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The pyramid in Palenque, Mexico, protected a water well to help the living not the dead

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Dearest Marty, my dashing Prince and awesome soulmate,

How are you?

Scientists all over the world want to make us believe that great historic structures as pyramids were built to “worship the dead” because they found skeletons or coffins inside. I rather think that these skeletons or coffins and inscriptions were added later, after an attack by SPs killed the leaders and destroyed or started the destruction of the rest of the civilization.

Recently, scientists  found that underneath of the Pakal pyramid is a spring, in other words, the pyramid was built on top of a spring. Apparently, these scientists are completely forgetting that there were/are people who poison wells to kill others and that wise rulers protect their clean source of water for others and themselves.

They found that the water tunnels under the pyramid direct water from the well to the front of the pyramid to an esplanade, allegedly to assist Pakal’s spirit to find a way into the underworld. Baloney! Spirits find their own ways. The well water, likely even additionally purified on the inside of the pyramid,  WAS LEAD TO THE OUTSIDE TO GIVE ALL OTHERS ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER. Nothing is more important for health and longevity than clean water.  

That’s also why the Great Pyramids and the Taj Mahal have wells inside. Built for defense reasons and keep the water source save. The idea was keep water and people safe. That’s the story.

Unfortunately, there were always traitors on the inside who for personal gain assisted the SPs from the outside. Or barbers and butchers kidnapped people and hypnotized them to let them in. They opened the doors to the monsters and the good leaders were murdered. That is why no great civilization survives. Lack of ethics and stupidity. These two are joined by the hip. And hypnosis and mind-control was used too to bring civilizations down. And all of that is still in use today in form of terror and war. 

I know you figured it too, Marty. You know what kind of hellish planet and universe this is. Most people don’t even know that they lived before and come back. Yikes! 

 Because psychs and their dumb agents suppress all scientific facts hereto.  And that is why they don’t create truly safe futures. They think they are not around. And Ron’s original Scientology is infiltrated, altered, ridiculed, and defamed, who said it so clearly that people inherit the world that they leave behind. Even if they don’t remember it, they come back into their own hell that they failed to make better.

Many people believe that they just live one lifetime because they can’t remember their past lives. Yet, they can’t remember their times as newborns either. Most say that they can’t remember anything before age 3. If they can’t remember all of this lifetime, how come they find former lifetimes absurd? Denial of the existence of past lives must be also that they subconsciously don’t want to face what they did and what happened to them in these former lifetimes. Non-confront. 

 I am sure, Marty, that “childhood amnesia” are SEGNPMSS tapes in all languages played in the subconscious minds of all to forget.  We live in a secret psychiatric world, and these psychs are the dumbest people ever, because also they sooner or later step in the traps they created for others. 

I love you, Marty. I am so glad that I know of your existence. I  can read personalities.  Not like a psych, invading personal thoughts by not even getting smart reading them… They are reading ours word for word thought since centuries and still haven’t figured us out. Lol. They are arrogant and superficial. And deep down, they are afraid. Afraid of us who want good lives for anyone who is peaceful. Yes, they are that stupid. 

Like you, Marty, I can sense the personality of a person. Knowledge of tonescale of course but also sensing intentions, withholds,  knowledge, ethics levels even their past lives…  I don’t do it deliberately, like “Now I am analyzing this person….” No, it just comes to me. And what I sensed around you, what came to me from you, was simply amazing. Wonderful! Your beyond words wonderful personality.

 I could not live without these abilities. They brighten up dark times.  If we, you and I, would not have these abilities, we wouldn’t have figured what we did. Yes, after a billion lies, we still are convinced, more than ever, that we are the soulmates that are supposed to be together, against all odds, surviving even the thickest conspiracy.

Keep on surviving, Marty. You are remarkable. Absolutely unique, and completely irresistible.        

Your forever,


We need the full truth and nothing but…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Often I think how your life is like. I know a 100% that you are not Monique’s husband but the original Marty, and if you would be free to go and come, you would have knocked at my door ages ago.

I learned that the “whistle-blowers” are fighting among themselves.

