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Another medical instead of environmental approach to “cure” aging

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Dearest Marty, my incredible soulmate and husband, how is your life?

A tire of my electric trike did burst out of the blue. It looks like a laser cut in the tire. I have a new tire but weather is so bad that I can’t do anything outside except working or cleaning the house. Writing on my novel is really difficult because as soon as I start, I am interrupted by other work. It is a shame. 

I found below article on aging. It says that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and possibly also Peter Thiel from Paypal are backing a scientist who works on a “cure for aging”. A “cure”.

Aging is not a disease, for crying out loud. It is medical terrorism and murder. Medical doctors don’t allow people to live in environments in which they don’t age. I can also tell that it is medical doctors who come up with the “solution” for aging as their solution is not providing an environment in which people can prevent aging and diseases before they happen. Doctor’s “solutions” are needles and pills. Typically medicine.         

And read this, the article says: The desire to conquer aging is an old one. The National Institute on Aging was established by the National Institutes of Health in 1974. Nowadays it has a budget of about $2 billion. But that desire has grown stronger in the 21st century.

Good grief. The desire to conquer aging is as old as mankind. SPs who have a strong tendency to become medical doctors and psychiatrists just don’t allow mainstream to preserve their youth and health. 

And what a lousy “success” rate of the National Institute on Aging and the National Institutes of Health. So many decades passed. People could live in healthy environmental villages with the best of food without aging and dying but the medical doctors failed to make it happen by keeping our prototype a secret. They rather maintain this dirty and unhealthy world and add some 5 years to the average life in which people should buy medical treatments, injections, operations, and pills and suffer until they finally can die. “Thanks” a lot.

I miss you, Marty. There was still no message or mail on behalf of you for me. Still existing Nazis and their international agents want to keep it up until we both are dead. This is how they “handle” their opposition. Shame on the world for not busting them.

I love you.

Yours always,


                                          Tracy Lawrence: Time Marches On with lyrics

The Ex-“Scientologists”, other Scientology attackers, and what they tell nobody…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

The Ex-“Scientologists” and what they tell nobody… And that is that they never were Scientologists but are run by Germany’s psychs with psychiatric ear implants and translator programs if non-Germans. Psychiatry is the cult that they belonged and still belong to. They never applied Scientology. They just infiltrated, laid rotten eggs, and then blew to make Ron and Scientology look bad. They are the real cultists: psychiatric ear-implant-cultists.  

Often, I try to make sense to what happened to you and it looks like this:


