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Where did all the gassed Jews and other minorities reincarnate?

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Dearest Marty,

I wish you would be with me or I would be with you, it doesn’t matter, as long as we are together.

I got some blood work back from the doctor and she said that something is abnormal, e.g. my leukocytes are low. Interesting enough, I don’t feel bad, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I work out, and I had just one cold (approx. 10 years ago) in 25 years. When I have an injury or a wound, I heal really fast. My doctor’s assistant said that I heal 2-3 times as fast as other patients. Most certainly, I don’t have HIV. Where would it come for a nun like me?

Anyway, I guess I have to follow-up on this sooner or later, after my visitor who comes soon is gone, but I won’t swallow any pills. I even hate to swallow vitamin supplements because they are in pill forms. Yuck.  I will heal myself with natural methods. Some doctors don’t even tell you honestly what’s wrong. Psychs sure don’t do. 

Could be remote-controlled SEGNPMSS germs, leukemia (oh boy!), or trauma (got quite enough of that), intense exercise or stress (I do have that).  And blood transfusion, I don’t want either. I have some Jehova witnesses attitude here. Want no dirty blood from others.  

On the other side, a high white blood cell count isn’t good either, as far as I know.

Whatever it will be,  I will cure it with natural methods.   

I sure also worry about your health, Marty. If you are wrongfully incarcerated, you can’t even be the cause of where your food and water comes from. 

Something else, I was thinking about all the millions of people who the German psychs and Nazis killed in concentrations camps, as to where they are born again. I think many took a body in Germany again after 1945, thinking that things changed for them. Must he hard to be born again as German and blamed on what the Nazis did but actually being killed by them as Jews or gypsy the lifetime before.  Anyway, but many real Nazis, those that didn’t had time to hide in other countries are born again in Germany too. I ran into them. I recognize old Nazis in new bodies.

And I recognize my soul mate too. That is you, my wonderful prince.

Love you forever



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My dearest Marty, my wonderful husband, how are you?

I am thinking of you and won’t give up on you just because German psychs, Nazis and their agents and infiltrators want it that way. They haven’t got a chance in hell against true love and our persistence to find each other again. They will NOT win as far as we are concerned!

Don’t have much time to google the web at the moment, but I sure notice that the resignations are sounding all the same. Why should I resign? I didn’t do wrong! Why shouldn’t rather those pack their bags who did wrong?

All these resigning people agree that the orgs have just one problem: David Miscavige. Instead of telling him to resign and to demand a real Scientology leadership, they resign. Their plan instead is a p$ych plan to break the orgs. On one hand, they have DM who got Scientology from “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor and not from the real founder L. Ron Hubbard, DM who doesn’t want to give up power and luxury despite he did so many things wrong and who don’t want to resign nor leave Scientology in the hands of real Scientologists, and on the other side are former infiltrators and people who do not get that their resignations are a part of a psychiatric secret service plan to break the orgs and make them embrace Ron’s attackers and defamers, those who are out to destroy our religion, in other words the German government, psychs, Nazis, secret service officers, hate mongers…

However, the p$ychs still have no solution as to what to do with  real Scientologists, who don’t want to support David Miscavige nor Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder and APIS, the former “freezone” who is also into Ron’s impostor and can’t even differentiate between the real founder and his impostor. Real Scientologists have no real place anywhere, and I know that you and I, we are not the only one real Scientologists. Real Scientologists will be the only people who will make it go right while current and infiltrators on both sides (orgs and “Independents)  will do nothing but work towards the demise of real Scientology.

Secret service p$ychs are so sneaky. Unorganized beer drinking and pot smoking “independent Scientologists” who hang with Ron’s attackers will never be able to preserve Scientology for the future but neither will one dictator who forces down his false, unintelligent, and wogish ways for all others. What they have all in common is that they deny the real founder’s and real Scientologists’ rights by keeping it under wraps that Scientology is infiltrated and that even the founder was impostored.

The “Independents” are so stupid. They believe German secret service agent Ursula Caberta that they can practice Scientology. They are much too dumb to be Scientologists. So far, neither the Independents nor the Freezone is expanding. They just take from the orgs. If the Freezone or the Independents would say that they really want to bring Scientology to  new people instead just stealing from the orgs, and if they would really expanding, not just by trying to break the orgs by taking their public and staff, they would see the real face of Germany, because Germany would attack and cross their expansion plans. A few people might be “allowed to sleep with SCN books under the pillow” but never expand Scientology and  never create a civilization we can be proud of that is not under secret German thumb and that is not suppressed.

Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, Michael Moore,  Steve Hall, Jim Logan, and other “Independents” (yeah right, sure not independent from the German secret services) are simply not smart enough to look behind the curtain.   

But you are, Marty. I love you, my prince.

Yours forever!


Loose screws…

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking Prince,

How are you? I’m pretty busy and on top of all, my grass is growing like never before. Have new battery, oil, filter, blades, belt, tire, etc. in my lawn mover but it still does strange things sometimes. Last Sunday, I got off because I noticed that I forgot my ear muffins (it is loud too). When I started again, I noticed that I am unable to lower the blades. So, I checked and saw that the belt isn’t in its original place.  I tried to fix it but it didn’t stay in place. So, I checked around for some kind of male but nobody around. I ventured deeper down the road and saw a gentleman. He was nice enough to come with me and crawl under the mover and told me what’s wrong.  After I had stopped, the belt turned suspiciously around and that is why I was unable to make it stay in place. He turned it back into the right direction and then it worked again. I am sure glad that I don’t mow grass for a living, there is always something else… I told him my name and asked him for his name to thank him, and it turned out that he is one of the leading police officers in this area.

Marty, if I would have known decades ago that I will not be staff in a Scientology org but live in the country, I would have learned additional skills and knowledge for this kind of life. But I am catching on.

I read that  Debbie Cook had Mike Rinder jump in the lake. You know that Ron, the founder, had nobody jump overboard. It his impostor who tried to harm Ron’s reputation in doing things like that. Ron, you, and any intelligent real Scientologist knows that the heart of even young and  healthy people can simply stop beating when subjected to this.  Besides, it is an old psychiatric method (also running around in circles) to shock people with cold water. It is yet more evidence that Scientology is infiltrated by psychiatric agents. 

