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America’s Book Of Secrets on Scientology is a piece of secret German propaganda

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Marty, greatest husband and  dearest prince on the planet, how are you? 


I just watched  America’s Book Of Secrets. Nothing new. It is the same old misinformation. As predicted, they didn’t differentiate between the impostors and the originals. They threw all in one pot. That is called “investigative journalism”. They interviewed only the known Scientology haters, not one impartial person. 

They also interviewed your impostor, Monique’s husband, also not checking that he never was a Scientologist but a secret service agent sent into Scientology to take your life over and fool people into that you are not missing, Marty. These reporters are so blind, they don’t lift any secret, not those of “America” and not those of Scientology. They just add to the rumors.  The real founder Ron was anything but celebrity obsessed.  That was “Jack Vistaril’s” trademark, and DM steps in the footprints of that secret service agent. They said that Ron wanted Walt Disney in Scientology. Never in a hundred years. Walt Disney was a racist. Maybe the impostor wanted Disney to join Scientology, that would fit as Ron’s impostor was  a racist too.  

Imagine this, Marty, a mouse was higher regarded by Disney than a colored human. And yes, the entire book is racist. Disney’s message: black is stupid and mice are smarter.


What all these silly reporters and “experts” are not getting is that underneath of the lies and the alteration of the infiltration is truth.  The German controlled infiltration stole much of the wisdom and and altered Scientology. Today, one often has to read between the lines. But by doing so, one can find in Scientology the wisdom that is unavailable elsewhere.  And that is the secret of  Scientology and why Scientologists don’t want to give it up.

Moreover, those alleged experts are laughable for a real Scientologist. Despite I am the only one writing about it, there are many who know that the founder was impostored. So, when Tony Ortega, Larry Wright or Russell Miller attack the founder, I think that they are idiots. By not differentiating between the founder and the impostor, these “critics” their blahblah is not interesting to me. The person who they portrayed never existed because it was at least two different persons. But they are too darn stupid to figure that. Those who break away were no Scientologists. Those are people who never understood Scientology in the first place: infiltrators. 


Gif above: Ebner hypnotizing himself.  

Funny that Mark Ebner said that people are giving their ultimate secrets up to Scientology and that SCN is building a dossier on them, considering that Ebner told the media stuff about himself that I found SHOCKING. But I assume he sits on even darker secrets that he hasn’t confessed yet.  This fool of a man thinks that Scientology is hypnosis. Guess all his drug abuse really clouded his mind. Scientology is anti-hypnosis.

Rick Ross is another one of these people. Why would a respectable media outlet interview a “deprogrammer” as an expert? 

I found this info in a DOJ file. Guess that means that Ross isn’t a credible source? 

“Ross contacted the FBI on March 4, 1993 and requested that he be interviewed regarding his knowledge of cults in general and the Branch Davidians in particular. Ross said that he had been familiar with the Branch Davidians for several years, and had known several former Davidians. Ross provided information about Koresh to the Waco Tribune Herald for its series about the Branch Davidians. Ross also had been in contact with Steve Schneider’s sister, who had asked him to help devise a strategy to “deprogram” Schneider. The ATF also contacted Ross in January 1993 for information about Koresh. Ross also telephoned the FBI on March 27 and March 28, offering advice about negotiation strategies. Ross suggested that the FBI attempt to embarrass Koresh by informing other members of the compound about Koresh’s faults and failures in life, in order to convince them that Koresh was not the prophet they had been led to believe. The FBI did not “rely” on Ross for advice whatsoever during the standoff. The FBI interviewed Ross only at Ross’ request, and politely declined his unsolicited offers of assistance throughout the standoff. The FBI treated the information Ross supplied as it would any other unsolicited information received from the public: it evaluated the credibility of the information and treated it accordingly.”


Some locals in Waco said that Koresh shopped every Saturday and ate ice cream in town. The authorities could have arrested him there. But Rick Ross didn’t advise that, didn’t he?

As a real Scientologist, I would not turn my family member in to an ethics officer. Scientologists have all the ethics data themselves. I would apply ethics inside the family to help my family member. The people “who turn others in” or disconnect are the agents and infiltrators, not the Scientologists.  

Marty, I remember having seen a similar anti-Scientology report on German TV before 1977. People also were telling me kinds of scary stuff. But it boiled down to that I wanted to find out myself as only chickens don’t have the guts. I regret that Scientology is infiltrated but I did not regret that I joined. I would join it again, except holding onto you and doing something effective against the anti-Scientology infiltration of Scientology.

