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Resting? Huh?

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Marty, my one and only,

I received e-mail by an alleged Scientologist who is either in the “Freezone” or with the “Independents”. He remarked about a person who recently died: “Rest in peace”. 

“Rest in peace”? Huh? What happened to flying high and being active and cause? What about “welcome back”? How times change! Alleged OTs don’t wish others anymore to be cause  and active after dropping bodies but now thetans “rest in peace”?  That is so apathetic. A thetan who has no body isn’t tired. People with bodies want to rest, thetans without bodies are full of energy. Resting is the last thing a thetan without a tired body has on its mind.   

How can these “rest in piece” people be Scientologists? It is like a Christian who says that there is no heaven or something. “Rest in peace” may sound like a nice thing to wish but even if Christians are wishing it to others, isn’t it weird too? Aren’t Christians supposed to go to heaven instead of resting in a grave?   

Thanks to the Internet and so many people communicating, one can clearly see how little many people are Scientologists. It takes a lot more to make a Scientologist but hanging out in orgs  for a while. Somebody who doesn’t understand and applies it properly is not a Scientologist. 


Scientology  also does not have to integrate into anything, it just has to ditch Vistarology, Miscavology, and any other form of Squirreldom to be very unique, very true and very workable. I learned that Mosey’s husband posted a  “mission statement” for the not-independent-from-the-SEGNPMSS-Indies. It seems  that he wants the “Indies” and their version of Vistarology to evolve into psychology and other movements that didn’t solve and doesn’t solve the problems on this planet. Makes the “Indies” as “attractive” to me as Miscavology. I end up writing often long postings too, so I am not trying to be a hypocrite by saying that his posting is too long. But a mission statement should be summarized and short to be memorized. Mosey’s husband claims that Ron would have been unable to do what he did if he wouldn’t have based it in on psychology or the Eastern religions. Mosey’s husband, a man who covers up that not just you but also the original founder was impostored by a secret service guy (Jack Vistaril) wants to know what the real Ron did or did not? Give me a break. 

Besides, SEGNPMSS re-wrote history. If anyone ever knew the original Ron, he or she would know that he worked already in former lifetimes on the answers to the most essential philosophical questions and building a better life for anyone on this planet. Who says that p$ychs with SEGNPMSS ear implants were not told to steal from Ron’s former lifetime research and wrongly claim that it would psychology? Just have a look how people lie these days. They even undo entire lives as yours, Marty and that of Ron, by mixing you both up with impostors.  It is a clear sign of non-Scientologists by not even considering that Ron in his past lives did already work on Scientology. What about past live achievements? Is there really anybody who does not truly believe that Ron didn’t work on Scientology already in former lifetimes?  

Was what he did in past lives stolen and altered? Yes. (What he did this lifetimes was also stolen and altered and an impostor took credit of Ron’s life and mixed his own unethical life into it.)  Did psychs try to get credit for what the real Ron discovered? Yes. The SEGNPMSS is organized since the middle ages. I believe that most people think that their ear implants are new, but I think they are so old as middle age barbers and butchers.

The Salem Witch trials took place in 1692. From how the people behaved, I can clearly tell that they had ear implants and psych case officers running them already back then. And I bet German barbers and butchers, the later psychs, used them much much earlier to control people. A long time before funk and radio was officially invented. Did they invent funk and radio? Hell no! They are just good at stealing, conspiring, causing pain, and murdering.  


There are TWO way at least to ruin Scientology. 1) Pushing altered policy, bulletins, and tech down the lines and lying that this is original Scientology and enforcing the altered stuff as in Vistarology and Miscavology 2) Mixing Scientology into psych crap and other systems that never worked. 

Gardening is cheaper than therapy but it does not replace  the applied philosophy Scientology. I know this out of experience. I know both. 🙂

But I would ditch all, if I would be back together with you, my darling.

You will break these chains that bind you, happiness will find you
Leave the past behind you, today your life begins
A whole new world is waiting it’s yours for the takin
I know you can make it, today your life begins, and I won’t give up on you until this day is here, Marty, my endless love.

I like this song, except that he is wrong about having just one life to live.

You did everything right, Marty. You made me, your soul mate recognize you again. This was all that was necessary, and the rest is history. You also can communicate without talking, and I am able to understand it.

Love you so much.

Yours forever,


P.S. I think I should write up my mission statement soon. 🙂