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How Tony Ortega twists the facts….

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I can’t imagine how it feels being impostored by somebody (who on top has a completely different character than you) and not being able (you being wrongfully incarcerated) to just go there and telling him (Mosey’s husband) face to face to knock it off or not being able to tell David Miscavige and his supporters face to face what you think of him and reporters like Tony Ortega who cover the facts up and twist them.

Ortega wrote that Scientology has spies. A smart and decent reporter would figure that Scientology was originally a real applied philosophy with  no spies but is  infiltrated by them. And who would be interested into infiltrating a religion and making it look like a corrupt and incompetent secret service? Those who hate Scientology because they see it as competition or a movement that will stop their incompetency and crimes against humanity: Germany and  psychs, even using international governments for their purposes and infiltrating anything.

I would like to sec check Tony Ortega of having ear implants and marching to the beat of German p$ych drums. But I would like to do this also with David Miscavige, Mike Rinder, Mosey’s husband,  Paul Marrick, Greg Arnold, Janet Reitman, Lawrence Wright, and a lot of others. 


Once again, you were the Inspector General for Ethics in 1988, Marty, not Mosey’s husband. He didn’t hire Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold. You did, and you told them not to do anything illegal. If Mosey’s husband would had been around, he would have advised to slap Broeker around. In younger years, Mosey’s husband looked a lot like you, but you had and have a completely different personality (just as the real founder and his impostor “Jack Vistaril” have very different personalities) and I, a real Scientologist, have the ability to see this even in pictures. The personality (good or bad) shines always through at least for somebody with my abilities.

Back to 1988: YOU hired these detectives. The code names that David Miscavige assigned are ridiculous. By calling himself “the Duke”, he wanted to be you. If they called you “Three”, who was “Two”? Rinder? This is another question that Ortega didn’t clear up in his lousy blog written for dummies.

I would love to hear your testimony to all of this, Marty, not Mosey’s husband trying to be you. You are so sane, I know that you never planned “surveillance” of Pat Broeker by these detectives for a long time. You just wanted the detectives to help discover were the missing millions of the real founder’s cash is. There are reports by others (e.g. Steve Pfauth) that Pat Broeker threw Ron’s cash around. There are also reports by others that Pat and Annie Broeker carried around millions of Ron’s cash in suit cases over state lines. Putting Pat Broeker under surveillance to find the missing cash was not inappropriate at all but a proper action to do. But  HE KNEW that he was under surveillance and that is why he buried stuff to lead the detectives on a wrong track. If he has the missing cash, he didn’t touch it, but now, possibly no longer under surveillance, he could.


Why didn’t David Miscavige file a penal complaint against Pat Broeker and had the FBI in 1986 retrieve the missing cash?  Because he didn’t want the world to learn by accident that the man who “left Scientology to him” was not the founder but “Jack Vistaril” the impostor? 

Another question that I have: did Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold surveil Pat Broeker intelligently and discretely? Broeker noticed that he was under surveillance and that is why he buried stuff in his garden. He of course buried not what the orgs were looking for, but it was his way to play jokes on the detectives and DM. He wanted them to break the law and enter his garden to dig the stuff up. In other words: if the surveillance was done intelligently and discretely, Broeker wouldn’t had known that he was watched. Were the detectives impartial? I have some serious doubts because a family member of the detective seem befriending Broeker.

You disappeared end of 1988 without a trace and Mosey’s husband took over. If Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold would had been good detectives, they would have noticed that this “Marty” (or no. 3) had suddenly a very different personality than you. Some detectives they are! They had to live with “human ciphers” and it was so hard to go through? Gee, the agony! As you know, I am one of the rare persons who is not run with ear implants on this planet, but I can imagine that these ear implant codes are also ciphers, and they are not bothering the detectives? Oh yes, I forgot, when asked, they will say of course that they have none and that this is all ridiculous.

