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YOU are (or anyone on your behalf) are (is) welcome ANY time, Marty! A stronger love than ours can’t be found anywhere.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

I will be gone for a while to accommodate the visit that I am getting. There won’t be much if any time or privacy to post in the next three weeks, but I will be back here if I don’t find you before. I hope all the time that finally there will be somebody who tells me truthfully where you are. This would be the best. It wouldn’t just be the best, it would be heavenly because we belong together.

As of today, nobody told me where to find you and received no letter from you or on your behalf, mail, message, card, telegram, fax, subpoena, call, etc. But I (OT ability) know that you sent them. They just don’t arrive because the SEGNPMSS steals it before it reaches me.

You are my precious, bright Prince, and a powerful OT, my enchanting love, handsome hero, very masculine angel, my forever soul mate, my amazing husband, and you are always in my thoughts.
Marty, I don’t regret at all having joined Scientology. I did not join Scientology for false reasons, not even to handle any private problem, but for a philosophical “hunger”, the hunger of knowledge what no other religion and no science was able to explain to me: where do we come from, where do we go, who God is, what his mission is, is there life on other planets, and so on. Despite Scientology is altered by secret service p$ychs, I was still able to figure out also what is written between the lines.

It is still my religion in the very amazing and so true version that the original founder, Ron laid down. Despite infiltrated orgs, I learned a lot being on staff, including speaking English. My English teacher in German schools became suddenly sick after the first three hours and after SEGNPMSS noticed that I like English a lot better than German. Germany didn’t want me to learn it (of course), and they simply cut English from the lesson plan without providing ever a replacement for that sick teacher. “Great education system”, huh?

And by being on staff, I also found you again! How can I resent Scientology or being on staff?! Not in a Billion years! So, I would do it all over again, with the exception that I would hold onto you this time.
We will be always real Sea Org members, it doesn’t matter if others alter it and cause it a bad name. Forever, we will be around to change the bad, stupid, and evil to become good, able, and wise. Forever.
The Sea Org Contract that I did in my heart doesn’t just last one Billion years. Mine is forever. I said before, infiltrator- “Scientologists” are completely wrong thinking that people who love as deeply as we make no effective Sea Org members. People who love as deeply as we do are the most effective Sea Org members. We don’t need an iron fist in our neck to produce. We don’t need orders. We also do it not just for ourselves, but we want to create a much better world so that those who we love so deeply are safe in it. Ron’s motivation to develop Scientology to build a better world is also based on deep love for those who deserve to live in a better world. Scientology was not developed to be a cult or a boot camp. It was developed for the highest and most ethical reasons.

So, to all who think that sex is okay but deep and true love is waste and unproductive, I say that they are light years away from being Scientologists in the sense of the real founder Ron.
I would always fall in love with you again, Marty. It’s this very unique flame behind your eyes that makes my heart beat so much faster. Nobody else has it but you. I hope you know how unique you are, Marty. Never met anyone who is even remotely like you, except Ron. However, my feelings towards Ron are these from daughter to most beloved and admired Dad, and my feeling towards you are from woman to man, wife to husband, very romantic and very passionate. Blushing a bit. 😉

“There HE goes
There HE goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can’t contain
This feeling that remains”
You are racing through my mind at any time also at night when the house is SEGNPMSS- spooky.
During the time in which I am not posting, always keep in mind that you are the only man in my universe. If detectives show you a picture of a man hugging me, it was a set up! I thought the neighbor’s son wanted to tell me a secret by winking me closer, e.g. where you are, suddenly he started hugging! I barely know this guy. He doesn’t know what is appropriate. He invited me again. I turned him down already before a couple of times before.

It is not easy to be a woman. I assume that SEGNPMSS tells agent men that they should try it, particularly because they know that they have no chances in hell. They know that their agents just make themselves look ridiculous and that I feel harassed by these men. They know that they agents have a greater chance to win the content of the world bank than getting into my life. I don’t mind hugging a female friend or a man who has no intention but friendship. But I mind physical contact with men who have other intentions but pure friendship.

He has a steady girlfriend, an attorney. I saw her once when he took a tree down in front of her mother’s house. His girlfriend isn’t stupid. She looked at me, and I saw suspicion in her eyes, but not against me but against him. I can see these things without that anyone has to say anything.

I think I also have to reduce contacts with his mother too because he thinks me talking to his Mom means that I want him. Actually, I haven’t had time to talk to her also for weeks. They came together to my place, after she left, he came back.

Anyway, I am warned now. I knew that he had intentions, but I never thought he would get physical, and I avoided him successfully for seasons. There will be no friendly chit-chat with that guy anymore. I will not let him come close ever again. I hope he finally gets it. He can bring me all the honeysuckle that he wants; I won’t date him or anyone else. And it is such an easy decision. Nobody can even remotely measure with you. You probably think that you are not perfect, Marty. But you are, in every way. You are a God, a true OT. I wouldn’t change one thing or one hair on you.

