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Psychiatry and medical doctors trying to destroy Scientology an absurd idea? Not according to what I know…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you? 

There is quite a number of people who are thinking that psychiatry and medical doctors destroying Scientology is an absurd idea. Why would doctors bother? Some might even agree that psychiatrists and also other medical doctors are quacks, but many people find it absurd that these people have an interest into taking over or destroying Scientology.

Well, a long time passes since Scientology was the original. It has changed a lot, “courtesy” of psychiatrists and doctors, and particularly German secret services and all their international German poodle secret services behind them.

As you know, founder Ron researched many data concerning the human mind that psychiatrists and doctors didn’t figure. He found a way to eliminate problems that psychiatrists and medical doctors and nobody else figured. And if properly applied, those ways work like a charm. In short: psychiatrists and medical doctors are jealous on Ron’s research and are defaming him, infiltrated his movement, turned it into a cult, changed his writings and even hired a primitive and criminal impostor to ruin his legacy.

Original Scientologists were vegetarians. (It is a long time, I know. Many today “Scientologists” don’t even know that.) Consumption of animal products are causing diseases. Most doctors and health departments are not telling people to become vegetarians as doctors are making a lot of cash with people getting sick from animal consumption.

Original Scientology was anti-ear implants because people do conspire with them and are conspired against with them. And on top, psychiatrists are using them to control, manipulate, pervert and criminalize people with silent sounds sent through ear- and body implants including driving them nuts so that they think they need psychiatrists.

Secret service psychs and medical doctors infiltrated Scientology by sending in stupid medical-oriented infiltrated and removed everything that Ron wrote about ear-implants. They probably even tell some the lie that Ron invented them. The original illegal PC, as I recall it, was a person who repeated in session what his case officer radioed through his ear implants. That is why PCs make no case gain. They don’t go back, they are no honest, end product: no Clear or OT despite tons of sessions.

Original Scientology came with a different way of life that prevented aging and diseases. The entire way of life was removed from Scientology by medical doctors and psychiatrists. And why? Because these bastards are earning big money by people getting sick and dying.

Scientology is pretty much replaced by Vistarology (the crap that impostor “Jack Vistaril”  added to SCN) and Miscavology (DM’s crap). However, something could happen that make Scientologists dump Vistarology and Miscavology, and that is why psychiatrists and medical doctors and their secret services don’t give up beating Scientology up or setting it up to ridicule or hatred.

Psychiatrists and medical doctors want Scientology completely gone and replaced with crap and Scientologists who are so dumb to look up to medicine and psychiatry. I heard that one of the top donator to Miscavology is a pharmaceutical company. Why? To make sure that they go the pharma way and not the original Scientology way. 

As you know, Marty, not just psychiatry is a complete failure. Medicine is too. Instead of being allowed to live in really healthy environments, people have to swallow their pills who conveniently for the doctors and the pharma industry introduce new diseases.  

These are just some of the reasons, why it is not absurd at all that psychiatry and medical doctors (pharmacy included) wants to get rid of Scientology. And that is why they infiltrated it on the inside, made dummies in charge, and attack it from outside.

Medical and psychiatric cool-aide doesn’t work on us, Marty.

I love you bunches!

Many kisses for you.

Yours forever,




Regards Leah Remini’s constant smirk: Scientologists should have known what to expect of her

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As Vistarologists and Miscavologists don’t apply Scientology, our religion found itself again stabbed in the back by somebody who didn’t apply Scientology either.

If she would have applied it, she would have been the opposite of a hypocrite and not somebody who had fake smiles for others and all the other ugly things that she revealed about herself in her non-graceful puppet dance.

Oh yeah, and her sex photos also should have alarmed anyone about what kind of person she is. A woman  high on the tonescale does not pose like a sex object.


Written by Barbara Schwarz

February 28, 2014 at 6:30 am

Latest medical research: People can die on a broken heart

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soul mate,

You and me, and some others knew it all along: a broken heart is deadly. Doctors catching finally on as well. How many centuries did it need for them to figure what we know since the beginning of time?  

