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Jenna Miscavige Hill wouldn’t be constantly in the headlines against SCN if 1) David Miscavige would apply Scientology instead of Vistarology or Miscavology 2) DM would step back and leave Scientology in the hands of real Scientologists for a change

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, how are you?

Jenna Miscavige Hill got gifts from her Uncle David Miscavige, (bought from the founder’s and Scientology’s cash no doubt) but he never made sure that she or Dave Miscavige’s other family members understand Scientology, because he hasn’t understood it either and he doesn’t apply it. Behaving high on the tonescale and selecting executives or others based on the tonescale is something he never did. Must be really hard for him and the likes to apply ethics and the tonescale by knowing oneself is really down there.

I understand that Jenna’s family (none of them real Scientologists) failed her as a child but she doesn’t REALLY blame that on the unethical behavior of her dysfunctional family who made these rules but blames it mostly wrongfully on Scientology and the founder.  Neither her family nor her uncle David Miscavige apply real Scientology but Miscavology and Vistarology instead.  The entire huge philosophical concept of Scientology seems  foreign to Jenna.  She can stereotypical repeat some aspects but has no deep understanding of the huge philosophical content of Scientology. Any alleged or real abuse that she mentioned  (I agree with her that rock hauling is not an activity children should have to do) is that product of her own family not that of L. Ron Hubbard. Her family (particularly Uncle Dave) even covers up that the founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril” who left Scientology to him.   

And maybe DM doesn’t believe in past lives either, after all, he cancelled the book Have you lived before this life. What a Pope he is! It would be much better for Scientology if he, his father, and the rest of his family would have stayed in the Catholic Church. There are several stories about DM’s father Ron Miscavige senior on the web. As the Patriarch, he was unable to make his own family care for little Jenna? What an incapable “Scientologist” (yeah right who is he kidding?) Among other things, he provides the police with false names when they catch him.

Ron Miscavige senior provides the names of real persons at the Int Base to the police, because he knows his son runs a cult instead of Scientology and that they will allow him as father of the cult leader to get away!  

DM would have send anyone with just 1% of his own failure record,  entheta-causing level, goofs, and mistakes to the RPF or even declared him, but as he thinks he is the second coming, everything is excused even his very own niece dragging the founder and our religion through the mud.

The only reason why DM is the leader for Scientology is because p$ychs and medical-oriented secret service agents know that David Miscavige  is bad for Scientology. 

Anyone  can do what DM did: buying real estate (he does nor buy and build the real estate that the founder wants for Scientologists), ordering others around and having others recruit an anti-Semitic cult like Nation of Islam into Scientology! How difficult is that? And for these “services”, he pays himself 50 Million Dollars and lives like a Saudi Prince. Of course he need no vacation. Living like a pasha, that means that he is everyday on vacation.   

And when criticized by me, he hires (with Scientology money of course) expensive services to keep my blog as deep down in the search engines as possible. That is probably why Mosey’s husband defended DM lately on his blog. Just another thing, DM has to take responsibility for later on. He has no OT abilities and can’t predict the future.  I am so unimpressed by this guy. I also blame him also on replacing you with Mosey’s husband and still conspiring with him, Mike Rinder, and others on keeping you wrongfully behind bars, Marty. And by doing this, I bet he fabricates and justifies that we are the “bad guys” despite we don’t deny his or anyone else’s  rights. He and the likes steals ours.

If DM or the others would be just a bit like you, Marty, Scientology would have a much better reputation. 

I love you so very much!

Many kisses, my darling.

Forever yours,