I assume that you are shocked too to learn that these detectives were paid for too decades  watching Broeker. This is typical David Miscavige’s incompetence. The least he could have done was changing the detectives after they reported that Broeker “likes to bury stuff in the garden”, because it would have told you crystal clear that Broker knew of the  surveillance and never would lead those detectives to the millions if he has them. Now, it looks as if His Cobness stopped the surveillance, and Broeker is free to spend the millions if he has them? So, all cash that DM allocated for Broeker’s surveillance was simply wasted? And not just that… The detectives who never tried to get a contract tried to get even luckier by getting more out of Scientology for their “great work”, despite the orgs considered it a “shakedown attempt”? DM didn’t see in advance that these detectives might retaliate if he simply fired them after 20 years of earning millions very easily?


And what is that fear of the Texas courts to rather settle than fight? Still thinking that the idiotic Squirrel Busters were a “good idea” and didn’t rather cause residents of Texas rally behind Mosey’s husband?  The DM projects are incompetent and pull in motivators. But at the end, Mosey’s husband and the likes will get theirs too. 

The detectives indicated that the orgs spent  $10 to 12 million to just watch Broeker who knew that he was watched. That is really waste. It also raised the question: is 1.7 million really all that is missing from Ron’s cash? 

David Miscavige had Marrick and Arnold sent to San Patricio County a few years ago to watch Mosey’s husband’s house and produce a surveillance plan. If they would be good detectives, they would have reported that Mosey’s husband is not the same man who hired them in 1988.

Marrick and Arnold “surveilled” Pat Broeker that he noticed it and didn’t lead them to whatever he was/is hiding. Why on Earth did DM think that  Marrick and Arnold would make a good job surveilling Mosey’s husband? Besides, all DM has to do is making a confession to the US government that Mosey’s husband is an impostor, and the law will take care of Mosey’s husband. 

In my opinion, Marrick and Arnold attempted indeed a shakedown and extortion attempt, and in order to keep his own secrets  the “ecclesiastical leader”, DM pays and pays and pays his way out of everything. But what he does not do and should have done a long time ago is stepping back and allowing real and intelligent Scientologists to lead Scientology.  If he would love Scientology, he would have done so a long time ago. DM really stops the expansion of Scientology because of the many idiotic things he ordered and approved. The German psych secret services have lots of reasons to get rid of people. The reason why they allow his Cobness to continue the “leadership” of Scientology is because they think that he’ll ruin it completely.      

I love you, Marty. You are my No One. DM and Mosey’s husband are number Zeros. 

Yours forever,









Unbelievable – Mosey’s husband impostored you before a court of law…

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Dearest Marty, remarkable hero,

Here I am again, thinking of you.

The lawsuit in San Patricio County before District Judge Janna Whatley, filed by investigators Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold got settled a few days ago, and David Miscavige threw more Scientology money at them. They named you, Mark “Marty” Rathbun as defendant,  because you (not Mosey’s husband, your impostor) once hired them a long time ago  and told them never to do anything illegal.  (As if Mosey’s husband would have ever given somebody that good of an advice! This is typical you to tell people to stay clean!)  Besides, the detectives had no grounds to sue you at all. You didn’t break any contract with them. 

Is it possible that Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold know very well that you are wrongfully incarcerated, can’t defend yourself like a free man but that Mosey’s husband is always ready to impostor you also in a court of law and against your will?  Is that the reason why they added your name to the case? Because Germany loving Mosey’s husband, the always ready impostor is around wanting to help them to more Scientology money? How good was their surveillance of Broker anywhere when one of their relatives befriended him? And where are the missing millions from Ron’s cash? 

Did David Miscavige settle the case to avoid that you, the wrongfully incarcerated person would despite all odds make an appearance before the court?  Is it more important to him keeping you wrongfully behind bars and unreachable for me than getting Mosey’s husband out of his styled hair? Your testimony could have saved the orgs lots of money. If you would have hired the detectives only for a certain period and for one job, they wouldn’t have had the right to demand more cash. David Miscavige rather wastes Scientology money than getting the right man in the witness chair: you! And this man runs our religion. No wonder that it got this bad of a reputation! 

Despite Mosey’s husband knows very well that he didn’t hired the detectives (Mosey’s husband was nowhere around in the RTC or OSA back then), he impostored YOU before that court of law  in a lawsuit.

Mosey’s husband will never get away with not having impostored you before a court. This case is the clear evidence that he doesn’t mind impostoring you before the authorities like a court of law.  