  1. Germany files a rotten law suit behind my back against you in 1984, perverts are which they are, they probably accused you deliberately wrongfully on rape, using RB. (She and my sister [and of course my brother] couldn’t have been involved as they didn’t know of your existence until two years later. RB stated so several times. She also told me that when she was in Chicago, she meet Cynthia Kisser, and that woman panicked when she entered the room. RB suspected that she was hiding things from her.)   
  2. Maybe Germany, the Nazis that they always were and still are, asked for your extradition to Germany (for crimes that you never committed).
  3. Same time, Germany and its psychs closed in on me and took my passport away and lied that I would be unable to travel. This made me very suspicious, Marty. Of course they didn’t want me to travel and tell you that I never filed a lawsuit against you and claimed at any time anything else but that you are the perfect gentleman.
  4. You tried to get old of me via the orgs and the mail and the C of S attorneys and maybe your own attorney, but nobody told me anything about you or the case. The only thing that I felt was withholds. My intuition told me that I am being lied to by a huge conspiracy and that people are run with ear-implants and that Germany coordinates all this.
  5. A few years later, after you made the experience that nobody never will inform me about what Germany did to you, you traveled to Spain. I assume you wanted to come to Germany to see me via attorneys. As I know the evilness of Germany, I assume they filed a restraining order against you, despite I wanted nothing more than seeing you again. 
  6. Germany hides its crimes NOTORIOUSLY behind other nations as they are cowards and don’t want to hang. If their set ups fail, other countries should take the blame. (In recent times, it is Russia again, taking the blame for Germany’s order to meddle in the U.S. election process.)
  7. So, they put Spain up to arrest you on wrongful charges. Germany also organized to keep your name out of the news despite you were higher up the ranks than Heber Jentzsch. Nevertheless, it didn’t feel right to me, what happened in Spain.  – Spain dismissed the case many years lateron and paid bail money back with interests.  – Again, no word of you, but my intuition tells me another story, Marty.
  8. Suspiciously, also this happened in 1984 according to the LA Times: The U.S. government began an investigation of Hubbard’s tax returns after the Internal Revenue Service said it suspected that millions of dollars in church funds had been transferred to Scientology’s founder. Scientologists said the FBI, the CIA, the IRS and other government agencies took part in a conspiracy to harass the organization in violation of its religious freedom. The U.S. Supreme Court is considering the case. This is really something, considering that the man who committed crimes was not Ron, the founder, but “Jack Vistaril”, a doppelganger who was put up by Germany and the CIA etc. to ruin the real founder’s reputation and change the applied religious philosophy into a cult. The Miscavologists are no Scientologists and of course did not accuse Germany on this set up and they keep it a secret that you and Ron had/have ringers who work for Germany and psychiatry. Germany killed the real Ron in the USA in May 1984 and his impostor, their own agent, “Jack Vistaril” in January 1986. 
  9. On November 22, 1988, you were wrongfully arrested in Spain and David Miscavige, who received Scientology with an affidavit that not the founder wrote, but “Jack Vistaril”, his German-CIA run impostor. Instead of helping you, SP DM soon later hired Monique’s husband (back then nobody’s husband) to be your ringer, so that nobody misses you and nobody wants to help you. Particularly, I should be misled, thinking that my intuition is wrong and that you are free and happy. SP DM allowed your wringer, a non-Scientologist, to take over your executive position, and DM and the orgs got the motivator for that briefly later when he blew and turned on all.  
  10. I believe that Spain extradited you to the USA. In all these years, I never fully figured out why you didn’t get parole. Germany controls anyone also the US parole board. They probably said that Germany and Spain wants you so they can’t parole you? All know that you are innocent, Marty, and sooner or later, the OW sequence will hit all concerned. At least they could let you home with an ankle bracelet. But Germany decided it is not enough suffering. They want to torture you in the gruesome and dangerous conditions of prisons as they are monsters. 
  11. Speaking about the rape that never happened: Rape has a statue of limitation in Germany of 20 years. Spain admitted that it was wrong with arresting Scientologists. Why, don’t I feel that you are free and home? Did Germany fabricate murder too? I would not be surprised. They accuse the innocent on what they are doing. There is no statute of limitation on murder. 
  12. Germany wants the Sea Org Reserves in Europe that they already in their pocket. They organized that the Sea Org Reserves are in Luxembourg and not in the USA. To make even more money, they allowed the IRS to tax exempt Scientology, despite Scientology is no longer pure Scientology but the German-p$sych altered version of “Jack Vistaril” and David Miscavige. Germany only wants Scientology to pay taxes in the USA when they feel that they can’t profit from Scientology reserves.      
  13. DM and your impostor, Monique’s husband walk into the IRS and make a “deal” with the IRS. Of course they do, as Germany wants all of the Sea Org Reserves, not just the Sea Org Reserves minus US taxes. It hits the media. The name Marty Rathbun is in the media, also for me, as I should believe that my intuition is wrong and that you are free and well. Except that I take my own intuition seriously. 
  14. You, your family, your representatives asked DM and the C of S attorneys what’s going on as they all knew that you are wrongfully locked up and failed to help you come free. 
  15. Your impostor has no time to enjoy his celeb status in Scientology and has to blow in 1993 that you can’t serve him with any legal action and so that DM, C of S attorneys and anyone else involved can claim: “What? That is not the original Marty? We thought he came free and we thought it is…”
  16. Your impostor claimed that DM begged him to come back. So much for “innocent” DM. He awarded your impostor with a cruise on the Freewind and free training. In other words: He knew all the time where your impostor was and didn’t turn him over to the authorities. 
  17. In 2003 or 2004, your impostor blew again and disappeared somewhere. In 2009, he surfaced in Texas and gave a long video interview to the St. Petersburg Times, turning against fellow agent DM. He also claimed that he is an “Independent Scientologist”, when in fact, neither he nor DM nor Rinder were ever Scientologists. Germany makes agents in school when they are around six years old by installing them ear-implants and then running them like the psychiatric cultists that they are.
  18. Mike Rinder who also blew (and who tried via a straw-man briefly before to make his opponents stop posting critical of him) (what a creep and idiot!) is now one of his closest friends.  Rinder speaks before Trinity College that Scientology is a religion but dumps all that after Leah Remini offered him a TV gig.   
  19. In 2010, your impostor and his latest wife Monique travel to Germany to work for Germany against Scientology. Germany wants to make money with Scientology but they don’t want it to be the religious applied philosophy that Scientology was under the real founder. 
  20. This is really something, isn’t it? How can the case they filed against you being true if they work together with “you”? How can they not know that you and also Ron were replaced by impostors by working with your impostor together? Germany, give me a break!   
  21. DM and the Miscavologists plays into the hands of your impostor and his wife with the obnoxious “Squirrel Busters”. He has his wife file a law suit against Scientology.    
  22. Your impostor proclaims finally publicly that he is no Scientologist.
  23. Mike Rinder attacks Scientology on TV of which he preached before at Trinity College that is a religion. 
  24. Suddenly, a few years and a million dollars of attorney/legal fees later, “Monique” dismisses her case and fires all attorneys. 
  25. Videos surface that are pro DM, in which your impostor turns now against Mike Rinder. That DM (and the C of S attorneys) still works with your impostor and paid him with Scientology money lies on the hand.  
  26. Monique and her husband are getting a new home and she opens up a sugar bakery. He attends the opening.
  27. There is one thing that I don’t understand, Marty: That you were and still are framed is not just one elephant in the room. It is a million elephants in a prison cell. My intuition who works so very well is telling me that you did not just addressed the courts but also Congress. The question that I ask myself is: What are they waiting for to act? Until we all are dead so that they don’t ever have to act?