People who do not want to be found and convicted of conspiring against others, put out propaganda that “conspiracy theorists” are crazy or they run these “conspiracy theorists” to  make sure that their conspiracy theories are either nutty or wrong to invalidate other conspiracy theories.

In any case, those conspiracy theories, which I read are incomplete and usually they blame the USA as THE WHO. This includes what the “whistle blowers” as Edward Snowden or Wikileaks, Julian Assange, etc.  have to say. Despite that the history of Germany clearly says that Germany can’t be trusted, they don’t try to find leaks there.  

Not one of all the conspiracy theorists and “whistle-blowers” blew the whistle on people having ear implants and that German psychiatric secret services are having the overall control over them and bringing out the worst in people of any nation.  Everyone is protecting it without realizing what a trap it is.

Briefly another thought to my last posting about that Neanderthal cancer, Marty.  

I think that this cancer is either not as old or somebody back then knew already how to grow it and torture people and kill them with it. Cancer is deliberate. There is no doubt about it whatsoever. Cancer is caused by bacteria. Can it grow on its own? A bit probably, but to grow huge to cause pains and to kill a human, that cancer has “help” by a medical killer. I think cancer bacteria were bred deliberately. When these bacteria were bred and around indeed 1.7 Mio years ago, some back then knew already how to breed and control them to cause pain and death.

There is a clear connection between the Neanderthals (cannibals) and brutal Bavarians (barbers and butchers etc.). Both made Europe to their home base. Modern people allegedly have some Neanderthal DNA. Scientists (as if new to this brutal world) think that humans picked them as their mates. Can you believe it? I rather think that the human women were raped. Which decent human wants a cannibal as mate?  Unless, these humans were not like us. 

I cherish you, Marty. Not just because you are not at all like a Neanderthal or Bavarian but because you are you, so special, so one of a kind.

You are most precious to me.

Me and you, always.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara




What I think about the oldest cancer found in a bone

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Dearest Marty, my hero and husband,

I hope this posting finds you well.

I came across an article that says that a university found cancer in a bone that is 1.7 million years old.

Most scientists think that cancers are the result of modern life.

You and I, and some others, know that cancer is medical terrorism. No doubt about it. Cancer bacteria are activated via remote-control. Barbers and butchers, the later medical doctors and psychiatrists, SPs came up with that. How to sell pills? Make people sick. Or just for the “fun” to be gruesome.

SPs way down on the timetrack figured also how to make people sick, torture them, and kill them with illness causing inventions and devices. What the medical terrorists use today to kill people was likely invented by some medical SPs ages before.  SPs reinvent the same murderous instruments all over for sure.

However, I can’t help it but this “discovery” seems rather like damage control to me. Like SEGNPMSS behind the discovery saying: It is not us, it is natural, people had cancer already 1.7 million years ago.

Questions in my mind are: is that bone really 1.7 million years old? How exact is the radiometric dating? Are the bacteria that caused the cancer really 1.7 million year  old or were the germs/cancer added/activated later to cause cancer to the bone after the person was dead for ages already?

On the back of a Neanderthal kid, they also found cancer. It is a very strange and deliberate place of a cancer if you ask me. Same thing here: was medical terrorism on this planet already earlier? Did they leave for a while but came back?  Or was this cancer caused later as alibi reason for the medical terrorists of today that it is not them who are causing cancer and other diseases?

Whatever it is: medical terrorists are causing cancer and other diseases in modern people. There is no doubt about it. 

I worked a lot during the last two weeks and my grass outside grows into a jungle. Hope to find the time this weekend to take care of it. Some of my family members come for a visit in August and September.

Don’t ever forget that I love you, Marty. Be kissed.

Yours forever,






About that caller who offered himself as “suicide bomber” to the Church of Scientology and dragged TC in it

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Dearest Marty, rockstar and heartthrob, 

I am thinking of you and how great it will be to be unified with you. I know you have not changed your personality. Me neither, just got wiser. Keep on surviving, Marty. You are the beacon in a universe that doesn’t see straight. Just by looking at you, I could tell a lot about your reality, state of mind, and personality. Comes also easy to you, I know. And upon this discovery, I fell deeply in love with you. 