Sergei Mikhailovich Grinkov was just 28 old, a gifted figure skater, looked like the perfect healthy young man, and died on a massive heart attack. And he wasn’t even thrown in cold water. The impostor, David Miscavige, and all others who engaged in over-boarding are just lucky that nobody died yet. Anyway, by hearing that “Jack Vistaril” threw people overboard “as a penalty”, anyone should know that this wasn’t the founder but his impostor. Ron was thinking ahead. He had no loose screws. He would simply have told infiltrators to leave the ship in the next port.  

In all my years on staff, I never was involved in anything like overboarding, and I know you neither. People defame but for an alleged crazy person 😉 I am a hell of a lot more responsible than they are. Besides, I know that treating people abusive produced nothing but enemies.  

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Yours forever


OMG, Mosey’s husband makes allegations that the orgs BOUGHT U.S. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada!

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Mosey’s husband makes quite some allegations on his blog, but he published no proof, just a link to this article: – Tracie Morrow appears to be the author of the article, and she misspelled International: Church Of Scientology Internatinoal 

Anyway, did Mosey’s husband think this through? Harry Reid is the Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate. What if Senator Reid isn’t taking these allegations and is taking Mosey’s husband to court? Senator Reid isn’t just a little unknown guy, he has a reputation to lose.  What if he loses re-election based on the allegations that Mosey’s husband started? What if Harry Reid’s  family doesn’t take it? Here is a biography on him:

Two days ago, Mosey’s husband indicated the following on his blog:  “I have turned down large sums of money that have been offered to get me to go in certain directions; and I will continue to refuse such in the future.”

If this is true, why didn’t he reveal the names of the people and the amounts?

Germany’s offer, he did not turn down. He was not true to Scientology working with Germany, the cradle of the psychs, and the birthplace of the Nazis. He accepted that they paid him to visit their country that killed over 6 Mio. Jews,  and he worked with the founder’s persecutors, and  is quite cozy with the German secret service-friendly Ursula Caberta. Anybody who believes that Mosey’s husband is a real Scientologist must have lobotomy or something. Really! 

Being in disagreement or even sick and tired of DM does justify working with those who want to bury our religion, orgs AND “Freezone” or “Independents”.  Caberta said that she has nothing against some people “sleeping with Hubbard’s books under the pillow”. Does that sound like open and generous distribution of Scientology in Germany? No, it does not.  Either Mosey’s husband is the most gullible person who ever lived believing the Germans or he is nothing but a conscienceless  agent for the German.

Every idiotic thing that “Jack Vistaril”, Ron’s impostor did is blamed on L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. Any idiotic thing that Mosey’s husband did and does, is blamed on you, Marty, because nobody in this conspirative world came yet forward and admitted the doppelganger and impostor actions, although the photos and the footage are screaming these facts out loud. You have to officially establish that you are not him to protect yourself from his activities.

Mosey’s husband says he is pro human rights, but he (and also Mike Rinder and DM) have no problems leaving you innocently behind bars for crimes you never committed. The opposite, by conspiring that Mosey’s husband is you, they even try to mislead those who would want to help you by making them think that you are free. What a bunch of hypocrites.

I love you, Marty, hope to see you soon against all odds.

Yours forever,



I’d wish Mike Rinder would have slept ONLY on his Sea Org post instead running OSA like a secret service and even attacking and defaming L.Ron Hubbard and Scientology. What kind of “Scientologist” creates a bad reputation for the founder and the Scientology religion? Moles do that!

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Dearest Marty, my sweet prince, how are you?

I was in a park with a friend yesterday for hours, however,  we returned earlier than planned because parts of it was flooded. It was a nice day, but I miss you any day and always! 

It seems that the cover of Tim Higgs and the Truthseeker blew who appears to be one of Mike Rinder’s former agents when he run OSA.

Typically, Mike Rinder didn’t confess that this guy was either his idea or had his approval. Anything that happened OSA-wise until 2007 is Rinder’s responsibility. Because Mike Rinder run it for decades. Mike Rinder doesn’t come clean. His OW write-up on RFW is a joke. His real OWs are nowhere confessed or written up. (Same goes for Mosey’s husband.)

In order not to be suspected, Mike Rinder  apparently uses “Independent” women like Aida Thomas to blow the cover of one of his very own former agent who appears going by the name Tim Higgs who is also the  Truthseeker.  Mike Rinder never came forward with his REAL OW write-up as to what he REALLY ordered or pushed others to do. This guy fails to impress me completely and entirely.   

With no words, Mike Rinder said, what he should say: “I was ultimately responsible for the secret service programs, programs WHICH DO NOT BELONG IN THE RELIGION SCIENTOLOGY AND INCUDED ATTACKING THE FOUNDER AND THE RELIGION SCIENTOLOGY, and I even tried to pull Barbara Schwarz against her will and without her consent in my useless, ineffective, and total crap secret service programs that LACK any ETHICS.”

I say it again, the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists, and anything undercover in Scientology will be blown wide open by the psychs who control the infiltrators. These programs serve no other purpose but that they shall reflect badly on the founder and to harm Scientology.  They have infiltrator  blow and then attacking each other to make the world believe that this is Scientology, which is not. It is anything but Scientology.

If the orgs would publish the truth about the infiltration of Scientology and that even the founder was impostored so that his reputation is harmed and if they would document it, people like Chuck Beatty, Tory Christman, and so many others would go into the history as the corrupt idiots as they are. There is no need to sink on the their same level and become a sleazy operative of anti-Scientology secret services by attacking the founder or our religion.

The “Truthseeker” flooded Usenet often with daily hundred messages attacking Scientology. And that all  because Tory Christman,  and the likes, and their natter held Mike Rinder’s  and DMs personal infiltrator stats down that need up in order to advance to more power. What a loser programs are those Rinder progams anyway? People who attack Scientology are clueless about real Scientology, so why giving them that much attention? The Truthseeker never seeked truth. He just wanted to spam entheta and lies on Scientology. It seems to me that his “official” OSA purpose was rendering ARS useless. However, the TRUTH about Scientology and the founder would have changed ARS. All these people who lie about the founder and our religion, would no longer be able to blame it on him instead of his impostor.  But moles in Scientology do not want to tell the truth, so they come up with unethical programs that blow back in their faces and bring down the reputation of Scientology even more.

Marty, it is true that ARS was and still is a hate group, and its purpose is spreading lies about Scientology and the founder, like other forums on the Internet.  Truthseeker didn’t just flush down the posting of other hate mongers like himself in a flood of lie postings about Scientology and the founder. He also buried my truthful postings  down the drain by spamming thousands of postings with false info.  Truthseeker didn’t try to flood ARS with postings containing the truth about Scientology and the founder. He did it with postings like this: “This is how to destroy the Church of Scientology”,  “Giving Scientology a taste of its own medicine”, “Why you should stay away from Scientology”, etc.