I love you, Marty. No set up will ever change this. The psychs behind Germany and the rest of the world can’t fool us. They underestimate real OTs.

Yours forever,


Ear-implants controlled by still existing Nazi doctors are stopping women in Germany to come forward in the #MeToo movement

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, how is your life?

My skin is crawling when I read that German women have rights in Germany and that is why there is no sexual harassment or if it takes place, it is just done by foreigners and the German government protects women. Yeah, right. Big fools believe it.  

It us such a lie. I lived (or better suffered) in Germany and are able to say that sexual and other harassment was a way of life for me there.

If I am the only woman who was abused, harassed, and tortured by Germans, it would be quite something, right?

Lying that women in Germany are not harasses is typical for the SEGNPMSS who controls and runs all people (also the abusers and criminals in other countries). They hide behind other nationals not do not allow women in Germany to come forward what Germans did to them. They are just allowed to come forward when they blame other nationals, never Germans.

And not just that. They set up harassment, torture, rape, and murder of Germans in other countries so that they blame other nations. All that should help to make the world look bad and Germany stellar. 

The reason why there is no significant #MeToo movement in Germany is because women or men in Germany are not allowed to accuse German pigs. The rulers of the ear-implants don’t let them spill the beans about German criminals. And nobody should ever find out that the doctors behind Germany do not just run Germans but any other nationals in the world and could have prevented anything rotten they did, but didn’t. In fact, with loud and silent sounds, they have them deliberately commit the crimes, perversions, or torture so that another country is blamed and Germany smells like innocence.

