know that all, Marty, Me and you. Always. I wish it would be the time already, when infiltrators have nothing to say anymore and the true story of Scientology can be published. Those “affirmations” are noting but the total p$ych dirt to frame Ron with it.

And I am closing with a statement of the real Ron:

“On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.” —  L. Ron Hubbard.

People usually can’t trust each other and very sad, one can’t trust many in the orgs either as they are so many who are not real Scientologists.

But you did notice that we both are there.  (Since ever actually.)  We trust each other fully, and we did so from the first moment on.

I give you a million kisses, Marty,  and I long very much to see you.

Yours forever


The CNN series title: “Scientology – a history of violence” sucks because Scientology has no history of violence. Infiltrators are violent, p$ychs are violent, German Nazis, other criminals are violent but never Ron nor Scientology nor any real Scientologist.

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Dearest Marty,

How are you my hero? If you would not exist, I would have to invent you. Lucky for me you do exist. I really wonder what you think by being seeing your name in the headlines and that so many people believe that you are Mr. Texas. I assume it makes you angry as it would make me angry if the same would happen to me. But you are in the best of company, Marty, it did happen to Ron and it is still happening to him as he is constantly blamed on the mood swings and the crap that his impostor did. Important is that you don’t have to worry about me. I know you and Ron and nobody in the universe is able to fool me.

I got rid of all my dead branches on the lots and made two fires on two days who took care of those branches and now, I see the grass grow already like crazy. I assume in two weeks, I will be busy mowing the lawns. Despite I have a riding lawn mover, it takes me five hours without the trimmings. The grass in spring grows like crazy, needs to be cut every week. I could hire somebody to do it but I had to live so Scottish earlier in my life that I rather do everything myself and rather let my bank account grow.

It’s nice outside, it is a pleasure just to be on the back deck after the winter is gone. It is the time already, were I can leave the doors and windows open. I have fly screens on just about any window and door in the house.

Marty, the CNN title: “Scientology – a history of violence” sucks because Scientology has no history of violence. Infiltrators are violent, p$ychs are violent, Germans are violent but never Ron nor Scientology nor any real Scientologist.

Anderson Cooper said that this series would not be about the philosophy Scientology or the belief of Scientologists but what about the strange title of this series? He figured himself that violence is violating Scientology scriptures but the headline is nevertheless indicating that Scientology has history of violence when in fact Scientology is the most peaceful movement. Why couldn’t they use a headline that is not misleading? All these talks about violence (and infiltrators committing violence) has no other purpose than willingly or unwillingly helping p$ychs secretly preparing the public for a planned terror attack against Scientologists for which they will likely use somebody who is online in orgs for a while, after they nabbed them and hypnotized and implanted those people to commit these crimes. At the moment, the media prepares  (knowingly or unknowingly ) that Scientologists (instead of infiltrators) are violent so that the public will say after a terror attack in orgs: “Well, that is no surprise, Scientologists are violent, we saw it on TV… ” And psychs want that governments to outlaw Scientology because despite the many secret SEGNPMSS attempts, it has not yet worked in any country they tried not even in their beloved homeland Germany.

And there are weird postings on WWP by Anonymous like this in regards of renaming L. Ron Hubbard way: “It will happen one day. A Jim Jones Blvd would no longer exist, and the same thing will happen with Hubbard.”

Anybody knows that Scientologists would not swallow poison, it doesn’t matter who the “leader” is who asks for that. Anybody knows that any attack on Scientologists is organized by p$ychs in retaliation for having not surrendered to their insane ways. Whoever posted this remark on WWP  (or his secret psych case officer) seems to know that something horrible is planned against Scientologists.

All those reporters, governmental officials, so-called experts, and judges who ever claimed that they investigated the Church of Scientology and who wrote about L. Ron Hubbard, the C of S and our religion have nobody to blame but themselves when one day they look like corrupt idiots who were unable to figure out that Ron was impostored and that psychs are behind the infiltration and that also you had a doppelganger in Mr. Texas. One has just to compare the photos and the difference appearances of Ron or you and it is there in plain sight, different individuals willingly or unwillingly described as one person.

Most and if not all problems of the orgs could vanish if they would tell the true story about L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, you and us.