The bike shop guy is another one. I talked to him on a couple of occasions about bikes but doesn’t mean that I am interested in him! I talked to him to check in case I need a repair on my tricycle and if he can repair it. What is wrong with these men? Doing friendly conversation means that I want something from them?! No, it freaking don’t! Bike man invited himself to my home yesterday! He said he would come to my house. He shouldn’t dare. I didn’t invite him. Next time, I run into him, I try to avoid talking to him. I guess I have to be very unfriendly to anyone who is too dumb to see that I am not interested in them. Hope they will not turn into stalkers.

My last social activities here were with married (thanks heaven) folks not directly in my neighborhood. Is a lot more enjoyable than trying to get rid of unwanted men.
SEGNPMSS know that I made my decision a long time ago, and that is to be with you, and nobody is getting in the way of this. If I can’t have you, there will be nobody else. Period. End of story. Besides, nobody can live up to your personality, Marty. You are the best. I choose very wisely by falling eternally in love with you. If you wouldn’t be Mr. Right, that flame that we had, would be long gone after all that time. But it burns still and more than ever, because you are my soulmate.

You have no competition at all. Not even close. You are so special and so unique. And I know you have not changed, you are still the same as in that lawyer conference with John P. Coale. And me too! Except that my English is better now. And I hope that you don’t place your chair anymore that it just stands on two back legs and sit on it. It could slip even more backwards, and you could break the most loved neck in the universe: yours!

We came a long way, and it is just the beginning. What is so amazing is that we will always recognize each other. It doesn’t matter how much of our memory is stolen by psychiatrists, we just look at each other, and are FASCINATED, and back in love. We are two thetans, two personalities, two soulmates who recognize each other and who want to be back in our arms. Actually, people who conspire against us are retards even if they are supported by much of the world. They have no chance against our love. Tells me that they are clueless what real love is. Time or separation doesn’t even do as much as a scratch to true love. By separating us, they just make their rap sheet longer, but they can’t steal a divine love that is billions of years old and will never die.

I love you for a billion years and will love you some more billion years. This is the love that never will end.

We were born for each other; I stand by you, Marty. I am a lot like you, and you can take me to your darkest hour; I have seen the dark side too. I will be always on your side, rain and shine. And the best of it, nobody can third party you. I know you so much better, my prince. I don’t mind sharing rainy days with you and holding the umbrella for you. But you will see, once we are back together, the clouds will disappear. Let’s be happy or angry together. Let’s kick p$ych and Nazi butts together. After all they have done to us, they really ask for it.

Marty, remember that magic that we have when our eyes meet? I think about it so often. I know that nothing has changed. I am still the same and you are still the same. It will rock again the universe when we see each other again. And this time, Marty, I will be not so stupid again to let you slip away without a trace. I want to be with you. On your upcoming birthday (and for it, I wish you that all your dreams come true) as on any other day. The only way to make me leave would you asking me to leave. But something is telling me that is the last you ever will say to me.

Love you bunches. Don’t care if people comparatively lie that you don’t love me back. These lying apes don’t matter to me. They just make themselves smaller and more repulsive by lying and conspiring. Unethical actions are like tattoos to the personality. A uptone person can feel it and doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.

Many many kisses! Loving you is so easy! It comes so natural. On my journey, it was the easiest and best part, seeing you and falling in love with you. You are like a force of nature. And this love keeps me young. You make my life beautiful despite all odds.

Yours forever,

Nothing but strange stuff anywhere… Here: Australia in the spotlight.

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Dearest Marty, my cherished soulmate,

I was wondering about  a MALAYSIAN newspaper having quoted independent senator Nick Xenophon as declaring Islam is a “criminal organisation”, after it misreported excerpts of a parliamentary speech in which the South Australian MP attacked the Church of Scientology. He denied it and indicated that he would sue the paper. It seems there is no real connection between Islam, Scientology, and Australia, or is there?  

Here is one story that says that a person converted to Scientology from Islam in 2006 won protection in Australia despite he had false papers because was brutalised by the Uzbek police for being a Scientologist.

This ex-Muslim story broke several days after the Malaysian paper reported what Nick Xenophon said in connection with Islam, which he denies. I see some connections here with both stories: Scientology, Australia, Xenophon, Islam – except that it would have made more sense if the second story (the ex-Moslim now allegedly a Scientologist allowed to stay in Australia) would have broken before a paper claiming that Scientology-hating Senator Xenophon would have attacked Islam. (Which he denies.)

