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If OSA proves through messages and orders that Mike Rinder ordered or pushed that lawless Fritz Kavenaar program and tried to get me involved in their lawless acts against anyone, there could be serious legal consequences.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you?

If you would be anything like Mike Rinder or Mosey’s husband, I never would have fallen in love with you. Never!

These guys make my skin crawl!

What are you thinking of the Black Ops that Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder run on me? I knew why I wouldn’t want to get involved with them. I have the finances to travel anywhere but  never considered to visit Corpus Christi because they horrible! All they do is attracting the hate mongers from other message boards. They don’t deliver Scientology. They deliver hatred and black ops.

And once more: Mosey’s husband did mail this paper to Tory, the conscienceless defamer of L. Rom Hubbard to let her post a response. But he doesn’t mail it to me for my response. What a piece of disgusting trash that man is!

How long is that lawless “program” in Mosey’s husband’s and Mike Rinder’s possession? 5 years? Why haven’t they turned it over to the authorities? Because they don’t want revealed that Mike Rinder was behind it or even wrote it?

What if others within OSA saved Mike Rinder’s messages and orders and what if  they can prove that this Black Fritz Ops program was Rinder’s idea?

Marty, I think that the only reason why Mosey’s husband imposters you in all public and why Mike Rinder and Haydn James, and others supports him in this, is because they think that you will die innocent behind bars. That you never will come free.  I think they are MONSTERS. These guys calling themselves Scientologist is an insult to Ron and Scientology and the human race.

They can pinch John Sweeney all they want. They are above the law agents and no Scientologists.

I posted before that I don’t believe that Mosey’s husband killed his own brother, but I am not more sure about this. He shows more and more his real face to me. I saw one of his SP Times interviews recently again, where he said that he had “to leave INT before something ugly would  happen”. Apparently something uglier than beating people because he did that already. If he is a CIA operative, what kind of dangerous people do they send in the orgs?

I thought that it is very rare that siblings kill each other but this website says that it is not that rare that siblings kill each other:

None of these guys who support Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder are good or smart. His gang us scum. Former infiltrators and perverts, people who should never be in Scientology.

Mike Rinder is from Australia, why didn’t he go back to Australia after he blew to be with this old mom? Why did he move to Denver of all places, right next to Utah? To get me working on his lawless ops programs?

Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder sure know how to create opponents, don’t they? If they think that I would ever join them, they sure can bury that idea in all eternity. I just want to see them once: before a judge or before Congress when there will be exposed who they really are and what they really did and do.

If somebody wants me to help to convict these men LAWFULLY, feel free to contact me. If they don’t write lawless programs as that Rinder/Kavennaar program, I will help them. I want former and current impostors and infiltrators behind bars.

I don’t know if this is Fritz Kavenaar but some people say he is. So, what the heck is he thinking my trying to involve me in lawless ops? He is a complete stranger to me, never corresponded with him, never met him in all my life and I heard his name yesterday the first time!

Marty, have a look at some of the rotten comments on Mosey’s husband’s blog:

Here is Jim Logan | November 30, 2010 at 2:40 am

I know Fritz Kavenaar, he’s a sort of mild kinda guy, nice fella one on one. The gibberish that this program is is [sic] a reflection of him not really having his heart in it. It isn’t Scientology and he knows it. It’s ‘like’ what he’s studied, but misses a key ingredient – REAL Scientology doesn’t need to be so self-determined, afraid of other-determinisms. It doesn’t have to be ‘us’ and ‘them’. Fritz, dude, you need to see me again, in Cramming.

As you can see, Marty, this program is above the law. It is criminal because even scum like Tory has rights, which this program violates. But Jim Logan defends Fritz (if he wrote it). He doesn’t need cramming, he needs the law to correct him. People like his should be turned over to the police. They are lawful ways to deal with Tory and the likes.

And how dare them to put my name in it and criminalize me! Jim Logan says that he knows the guy and that he didn’t had his “heart” in it. So what is he saying, he didn’t write it but the guy wrote it who had it or who supervised OSA and that was Mike Rinder? Whose heart is in it?

BTW, I think John Sweeney is one of the most unprofessional reporters on the planet but I have seen those photos in which Mike Rinder on 1.1. provokes that man. If David Miscavige would be a real Scientologist, he never would have allowed Rinder and your impostor (and Fritz neither) into his executive management. A beginner Scientologist who learns of the tonescale can see that these guys are on the bottom of the tonescale and therefore can’t be trusted.

Here is an excerpt by Tory Christman who defames me and L. Ron Hubbard and our religion since many years. I felt sorry for Bill Yaude (never met him, never worked with him) because she posted so many years bad about him but if he worked with Tory, he sure has failed to apply the tonescale and Obnosis.

Tory Christman | November 30, 2010 at 7:47 am | Reply

For me, my auditor was the one who got me into all of that……Which made it even weirder when he turned on me (in the De-brief, once I quit the Top secret OSA Int Gang)…

NOTE TO BS, and any other OSA ops: WTFU, please.

Here is it black on white, Marty, Tory worked for a gang! She said it herself. And now she and her Scientology destructing friends lie that I was involved in their gang business. What a lie. I don’t do anything illegal. I can’t stop anything because I didn’t do it. An investigator or judge should ask Victoria Lie [no pun intented] Christman, where these websites and postings of mine are. They are nowhere because I never knew of this Rinder supervised program and never worked on it. And he knows it. I can’t stop what I never did. She was the lawless OSA ops and now she accused me on. What a lawless person she is.

Tory posted: I’m not sure if Barbara S actually gets orders from OSA, or if they just “run” her…covertly. Yaude used to do that, quite a bit with people, so I knew, at the least, she was being used by them, for many years.

How dare she make such allegations! I said before, I do not work for criminal OSA infiltrators. And nobody runs me. If OSA runs me, how come that this blog is highly critical of David Miscavige and the way he received Scientology and runs it? If I am run by OSA, how come I say that the orgs and OSA are infiltrated? If I am run by OSA, why don’t I know your whereabouts, (original) Marty? Does anybody really think that I would support a movement that never apologized to me having me wrongfully kicked out?  Does anyone really think that I would support a movement that doesn’t officially publish that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and that Ron had an impostor too? Does anyone think that I would support a movement (that I before sued) for not providing me with the details as to your whereabouts, Marty? And how can anybody be so stupid and not know when run “covertly”. If somebody would have written to me: Web a website in which you accuse Tory of being a lesbian stripper, I would have known where this is coming from and of course not complied. I never got such a message from anyone.