H2 even glorified Chanology and Anonymous, a secret German front group who attacked Scientology after Tom Cruise criticized psychiatry on national TV. What a giveaway who controls the ear implants of the members (who hide their names cowardly) of that group.  



Anyway, it is a shame for DM that his own niece attacks Scientology. I don’t believe that anyone in the Miscavige family was ever a Scientologist. 

Just like psychiatrists and the rest of the medical profession, that H2 wants Scientology’s future in jeopardy.  How? They don’t know how to reach real Scientologists. If infiltrators leave Scientology, they don’t have the understanding and the wins that real Scientologists had. Even if the infiltrators would arrange that the orgs fall to pieces, that wouldn’t change that real Scientologists know of original Scientology and the original founder.

And what Marc Headley said about the stuff on people being sent after members “to bring them back”: agents are trying to bring agents back. Real Scientologists are kicked out or left behind. They are in the way of the infiltration.  It’s a German-controlled infiltration, and H2 did nothing to figure that out. Some “investigative” reporters, lol!


Your impostor, Monique’s husband says that Scientology is build on secrets and that it would be almost impossible to show the world what is happening inside. Original Scientology wasn’t build on any secret. Infiltrators are the secretive people, including Mosey’s husband who still conceals that he is your impostor. That guy has some nerves speaking about secrecy by hiding more than anyone.

At the end, H2 comes to the conclusion that Scientology is here to stay. But otherwise, gee, these guys really bought the propaganda instead of finding the facts. 

I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,











I am not the only person who knows that the founder of Scientology and that you, the original Marty in SCN were/are impostored by ringers

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President Obama’s doppelganger  


Dearest Marty, my hero,

I often wonder why I am the only one writing about this, Marty. Must be the ultimate secret service secret. I am sure that numerous Scientologists know that Monique’s husband is your impostor and that “Jack Vistaril” impostored Ron, the founder of Scientology. What are they waiting for? Until the hostility against Scientology reaches levels of violence?

There is for example Russell Miller, the bare-faced idiot who was obsessed with Scientology for so many years and figured either that the founder was impostored and that you are impostored or he conceals it. Can you imagine the embarrassment of these authors having surrounded themselves for years with photos of the founder and yours too and never wrote about that he had an impostor and that you have one? 

How he explains that not all people fall for his rubbish, is kind of funny. He said:   “It’s always been an utter mystery to me, a complete utter mystery to me that anybody could read ‘Bare-Faced Messiah’ and then still take Scientology seriously. I mean, you know, to have a founder with a track record like his doesn’t make any sense to me, but there it is.”

Duh! Why should anyone consider his rubbish when he can’t differentiate between the original and the secret service dupe who impostored the founder? Why would I believe Miller’s crap  when I know better and on top are having real experiences in regards that original Scientology really works, and that there is nothing that can top these amazing experiences.

Bush’s doppelganger



But for those who want to break Scientology as ordered by German secret services, they should know why just fools follow them: If somebody mixes the life story of Socrates and Napoleon up, nobody of those who know will take that story seriously, except having a good laugh.


There is also a show that will be aired on the H2 network, in the 3rd season of  America’s Book of Secrets. It takes on Scientology. I bet the farm these guys have no clue about the history of Scientology, and neither the history of the USA nor to they real the real secrets. Your impostor, Monique’s husband (among others)  provided them with data. I am sure that the “Book of secret” will not reveal that the USA is infiltrated by people who are run by German secret services through ear implants. The biggest secrets are not revealed because people are cowards. 

Edgar Allan Poe had doppelgangers too. In the middle is the original Poe.


Here is something coming from the “Freezone” or “Independents”. Not so free and independent considering that they don’t differentiate between Ron, the founder, and “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor and you and your impostor, Monique’s husband.

Basically, I find the idea of  The Scientology History Project as started by Paul M. Foster interesting. Forums on Scientology and blog comments are so hard to read. I doubt if anyone reads them except a few hate mongers who have no life. You have to wade through lies, stupid comments, rumors, time-consuming pictures… If there would be a website that simply states nothing but facts, it would be a great help for anyone who wants to know something about Scientology.

HOWEVER, that website makes no difference between the founder and his impostor and you and Monique’s husband. A Scientology History Project MUST differentiate between the originals and the ringers otherwise it can’t be taken seriously.

Oprah’s doppelganger


Paul M. Foster apparently doesn’t improve on Monique’s husband, Marty, but does not mention that he is an impostor:

“With LRH – his is a derogatory term invented by prominent Independent Field blogger Marty Rathbun to refer to Scientologists who wish to practice Standard Technology and whom he believes are crippled by the religious and group beliefs engendered by L. Ron Hubbard’s writings.”