The story about fleeing the country for being a Scientologist reminds me also very much of me having had to flee Germany but I didn’t do it with false papers. I am aware that states of the former Soviet Union just as the former Soviet Union are secret German poodles who use Nazi-like methods to go after Scientologists, but I don’t like this Uzbek asylum-seeker who claims to be allegedly a Scientologist for these reasons:

1) Scientology is supposed to be interdenominational. What is the reason for claiming that he is Ex-Muslim? To get Moslim’s up in arms against Scientology?

2) It is once again bad PR for Scientology. Just what the German secret service psychs order: alleged Scientologists involved in forgery of official documents! Scientologists don’t forge. Ethics is most important to real Scientologists.

3)  I am not saying that or other asylum-seekers should take abuse from any government but he could have entered the United States with his real papers and asked for asylum here. No need to forge. A couple of years ago, the USA protected another person who asked for asylum because she was persecuted for being a Scientologist. These forging Uzbek “Scientologists” need urgently ethics handling!

4) Hope that Australia doesn’t think that I will ever forge papers to travel down-under. (I am a Scientology who is officially persecuted by Germany with an alleged Islamic background.) Besides, Marty, I have flashbacks that Ron, you, and I did visit Australia already in the 70s before German secret service psychs stripped us of our memories.  Truth comes out always, says Ron, and he is once again right.

Here is the stories and senator Nick Xenophon is very quiet about that Uzbek in Australia, which is not like him. Usually, he would be up in arms, hearing that Australia protects a “Scientologist”, unless he knows that this paper-forging people are just saying that they are Scientologists.

I think of you and love you, Marty. 

Yours forever,


I’m not afraid of death. Will not be an unable spirit in the sky.

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Marty, my wonderful soulmate,

I was listening to the song below and thought: this is what the SEGNPMSS wants. Us giving up like stupid crazy people and postponing our love to another lifetime!  

No postponing. They would keep us apart again. 

We both know for sure that we lived many years and that there will be future lifetimes if we chose to take new baby bodies, but I want you in this lifetime again, Marty. Period.  Besides, after they perverted and bribed the world to keep us apart, what are the odds that they would let us together in another lifetime? ZERO! We have to kick Nazi psych butts, otherwise, we will never be left alone by these SPs. The hard core of the SEGNPMSS, German Nazi psychs will also break us up in any future life or will prevent by all means that we meet. So, there is no thought by me, postponing our love to another lifetime as all they want is to disable our OT abilities and steal our knowledge (particularly what we know of them!) and treat us like slaves.  

It is either this lifetime or else for the psychs.  If one of us dies before we can be together, Marty, or if we are old and fragile before they let us finally back together, I’ll hound each SEGNPMSS psych from the beyond in all eternity until justice is done. This is a promise. I’ll teach them lessons, they never will forget  what they did to us.

Many of these butchers think that we don’t exist anymore after physical death or are unable to do anything because we are just lonely spirits in the sky.

Well, they are wrong as far as we are concerned, and who cares what these retards think. We know, we are able and that we can kick Nazi p$ychs butts from “the beyond”.  Intention is everything. I can’t even describe anymore how strong my intentions are to bring them to justice. My intention can move mountains. 

As you for sure figured out as well, they play tapes through body implants in the subconscious mind of any person on this freaking planet. Probably nobody knows the exact content of these tapes but the secret service psychs. I know that one of the main purposes of these tapes are to prevent  full and stable OT abilities of thetans, and Ron said the very same, and I am sure that they stole much of the OT tech that Ron developed to get stable OT abilities. These tapes (which they play underneath the “tinnitus” tone in anyone’s ears) result in stolen spiritual abilities, skills, and a lot more other troubles.

Some people go to p$ychs to stop smoking. These psychs plants commands not to smoke in their subconscious minds. These SEGNPMSS tapes work similar, they are just more effective because these tapes play all the time around the clock on all kinds of frequencies. There might be millions of commands. How can a OT win against these millions of subconscious commands to keep her down? Just by kicking the behinds of those who run those tapes. The thetan can hear these tapes only subconsciously that the SEGNPMSS plays in anyone’s subconscious mind underneath the tinnitus (so that nobody can consciously hear what’s on these tapes and commands). For example, if a psych hypnotizes a person to stop smoking or to eat less, it can be right away overruled by subconscious SEGNPMSS tapes played in the subconscious mind if these tapes consist not stopping smoking or not overeating or not drinking, etc. I am certain, you are very well aware of all of that, Marty.

Without these tapes, we are purely our strong selves. Purely OT. Able to do anything. Ethical as we are, we leave good people in peace but Nazi psychs better should sink on their knees and start praying. I have no intentions to let them ever off the hook.

