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Is David Miscavige really the leader of Scientology?

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible soulmate, how are you?

You figured too that there is rarely any person as L. Ron Hubbard (the real founder not his remote-controlled impostor) or me and a very few others who are not run by a secret case officer. Non-Scientologists run people via phone and ear- and other body implants that people usually are getting already when they are little kids, “courtesy” by the SEGNPMSS. These implants are anything but Scientology, they are conspiracy and implant tools because they are used to conspire against others, and the conspirators also become the victims of  other conspirators, and so on. I recovered fractions of memory that indicate that the original “illegal PC” wasn’t for example a person who was napped by psychs and treated by them against his will, but an illegal PC was a person who didn’t listen to the auditor in session but to his or her secret service case officer and repeated the answers that his/her case officer radioed thru his/her ear implants. (Among others, these guys later claim that Scientology doesn’t work or they work on destroying it otherwise!)

People usually deny having ear implants and secret service case officers because they continuously want to be run. SEGNPMSS makes people stupid through this system. It is like smoking. They think they need it, they are addicted to this system and can’t make it without “help” of the case officer. They don’t even get how their case officers are controlling and using them. This system sucks intelligence right out of people.

I strongly assume that case officers tell their agents that they are chosen people, the good side (even if they violate rights of others) and that this secrecy and ear implants are necessary so that the bad people don’t win. What they conceal is that they are also the (other) bad people and that they are running anyone with secret case officers whispering orders in their ear implants except a very very few who the SEGNPMSS considers too rebellious, e.g. Ron, the real founder and I. They knew that Ron would figure them out right away and the danger that they are posing against human rights.

A good few people are not run by that insane system but SEGNPMSS makes its agents believe that they need this system to protect their agents. Fact is: SEGNPMSS is lying to CONTROL anyone. Marty, I know German secret service psychs. They HAVE to control ANYONE. And if they can’t control the very very very very very few people who are too rebellious and who have the ability to look through them, they need the ENTIRE world to help them to control, stop, conspire against the very very very very very few people who they couldn’t turn into pawns, into recipients of their orders.

I am sure glad that you know all of that, Marty, and that I saw in your eyes that you disapprove of this system in your eyes. They tried to third party us. Back then, in the STO, I didn’t understand that for a fraction of a second,  the warmth behind your eyes was gone and replaced with rejection but as with anything else, I was able to figure it out later: it was the phone. One of the tools these case officers are using to order their agents when ear implant reception isn’t that great. 

That they also use the regular phone to order their agents means that the NSA (also SEGNPMSS controlled, otherwise they would have blown the whistle on this system already) has records on the existence of this system and that there is physical evidence that can convict this system. What we have to do is to document this (incl. in what kind of trap SEGNPMSS agents are and that their lives could be much better without the SEGNPMSS running them and others) to Scientologists and to congress and law enforcement. Real Scientologists will understand this faster than anyone else.

Hey, with NSA evidence, and I can prove that back then in the STO, the call to me that made me look like a SEGNPMSS agent in a fraction of a second in your eyes was made by Karin Godin (Pouw). Marty, I know that second later you knew already that I wasn’t an agent too. I saw also this again in your eyes when I left the room and you looked at me. The cold spill was over and there was the same deep love in your eyes like before. But if you and I wouldn’t be soulmates, the SEGNPMSS would have succeeded with their 3rd party 7/24 for decades and decades. Its divine intervention that nobody can come between us.      

I also like the evidence as to that the phone call that Haydn James got to assign me wrongfully to the deck (where other SEGNPMSS waited to kick me out of SCN) came not from somebody in the org but from non-Scientologists outside.  

Moreover, I am convinced that the day when I was kicked out by C of S INT was the day, the real founder L. Ron Hubbard was medically murdered by SEGNPMSS doctors. I was just allowed to stay in Scientology as long he was alive. For some reasons, SEGNPMSS feared kicking me out before the real Ron was dead. After Ron’s  death in May 1984, “Jack Vistaril” took completely over until he was completely replaced with DM in 1986.

Back to DM.  If DM would be a real Scientologist, he would have busted that anti-Scientology system but he has not. We should ask the NSA also for evidence as to who calls him and tells him what to do. I assume that DM will say that Germany and psychiatrists are his enemy too. He runs Scientology now and the Germans want to get rid of it. Saying that he would work for the Germans would be ridiculous. Maybe he thinks that his case officers are from another secret service. (Not the CIA, he indicated that the CIA never run SCN.) But fact is that what he does and what he does not results in one scandal after the other for Scientology, and that is very in the favor of the Germans and the SEGNPMSS.

There are numerous agencies who use electronic surveillance. We, and any other Scientologist is entitled to know if the leader has secret leaders and what kind of orders came from there. If His Cobness has no secret leaders who are in fact the people who run Scientology secretly, he has nothing to fear. If the evidence reveals that he is some sort of secret service agent, he and his secret case officers have to be held legally responsible. That is justice, isn’t it?  