I often wonder how in trance some people are. There are reports from the Freezone saying that Ron was gone for some months and returned with a very different personality. Instead falling for the nonsense that he suddenly turned from good and amazing into not good and lousy, it should have dawned on them that it wasn’t Ron who came back but “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor. Not quite sure in what world people are living, except that it is not the real world.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my prince.

There is no sunshine when you are gone. I usually work a lot that I can forget a bit how much I miss you as have no time to think about my own feelings.

I love you very much.




Why I call Mark Bunker the Unwise Beard Man: 1) He conceals that the life of the founder of Scientology was taken over by a secret service agent 2) He befriends your impostor, Marty

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My wonderful husband and prince, Marty,

Those who conspire against us should really ask themselves that question: would it really be such a “problem” for mankind if we would be back together? Considering that we have the best interest for all others in mind and are willing to help anyone who does not oppose a better world and does not conspire against innocent and good people…

If people would be our kind, Marty, they would tell us the truth and would not conspire against us. If would tell them if they would be in our shoes. 

Mark Bunker works on a “documentary” on “Scientology”. My problem with the man is that he is anything but wise. No word by him that what’s wrong in Scientology orgs is not Scientology but secret services. No word by him or the likes that even the founder was impostored by a secret service agent: “Jack Vistaril”. No word by him or the likes that you are impostored by Monique’s husband. And that’s why his documentaries are nothing worth. They don’t go to the button of things and blame the wrong target. 

And then they wonder why they don’t reach us and why just the dummies approve of them. Those who are smarter and are able to look behind the curtain are thinking:  THEY ARE HIRED TO CONCEAL THE TRUTH OR KNOW NOTHING.

In all these years in which Mark Bunker (and the likes) are obsessed with Scientology, they failed to see (0r were not allowed to report) that there were at least two (very different) persons in Scientology under the name L. Ron Hubbard, (the truly good founder and the secret service agent who was married to Mary Sue), and two persons under the name of Mark “Marty” Rathbun (the truly decent you, and violent Monique’s husband who is an agent who works for Germany).   

As they don’t figure that, what do they figure at all? 


Joseph Goebbels, Germany’s propaganda minister said: “A lie must be just big enough, and nobody will believe that it is a lie.”


Goebbels was wrong thinking that nobody will figure it out. We did. We don’t fall for lies.

I love you, Marty. So much.

You make me happier than anyone. The only thing sad is that jealous people can’t live with it when others are happy. They differ a lot from us as we are happy when others are happy. Maybe they should finally think about that if they grant us our rights that they will become happier too. You are not stuck, Marty. We will find each other again and you’ll be free. It is our destiny to find us again. We always did. On a remote planet (Earth) with close to 8 Billion people, we saw each other and recognized that we are soulmates. And it lasts and lasts.






Why are important international courts located in close proximity of Germany? (Because Germany thinks it can control them better.)

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My wonderful soulmate Marty,

I am thinking of you, and how you are and where you are. There was still no mail or message that would lead me to you or your legal representative.

As you know, the International Court of Justice is the primary  judicial organ of the UN. But that court is not located in NY; it is located in The Hague, Netherlands, right next to Germany. How convenient for Germany!

The World Court, the Permanent Court of International Justice, the judicial branch of the United Nations  is also The Hague, Netherlands, right next to GermanyHow convenient for Germany!

The Permanent Court of Arbitration is also located in The Hague, Netherlands. Once more, how convenient for Germany!

The International Criminal Court is another organ of the UN and also located in The Hague, Netherlands. It rules on genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, etc. And did I say: How convenient for Germany!?

What did Holland during the Nazi time? They hoped to stay “neutral”. Frying stork! 

What kind of people want to stay neutral having monsters as their direct neighbor? How can one be neutral when crimes are committed against humanity? What kind of lousy characters want to stay neutral when fellow humans are butchered? Yet, the country that originally hoped to stay “neutral”  in matters of genocide is now in charge of the court that rules on genocide and crimes against humanity. (And they failed to discover German secret service behind numerous genocides and crimes against humanity after the Nazis officially surrendered .)

I recently noticed the lack professionalism and cheating attitude of a respected Dutch attorney. I don’t think that he has a clue about human rights.

The World Trade Organization is in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Just like the Dutch, the Swiss had a “neutral” attitude towards German butchers. They allowed Jews to bank in Switzerland. Of course they did. Dead people can’t claim their accounts anymore. That is their great “neutrality”.

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea is in Germany of all countries. There are lots of countries that have more coastline  and sea access than Germany, but that Tribunal is in German hands, because it a German disgusting world! It is in Germany despite Germany sank the Titanic and the Lusitana. 