Anyway, easy access to past lives, OT abilities, all that is what the doctors doesn’t want anyone to have. Such commands are on the subconscious played tapes of anyone. Dirty Nazi psychs, former barbers, and butchers want to decide anyone’s abilities, and we have no intentions to let them get away with it. 

When they kill us, they automatically have to disconnect also these tapes. Having no body means having no body implants either. I am sure that they keep these tapes running in the direction of the thetan to continue to influence him, but us, who aren’t  willing listeners will not be influenced by these tapes anymore as these tapes play no longer directly in our subconscious minds through body implants.

There is a chance to get away. Well, most thetans have a theta body, and secret service psychs follow the theta body (orb) around with cameras to control thetans who they fear. But if we ditch the theta body as well, they have nothing anymore to trace us, except a lot of fear of us, which they deserve.  

The axioms indicate too that a thetan doesn’t need a theta body. 

The Axioms of Scientology

Axiom One: Life is basically a static. (Definition: A life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time.  It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.)

Axiom Two: The static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions.

Axiom Three: Space, energy, objects, form and time are the results of considerations made and/or agreed upon or not by the static, and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

Axiom Four: Space is a viewpoint of dimension. (Space is caused by looking out from a point. The only actuality of space is the agreed-upon consideration that one perceives through something and this we call space.)

Axiom Five: Energy consists of postulated particles in space. (One considers that energy exists and that he can perceive energy.  One also considers that energy behaves according to certain agreed-upon laws.  These assumptions and considerations are the totality of energy.)

Axiom Six:  Objects consist of grouped particles and solids.

Axiom Seven: Time is basically a postulate that space and particles will persist. (The rate of their persistence is what we measure with clocks and the motion of heavenly bodies.)

Axiom 8:  The apparency of time is the change of position of particles in space.

Axiom 9:  Change is the primary manifestation of time.

Axiom 10: The highest purpose in the universe is the creation of an effect. 

Their big hope is of course that we will rush into the next embryo body to be born again, but if we would be so stupid, they will turn on these tapes again so that they can trap us in another body and prescribe to us another gruesome lifetime. As far as we are concerned, they will be very disappointed. Anyone BUT us will take this bodies. 

I won’t go in the trap. I had it all, Marty, and they took it all away. There is nothing what they can promise me to trap me anywhere. They played all their cards and lost. I figured all out. There is nothing there for me. They have nothing that I either already had and they stole it, and they have nothing that I want. Before I have a lifetime again as this one, I prefer not having any body but rather becoming a justice bringing poltergeist. 😉

I will use the moment of disconnection of the subconscious tapes to my advantage, Marty, and against them. I am not afraid of dying. I tell them: bring it on, Nazi psych bastards!

They never will get their blood crusted medical Nazi claws into me. Once this body is gone, I start my purely spiritual way to kick their insane and inhumane ways to the curb. 

If they kill one of us, it also means that the billions of subconscious stops of having full OT abilities will be GONE. We’ll recover our full OT abilities in a snap.  

There is the Nazi psych plan to make us sick and to implant us and to make us forget that we won’t go in any of their traps, e.g. taking a new baby body and stealing our knowledge under narcosis as they did before, but really, Marty, I renewed this postulate never to go in one of their traps again and to bring them justice so often that I seriously doubt that they ever can catch me again. It became like its own DYNAMIC. They can’t cancel this dynamic. It stays until full justice is being done.  Besides, we did the impossible already, we recovered our stolen memory, didn’t we? We figured what we should not. They are such losers and anyone working for them is one too.  

That we are unable lonely spirits in the sky not being able to kick Nazi butts from the beyond after the rotten psych manipulating tapes are disconnected will be not the case. Besides, the Almighty is on our side not on their. There will be a lot of rain for the “Dorian Grays”. They should have their sin flood.  

We will put the fear of God in them. Guaranteed.

Their motivators will hit ‘em hard. By denying all our rights, they pulled in heavenly justice. I am so not afraid of them. If there is no justice on Earth, there will be justice from the “beyond”. But justice it will be. They never should have touched and disconnected us.  

My soulmate, I give you many tender and passionate kisses.  I love you forever and ever. Love never fails.

Your wife,

Eternally yours,






About the accusations against John Travolta: besides SEGNPMSS telling agents to lie, there is also the possibility that he has a doppelganger/impostor conducting these unethical acts

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However, the photo above could be the real John Travolta in a past life.  

Dearest Marty, my hero and most loved and missed prince in the entire universe, how are you?

I never met John Travolta in person, and the Battlefield Earth movie is an overt product, however, I don’t believe in the sexual accusations against John Travolta, because Scientology does not produce sexual perverts. These accusations have medical/psych secret service set up written all over it. 