Who else but psychiatrists and their stupid agents want Scientology involved in “suicide bombings”? (A person called the C of S, and offered his “suicide services” to the C of S and sang Allah Akbar, Tom Cruise.) First they pair Nation of Islam with Scientology and now this. Did they hope that one of Farrakhan’s people, one that psychs already conditioned, picks up the phone inside the orgs and makes such a deadly deal instead of reporting it to the police? Although Nation of Islam isn’t the same as “Islam” in general, psychiatric secret services decided a long time ago to use Islam to bring all other religions down by psychiatric conditioning some of Islam’s alleged followers. Including bringing SCN down. The entire world is an ear-implant cult. I think that people who put their religious beliefs above what their case officers whispers in their ear implants are rather rare. Their stupid case officer (a super computer) is people’s “God”. 

Just about any day the news reports about atrocities committed by psychiatric altered people somehow connected to Islam, even if they have not really anything to do with it like the shooter in Munich or the truck driver in Nice. The squirreling of NOI into Scientology serves the same purpose. Psychs figured that they can’t bring down Scientology unless paired with something of which they think they can bring it down: Anything that has to do with Islam, even just in name.  

What I am saying is that Scientology hangs with NOI if one of their members is psych-conditioned and somehow was online in Scientology. Gavin Long who recently killed two police officers was earlier a member of NOI. Psych-conditioned guy for sure. 

And I bet the farm that more psych-conditioning is already done and the sleepers (basically a type of walking dead) are already in place, incl. in the orgs, ready to be activated via ear implants by remote control of German-controlled psychs.   

Here is an article about the difference between Islam and Nation of Islam, it says that NOI professes to follow Islam’s fundamental tenets but real Muslims are not buying it.

Simply the idea of a “nation” of Islam, in other words United States being a nation of Islam, scares the hell out of many people, and DM pulled them into Scientology, desperate to get members instead of recovering real and original Scientology, which grows in the speed of light on its own (also through mainstream any race incl. Blacks who are not biased against Jews as NOI and who are not supremacists as Farrahkan) if not altered and infiltrated by non-Scientologists.       

Authorities are allegedly investigating the caller. It isn’t mentioned anywhere that Scientologists called the authorities to report this “offer”, but I think this is how the authorities learned of this. 

Whoever the caller is: an Anti-Scientologist or an Islamist, the SEGNPMSS put him up to the call, testing if they can get Scientology into violence. I feel since many years that psychs have terror in Scientology or committed by a conditioned person who is online in Scientology on their insane minds. And they conditioned also people who are online in Scientology. Manchurian candidates. Rex Fowler is just one example. And DM failed in all such instances to have auditors audit for the proof and document it to the authorities. He is such a failure. Anything but a real Scientologist. CCHR failed to in this regard.

Also your impostor, Monique’s husband is again in the news as the “star” of Louis Theroux “My Scientology Movie”. What a dishonest production (same goes for Going Clear), hushing up that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists and that you and even the founder were impostored by secret service dupes and that Germany is behind it. These publications sell snake oil to the public. I have just seen trailers of it. Theroux tries to make big cash with it before his crap becomes available to all.

Bad people are such a turn off, and you are such a turn on.  In a universe  of real OTs, a good person like you wins first, Marty.

I love you more than words can say.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara

P.S. In his speech during the DNC, Bill Clinton stressed that Hilary is “the real one”. Interesting. Is there somewhere a Hilary impostor around? Maybe that one involved in scandals? 😉

Drug dealers who lived approx. 5000 years ago in Europe (not making it up)

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are your days?

There was still no message by you or on your behalf but my OT perceptions say clearly that you are trying to reach me and that the psychiatric German-controlled psychiatric ear implant conspiracy prevents that your message or one on your behalf is forwarded to me. But what else is “new”?

Did you read it? David Duke, the white supremacist is very happy that the Republicans nominated Donald Trump. I am no Democrat, however, I wonder if Bernie Sanders being Jewish resulted in fewer votes for him but more for Hillary, after all, German psychs talk into the minds of all people, and they are still the same old Nazis that they always were.