Speaking about you and Mr. Texas, have a look at the CNN footage. In the first photo that shows many Sea Org members, behind Greg Wilhere and Mike Sutter is YOU, Marty, on all other photos in this footage is Mr. Texas and not you. He is the one in the white uniform (but I have also seen a photo of you before fall of 1988 in which you wore a white SO uniform on an SCN event in Italy). But Anderson Cooper did not get straight who is who.

I will be back soon.

I love you, Marty, so much! And hope to see you soon.

Yours for all eternity!

Your wife


J.D. Shapiro is a low life form and also MGM owes more than an apology to Ron, us, and any other real Scientologist who is insulted by deliberately sabotaged Battlefield Earth

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I know that you would have NEVER approved of that deliberately sabotaged Battlefield Earth version, while you handled the legal matters of Author Services, Marty.

Dearest Marty, my irresistible soulmate and husband,

How are you? I would give anything to know where you exactly are.

I just came back from a bike ride into town. It’s much easier now as there is no snow and ice anymore on the ways, routes and streets. Here is not much traffic, I rarely meet a car on my way, which is nice and I can race as fast as I want. Once I had a flat tire and a guy saw it and offered to repair it. Just a few hours later, after his repair, the flat was back. I rolled my bike in a car repair shop. They removed the tire, ditched the tube inside in water, and yes, they found the leak and fixed it but refused to take my money. They said that they don’t charge for bike repairs. Well, I thought that this is nice but when I raced down the hill, I noticed that the brakes were not more working. They had somehow dislocated the brake a  bit from the tire, which wasn’t visible immediately. I just noticed it when trying to use the brake. In other words, I could have been in an accident. No wonder they don’t charge for “service” like that and the flat came back also. Then I walked into a store and asked the clerk if he would know somebody around here who really knows how to repair bikes, and there were two customers who told me that it would be their pleasure to repair my bike. I bought a new tube and they threw my bike on their truck, drove me to my place and repaired it. Thanks to Baby Bro, I got many tools. He likes to make practical birthday and x-mas presents and these tools came in handy. The man who repaired my bike was a helicopter engineer with the U.S. Army and he sure knew what he was doing. Since then, I haven’t had any problem with my bike again and the brakes really do work now. But I was thinking when I should again get a flat, I might order tires that are completely hard rubber with no air and tube inside.

You know, Marty, I am really angry about how Battlefield Earth was screwed by infiltrators in the orgs and other German controlled people who were involved in this. Although the book is much better, you know too that not just Ron’s philosophical writings were altered but also his fiction. The movie got the “award” for worst movie of the decade. and David Miscavige is pulling one bad thing after the other in. How can those involved call themselves Scientologists by making a product that smears Ron’s name? All those involved do rather owe apologies to Ron, me, and you, and any other real Scientologist. J.D. Shapiro smeared the script and one just has to see and hear him to figure that he is on 1.1. If David Miscavige and Karen Hollander would be real Scientologists, they would not how to apply obnosis and the tonescale. Also, if they would be real Scientologists, they would trust real Scientologists more than non-Scientologists. (Remember that the guy who writes DM’s speeches and is supposed to write Ron’s biography is a non-Scientologist too. I am sure he will write whatever DM says and not investigate that Ron was impostored.)  Real Scientologists can write better than anybody. Why wasn’t that script written by a Scientologist, and I mean a Scientologist and not an infiltrator? The answer is, the Church of Miscavige does not apply Scientology. The SEGNPMSS Church of Miscagive is star struck and trusts non-Scientologists more than Scientologists. Just because DM’s very controversial father got somehow into Scientology, doesn’t mean that DM is indeed a real Scientologist. Many indicators say that he is not even remotely a real Scientologist.

I read a critic written by a movie critic about Battlefield Earth and she got it all right. She was none of these hate mongers. She wrote that by watching this movie, she got the distinctive idea that those who made this movie wanted this movie to be that bad. In other words, she figured that this was not a bad movie because people could not do better but because they did NOT WANT TO MAKE A GOOD MOVIE.

And why? Because the SEGNPMSS hates L. Ron Hubbard. They used this movie to smear his name and all those who hired non-Scientologists and approved this smear work should be all routed off as they are no Scientologists and do not qualify to be in the Sea Org.

