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Inside the still existing Nazi doctor minds…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and husband, how are you?

They decided that Islam is the easiest religion to do away with other religions or religious philosophies. So, they psychiatric-condition so-called Muslims and their own Nazi supporters to attack other religions, places of worship, churches, or places nearby.

They want religion to get the bad rap and if that doesn’t help, they don’t want people to go to their religious services because being afraid of being attacked or killed there. So, they think that this is the way to make people giving up being religious. Religion attacks religions is their plan – but only people who don’t think will fall for it. 

As I said before, these still existing lunatic Nazi doctors are thinking that their bad conscience evaporates if people stop talking about a God. They think if the planet and universe agrees that there is no God and religion is nonsense, they can commit any monstrous crime on top of the horrors they already committed without having to feel bad. They came to the conclusion that they can control and run an non-religious person better than one who isn’t religious. You are I are religious but no cultists, Marty. They are getting nowhere with us. They have the tools to kill us but they can’t run us. 

It is all about them and them wanting to feel better without becoming better. They are the Nazi doctor cultists. They are not thinking for themselves as we do it.    

As far as personalities and IQs are concerned, they are zeros. I am rather tortured than being like them, Marty. I have no words to describe how I despise them. I don’t hate them. I am totally disgusted by them. They have no courage to look into what they did and do so wrong and better themselves but rather want to bring the world and anyone on it down more and more but developing human qualifications. For me, they are slimy crawling vermin and nothing more.

On the other side, they want to be adored as advanced beings and scientists. The best of the best. Above all races and nationalities. Above all professions. They want to be worshiped like Gods, yet, there is nothing to worship. They are nobodies who torture and kill mankind. As they can’t impress the world in a positive way, they are talking themselves into believing that they are superior because they can cause pain and death to anyone on the planet, so they must be superior.

Fooling some dummies into believing that they are worth something, doesn’t make them worth anything. It just means that some fools fell for their lies. 

Imagine this: they stands in front of people and lie in their faces great scientists and persons but they knows deep down that they are not even remotely what they tell others. The mislead people in then audience are applauding and handing them awards. They can’t enjoy any of it as they know better than anyone that they are scum.   

Full-blooded idiots as they are, these Dorian Greys are completely missing the point that they are losing self-respect. Deep down, they know that they are worth nothing. They just don’t want it to be true. Anyone can be a monster. Causing pain and ripping apart. What is difficult about that? Any wild animal can do that. And that is basically what they are. Animals that somehow got into human bodies but shouldn’t as they don’t behave like humans.

They never will get rid of their bad consciences. Even if they rid the planet of religion and a belief in God. Their bad conscience has them firmly in their grip and will torture them back. It will eat away at them into total personal failure. When others are happy, they can’t. Because they know what they did and they tattooed themselves with their coverts in all lifetimes to come. Even if they should lose their memories and can’t remember what they did. They will be super depressed because what counts most, the only thing one can take in the afterlife, a good character, they discarded.    

There is no bigger loser than the bad person. There really isn’t.

I love you, my hero. Be kissed, tenderly and passionately.

Yours always,






I love you, Marty

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I spent all day inside, cleaning my home, listening to music, and thinking of you. I listen to a lot of swing. I know that there was never a good time on this planet, but songs like this help me to relax. There are from a time long before I was born (this lifetime) but they remind me of my last past life when I lived in the USA and was not kidnapped. I guess this is why I like swing and jazz that much.  

I blow through here
The music goes ’round and around
And it comes out here
I push the first valve down
The music goes down and around
And it comes out here
I push the middle valve down
The music goes down around below
Below, below, deedle-dee-ho-ho-ho
Listen to the jazz come out
I push the other valve down
The music goes ’round and around
And it comes out here



I wrote two postings today for you, and they both vanished into thin air. I now save all few second to get this one out.

There was still no letter or message by you or anyone on your behalf for me, Marty. Yet, I feel that you are trying to reach me. Germany control’s anyone’s ear implants, so no message gets through to me. Because the monsters behind Germany know that I never would turn on you by telling anything but the truth. I believe that Germany framed you (and my OT abilities say so) and this is the reason, they don’t let any of your messages or that of your representatives come through to me. 