Mike Rinder was the boss of this operation, and David Miscavige either allowed it or even pushed it. We don’t hear the complete truth of the non-Scientology actions about what Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband did,  because DM has dirty hands on it too. It is so simple for a non-dummy to puzzle the details together.  

Truthseeker attacked L.Ron Hubbard, the founder and promoted psychiatry and psychology. There was nothing to infiltrate on ARS. It is not moderated like other forums. ARS was open to all to post. In order to post, nobody had to pretend being somebody else to get his or her message out. There was no need to attack Ron and Scientology, but Mike Rinder’s intel program did just that. Interesting is also that Tory Christman and the likes ignores what he did as long as he is working towards destroying Scientology. 

Mike Rinder was in charge of all the secrecy until 2007.  “Mike Rinder was once the organization’s chief spokesman and ran its intelligence wing.” says the media. And for Scientology, he did a miserable job. He never admitted in detail what he did. He just blames his own low actions  on others. Mike Rinder’s responsibility level is on the rock button of anything. 

I don’t want to have “friends” like this. The time will come when  these non-Scientologists moles, the so-called “Independents” will attack each other as well. It is just a matter of time. They turn on their former friends and agents now, and will turn on their current agents and “friends” later.

My last official contact with OSA was in Germany in the last 80s on open legal matters. I NEVER worked on any secret service program and while I was the AGPR or EPA/OSA for Germanic Countries in EU, Germany, Swiss, Austria and the  Netherlands, I did not run one single ops program. Unlike infiltrators, I think, like the real Ron did and you do, lies are defeated by the truth and not by more lies and pretend. 

However, Marty, through the Internet, I am sure I had correspondence with OSA, although they did not introduce themselves with their real names. If somebody has secrets before me right from the start by not even giving me his/her true name, it is not the basis for trust and a beautiful friendship. We had communication, however, I didn’t work on their programs, I had no clue that these existed and never gave my consent.  

I know that Germany (just as their national hymn says, it is above anything) runs secretly all other secret services, however, the way how Mike Rinder works remind me of what the Mag Bulletin alleged the Australian Secret on: ASIS is accused of bad management, staffing problems, gross mismanagement of intelligence operations, staff assignments, and tasking, particularly with respect to the war on terrorism.

Ultimately, we know that Mike Rinder run the intelligence programs of OSA, so he is the guy to be held responsible, and he should not get away with blaming his rotten and non-Scientological actions on others. What a spineless worm he is. And what a failure of leadership for DM giving somebody like Rinder this job. If DM would not be an infiltrator himself, if he would understand and apply the tonescale, he never would have given Mike Rinder or Mosey’s husband executive jobs. Never in  a billion years.  

You are so much wiser than any of them, Marty, they have “complete idiots” tattooed on their forehead for any real Scientologist to see.

The “Independents” (yeah right, surely not Independent from the Germany, Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder support overtly the most intolerant nation that ever lived) will never save real and original Scientology, and the orgs are infiltrated with more people like them.

It is all up to us to make things go right. 

Love you bunches, Marty. Many kisses.

Yours forever,

Your wife



Psychiatrists were and still are the force behind the Nazis and anything else rotten on this planet, and by setting Scientology and CCHR up and attacking it, those idiotic psychs just confirm it

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My dearest Prince, my dearest Marty,

I can’t wait to dance the night away with you. When my lips will touch yours, sparks will fly again. Psychs define true love and passion with “chemistry”. Chemistry? I recognized you, first subconsciously and then consciously, for being my soulmate and all those lifetimes that we were so happily together. And then these flashbacks of being married to you IN THIS LIFETIME happened. Psychs apparently win running others but not us and with what they did and still do to us.  They just make their disgusting rap sheet longer.  

Who is my sweet man after you are gone? The answer is NOBODY. It is either you or nobody. You are IRREPLACEABLE, Marty, and so is your tenderness and passion. I am a one-man-woman, and I know you are a one-woman-man. Psychs are clueless about real love (tells me also that they never were loved or love the way we do) by thinking that separation and doppelganger or 3rd party will rip us apart.

P$ychs always said that idiotic life has no right to be alive. That idiotic life can’t be anyone but themselves, Marty.  

CCHR Australia published an interesting article about p$ychs. Again, I am not sure if psychs choose Jan Eastgate as CCHR chairman because they had something against her or if she was purely set up. However, what is very clear is that CCHR is the actual target. By having CCHR’s chairman under attack, they think all facts that CCHR collected worldwide are UNDONE or DISCREDITED. But FACTS against psychs stay FACTS.

CCHR writes that psychs admit that they created the euthanasia program and the ideology that started Hitler’s Holocaust. The psychs needed the Nazis to have free hand to do to people whatever they want to. That is why they created the Nazis and to overtake the world. Hitler had psychiatric treatment before he became the Führer. His eyes are the eyes of a drugged and psychiatric hypnotized man.   

Below is the article. Hope CCHR doesn’t mind me using the entire article. They go back to 1920 to prove that psychs were the men behind Hitler. However, I am sure that also earlier, psychs proved the same thing over and over, they are the people who inject hatred against races and religion in this world. People might think that the crazies of this world are the people held in psych institutions throwing objects at psychs who forcefully try to medicate them, but the real lunatics are definitely people who choose to become psychiatrists and commit crimes against humanity.    

Some people might think that it is likely that p$ychs were involved or even the pushing force behind  Hitler, the SS, the Gestapo, the concentration camps and all the atrocities, but that they are all dead and that psychiatry of today isn’t doing any of the atrocities anymore. These people are very uninformed, because German secret service psychs stole our way of life and therefore don’t age and don’t die. They are also behind all crimes against humanity in present time.  They are the Dorian Grays. (Yes, I know, fiction but rather fiction based on true story.)  Several hundred years old but not old  looking on the outside but completely foul on the inside. No kidding, I know that you know it too, Marty.

By stealing the tech from Scientology, they keep this technology from all the people on the planet who are not addicted to smoking  with a secret death wish and don’t want to be killed within an average of 75 years by psychs, considering that man and woman can maintain the same body forever and in healthy, strong, and young condition. It is really not just about the body and not wanting to put up with the Def-T of picking up a new body (and possibly having to survive abortion attempts in a psychiatric infiltrated Sea Org or the rest of the world) and having to learn all skills again, but it is about that it is a way by psychs to interrupt and implant any person and plant her anywhere they want with nobody helping her back where she belongs.