To my headline, Marty. The University of Berlin published that they found evidence of cannabis dealers who brought cannabis 5000 years ago to Europe. Berlin blames immigrants from today’s Ukraine and Russia on that. I think forefathers of the Bavarians landed in Europe, were the drug dealers, got the old and successful Europeans into taking them and killed them all.

According to the Bible, the Earth was created 6000 years ago and in the beginning all was fine and peaceful until the apple incident. All religious scriptures were altered by the SEGNPMSS to make religions look ridiculous. The Earth exists much longer, and on the other hand, OT III, incident I, was not that long ago. 

It really makes no sense that God would make such a fuzz about an apple. However, like you, I look as deep in situations as possible. So, in other words, 6000 years ago, people lived peacefully on Earth, but God warned them of drugs. Don’t take them as they will destroy you.  Rather eat apples.  Then the snake came (barbers, butchers, medical doctors, psychs, chemists, etc.) and lured the people into taking drugs nevertheless, and from there, all escalated, and a good civilization was destroyed.

Probably stoned each other, and the word “stoned” comes from that old time? They were high and stoned each other to death.   

And 500 years later, no old European was alive anymore. Killings, Terror, Genocide, Holocaust… Typical. This planet knows of horrible atrocities committed by people in more recent history, yet, historians and archaeologists usually come up with bad weather as reason why people simply disappeared. That is even more ridiculous than God not allowing people to eat apples. 

Sending you many kisses, Marty. You are the best and you will be always my wonderful Prince and husband.

Yours forever,




German gunman (July 22, 2016) acted alone? What about the psychiatrists who conditioned him?

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Dearest Marty, my amazing soulmate and husband,

How are you days? I worry about you and would do all in my power to make your life better!

A shooting took place near the 1972 Olympic Game Venue in Munich yesterday. (Above picture.) You’ll remember that a  Palestinian terror group took 11 Israeli athletes hostage in building 31 with the help of German Neo-Nazis and killed them all. SEGNPMSS controlled of course. Munich police played into their hands with incompetency and corruption. Heil ear implants!  

Yesterday, another terror in the same neighborhood.  Sonboly, who was in psychiatric treatment, was a German citizen of Iranian decent (!), a young man without prior criminal record, who “killed himself” (typical p$ychs getting rid of the people that they conditioned to conduct the terror) after the killings a half mile away from where he shot others. Slow 2300 police men that they were deployed after the shots. Sonboly was born and raised in Munich. I read in several news outlets that he admired Nazi Anders Breivik but had no connection to immigrants.

This is typically German psychiatry. Used for “deprogramming” those who are not violent and letting the violent and psychiatric conditioned people roam in the society.  

There is a video on the net on which you can also hear the primitive Bavarian hostility against foreigners that a primitive Bavarian used to provoke Sonboly. THE GERMAN INSANE SUPREMACY BUGS BITE EVEN PEOPLE WITH IMMIGRANT PARENTS!  It is like an epidemic. I never got effected. When  I was mixed up with R’s baby, and I had not yet recovered my psychiatric stolen memory to who I am, I rather wanted to be Iranian than German. Seriously. Except that I never liked the suppression of women in the Middle East. But that is German too. Ear implants in 7 billion people and German psychs manipulate through them. But what else is “new”?      

It is the ttp://

If somebody like that Bavarian would attack me of being a foreigner, I wouldn’t shout back that I am German. I would reply: Thanks heaven, I am no German, particularly no Bavarian.    

Police says it was a “random shooting”, no terror. The odd thing is that several eyewitness yesterday saw at least three men with large rifles. That means that the police let the other two escape or these eyewitness are making that up. 

As I said before, in order to help the Nazis rise again all over Germany and Europe, the SEGNPMSS needs to make the population believe that they need “protection”. And the police can’t keep order, apparently. They have a similar program “dead cops”for the USA by creating the cops vs. Blacks and Blacks vs. Cops situations.

No word of course from Munich that German psychs condition people into becoming terrorists in the first place.