Marty, here are my thoughts about J.D. Shapiro who accepted the price for worst movie script ever written. Perhaps he lies through his teeth and if he does, how come that Karen Hollander and all those other alleged Scientologists who met him didn’t this? Because they are non-Scientologists and don’t know how to apply the tonescale. Actually, as lower people are on the tonescale as less they have the courage to look at it and apply it.  Ron gave them the perfect tool to figure out who they can trust and who they cannot trust, and those idiots (and DM very much included) do not apply it and constantly pick the wrong people. Good, able, and real Scientologists are kicked and incapable 1.1 non-Scientologists take over and what is the result? Orgs pull in one motivator after the other.

As if an award of the worst movie since in the decade is not a motivator that they have pulled in.

J. D. Shapiro apologizes to the public for having penned the worst script in a decade but he does not apologize to Ron, me, you, and other Scientologists. How dare him as his incapable 1.1 smear does hurt us.

I pity J. D. Shapiro for having to go into a church trying to find women. Despite being famous, he must be a real loser for not being able to find a woman. Karen Hollander hires a guy who just entered a CC to find women. What the hell was she thinking by hiring a person who thinks that our churches are bars to write a script? She talked to him for two hours and was not able to check his tonelevel. Good grief!

This man says that his sexual urge made him enter our church and somebody so low was trusted with making a movie about a book by Ron. How dare those infiltrators! He told all kinds of crap and entheta about Scientology in those two hours but she called him and offered him to write any movie script from any of Ron’s fiction. What treason by Karen Hollander! He did some courses and nobody in the CC checked that this guy is a phony and didn’t do the courses properly to have wins. He reached no win at the end point. When I did the Purif, I had huge wins. I was able to study a lot faster than before and felt also physically fitter. I remember that I was in the Academy of the Munich Org and studied. I had a study target and came much faster after I made the Purif. Word clearing worked better than ever. It was great! The best thing once can do to get rid of mind fog if one is healthy enough to do it. Too bad that J. D. Shapiro is so occupied with his “Willy Wonker” that he doesn’t get anything else.

Listen to this, Marty, this is what Shapiro said: “You’re supposed to reach an “End Point.” I never did, but I was bored so I told them I had a vision of L. Ron. They said, “What did he say?” “Pull my finger,” was my response. They said I was done.

Read more:

This guy is stupid, arrogant, on 1.1 and cheated through the courses and he is not funny either. Instead of routing him off, infiltrators allowed him to graduate and awarded him with writing a script and a lot of money while a real Scientologist would have been able to write a real block buster script. I could have done it, you could have done it and any other real Scientologists who is also a good writer could have done something great with that book too.

Perhaps they thought that unknown writers would not be heard my movie studios. But what about Neil Gaiman? He is an excellent and award winning writer. He would not have screwed up the script and the movie. How come nobody asked him?

Read Shapiro talks, Marty,  and this is the man who was allowed to write a movie script from one of Ron’s books. It is beyond anything… It is so unbelievable! It shows what I always said is true, the orgs are infiltrated from the bottom to the top with people who hate Ron and who cover even up that he was impostored.

That is what Shapiro said:  “As far as I know, I am the only non-Scientologist to ever be on their cruise ship, the Freewind (sic). I was a bit of an oddity, walking around in a robe, sandals, smoking Cuban cigars and drinking fine scotch.”

Read more:

So, he admits to be a non-Scientologist but he is allowed to write a script of Ron’s book. This is typical the world of David Miscavige, which  is secretly in love with the wog world as he is one. He hires people from outside as he does not trust real Scientologists who would do good jobs.

Shapiro drinks and they give him that job. Unbelievable.

Shapiro said: “Even after all the ‘trouble’ I’d gotten into, people at the church liked me, so I read “Battlefield Earth” and agreed to come up with a pitch to take to studios.

Because they are infiltrators and are on 1.1 too. I find nothing likeable in a 1.1 cigar smoking and drinking idiot whose mind is his Willy Wonker who comes to Scientology of all places to find sex. This man is on the bottom on the tonescale. And they like degraded and downtone.

Mike Marcus of the MGM and his people apparently were also a part of the plot to harm L. Ron Hubbard’s reputation by screwing this movie deliberately. Shaphiro told: “What my screenplay didn’t have was slow motion at every turn, Dutch tilts, campy dialogue, aliens in KISS boots, and everyone wearing Bob Marley wigs.”

