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A happy New Year, Marty! (And coining the very necessary term of POSTuFAST for POSTuLATES that should come true FAST and not LATE!)

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Marty, I want only one thing to come true this year, finding you and being with you, my good, intelligent, amiable, dashing, spiritual, observant,  loyal, devoted, responsible, innovative, experienced, professional, disciplined, resourceful, non-ordinary,  positive, warm, graceful, affectionate, caring, aspiring, considerate, thoughtful, helpful, courageous, enthusiastic, sensitive, sexy, passionate, tender, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, efficient, generous, honest, highly interested and interesting, fascinating, kind, genius, focused, open-minded, persistent, positive, reliable, creative, dependable, confident, disciplined, sincere, organized, unselfish, respectful, adventurous, unconventional, conscious, dynamic, educated,  energetic, goal-oriented, insightful, motivated, objective, patient, warm, supportive and skilled Prince and Husband of  mine!

What do I postulate for the New Year? That the POST sent from you to me as in the term POSTuLATE is no longer LATE but arrives finally FAST as in the word POSTuFAST . (You can come by any time if you can, Marty, or if you can’t, that somebody else comes on your behalf to my door by car, train, plane, helicopter, by foot, on a bike, on a moped, on Honda, on skates, on roller blades, skydiving, deep sea diving, mountain claiming, on a sleigh, on the back of Rudolph, on a horse, on a wale, in a carriage, in a pioneer wagon, in a U-boat, on skis, on a skateboard, on a dolphin, on a tricycle, on the wings of an eagle, in a convoy, in a caravan, on a camel, on an elephant, on board of the Freewinds or any other boat, with your message for me in form of a letter, telegram, telex, e-mail, phone call, messenger notification, police escort, message in the bottle, in form of a subpoena, brought by the National Guard, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the President, a PI, or simply by Joe Blow, whatever works and you prefer, Marty, but reach out to me, Marty.


I have heard that Bridge dropped the book that we all have read: Have you lived before this Live? I checked Bridge Publication and as a matter of fact, I can’t find it. Bridge dropped that book:


Here are the two covers. I remember that cover with the man on the cemetery was designed by Arthur Hubbard. What is behind having this book no longer in the Bridge catalog? Does that mean that Scientology under David Miscavige is trying to get rid of the fact and Ron’s scientific research that people lived before and will live again? Who is responsible for the books that are being sold by Bridge? I can’t imagine that any Bridge CO can simply drop a book without that His Cobness approves it, right? So, what does it mean? That Scientology goes down the same path as Christianity? Becomes mainstream but untrue? Early Christians believed in past lives because Jesus preached them. The Catholic Church changed that fact to control the Christians better and just few Christians are these days aware of that the recognition of past lives is indeed a part of Christianity. Scientology going the same way by canceling Scientology books about past lives?


Does David Miscavige doesn’t believe in past and future lives? Did he never run some in sessions? (All those who ran past lives in session or with self analysis know that these pictures are three-dimensional with all emotions that one had and not even the most active fantasy can mock up what a person sees and feels when she sees some of her past lives. Anonymous and other people don’t understand why despite all the hype against Scientology, many Scientologists want to remain Scientologists. As you know, having been back in past lives with help of Scientology sure is one of these things. If somebody says to a person who run past lives in session or self-analysis: there are no past lives, the Scientologists just thinks: you are so clueless. It is so much than just a mock up or a movie, one is right in the middle with all the perceptions, KNOWING that past lives are true.)


Only one used exemplar to be bought on Amazon?


Let’s say, DM or the current SNR C/S INT considered the past life case stories not adequately described for some reasons. The question reminds, why weren’t just those inadequately described parts corrected in a new edition?  WHY WAS THE ENTIRE BOOK ABOUT PAST LIVES CANCELLED?


Marty, I think there is a big chance that David Miscavige isn’t a Scientologist at all. What other explanation is there? A real Scientologist would never stop the publication of a book about past lives.


I love you so much, my Hero.


Happy NEW YEAR again. Many New Years kisses. I hope I can give you these in the New Year myself,


Yours forever,


Wikipedia: I defined the history of the Salt Lake Tribune

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I tried my water distiller. Works great. Makes a gallon of water pretty fast. It tastes good too. After the distilling was done, I checked the residue in the water boiler. Yuk. This is what is usually in the tap water. People drink it and don’t know that it is in there until they distill. There is just one thing that worries me. There is a small carbon filter at the end of the process thru which the distilled water runs. Of course, it needs to be replaced too after a little while but who knows how lousy that filter is. The manufacturer says, it is very clean. Guess I have to examine my water to be sure. I still think that it would be better to make own water from scratch but distilling might be the 2nd best thing.

See here, Marty, this discussion entry on the Wikipiggy Salt Lake Tribune article in regards of me that wasn’t yet discovered by the anti-Scientology hate gang. The entry will look a lot more hostile once the likes of Korey Jerome Kruse (Anynobody), Tilman Hausherr, and other Scientology haters discover it. I don’t think that Rangergordon belongs to that Scientology hating Wikipiggy gang, read what he wrote:

The Schwarz Lawsuit as a Defining Historical Event for The Salt Lake Tribune

Newspapers get sued all the time—sometimes for valid reasons, sometimes frivolously. Any ruling against a newspaper would certainly be a significant part of its history. But, out of all the lawsuits ever filed against The Salt Lake Tribune, it seems strange that one in particular (filed in 2003 by Barbara Schwarz) deserves special mention in a section on the paper’s history—particularly in light of the fact that claims made against the paper in Schwarz v. SL Tribune were ruled invalid by two courts, and the case was summarily dismissed.