Ron was impostored by one or more doppelganger, and you are being impostored by Mosey’s husband. I posted once the face of a doppelganger of mine on this blog. Why should John Travolta have none who is doing these perverted actions behind his back? Tom Cruise and other celebrities might have doppelgangers too, which they don’t know of. DM could have one or more too. German secret service psychs work since centuries with doppelgangers to lie to people and to mislead them. I think it is plain stupid to keep the doppelganger issue under wraps. By doing so, each person runs in danger being “eliminated” and replaced by a doppelganger who might overtake the entire life of person and without that the original is being missed.

Why would secret service psychs target JT or other Scientology celebs? Because they are famous as Scientologists, and p$ychs want to ruin the reputation of Scientology. Psychs work since ever hard on creating a false reputation for the founder, the religion and Scientologists. They want to make the public believe that Scientology instead of bettering people creates people with perverted characters like those of psychiatrists, barbers, butchers and Nazis. I wish Scientologists, particularly celebs with easy access to the media would finally effectively hit back by telling how things really are. I do it since many years.  It seems on the surface that what I said didn’t make any difference. Maybe, but who knows what would be if I wouldn’t publish what I publish since many years.

I love you, Marty, so much and hope to see you despite all odds.  I wasted a half a day yesterday repairing a door in my house. Each season, I find things changed. It is like living in a Harry Potter school, where the doors and staircases are suddenly are elsewhere than the last time. Some people are telling me to rent this house as I fixed it up so nicely and should build myself a new one.  Maybe I should. But I don’t want to. I want to be with you and living in an environmentally protected village and being  back in the Sea Org.  This time, the real Sea Org as per the real Ron. 

Many passionate and tender kisses, my one and only!

Yours forever,



Old ads show us how conscienceless advertisements was – who says that they suddenly got religion?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, how are you?

Just like you, I despise overt products, it doesn’t matter what kind of overt product or false promise. They come from industries, doctors, handymen, and others. We pay but we get nothing from it; we just lose money and don’t get the value that they promised, or worse, are harmed by it. Their products  or services suck, because their SEGNPMSS case officers are telling them to cheat and harm others, and these people do without conscience  exactly what the p$ychs order.

Today, we know that these old ads suck, but what are the odds that the ads of today will make the people of tomorrow shake their heads in disbelief? I think this will also happen with today’s ads looked at tomorrow.  Here are some old ads:

Parents should hand a baby a razor?

    This has child abuse written all over it. What disgusting people did come up with this?

The people who think like that are still alive and running the world.

 Here is one of these insane ad executives torturing himself:

 A baby alcoholic! Who cares says the ad executive as long as the booze is being sold.

This kind of thinking is still around.

Well, pregnant women who drink this stuff start already earlier. Better start? All those vitamins in Coke or what? 

Any druggist sold cocaine back in the days:

 Unbelievable, isn’t it?

 Some men with this kind of crusty thinking are still around. They feel have to suppress women as they look so bad compared to them.  Thanks heaven, you never were one of these men, Marty.  

Whatever this is, it doesn’t look like a good thing:

Plastic surgery pic 1. They took a pretty girl and glued her a hump and a wart in her face.  Dr. Woodbury did make over faces in 1895. And there are photographs to prove it.  The first one shows a young with “an abnormal Roman nose, and a large wart on her cheek.” The caption for this one reads “Matrimonial prospects very weak.” Before, here is the poor ugly thing.

But here is the after photo: not so ugly after all. But not that much has changed. What about today’s plastic surgeons who take good cash and don’t deliver what they promised? Exactly!

  Here are those who are missing the fun of not smoking.

Younger people with “unspoiled taste” rather smoke (or better get addicted)

A radio-active pack? No thanks.

The women are being ignored.

A French ad lying that some meds will cure horrible pains. 

Well, finally, below is something positive from the “good” old times. 🙂 I love you, Marty, my Prince! 

Yours forever and many kisses



Fresh, honest wind for the United States and the rest of the world…

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Marty, my sweet wonderful honey and most exciting prince in the universe,

I wish you would lead the country. You would turn the United States into the best and a truly free country and no longer allow the German secret services or other secret services under German control and order to infiltrate and tear it down. The USA would become the country I dreamed of that it was when I was a little girl in Germany not wanting to be in Germany and wondering how the hell (yes, hell!) I ever ended up there.