It is plain STUPID to drop the body on a psych controlled planet. Psychs wipe the memory and skills of anybody completely out, including the memory and skills of OTs. Same time, they bring Scientology down and alter it, which means, that there will no religion and no academy anymore that helps us to get the memories and the skills back. We all know that we lived before and will live again, but the fact that no OT came back yet and documented that it is him or her means just one thing: psychs undo OTs and this is very alarming. Besides, I was a Scientologist already in my last lifetime, and after secret psychiatric “interaction” my memory was completely wiped out. All I found was an already altered Scientology. It is a miracle that I recalled some of the missing pieces from the technology. I bet that Ron, the real founder walked already in a Scientology org with his new body but didn’t stay because psychs changed it to Vistarology (the imposter version of SCN) and Miscavology (DM’s version of Scientology). Who saves this planet from the psychs if he doesn’t do it again, and again, and again? We have to. All those Scientologists who are real Scientologist and not remote-controlled SEGNPMSS robots.  

We can’t let the psychs get away with it, Marty. However, what they do to the population of this planet, they are  doing to themselves. People who enslave others have revolting personalities. They also hate each other. They also are working on killing each other. Killed psychs are implanted and lose all their memories too (sort of men in black) and grow up under the same condition of this chemical/medical planet with its deliberate created illnesses to make doctors and psychs rich, which people contract on the Earth’s unprotected surface, it’s lousy food and water, and with violence anywhere. If they would have allowed Earth population to live under the same healthy and beautiful conditions as  they lived (based on stolen technology), they would  not have to suffer later. They are the idiotic life because in order to not step one day in the own trap, one has to remove ALL THE TRAPS ANYWHERE FOR ANYONE. It is as simple at that.

I love you, Marty, yesterday, today, tomorrow and for all times. This is the only thing that will never change.



Psychiatrists Admit They Created The Euthanasia Program

It is cold, hard documented fact that German psychiatrists devised the “scientific” justification for euthanasia before World War II, before even Hitler came to power. It is also a documented fact that they established the gas chambers and killing centers in the concentration camps and trained and apprenticed others on how to kill. This is documented from psychiatry’s own words and documents.

In 1920, Alfred Hoche, a professor of psychiatry, and Karl Binding, a jurist [an scholar in the science or philosophy of law], published Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life, equating killing as a “healing treatment.” They advocated the outright killing of mental defectives, stating that, “For the idiots… the continuation of life for society as well as for the person himself has no value.”

The first psychiatric “killing test” (gassing experiment) was conducted at Brandenburg psychiatric institution in 1940, where 18 patients were murdered while psychiatrists and staff watched. Following the experiment’s “success,” the euthanasia program began in earnest.

Few are aware of psychiatry’s role because, as the German Society of Psychiatrists finally confessed in 1999, information has been paralyzed and suppressed. Indeed, in 1990, Johannes Meyer-Lindenburg, ex-president of the Germany Society of Psychiatrists, addressed the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association and, while acknowledging the “failure of psychiatrists” to “insist on basic ethics” to “prevent the Holocaust of so many of their patients,” asked his colleagues to reconsider German psychiatry in light of its wartime heroes and laudable achievements instead. Australian psychiatrist Ernest Hunter said that Meyer-Lindenburg, “constructs an image that denies the active role of the profession at every level.”

Yet, as A. Mitscherlich and F. Mielke, chronicled during the Nuremberg Medical Trials in 1947, “Their atrocities were so unrestrained and at the same time organized with such technical bureaucratic coldness, malice and bloodthirstiness, that no one can read about it without feeling the deepest shame.”

In 1995, after 20 years of in-depth research, CCHR helped write and publish the book Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler, a book that prompted the President of the then German Society of Psychiatrists to write to the Minister of Interior asking for his help to silence CCHR. CCHR increased its efforts and in August 1999, the German Society of Psychiatrists publicly admitted psychiatrists had been “active in and primarily responsible for the different euthanasia organizations.” In its publication called “In Memorium,” written for an exhibit on psychiatry’s role in the Holocaust, and shown at the annual congress of the World Psychiatric Association in Hamburg, the following admissions were made:

During the National Socialist regime, “…psychiatrists killed their patients.” – Michael von Cranach, director of Kaufbeuren Clinic

“There were doctors who were active in and primarily responsible for the different euthanasia organizations. They guided and directed the different euthanasia campaigns. They were the so-called T4 experts, psychiatrists in responsible positions, mostly clinic directors who observed and controlled the selection of those to be killed. They advised those mainly responsible, and themselves suggested actions and carried them out…laid the scientific foundations of the euthanasia program and used the victims for research purposes. There were psychiatrists in institutions who were identified with these actions and who carried out with conviction the registrations in Berlin, the transferals and the killings.” — German Society of Psychiatrists

Other psychiatrists have condemned psychiatry’s role also:

Responsibility exists on all these levels. The images of doctors involved are variously inhuman, possessed or banal. However, the greatest responsibility lies before the brutal acts which capture and hold attention, at the level of ideas. The racist science of the Third Reich was not a consequence of political events—it was the ideological agenda. While not a Nazi creation, it was central to the party’s platform, refined to provide a bio-medical vision of racial purity that galvanized support and gave direction to political events that focused hatred and violence. — Dr. Ernest Hunter, M.D., psychiatric consultant, “Dimensions of Medical and Psychiatric Responsibility in the Third Reich,” Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 1993

“The responsibility of doctors and the profession of medicine, in which psychiatry must be seen to figure prominently, may be examined on several levels:

as providers and refiners of the ideological and intellectual foundations for race theory and medical killing;
as influential supporters lending legitimacy to an immoral regime, both silence and complicity;
as planners and administrators within the bureaucracy of state sanctioned killing;
as designers and refiners of systems for expeditious killing;
as executioners;
as beneficiaries of the suffering and deaths of their victims (through payment for processing euthanasia evaluations of psychiatric patients, power within the state medical system, and advancement through ‘research’); and
as survivors, who have frequently fared far better in the aftermath of the War and the Holocaust than other supporters of the murderous regime.” — Dr. Ernest Hunter, M.D.
“During the 1930s the German public were prepared for the killing of psychiatric patients by sophisticated propaganda, including emotional films in which degraded psychiatric patients were used to present an argument for their own ultimate annihilation.” — Dr. Ernest Hunter