From a horrible script, it was made even more horrible, just as insane Germans and p$ychs secretly ordered it in retaliation that L. Ron Hubbard rightfully said that psychiatry has a lot of blood on its hand.

100 Million Dollars wasted just to harms Ron’s reputation and to make him to the laughing stock of the world. David Miscavige is such a “great and competent leader”, isn’t he?

Then Shapiro goes on: “Then I got another batch of notes. I thought it was a joke. They changed the entire tone. I knew these notes would kill the movie. The notes wanted me to lose key scenes, add ridiculous scenes, take out some of the key characters. I asked Mike where they came from. He said, “From us.” But when I pressed him, he said, “From John’s camp, but we agree with them.”

If it is true that they came from “John’s Camp”, then we know that socalled Scientologists were involved. But as I said, these people were no real Scientologists but infiltrators otherwise they never would have made a movie so deliberately bad, and this is what they did, THEY LISTENED TO THEIR NON-SCIENTOLOGY AND SEGNPMSS CASE OFFICERS and this resulted in an intentionally bad made movie as the book (despite altered) is still good.

Finally Shapiro was fired. Question is who wrote those additional failures in the script? Was it DM himself?

Shapiro goes on: “I HAVE no idea why they wanted to go in this new direction, but here’s what I heard from someone in John’s camp: Out of all the books L. Ron wrote, this was the one the church founder wanted most to become a movie. He wrote extensive notes on how the movie should be made.”

Did you hear this, Marty? Now he has the guts trying to blame Ron on the trash that they deliberately produced.

So, they used notes by the impostor of L. Ron Hubbard? If the real Ron would have written those notes, and if those notes would have been really followed, the movie would have gotten the Oscar for Best Picture. It is not a Scientology movie. It is a SEGNPMSS movie with the only purpose to insult Ron and smear his name. If you and me would run Scientology, such failures would never never happen.

Shapiro wanted to use a pseudonym because he knew that he deliberately wrote a bad script. And MGM and infiltrators in the orgs made it even worse. DM approved this bad show. And there are indeed real stupid people who say that Scientology is in the best hands with that man. Shapiro got a lot of money for an complete overt job.

Marty, it is horrible primitive and downtone, what Shapiro wrote: “In the end, did Scientology get me laid? What do you think? No way do you get any action by boldly going up to a woman and proclaiming, “I wrote Battlefield Earth!…”

What is the problem with this man? Is sex, booze, and money the only thing in his head? If he would proclaim that to me, I would answer him: “You low life form, you screwed this movie deliberately but you were not the only one…”

I finish here today, Marty, but as I said and as you know, Scientology is not at all in capable hands of real Scientologists, and they will pull in more and more problems as they do not apply Scientology.

Real Scientologists are professionals and not Willy Wonker Sex in Church Booze Smear Brains. Good grief, despite of his fame, he  (still a relatively young man) finds no partner for sex and that is why he said he joined Scientology of all places. If it would be not so dumb and rotten, it would would be almost funny! How can a man be so desperate????

I love you, Marty, I can’t wait till Ron and we both are back were we belong and clean up DM’s incompetent actions and turn Scientology and all that is connected to it back into  how it was under the real Ron.

I love you so much! And kiss you a Billion times.

Yours forever


I feel it coming, Marty, and I don’t know how to stop it…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and OT, how are you today?

I am tired because I worked the last two days pretty much around the clock and more work just arrived. There was once a time where I could not buy an apple, and now, after I learned how to make cash, it seems that I want to make a lot of it, just so that I never will be without an apple.

I also have to catch up with work in and around the place here, but I think of you any minute that I can and hope for days with less stress and this will be my wonderful time with you.

Marty, I don’t know anymore what I should do because I continuously feel that the p$ych set up, saying (wrongfully) that Scientology and Scientologists are being violent is continuing and will result in a terror act against Scientologists. I wrote already twice to the relevant authorities but you know how they are. When do they ever prevent crimes? They usually just wait until it happened.

There is no doubt that Ron’s impostor was a S.O.B. but so are people who lie that he was indeed L. Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology. Scientology under the real Ron was NEVER violent but as you know the most peaceful and positively exciting movement. The Germans, their governments, their secret services, their psychs, their reporters, etc. are the worst hypocrites under the ozone hole. They do not just KNOW that Ron was impostored and that a doppelganger was hired for you but also that THEY THEMSELVES set this all up and infiltrated and changed Scientology from the peaceful applied philosophy that it once was.