     They are evil, they are SPs, they are the very opposite of what you are, Marty.

I love you. Be kissed, my darling. You can count on me to stay.

Yours always,






What’s behind conspiracy theorists having a bad name

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and husband,

How are you? I miss you beyond words, but you know this.

People should ask themselves the question why people who buy just about anything that some kind of authority figure tells have a better reputation that people who don’t do this. Shouldn’t a person who questions things be considered smarter? Yet, wherever one looks, conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation. They are considered crazy or stupid while it should be the other way around. 

Of conspiracy theorists is said that they wear a tinfoil hat or that they should “take their meds”, which is a clear indicator as to that the doctors/psychs are behind the defamation of conspiracy theorists. If someone is dumb and believes whatever he or she is told, that person is not told that she wears a tinfoil hat or “should take her meds”.     

Well, on this planet and beyond, people having ear-implants. That means that the SEGNPMSS even puts conspiracy theorists up to talking nonsense and to misleading people so that they come to the wrong conclusions or don’t want to have anything to do with the conspiracy theorists as what they talk is really nonsense and leads to nothing or is used to defame others. SEGNPMSS runs these “conspiracy theorists” because they don’t want people discovering the SEGNPMSS and the rotten things that they are doing. They even run another group, the so-called “Skeptics” who do not reveal that a whole bunch of “conspiracy theories” are radioed by the SEGNPMSS to mislead thinking and shatter any light being directed on what the SEGNPMSS tries to hide. 

I read quite some conspiracy theories, Marty. Some contain no truth, some contain less or more truth, however, I never found one that is completely true because I know that the SEGNPMSS won’t allow it. German controlled ear-implants rule.

However, still, a stupid person who just swallows what so-called authorities issues and does not question these information or acts has a better reputation as a conspiracy theorists who is using her or his mind to points out things and tries to explain it. Mainstream should have figured that there is something very foul here, just as foul as blaming religions on non-religious acts because the SEGNPMSS has their non-religious infiltrators do it to ruin the reputation of religions. And all that is because the SEGNPMSS believes if nobody believes in God anymore and if there is no religion, their bad conscience will simply disappear and people will worship medical doctors and psychs (or their new name: neuroscientists) instead.

Another subject: I saw your impostor’s wife “sugar factory” website, the BB’s Cakes. This pic and the comments caught my eyes. A dental (!) studio recommended Mosey’s sugar products. And not just one, they tell the people to eat them all. And on the pic there is the name of the dental studio and the website. And apparently Mosey thanked them. Can you believe it? Those who should tell people to stay away from sweets are recommending it? 

Not much new. Had the brake on my bike fixed, in case I still need it. M. didn’t want to return to Germany but returned now. Still hoping to see you, Marty. I love you.

Yours always,


Some Fado for you!


Did you notice that any approach to longevity is (suspiciously) medical or chemical?

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Dearest Marty, my unforgettable soulmate, husband, and Prince,

What is happening in your world? I wish someone would finally tell me. There was still no message or letter or anything by you or on your behalf.  Nothing new here, Marty, just lots of work. I do it as I don’t know if I need the money one day. But I often ask myself what it is all for.

I find it striking when reading about methods to create an indefinite lifespan for people, none comes up with the closest and most logical method: creating living spaces for people in which they simply don’t get sick and age.

Here are some of the methods that medical-controlled people came up with:

Regenerative Blood Transfusions Could Extend Human Life Spans

Gross! Typical medical. If they can’t stitch someone, they aren’t happy. Why not rather allowing us humans to live in truly protected and great environmental villages with nothing of what makes people sick and age around? You and I and some others would know how to make it happen.    

Longevity Pill’s Could Extend Our Lifespans by 15%

Typical medical. In those 15% longer lifespan (likely with pains), they want people paying the doctors and the pharma industry for treatment and pills.  Why not rather allowing us humans to live in truly protected and great environmental villages with nothing of what makes people sick and age around?