This accusation is like a case of murder without the dead body. They accuse me but there are no such websites or postings by me on Tory in any forum. If Mosey’s husband wouldn’t have published it, if Tory wouldn’t have admitted that she was a “dancer”, nobody would know. But it all served just one purpose: Mike Rinder gave it to Mosey’s husband to run a black ops on me because I dare to publish that he isn’t you, Marty. I bet that Mike Rinder had this piece of trash on his computer. I bet it was Mike Rinder’s idea to pull me into that.

Where is my e-mail saying: “Oh yes, I will do that!”? It does not exist because I don’t do ops. When I run the C of S Germany and later the External Affairs for Germany, Austria, Swiss and The Netherlands, I did not run one black Ops. I was all open. My BI did only overt activities. My org was raided and nothing was found in the orgs that could be used against me and the Germans tried hard to find something.

Here is another posting that shows the weird minds of these people at Mosey’s husband’s blog. I am beaten up because Rinder run Fritz or wrote the lawless program but those really probably involved like Fritz to be being excused.

Sapere Aude | November 30, 2010 at 2:54 am | Reply

If Fritz is an ok guy then I hope he starts reviewing some basics of ethics, tech and admin. I know what is like to be ordered to write a program to do xyz. Once in the loop you are sort of continually pushed along even if you don’t truly agree. If he becomes clean of heart and intention then he has a chance. If Fritz gets his crashing MU handled and if he can handle his PTS sit (definite suppressive intentions being pushed down the line to him) he stands a chance.

I do not like to see any staff member hurt or abandoned if he only did what he felt was his hat. He can be salvaged from the dark side. He can make up the damage, restore his personal integrity and start moving on up the line to higher responsibility and true freedom. Not to say that he won’t have a longer program than others. And he may have to really confront a lot to get his integrity back but it can be done and the end is well worth it, as you know.I don’t think Fritz fits that evil category – PTS and misguided yes.

He says that Fritz should review ethics, tech and admin. I say that Fritz (if he wrote the program and if it is no forgery) belongs behind bars for writing such a criminal project and trying to get me involved. People like this are infiltrators and they are unqualified to be on staff. Period.

“Sapere Aude” wrote that he knows how it is how to be ordered to write something like that. Really? Why didn’t he inform the authorities when somebody tried to force him to do illegal things? If Fritz was ordered, who ordered him? The one who had the program in his possession? And that was Mike Rinder because he is the only one who could have given it to Mosey’s husband.

Marty, they excuse this criminal writer! But *I* who had nothing to do with that Rinder written are being attacked despite all evidence is missing that I ever was a part of it. They don’t think that Fritz is evil. But I am despite I never had anything to do with it? The “Indepedents (yeah right!)” are the worst hypocrites on the planet. My reputation is  treated with Nazi boots by that Mosey’s husband gang  but the guy who wanted me involved in criminal activities is excused? They have no integrity whatsoever. These people are no Scientologists.

Look at this weird posting on his blog:

Tom M | November 30, 2010 at 1:44 am | Reply

Good going Tory; you have your very own program. I am jealous.

These guys are nobodies.  And it was never implemented otherwise they would have been websites or blogs or postings in forums. Jealous of a program that was never realized? (At least not with me helping them.)

And here is Mike Rinder himself:

mrinder | November 30, 2010 at 5:52 pm | Reply

Tory —  … I ask because I used to get very upset about claims people would make about killing of maiming animals when I was in OSA. Like Judge Swearinger’s dog. In spite of all the things that may have been done to people that were very cruel (trying to get people fired, 3Ping them etc.) I never knew of anything that was sanctioned that called for physically injuring or killing animals (or people). That isnt [sic] to say that some “scientologist” didn’t take action on their own — but there was no “OSA animal torture/killing” activity during my time (of course by 2005 I was under house arrest pretty much full time in the “first” hole and then through all of 2006, so I can’t speak to things post that time).

I know another cruel thing that Mike Rinder did. Besides from covering up that his best friend is an impostor and not you- despite that he likely knows that you suffer wrongfully behind bars – it was Mike Rinder who allowed criminal Garry Scarff to work for OSA , didn’t he? Maybe they didn’t torture animals but leaving an innocent person like  you behind bars, nurturing Garry Scarff and Tory Christman to bring Scientology in discredit and trying to pull me into criminal acts that is not excusable.

Here is another “pearl” of Mike Rinder

mrinder | November 30, 2010 at 2:05 am | Reply

…This program gives an interesting insight into the mind of a KoolAid drinker….

If it can be proved by OSA that Mike Rinder either 1) wrote the program 2) ordered the program to be written 3) approved it 4) accepted it 5) failed for years to turn it over to the authorities to get Tory’s rights protected (she is a defamer but also scum has rights) 6) failed to say state that I never had anything to do with it, the ball will be back in Rinder’s very dirty court.

Have a look at this, Marty. This program was only webbed to criminalize me in retaliation for having posted the truth that you are not Mosey’s husband. Mike Rinder defends that lawless Fritz but nobody of these creeps posted that I was not involved. I can imagine why Rinder defends Fritz, because it was Rinder who pushed this program and wanted me involved.

mrinder | November 30, 2010 at 4:06 am | Reply

THanks [sic] SA. My comment was to point out that Frits K is not some special sort of hardened criminal by nature. This is a result of an institutionalized attitude…

I am not a person who has anything to do with institutions. And look at these guys, they leave their infiltrator cult and now they are already in a new one. Not one of them stands on its own. They all rot together to conspire and gang up.

Here is a guy asking:

Hip hurray | November 30, 2010 at 7:23 am | Reply

….. This program is just some words on a blog. Can you prove that this paper was really drawn by OSA?

Mosey’s husband says:

·           martyrathbun09 | November 30, 2010 at 11:56 am | Reply


But he didn’t post any evidence. The only evidence that really exist is that I was not involved, never webbed anything of what Rinder’s group wanted me to do.