They know that their superior movement, big brother SEGNPMSS created the group Anonymous and put the group up to go after Scientology in retaliation for Tom Cruise criticizing Scientology on national TV and because their own man David Miscavige (to which they gave Scientology through the Ron-impostor) didn’t felt that he can get away with making Scentology anymore psychiatric and medical-friendly as it already is. (CCHR fails to write one press release after the other about p$ych implants and hypnosis as already confessed by psych George Estabrooks and how psychs create socalled suicide terrorists and bombers and pilots, school, mall and church shooters etc.)

Anonymous claims that they came after Scientology because C of S tried to remove a Tom Cruise video from YouTube. That is not why they are ranting against Scientology. As you know, Marty, the truth is that they are a secret p$ych group (mostly young people without ripe minds and without any life experience or other wise people who never used their minds) that is run through ear implants like just about anybody else and that they got the order to attack Scientology until the orgs accept psychiatric ways or until it closes down or is outlawed. They are also hired to make a lot of noise and encourage infiltrators of the orgs to leave and attack Scientology.

At the same time there were numerous p$ych organized attempts to outlaw Scientology in Germany, France, Australia and other countries. And as this apparently is not going as smoothly as the SEGNPMSS wants, they have former infiltrator talk about abuse and violence to which they formerly contributed or caused it, and the media report about the low tone org of own agent DM. Psychs seem having secretly conditioned Fowler to kill, a low tone angry guy who should never should been allowed on the OT levels. (If a Scientologist isn’t uptone, he shouldn’t be allowed on the OT levels but as the Germans want Scientology money and much SO reserves in Europe, there is a lot of money stat push in German controlled orgs.) I am sure that this also happened in the Jeremy Perkins case. Other Scientologists are being napped and secretly psychiatric conditioned by the SEGNPMSS to either cause violence or make these psychiatric conditioned and implanted people to commit suicide or to kill them and make it look like it were suicides as they did it with Quentin and others. And instead of investigating this and sending one press release after the other about this subject to the media or have their celebs talk about this, DM and the likes in the orgs rather wait until the Overt/Motivator sequence hits and until they pull more horrible things in as a terror attack in style of Columbine with alleged Scientologists (but in fact p$ych conditioned infiltrators) committing these crimes.

Any average intelligent person should be able to count 1 and 1 together. 1) First the SEGNPMSS sents one or more Ron impostor in the orgs to impostor Ron who was moody and probably had indeed a tendency to be violent. 2) They sent in many infiltrators who they tell to destroy the religion and alter and exchange Ron’s writings with p$ych crap from the inside. 3) These people make Scientology not look like the applied philosophy and religion as it is but rather as money oriented rough enterprise. 4) It also serves the purpose that not too many people can afford moving quickly up the levels. 5) It also serves the purpose to make Germany richer because they want to lead officially the EU and the SO reserves should be in the USA and not in EU were they are. 6) They kick us out. They have you wrongfully arrested and me kicked out so that we can’t put things right within the orgs. 7) They hire a doppelganger for you to mislead me who adopts the low tone level in DM’s personal org and causes violence. 8. He blows and tells it to the media and Tommy Davis acknowledges this and Scientology orgs are being wrongfully described as violent. They all miss that being tough means being persistent in reaching goals but not beating the crap out somebody else. 9. L. Ron Hubbard said clearly that a person who aborts is low on the tonescale and on 1.1 and never would have permitted abortions. Nevertheless, DM’s management is responsible for any unborn baby killed as he put up sick rules that Scientologists may not have kids. (The only reason why the real Ron asked consenting adult Scientologists around him not to bring any kids is because the SEGNPMSS was after him with sharp munitions and he didn’t want them to die in a fire. There was no reason for DM to continue this rule but this guy is no OT, he can’t think and he can’t predict the future.) So, abortions are violence against babies, and this too fits into the SEGNPMSS plan to prepare terror acts in Scientology orgs and to blame Scientologists on them. So, this is the basic plan. The media reports constantly about these “brutal” Scientologists without saying that it is all a German controlled psych set up. That means when a real terror attack happens, the media will write: “No surprise, they were always violent…?”  And DM failed to step back and leave Scientology in the competent hands of real Scientologists with a clean and peaceful past and who would put Scientology back in the great and good movement that it was under Ron.