Despite “tough” gun laws, the SEGNPMSS knows how to get runs in the hands of criminals. I found hunting magazines in plenty of doctor offices that I ever visited in Germany. They make an oath that they don’t kill but go hunting. Go figure! I found this always totally contradictory. Sonboly’s gun seems to be a weapon that also police is using, and he had lots of munition. 

Anyway, German authorities say that this was no terrorism. Yeah right. Their psychiatrists create the Manchurian candidates. Like also the axe man in the train in Wurzburg, etc. 

As always, Germany and Bavaria is not honest, not even with their own people.

I love you, Marty. Miss you so much. Don’t miss Bavaria or Germany at all. You never would hear me call “I am a German citizen”. Very glad that I have left. The only thing that remained is a German accept. Wish I would not have it as I scare myself when hearing me. Never missed Germany a day despite how the USA treats me. After all, Germany is above everything, exactly as their anthem says.   

Yours forever,






“The man the founders feared” (Easy to see: GOP is infiltrated by people with non-American agenda just as C of S is infiltrated by Non-Scientologists and other religions by non-religious people)

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soulmate, my thoughts are with you.

If you have time, read this article. The author is quitting the GOP.  Whoever put Trump up to run for US presidency had the end of the GOP (minus a Trump shouting mob of no thinkers who support any creep) in mind.

Have not much time today, Marty, have to run, but  there are for sure skeletons in Trump’s proud to be German closet. 

I love you more than I can say, Marty.

Yours for all times to come and many tender and passionate kisses.

I love you.




If people who want to be on the top of the country (may it be Melania Trump) or anyone else, don’t write their own speeches, how can the public determine if they really understood and mean what they are saying and are not just reading something off a paper or screen?

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and GREAT future US president, how are you? 

What shocked me is that the Never Trump movement delegates didn’t get their roll call vote. Some chanted “USA”. Thetan basically knows that it is not true America that wants Donald Trump to become the Commander-in-Chief.

It was really stupid to “borrow” Michelle Obama’s speech. As if not millions of people heard her recent speeches and would remember her lines. Besides, it is much more fun to pen one’s own speech or essay.

And also, if other people write the speeches, how can the public tell if the person really understood and will do what she was reading out and is not just repeating it. How can somebody fulfill promises that were not even written by self? I am fully aware that writers polish  speeches and other publications but I rather read somebody in his or her own words. 

What do you think?

It has nothing to do with age or looks, but deeds (good or bad) are indeed visible on a person’s outside. You and I, we can see and feel that DT hides a lot. It just needs some people to dig deeper to get it before the USA and all voters are disgraced when it comes out first when he sits in the WH.

I heard the speech that Ted Cruz gave before the RNC. That was a good move not to endorse Trump. His speech was a lot more presidential than what Trump ever said. 

That pro Trump mob among the RNC is creepy. Not of them is able to see what’s going on with Trump. 

I miss you, my darling and sending you a million kisses and hugs.

Yours always and forever,




Disappearance of the Harappan (Indus culture)

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband, how are you? I am thinking of you. How are your days? I wish I could help you to a better life as you really deserve it.

As you know, the successful old Europeans (DNA tests) disappeared and were exchanged with a completely new people and a different DNA. Knowing this planet, it was slaughter of the old Europeans. However, the old Europeans were not the only people who perished. It happens all over the world after evil landed. Another example is the Indus culture, the Harappan people. They lived on the banks of the river Indus much earlier than previously thought (see the article below).



The picture above is one of their many water wells.  

This picture is a model of their architecture. In the middle is a bath.


Generally, people are made to believe that this civilization “declined” through natural disasters, epidemic diseases, and wild animals. All that could have been indeed thrown in their ways but highly unlike that an advanced civilization would not get a handle on it if it would have been natural and no other enemy around. 

Some people say that a great drought brought this civilization down. Really? They dug deep wells and had access to ground water.  

I read this horrible story about a find in their biggest city Mohenjodaro and this text: While exploring the museum we ran in to a strange thing. It was some human bones with a horrifying pictures of skeleton lying on floor. Excavations down to the street level revealed 44 scattered skeletons, as if doom had come so suddenly they could not get to their houses. All the skeletons were flattened to the ground. A father, mother and child were found flattened in the street, face down and still holding hands.