FOIA/PA doesn’t get us records, but this will: NSA processes and adjudicates security clearances based on federal law, executive orders, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community Directives.

It is easy to prove that the SEGNPMSS is a danger to the United States even if just about any person is used by the SEGNPMSS. People just don’t know what a trap it is but they have to learn about it.

I love you, my bright and courageous prince! I know a SEGNPMSS rumor infiltrated the orgs that romantic people who love each other are not qualified to be in the Sea Org. But I bet a gazillion dollars (if I would have it) on it  that Scientology and the planet will not be saved through rough behavior (just back-fires) but rather through honest, courageous Scientologists and real OTs who are capable of deep and true love. The products that are inspired by true love are much better than those created by fear. If one has to sit in somebody’s neck to handle a situation or better a condition, that has “fail” written all over it. If people deeply love others, they need no pressure. They fly on their own until their wings breaks and handle what they can because they want those who they love live in the very best world. Ron knew it, and so do we. It is not about status, influence, and money. It is about creating a universe in which nobody good is injured ever again. It is for the sake of safety and happiness of people who deserve the best. A being is as valuable as it can serve others, is what Ron said. And by doing out of love anything to build a better world, the person builds herself a better world too. A win-win situation.

It is not the Nazi boot or the p$ych needle that makes other fear them that will win. It is deep and true affinity that will make all people on this planet brothers and sisters.

O friends, no more these sounds!
Let us sing more cheerful songs,
more full of joy!

Joy, bright spark of divinity,
Daughter of Elysium,
Fire-inspired we tread
Thy sanctuary.

Thy magic power re-unites
All that custom has divided,
All men become brothers
Under the sway of thy gentle wings.

Whoever has created 
An abiding friendship,
Or has won
A true and loving wife,
All who can call at least one soul theirs,
Join in our song of praise;
But any who cannot must creep tearfully
Away from our circle.

All creatures drink of joy
At nature’s breast.
Just and unjust
Alike taste of her gift;

She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,
A tried friend to the end.
Even the worm can feel contentment,
And the cherub stands before God!

Gladly, like the heavenly bodies
Which He set on their courses
Through the splendor of the firmament;
Thus, brothers, you should run your race,
As a hero going to conquest.

You millions, I embrace you.
This kiss is for all the world!

Brothers, above the starry canopy
There must dwell a loving Father.

Do you fall in worship, you millions?
World, do you know your creator?

Seek him in the heavens;
Above the stars must He dwell

(Marty, it is quite scorn that the European Union, secretly or maybe already openly run by the Germans uses this beautiful song as their national anthem after all the Germans did and still do. Actually, I doubt that Beethoven and many other musicians or other artists and scientists were indeed Germans. As if Germans didn’t re-write history. I know first hand that the Germans steal anything that is not nailed down, including music, art, and science. They profited from Jews and their legends but they tried to get rid of them. Without Jews and Jewish heritage, the typical German is nothing but grunting Nazi barber and butcher turned psychiatrist, a perverted pig, and them stealing thetans and babies to Germany to lift the Germany up and planting their typical German pigs in other countries as babies, mainly to the USA to pull the USA down, can’t fool me. I lived in Bavaria for a long time. I know what they are capable of.)    

Many kisses and forever yours, Marty


Scientologists should be entitled to choose who they are in contact with – just like all other people who select their companions

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

Facebook friends, are they really friends? How good of friends are they?

However, Scientologists have the right like anyone else to disconnect from Facebook friends as long as it is their own decision. Forcing Scientologists to befriend people they don’t want to befriend is as bad as forcing them to “unfriend”.  

What do you think of this?

I am not entertaining on Facebook or Twitter, because I don’t have the time, and also I can’t see that these websites create real friendships. I like having a blog better. That means that I am not linked to creeps.

I don’t want to be connected to people who run black propaganda operations on Ron and our religion, and I don’t want to make the impression that I approve of them and their low activities. Besides, are these really friends? From what I have seen, people collect friends to make the impression that they have many friends. Not a game that I want to play. If these friends are just a collection, I do very well without it.

Most people don’t even mind who they want to befriend as long as they are many people and make them appear that they have many. I think it is a stupid game. I don’t want phony friends. And I am sure you neither, Marty. Real friends who don’t lie to us and tell us the truth, this is what we want.

Speaking about disconnection, you remember, while we were on staff, nobody disconnected from family. We handled our problems with family. I am pretty sure that RB would have managed to kidnap me and subjected me to Cyril Vosper’s “deprogramming” if I would have disconnected or not. In order not to be kidnapped, one needs constant body guards. I would have needed full-time body guards who are not secretly double agents working for the kidnapping party. They would have napped me from the street.