I know that you know that all too, Marty, but it is so hard to get through those SEGNPMSS controlled minds… If stupidity would hurt, many people would scream all day long and very long.

This brings me to the Hamburg symposium

Hamburg Symposium 03-2010 with Hana Whitfield. I bet she knows exactly that the man who she talks about what not L. Ron Hubbard but the impostor. The real Ron would not have assigned her, a nurse coming from a medical family and likely an infiltrator with an executive post. The SEGNPMS put infiltrators on high places and then tells them to blow and wash their own dirty laundry. There are even reports of murder plots in her family and those have nothing to do with Scientology. And little “Mrs. Innocent” apparently engaged in “deprogramming”. Thanks, I sure was objected to criminal actions like that.

Anyway, she said that the Apollo guy (that is the Ron impostor) issued OT III. No, doubt, the real Ron researched the OT level but this Xenu 75 Billion years ago eternal battery crap is sure not from Ron. I I believe that Incident I happened as of the dates of volcanoes. I believe incident I is cause of the volcanoes and that there were none before. And incident II is still committed these days by psychs who experiments on thetans without bodies.

In short, Marty, I believe that anything what people say about Ron is moot as it wasn’t him. The impostor was not Ron just looked like him and Mr. Texas is not you just looked like you.

Jesse Prince knows too that he is not you and I bet he knows that Ron was impostored but that is not what he is telling the public. L. Ron Hubbard NEVER would have never given somebody an assault rifle as a present. Such statements again help the SEGNPMSS in their planned terror attack against Scientology to make people wrongfully believe that Ron or Scientology were or are violent. He also promotes DM by saying DM saved Scientology from Ron. Have you ever heard more crap, Marty? He also admits that he was a liar but it seems that the Scientology “execs”, lots of infiltrators as Jesse Prince apparently were sure spoiled with Scientology money by DM with private cooks and other luxuries. DM apparently always knew how to award those who don’t deserve it, including himself. And the Germans suck all these lies that they created and entheta up like sponges.

I hope some in the orgs see what is behind these campaigns and that they find a way to stop before the SEGNPMSS goes through with more terror. But I have no high hopes of it.

This is what I have to say to the SEGNPMSS and all the infiltrators.

You will not get away with this

Because we can see your lyin’ eyes

And to you, Marty, I say that you are too good to be true and that is why you are true.

Here it was it is what I think, Marty, the world is much more rotten than I ever had thought when I was younger but in order to make this up, the Almighty made sure that you come in my life and I come in yours.

I love you, my wonderful here. Hope to see you soon and kiss you, my darling.

Yours forever


Being tough means being persistent but it does not mean being on 1.5 and committing or condoning abuse.

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate  how are you today?

I miss you so much, my prince, every day of the week. I burned some branches that fell off the trees during the winter and cleaned half of my 8 trees but just managed to take care of half of the lots. The other part of that work is still ahead of me. But it is nice outside, the first flowers that show are the crocuses, and the daffodils and the tulips need another week to bloom. But it is nice to look at these colorful spots on the grounds.

I heard about a campaign of  secret p$ych front group Anon to change the name of L. Ron Hubbard way. I don’t think they would run in big opposition with Ron himself because he taught Scientologists (and how stupid they are to ignore it) to live in environmentally protected villages not in streets on the unprotected surface of the earth. The L. Ron Hubbard way in LA is not L. Ron Hubbard’s way of life.

On a much more serious note: why can’t anybody but us see that all this talk of violence is the foundation for terror acts in the orgs, Marty? I don’t think DM, or most of the org staffs, or the Freezone, or the Independent, or anybody else but us are seeing it coming….

All this talk about violence, the Fowler case, abortions and so-called suicides… Are these not the secret preparation for possible terror attacks committed by psychiatric conditions infiltrators in the orgs?

P$ych front Anonymous might have received a hint… Postings like this: “It will happen one day. A Jim Jones Blvd would no longer exist, and the same thing will happen with Hubbard.” It will happen one day? Apparently, terror attacks to destroy Scientology are in preparation and some of these guys might know about it.