The European Court of Human Rights and The Council of Europe are located in Strasbourg, “France”. I wrote France in quotes because the city Strasbourg and the region is historically German-speaking. It is also the seat of the European Parliament. No surprise here. S.S.-Hauptsturmführer Prof. Dr. August Hirt was born to an old Strasbourg family. He was a “neutral” medical doctor gone wild Nazi who killed primarily on racial characteristics.

And there is Luxembourg the “state” that swooped all Scientology Sea Org Reserves upon German  secret service orders.

Luxembourg is the seat of several institutions and agencies of the EU. During WW I, Luxembourg was considered German and during WWII, it wanted to be “neutral” towards the German butchers (disgusting attitude), and they became Nazis quickly. Germany invaded Luxembourg in the morning and had taken the capital city at noon of the same day. What a Luxembourg “backbone”! Did they even lay a bicycle in the way to slow the Germans a bit down? I don’t think so. (In  comparison, there as a Jewish ghetto in Poland who as good as no resources but they defeated the German Army, and these Jews broke free. A few anti-Nazis, women and men fought back, and they did a better job than most European countries combined.)

The European Court of Justice is in Belgium, also right next to Germany. How convenient for Germany.

Belgians are some more European “heroes” who “intended” to stay “neutral” towards  the German monsters. Holy mackerel, those noble characters!  After just 18 days, they caved in to the Germans. 400,000 Belgians were investigated for being Nazi collaborators.

In our modern days,  Belgians are cheaters and defraud their business partners. I know of business people who DO NOT WANT TO MAKE BUSINESS WITH THE BELGIANS BECAUSE THEY CHEAT AND DEFRAUD. They take but don’t pay. Some years ago, I tried to get help in a Belgian/German fraud case and contacted the Belgian authorities. Forget about it! The authorities are just as unethical as the frauds. Belgian is heaven for cheaters and otherwise unethical people. Really. This article says that almost 40% of all Belgians are cheating:

What a “great” country for an international court of justice!

We know that Germany (due to its monster past) can’t place all these institutions right within Germany as they would like too but as they have the very active plan to be the official and sole ruler of Europe (and later the rest of the world) soon, so they located these courts and the European government very close to Germany.

Some decades ago, Belgium surrendered unconditionally to the Nazis. That is the kind of justice to expect from Belgium: Germany above everything. Belgium does what Germany wants. It that is still the case.

Shouldn’t those courts be rather in countries whose citizen and officials are not shady? Very hard to find on this planet but it sure shouldn’t be in countries that ever had a “neutral” attitude towards Nazis and/or surrendered to them.   

As a little footnote as he does not deserve more:

German Tilman Hausherr, a Siemens employee, German secret service agent and one of my cyber defamers was also born in Belgium. That figures:

At Siemens, Bribery Was Just a Line Item:


I love you, Marty.


Yours forever,


My love is strong and beats for you!


strong love

1) Who on Earth needs a course for that? 2) Judge Dibrell “Dib” Waldrip assists parasitic opportunists: an impostor and his wife

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Marty, my wonderful hero, how are you?

Monique’s husband, your impostor, offers a course for people to “graduate” from Scientology.  (He and his wife wants to people to leave Scientology. These both should get life!)

And what a nonsense! If anyone isn’t interested anymore, he or she can simply stop going to Scientology orgs or no longer apply Scientology. It is as easy as that. The orgs never invested much time going after those who left but did not attack  Scientology.

Also, who needs a course and pay money to your impostor and his wife Monique to read about Tao? It is all on the Internet for free. Besides, Monique’s husband is violent. Him talking about the Tao is like: do as I say but not as I do.

I am not saying that there is no grains of truth in Taoism. But it didn’t save the world. People know of it since centuries and are still evil and at war. China for example accepted communism, which is another German invention to suppress people. Taoism didn’t create a better world. It is not an applied philosophy that can really change the world once infiltrators are getting the boot.   

I don’t support DM at all, never have, never will, but I have no intention quitting my religion  Scientology just because impostors and former and current infiltrators of the C of S want to archive that as  these are their secret service orders.

Tao and Monique’s husband version of everything means going backwards. 

Monique and her hubby are all about making personal gain and money by attacking Scientology.  Also, Taoism or Daoism  says that wealth results in arrogance. It says “Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench…” but Monique and her impostor husband want MILLIONS. They don’t live the Tao way. They are just saying that they do to fool people and their goal is to destroy Scientology. They likely eat meat, and they definitely fish for fun, which is hurting animals, and that is also anti-Taoism.