RB was really making me sick. She barged in the middle of the night into my room and interrupted my sleep to tell me how wrong the choice of my religion is and that I should be a Lutheran or Moslem. Haha! I really had two choices, and she couldn’t understand that I wanted to choose my own religion without following her crazy footsteps. Some people really work towards making others sick, and should these have no right to disconnect from those who make them sick? The enemies of Scientology and the so-called “Independents” make it look as if somebody has no right to ever disconnect from anybody else. But I say if a SP makes a person physically sick or completely unhappy, this person has a right to disconnect from the SP.

On the other side, I read often about alleged SPs, but compared to RB they really are none. They might be unethical creeps but nobody tops the SP personality that RB had. She was hypnotized and never noticed that I am not her biological daughter. She refused to accept the fact. She didn’t see where the mother ends and the daughter begins. She thought she has created my personality by giving birth to her daughter. Religious people of all kinds of faith think that children are a gift and that they probably created the body but not the soul. RB thought she can make souls. No kidding. A child was her possession, even if the child was of age. Yes, very suppressive. That’s a real SP. 

She would have been happier too with her own biological kids because they were more like she was or wouldn’t had mind becoming little mini-RBs.  Anyway, having known RB for so long, any other SPs that I met  or heard about is a lame joke to me. Really. The best to describe what my life with her is comparing her to a German Shepard running after you each second of your life, constantly attacking anything and anybody that is coming your way or what you are interested in.

Numerous Scientologists in Germany knew what a SP RB was and they jokingly told me: “What doesn’t kill you, just makes you stronger.” Despite she was that suppressive, I managed to stay in Scientology. However, I constantly had to pay her lots of attention, Marty, and I constantly ended up having a “PTS sit” after being longer away from home, e.g. in other orgs, on missions, ect. The PTS sit was triggered simply by: you don’t spend enough time with me.

No young woman should have to spent time with a mother or suffer the consequences, but this is how it was. RB was a real SP, no doubt about it. Making stupid remarks or repeating the stuff that a newspaper wrote about SCN wasn’t the actual problem. A real SP puts her thumb on a person and constantly presses her down to break her will. She has to control ANYTHING. What a person thinks, watches, writes, dreams about, works, talks to, wears, believes in it, anything. 

So, if I hear that someone disconnected because of a SP in their family, I look at that tame SP and I am thinking, gee, I wish RB would have been such a lame “SP” as your relative.  If your relative is a SP, mine was a super SP. I would be able to handle their PTS situation within a very short time period.

I am saying that there are some wrong ways in regards to disconnection:

1)      To disconnect because one is too lazy or unethical to handle the PTS sit. 2) To disconnect because some person orders it. 3) Not to disconnect and allow a gruesome SP step all over you and take your life away.

What I am saying is that disconnection should be the LAST resort and if there is really no other possibility. However, when disconnecting from a real SP, such a person needs also help not to be kidnapped in retaliation for the disconnection by the SP.

All that comes from personal experience, as you know, Marty. I really know both sides of this coin, disconnecting or not disconnecting. 

There is something wrong with people who disconnect just like that from their families. I always loved my siblings despite that RB had some success suppressing my sister. Disconnecting from my siblings would have been something I never would have done.

There is something really wrong with those families, and it has nothing to do with Scientology. Actually, it means that Scientology is not applied when people have this low affinity to each other. Real families are sticking together through thick and thin. Also families that never had anything to do with SCN disconnect but the media doesn’t report about these stories.

From what I can see, numerous so-called Scientologists disconnect for stupid reasons as not agreeing on what man David Miscavige is, and that results in lots of bad PR for the orgs.

This is so stupid, and comes back as a motivator to hunt the orgs.

Anyway, Marty, we both stick together too, through thick and thin, and forever. No force in the entire universe could make me disconnect from you. I am going nowhere. This is not even remotely on my mind, Marty. I never will be the cause of rain on our love. Our love is the true and rare love that lasts come rain or shine. Like a rock in any storm! Forever and ever…

Love you forever,



CCHR and Jan Eastgate/Jan Meyer

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Before I am lured away from my blog by someone, a few words. How are you? Wish I would know and people would stop conspiring against us.   

Although Janice Meyer or Janice Eastgate (why doesn’t she use her real name Meyer for CCHR?) was acquitted,  the damage and the bad PR for CCHR unfortunately took place. The charges were dropped against her, but  many people will remain suspicious, and this takes away from CCHR. She says that she will work again for CCHR, a group that investigates psychiatric-pharmaceutical conflicts of interests and human rights abuses. 

There is a lot more wrong with psychs than just psychiatric-pharmaceutical conflicts of interests. It seems to me that CCHR will again not investigate psychiatric secret service set ups against Scientologists, may they be on staff or not. And this is such a huge mistake. By not investigating, Scientology is not applied.