Mr. Texas refers often to SO staff as “Kool Aid Drinkers”. But that is not what I see. I also don’t think that the followers of Jim Jones committed suicide. It violates the data researched by Ron that thetan wants to survive by all mean. Yes, there are suicidal people but it is impossible to make them all at the same time commit such a horrendous act against their own survival. Most of them would have not gone along. So what do I think? They drank the cool aid but thought that it would contain just a sleeping aide, they just tried to make a “statement”, did it in protest. They were goofed into their own death. The same happened with the Heaven Gates’ people. They went to the dentist of all people one week before “committing” suicide. That is exactly were I am not going when I plan to commit suicide anyway few days later. Could somebody plant poison in the Sea Org food? Yes, sure. But would Scientologists drink knowingly poison if DM would tell them that there is poison in it and they should drink it? No, not a chance in hell.

But something else horribly is in the making. Thanks to the horrible low 1.5 tonelevel actions at the INT base as admitted by Tommy Davis, (it doesn’t matter thru who except that DM is particularly responsible for the tonelevel of his very own org,  the INT base) the media, and the broad public think now wrongfully of Scientologists as violent people. The secret psychiatric set up of the Fowler shooting belongs to those preparations for more terror acts. (Apparently, Fowler was picked for such a job… Question is: was he psychiatric conditioned? Or was he always like this and never a Scientologists despite allowed to move on the OT levels?) When thinking of Scientologists, reporters and the broad public should think that they are crazy and violent people. This is the purpose of the SEGNPMSS by setting up these incidents.

P$ychs, their secret service programs, their agents and reporters called us Scientologists wrongfully all kinds of stuff, can you remember, Marty? They called us wrongfully instable juveniles that were looking for an authority to lean on. (I remember there was a big media event in Munich and Charlotte Propach, 80 years old, a botanist and Munich org staff member and auditor walked towards the lectern and told the reporters that she is one of the instable juveniles. That was really funny.)

Yeah right, we have proven over and over that we are most consistent and stable with what he claim and do. They were all wrong back then and they are wrong again claiming that Scientologists are violent.  We were the generation that came after the hippies and before the yuppies, or whatever… But I remember clearly one thing: not even the p$ychs had the guts to call us violent before now.

In my org, there was no violence. Actually, I remember that when I found back to SCN in spring of 1977, I noticed how nice people where to each other. The climate in the C of S Germany, the biggest org of all Germany was a lot friendlier than any other organization or church or company in Germany I ever set foot in. I also travelled a lot and saw many other orgs and missions and I noticed no violence either. Up to the point in time when the SEGNPMSS ordered that I shall be kicked out of Scientology as I was in the way of more infiltration, I noticed no violence whatsoever in the orgs or missions. If you go in orgs or missions today, it is still friendly, except that DM and people like him ruined the reputation of the Sea Org by misunderstanding that being tough means being persistent but it does not mean being on 1.5 and committing or condoning abuse.

My point is: Scientology is absolutely peaceful except when the SEGNPMSS radios their  infiltrators to act up.

At no time in the history of Scientology, there were so many attacks on Scientology. The reputation of Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard is harmed because DM loves his authority over Scientology more than Scientology. He would assign anybody to the RPF with a track records of failures as his own. But he does not leave Scientology in the hands of real Scientologists with clean hands.

Much more than cool aide drinking “suicide”, I sense that psychs of the SEGNPMSS target orgs like the Flag Land Base or other service orgs and let conditioned infiltrators open fire like in Columbine high school. And they will of course kill themselves or being killed so that nobody can examine anymore what was done to them and how their analytical mind was separated from their reactive minds. Psych George Estabrook boasted decades already that it is easy for psychiatrists to hypnotize people into becoming attackers without that they even know it. It is the same psychiatric method that is used to create other suicide terrorists, pilots, bombers in the world.

There are many indicators that this is being planned to outlaw Scientology as dangerous and by not stepping back and leaving Scientology in the hands of real and clean Scientologists, who are good examples and who push immediately from the top to down the issue being peaceful at all times and that tough means rather to be persistent than on 1.5, DM plays once more right into the hands of the psychs.

I love you, my prince and send you a million kisses.