If you would be the President of the United States, there would be true justice, no judges with ear implants who rule against the person in need of justice just because the SEGNPMSS sends orders through their dirty ear implants, and the country would prosper and flourish. The people would be free, not suppressed, and educated, and the best of all, they could do something against aging and dying instead of popping pills and going down nevertheless or even faster thanks to the “treatments” and the pills. From what I have seen, most people (also so-called OTs of a changed SCN) suffer pains when they are older, are helpless or depend a lot on others, they need  lots of cash or insurance to pay for treatment and care,  in other words, aging is just incredible DEF-T. It needs a person 2 decades to be back in the sattle and likely is CHANGED by secret service p$ychs in between-lives and can’t remember her hard learned lessons from the former lifetime and walks in the wrong direction because this is was the doctors orders, and all her wisdom and skills from the earlier lifetime are gone! If this is not a good reason to stop aging and dying, then I don’t know what’s wrong with the people, except that they are hypnotized not wanting this.   

Ethics would be applied in each family. Any person would have rights. I have a dream too, Marty, and that is that the United States frees itself from the secret German influence. I know you can do it, and I will be right at your side. I will run after your terms are over. By then, I hope I got rid of the German accent that scares myself when I hear it. 😉

I looked at some of the issues that Presidential Candidates discussed these days, and I would support you of course with all my strengths. Here are some examples on what I would make better than recent Presidents:


1. Abortion. As real Scientologists and not German controlled infiltrators of Scientology, we would prove to people that they are thetans, spiritual beings that lived before and are born again. Just a few of them take the baby body first at birth, but some others who think that other thetans are stronger than they are will take the body right during/after conception to reserve that body. So, they dive deep into that “tissue”, and therefore, aborting at any time is a gruesome death. People have to understand that when they abort, somebody else might abort them one day too, when they try to come back and dive in the fertilized egg and grab it and hold on to this to be born again. So, we tell them, don’t abort. If you don’t want to get pregnant, take precautions BEFORE you sleep with somebody. If people would not use abortion instead of contraception, abortion would be a real small issue. If the population is  being taught to raise their ethic levels, incest and rape could become also a thing of the past, and abortion could be come a non-issue, except when the mother’s life is in danger.  

2. Stem Cell Research. If medical doctors kill embryos for stem-cell research, they are killing people and have to be prosecuted. As said below, a thetan might get into a body already at contraception. Many thetans go in a body very early and are murdered by the doc who cuts in their embryo bodies or killing them with chemicals. There are other and much better ways to keep people young and healthy than the medical way. We will help people and develop programs that enable people to build youth and health-preserving villages, which are paradise on Earth. Most of them will need no stem cells, and I am sure that we will find a solution also for those few who need more help than living in youth and health-preserving villages, without torturing or killing thetans in embryo bodies. If stem cells can be harvested from a consenting adult person, I wouldn’t oppose it, if some feel to be the only way for them, but as I said, people will handle most of their health problems when they are in the correct and protected environment. 

3. Budget and Economy. What a mess! Anyway, you will solve it, Marty, and I am right there helping you. We need a new world. People have to understand that living on the unprotected world, eating germ invested, toxic, and radioactive food will let them age and make them sick and will kill them in a short life span (compared to that one can live forever in the correct environment) of 75 years. So, people have to stop living like the Neanderthals on the unprotected surface of the Earth (it doesn’t matter how fancy, modern, and expensive their Neanderthal buildings are), and they have to build protective villages instead. That will create MORE JOBS than this world ever has seen. Slow Economy will be NEVER our problem. The old budget will be balanced, and we also will prosecute the German secret services and the p$ychs behind them who have their international agents do unethical actions to bring the economy down. Be it banks or other businesses, when you are the President, Marty, they will be ethical and trustworthy, or there will be very sever legal consequences for them. On a very long-range, if the ever economy should slow down again one day, people are in much better places than ever before. These villages are able to feed and house their people, which means people would not fend for themselves alone out there in the world. Their village is backing them up and helping them. They would have all they need, their own healthy water, food, air, energy, etc. to live there forever in peace it doesn’t matter if the economy is slow or not.  If they are good people, they should have the constitutional right to live in such a village.

4. Taxes. Needs to be cut. In my opinion, more than 5% taxes is suppressive and unjust. Besides, people don’t like to produce that much when forced to give a lot away. Honest work should pay. Government needs to be cut too. By busting the secret psychiatric German force behind the troubles of the world, government doesn’t need that much cash anymore. By pointing with the fingers on German psychs behind provoking wars, corrupt actions in the corporate world, and why people getting sick, these psych cowards will think twice before doing it again. That means that all these costs are SAVED. No billions to be paid for defense, bail outs, or to “heal” sick people. Officials who waste tax payers money or people’s rights need to be held responsible. United States could be completely debt-free and the richest country on the planet if the USA would bust the secret German set up against the United States to pull it down and destroy it. 