Nanotechnology Could Fight Cancer and Repair Cells

Why can’t we instead live in truly healthy environmental surroundings with none of what makes people sick and age around? Then nobody would have freaking cancer or other horrible diseases and there would be no need to repair cells. The doc and the pharmaceutical  industry say not our way as they need sick and old people to get rich instead of looking for another way to roll in dough if it is so important to them.      

Identification and Introduction of Longevity Genes Could Increase Average Lifespans Above 100 Years

These ear-implants carrying docs injecting us with some genes? Thanks a lot. They can inject this stuff into themselves if they so please and stay away from us. Why not rather allowing us humans to live in truly protected and great environmental villages with none of what makes people sick and age around?

Gene Therapy Could Extend Could Make Us Immortal

Just as I said, the “approach” to “longevity” is completely medical instead of holistic and environmental because doctors and chemical-oriented people run the world, and they want to be superior to all other humans and want to become rich through disease and aging. Why not rather allowing us humans to live in truly protected and great environmental villages with none of what makes people sick and age around?

Metamaterial Bionics Could Make Us Superhuman

Doctors and their supporters want to implant artificial organs and augment existing organs. The reason why we are not allowed to stay completely organic is because doctors and chemical-oriented people run the world, and what they hear through their ear-implants prevents their logical way of thinking. They already implanted ear- and body-implants into any living creature, and now, after not allowing us humans to live in truly protected and great environmental villages with none of what makes people sick and age around, they want to implant even more artificial stuff into people.  

Robotic Avatars Could Make Us Cybernetically Immortal

They don’t allow us to live truly healthy and protected and come up with that we can live as “robotic avatars” in cyberspace instead. Lol. How “tempting”.  

Molecular Manipulation Could Add 4 Centuries To Our Lives

4 Centuries are not that bad, but still bad considering that a human never would get sick and never would have to die if he would be allowed to live in truly healthy environmental villages with none of what makes people sick and age around. Docs played with the “molecules that affect insulin and other nutrient signals” of worms. It is all medical instead of what lies on the hand: environmentally total safe conditions and the best of food, water, and air. People die because nobody is allowed to live like this, except the top SEGNPMSS doctors who are also not immortal as they are killing each other. Their “diseases” are that they are unlikable people with monstrous characters, SPs.       

Suspended Animation Could Help Us Live Forever

This is induced hypothermia, instead of allowing people to live in truly healthy environmental conditions with nothing of what makes people sick and age. They want to freeze people in, Marty. The entire SEGNPMSS should freeze itself in, all their inhumane doctors, so that we finally can live in peace.   

3D Printing Organs Could Extend Our Live

They want to print artificial body parts, like the heart, etc. Without them forcing us to live outside of truly healthy environmental surroundings with none of what makes people sick and age around, we would need no artificial body parts. 

Cloning Organs Could Help You Live Forever

And of course, the medical cloning. Growing body part and replacing them with those that the doctors make because they didn’t let us live in truly healthy environmental villages with nothing around of what makes people sick and age.

It is all what the doctor orders and not what lies on the hand: prevention of anything that doctors are saying is “still safe” or “aging and dying is natural”. The hell it is.  

I love you, Marty. Sometimes I ask myself if I will see you only in another universe again. Not this one. 

Yours forever,



About that some people are saying that Trump is a cult leader

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how is your life?

I wonder about this every day. I just know that Monique’s husband isn’t you. He and she just opened together their “sugar factory” in Ingleside with their Chamber of Commerce attending. 

The instruction for my e-trike were horrible. Written or translated by a non-English speaker. Lots of guessing and figuring out on own. Then I tried it. It works great and it is really fast. First I was concerned that it maybe won’t pull up our hills but it does so easily.