They run the worst cult ever, the psychiatric ear-implant cult. Unlike them, we are our own people. We are thinking for ourselves. They and their robots don’t. What a phony and dishonest world. 

   Marty, I stand by you. And they can do nothing about it. 

Yours forever, and be tenderly embraced and kissed.






Trump’s UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) pullout

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Dearest Marty, my love, how are you?

Trump pretends doing this for the United States but the people behind Germany (including using Russians to achieve this) wanted him as US president.

So, we have to look at what’s the plan of the people behind Germany is in regards to this pullout.

First of all, running all people on the planet with ear-implants, means that Germany violated this UN treaty over and over again. They hide behind any nation and person of any nationality who traded arms or killed.

On the front, to appear very different to the world as they are, they have international physicians to support arms control but behind the front, the SEGNPMSS has nothing but torture, murder, and mass murder on their retarded butcher and barber minds.

Here are some of their plans that I can perceive:

1) Instead of leading the UN, the move to pull out reflects that the US is not the world leader (but the EU, which is Germany with the other EU states doing everything Germany wants). I also believe that Germany plans to dislocate the UN from US grounds to Germany or at least to Europe.

2) SEGNPMSS enjoys violence. They do lots of harm by conditioning people. Their Manchurian candidates get hold of weapons and murder in the USA and elsewhere, incl. their own family members.  

3) The USA is painted to the world as brutal nation that does not want peace. Actually, the SEGNPMSS works hard on it to make the USA getting accused on what is typically SEGNPMSS.

4) Germany (smaller in size than Montana but in population maybe as large as California) is one of the largest arms producers in the world. Despite that they are not officially saying that they wanted Trump to become the US president, they smell rewards for them flowing back to Germany if the USA arms up.

5) Germany also used and uses Russia and China. Without Germany having suppressed both (and other countries) for centuries, Germany fears that it might never become the leader in these parts. Germany had the Ukrainians ask Germany for help taking them over without revealing that Germany uses ear-implants and mind-control to make this happen. But with Russia (despite that they are using it for their purposes too), they hid a snag. Now, they want Russia (and China) and the USA weakened. They want the USA to fighting a war with Russia (and China), starting in Venezuela or another country. When they are all down, they want the citizens of these large countries cry out to Germany/EU for help.  

They also want Trump’s friendship with Putin or Russians to end. By having Americans say that they colluded, the German plan is to have Trump make decisions against Russia (even war) so that Americans believe him that he did not.

6) The people behind Germany wants to involve the USA in hot wars, e.g. with Russia, or China, or any other country. This includes nuclear wars. The monsters behind Germany plan to set such wars up, and having the USA losing these wars (can be done via the ear-implants). When the USA is down in rubble, Germany will then move in, taking over everything, and declaring itself to be the official world leader. Once there is no state left to oppose Germany, they will do away with mom-like leaders as Merkel (who became chancellor to fool people who Germany has changed and can be trusted). Germany will have Nazi march officially again with medical doctors and p$ychs on top. It will be political incorrect and very dangerous to even just state that they are doing wrong. Everyone knows how this works: suppression of the masses.

7) SEGNPMSS wants US presidents who do not look through them and do what they want as this is the way for Germany to become not just the secret but also the official world leader.

These “Americans” who celebrate Trump’s alleged pro-American freedoms, have no clue about the plans that the monsters behind Germany are having. And if they would find out, they probably would use their arms to retaliate instead of using their minds. This is not about giving a family a way to defend themselves in the wilderness against grizzlies. Germany wants total wars. It wants the USA to exhaust itself and other big countries through wars so that Germany can attach them to the Vaterland and take over the planet.

8) Germany signed the ATT because it wants the world to think that is peaceful. As long the world thinks that they have changed, they can take over behind the scenes.