We all know that David Miscavige could order Janice Meyer or Eastgate to investigate psychiatric infiltration within the orgs. But he doesn’t do it. Neither does she do it on her own. If I would be in their position, I would have published already that infiltrators  infiltrate the orgs to commit acts against the law to create bad PR for Scientology (e.g. that perverted stepfather of the girl who accused later Jane Meyer or Eastgate) and in this case CCHR. I bet some psych sent messages in the freaking ear implants of that step father to abuse the kid. Ear-implants are anti-Scientology, and I also would check the mother out. What a Scientologist mother doesn’t check the tonescale of the people around her kid and allows such a downtown pig access to the child? It is non-Scientology everywhere!  Who doesn’t use the tonescale to judge characters is not a Scientologist. He does not apply the Scientology technology.  

I’d find the evidence that these people who do not apply Scientology are infiltrators and would document it as psych attack against Scientology. But this “is too close to home” for all infiltrators which are still on high org posts, so they don’t speak about it with the result that the secret psych set ups against Scientology continue.  

I can’t stress enough what an error it is to make anyone believe that there is no p$ych infiltration within the orgs. As already posted earlier, the first thing that CCHR should do is documenting a case to the authorities with anything that happened in the orgs that indicates secret p$ych influence, and there are so many cases, suspicious deaths, alleged suicides, alleged accidents, violence, and abuses. They should tell the authorities that the orgs and Scientologists are the target of psychiatric secret service set ups. If the feds laughs about it or refuses to investigate, they should document this too. They should keep on documenting and should demand protection by the feds. Ron wasn’t afraid to confront all of psychiatry, not just the pill-precribers!  Here is the real Ron and founder: 

A Scientologist would never be involved in, e.g. abuse, murder, suicide, or Scientologist suddenly turning from normal into Type III, or other severe out-ethical activities, they should not wait until the media doesn’t report anymore about it and think that it is all over now and never will happen again. They should investigate and report it to the authorities. It will happen again because the orgs don’t fight secret service psychs on org lines back. Psych infiltrators don’t fight other psych infiltrators back, and that is the reason why everything is such a mess and why Scientology has this bad reputation. Even when they leave Scientology, they continue to conspire with each other and Scientology is getting the bad rap. Just as the doctors order!

Anytime, when the orgs are “forgetting” to document the psychiatric set up of situations (including high execs being violent to each other), p$ychs won against Scientology, portraying it in the wrong light and psychs working towards terror acts within the orgs. Psychs don’t even have to be careful in the orgs with their psych set ups because the orgs today are so blind as far as psych infiltration are concerned. P$ychs can march right in and do whatever they want to. Thanks to set ups by secret service p$ychs and former and current infiltrators, the reputation of Scientology and L.Ron Hubbard is in the gutter, and that makes everything so easy for them! Infiltrating and altering Scientology and Dianetics as written by L.Ron Hubbard is not enough for them.  Secret service p$ychs are looking for an “end solution”, something that they can use to outlaw Scientology. Psychs don’t hesitate committing these acts because they are getting away with it as David Miscavige but also CCHR do a MISERABLE JOB convincing the authorities of that Scientology and Scientologists are the target of covert psychiatric  secret service actions. As far as I can see from here, they don’t even try to document the covert psych attacks to the authorities. Infiltrators are afraid to be arrested, that’s why they are quiet about it.  

If CCHR, other orgs, and their divisions would investigate and document psychs set ups against Scientology, staffs and public and not just psych abuses not connected to Scientology, they would have one strong case and they could fight the psychs back. Psychs would think twice attacking Scientologists or infiltrating orgs more if the orgs would add any proof, shred of suspicion, confession, and evidence to a huge case that they document to the feds. 

But I am not holding my breath, Marty. I think that HIS COBNESS maneuvers the orgs right into the next p$ych set up, and CCHR isn’t doing what it should do most of all: protecting Scientologists against secret   psych set ups and attacks. Some people said that DM is smart. I can’t see it. He is occupied going after squirrels and buying people so that they don’t post negatively about him. He could have prevented that by promoting real Scientologists to executive posts and not being an abusive leader. The door for secret p$ych attacks against Scientologists in the orgs are wide, wide open, and I don’t think that DM (neither CCHR) is seeing this coming. But I do. Since I heard Tommy Davis’ admission of the rough and non-Scientology climate in the SO, it confirmed it to me: p$ychs are behind this climate to set up terror acts in the orgs and want to blame it on Scientology.  

I bet you have very similar thoughts, Marty.

Let’s hope that my postings are holding the p$ychs back to go through with more terror against Scientologists. My blog is read has almost 100 000 hits, this is small potatoes, and on top, there are certain commercial applications that keep my blog low and down, and while Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, and the German/psych-friendly “Independents” want to down my blog too, hiring professionals and paying lots of money to get rid of whatever bothers him (in this case: the truth!) fits more to the persona of His Cobness.   

On the other side, Marty, from all the more than 6 Billion people, I don’t think anyone except you will turn this around. I know, you are not free to do what you want to do and what needs to be done, but I think that you will build me the bridge over troubled water nevertheless and despite all!

I love you forever, many tender and passionate kisses! You are always in my heart and thoughts.