“Ultimately, over a quarter-of-a-million sterilizations were performed. The major force in this program being Dr. Ernst Rüdin, a Swiss psychiatrist who became professor in Munich and who had been a student of Emil Kraepelin (German psychiatrist).” — Dr. Ernest Hunter

“Medical observers from the United States and Germany at the Nuremberg Trials, concluded that the Holocaust might not have taken place without psychiatry.” — Peter Breggin, M.D., psychiatrist, “Psychiatry’s role in the Holocaust,” International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine, 1993

“German psychiatrists proposed the killing of mental patients before Hitler came to power. Then in Nazi Germany, organized psychiatry implemented involuntary eugenical sterilization and euthanasia, ultimately killing up to 100,000 German mental patients. The six psychiatric euthanasia centers utilized medical professionals, fake death certificates, gas chambers disguised as showers, and the mass burning of corpses…. Eventually, 250,000 to 300,000 patients were murdered throughout Europe according to the Allied estimate at the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial.” — Peter Breggin, M.D.

“…It should be realized that this program was merely the entering wedge for exterminations of far greater scope in the political program for genocide of conquered nations and the racially unwanted. The methods used and personnel trained in the killing centers for the chronically sick became the nucleus of the much larger centers in the East, where the plan was kill all Jews and Poles and to cut down the Russian population by 30,000,000.” – Leo T. Alexander, psychiatrist, U.S. Army Representative at the Nuremberg Trials

“The tragedy is that psychiatrists did not have to have an order. They acted on their own. They were not carrying out a death sentence pronounced by someone else. They were the legislators who laid down the rules for deciding who was to die; they were the administrators who worked out the procedures, provided the patients and places, and decided the methods of killing; they pronounced a sentence of death in every individual case; they were the executioners who carried it out—without being coerced to do so—surrendered their patients to be killed in other institutions; they supervised and watched the slow deaths.” — Frederic Wertham, psychiatrist, quoted in A Sign for Cane

“The euthanasia centers played a central role in developments leading to the larger holocaust…. When the giant extermination centers were set up in the east, a psychiatrist from the euthanasia program was…one of the first commandants. Consultants from the euthanasia program helped set up these extermination camps and personnel from the program initially staffed them. …Furthermore, the first systematic murders of concentration camp inmates took place in the euthanasia centers under the direction of teams of psychiatrists led by Werner Heyde.” — Peter Breggin, M.D.

“…something like 40 percent of German psychiatrists had joined the SS by 1933. They weren’t forced into the SS. They just joined it naturally because the beliefs were very, very similar…. Hitler was promoting the idea that white people were top of the tree in some way, and so were the psychiatrists….” — Craig Newnes, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, UK, quoted in CCHR’s documentary: “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death”

“Academic medicine in Germany on the whole stood waist-deep in the Nazi sewer, and bears heavy responsibility for the disaster that followed. After 1933, degeneration [racial purity] became an official part of Nazi ideology.” Subsequently, “the notions of degeneration and heredibility became identical” and “synonymous with Nazi evil.” — Edward Shorter, A History of Psychiatry: From the Era of the Asylums to the Age of Prozac, 1997

“The significance of racial hygiene did not become evident to all aware Germans until the political activity of Adolf Hitler and only through his work has our 30-year-long dream of translating racial hygiene into action finally become a reality.” — Ernst Rüdin, German psychiatrist, circa 1930s

Find out for yourself about what led to the Holocaust and how psychiatry’s genocidal ideology spawned other crimes against humanity. Watch CCHR’s documentary, “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.”

Ernest Hunter, M.D., “The Snake on the Caduceus: Dimensions of Medical and Psychiatric Responsibility in the Third Reich,” Australian & NZ Journal of Psychiatry, 9 Apr., 1993, 27:149-156.

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Ibid., pp. 133-148.




Edward Shorter, A History of Psychiatry: From the Era of the Asylums to the Age of Prozac, (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1997), p. 99.

Anti-Semite Nation of Islam having infiltrated the Scientology Celebrity Center… Which is now the “Real Salvation Army”, DM’s version of Scientology?

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Dearest Marty, most wonderful husband, how are you?

I am sure (besides being incarcerated for crimes you never committed) it must feel horrible to be impostored. Mosey’s husband makes “admissions” in your name of what you never did, and he does things that you never would do. It is the exactly same impostor situation that happened to Ron, the founder, by the persona of his impostor “Jack Vistaril”. The fake impostors are worshiped, and the valuable originals are kicked in the stomach. Not in my universe, Marty, I’ll write about it until then truth becomes mainstream. I want a world in which good and true persons can have rights, just as Ron and original Scientology intended.

Otherwise, I noticed an article on Louis Farrakhan’s website “The final call” (gee, doomsday?) about Dianetics, and it has “squirrel” (this time approved by squirrel DM) written all over it. It is proven that Louis Farrakhan is an anti-Semite. He also has the reputation of being the black Hitler. But DM approves that he promotes Dianetics or Scientology! Why doesn’t DM rather approach mainstream black folks? Because DM’s bad leadership makes mainstream black people stay away from Scientology just as white people? People who follow Louis Farrakhan are anti-Semites too. What good can come from people who support and follow an anti-Semite? As if the Nation of Islam-Scientology-connection is not a secret German psych Nazis secret service set up to harm the reputation of Scientology even more. Most blacks and white folks don’t want to be connected to Nation of Islam. I sure don’t.

DM is so desperate to get his stats up and money in that he pulls in those who hold Scientology down. Okay, there are now 1000 certified Nation of Islam healer-saviour-squirrels but what is with the billions of black and white people who would consider REAL AND ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY if DM would not be in bed with anti-Semites and if he would finally admit that Scientology orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that even the founder was impostored and if he would restore nothing but original Scientology and Dianetics or better leave this to real Scientologists??

Read this here from the article: With the Nation of Islam’s diligent and hardworking National Student Auditing Coordinator A’ishah Muhammad present, Shane Woodruff, vice-president of the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre International announced they had reached the goal of obtaining the number of saviours and healers desired by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to create a force of those willing to take the lead in improving the planet’s conditions.

From the article: “Rev. Alfreddie Johnson and the Church of Scientology said he was honored to be in the presence of those forming “the real Salvation Army.” “

Scientology turning into the “real Salvation Army”, and what next? Recycling old dishes from the motherplane and the wheel of Farrakhan’s anti-Semite cult instead of real Scientology and Dianetics technology?