Here is what your impostor told the media: “Rathbun said he was prepared to rebut the church’s position before the case was dropped.”

His Cobness will no longer grin if the tables are changing, and he’ll sit in a cell with Mosey’s husband together. 

Marty, I can’t help it, but Mosey’s husband (and his supporters who know very well that Mosey’s husband isn’t you) and David Miscavige (and his supporters who know every well that Mosey’s husband isn’t you) must think that you never will get justice and that you will die wrongfully behind bars. And these MONSTERS have the guts to claim that they are Scientologists. Outrageous! Ron would assign them the lowest condition for a billion of years. They are: inhumane non-Scientologists! They have no human feelings. I am disgusted by them!

I love you, Marty. Very much People are apparently scum, but I won’t let you down. I promise you. Let’s get together and let’s kick their butts legally.

Yours forever,




Dr. Jürgen Keltsch, former German district attorney, then a judge and later a high official within the Bavarian Ministry for Interior spoke shamelessly in the mid 80s of his ex parte communication with a judge who he tried to turn against me, the Scientologist

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Look at these Bavarian clowns, Marty, and what is growing out of their heads! And the worst of all, they are no harmless clowns. They are corrupt like hell! 

Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, how are you? I am thinking of you. And I know that freaking Germany has a lot do with that we are still separated.  And I hope that our love prevails against all and any of their set ups. 

Despite German law forbids ex parte communication just as US law does, Dr. Jürgen Keltsch, former German district attorney, then a judge, and later a high official within the Bavarian Ministry for the Interior told me shamelessly in the mid 80s of his ex parte communication with a judge who he tried to turn against me, the Scientologist. Keltsch has no shame.

After the hearing, in which I defended myself without an attorney, the judge dismissed the case against me (I really hadn’t done anything wrong). After that hearing, Keltsch came over to me and RB and told us in disappointed voice that this “was not nice” by the judge, because the judge would have broken his agreement that he made earlier with Keltsch in a meeting (to which I was not invited) to rule against me. I had no attorney and defended myself, which means, I should have been invited to that meeting between judge and district attorney. Keltsch, the snake told me that I would need any attorney because he thought I would goof my own case. Before that hearing he hadn’t met me in person and had no idea that I am not a damsel in distress but a fighter for rights who he under estimated.  So, the joke was on him when I won the case against all odds and despite him making deals behind my back. His “advice” wasn’t the reason why I had no attorney. I knew he was a lawless man and could not be trusted. However, Marty, I trusted in my own abilities and also was innocent of what I was accused of.  The Munich org tried to offered me their attorney but I didn’t want their attorneys either.  Anyway, I won, despite of the ex parte communication against me. 

Keltsch was also the one who organized and ordered me being kidnapped by German authorities from Copenhagen, the one who fabricated charges AFTER he had me arrested and who denied to me contact with  any attorney while being arrested.

Yes, THAT is real German justice, the German government and “justice” has not changed from the old Nazis that they always were, and Mosey’s husband is supporting them and Ursula Caberta, a German government agent. If that isn’t the ultimate betrayal by an American and alleged Scientologist.    

Mosey’s husband keeps on going after David Miscavige. There is nobody (not even Mike Rinder who was longer at DM’s side) who scratches more on David Miscavige’s reputation as Mosey’s husband does. Mike Rinder didn’t file any affidavit in the Ken Dandar case, only Mosey’s husband did. David Miscavige could convict Mosey’s husband of being your impostor, Marty, as he knows he is not you, the first Marty Rathbun and Inspector General of Ethics in Scientology but makes the public believe that he is. Keeping you wrongfully behind bars, Marty, must mean more to DM than getting Mosey’s husband off his back. Amazing. Infiltrators and non-Scientologists are at each other throats. Both sides are creating a bad reputation for Scientology. They could end this war by being finally honest and admitting the fact of  doppelgangers and impostors infiltrating Scientology but they keep on covering up – just as the very German SEGNPMSS orders and  both “sides” are harming Scientology and the founder’s reputation.