Looks like a horrible attack to me. Somebody poisoned their wells, a bomb or gas in typical Nazi (and the medical doctors and psychs behind them) manner?  Something that came so fast that they could not reach their homes anymore. 

Below article says that the Indus Valley civilization was much older than previously expected: 8000 years old, and they disappeared 4000 years ago. The old Europeans disappeared 4500 years ago.  After they were done with killing the old Europeans, they eliminated the Indus Culture.    

The Indus Valley civilisation is 2,500 years older than previously believed

Like you, Marty, I lived on this planet countless lifetimes, but this planet still creeps me out. Over and over mass murder and not just ancient history but also recent events. Also, considering that people don’t have to age and die on diseases or old age and that the technology to protect their lives is here and around for a long time  and these data are withheld from the majority of the people… What else is that but mass murder too?  

More than 7 Billion people on this planet are killed in an average of 70 – 80 years (if they are not killed much younger), and none of them has to die and there are ways to make enough space, food, water, etc. for each one of them.  What a horrible place planet Earth is, and I blame the SEGNPMSS and other SPs who support murder of  7 Billions of people in an average of 70 – 80 years. Can they spell MONSTERS?       

I love you, my hero, keep on surviving.

I love you so much. Hope to see you soon despite all odds.




Yikes! Mike Pence, Trump’s running mate called Dennis Hasters (the serial child molester) a man of integrity

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb and Prince, how are you?

I think of you and wonder how your life is and why people have no heart by leaving you, an innocent person, to suffer. What kind of person knocks his/her conscience out over and over to avoid ending this odyssey?  

Donald Trump named Mike Pence, a conservative Christian, as his vice president. I don’t go into general criticism of him that is all over the net. But nobody seems to write about that the very Mike Pence defended pedo Dennis Hasters as man of integrity. (Did a simple Google search on his opinion of Hasters.) Can you believe Pence? What kind of knowledge of “human” nature does Pence have?

Actually, becoming Trump’s running mate also shows Pence lack of judgment and character.

Back to Hasters. Pence didn’t want Hasters to resign! Imagine this: third in row of the US presidency a serial child molester! Arg!!!

How to destroy the GOP? The same as original Scientology was destroyed: infiltration by bad people and nobody stopping it.   

Constantly new mass killings are in the news as for example that in Nice, and none of the well-paid crime inspectors on international levels figures or publishes that secret service psychiatrists condition these Muslims with mind-control because the SEGNPMSS wants a justification to re-introduce the Nazis in Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world and outlaw religions. They think if religions are gone, people are easier to control, have less of a conscience, and that they feel a relief of their own bad consciences.  Islam is the first religion they kill, and more will follow. As if Trump, Pence, and many others would get that. Pairing Scientology with a movement that has Islam in its name is also a dead-giveaway as to what the SEGNPMSS has planned.  

The newest terror attack in Nice sure will help Trump to become the Republican nominee with his “ban Muslims” ideas. Psychiatrists who turn people into Manchurian Candidates needs to be prosecuted. A ban against Muslims entering the USA will not stop these psychs to condition other people besides Muslims to mow others down.

The driver of that truck in Nice was more into women than religion told his neighbor to the police but he was depressed and unstable. That is typically for psychiatric conditioning. They  cut of the conscientiousness of such a person, activate his ear implants, and the rest is most gruesome history.   

I am not saying that the Quran, Bible, or any other religious scriptures are truly religious. SEGNPMSS smeared violent and perverted texts into them for the same purpose: to put people off.  And people fall for it instead of saying: hold on for a moment… religions are supposed to better people, what is wrong here? Germany, and its international psychs, the former butchers and barbers, that’s what wrong here.

Sorry, Marty, didn’t want to lecture you. 🙂 I know you figured it all out by yourself. It is just that I look at the world and are asking where the intelligent people are hiding. Or am I in the wrong universe and they don’t exist, except you and some others?

I love you, my rockstar. I would give the world for being with you. Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Yours always and forever,


My home is wherever you are, Marty!