Written by Barbara Schwarz

March 25, 2010 at 10:30 am

Marty, 2000 copies of Mr. Texas’ not yet published book already sold…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and ethical Prince, husband, Captain and Cowboy of my heart,

I am in a hurry today and have not much time to blog.  I also believe that you have no access to this blog at all, except what somebody on your side might print out and mail you with regular mail to the place of your wrongful incarceration or what this person burns on a DVD and mails you, and this could take a week or two. But I will continue to blog and ignore the rest of the world as they just put Dev-T on my lines.

But I want to draw your attention to that a poster with the posting ID War and Peace (and I am pretty sure that he is not Leo Tolstoy)  posted on March 23, 2o10 in a comment to Mr. Texas’ blog: I hereby make a commitment to purchase 2000 copies of Marty’s forthcoming book which I will have shipped to Congressmen Senators, Key media spokesmen and key libraries.

If Mr. Texas does not clarify in this book that he is not you, Congress, government, media, libraries, and the public will be misinformed that you are him and that his life is yours. I wonder about one thing, Marty, did one of your representatives write to Mr. Texas not to include your life in his biography? In his media appearances he does include your life in his stories but I can tell a 100% that he is not you, as little as Jack Vistaril was L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of SCN.

If he starts telling his story from around 1990, that would be his own life in Scientology but particularly what was before November 21, 1988 was not his life in Scientology but yours.

I love you and miss and kiss you and will be back soon.

Yours forever


Mr. Texas ain’t an angel, Marty, but you are one… You are the angel of mine…

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Oh man, one line that he isn’t you would have fitted perfectly into today’s Mr. Texas no angel article!

Dearest Marty, my soulmate, my masculine, and good angel with the most beautiful eyes and wings an angel can have…

I assume I don’t have to write you much about Mr. Texas’ blog as you know of it too but I sometimes check his blog to see what he is up to. And there is his I’m no angel blog entry.

He could have written just one line in his “I’m not an angel” article: “BTW, my friends, on the subject that I’m no angel, I also would like you to know that I am not the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology but DM and Mike Rinder hired me to replace the original Marty (who is somewhere wrongfully incarcerated) in an attempt to mislead the public and in an (horribly failed) attempt to mislead particularly Barbara so that she gives up (horribly failed) on the original and good Marty (who is indeed an angel) and settles instead with an OW-committer, a sinner (horribly failed) as ordered by the Germans.”

Just as DM’s supporters seem to forgive DM anything, the Independents forgive Mr. Texas anything too. Mr. Texas could register his own cult if he wanted.

Reminds me to Marylyn Monroe and Tony Curtis in the movie Some like it Hot. In a desperate situation, he dresses up as a woman (Daphne) and a millionaire falls in love with him thinking he is a woman. When the millionaire proposes and ask him for his  hand, he says he can’t marry him. The millionaire doesn’t want to take no for an answer. So, Tony pulls down his wig  and hollers: “I can’t marry you, I am a man!” And the millionaire says calmly and with a smile: “Nobody is perfect.”

Whatever Mr. Texas is confessing, his friends will forgive. So, he can take off his wig and say he ain’t you and his friend will still cuddle around him like Papa Bear and his cubs and they would say in chorus: “Nobody is perfect, Dad, get us some more fish, will you?”

And anybody who thinks that nobody is perfect is wrong. The real Ron, you and me, we are perfect. I try to hide my wings where I can as I do no want to draw unwanted attentions, but here they  are.

Marty, my good, courageous, special, cute and sexy angel, here is my song of today for you:
“Angel Of Mine”

When I first saw you I already knew
There was something inside of you
Something I thought that I would never find
Angel of mine

I look at you, lookin’ at me
Now I know why they say the best things are free
I’m gonna love you boy you are so fine
Angel of Mine

How you changed my world you’ll never know
I’m different now, you helped me grow
You came into my life sent from above
When I lost all hope you showed me love
I’m checkin’ for ya boy you’re right on time
Angel of Mine

This is you, Marty, in your angelic strength and honesty.

I love you, Marty, my angelic prince. Forever!

And this here is Mr. Texas, the non-angel. Probably also hung out too often with Tory Christman.

I also wonder what he will write about Carol in his book. Will he write that he was married to her or will he not mention her?

This painting below touches me somehow. It reminds me to my own life. Good and bad fight over a child. Like in my life,  bad kidnaps the kid at the end but good doesn’t give up after so many years to still fight this crime.

Sending you heavenly kisses, real Marty. Many of them!

Yours forever,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

March 23, 2010 at 6:26 am