THE VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CELEBRITY CENTER DOES WHAT THE “HONORABLE” MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN WANTS, obtaining saviours and healers. So, no auditors and Scientologists anymore, DM takes Scientology in the field of anti-Semites saviours and healers! Jack Vistraril’s and DM’s cult unify with an Anti-Semite cult. “Great.” Psychs of German Nazi secret services are rubbing their hands. Instead of total OT, total Squirrel and more destruction of the founder’s and Scientology’s reputation!

Here is more, written by Vice-President of the Celebrity Center (Yikes, squirrel CC!):  Mr. Woodruff pointed out that now, members of the Nation of Islam are applying the technology of auditing and have learned the vital necessity of clearing, however they should be commended for they began the journey with nothing more than certainty in the leadership of Minister Farrakhan and faith in the guidance of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad who said of the Minister “Everywhere you hear him, listen to him. Everywhere you see him, look at him. Everywhere he advises you to go, go. Everywhere he advises you to stay from, stay from.” and The “Honorable” Elijah Muhammad said it like this: The duty of the civilized man is to teach and train the uncivilized,” said Mr. Woodruff. “To all of the auditor graduates, we commend you for your accomplishment. We only ask you to keep in mind that as we honor you tonight, what remains far more important is tomorrow and how you will honor your new found skill and knowledge to help the Minister in this mission of salvation,” he added.

These people have a cult leader, Anti-Semite Farrakhan and are using the CC for their advantage. Instead of bettering the reputation of Scientology by telling its true story and having DM packing his bags, the orgs pull in another cult and not uptone people who never would engage in anti-Semite activities.

If anybody doesn’t believe that Farrakhan is a Nazi, read this:

David Miscavige is not good for Scientology. Maybe he is good for Nation of Islam but not for Scientology. Maybe he should just switch over to Nation of Islam and the “Wheel” and leave Scientology in the hand of real Scientologists. Mosey’s husband is not better. Just like DM, he is promoting Farrakhan. He wrote that Farrakhan would “get” Scientology. If he would “get” Scientology, he would have stopped his racism years ago.  The association of Farrakhan/Miscavige is that both of them think that they have advantages from it. That’s all. 1000 anti-Semite  Wheel motherplane squirrel weirdos who adore anti-Semite Farrakhan might be “won” for Scientology but it is just another reason for the Billions of others to stay away from Scientology.

Marty, hope to see you soon.

Yours forever and many kisses, my love.



MOSEY’S HUSBAND IS PUSHING THE ENVELOPE! (And The Council for Spiritual Integrity, headed by Ian Waxler is lying too)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I tried to understand why Mosey’s husband wants to be you by all means. Yes, you are the most remarkable Prince of the universe, so he must admire you that much, that he wants to be you, or alternatively, he hopes that you die wrongfully incarcerated in prison for crimes that you never committed and that he can take over your assets as “Jack Vistaril” took over those of Ron. David Miscavige allowed Mosey’s husband, your doppelganger, and impostor, to get your job as Inspector General for Ethics, and after Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder decided to attack DM, I thought that the reason why they don’t confess to the doppelgangers and impostors in Scientology is because they don’t want to be sued by DM, and that DM does not sue them based on them keeping the doppelganger and impostor actions further under wraps. But Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder could have and should have confessed the impostor stuff to the FBI and other authorities and should have asked them for whistleblower protection and should have PUBLISHED THE IMPOSTOR FACTS, but they didn’t do it. So, they must have other motives. So, what other motives? 

Well, another low motivation would be that you, Marty, the most ethical and innocent person dies, and Mosey’s husband as your impostor gets his hands on your assets, just as Jack Vistaril got his hands on Ron’s and Scientology cash, and good old buddy Mike shares it with him, DM has Ron’s cash and Scientology’s cash, so anyone who is rotten is happy. Except that we won’t let them come away.

I am sure that Mosey’s husband is tired of hearing that he is a doppelganger and impostor but he pulls it in by impostoring you. He could his own person, for all I care, can head  the International Movement of Independent Professional Smokers and be their Robin Hood, but he has to count with me not keeping my mouth shut about what I know a 100% without any doubt: he ain’t you, Marty. Actually, although Mark is a wonderful name, you were called Marty while he was called Mark. He first became Marty when he took over for you after DM let you fall like a hot potato instead of standing by your side like a real Scientologist would under the Code of Honor. Yes, sure, DM hates my guts too, but if he would be honest a minute, he would understand why I am outraged.

Back to Mosey’s husband: he posted on March 20, 2012 that he got a newsletter from Ian Waxler  who headed a group called The Council for Spiritual Integrity. I had a look at this newsletter. It is full of lies. In the 80s, the Munich Org, as YOU know, had 200 staff members of which almost all worked full-time when I was the President. It NEVER shrunk to 20 people, it stayed around 200 full-time members all through the 80s. (Don’t know how many staffs it has now.) But   Waxler is a liar or he accepts lies without checking with the source.  As his info about Scientology in Germany is wrong, I assume it is also otherwise wrong. The Munich org was the biggest org in the German-speaking area. That why it was called Church of Scientology Germany and not just Church of Scientology Munich. (It is now called Church of Scientology Bavaria to make it not that easy on the corrupt government to unregister Scientology in all of Germany.) It consisted of 200 mostly full-time staffs and the GO of the Munich org helped handling all  GO and external affairs of all other orgs and missions and group in Germany and the German speaking area. Its staffs consisted of Germans, many people from Swiss and Austria but also Americans.  

Mosey’s husband goes on saying that  the parallels between what was happening in the field in the mid eighties and now are remarkable. Yes, he is right on this one, there were lots of lies back then as there are now.

He said he had very little exposure to the “Independent” movement of the eighties. He is such an impostor! You and I, we were around the legal field of the 80s, Marty, we both know that legal attacks against Scientology and the so-called “squirrel zone” was very much intertwined.  Besides, you did not just work on legal cases filed against L. Ron Hubbard, the founder (based on what his impostor “Jack Vistaril” did) but on all legal cases. I heard you talking about all legal cases (not just those filed against Ron’s impostor). 

He intents to publish his book and maintain his impostor cover that he is you, Marty. He sure is pushing the envelope. He is also very contradictory. The “independent zone” involved very much so David Mayo who was considered like Mosey’s husband today, the leader of practicing Scientology outside of the orgs. If he worked in the mid 80s on the Mayo case, he was very much in detail informed about what was going on in the squirrel or “independent” field, but he was not working at all on legal cases in the 80s, YOU were!  Who knows where he hung out at this time.  YOU worked as Legal Executive in Author Services during the 80s, not Mosey’s husband.  