I assume that one affidavit, that one of Susan Rudd, will not be enough convicting David Miscavige of ex parte communication or attempted ex parte communication with judge Schaefer or anything else. Rudd particularly wrote that he didn’t mention the McPherson case when he strolled in the judge’s office. But it appears that he surely seem to think that all women of all ages find him irresistible.

There is no doubt that a lot of cash went into defending against the Lisa McPherson claims, but I don’t think that DM, Mosey’s husband or Mike Rinder while they were still on staff or the C of S attorneys hired detectives to investigate in all details what happened to Lisa McPherson BEFORE she had her car accident. And there lies the secret: psych implanting. I don’t make this up, Marty. I have seen normal people going suddenly crazy in the hands of psychs and numerous cases in which alleged Scientologists came to harm or harmed others, and all these cases reminded me very much to these secret psych methods. If DM is really anti-p$ych, why did he not invest into investigating these NUMEROUS CASES that scream out loud that psychs secretly alter Scientologists and other people to make them snap one way or the other?

David Miscavige’s leadership of Scientology is a failure, to say the least. He is a blind and unethical mole. If he wouldn’t lead Scientology and have all the Sea Org reserves at his disposal, I bet he would be one of the unintelligent “Indies” who worship your impostor.

I love you, Marty. I am really sorry that you have to suffer wrongfully behind bars for crimes you never committed while monkeys roam free.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,




Gangnam style most watched YouTube video of all times? Kim Jong-il should allow the North Korean people to loosen up…

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Dearest Marty, my sweet sweet prince, 

If I would be Kim Jong-il, I would top that with rhythm and fun:

Who needs atomic weapons when songs, rhythm, and fun conquers the world?

Many kisses, Marty. Love you bunches!

Yours forever,


Before neuro”scientist” James Holmes’ monstrous atrocity, there was the atrocity of another neuro”scientist”: Amy Bishop in 2010

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Wonderful Marty, dashing prince and perfect gentleman, how are you? Here are some Monday kisses for you.


The University of Colorado, the university of mass shooter and neuroscientist graduate James Holmes is very “cautious” with publishing details about him. It lists Holmes with a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree in neuroscience. Guess they are afraid that the world will learn what a load of crap psychology, psychiatry and neuro”science” is. These p$ychs hide also behind the term “neurobiologists”. (One part of them is completely clueless about remote-controlled germs and the other part are secretly using emote-controlled germs to make people sick and killing them.) 

Remember that Barry Shur, dean of the CU graduate school,  indicated  at a press conference that these psychs or neuro”scientists” are “quirky people” and that  “there are a lot of intense characters”?

Guess crazy psychs are not called crazy, because they are those who label others with mental “defects”. Those “quirky” and “intense” characters are those who determine who is labeled mentally ill, involuntarily committed and locked up. It is like giving the fox the key to the hen-house. 

There was also that “intense” woman by the name of Amy Bishop. She was a Professor for Neuro”science” and Biology at the Uni of Alabama. Studied at Harvard. Her story is really unbelievable. First she shot her brother (and got away with it), years later she was a suspect in a pipe bomb “incident”,  then she was accused of an assault in the International House of Pancakes, and on February 12, 2002, she killed three people  and three others “during the course of a routine meeting of the biology department” she stood up and gunned downed those closest with a gun.

Is there really anyone who believes that she didn’t kill her brother? What kind of rotten and incompetent people didn’t arrest her and put her away already then?  

What a failure the system is by having crazy psychs and incompetent judges and law enforcement officials in charge. 

As I posted before, a nurse told me that she never met any psychiatrist who had no metal defects and that all of them study psychiatry to cope with their own defects. And cases like these show that they apparently can’t heal themselves. How can they help others when their own screws are loose?

I love you, Marty. 

Many kisses.

Yours forever,



Doppelgänger, Pretenders, “Decoys”, Impostors – a dirty and rotten to the bone German p$ych secret service method and one of their best kept secrets!