And I better get myself a helmet for that thing. The only few negative things so far is that I can never forget charging it as it would be real hard pushing it home. And I can’t use it in the rain. And I don’t have the same storage space on the trike as on my tricycle. I use a backpack for now  until I found a suitable trailer to hitch onto the trike. I also have my tricycle. The brake system needed to be replaced. I ordered a new brake system, which I will install as soon as I get around to do it.

7 kids, a “biker gang”, age 7-9 year old kids, of which one still rides with training wheels and one mom followed me on their mechanical bikes through the neighborhood yesterday and the kids liked honking the horn on my trike. 

To my headline. Some refer to Trump as a cult leader. I can’t say that I haven’t noticed this myself, but this applies also to all other “leaders”. The entire world is a German cult and their ear-implants make it possible. And the worst of all is that they turned Scientology, the original anti-cult, in a cult as well by having secret service dude and ringer “Jack Vistaril” take over who turned Scientology over to David Miscavige and by sending their international agents into Scientology to alter it.

If the world wouldn’t be this German cult, and not all run by Germany, I wouldn’t be the only one saying so.     

I love you, Marty. Sending you tender and passionate kisses. You are always in my heart. Hope finding you soon.

Yours forever,







Written by Barbara Schwarz

August 12, 2018 at 6:55 am

A surprise….

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince, husband and hero,

How are your days and nights?

After paying taxes to the IRS since 2005, I got my first refund from them now. A check for USD 265.03 issued on Aug 3 2018 with lady liberty on it send from the U.S. Department of Treasury, Bureau of Fiscal Service, P.O. Box 52315, Philadelphia 19115-6315. Is a feeling I am not used to. IRS not just asking and demanding but giving something back?

Anyway, I ordered an electric trike after I had brake problems with my mechanical trike. I hope it works out for me and my terrain. It must be assembled and I read on the Internet that the instructions for it are terrible. My new neighbor said that he is a mechanic and he offered to give me a hand. Then I will fix the brake system of my mechanical trike. On top of all, I am more than busy with getting jobs. I have to refuse many as I can’t handle them all. On one side, it is good as it means cash, on the other side, there is rarely time for anything else.

At night, I lie in my bed and try to figure out what happened and happens at your side, Marty. I think about all possibilities and I usually come to a point where I think that the big stop lies in US courts and Congress using Germany and Spain as a justification not granting your and my rights. And they are calling themselves humans? The overt motivator sequence will not tell them much but they should have heard by now that Karma is a bitch. Crime never pays and there are no intelligent criminals.  

I love you, Marty, be kissed.

Yours forever,



Trump’s trade war with China and other countries helps Germany to get richer… What a “surprise”… (NOT!)

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soulmate,

Every night before I go to sleep (or can’t go to sleep) I am thinking about what a horrible world it is to keep us apart. It will never change a thing on that I will never forget you and that always will I love you.

I never will approve of nations using the USA for their purposes and having the USA to pay for others without getting any value back. Germany is known for doing this on its own and behind the back of all other countries that are freeloading or not paying their fair shares.   

However, Donald Trump plays directly into the hands of Germany. Just what the doctors, the men behind Germany order. USA loses business because China and Germany are now working even closer together with no deals for the USA, e.g. in the car industry. That was the German plan all a long to run the US car business into the ground. Trump’s alleged pro USA activities aren’t really pro USA activities. He doesn’t think things through but who does? It it is so important!

As long as the USA does not reveal that Germany controls the world economy (and everything else) since centuries with their freaking psychiatric ear-implants (installed in any child of this world with the result that it does not grow up independent from this secret German mind-control system) it will lose more and more, and not far in the future, Germany will take over the world also officially not just unofficially, just as the Nazis and the psychs behind them wanted it.  

China should be alarmed too. Germany forced suppressive things as communism and the one child rule on them. And now, once Germany is done using China to make Germany world power no. 1, the men behind Germany will commit again horrible things again against China. That is the nature of these German monsters. Thanks to the ear implants, the men behind Germany kept China, a country originally known for its spirituality and wisdom, down for centuries. 