As the alleged RTC Inspector General for Ethics, he calls the RTC guys honchos? The he called himself a honcho. But he wasn’t there during the 80s! Just like John Sweeney hollered  to Tommy Davis: You were not there, Mosey’s husband!

It is also not true that nothing was going on in the “Independent field”  as far as people leaving the orgs and squirrel groups are concerned. Frequent RTC missions were heading out to ask those who split up to return to the church. I was part of some of these RTC missions myself.

Mosey’s husband is a fraud, and he will publish his impostor lies in his book.  (Sue me, Mosey’s husband. You provoke me to write about you by pretending to be my prince. Be your own person or go to hell!)

Marty, I love you, many tender and passionate kisses,

from your loving wife



1) Why would an infiltrated FBI investigate infiltrated orgs? 2) Mosey’s husband told the FBI everything? No, he did not!

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

Mosey’s husband wrote this on his Blog on March 19, but he is not you and he constantly fails to state this, and this means that his illegal actions could be blamed on you. Mosey’s husband:  It has been going on for decades, and over three decades under the direction of David Miscavige I helped Scientology Inc perfect how to capitalize on that filth bucket.

Never you, Marty, never you! I watched you. You were indeed the Inspector General for ETHICS. You were not involved in out-ethics or illegal acts. I believe that DM did let you down. He violated the Code of Honor and left you behind after the Germans framed you. And now he is getting his motivator in person of the impostor who he hired to replace you, Mosey’s husband. In other words: it is just like Ron said. After each overt, there follows the motivator. If David Miscavige would have not left you behind but assisted you to get acquitted (by, for example, contacting me and tell me about the case(s)) and by not conspiring against you, you would be free and acquitted, and Mosey’s husband would not be in the position to cause damage to DM’s reputation. But I assume that DM rather blames it on “there is something wrong with the name Rathbun” instead of admitting that he pulls it all in. If DM would be a real Scientologist who is honest with himself, he would know how it all came to be.  

Tony Ortega who rambles and scribbles just about any day about Scientology without having personal experience with it. He blogged yesterday that (your impostor) Mosey’s husband told the FBI “everything” about DM in 2009, to FBI agents Tricia Whitehill and later Valerie Venegas. Question is, what took him so long? He blew already in 2004, didn’t he? 

No, he did not tell everything. He didn’t tell that Scientology is infiltrated on order of German secret services by international non-Scientologists and that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” who  to died in 1986 and that DM knew about it because he replaced Mosey’s husband, your impostor, with YOU, Marty, around 1990.

Tony Ortega: “More than a dozen ex-Scientologists participated in the investigation; each was given a confidential informant number and a code name…”

That’s the problem, code names, secrecy, and infiltration instead of plain truth and nothing but the truth. But how can a FBI that is SEGNPMSS infiltrated correct SEGPMSS infiltrated orgs or the “Freezone” or the “Independents”? That is the problem, there are just a very few good men and women and  otherwise just a corrupt and remote-controlled psych planet!

If Tony Ortega didn’t made this up: “We’ve heard a few different stories from informants about incidents on the local level which may have motivated FBI officials in Washington to kill the investigation…” 

Does Robert S. Mueller III know of the “investigation”? I don’t expect him to investigate the non-Scientologist infiltration of Scientology, Marty, after all, the FBI is also infiltrated by people who listen to the beat of SEGNPMSS drums. Why would an infiltrated agency investigate infiltrated Scientology orgs? They don’t want to find what really is wrong. FBI certified that the fingerprints of Jack Vistaril are those of L. Ron Hubbard, but they “forgot” to tell that those FBI fingerprints were those of Jack Vistaril in the first place and not of Ron the founder.  How convenient. As far as Scientology, the founder, you and me are concerned, Marty, the FBI has no clean hands. Same goes for the CIA, other agencies, and courts.

Maybe the SEGNPMSS infiltrated FBI headquarter cancelled the investigation because (when truthfully investigated) it could prove that you (and also Ron, the founder, earlier) were framed and impostored and that you are all this time wrongfully incarcerated?

Tony Ortega: Toward the end of 2010, [Miker Rinder] said he had the sense the FBI’s investigation had lost momentum or, perhaps, had been shelved. But he added that Whitehill told him more than once, “Oh, we’re still going.”

Psychiatric agent  infiltration of Scientology is a huge problem. DM makes huge mistakes by acting as if inside the orgs all is milk and honey and by not having CCHR investigate psych plots against lives of Scientologists. There are people in the orgs for decades who don’t apply Scientology, and as far as I can see, DM is one of it. The FBI with their alleged experts should be able to see in advance that upon psych orders, psychiatric altered people, sleepers, Manchurian candidates can open fire or plant a bomb at any time in any Scientology orgs in order to try to blame it on our religion. Such p$ych plans exists for sure.  The news that DM runs a Sea Org on tonelevel of 1.5 and the talk about violence sure points into that direction, including idiotic statements like that of Hy Levy recently. 

Did you read this Ortega blog article, Marty? I think it is important that you know this, because Mosey’s husband never drew the line what HE and what YOU did. This means, that YOU could be accused of his unethical if not unlawful acts. Just as Ron is wrongfully accused of what “Jack Vistaril” his impostor did.

Tony Ortega: [Mosey’s husband] says he was able to predict that a probe would be killed at the highest levels because, in his former role as Scientology’s second-highest ranking official, he’d made sure that happened in the past. He described to me investigations into Scientology in past years, when he would mobilize for Miscavige to have them shut down. They never bothered with agents or supervisors, he says, but would go immediately to top officials and look for ways to influence them. “We would do a deep, deep study of the lines of command, all the way to the Attorney General in the US or the equivalent in foreign countries. And we’d research any communication leads for that person — their history, their friends. And then hire the rainmakers and pay them whatever you needed to pay them,” he says. A former executive in the office might be an effective tool, for example, or someone who went to school with the targeted official.

If this is true, Marty, why did DM and his right and left hand did not ask the Attorney General and the equivalents in foreign countries  to get you out of your wrongful incarceration? You are wrongfully behind bars because Germany framed you. Spain accused you (on secret German orders) on what was or was not going on under DM. And DM just drops you like a hot potato and hires an impostor instead of documenting your innocence to his friends in high places. If this is proven, DM will meet an iron lady (me) who will put him in his place! And it won’t be luxury. Promised.