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Dearest Marty, my sweet Prince and incredible hero,

It is getting colder here, and I have done all to prepare for winter, even cleaned the gutters from the fallen leaves. Birds like to do that too. They look in the gutters for goodies and throw what they don’t want on the deck! Making a mess! I cleaned the gutters so well that they don’t have anything to throw around with. Some of them did something new lately, which they never did before. Suddenly they fly onto the fly screen of the kitchen window and are getting stuck there. Weird and unnatural. I hung a picture of a cat into the window, now they don’t use it anymore as landing-place. Now they stay in the bushes and trees. I have seen lately many cardinals here. They are fire-red and beautiful. There is still enough to eat for them outside, but I don’t understand any bird that doesn’t fly southwards in fall. If I would be a bird without a warm place, I would avoid the winter.

How are you, Marty? My thoughts are with you.

Mosey’s husband sells people the lie that “Jack Vistaril” (on the cover of  Lawrence Wright’s idiotic book on Scientology) was the founder and not an impostor but what is “new”? After all, Mosey’s husband is an impostor too, your impostor, Marty. He is the person who NEVER will admit the FACT of doppelgangers and impostors, and I wonder which secret service offered him which award for that. He can’t say that this is all David Miscavige’s doing alone, because he left Miscavology in 2003 and had almost ten years to tell the truth without being under Miscavige’s control. Mike Rinder, Haydn James, and others are keeping this a secret from the world too.

People who believe Mosey’s husband and David Miscavige and are following them, are the dumb people.  One of the problems of Vistarology and Miscavology is that these very altered versions of Scientology don’t create Scientologists anymore but people who eventually follow Mosey’s husband into his club of blind true believers and psych and German apologists. A real Scientologist has no hidden agenda and thinks truly for him- and herself. And I can see nothing of that kind within Miscavologists or Mohusologists. I pity them. They promote the altered and fake SCN instead of original SCN and wisdom. Whatever their secret services promised it, it will be never as good as real Scientology. They are betraying themselves.

People who do not see that you and L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, are/was impostored should not call themselves Scientologists, because frankly, they are too dumb and blind to be called Scientologists. The press calls the “Independents” most of the time Ex-Scientologists. They don’t buy the story either that the “Independents” are Scientologists. There are other names that fit these agents better: Vistarologists, former/current Miscavologists, Moshusologists, traitors, infiltrators… And they are not independent from the SEGNPMSS but the devoted sheep of this secret service psych cult. Their agents are too dumb to think for themselves and not ashamed to work secretly for still active Psych Nazi secret services.  

Mosey’s husband can’t fool me. I’m not one of his Kool-Aid drinkers. I saw it right away that he isn’t you, just as I saw right away that Jack Vistaril was not Ron, the founder of Scientology. Bodies may look a lot alike but very different thetans and characters inhabit them, and it is always the character who counts. 

That photo on the cover of Lawrence Wright’s book shows RON’S IMPOSTOR at the end of his life: downtone, creepy and sick. It doesn’t do any harm to Scientology or the real founder once the fact breaks that it is not the Scientology founder on the cover but his impostor. It will also show that Wright and his publishers are either incompetent or corrupt selling “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor to the world as founder of Scientology, who he WAS NOT. Why else in the world would an alleged impartial and price-winning author and his editors and publishers not compare photos of the founder and conclude the obviousness: The founder of Scientology was impostored. Besides, what does Lawrence Wright and his editors know about our religion anyhow? He never was a member. “Interviewing” people who hung out or hang out  in the Scientology orgs but never were Scientologists doesn’t count either. Lawrence Wright has no good intentions towards our religion or L. Ron Hubbard. I can’t imagine one real Scientologist working with him or granting him an interview.

By secretly or openly working for p$ychs and the Germans, Mosey’s husband has as little Scientology’s and the planet’s well-being at heart as David Miscavige who makes the world wrongfully think that Scientologists are violent (by publishing animated videos showing explosives blowing up psych hospitals instead of showing videos in which Congress or courts convicting psychs of crimes committed against humanity). Neither Mosey’s husband nor David Miscavige are Scientologists or Scientology leaders. They are agents of some kind, and the real founder wouldn’t trust any of them with anything, and he would assign both of them the lowest ethics conditions.  