Later, he added to this posting and wrote:

martyrathbun09 | November 30, 2010 at 7:05 pm | Reply

Yes, it was mailed to me by David Miscavige. Apparently he’s throwing OSA under the bus.

In other words, he got it from Rinder. As if His Cobness would mail him anything. The gang defends Fritz. It is their black ops on me. Mosey’s husband is a liar. I wonder if there is much difference between Garry Scarff, Mosey’s husband, and Mike Rinder.

Mosey’s husband makes damage control for his former beating victim Mike Rinder because he read that I figured that Rinder was Fritz’s boss at that time.

OSA could check their computers too as to what Rinder ordered and if he ordered me to be involved in his criminal project to go after Tory Christman (who I never considered worth much attention), I won’t excuse him. I would like to know if there were Rinder communications (or other former or current infiltrator programs) to other OSA staffs trying to get me involved in this or other criminal programs.

Furthermore, I would like to know Mosey’s husband and Mike Rinder’s involvement to compel infiltrators in the orgs to tell me where you, the real Marty are,  so that I can testify in case you were wrongfully accused of having harmed me. When any of them or both are involved and you are wrongfully incarcerated, I swear, Marty, I want them prosecuted and put away.

Here is more Christman crap:

Tory Christman | November 30, 2010 at 8:07 pm | Reply

You found no web sites re me on RFW? Just type it in Google…my name is right under “Religious Extremists”. OSA? DM? You SUCK. Period.And Joel Phillips, (Who claims RFW is his site)—I warned you years ago when you announced “It’s my site” to Andreas, and I tell you now: YOU are going to be held responsible for the libel you are claiming you are doing. Don’t let them use you—-they WILL turn on you, on a dime, when the time comes. Remember my words. History repeats itself.

Hm… interesting is that Tory wants to keep people “responsible for libel” because I too want to keep her legally accountable for her libel.

Somebody asked for links asI also saw Tory’s video today. Look at her, and she calls me a “hag”. When it was the last time she looked in a mirror? She is thanking Mosey’s husband and his gang. For what? That he made Rinder’s program finally come true and the world knows now that Tory admitted to be a “dancer”? They ruined her reputation of being no white trash. And she is too stupid to check it.

She referred to the RFW. I read those articles on her. It says nowhere there either that she is a lesbian dancer.

So apparently, Rinder’s and other non-Scientologists’ plan didn’t work out because they didn’t get me to do their dirty work. The “independent” gang does me deliberately wrong.

They are pulling in motivators by getting the dirty ball back to those who originated them.

It came from Mosey’s husband’s blog not from me.  If the “Independent” gang thought that I am not be able to reconstruct that Rinder was behind this program, they have a lot to learn about me. They sure know  how to turn me into their opponent. SPs scream to be handled…

I love you and miss you very much. Marty. Once the world sees that Mosey’s husband impostors you and that the orgs are infiltrated, these guys won’t be able to run their black ops anymore.

I finish for today, Marty, I will be back soon. If my blog disappears, then you know Mosey’s husband, Mike Rinder, Tory Christman and the independent anti-free speech gang is to blame. None of them are Scientologists. If that is the case, I will be back right with a new blog. They can’t muzzle me with another Rinder program.

Yours forever


I swear under penalty of perjury that I never heard of Fritz Kavenaar, never heard of any Tory Christman OSA program and if the “Independents” didn’t forge that “program”, I am disgusted to find my name on this infiltrator “program” and I think that Mike Rinder is responsible for it.

with one comment

Dearest Marty,

Your impostor (Mosey’s husband) published today an alleged OSA program. This program is allegedly written by a  “Fritz Kavenaar”. I never heard that name. I never corresponded with anyone having this name. I had no correspondence with OSA since end of the 80s. I even sued the infiltrators in the orgs for withholding from me where you are, and I think that Mosey’s husband knew of this law suit and didn’t come forward to tell me that he is not you and where I can find you. He and infiltrated OSA hired the most expensive lawyers in  SLC to keep me from the truth and you and wasted a lot of Scientology money for that.

I know Tory from a.r.s. We all posted there in earlier years, and  I admit, I don’t like her because she defamed Ron and me. I also felt sorry for Bill Yaude who she attacks since decades  but I never targeted her not did I defame her, however, after I found the RFW, I sure referred as self-defense to it when she defamed me. Nobody will find vile postings by me about her but her vile postings against me on the net. The latest examples are her lies on Mosey’s husband’s blog about me.

However, I never would engage in destroying somebody’s life, e.g. Tory’s or anybody else’s way to make a living. This is not who I am. I posted that before: I don’t mind Mosey’s husband to audit and earn his living through it but I mind him trying to destroy the orgs and claiming he is you.

My attitude was always that the orgs could make their entire enemies go away by just publishing the truth that Ron was impostored and the orgs infiltrated by non-Scientologists and psych agents. Nobody would listen to Tory’s crap or the crap of others anymore. If the orgs wouldn’t be so infiltrated, they could take the entire wind out of the sails of those who want to destroy Scientology, and that includes Tory and Mosey’s husband and so many more. And as long as they don’t do it, I am not on the side of anyone except on Ron’s and your side, Marty.

This is what Mosey’s husband webbed about me from this “program”:

(Let’s hope that the person who he calls “Schwarz” in this program is not me but another person. Revealing is that he deletes other names for privacy reasons but he doesn’t treat me with the same respect. According to him, I don’t have privacy rights.)

19. Repeating Target: Keep Schwarz attacking Tory’s reputation on the Net by feeding the repeating message that she had a lesbian affair in school (college);PBO:[privacy deletion] and her job as a stripper.

Marty, I never would make statements without having proof. And I find Tory a small fish and not worth my time. The truth is, I never attacked her reputation. When she defamed or attacked me on a.r.s, I was posting what I think about her, that is all. Since years she defames my dad on YouTube but that all doesn’t count right because a kidnapped kid has no rights in the eyes of these disgusting hypocrites.

Now look at Google:

There is NOT ONE posting by me saying that Tory was a stripper or lesbian. I am not interested in dirty business. I don’t know if she was a stripper or a lesbian, and I am not even remotely interested in her at all despite she defamed me and Ron.