Why is Battlefield Earth that bad of a movie? Because this is what the psychs ordered!

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

Came home from a long day on the road, took a bath to get the street dust off, and feel refreshed. 

I run into below article that says that Battlefield was voted worst movie EVER MADE! With all the professional technology that Scientology has, none of the involved were able to produce a decent movie?   Indeed, not just Scientology but also Ron’s fiction is re-written by non-Scientologists on p$ych orders, but nevertheless, the Book Battlefield Earth is still a lot better than the movie.  

Instead of asking real Scientologists to write the script of Battlefield Earth, David Miscavige hired non-Scientologists as JD Shapiro and Corey Mandell whose  script-writing degraded the name of L. Ron Hubbard. How dare them!  Corey Mandell teaches others to write scripts, but he is unable to write a decent one for Battlefield Earth? What’s going on here?

Marty, I have just one explanation why His Cobness hires non-Scientologists instead Scientologists for the most important jobs relating to Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard: DM isn’t even remotely a Scientologist, otherwise he wouldn’t make these “errors”!

Years ago I read the critic of a movie critic who never wrote anything negative against Scientology. She wasn’t out to get Scientology. She wrote about Battlefield Earth something like this: They wanted this movie that bad. This movie was made DELIBERATELY BAD. Nobody makes a movie that bad without knowing how bad it is. If they would have wanted this movie to be better, it would have been better!

My thoughts exactly, Marty. This movie critics got this right, and DM either doesn’t get it or doesn’t mind. Under DM, L. Ron Hubbard’s name gets degraded more and more. And yes, he doesn’t even protect the name of L. Ron Hubbard in contracts, except his very own sorry Miscavige name!

Actually, what does DM do, except buying buildings? (Which are off policy according to the original Ron’s technology on keeping also the body healthy and young and supporting Dianetics and Scientology.) What else does he do? Getting bad press about his handling of his former highest execs and being occupied with the squirrel merger of anti-Semite Louis Farrahkan’s cult and his mothership into Scientology.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s dumb movie is the next attack against Ron, which David Miscavige could prevent by publishing truthful that Ron was impostored by doppelganger “Jack Vistaril”. But DM doesn’t do this either. He rather publishes a series of books as “biography” L.Ron Hubbard, mixing the life of the impostor with that of Ron, the real founder.

And those are just a few things that sucks or are out of control. I am not in the mood today to repeat the rest. David Miscavige should have been RPFed hundred of years ago! Once I can prove that I am Ron’s daughter, Marty, I will take DM off his post. If I get evidence that he knew that I am Ron’s kidnapped daughter, and he didn’t tell me, he will wish that he would have told me! Guaranteed! (That goes also for anyone else who knows and doesn’t tell.) If these guys would be Scientologists, they would know that the truth comes out nevertheless, just as Ron said. So, why lying? 

 I love you bunches, Marty.

Yours forever,


German secret services are behind Iran’s hostility towards the USA and Israel

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Dearest Marty, my rock star, how are you?

I think of you and wish we could be together this spring. My trees died that I planted in areas where the sun hits hard but where it is a little shady, they are doing quite well. I should cut branches everywhere but try to avoid it as long as I can. Tomorrow, I will be on the road again.

Shouldn’t be rocket science to figure this out. After the SEGNPMSS kidnapped me from Ron and exchanged me with Rosemarie’s Baby, they had to come up with an explanation why I don’t look like a German. Just two days ago, somebody asked me again if I would be a gypsy because I am such a dark type. (But I was also asked of course if I would be Native Indian, Jewish, Spanish, and yes, middle Eastern.) Guess, I could fit into many countries, except into Aryan Nazi Germany. Thanks heaven. I was so much darker than the average German girl who the SEGNPMSS feared (and what people fear, they get: I found it out nevertheless despite the extensive German Iranian cover up!) that I could discover that I am Jewish so they simply broke my nose, pulled it long, and lied that I am the daughter of a Persian Doctor who fooled around with Rosemarie while she was married to a German.  This in fact happened, but I am not that girl. I was exchanged with her. But you know that, Marty.

While being in Iran, I noticed that my skin is lighter and my hair is more red than theirs. However, I saw a couple of Iranian girls who looked reddish dark as I am but that is easy to explain: our DNA stolen to Iran and to any other country of the world.  German docs wanted me to think that the mix between German Rosemarie and Persian Mohammed makes me into a lighter Persian version than the non-mixed Persian girls. Rosemarie’s skin was lighter than mine, but her hair was darker! I am a very dark redhead, and there was nothing red in Rosemarie or Mohammed. Besides, they didn’t behave like my parents, and they had completely different interests and personalities. When a kid has zero in common with their parents, it is a real indicator what it is not with their real parents. I compared enough photos, also my interests, the personality, my memories constantly acknowledged: My dad is the real Ron! Even if the conspiracy of infiltrators in the org and the “Independents” lies that I am not. I know better.  Nazi psych strategy failed completely as I am concerned.  