It probably never incurred to him that if he drops people like hot potatoes, he also will be dropped one day.

You didn’t work like this. I saw you working. You didn’t work with illegal methods. You were just as open as the REAL founder Ron and as I was. “Hire the rainmakers and pay them whatever…” What is Mosey’s husband saying? That DM and he bribed? I sure know that you never did, Marty. Real Scientotology doesn’t need to lower itself to commit illegal acts. It is good, it is clean, it is innocent, and so are you.

Tony Ortega: …  According to [Mosey’s husband], he and Miscavige explained to Goldberg that all of the harassment could end overnight if the IRS just gave in, and Goldberg seemed visibly moved. Soon after, the IRS caved…

Neither L. Ron Hubbard, the founder nor you, Marty, ever worked like the Mafia. I watched you work. There was never anything that would indicate that you harassed anyone. Besides, if the IRS felt harassed, why didn’t they just call the FBI to protect itself from harassment by DM, Mike Rinder, Mosey’s husband, and whoever participated? I remember that I asked how INT would handle the dispute with the IRS. You, Marty, referred me to one case, a thick pleading in which the religious nature of Scientology was correctly laid out.  You said no word of harassing or bombarding the IRS. During your time, the IRS was not bombarded nor harassed. The arguments were all laid out in one big case.   

Tony Ortega: [FBI agents would say:] ‘Do you really want to devote your career to this? You don’t want to get yourself involved in that. It’ll go nowhere. It’s not worth the heartache.’ That’s how that shit goes,” says Rinder, who oversaw similar operations as the executive director of Scientology’s intelligence wing, the Office of Special Affairs. 

Mike Rinder, the “hero” who wants to blame his own ops programs on me who never had anything to do with them “knows it all”, doesn’t he? Fact is that all sides are covering up that the orgs and the feds are secretly SEGNPMSS infiltrated and both cover up that the founder of Scientology, and you were replaced with impostors and that Scientology was altered not just under DM but already before under “Jack Vistaril”.

Tony Ortega:  They [FBI] were too slow and too stupid before they got shut down. If they had been fast and effective, they would have had a case that was unassailiable before the church had time to use its influence,” Rinder says, adding that he urged the agents to build an obstruction of justice case rather than raid the base. “If they had announced they were doing an investigation and then pulled people in for questioning, they would have gotten a lot of people [from the base] who would have testified that they were being told to lie.”

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable.  Obstruction of justice? Keeping you wrongfully behind bars for crimes you never committed, Marty, and hiring or allowing impostor to cover this up, and even giving a damn about what happened to L.Ron Hubbard, the founder, and making the world believe that “Jack Vistaril” was the founder, this is all alright and no obstruction of justice? This is the tip of the iceberg, the elephant in the living room, anyone knows but nobody talks about.  With “Scientologists” like that, this planet is doomed. It means that innocent and good people will not have rights and abilities are remain under psych control, in other words, remain in the basement.   

I miss you and love you so much, Marty. Right now, it appears that nobody wants to hear the truth, but we will prevail because Ron was so right when he said that the truth will come out always.

Many kisses, my honey.

Yours forever,


International Freezone: “Association of Professional Independent Scientologists”, the former Freezone has photo of L. Ron Hubbard’s impostor on their website – and the words of its new name is in odd sequence…

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince, how are you?

I’d like to dance with you from morning till night and forget the stupid world… However, as are not there yet, I keep on blogging.

Killed a bit time on YouTube away from current main stream music.

And we are Irish too, this or in another lifetime. The music and rhythm goes right into my legs.  

Awwwww, Marty, look how cute!

Not quite sure what kind of folk this is. They sure know how to clog dance but have rifles at the walls. Sure aren’t the Amish. 😉 But they sure have fun clogging.

Old fashioned, Marty, but you got rhythm, you’ll like it:

Irish taking over Australia.

However, here some words to my subject line:

The “International Freezone Association”, Michael Moore tries to cash in on Mosey’s husband impostor “success” and calls his movement now “Association of Professional Independent Scientologists”. Fact is that nobody makes more heat on DM than Mosey’s husband but his goal is apparently not wanting a better leader for the orgs than DM but breaking the orgs. And there is where Mosey’s husband is dead wrong, and he is also dead wrong not making a statement that he is not you, the original Marty Rathbun but lets all people believe that he is.    

Back to Michael Moore. I find it odd that he puts “Professional” before “Independent” and not “Professional” before “Scientologist”. The sequence indicates that the alleged “Independence” is more important than Professional and Scientologist. Independent Professional Scientologist sound much better than Professional Independent Scientologist. How can you be “professionally independent”? 

As you know, the “Freezone” was never “free” or “independent”, and they have their ear implants like the rest of the world and glorify the idiotic impostor of Ron instead of paying respect to Ron the real founder. Michael N. Moore is one of the blindest people I have encountered in relation to Scientology. Made me wonder what made this mole join Scientology in the first place. 




They will go into history as the non-Scientologist idiots that they are. Ron didn’t come back to the orgs or the “Freezone” and the “Independents”, and that says it all.  He ain’t on another planet. The so-called orgs and movements are secret P$ych movements! That’s why they don’t attract Ron or me. 

If their OTs aren’t capable of differentiating between the original founder and his chain-smoking impostor, those people are not winning real Scientologists over who are not on DM side. All these fights are infiltrators against infiltrators, and the Scientologists are watching it from above or from the side and postulate that infiltrators outside and inside the orgs are getting another hobby but misleading people that they are Scientologists and that what they are doing is Scientology.

As the Independents and the Freezone are not free and independent of what the doctor psych orders, e.g. are covering up the life of the real founder Ron, and as they are giving up on real and non-altered SCN tech, they are not appealing for all those who are tired of lies and cover ups and conspiracies, in other words, they are really not appealing to a real Scientologist.

Marty, I am SURE that Ron has not coined the term “WOG” but this is the term that infiltrators use and understand best. For me, infiltrators are WOGS.

Somebody once wrote that there are two versions of Scientology. That is true: The original Scientology of the real founder Ron, and the altered version of impostor “Jack Vistaril”  and further altered by DM, “Freezone” and “Independents”. They can shove Jack Vistaril’s  and anybody else’s version of Scientology. I WANT THE ORIGINAL BACK. And you too. Anything else is watered down and incomplete. Jack Vistaril’s version will not create a better world. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, my husband.

Yours forever


Yours in all eternity