“For the sake of clarity the researchers equate a broken heart with bereavement.”

So, by keeping us apart, the conspirators are killing us. Guilty as charged! 

Many kisses my hero. I think so often how it will be to see you again.  

Forever yours,



One of the biggest flaws of Christianity is that Christians wrongfully think that God or Jesus forgives them anything anyway

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Marty, my prince, have a look at this sign below. I am always amazed how people who conspire against others and who commit crimes against others still think that Jesus loves them or are telling conspirators and criminals that Jesus loves despite of everything. What in all worlds makes them think that they are so lovable by treating others like children of a lesser God?  

Lots of those people who hold you wrongfully incarcerated, who conspire against us and who torture us or allow it to happen are either Christians or were brought up as Christians. Many of them even go to church.  

One of the biggest flaws of Christianity is that Christians wrongfully think that God or Jesus forgives them anything anyway. I was just a child when I made this discover, and I told this to a Lutheran pastor. He accused me of “making this up”. Nothing of it was made up. I noticed that again and again with Christians. They think God or Jesus is a fool who will forgive them anything they do, so there is no need to be ethical. A donation to the church or bit food for the poor makes everything ok. They don’t have to make it up to the person they harmed. They just have to repent a little bit standing in front of the gates of paradise and all is forgiven.

Yeah right! In their dirty dreams.  

Scientology in comparison is all about the self-value of a person. If a person behaves unethical, she/he carries the bad conscience around, and it takes away from her own happiness and being trouble-free. It pulls her down on the tonescale. Uptone people find her/him appalling and don’t want anything to do with him/her.  Unethical acts also are making DUMBER. People want to forget the rotten things that they have done and they reduce their own horizon. 

This applies to any person of any religion and to atheists just the same. 

Besides, who says that certain crimes can be ever made good again? To make something good, the person harmed must have no hard feelings or feelings of utter disgust anymore. No judge can do that for a person. The harmed person must be completely free of charge otherwise she has not really forgiven. Particularly with gruesome and pervert people, how is this even possible to put way with these feelings having been subjected to these crimes and perversions even if the criminal and pervert was sentenced to hard labor for a billion of years? 

Even in billions of years from now, I know what I will thinking: how could people sink so deep? How is this even possible to become that way? 

The best advice given to a person would be this: never do anything that might be unforgivable. Guess here, it depends also how stupid a person is. If they are real fools, they think that their perversions and crimes are forgivable, despite they are not. With exception of some tales in the bible  (written by people and not God), where is the evidence that Jesus/God forgives perverts and monsters? People are fooling themselves believing that.

And even if they would get an absolution by someone, it doesn’t undo things. The damage done to the other person still remains, and so does the bad conscience. There is no such thing as a smart criminal. They are all stupid. They are harming themselves with each crime they commit against another. Even those who got away did not get away. They “tattooed” themselves with their crimes against others. Even if they die and are born again (reincarnated), the crimes are with them. These people are downtone, and are people higher on the tonescale (consciously or subconsciously) don’t want to be with them as they don’t want to be pulled down on that level.


It needs a lot more courage to be a real Scientologist than a Christian. A real Scientologist takes complete and entire responsibility for her/his own actions. A Christian has the illusion that God and Jesus loves the conspirators, the criminals, the perverts, the pedophiles, the murders, the terrorists, the mass-murders, the monsters and want them in paradise. Christians don’t think that they have to make things up again to their victims. Fooling God or Jesus into believing that they repent is all they have to do. They don’t have to make things good again. What they did to other beings doesn’t matter. That doesn’t really need a courageous person, doesn’t it? It just needs a slimy, disgusting, cowardly, and stupid person.

Bad people don’t have the courage to better themselves. It needs courage to look where to honestly improve, and they big wimps who are afraid to look and walk in that direction. But nothing is more unattractive than unethical people. They are like a disgusting stinking disease.      