Reichsführer Himmler screamed this on October 4, 1943 in Poznan:

“One basic principal must
be the absolute rule for the SS man: we must be honest, decent, loyal,
and comradely to members of our own blood and to nobody else. What
happens to a Russian, to a Czech, does not interest me in the
slightest. What the nations can offer in good blood of our type, we
will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them
with us. Whether nations live in prosperity or starve to death
interests me only in so far as we need them as slaves for our culture;
otherwise, it is of no interest to me. Whether 10.000 Russian females
fall down from exhaustion while digging an anti-tank ditch interest me
only in so far as the anti-tank ditch for Germany is finished. We
shall never be rough and heartless when it is not necessary, that is
clear. We Germans, who are the only people in the world who have a
decent attitude towards animals, will also assume a decent attitude
towards these human animals…

Rosemarie (subconscious SEGNPMSS commands) wanted to marry me to a sheikh so that I am under the thumb of yet another person and could not develop my own personality and most of all, never could find or stay in Scientology, with Ron, or you, never could speak out what I eventually found out. She more or less forced me to travel with her to Iran to “see my real father”. She told me that he is a doctor and a multi-millionaire from a very famous Persian family. He was indeed rich and was of course not there when we arrived. What I noticed is that his office was in the Eisenhower Ave. in Tehran. I knew that he knew that he had a baby with RB but that I was exchanged with her. I have no clue what he was told by the SEGNPMSS as to what had happened to his own kid. Maybe he told her that she died at birth or that she is well off with foster parents. In anyway, Mohammed was a lousy father. He didn’t care for her either. Marty, you know that I was always very outgoing and connecting to people is the most easiest thing for me, but not with him. I felt the big lie, Marty, that’s why he and I never became close. When I get flash backs in regards of the Eisenhower name, the Germans wanted me to think that this is only because Mohammed had his company located on Eisenhower Ave. They wanted me to think that this is why I feel the Eisenhower relation. Khomeini had the street later renamed. His name means in Bavarian slang: “Come on in!” Well, thanks! The German secret service wants to run me and manipulate my thinking but they give themselves always away. It is as they would want subconsciously that we bust them. I have no other explanation for their stupidity. I actually would have preferred living in Iran than Germany but a spirited woman never will submit herself to be suppressed by the other gender or otherwise. 

The Iranian revolution took place briefly after my visit there. The government changed, but the lies continued. They revolutionists said that the United States, and the CIA had too much influence in Iran under the Shah. Really? How come that the granddaughter of an American President is kidnapped to Germany, and an Iranian high society man allowed to claim that he is her father? Is that the great influence that the USA had under the Shah? (Yeah, I know rotten SEGNPMSS agents run a defamation campaign against me saying that this is “crazy” or “delusional” but I recall being a little girl [before being kidnapped to Germany] being together with Ron and President Ike Eisenhower and Ron saying Dad to Ike. They can spit denials and lies all day long. I know what I know, and I don’t make compromises with my reality because I am a real Scientologist. I don’t work in the favor of Nazi psychs by not writing about it. They left me with no shred evidence, they perverted the entire world to lie about it, but one thing they didn’t get: me not being able to figure it all out one day, and I did.)       

I don’t know if Mohammed Kermantschi (he used various spellings and was a member of the Rotary Club) is still is alive or not. I assume he died quite a while ago and that the very rich man left me nothing. I didn’t want anything from him, but this is just another example that the “fathers” that German psychs set up are completely dysfunctional. 

Not just Louis Farrakhan is a freaking modern day Holocaust revisionist, as you know, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is too. He wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Holocaust may have been invented by the victorious Allied powers in World War II, that is typically what still existing German Nazi P$ych secret services would order their agents to say.

If the US Congress and Israel would point with the finger on the German secret services, these corrupt SEGNPMSS monkeys would shut up right away, and German secret service would think twice before assigning power of a state to consciousness lying apes as Ahmadinejad and secretly helping him to nuclear power. The Germans don’t want to be blamed on what they are doing. It is as simple as this. I don’t think that Angela Merkel personally put Ahmadinejad up, but I can’t imagine that she doesn’t know of her German secret services having the thumb and secret control over all other countries.   

After all these decades, in which Germany was using Iran in making me believe that my father is not an American Jew and founder of SCN but rather an Persian Moslem, Germany has not changed. They still have not confessed the true story of my heritage and neither of our marriage, Marty. After all these decades of Antisemitism and Anti-Americanism, the Germans are still using the Iranians to threaten Israel and the United States with their nuclear program.

Marty, the key for the United States (and also for Israel) to get Iran and others (incl. North Korea) out of their hair is for the US and all other secret services to blow the whistle on the German secret services, e.g. the SEGNPMSS or whatever they call this Nazi psych cult. Nobody wants to be associated with the  rap sheet of this secret service once the news breaks what these secret service psychs did to any country and human race as such.