9) And in case (despite them controlling the ear-implants of people) something should go wrong at EU level, Germany has plans to take over the world by breaking away through they official Nazi parties as AFD.    

10) Germany is above everyone, including the UN. The UN failed to go after Germany, its use of ear-implants (loud and silent sounds) to create violent conflicts and wars. That’s why the ATT won’t save the world.

Trump says “Under my administration, we will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone”. Duh! American sovereignty? German psychs and medical doctors, the monsters behind Germany are running everyone with loud and silent sounds via ear- and body implants that people get latest in first grade. And that is called American sovereignty?

I know you have very similar thoughts, Marty.

You are one of the few that the monsters behind Germany could not fool. I saw it in everything you did.

I love you, be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,

I am thinking of you, Marty…

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Everyday. Including thinking of the stops that the monsters behind Germany order the USA and the rest of the world to deny our rights.

Did you read that Florida approved a bill to arm their teachers? What if p$ychs (and it is just a matter of time) conditions a teacher and he or she starts shooting the kids?

And I also read that  Japan’s “Eugenics Protection Law” was born in 1948 and was only revoked in 1996. Three years after the Nazis were officially defeated, the monsters (psychs, medical doctors, barbers, butchers, and the likes) continued to control Japan and infected them with their insane eugenics and sterilized Japanese against their will or knowledge. Heil ear-implants. One of the very protected tool of the monsters behind Germany.

And how stupid of them to deny us our rights. They are drawing our attention on them, and we sure find out what they are up to.

Be kissed, Marty. I love you eternally. You are always on my mind. If I would know you coordinates, Marty, and if you would want to see me, I would be there in a heartbeat.  


P.S. One of my neighbors asked me if I babysit or run a day care because of the large number of kids hanging out on my property and deck. I told him that is not how I earn my money.

Yesterday, I saw a little girl walking down the street heading towards the end of town. And that is not where her home is. I approached her and found out that she was lost. She tried to find her home but her glasses broke, and she hardly can see anything without them. So, I brought her home. But I don’t babysit or run a day care. These kids come on their own and are making themselves at home at my place. Sometimes they are a pain in the neck, and sometimes they are hilarious. 





Sure, those “innocent” medical doctors and medical workers…

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Dearest Marty, my incredible Prince and brilliant husband, how is your life?  

Federal prosecutors are charging 60 doctors, pharmacists, medical professionals and others in connection with alleged opioid pushing and health care fraud, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

And this is just the tip of the medical iceberg. I bet the farm that there is not one profession on the planet that does more harm to people than psychs, medical doctors, and other medical “professionals”. And the barbers and butchers behind Germany are coordinating and running the rest of the medical world via ear implants. But they want to be adored and worshiped by mankind as super-intelligent, advanced, and human, and they are anything but. I couldn’t think lower of them because I know my (our) stalkers. Scum without conscience. I often think that if they would invest their energy into developing a good character instead of torturing innocent people, they would be someone today instead of disgusting vermin.    

Passover has started. I also believe that since your wrongful arrest, neither you nor your family ever could celebrate anything happily.

I love and miss you, Marty. Still haven’t found a solution to find you. No message or letter, etc. by you or on your behalf was ever delivered by anyone because Germany runs anyone with ear-implants. The person who says that this would be not possible is one of their agents because it is easy to attach kids to their system and keep them in-line all their lives. And this is what German doctors order and what is being done. The entire world is a German medical cult. And it shows.

As Germany committed so many crimes against us and set up the case and your wrongful incarceration, they of course don’t want me to testify for you as it would be revealed what they have done.  

Nevertheless, I haven’t given up on hoping to see you again. Praying for the miracle to make it against all odds. 

Be kissed, my darling.

Yours forever,






The redacted Mueller Report…

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As I said, Marty, I am not a fan of Robert Mueller, or William Barr, or Rod Rosenstein, or Donald Trump or anyone else.

They all failed to convict Germany and grant us our rights.

However, I am a fan of yours.

I love you.

Yours forever,

The people behind Germany want the Holocaust forgiven – without them having bettered themselves

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and Prince, how are you?