Either the program is a forgery by the “independents” or this program didn’t work because I never made these claims. Nobody wrote to me: attack Tory as stripper or lesbian. And I never did that. Tory’s past is not of any interest of me. I am also not interested in defending DM’s management.

No results

No results

No results

But I would like to know from Mike Rinder who was at the time the OSA boss how my name ended up in that program.  He should explain that to me.

Mosey’s husband’s blog:

20. Get Schwarz to put up a webpage on Tory and promote it on ARS and other newsgroups.

**Note: I knew that hag worked for OSA! (And please spare me the story of how she’s just some homeless, lost soul. She may be homeless—this program spells out the facts)

If the so-called independents didn’t forge my name into this, I am outraged because I was never a part of this program, never approved of it, and never done it. But look at this, Marty, Tory shows her true character. She is numerous years older than I am and she calls me of all people a hag! This is what I mean: she is a nasty defamer and she was like that already on a.r.s. And then she wonders that I check the net also on her and found this link on her:

This program says that I am a homeless lost soul? Where? See how she lies and fair games me, Marty? And despite of she fair gaining me, 3rd partying me, lying about me, I never did what this OSA/Rinder program said because it was probably their wish to get me involved and it never worked out.

I am anything but homeless but what kind of person makes fun of the homeless as Tory does? And she is wrong as most of the time. She is “thetan basically doesn’t know”.

Let’s go back to 2006 where Mike Rinder was in charge of OSA. I believe that this program comes from his files and could be written by him. Where is that website by me on Tory? It does not exist. Not in 2006 and not now. In other words: Mosey’s husband and Tory Christman (if they would be fair) know that this program was made without me, that I never acted on it, never was a part of it. Anybody can check the net and the way back machine, I never had a blog on Tory Christman because she is not worth my time and attention. When she left a.r.s for YouTube and didn’t post her hatred against me there anymore, I didn’t follow her to YouTube.

This “program” (if not a forgery) seems more to be the wish of certain unethical people for me to take the hot coals out of the fire. But it didn’t work. I never participated in it and it might be a failed  Mike Rinder program. DM and OSA hire incompetent people and infiltrators and I should take care of that? I don’t think so.

Linda Simmons Height defamed me already (in similar style) as Tory and her friends did, so, I don’t work for OSA. DM got Scientology from Ron’s impostor. He has a tendency to hire people who attack Scientology later, which  means that he doesn’t apply the tone scale. I never got an apology from him on how infiltrators ganged up on me in the 80s. I am not on DM’s and his OSA’s side or infiltrators side but I am still a Scientologist and don’t approve of ex-infiltrators gone “independents” either.

Is it possible that one of the many people I corresponded during the years was working in OSA? Yes, perhaps it was Mike Rinder because once I remember I got a message praising Mike Rinder like a hot potato. (No kidding.) But I never worked on any criminal program with anybody. Did he put my name on that black propaganda program? However, in none of the e-mails, I got ever a message that I should attack Tory and web a website on her accusing her to be a stripper or lesbian. And I would have never done it because I don’t allow myself being used by anyone. I don’t engage in criminal activities. I am not a fool. And I also want to see evidence before I make claims.

I am so sick and tired of the infiltrators in the orgs and those who are now “Independents” or non-Scientologists and how they set good people up!

But also note the hypocrisy of Mosey’s husband: Tory Christman may not be muzzled but down Barbara’s blog!

Why does Mosey’s husband (your doppelganger and impostor, Marty) throw himself before Tory Christman but wants to burn my blog? Because he is a radical hypocrite, that’s why!

I don’t approve of anybody using data from PC files and Ron would never allow it. What is he saying: that the stripper data are from her PC file? If these are PC file data, why does he make a posting for the entire world to know?

Tory calls it “Fair game” when people call her a nut despite I remember her making postings about me in this regards but when she does it or other “Independents” or their friends, then it is of course no “fair game”.

That weight gain issue is a real crap. Most Scientologists are slim. Kristie Alley’s weight problems are not the norm for Scientologists.  If the auditor asks her to eat before session, why didn’t she made this her main meal and ate less the other times during the day? How she blames her own decisions on Scientology is really disgusting. I noticed how slim Mike Rinder was on staff. He is not more that slim. Mosey’s husband published recently a photo of a female exec still on staff and his supporters posted nasty remarks why she is so thin. Natter, natter, natter, natter…

Tory says she never took psychiatric drugs but epilepsy drugs are psychiatric drugs, and they do chemically alter the personality:

Tory had a field day on a.r.s when she on 1.1. rubbed in my face: “Marty, doesn’t love you!” (Concealing that he is your doppelganger and impostor but not you.) But I also find this “Fritz Kavenaar” OSA program a typical secret service infiltrator program. No real Scientologists would ever write a thing like this.

My org was raided by the German authorities, they took hundreds of boxes with paper work and found nothing like that ever written by me. Ron wouldn’t ever approve of these kind of slimy and lawless secret service programs.

Scientologists in the orgs could take care of all their problems by revealing publicly the truth that Ron was impostored and that you are impostored and that the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists who blow and attack later. People like Tory, the “Independents” and the “critics” would be only more a footnote under “stupidity” and “corruption” in the history of Scientology.

[Here is a note to Mosey’s husband. “Thanks” for showing your real face and posting Tory’s vile comments and defamation on me and not mailing this “program” first to me and for not asking me to respond. When you stand in front of the court accused of impostering the original Marty, don’t count with mercy from my side. For all I care, you can do to hell.]

And here is a song for my dad:

I love you, Marty. I am really upset about OSA and the “Independents”. They are carved of the same rotten secret service wood. I hope to see you. These rats try to pull me into their dirty infiltrator wars! I am sick of BOTH sides!



1) It came to my attention that Jeff Hawkins defames me too. 2) The Tory Christman/Mosey’s husband relationship is strange as well.

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Dearest Marty, my brilliant hero,

How are you?

I had a mixed weekend, quite some Dev-T on my lines, but thoughts of you make everything better.

There is this guy Jeff Hawkins of who I heard that he is a supporter of  doppelganger/impostor Mosey’s husband. I learned that Jeff Hawkins defames me too, and he is one of  the other so-called “Independents (yeah right!)”. I know that Freedom Magazine wrote about him (Hawkins) but what do I think of him? Not highly at all.