Unofficially, aberrated people don’t mind working for Nazis psychs or satan or whatever they want to call it, but when the entire world would watch them, nobody wants to be associated with them and the Germans would think twice setting another Nazi thing up if all learn officially that  67  years after the Nazis were already not more active, they are still the force between all the concentrated evil.

The only step to peace is discovering still existing German Nazi psych behind the non-peace. There will be NEVER peace if the United States and other countries fail to make this sure.  

I love you, Marty. I know that you have very similar thoughts. That’s another reason why they don’t want us together. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is less effective when the persons who hold the various pieces cannot come together. This is how the German psych “play games”. To hell with them, and this is where they crawled out originally.

Many kisses, my hero!

Yours forever,


How “American” and true is the NSA or the CSS?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate and husband, how are you? I worry often about you and would move heaven and Earth to learn where you are and how you are.

I was thinking about the National Security Agency who is known as “code breakers”.

This is what the NSA boss says:  “The majority of our nation’s intelligence for counterterrorism, hard targets and support to military operations comes from the National Security Agency /Central Security Service. For the good of the nation, it is imperative that NSA/CSS maintain its cryptologic superiority.”

I am sure you know all the details, Marty. The NSA was founded in 1959 and the Central Security Agency was founded in 1972. (Compare to the super secret SEGNPMSS that is so old that they used the Bavarian Illuminati are a front group to distract that there was and is another really old German medical secret service who has the suppressive boot on anyone.) What I am saying is: if the NSA, the CSS, the CIA, and any other United States secret service or any secret service of any other country would be ever a real danger to the SEGNPMSS, it would never been founded. This is how tight they control the USA and any other country.

The SEGNPMSS is so old, with leaders (barbers, butchers, pyschs, pharmacists and medical doctors) who do not die because they stole our also century old information and discoveries of staying forever young, being not just spiritual but also physically immortal. While we want anyone to have the advantages of these discoveries and technologies, they want it just for themselves and force the majority of all people to be born and getting sick, age, and die, and being implanted and born again, getting sick, age, die, and then being implanted again, etc. etc. separated from those who we love and belong to, cursed to live in the eternal medical treadmill on a planet that is violent and crazy. They even come up with movements like the Nazis or corrupt Communistic regimes and wars to “make  it more interesting” for them and more horrible for us. And they infiltrate Scientology and steal those data so that mainstream planet never learns about what is behind ear implants.

The only thing that they have forgotten is that when one of their corrupt SEGNPMSS leader colleagues gets it in his mind to conspire against on of them (bad people don’t have affinity for other bad people either), then these top-secret service agents, the other doctors without borders who run the planet very secretly by having the overall control about just about anyone’s ear and body implants, are sitting in their own traps. They are being killed, they are being implanted, and mind controlled into taking a baby body (likely not even the gender that they would have chosen for themselves) and become the same stupid black sheep that the other population on the planet is.  They end up in their own traps. They plot also against each other and go through with their plots and kill each other. The ultimate motivator, Marty. If they wouldn’t be such stupid animals, they would have seen that coming before they turned the planet into the endless circle of pain, aging, and dying,  which it is now.  

Just as Ron said: the day we can trust each other, there will be peace on Earth. Actually, Marty, these guys NEED US too. Who else saves THEM? Who has the courage to stand up against their colleagues who have not yet understood that they are too in  a trap, and anything they have right now can change in a split second, and they become the victim of the stupid and blind way of  living on this planet themselves with endless suffering ahead. This is probably the only reason why some of them don’t want me killed, after all I wrote about their system. Marty, you, Ron, me, and a few others are so different from them: we allow anyone to be forever healthy, young, and happy. We are the people who suffer when others suffer and want the best for anyone. These SEGNPMSS leaders have to learn to get human qualifications, because they don’t have them. They don’t know how good they could feel ABOUT THEMSELVES if they would grant beingness and rights to others.

Anyway, back to the NSA. The only reason why they didn’t decode the SEGNPMSS codes and the trillions of calls from SEGNPMSS case officer is because the SEGNPMSS runs them. Or is there any other explanation? I assume that most SEGNPMSS calls come right from case officers in the neighborhoods, from local and regional distances, but not all. I am sure that there are also SEGNPMSS calls from far distances even the moon, and other nearby planets or space stations. However, the NSA does not decode that corrupt crap and does not report it to the U.S. Presidents, security councils and Congress for actions and laws?

SEGNPMSS attaching school kids as agents to their corrupt system and NSA/CSS, the CIA, and all other secret services are missing it? 

The NSA says:  “The  NSA/CSS exists to protect the Nation. Our customers know they can count on us to provide what they need, when they need it, wherever they need it.”