Christians also dump just about everything on Jesus and God. I read a Christian prayer recently and I am shocked about in what degree they want Jesus and God being responsible for them and how little if anything they want to do to better themselves.  “Jesus, we ask you to do that, and this, be there for him and her, give them this and that, protect him and her, forgive him and her, etc. etc.”

God and Jesus, the slaves of the people? Having to serve those unworthy creatures who don’t want to truly better themselves? 

There is a way to understand why neither God or Jesus are throwing themselves before people. People are not worth it. They all know that they should live ethical lives, but they don’t do it. And ethical doesn’t mean boring. It means the very exciting adventure of living truly ethical lives. 

In order to understand Jesus and God, people just have to put themselves into their shoes. For a moment, they should think that they are Jesus or God, and then they will hear the screams for help of people who even conspire and committing crimes against Jesus and God or against those who they love. So, why should Jesus or God serve and help people like that? Makes no sense to me. 

People fail to think. There is a God, and I can feel him clearly, Marty. He isn’t a fool as unethical so-called religious people take him for. His mission is against stupidity and blindness. Those are the main problems of the universe.

If people would smart, they would not commit crimes against another being. If that being doesn’t ever forgive, they never will feel relief themselves. Some count on time, thinking that if enough times passes, their crimes against others “dilute”. They are mistaken. It all stays in place, carved inside of them, pulling them down.

I love you.



Monique is the wife of an impostor (gold diggers) who lies being you, Marty. What makes them think they are better than Mary Sue (who was also an impostor’s wife), her Guardian Office and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”?

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

A Spanish prison. A rotten like hell place. Monique’s husband belongs there for impostering you, pretending to be you before the world and the courts. And so does every co-conspirator. You don’t belong in any prison, Marty. The criminals walk, and the innocent is held and tortured. This goes so against my nature. Every fiber in my being protests against this, Marty, as long as I live.

When Monique’s husband was arrested in New Orleans, he posted later something like that he got along with all criminals in that jail. Of course he did. Birds of a feather flock together. But you don’t belong there.  On top of this, the SEGNPMSS is using him to impostor you, they don’t want to break him as long as they need him. But his luck might turn if they no longer need him as also “Jack Vistaril’s” luck turned.

They want to break you, so they and have inmates, wardens, officials, and judges conspire against you and torture you. I know how they work, Marty. The biggest cowards on their own, but aggressive in the pack. They are like rabies stricken coyotes, out to hurt the innocent who never did anything to them except demanding rights.     

How anyone can live with this on his/her conscience is beyond me. They go to bed knowing they are worthless scum and wake up and know that they are worthless scum. I am sure that they try not to think about what they did, do and are. But I can see it on anyone. They have a “charisma” like the bottom layer of the inside of a garbage truck. Bad conscience and OWs are visible even if suppressed. And no fine suit or robe and good hair cut can conceal it. Nothing is more unattractive than an unethical person. It is like disgusting slime is dropping off them constantly. I wouldn’t want to touch them with the longest pole on the planet.

I wonder how the judicial career of judge Dip Waldrip will develop if he awards your gold-digging impostor and his wife with millions instead sending them to prison? 


I wish I could support the orgs, Marty, but I can’t. Despite Miscavologists, Monique, and her impostor husband and Mike Rinder, etc. are at each other throat, they still conspire against you, Ron (real founder), Scientology, and me. Their fight is agents and former infiltrators against agents and current infiltrators. It is not Scientologist against Scientologist. They (knowingly or not) are working for Germany by ruining Scientology’s reputation. It is so obvious.    

Your impostor (and Monique does everything he says) and Mike Rinder blame the Guardian Office who was dissolved three decades ago on their current problems. It was led by Mary Sue, the wife of Ron’s impostor.  Monique is the wife of an impostor (also gold diggers) who lies even in affidavits to the courts being you, Marty. What makes them think they are better than Mary Sue, her Guardian Office and Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril”? 

As Mike Rinder was involved in hiring your impostor under DM, and still covers up that Monique’s husband is an impostor and that even the founder of Scientology was impostored, what are Mike Rinder’s  affidavits worth, except a free ride in a prison bus to the place of his detention? 