German-controlled ear-implants, loud and/or silent sounds make statements like this possible: far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said a few days ago that the Nazi genocide of the Jews during World War II could be forgiven.

The psychs and medical doctors behind Germany control anyone’s ear-implants, and they radio not just in German but also in other nationals’ mind what to do or how to behave to make Germany to the official world leader. They have these pro-Nazi statement say by other nationals than Germans so that the world falls for it that it is not them who is behind the new Nazi wave that is all over this world. 

And they haven’t bettered themselves. The Rwandan genocide is just one example. 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed in the 90s. 

The genocides before and after that also were instigated and conducted by Germany because their psychiatrists and medical doctors run nations via supercomputer, translator programs, and ear- and body-implants (which babies are getting secretly right after birth or already in the womb and also kids when they are in first grade). The people behind Germany bring out the worst in people and cowardly hide behind other nationalities.

Genocides and other brutalities that were covered up during history are not even on this list. And even if it might appear that Germany had nothing to do with it, e.g. done on another continent during a time where Germany allegedly didn’t travel there, everything goes back to that the obsessed barbers and butchers behind Germany run people with ear- and body implants and hypnotize them.

This planet changed from rather peaceful to the murderous hell hole full with suffering for anyone since the SPs behind Germany appeared on this planet.  

Furthermore, they keep it from mainstream that people don’t have to age, get sick, and die if they would be allowed to live under certain conditions, which actually should be a human right for each person. In other words, the p$ychs and m€dical doctors behind Germany are killing the entire world population within an average of 70-80 years and torture them like hell when they are older. And when this will becomes finally known, they want to be forgiven for this too.

They also want to be forgiven for being to spineless to better themselves. They want to continue as the monsters as they are and be forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, instead their barber, butcher, Nazi doctor butts kicked under international laws in all eternity. Mankind must be aware of that SPs do not just simply become better because they lost wars despite they run all people. They are so stupid as just a few people who know their characters (their lack of it) and what they are up to can defeat them. 

As long as the ear- and body-implants remain a secret and are not traced back to them, they think, they always can manipulate the world into forgiving them and making them big again so that they have another shot, and another shot, and another shot, and eternal shots to take over the world, not just unofficially but officially. Without having to better themselves of course. 

It is time to take this away from them. And nothing will be forgiven. Goes also for their agents because who is Nazi-friendly is a Nazi. 

Be kissed, Marty, I love you, my courageous hero. You are the best. You deserve a statue in your name at each street corner. I saw it the moment I laid eyes on you. You were so very different in the best way. Being the best one can be through all lifetime shines from inside out. Already back then in the 80s, there was an aura of glory about you. It was breathtaking. And I was thinking: how can an amazing being like him be on a lousy planet like this? But you were. Thanks heaven. And also that I can see where so many others are blind.    

Yours forever,



I am not a tiny bit impressed by the “black holes” images

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Black hole, just another “donut”:

Dearest Marty, how are you?

I miss you every day and night. Hope to see you again. 

“Science” celebrates the new close-up pictures of “black holes”. They “put the power of various telescopes” together. See here:

The telescopes contributing to this result were ALMAAPEX, the IRAM 30-meter telescope, the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, the Large Millimeter Telescope Alfonso Serrano, the Submillimeter Array, the Submillimeter Telescope, and the South Pole Telescope [7]. Petabytes of raw data from the telescopes were combined by highly specialised supercomputers hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy and MIT Haystack Observatory.

The telescope or other devices that would impress me would be those that can look behind the fake computer projection that the creeps behind Germany put up. It covers up the real universe. 

Black holes are the unintelligent invention by the SEGNPMSS, trying to create fear. They want to discourage deep space exploration until all creatures in the universe are attached and controlled by their ear-implants and obey Germany’s psychiatrists and medical doctors, and their stupid lunatic ideas.   

There are probably some idiots who are impressed by that rogue movement that projects a fake universe and sends their Manchurian candidates into deep space. Nothing intelligent by controlling instead of bettering beings. They spy on people, getting rid of them, and steal their findings and inventions. What’s impressive about this? Nothing at all.