The TAO precept against killing is: all living beings, including all kinds of animals, and those as small as insects, worms, and so forth, are containers of the uncreated energy, thus one should not kill any of them.”

First he posts that he delivers Scientology auditing. Instead of finding his own public, he tries to rip org public off and starts a war with the orgs. Then he writes that Monique is a Scientology auditor and audits people.

She informed judge Dib Waldrip that she never practiced Scientology but this is in complete opposition of what her husband states before. Her good friend Steve Hall lists Monique as “Independent Scientologist” on his 500 list. They say one thing to the judge and  another thing to the public.

It was then a lie by  your impostor that she trained to become a Scientology auditor? They tried to trick Scientology org public or staff into believing that she is an auditor to bring them business… Isn’t that fraud and false advertisement? 

I guess she had no case gain and wins, and that is why she gave Scientology auditing up. As he trained her, it means that his training was no good. They could have tried finding their own people for what they deliver without taking public form the orgs, but no… Their riches must come from the Scientology orgs, one way or the other.

They are such parasites and judge Dib Waldrip is completely blind on this eye.   

After they figured that not many people trusts their version of “Scientology”, your impostor decides to write small books against Scientology to earn big money. Apparently, he makes not much cash selling his books.

Then they decide to get rich otherwise, and he has Monique file a multi-million Dollar law suit against Scientology org – because it is “in fashion” right now to demand high sums from the orgs, and infiltrators still in the orgs play right into the hands of these oppostunists.

Why do they always think that they have to get rich through trying to bury Scientology? Also his new “course” is again an activity to make cash off Scientology. They use DM as an excuse to attack and destroy Scientology. Scientology not DM is their real target. 

As if they would starve to death and are nobodies if they don’t attack Scientology. One can feel just sorry for these people. They should get real jobs for a change. 

And most of all, he should finally confess that he is not you, Marty.

Why doesn’t he writes  novels or does something not anti-Scientology-related to make cash?

Despite I do not endorse DM, I find Monique and her hubby to be parasitic opportunists. 

I love you with all my heart, Marty. It is wonderful that no intrigue can kill our love through all these years. A marriage of real Scientologists, as stable like rocks, as passionate as a storm of kisses, as tender as the softest tough and as eternal as thetans.







No communism and no brutal capitalism

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Picture above:  The Wall Street Bull and an Occupy Wall Street guy…  Instead of snipers…  

My sweet and wonderful prince, Marty,
Has Occupy Wall Street changed anything? I read their 13 demands and figured that they won’t save the world. They want doctors and hospitals being paid more instead figuring a lifestyle that eliminates disease and aging. I figured it out, so what is their excuse? They might be anti-capital for most industries, but they want to make medical doctors rich and are pro traditional medicine, which doesn’t extend lifespan dramatically if at all. They also don’t want to pay their debts back. I don’t think that freeloaders make such great citizens.

However, a plan found in government files of using snipers against some of these Occupy Wall Street is a real shocker! If the FBI, Homeland Security or CIA or other agencies really want these people stop protesting, killing some of them might very well result in making their movement grow. Killing people means often that they become heroes to others. It might rather revitalize a movement instead of ending it. Some people were not much in life but they are big in death. Could that is the true intent of monstrous people who drew up a plan to kill some Occupy Wall Street leaders? Whatever is behind this plan is surely not truly American and it is crazy. 

Occupy Wall Street had 13 demands, and many people find them ridiculous, despite that the Occupy Wall Street crowd is/was allegedly a “highly educated” crowd.

Demand one: Restoration of the living wage. This demand can only be met by ending “Freetrade” by re-imposing trade tariffs on all imported goods entering the American market to level the playing field for domestic family farming and domestic manufacturing as most nations that are dumping cheap products onto the American market have radical wage and environmental regulation advantages. Another policy that must be instituted is raise the minimum wage to twenty dollars.

How I would handle this: If people create villages in which they live, grow and build all they need in order to live happy and healthy lives and if they care for each resident as if he/she would be a member of their own family, then they don’t have to worry about the basics. Their basic living arrangements are secure. They are safe and sound. They have a good home, healthy food, good water, clean and healthy energy, etc. They create their village together. No living wage? Who cares! Not needed. Their village takes care of them. And when they make their own food, water, products, etc. themselves, they don’t have to worry what’s in it. They know what is in it. People have to build their individual worlds. It is hard to comprehend that they don’t figure this out. It is not easy to do this alone, however, a village with a few hundred people who work hand in hand will be able to handle this. One for all, all for one. Occupy Wall Street tries to impose laws, and they are trying to end free trade instead of practically changing what they can do: creating self-sustaining villages, and if they don’t like the imported stuff, they don’t buy it and keep it out of their villages. They also can gain control how environmentally clean and healthy their own village is. Each village needs a roof. If people want to stay healthy, they have to change their Stone Age lifestyle of living on the unprotected surface of the world. Anything can rain on their harvest without a roof. All would win this way: The basics all covered, all are safe. And on top of this kind of lifestyle: free enterprise for anyone who wants to  produce ethical products. What is wrong with that? Nothing!