Monique and her husband are thinking they are getting way with it and winning millions of dollars on top of all of that. What a “nice” couple.

For all insider, the content of these motions filed by Monique’s attorneys read like a joke. Everything inside is dictated by her husband, your impostor, and Mike Rinder, his partner in crime. She lends them her name for the case as Monique’s husband is a coward who is afraid that more of his crimes will be revealed if he sues directly. So, all is fine because wifey wants millions too.  Did judge Dib Waldrip ever think what this will do to his judicial career if he would award a gold-digging impostor and his wife with million of dollars? Judges must be held accountable. 

By settling with Baumgarten and others, C of S opened a can of worms. They sent the message that the C of S is the place to file law suits against to get rich quickly. If they pay Monique, more lawsuits will follow by numerous other gold diggers.      

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. This world is so untrue, but I promise you, now and in all eternity, that I am different. I am proud not belonging to a conspiracy, I am proud to me myself, and I will never change. You and me, we are from the same kind, and that is why nobody can come between us.

You are deep in my heart and it is the safest place for you that you can imagine.




The universe is a 3D computer simulation but the true universe is hidden behind the projection

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Dearest Marty, my awesome rockstar,

How are you?

Did you hear about the news the universe allegedly being a hologram?

I am sure that you agree with me that being on this planet is real. This planet is not a hologram, neither are the sun, the moon, and the planets close to us.   

However, I am CONVINCED that the pictures of the universe that we are seeing is not the real universe. German controlled secret services don’t want us to see what is really out there as they want to attach those who are out there to their mind-control system (ear implants) before we can tell them about the Nazis and the doctors and psychs behind them. 

So, if scientists believe that what they are seeing with the Hubble or other space telescopes out there is a hologram, they might be absolutely right. But what they don’t see is that hidden behind the hologram is the real universe. We (Earth) are “floating in this holographic universe” as German-controlled secret services projected holograms are all around us. It is a big projection by those who think they have to control our minds. Germany is not just take over plans for this planet but the entire universe.  


And something else that I am convinced of: those who we may not detect have already ear-implants and are already German controlled. Unlike most other people, I know that there is no more fanatical person in the world but the typical German. They MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST control all and everyone and everything, otherwise they explode!  There is nothing sane and intelligent about them. They are not driven by wanting to know but by fear that somebody could do to them what they do to others.

One real nightmare: if this planet should be lucky to rid itself from the secret German grip (it doesn’t look like it right now as they having blinded most), they could turn people on other planets into marching Nazis and attack planet Earth again. This problem needs to be faced. Some sane people for a chance need to get their hands on their supercomputers.   

Discovery of hologram but otherwise clueless:

Many tender kisses, Marty. I wish I could talk to you.

Yours forever, and LOVE and PEACE from my universe to yours.



Another secret service set up trying to break Scientology: case Devon Campbell Newman

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking prince, I am thinking of you…

The world is in trance as to what Scientology once was and how and why it was altered. They don’t get or don’t want to get that for example also the case of Devon Campbell Newman was another set up against Scientology. They take a Vistarologist/ Miscavologist as  Devon Campbell Newman who does not apply Scientology to her own life. Campbell Newman DID NOT APPLY Scientology ethics. That makes her into an non-Scientologist and an infiltrator. How otherwise would she fall for a convicted pedophile like David Allen Brutsche? A real Scientologist would have noticed his tonelevel and lies and would have done a background check on him. A real Scientologist can differentiate a joke from real intention. A real Scientologist knows quickly when somebody tries to set her and her religion up.   

I find men ridiculous (and in secure) who chose decades younger partners. They look like old fools when they do that. Same applies to  Campbell Newman even if she should be still married to someone else. That guy shows up, is 25 years younger than she is, pays her attention (not many women want a convicted pedophile, so he tries his “charm” on a desperate older woman) and she allows him to live with him. Duh! Blinded by that a much younger man wants to become her “room-mate”, she sails right into the trap of being set up despite everything about that guy screams “downtone and criminal like hell” very clearly. People are such fools, and Vistarologists/Miscavologists are no different.