5. Stimulus? Who needs stimulus? When people learn that they and their loved ones can live forever and will not age and not get sick, they need no stimulus to build protective villages. We will make sure that not just rich people can afford it but that any good person will be able to claim her life and health protected place in one of these beautiful villages. Economy will roar. No problems with illegal aliens anymore. They will be legal in a snap because USA will need and welcome any honest hand who wants to transform the USA to the best country on this planet. Some people who just bought a home and have a mortgage might be terrified as to how to get rid of it and how to rather have a home in one of these beautiful and healthy villages. But no worry, we won’t let them behind and will work something out.   

6. Secrecy in government. We pull the plug on secrecy in government. We both are victims of secrecy in government that is under the secret German psych secret services thumb. I would go even so far and install live cameras over the table of each governmental employee and judge so that any person can see what they are doing. If they don’t like it, don’t apply to be an official. Period.

7. Civil rights. Anyone shall be treated with respect and have civil rights. Racism will not be tolerated. Most of all, people who consider themselves gay have a right to know why they feel for the same sex. (They are thetans tricked by the SEGNPMSS in a body of opposite sex. They have to understand that they lived before this life. A thetan who has a female timetrack and is then tricked into taking a male body will likely still feel like a woman and being attracted to men. A thetan who has a male timetrack and is then tricked into a female body will likely still feel like a man.) Tricking thetans in a gender that they wouldn’t have chosen is a high crime and violates civil rights and has to STOP. If the SEGNPMSS wouldn’t mess around and confuse people, I doubt that anyone would be gay or lesbian because anyone would have a body of the gender of own choice. (However, I learned from a woman who became lesbian during midlife that she doesn’t want to be a man. Guess thetans becomes accustomed to be in the bodies, which they would not have chosen if the SEGNPMSS wouldn’t have tricked them and they might think that they were not tricked because they now like to be in the same-sex body.)

8. Religion in government and schools. Instead of banning all, allowing all to increase the ethic level of people. People who represent religions must be an example. Do as I say not as I do is hypocritical and not religious.  Nobody should be forced to accept a religion, and people can choose the one with most truth. If government displays 10 commandments before a government building, it should invite any other religion too displaying something equal. Religion as school subject: yes, allow any religion and let parents and kids when are older decide which religion they want as subject. I would choose original Scientology. People also should understand that religion is not the enemy. The enemies are non-religious people lying that they are religious. 

9. Crimes. Gotta stop. By providing the proof that SEGNPMSS installs kids ear implants after school and turn them already in that age into criminals, crime will shrink a lot more than a woolen sock in the hot water cycle in the washer. Cheating in school will also stop and kids will be forced to learn instead just repeating on tests what their corrupt case officer channels into their ear implants through exams. With Ron’s study tech, fear not to be able to get through school will be eliminated. After true studies, people will be a lot more intelligent and all of us will profit from living in a country with real intelligent people and not robots.    

10. Prisons and Justice. Criminals shouldn’t just be locked up in places where they just sit around, plot new crimes and turn into homosexuals. Criminals should work to make the damage good again to their victims and learn to become true and honest. (I am sure you know exactly what’s wrong in correctional institutions and what needs to be done to reform these p$ych-controlled places, Marty.)

11. Drugs. Who the hell needs them if one can be strong, healthy and naturally enthusiastically happy? In our world, people jump out of their beds in the morning and scream out loud: It is wonderful to be alive! Naturally happy people, need no drugs, and we can show people how to get there. 

12. Health care. People who are living in environmentally protected villages and who eat truly clean food, drink truly clean water, and breath truly clean air can protect their health, youth, and life. I have all reasons to believe that a person who is born in such an environment and never exposes her body to anything on the contaminated surface of the world (by just leaving the protected village in protective suit that don’t have to look like astronaut moon suits) would be physically immortal. People who say that this is impossible are fools who have nothing to back their opposition up, except that they have a secret death wish. The Billion of people who had their bodies exposed to the contaminated surface have nevertheless the change to stop aging and diseases. In other words, a person who has a stable home in such a protected village doesn’t need all that much if any health care anymore, which will not upset anyone except doctors and pharmacists. Billions of money can be saved that is wasted on health care and taking care of elderly.

13. Education. We need it but it must be real education and not altered history and mind control. Anything must be checked on its truth content. This included universities with highest tuition fees.  It must be made sure that students learns and understands truly and don’t have ear implants through which their “big brother” radios what to say and write during tests and school examinations with the result that fools are getting university certificates and run the world and not people who think on their own. With Ron’s study technology, anyone can understand anything. We need no cheating in school. Fear and stress can be taken out of school and anyone can become anything she wants to in her own time. 