It is the untold fact that since a long time, German secret services use doppelganger, ringers,  “decoys” and impostors to “exchange” good originals (like you and Ron) and replace them by fakes against your wills. But they use also since centuries doppelgangers, ringers, and impostors to protect their agents like Hitler and Bin Laden from justice, and they arrange killing the doppelgangers instead if the “mission” of the “originals” fails, if the world wants justice. And they infiltrate the governments of other countries (including the USA) to cover it up. And with all of that, the world wonders why the world is so bad and does not become better.  


The bone-chilling thing about this is that the CIA really KNOWS of these doppelgangers and impostors. I was watching TV when Saddam Hussein gave his last speech as President of Iraq. He looked and spoke and acted exactly like Saddam. In fact, it was  Saddam Hussein who spoke but the American TV anchor said that she had word from the CIA that they are not sure yet if it is him or one of his doppelgangers. As the CIA knows of doppelgangers who look EXACTLY like the originals, why are they so blind in regards of other doppelganger’s including that one of Bin Laden who was shot instead of  the real terrorist? Because they do not just have affairs, they are also traitors. The USA is not in good hands and not in real American hands just as the Scientology orgs, and the “Independents” are not in good hands and real Scientologist’s hands. Whatever happens in the orgs happens also on a larger scale in the USA and elsewhere in the world.

I know you have figured it all out too, Marty. You are billions of  light-years smarter than Mosey’s husband or David Miscavige.

My question is: how to get it in the thick skull of people who robotically work for the SEGNPMSS that they are being used and that the world that they are working for will not be good to anyone, them included?

I’ll bless the day, I found you, Marty. The world would be already better if we would be together and could work together.

Miss you so very much. Many kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,


Lawrence Wright – what an idiot! He has a picture of L. Ron Hubbard’s impostor on the cover of his anti-Scientology book! How can he not get that this is not the Scientology founder!?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate,

People who are not obsessed with trying to bring our religion down, never wrote about it and never did any research on it might get away with thinking that there was just one L.Ron Hubbard and no doppelganger and impostor.

But those who wrote about Scientology and looked at more than one photo of L. Ron Hubbard and want to be experts, they don’t get away with this. They should be able to tell the difference. People like Lawrence Wright, Mark Bunker, Steve Hassan, Rick Ross,   Robert J. Lifton,  Michael Langone,  David Clark, Priscilla Coates, Janja Lalich,  Daniel Shaw, Ken Dandar,  Scott Pilutik, Dave Touretzky, Dan Leipold, Ford Greene, Graham Berry, Janet Reitman, Barry Van Sickle, Stephen Kent, Margaret Singer, Joly West, etc (some of them died and those who want to get hold of them can reach them in hell) come across as really stupid or corrupt by not seeing the obviousness and by not revealing the impostors to the public they want to educate.

L. RON HUBBARD, THE FOUNDER OF SCIENTOLOGY  WAS IMPOSTORED BY “JACK VISTARIL”, A DOPPELGANGER WHO DIED IN 1986. The real Ron on the right side with the cowboy hat, the impostor on the left side with the Bavarian yodel hat in the black and white photo. 

These anti-Scientology “expert” and their dumb/corrupt followers also are also unable to see that Mosey’s husband is not you, Marty, but the impostor of you, the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology. You were called Marty. He was Mark and took your name Marty and your position in the RTC over while you disappeared and Mike Rinder and David Miscavige and others allowed it to happen! They attack each other now but on the fact that Mosey’s husband impostors you, they still conspire TOGETHER! They are still Miscavologists and still cover for the non-Scientology secret service who put them up for that. 







How can an alleged intelligent and non-corrupt person not see that? They all want to be respected expert and intelligent people but they are too stupid and too blind to figure out the most important facts. And the worst of all, they are not quietly stupid. They sell their stupidity as facts to mankind who they mislead with the crap they are publishing.   

There are many other photos that show that these are four different individuals. I am not saying that there are no similarities. That’s why they are called doppelganger. But any honest and intelligent person should be able to figure what is going on and not selling people falsehoods by acting as if the impostors are the originals. THEY ARE NOT. 

I love you bunches, Marty. Truth will come out, because we will find each other again. But as this conspiracy is so thick and involves also the governments and courts on all levels, we likely need an Act of Congress to straighten this mess out.   

Keep on surviving, my hero.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my love!

Yours forever