Demand two: Institute a universal single payer healthcare system. To do this all private insurers must be banned from the healthcare market as their only effect on the health of patients is to take money away from doctors, nurses and hospitals preventing them from doing their jobs and hand that money to wall st. investors

They want medical repair instead of prevention, and that is stupid. We need a new lifestyle that keeps the doctors, the hospitals and the pills away. We need a way of living that prevents disease and aging. What Occupy Wall Street wants is exactly what the doctor orders: people protesting so that the medical industry is getting even more cash. And for what? Suffering is often just prolonged. So many people who I knew paid for expensive medical treatment, and it was for nothing. Either they or their loved ones died or they are still suffering. If they would  live in protected environments that keeps all that out that makes sick and ages (and it is possible as you know), they would be still alive or not suffer. Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry bosses wouldn’t be that rich (however, they could enter into the field of disease PREVENTION), but their lives would be saved too. In short: Occupy Wall Street failed to figure that a non-medical lifestyle is the solution, not paying more money to those in health “care”. Just as a foot note: Deutsche Bank is one of the top banks supporting the pharmaceutical industry.

Demand three: Free college education.

They can find it on the Internet. They also can address universities and ask them to make more free college education possible online.

Demand five: Begin a fast track process to bring the fossil fuel economy to an end while at the same bringing the alternative energy economy up to energy demand.

By living in their own environmentally safe villages (with walls and a roof), they can choose their own alternative energy.

Demand six: One trillion dollars in infrastructure (Water, Sewer, Rail, Roads and Bridges and Electrical Grid) spending now.

Gee, more spending for a Stone Age lifestyle in a world that ages and makes people sick! Self-sustaining villages must be built so that people don’t have to fend for themselves on the unprotected surface of the world. We need more roads? Everything is full of roads already. More electricity? Really? Do they think that power stations are healthy?

Demand seven: One trillion dollars in ecological restoration planting forests, reestablishing wetlands and the natural flow of river systems and decommissioning of all of America’s nuclear power plants.

I don’t like nuclear power plants either and I am pro environmental protection and restoration, but we need money to build protected villages with roofs. If something goes wrong with power plants, people in villages are still safe. The others are not. Let’s say, the USA puts away with all power plants. Who says that another country does too? A radioactive cloud can spreads all over the world, however, people in villages with roof and walls would be safe.    

Demand eight: Racial and gender equal rights amendment.
Not very specific, is it? Wonder when racial rights are granted to us finally, Marty, and if these amendments would be also extended to us, “the second class citizen”. I don’t hold my breath.

Demand nine: Open borders migration. Anyone can travel anywhere to work and live.


Demand ten: Bring American elections up to international standards of a paper ballot precinct counted and recounted in front of an independent and party observers system.

No election is democratic anywhere on the planet as secret services radio in the ear implants of people who to vote for, and German secret services have the total control over any election in any country.

Demand eleven: Immediate across the board debt forgiveness for all. Debt forgiveness of sovereign debt, commercial loans, home mortgages, home equity loans, credit card debt, student loans and personal loans now! All debt must be stricken from the “Books.” World Bank Loans to all Nations, Bank to Bank Debt and all Bonds and Margin Call Debt in the stock market including all Derivatives or Credit Default Swaps, all 65 trillion dollars of them must also be stricken from the “Books.” And I don’t mean debt that is in default, I mean all debt on the entire planet period.

What is wrong with paying one’s debts? Do they think that a nation who doesn’t pay its debts will be a proud and effective nation? Germany and it’s still existing Nazis are getting rich and richer and the USA poor and poorer. Is that what they want? One huge German target is the finances of the USA. As poorer the USA as easier it is for Germany to become world power no.1., which is the old Nazi plan. Germany also uses illegal methods to make other countries not paying their debts back to the USA. Whoever wrote demand no.11 should get a job and start paying back. FUNNY THAT ADDRESSING THE FEDS TO LOWER TAXES IS NOT ON OCCUPY WALL STREET LIST OF DEMANDS. Maybe those who wrote the demands don’t pay taxes yet, otherwise they would have demanded from Wall Street: Demand 14: Pay our taxes!  😉 

Demand twelve: Outlaw all credit reporting agencies.