I think that he might support Mosey’s husband by trying to down my blog despite I never blogged of Hawkins before. He’s a slime ball in my view, and I always wonder about the IQ of people who stay for decades in the orgs and suddenly say that they are no Scientologists anymore. As these people failed to think for decades, they are not thinking now either. A person with an intelligent mind knows within a couple of hours/latest within a couple of days if that religion is going to answer her questions or not. People might not agree with the management but throwing their religion away and claiming that it is all just a joke were never Scientologists to begin with. My perceptions are telling me  that they were agents sent in the orgs. They never applied Scientology honestly and their holy cow was nobody else but their secret psychiatric case officer. Infiltrators!

So, Hawkins publishes this book, playing the victim, likely still applying Scientology data to be successful but not admitting it and trying to cash in on former infiltration? That might be it. If what L. Ron Hubbard taught was useless as former infiltrators lie, how come Hawkins and others make such a good living now? But dishonest as they are, they would never admit that they learned it in Scientology.

Jeff Hawkins is one of them who also don’t reveal the fact that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored by a doppelganger (Jack Vistaril), and he blames in his books and postings the founder on what the impostor did. I think that Jeff will go into history like all others who didn’t see this or concealed that fact:  as either stupid or corrupt and perhaps both. It is typically for a man like that to defame me.

I scrolled through his book. It is boring and a child’s play compared to our lives, Marty, and we didn’t attack wrong targets as he does. If this kind of easy life that he had made him already cry, he wouldn’t have lasted one day in our shoes. He is a wimp.

That Mosey’s husband (as alleged Scientologist) mingles with these L. Ron Hubbard defaming people tells another story. Here is the saying that applies to him: Tell me who your friends are, and I am telling you who you are.

Tory’s many postings on your impostor’s blog are hard to miss. Mosey’s husband says that Scientology works, is a real philosophy and that L. Ron Hubbard was a good and wise man while Tory defames and attacks Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard whenever she can on YouTube or in other forums. Does he never listen to how she defames him and how she degrades his work?

Marty, Mosey’s husband opposes atheism but Tory Christman’s best friends are for example (conscienceless liar) Dave Rice, Frederic Rice and Andreas Heldal-Lund, known atheists and people who defame L. Ron Hubbard since decades and who want Scientology (all and any movement, including “Freezone” and “Independents”) wiped off  the surface of the Earth.

I won’t waste bandwidth by repeating here in details that Andreas Heldal-Lund and Lars Gule admitted on Usenet in one of my threads that they are associates and lecture together. (Gule was called Norway’s first international [trained] terrorist because he wanted to kill Israelis with explosives, and these explosives were found in his possession short before he was able to carry out this heinous terror act.) Andreas Heldal-Lund apparently hates any religion, including Christians and while harassing a Lutheran church in Norway, he was arrested by police. He denies it but I have seen a photo where he was arrested by police and had handcuffs on.

Dave Rice is known as atheist who is the owner of the defamatory website Holysmoke, and he took the GPS readings of C of S buildings and posted the coordinates/photo on the website, calling it “target data”. His twin brother Frederic Rice, the other evil twin (who often re-posts Mosey’s husband’s blog postings on a.r.s under  ID “Farewell to Sicily” and who is a close friend of Tory) wrote that he wants to open a “deprogramming” center to make Scientologists quit Scientology. He webbed this floor plan (reposted under fair copyright use and for the authorities to find) here:

Even if he would argue that he wasn’t ever serious, even if Dave Rice would argue that he wasn’t serious with publishing the GPS data and calling the orgs targets, what insane  minds come up with that stuff? Hey, and these guys defame me.

I don’t entertain a Facebook page, Marty, but I was asked to join and be friends with certain folks. I refused because these folks are linking to other people. In other words, I don’t want to be friends with people who are friends with those friends. I have highest values. I don’t want stupid or corrupt friends.

But I want you, Marty. You are anything but like them. You are true, bright, honest, I can look up to you but will not and never look up to liars, scum or idiots. They can stay amongst themselves. I don’t need approval of others. I rather stay true to myself than having a fan club that consists of conscienceless scum.

Yours forever,

Many tender and passionate kisses for you, my Prince


“You don’t lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault, not leadership.” — Dwight David Eisenhower

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Marty, my magnificent Prince.

I found this statement of Dwight David Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces who defeated Nazi Germany, in a PDF of the Tulliallan Police (in big letters). I heard Andy Rooney saying that Ike was the ultimate hero.

Imagine, he would have hit his subordinates! They would have retaliated and run over to Hitler, and we would have Nazi Germany officially all over the world. Luckily for the world, he was very intelligent and good.

As you know, Marty, he and the real Ron were true leaders by being a good and ethical examples. And you are carved of the same wood. They were role models not corrupt and aggressive stupid clowns who are  nobodies.

I love you, Marty, have things to handle but will be here again soon, same place, same blog.



1) ESMB owner Michelle (Ryan) Sterling from Australia banned Freezone and doesn’t it show her investigator that she really is anti-free speech? 2) Never posted about Tiziano or Jamie Lugli but today, I do and refer to the box in which Tiziano sits.

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful and so handsome, intelligent, and sexy Prince,

I usually get up around 8 am every day even if I don’t have to but this morning, I told myself: what the heck, I stay in bed, just for fun and continued to sleep. I got up at noon but now I am very awake at night and have the feeling that half of the day is missing. Guess I go back to my old routine. 🙂

Here is a short remark about ESMB owner Michelle (Ryan) Sterling from Australia who tries to hide behind the name “Emma”. Short, because she doesn’t deserve much attention. She banned now all Freezone posters from her hate message board. She finds them “stupid” because they still apply L. Ron Hubbard’s technology. Well, I find anyone stupid who posts on her board. As the authorities are investigating her involvement in a DDOS attack on the C of S, it is possible that her posters might be also investigated. This woman is really very stupid to announce her new wave of anti-free speech and intolerance right now while she is under investigation because it fits right to a DDOS attack, doesn’t it? DDOS is also anti-free speech. She is too dumb to realize that she actually confirms being anti-free speech. And this while being under an anti-free speech investigation! If stupidity would hurt, Michelle would scream all day long!