Germany makes business in China to get richer and take China over. If China’s current leader think that Germany will not steal their identity and force China under its thumb, they should think again. But this applies to Russia, the USA, and all other countries as well.  

How would we solve the situation different from how Trump is “solving” them?

We would point with the finger to Germany and make sure that other nations understand that ethics within business is important for their own survival. Unless they want the stupid robots of Germany, a notoriously bad country that has no conscience and sells out their own agents as soon as they have done what makes Germany mightier. We would show other nations how much better it is for them working with us instead of being run with Germany’s ear-implants. If the world understands what Germany did and does to them, they will rethink any unfair behavior towards us as once people understand what Germany is, and did and does, nobody wants to be like that.   

What a wonderful world it could be for everyone if there wouldn’t be the slimy, stinky snake called Germany who keeps down everyone with the most unfair methods one can think of.   

Be kissed my darling.

Yours forever,






My intuition about the Duck Boat tragedy is that religion is the target

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince and husband,

How are your days and nights?

During my vacation, I briefly was tempted to ride with a Duck Boat but didn’t go through with it as we had already so many other plans.

I know, nobody else writes about it, but I am convinced that there is more to it than a greedy company not refunding 31 people of which 17 then died. A criminal investigation now opened to look into this “accident”, and an attorney sued the duck boat operating company for millions. And I say: by all means.

German ear-implant rules. The psychs behind ear-implants are setting up situations in which atrocities happen, and they prefer to make them look like “accidents” and they are targeting religions constantly. It is really striking and mainstream doesn’t see it. They indeed claim that there is no God or that he is at fault or that religion is bad. I am not saying that religions are not infiltrated or even overtaken by bad people. They are and the men behind Germany are running them.

However, I read a recent study that said that 83% of all black people believe in God compared to just 61% of white people.

SEGNPMSS committed so many atrocities in the course of history and also today that they want to put away with any form of belief in a Supreme Being who might hold them accountable. Whenever they hear people referring to God, they are feeling panic. The monsters are thinking that if others stop believing in God, their own bad conscience will evaporate and they can continue to commit atrocities. Yes, they are this blind and stupid. One way or the other, they are ruining their own happiness by being monsters, and they never will feel good about themselves. What counts the most, a good character, they are throwing away.  

Many of the Duck Boat victims are Black individuals. Tia Coleman lost 9 family members. This is similar like a Jewish person must have felt when just about all her family members perished in German gas chambers. According to what I read, most people who died during the Duck Boat tragedy were active Christians.

What the SEGNPMSS wants people to think and say is: What kind of God is that who allows accidents like that?

SEGNPMSS wants people to hate God and to become atheists. The SEGMPNSS monsters are sure that humans never will discover and convict them. But that so many people still believe that there is a God who brings justice, makes them feel very uncomfortable. So, away with religion and God is one of their secret mission. 

On top of all, the driver of the doomed Duck Boat was a pastor or an assistant to a pastor. He seemed a friendly man who did all the wrong things. That’s where ear implants and also silent sounds come in. I assume he made the trip several times before a storm, and he was lucky each time. So that he even told people on board that they don’t need swim vests and lowered the curtain to protect people from the rain, which made it even more difficult for those on board to survive. But his luck ran out when the SEGNPMSS decided yet again to roll the dice and attack the belief in God once again, on that lake (whether all of these people on the boat were truly religious or not). For the SEGNPMSS it is very important that the world’s opinion of God and religions shatters.

In a nutshell: SEGNPMSS waited until the people were on the water and then used weather satellites to increase the storms to kill.

They want people to blame religion and God on this tragedy, and they want black people and others give up on religions and God. 

You and I, Marty, we know how the SEGNPMSS scum ticks and works. No fooling us.      

I love you and miss you.

Yours always,