My comment: Looks like some people want cash but have no intentions paying them back.

Demand thirteen: Allow all workers to sign a ballot at any time during a union organizing campaign or at any time that represents their yeah or nay to having a union represent them in collective bargaining or to form a union.

Do they really think they need more unions? They should work together building self-sustaining villages instead. That is a world that they can create and control. Occupy Wall Street says that these 13 items will create jobs. With their  13 demands, there will be probably as many jobs lost as gained.


Despite their mostly ridiculous demands, someone within the government or with government connections wants to kill some of these blind Occupy Wall Street people. Unbelievable, isn’t it?  

I love you, Marty, many kisses in writing until I see you again.




A group of people with pulled guns were outside my home yesterday late afternoon…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

I wasn’t sure if should write about this but as I don’t know how this all plays out at the end, I thought that I better make a note of what I have seen today. I don’t want to alarm you. Maybe it won’t happen again. But not at all talking about this maybe also no good idea.

A group of people with  pulled guns were outside my home yesterday late afternoon… I am not kidding. I looked outside and saw first a man with large gun circling a big bush several time and running up and down with hectic motions. Then there were two more, and all had pulled guns. Some of these people wore hoodies. Another one circled my barn a couple of times, also with a pulled gun. That person clearly trespassed on my land. At least four of this group of people had pulled guns, but no shot was fired. No animal was nearby.

It is rare that so many people are at once in this area. I am basically living in the middle of nowhere. People just come in this corner if there is an auction nearby or something like that but there was no such event yesterday.  

From the distance (I was in my house, in the kitchen), I could not recognize their faces and if those were the faces of potential killers or if they were thinking that running with pulled guns over my land was ” just a game and fun”. However, what I am convinced of is that the purpose of this was to introvert me. There is no doubt about it.   

The secret services behind these people are trying to introvert me and want me to leave. But it won’t work, Marty. Running and giving up is not in just not in my vocabulary. If they are looking for a quitter, they are pulling guns at the wrong address.

Gee, and Monique thinks her life is exciting. When did she see ever see a group of unknown people with pulled guns around her home?

I love you, my prince. Also for the records: I am not shaking in my boots. Despite all I have been through in my life, I am still not the easily scared type.  

Yours forever,


Monique (“Mosey”) is listening concentrated if not desperate to her inner ear for too long before she gives a simple answer consisting only of two letters. I find it awkward and unnatural.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I guess you’ll see the Australian 60 Minutes interview with your impostor and his “wife” (he married her using a wrongful date of birth). It is just 15 minutes long. Monique makes a mockery being imprisoned. She is not imprisoned and fabricates that she feels like a “total prisoner”. Even if she is indeed followed by PIs, she can go wherever she wants and do whatever she wants, but you as wrongfully incarcerated person can’t. How dare this woman to make a comparison like this. Once she is incarcerated herself in a prison, she’ll notice the huge difference. I bet Nelson Mandela would be outraged too, hearing her  comparing her life to that of somebody behind bars.     

Another odd thing is how long she listens to her inner ears before she answers. It seems that she is waiting for something to hear that she simply can repeat, but for some reason, it is not coming or is coming too late – after the awkward and unnatural period passed. 

Maybe the translation from German into English was jammed, and the answer wasn’t transmitted in time.  To me it looks as if her “husband” is not her only master.

Ron (founder) disapproved of comm-lags. He knew what was going on. Remote-controlled people are cultists. They don’t think for themselves, and they don’t understand; they do as they were told, and that is the Anti-Scientologist.

Judge Dib Waldrip and reporters sure failed to take a closer look at this couple.

But hey, people allegedly are no secret service agents and are having no ear implants, right? Even when caught on tape, it is all just my “imagination”, isn’t it?    

I love you, my sweet prince.

Many tender and passionate kisses. I adore you! 

Hope to see you soon.

Forever yours,



The 60 Minutes report in Australia should be named: The infiltrator and impostor instead of the defector

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That is you on that photo, Marty. It is 100% not Monique’s husband in that picture. How dare him misleading the world that he is you. I really want to kick his behind for his impostor acts. Instead of defector, he should be named as what he is: former infiltrator and impostor.

On that photo, you don’t look happy, Marty. Guess you were tired of DM’s attempts to make himself look tall and superior or tired to walk behind those David Miscavige and Greg Wilhere. Besides from being the brightest, you were also the tallest and most handsome of all. DM needs 5 steps to raise to your level. Everyone who knows how short he is knows that he tries to make him look taller with that photo. Height is not always a giveaway on somebody’s timetrack but often it is. I bet the farm that David Misavige has overwhelmingly a female timetrack. That however doesn’t rule a bully out. 