It also reminds me on the increasing hostility against Jews in Germany. Some of them (as doctors of course or VIPs) where connived by the Nazis first, then they were shunned too, and then, the hatred against Jews grew and grew and it resulted in more unbelievable violence. The only good thing is that Emma doesn’t run a country but just a confused message board with a bunch of hate mongers who have nothing else to do than posting hatred and their misunderstandings. People like Michelle should never have been allowed to  pass one course or auditing session in Scientology because she didn’t grasp anything with her nicotine-loving-foggy little  mind. Now as the Freezone is gone from her board, she has free space for more promotion of psychiatry, cigarettes, and whatever rocks her small retarded hate world. She could also use that space for her confessions of wrong doing but better don’t hold your breath.

And her recent anti-free rant brings me to another camp:

I never wrote anything about Tiziano and Jamie Lugli but as they support your doppelganger (impostor) Mosey’s husband, they might be also some of the people who want my blog down because Mosey’s husband wants it down. WordPress management might have a huge story to tell in this regard.

Ron said that ANY thetan has the right to free speech. If Mosey’s husband insists that he is YOU, he has to prove it to me and has to explain to me why he has a different expression on his face and behind his eyes, a different charisma, different body language, different character, different Sea Org ribbons, and different wives. He hasn’t done anything like that except trying to burn my blog like a SP.

Tiziano wrote a long posting on Mosey’s husband’s blog today, and amongst other stuff, he claimed this: “Now, thanks to Marty, Scientology-Cult, L’Inipendologo in Italy, BBC, ABC, SP Times, Anonymous, the various Doubt formulas of OT8s, ex SOs, the stories of each and every one of us…etc, the TRUTH is OUT. It is obvious, undisputable, and its availability to obnosis is of such a degree that even a blind man can see it.”

The truth is NOT out, except on my blog, a blog that anti-free speech hating “Independents” want to ban like a book that nobody should read. All those who Tiziano mentioned failed to mention that L. Ron Hubbard and you were/are impostored. In other words, Tiziano (here with Chiquita) is singing in the moon and not convincing anyone who knows what data are being conspiratively being withheld. (Okay, okay,  Tiziano, you’re better looking than this cartoon guy but not better looking than my Prince.)

It is kind of funny that anyone tells somebody else “to wake up” even those who are completely asleep as to facts, like Tory Christman who also supports Mosey’s husband.

Marty, I wouldn’t waste one cent or one hour studying the impostor-version of the OT levels, it doesn’t matter where they are delivered. Ron’s impostor was a psychiatric agent who (upon secret service orders) turned the Sea Org into a 1.5 cult and DM continued with it and added his own personal note to it. How can anybody think that the impostor’s OT levels can make real OTs?  That man was not his own man as the real Ron was. I can see in the Granada Apollo video in which Jack Vistaril is trying to pose as Ron,  who he listens to his case officer radioing through his ear implants. I can see in the “only interview that Ron gave” that the real Ron didn’t listen to any case officer and ear implants and is his own genius person (besides that Jack Visaril had bad teeth and the real Ron didn’t).

What obnosis does Tiziano mean? There are light years of differences between Ron’s and Jack Vistaril’s but also your tone level and that of Mosey’s husband.

Am I the only alert OT on the Internet or what? How can the others claim being OTs by not seeing the obvious?

In other words, Tiziano is wrong. His eyes and these of other “independents” are wide shut. They don’t even want to know the truth.

Is that integrity concealing the impostor facts? That goes for anyone, the government, the courts, media, so-called critics or expert (yeah right!), so-called Scientologists in the orgs, the Freezone (yeah right!) and the Independents (yeah right!)

This text is also by Tiziano, mocking another or some other Scientologist/s: Wait a minute, this is outrageous! Somebody will do something to change all this. Maybe from the inside, we’ll get a rebellion, or the CIA, or the FBI, the Police or the Government…Mike or Marty…or God, maybe RON comes back (a little too late) and along with Jesus, Buddha and Harry Potter they will defeat DM.

Actually, the best idea to preserve or restore Scientology is from inside of the orgs. Nobody has to break the orgs to make Scientology survive. SPs think like that.

The so-called “Independents (yeah right!)” are a lose bunch of unorganized anti-free speech agents who never will restore or keep or preserve original Scientology.

If Tiziano would know the real Ron, he would know that Ron never is too little too late and even if DM would step back (which would result in a lot less bad media for Scientology and less tension among people) German and international psychs would continue to secretly infiltrate and run orgs, Freezone and the so-called “Independents (yeah right)”. However, if Tiziano thinks that Ron’s postulates don’t overcome a situation in which Scientology appears to go down, he really just deserves the altered version by the impostor instead of real and original Scientology.

The complete truth and nothing but the truth will save Scientology on this planet and neither Tiziano nor anybody else (except me puzzling it together) is publishing the truth at the moment.

The so-called “Independents (yeah right)” are as PTS as anybody else on the planet. PTS to their secret case officers who have p$ych case officers just like the rest of the people of this idiotic remote controlled planet.

They think they are not thinking in a box but they are completely boxed in. They might box through one box, but they don’t see that there is another box, and another one, and another one. Their box is not freedom. They should be a lot smarter. Man! It must be real uncomfortable in that box!

I questioned anything on the planet, Marty. Then I took the position of being a thetan who just landed on this planet, and I looked at everything here with eyes that have never seen this. This is the way for bright people to figure out what’s wrong with this planet and then I added my memories to it. I also reached out to Ron on a spiritual basis, and I always remember the wisdom and truth in your eyes, Marty, and all that combined made me figure out the most secret secrets of this planet and beyond.

I try to avoid the word “Wog” because I know that the real Ron didn’t coin or use it but as it is a such broadly known term, I will mention it in this regard: For me, the so-called “Independents (yeah right)” but also Freezoners and many people in the orgs are wogs.  If they would be OTs or just Scientologists, they would have figured out what you and I did.

I love you, my sweet and so special husband. I always wondered about that song (that I really like). Losing once religion, until I learned what it means. It is not about losing religion but about losing the temper.