Guess, the American people are no customers of the NSA/CSS, because it does not protect the people from the SEGNPMSS. Without the SEGNPMSS, not just the American people but anyone else could have much better, healthier and happier lives. There are also gazillion calls with tapes that play constantly  in the subconscious minds of people to make them sick, in need of medication, and kill them, sent to these victims on frequencies, codes and tapes that the NSA/CSS should decode and report. 

Marty, we have to kick a lot of behinds. We cannot allow that to continue. Why I am so sure that I am right? I simply can see and recognize what we are dealing with and I am not afraid to write about it.

I love you forever. Many kisses for you. In one way, I am really happy that I saw behind your eyes how you despise SEGNPMSS calls to agents. We are one of a kind. You are my kind. I am your kind. Let’s get back together, my love.

Yours forever,


P.S. I still don’t know what causes my lower white cell count, but I heard that I may have the best blood pressure on the planet. Guess that is worth something, isn’t it?   

3rd Party

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate, how are you?

I am alright, and back home.

Once more, I want to go back to that day in the STO. Back then, I didn’t know that infiltrators are also getting phone calls from their non-Scientologist case officers and agents.

The first time it dawned on me that they do is when Haydn James received out of the blue a phone call from his non-Scientologist case officer, upon which he assigned me to the DPF. He behaved so robotic, without even asking for a debrief on the situation. Back then, as my “senior”, Haydn James sort of wanted me to handle Scientology crushing still existing Nazi Germany alone and all of it within one week to get his lousy stats up. And on top, he was even conspiring against you and me with other infiltrators.  

Today, he works with Mosey’s husband, your impostor, who openly supports still existing Nazi Germany in crushing Scientology. (The only thing that Scientologists in Germany are allowed to do is sleeping with some Scientology books under their pillows, but dare them to really expand. Mosey’s husband is such a willing tool in all of this. As far as the Germans are concerned, does he get anything?)   

Anyway, just wanted to make my point that I was an executive too. I had 200 juniors in the Munich Org. I ALWAYS asked for their story before I made an ethics or justice decision. Robotic people are no Scientologists. Periods. They cause a bad reputation to Scientology and are upsetting real Scientologists.

Back to that other day in the STO and I was at the phone. SEGNPMSS knew that you would come in and that you would see me at the phone. You came in and for a split second, I must have looked like a SEGNPMSS agent at the phone. You walked through the door and that incredible warm and loving look that you always gave me suddenly changed. Nobody would have noticed this, Marty, except me.  Suddenly, you appeared reserved, disappointed, and cool. You didn’t show this through any facial expression, but I would see that the glance behind your eyes had changed suddenly when you saw me holding that phone.

Karin Pouw (back then Godin) was at the phone, asking to meet her. (“Thanks”, Karin, for listening to your non-Scientologist case officer and calling me exactly that moment, the real Marty walked in to make me look like a SEGNPMSS case officer taking secret service orders at the phone.) Karin wasn’t my senior. I could have told her that I won’t come or would come hours later or the next day or whatever. But I agreed to see her because I felt I need time alone to think about why there was this icy breeze coming from that I saw suddenly flicker behind your eyes, Marty, and what I did to cause this.

However, when I was at the door, you were your normal tender yourself again as far as I am concerned.  I said a sad hello to you. You replied the hello and turned around and looked at me. And the reservation, the cold breeze, the disappointment was completely gone. At that moment, I wish I would have stayed but I now I had promised Karin that I would come. So, I thought that we will meet again soon under better circumstances, but SEGNPMSS had always some other 3rd party going on. They always had, they always will have unless we bust their behinds that they can’t sit anymore on them for the next billion years.

On one hand, they know that I notice even the smallest emotion in you without that you have to say a word, on the other hand, they think they are effective with me falling for their impostors and millions of other dirty tricks. If I can read your emotions, how come they are so dumb to think that I can’t read theirs? You are a real OT, your emotions are much higher to read than the emotions of these primitive monkeys.

However, this event in the STO showed me also something else. You despise SEGNPMSS agents as much as I do. You never would have a woman with an ear implant at your side, listening, and acting to SEGNPMSS orders. Just as I wouldn’t want any robotic husband. You are sick and tired of untrue people who listen to codes and  executive whatever somebody orders them through their ear implants or the phone. You the most rarest kind of person on this planet. The real person without strings attached. The reserved cool breeze in your eyes  wasn’t for me but for the robots.

The NSA collects just about any phone call. We should get those that prove that we are third partied by international robots who act on German secret service commands.

After that STO event, the SEGNPMSS third partied us further, as you know. They stealing our time that we could have spent together but they are completely losers as far as stealing the love that we have for each other, Marty. We are still going strong and the bet is on. Who will win the end game? We, the true unconditional lovers and OTs or German psychs, Nazis and their dumb agents?  I say, we will win, Marty, we the real and true OTs will win DESPITE ALL ODDS!

Many tender and passionate kisses, my love. If I would have known back then what I know today, I never would have asked you to go with me somewhere where we can talk to each other where nobody can interrupt us.

Yours forever