She is smitten by a much younger man wanting to live with her, and she tries to please him by joining the Sovereign Citizen’s movement who wants anarchy. What is behind it? German, US, and other secret services and their international agents trying to set Scientology up and involve it in anarchy by having Scientology infiltrators joining those movements. They figured that Campbell Newman is the kind of woman would fall for a much younger man, it doesn’t matter how criminal and perverted he is. As she is a Vistarologist / Miscavologist for decades, they figured that Scientology would get much of the  blame.

I bet Campell New­man’s non-Scientologist case officers radioed her to interact with Brutsche. How can a real Scientologist offer Brutsche, a reg­is­tered sex offender with felony con­vic­tions in Cal­i­for­nia for inde­cent expo­sure and las­civ­i­ous acts with a three-year-old child, her home? It is so disgusting. This is so beyond anything that a Scientologist would do. This is ANTI-SCIENTOLOGY. 

Really, Marty, for me it is child’s play to look through these secret services set ups and motivations of people. German and U.S. agencies knew that stupid Campbell Newman would go to meetings to make that 25 year younger man stay with her. They knew that US government agents would make arrests even before they set this fool of a woman up.  She was so eager to be with a much younger man, that she didn’t turn him over to the police when he discussed wanting to kidnap a police officer and kill him. It is sickening. She is the opposite of a Scientologist who applies ethics and thinks for herself. 

Vistarologists/Miscavologists assign executive jobs within Scientology to non-Scientologists as they themselves are no Scientologists either. If they would be Scientologists, they would have looked through her and never have given her any job in any Scientology org at all. With that IQ and tonelevel, anyone can manipulate her. 

What easier for German, US and other secret services to pull Scientology on a level of terrorism by having Brutsche and Campbell Newman crossing path and having an old fool like Campbell Newman falling for a much younger lawless man who supports perversion, terror and crime? I bet a billion bucks that when Brutsche met Campbell Newman, they knew that she would step into the trap because wanting the attention of a much younger man, it doesn’t how unethical he was. It was nothing but a secret service coup to link SCN with the lawlessness of the Sovereign Citizen movement.

Scientologists have no hatred for law enforcement people. I figured that also many within agencies are unethical but two wrongs make no right. Because Brutsche showed interest in living with her, she decided to get a deep seated hatred law enforcement people. Because she wanted to live with a younger man, fool Campbell Newman adopted the hatred of Sovereign Citizen instead of a ethical Scientology lifestyle. However, as she knew that Scientologists wouldn’t accept the lawlessness of Sovereign Citizen, she apparently didn’t try to merge it with Scientology. But the German secret service plan for this and similar “mergers” sure exist.

(“Rev.” Alfreddie Johnson who has no scruples to merge the anti-Semitic cult of Louis Farrakhan with Scientology, and agent DM has no scruple to accept another cult into his cult. I believe each (DM and Farrakhan) tries to overtake the cult of the other one. DM thinks his Miscavologists are taking over Nation of Islam by integrating them into Miscavology, and Farrakhan thinks that his people are taking over Scientology by integrating it into Nation of Islam and his Jew-hating and German-oriented cult.) 

Back to Campbell Newman: She deserves a tough prison sentence for supporting even in the smallest ways the Sovereign Citizen movement. Unethical fools like her shouldn’t ever get any position in any Scientology org. (I read somewhere that Karen de la Carriere had this woman live in her house for three years. Unbelievable! Shows also that Karen never used Scientology technology and wisdom!)

I think it is all about Campbell Newman wanting that younger man or any other younger man. If she instead of Brutsche would had met a much younger man who paid attention to her but was heavily into collecting stamps, she would have done that instead. But it is no excuse. The judge shouldn’t have given her probation but sentenced her to prison for a long time. Thanks to her out-ethics and criminal behavior, Scientology was smeared again.  

Many kisses, Marty, and he tenderly hugged. I love you.  

Yours forever,