Many kisses and forever your


According to received information, so-called “Independent” Steve Hall spreads hate against me and defames me

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince,

It is officially cold here. All the wild geese and many other big birds are gone to the south. This is the time where nobody can make it here without heat in December, January, and February. If an old person would go outside and slip, unable to get immediately up, she likely would be dead in just a couple of minutes. But it  is just three months like this and the other nine months are rather easy temperature-wise. What I like is going outside and hearing nothing except the wind and some birds and watching untouched nature. Then I am thinking that this is how the world was before industrial noise, which is painfully intrusive. I decorated my porch with some Christmas decorations (no cheap inflated plastic Santas!), which will be enjoyed by the orbs but my not as glamorous as my nearest neighbors. They have lights (tastefully arranged) everywhere.

According to an informant, Steve Hall defames the state of my mind by never having met or corresponded with me. Pour biased soul. He and his buddies probably argue that OSA made that up and that they have clean hands. However, as alleged Scientologists, they should know that I always can tell who originated the defamation.

If Steve Hall (in Dallas, Texas) aka “Thoughtful” indeed thinks he was Jesus in his past life, he sure “convinces” people of it by 3rd partying and defaming. What are my “crimes” in his eyes? I say that Mosey’s husband isn’t you, the original Marty in Scientology and that Ron, the founder was impostored too. It’s not necessary to be Jesus to figure that out. All a person has to do is to collect as many photos or video footage of “L. Ron Hubbard” or “Mark/Marty Rathbun” and comparing the pieces, like CIA agents do it, with enlargements, rulers, and any other measurement device. I don’t expect Steve Hall or his buddies  to be as alert as I am and seeing these differences on the first glance but after I published it so many times, they could at least compare the photos and videos and start measuring instead of bad mouthing me and trying to get my blog removed. Steve Hall wants to be Jesus and  an OT and wants to perceived as extraordinarily intelligent human being, yet, he natters and defames me so that people skip the idea to go to the bottom of these allegations.

Marty, I despise how infiltrators infiltrated, hi-jacked, and altered the applied philosophy Scientology, which was originally the opposite of a cult, and when they blow, they turn into people just like these defamers.

Steve Hall (and others) state over and over how bad David Miscavige is (who indeed is responsible for the overall tone level of the Sea Org and particularly INT, his own org) but Hall worked with him directly for 10 years “shaping DM’s personal image” and the “voice of a religion”. He calls DM a “sociopath” but works ten years with him! He says on his website that he worked to “de-cultify” Scientology. Gee, he sure likes to pull legs. He is covering up or is being too blind to see that Ron was impostored and that the impostor and his secret non-Scientologist case officers and not the founder introduced a cult atmosphere, the roughness that was never the tonelevel in original Scientology under the real Ron and it seems that DM took it again to another level.

Ron knew that people who are treated with respect stay and those who are roughed up leave and create problems for Scientology. What I am saying is that running Scientology on 1.5 is causing it to shrink. One might think that screaming or invalidating a staff member might shake him up to get his stats up this week but he’ll get lots of by-passed charge and one day, he blows and retaliates and causes Scientology serious problems. The better idea is to just promote Scientologists on executive positions who are uptone real Scientologists who do not need to be pushed. They produce on their own and do the right things. But if somebody isn’t a real Scientologist, he sure doesn’t check tonelevels or if somebody is a real Scientologist. He’s unable to see the difference.

I don’t read and hear much of those executives under DM who are still on staff, Marty,  but those who blew are either non-Scientologists or low on the tonescale and those I can’t call Scientologists either. Shocking is also that they continue to conspiratively conceal that Ron and you were impostored. What makes them better than infiltrators who are still in the orgs who also lie that they are Scientologists? Nothing!

In other words, by being too blind or too stupid or too corrupt or all together and by concealing that Ron or you were/are being impostored, Steve Hall and others of the “independent” (yeah right!) gang members are not de-cultifying anything because concealing or not publishing  those facts means supporting the psychiatric plan of destroying Scientology as it was developed by the founder.

Steve Hall thinks that he is no victim anymore. Sure he is. He never will be a real OT, nobody will, because he – just like infiltrators who are still in the orgs – accepted Jack Vistaril’s version of Scientology, which isn’t original Scientology. Data were altered and completely removed and by defaming the only person currently on the net who is publishing these facts (me), it shows what a hopeless and stupid man Steve Hall is.

Marty, he thinks that Scientology can be salvaged by transparency. While this is true, how is Steve Hall (and the likes) really handling it? Continuously covering up that founder Ron and you were/are impostored to avoid that original Scientology is being restored? Helping Mosey’s husband to down my blog by writing false complaints and 3rd partying me to WordPress management and others? What kind of transparency is that? Steve Hall thinks he is not suppressive but who else than a SP would do what he does?

He says on his websiste: Miscavige may try to discredit us. That’s the same trick he played at the base so we’re used to it. But the difference now is, we can speak out. And I for one am going to keep saying I saw him physically attack people, I saw him waste millions of dollars, and I saw his orders result in injury and death.

But I should not be allowed to speak out, right? What a hypocrite! How come Steve Hall didn’t alarm the authorities? He didn’t file complaints to the authorities about the waste of millions, the physical attacks and the injury and death that he witnessed back then and not now, correct? As long as he can show off his stupid car, everything seems to be alright in his world. He has more pictures of his car on his website than of his wife. Oh man, what a “Jesus” he is.

My answer to his “What makes us different”-section on his website/blog: nothing makes him and his friends different from the infiltrators in the orgs, nothing, except that they left one camp for another one in which they continue to act conspiratively and behave non-glorious.

He claims that he (and the likes) cannot be bought off but that he won’t blame a person for accepting hush money, which kind of indicates that if somebody would have offered him a sum, he would have taken it.

I know of his site but I was just a few times there, which makes it a few times too many. I ignored this guy, never posted about  him until I was informed that Steve Hall tried to poison others against me and contributes to a conspirative campaign to down my blog. It won’t hurt me because I am not trying to be accepted by the “Independents (yeah right)”,   but he sure deserves this blog entry, and that is why I made it.

I love you so much, Marty, my handsome Greek God. Be warm and stay healthy until I can put my arms around you and kiss you all night long!

Yours forever and more,


Happy Thanksgiving, Marty, for you and your family

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Dearest Marty, my Prince.