Have a look at the photo. It looks like you are exterior. Look at your head. Looks like the theta body (spirit orb) is not inside the body. It looks like you are having a halo, a gloriole. In other words: even 60 Minutes know BASICALLY how special you are. But they sure have to stop conspiring with anti-Scientologists like Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others against you, the real founder, and Scientology.    

I love you my prince and soulmate.

Yours forever and ever,



My intuition why the Titanic was never raised: because it would show the world that the ship was brought down with torpedoes sent from a German U-boat

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Marty, my dearest Prince and wonderful husband,

As Germany has the overall command over each ear-implant on the planet, the Titanic was never raised. Germany tries to prevent the world from discovering German torpedoes in the belly of the Titanic. There are even warnings that Titanic remains “could explode” when raised. That is what Germany has planned if somebody raises the ship. In 1912, Germany fired torpedoes in the belly of the Titanic, and I am sure that they would do something similar today to keep the evidence hidden. Hard-core Germans did not become better people.   

More than 1,500 people suffered horrible deaths in the icy waters. I never understood that the vessel had not enough lifeboats for all passengers. They believed that the Titanic is unsinkable. If so, why did they have some lifeboats? Either unsinkable or not, right? They should have had lifeboats for all on board.

Anyway, William Murdoch was the officer in charge at the bridge when on 14. April 1912 the Titanic hit a large iceberg. Quartermaster Robert Hichens was steering the Titanic when the iceberg was hit. He allegedly “misinterpreted steering orders”. Interestingly enough, the guy who was on the steering wheel survives the disaster arriving in New York aboard Carpathia. He also refused to take a lifeboat back and rescue other Titanic passengers. What a low character. He rowed a lifeboat with just 40 people (lots more people could have fit in) “to safety”. (Sure he did, as he sat in it too.) Outrageously, he refused to go back and safe other people. Looks Germany found a real unethical guy for that “job”. Hichens later shot a guy. That man survived but nevertheless, what a horrible and violent person… Just the guy that Germany loves as agent working hand in hand with them. 

Maybe alcohol was involved too. Whatever sabotage on the inside of the Titanic made the ship hit the iceberg, I don’t believe that this impact was big enough to bring the ship down, particularly so fast. It sunk in under three hours, which means that something else was going on. The survivors later reported before U.S. Congress that they felt no impact. After the Titanic scratched the iceberg, survivors heard four “explosions”. That should have made Congress think. Knowing Germany, I would say that Germans sent torpedoes into the belly of the Titanic to make it sink. 

I believe that Edward John Smith inspected the iceberg damage and found it to be minor as it was minor. Instead of looking for another iceberg that is flat and safe enough for passengers to climb on and wait for another vessel, he continued the journey. And after that order was given, Germany ordered the torpedo attacks and THAT CAUSES THE VESSEL TO SINK. Germany had what it wanted: an alibi. They would not be suspected, it was the “iceberg”. 

In other words: mind-controlling or directing somebody on the bridge into hitting the iceberg was what they needed as alibi. People should believe that the Titanic was brought down by an iceberg rather than by what really hit it: German torpedoes from a German U-boat. Officially, Germany had U-boats since 1904.

Germany didn’t want the UK to lead Europe on any level and that includes land and sea. They still don’t want it, and that is why Germany’s economy is better than that of the UK and other European countries. But people like Christine UpGermany just don’t get it. Back to 1912. Jealous and blood-thirsty Germany figured that the Titanic would make it to a safe port despite the iceberg scratch, and then they decided to bring it down with torpedoes. The world would not suspect them but the iceberg.

Another evidence of conspiracy is the behavior of the SS California. That vessel was very close and could have helped saving most passengers. Why didn’t they? German-controlled ear implants made that vessel and the crew to ignore the SOS signals. What a disgusting planet it is.  

People who are saying that there are no conspiracies have the most active German ear-implants and the lowest IQs. They are also cowards who don’t have the courage to admit what we are dealing with. It is so much easier to stick the head into the sand and pretend that everything is okay, and that killing millions of people in the 1940s was “just a tiny slip” and that the evil characters of the Germans “evaporated” later.   

The Titanic should be raised, and it should be kept in mind that Germany tries to stop that, even to a point of firing more explosives into the vessel to prevent the truth from coming out. 

Wish I could talk to you in person, Marty. I love you. Many kisses.

Yours forever,