The psychs and medical doctors behind Germany implant and hypnotize people to go into deep space. I bet some of the implanted people are also other psychs and medical doctors. They do horrible things also to their own peer and stupidly thinking that nobody will do it to them. This is the trademark of the full-blown psych and other idiot: “It just happens to others, never to me because my case officers are protecting me.” Yeah right. The only thing that would protect them would be a world that is decent to anyone without any trap for anyone. And they try to avoid this by all means. This means, these people are so stupid that this word doesn’t even do to describe them.    

These conditioned people are asleep but functional like this woman:

SEGNPMSS is much more advanced with hypnotizing and controlling people as its barbers are doing it for centuries. Again, totally stupid as it will be done also to them. What goes around, comes around.

No courage needed to go into seep space and land on an alien planet without having consciousness. They are controlled with ear-implants and their draft codes and do all that is ordered by the voice in their ears.  

They have these sleepers ambush some aliens on other planets (those planets that are hidden behind the fake computer projection of deep space). They bring some sedated aliens to their psych masters and they condition these aliens to attach their alien nation to the ear-implant system. Then they strip their memories away. These aliens never remember that they ever saw an earthling.  

I bet the farm that there are numerous alien nations who think that attaching and running ear-implants is their idea without even knowing anything of Earth psychs.

Psychs and medical doctors (the former barbers and butchers) behind Germany are so nuts that they must control anyone. Mankind saw a glimpse of their insanity during the 3rd Reich. Unfortunately, ear-implant strings were not pulled and the psychs, medical doctors, the barbers and butchers behind the Holocaust got pretty much away. Except their bad conscience – that stayed with them and will stay with them. And they add to it every day because they don’t have the courage to become good people. Their are their own biggest enemy.  

During the official Nazi time they thought they can take a shortcut with Earth and take it over in a snap and make it adopt their insane ideas. They didn’t care much for covering up their tonelevel (controlling and penalizing bodies) back then. But as they want to be adored and worshiped, they do now again and cover their horrible acts behind the rotten activities of other nations that they also control.

Rwanda’s brutal genocide is now 25 years old. It and all other genocides and mass-murders happened because the monsters behind Germany control all ear-implants. They use loud and silent sounds to make international people act that inhuman. 

Well, as a summary, starring at the fake universe projection with fake black holes, isn’t science. I know that conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation (thanks to the SEGNPMSS, which wants people not to think about what it is doing) but I am rather this than a blind “scientist”.

I love you very much, Marty. Keep on surviving.

Be kissed.

Yours always,





Dr. Sugar runs MSNBC

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Dearest Marty,

Have a look what MSNBC has on its table. A load full of donuts. Millions of people are watching them eating junk food. What are they thinking? Never heard of inspiring the nation eating a healthy breakfast? 

I love you.

Yours always and forever.





Written by Barbara Schwarz

April 9, 2019 at 2:41 pm

I am thinking of you, Marty

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Dearest Marty, Love of my life,

you are always on my mind and in my thoughts. 

Everything changes but my love for you. It got deeper but is still the same. Lots of people think that love is a temporary thing, a fickle thing, but as far as we are concerned, it is a rock.  

I’ll give the entire universe to see you again. 

I don’t expect you to be perfect, Marty. Even if you would have lots of flaws (which you don’t), all is made up by your special, unique, true personality. And as you know, as far as personalities are concerned, I can differentiate between the noble and the not very quickly. And I would find even any of your flaws perfect and loveable. It all boils down to that your personality is so awesome. And a flaw here and there would never be enough to take away from that warm, decent, and loving personality of yours. 

I want to hear all your thoughts that you want to share, how you see the world and the universe, and whatever is on your mind. Because you are interesting and amazing.

Often I feel that you are talking to me. I can feel it but I would love to hear every word that you are saying.  

You have a permanent place in my mind and heart ever since I met you, Marty.

Yours forever,