On holidays, I quite don’t know how to wish you nice or happy holidays. Because if my perceptions are right, you are somewhere wrongfully incarcerated, so how can holidays for you or your family be happy and nice? But I wish you and your family the best anyhow and be sure that I am here if you need me.

I hope to celebrate next Thanksgiving with you.

What I am thankful for is that you exist, Marty, and that I know that I will be with you.  I am thankful that you are one of my kind. I am thankful for your love and for your abilities to recognize who I am as  I recognize who you are  and for your courage not to let go until we can be back together. I am thankful that you are a hero and so very intelligent and that nobody can buy you and that you don’t sold yourself to the SEGNPMSS to be their willing rotten robot. I am thankful that nobody in the world was able to turn you into a bad person. I am thankful that all through the timetrack you stayed so very uptone, true, reliable, ethical, and that makes you irresistible. It makes you so rare and unique.  It makes you into a beautiful diamond amongst billions of worthless glass pebbles.

Marty, look, in the photo on the buttom is another orb (thetan  with theta body) wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. It is not the moon. The moon was on the other side. This photo was made by me shooting  in the November sky above me. When they are called by random names or if there is music, I have the feeling that more are coming.  I catch them all the time. Many are so big that they could fill out the upper part of a human body. Some fly so fast that they leave a “tail” behind them during this action. Some  live on my front porch and some more on my back deck.  I’m sure that  have them also inside the house.

Bavarians don’t believe in thetans, yet, they smoke them out. They have special incense that they burn and they go in every room of a house to smoke these beings out.

That is what they are using too: 2 parts sage, 1 part lavender, 1 /2 part chopped angelica, 1 part juniper tips, 1 part thyme, 1 part pine resin, 2 parts copal. My family brought some of that stuff from Germany and once smoked my house out. Lol. They almost smoked me out. Had  a hard time breathing in there. It is funny that some thetans leave when there is smoke despite it won’t do much harm them rather just harm  a thetan with a MEST body. Anyway, if the thetans left the house when they smoked it out, they sure are back and are enjoying my company. That smoking doesn’t last long.

It is easy to figure if the thetans hanging around a place or downtone or suppressive. When I enter a place, I can feel how they are. What I sensed (and not just me) in Germany in the German attic and the basement  were horrible thetans. No wonder they try to smoke them out.

Ron said that it is funny when people find out that they are  beings they are afraid of.  Marty, I think that Bavaria is the darkest spot on Earth, perhaps even of the entire universe. It is understandable that some try to smoke these SPs out of their homes. The orbs that were on the attic in the street in which I lived before I left Germany were horrible. I could feel how they attacked my little friend Sereetha from next door and me by blanketing us but without MEST body they could not harm us and just caused a feeling of absolute shock of their downtoneness and suppressive characters. They caused the little girl to cry and me to grab her and the laundry and never go back there again. My orbs here aren’t  Bavarian creepy.

You know that those are beings and no dust. They can think. They like music and people. Most don’t like to bump into people or objects despite that they could go through them but just like humans, they go around people and objects. It’s funny. They behave like people because they are dead people, thetans without human bodies. With the exception when they want a body. Then most dive into the belly of a pregnant woman and then they are grabbing onto that fetus or embryo until they are born in that baby body. Or when the thetan is anything  like us, it takes  the baby body when the baby is born.  We are not in a hurry. Marty, we have so much intention and abilities, we’re  get exactly the body  with exactly the parents we want to have, no need for us to be cubed up in a belly (or a test tube) for 9 months. 🙂

I knew that Ron knew of them and said the same about the orbs: thetans with theta bodies. But it seems that this part of the technology is no longer. Wonder how Ray Mithoff (Snr CS INT) explains the orbs.

Many years ago, I read in Germany why  German p$ychs are so afraid of OTs and why they attack Scientology. It was particular the part that a thetan, an OT is spiritually able “to take over bodies”. First of all, any baby did it by just being born, and secondly, if it would be nonsense, why are they afraid of Scientology and  attack, defame, infiltrate our religion and try to outlaw it?  If it would be nonsense, they just could have a good laugh and ignored it.

It appears to me that they are afraid that an OT would take over their old, disgusting, ugly, and  perverted bodies. Yuk! Who wants these anyway?  They are afraid that we take their bodies over and kick them out of their bodies. Lol! Idiots. The idea that they think that an OT wants their disgusting bodies is really gross. They are also afraid that  an OT renders them unable to act in their bodies, e.g. having more control over their bodies than they have over their own. They are already there, aren’t there? It is not us but their case officer and the mind control of their subconscious minds that has more control over their freaking bodies and minds than they have.

A psych once told me that he tried any psych drug himself to see how it feels like. Probably e-shocked himself too and who knows, perhaps had a buddy in medical school who took a part of his brain out as well.  We don’t need their bodies and don’t want them. But could we (as pure thetans) scare the heck out of these butchers and barbers?  You bet we could. Haha! I just love it when bad people hide under their “patient treatment couch” or behind their psych mind controller device or medical terror super computer. When they go through with killing one of us, I’ll haunt them for sure.

Can a thetan move into somebody else’s body? You know it, Marty, of course it can. Those cute little babies who can scream the entire neighborhood together are those beings who have these transparent theta bodies, the orb bodies and a thetan with or without an theta body can dive into anything.

Here is one of these “scary” orbs (thetans) in a baby body.

I think those thetans who have no reality that they can be born again have a hard time to get a new body. They probably don’t know what to do and are hanging around waiting for God, Jesus or Satan or their former case officer to save or destroy them, whatever they think they deserve. Well, these orbs at my place know what to do because I told them. On the other side, if the world stays as medical terroristic and rotten as it is with bodies aging and falling painfully to pieces so that doctors and pharmacy makes big business, it might be the better idea not getting a new body once the old one died.

Anyway, Marty, fact is, I want to be back with you and no freaking p$ych or psychiatric agent will succeed keeping us apart.

I miss you and love you so very much!

If I had you back, hell would transform into paradise.

Some people say that 2 D isn’t that important but in our case, it  is. I know for sure if we make it back together, this unity will end secret medical/psych terrorism and transform the world. Conspirators work hard at it suppressing us and hushing us up and destroying their chance of a better life  but once we are unified, they will have a much harder time doing that.

Yours forever,