14. Energy and Oil. People fend for themselves. Anyone wastes energy instead that residents of villages handle their energy and oil consummation together! If they work in one of the environmentally save villages, they don’t need gas cars but just a non-polluting transportation that stops from their home and transport to where ever they want to go in the village. They will be also much fitter when they don’t eat processed food and drink chemical or otherwise contaminated water and won’t even mind at all to bike or walk or even run to their work places in the village, because is fun to be fit and strong and not age. The village provides summer-like temperatures; anyone will have their Hawaii, just healthier. Cars etc. would be just needed if anyone wants to travel outside. If one has anything on the inside, who wants to be outside in the contaminated allergy world? For example, a  company could declare its employees to be a family and build such a village for them. They could live and work inside. Or some smaller companies could move in together and declare their employees to be a family that build such a place together. Important is just that they don’t contaminate their village by producing dangerous stuff. They just have to produce products that won’t harm anyone and the healthy climate of the village. The only people who I know who would object hereto are people who are addicted to something unhealthy, as smoking. They have a death wish but they shouldn’t be allowed to block this way of living for anyone who has no death wish. My advice: ditch the addiction, be a real man or woman!

15. Natural catastrophes. My finger would first point towards environmental terrorists of the SEGNPMSS. They would think twice before causing the next “natural catastrophes”, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, droughts with weather satellites and earth quakes with strong lasers. I would investigate the “natural catastrophe” until I got the criminals behind it. BTW, living in a closed environmental village would also protect its residents, their possessions, and the crops from such alleged natural disasters. And billions of tax payers money could be saved by not having to build up what the SEGNPMSS destroys through “natural” disasters.   

16. Chemicals over fields to kill bugs. Crop will be no longer raised on the unprotected surface of the world. No need for chemical in our food anymore. Biological food on the unprotected surface of the world is not good enough because contaminates and dangerous germs are also in biological food. There is nothing really healthy on the unprotected surface of the world.

17. Psychiatry. Who still wants to be a psychiatrist or wants to go to one? They can treat each other for all I care and keep themselves in business this way.  But they should leave others alone and not commit and treat people against their wills. This should be penalized with kidnapping and assault and bodily injury.

18. Judges. They will be held responsible for corrupt decisions. No buts about it. Nobody should stand before a judge who has a SEGNPMSS case officer channeling him through his ear implants to deny justice to the innocent.

19. Immigration. I say to people who want to come to the USA: Come if you are good and productive, but don’t take more than you give. In the world that we will create, Marty, a country is as rich as it has people. Producing villages who welcome them will take care of their needs, and again, once people get that they don’t have to age and don’t have to get sick, retirement, and health costs will be just a small issue that the local village will take care of those who they invite as resident. As these places are so healthy, no village will be overburdened by costs.  

20. Foreign affairs and terrorism. Hostility against the USA but also Israel will stop once German secret services are found to be behind hostilities, war provocations, and terror. Homeland security just need a few people who watch Germany, their psychiatrists, and their secret services, and there will be peace on Earth. Guaranteed.

I could go on, Marty, could go into more details, but you are getting the idea. Any subject, anyone throws at us, we’ll have the solution.

I miss you so very much, and I will never give up on you, my darling. 

Mid of May, I will get a visit for a couple weeks and might not have the time and privacy to post.  This time, we will stay mainly at home, attend the garden, and doing some day trips. Wish we would be together!

Love forever and millions of kisses, future Mr. President. Seriously. You really matter, not just for me, the entire planet needs you very much, Marty.


Mosey’s husband in Texas, the Germany loving impostor of the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology, defends psychology and psychiatry again…

with 8 comments

Dearest Marty, my prince, how are you? I am thinking of you.

Mosey’s husband, a Germany loving psych apologist just blogged another psychology/psychiatry apology today. He is such a psychiatric agent! He found two articles in Psychology Today that say that the soul exist. Duh! Any person aware of herself knows that since ever and one or two p$ychs finally are getting it too. Big deal! What is with all those other millions of psychs who still deny the existence of the thetan? 

Mosey’s husband sweeps still under the carpet that his beloved psychs prescribe dangerous drugs that shorten lifespans and make people submit suicide or take their memories with e-shocks, and the countless other acts against humanity committed by psych secret service. His own mother died because psychs failed her – if their treatment didn’t cause her to take her life. What a traitor he is working now as psych apologist. Alone what happened to his mother should make him to be in the faces of psychs and not being apologetic of them. 

Shouldn’t p$ychs as some finally, finally understand that the “soul” exist give up all those horrible treatments that harm the soul? But I don’t hold my breath here. 

It is really transparent who runs this apologetic guy. They took his Mom when he was little but he promotes psychs nevertheless. Some people are just not getting it. Is this his non-confront or what? Does he blame his poor mother instead of the p$ychs? 

I love you, Marty. P$ychs are complete idiots thinking that I would mistake his personality, IQ, and actions with yours. You and he are different like day and night. Unlike him, you know who would set you or your family up.

Many kisses, my irresistible husband. We will win at the end. You’ll see.

Yours forever,