Schwarz sued over a story in which the Tribune reported the number of FOIA requests she had filed was unusually high for a person with no involvement in journalism or law. According to the First Amendment Center,

Many of Schwarz’s requests are attempts to substantiate her claims that she is the granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the daughter of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, that she grew up on a private submarine base on the Great Salt Lake (not a secret government base, she noted, as the Tribune reported) and that her husband was wrongfully arrested in Madrid, Spain, in 1988 and taken to the United States, where he is being secretly held.

That makes for interesting reading, but can one person’s invalidated legal accusations constitute a defining event in the history of a newspaper? If so, then every grievance ever held against any newspaper should be considered encyclopedic. Either an exhaustive list of legal actions involving the Tribune should be included in the “History” section, or the paragraph should be omitted. Since aspects of this particular lawsuit are quirky and interesting, perhaps the paragraph could be moved to a new section (“Trivia”? “Interesting Lawsuits”? Not sure.) I’m going to try deleting it and see what happens. Rangergordon (talk) 11:41, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

End of the Wikipedia entry.

Last chapter isn’t written yet. It will be enormous history once it is documented that I was telling the truth and that nothing was frivolous what I did.

BTW, some within the Tribune (including reporter Christopher Smith who wrote the original article on me) don’t think that it is or was me who is to blame that federal workers don’t process their FOIA requests in time or at all. Read this Tribune Vault Blog introduction:

Chris Smith and all the others of the Tribune who were involved in this article against me didn’t do their colleagues any favor. Chris Smith wrote to me that he wants to write an article about how federal workers deny members of the free press their rights to records. That is why I agreed to see Smith. If he would have written the article as he promised, instead of turning against me, reporters might have it easier to get their FOIA records that they need to inform the public.

It was a betrayal by the Tribune against any member of the free press not by me.

I am a firm believer in that the truth will come out sooner or later, Marty. One day, reporters will know that in regards to the Tribune (and also otherwise) history indeed was made. The history is that it is documented that one or a few reporters did sell out other reporters for a sensational article that is wrong in sting an gist.  The Tribune did not write the promised article that should help reporters to get records from agencies more easily so that they can inform the broad public with facts. To these traitors of reporters, it was more important to portray me in a false light than to help their own industry. I saw Christopher Smith to help the free press because I knew that federal workers with non-American attitude would deny them records that they should get to inform the public appropriately. I am not anti-free press. The Tribune was/is.

But you know this, Marty. I am sure you read the letter/emails that Chris Smith did sent me. I posted them on Usenet after he betrayed me.

Guess, the Salt Lake Tribune made also some kind of history by having their reporters making “business” with the National Enquirer.  About “reliable” and “trustworthy” Salt Lake Tribune reporters:

This enquirer business took same at approximately the same time when the Tribune smeared the article on me on their front page on Mothersday.

I love you, my sweetheart. I wish nothing for the next year but seeing you again. I will be back soon with more.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my soul mate.




One of the biggest mistakes that Jimbo Wales made: allowing the Wikipiggists to edit anonymously

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

There are many pages with “discussions” about me by Wikipiggy scribbler and none understood how I am really are and what I really did and why I did it. Esp. the Scientology haters are not interested in any impartial article and that means that they are misleading any readers of Wikipiggy. They should add that the only reason why they smear about me is because I am a Scientologist.  If I wouldn’t be one, they would not attack me and run a black propaganda on me. Whenever I tried to correct any of their false light articles on me, Scientology hating Wikipiggists banned my IP numbers, and I heard that Jimmy Wales himself approved of banning me despite he wrote to a friend of mine that he is “fascinated by Scientology”.

The black propaganda and the hatred of the Wikipiggists on me is to be found in the archives of Wikipiggy.  According to my information, Fred Bauder is a lawyer in Colorado and a leading administrator of Wikipedia, possibly a friend of Jim Wales but it seems that he also caved in when Jim Wales wanted me blocked while his Wikipiggy mob continued to run their black ops on me and fair gamed me.

Fred Bauer once called me “a legend” and originally, he wanted me to provide information about me while they were writing a very long article about me but the anti-Scientology mob just wanted me blocked and smeared. As Scientology haters are so many on Mob-Wikipiggy, they won and the readers were lied to and misinformed. This is what Fred Bauder wrote once: “I think she (Barbara Schwarz) deserves her own Wikipedia page but I don’t know if it will fly because there were already three or four big discussions about her.”

Another Fred Bauder statement: “Please unblock her. We need her input. The type of legal threat she made is not what is contemplated by our no legal threats policy”. [[User:Fred Bauder|Fred Bauder]] 10:11, 13 August 2006 (UTC). They never unblocked me, Marty. Wikipiggy admin Eric Walker, aka Modemac and himself a cultist of the “Church” of Subgenius once posted that he blocked me for a week or two. Fact is that he never unblocked me. The IP number still was blocked years later. They blocked any IP number of mine, when I tried to explain to them what I really did. German secret service agent Tilman Hausherr was always one who felt the need to “convict” me of being present on Wikipedia when all I wanted was providing firsthand information to people who didn’t hate Scientology or me.  What a disgusting MOB it is.

Here is another statement of Fred Bauer: “Whatever her supposed notability, Barbara Schwarz is not a public figure. Her privacy should be respected.” [[User:Fred Bauder|Fred Bauder]] 15:29 11 March 2007 (UTC). He tried to moderate the articles on me but indicated that they were impossible to moderate. They always ended up in Hausherr, Kruse, Walker, Owens, and Orsini (likely Kady O’Malley) hostility against me. Just as Nazis hated Jews, these people hate me. I think when Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales made pressure on Fred Bauder, he caved in too, and the result is that the smear an d black ops against me continued on other Wikipiggy pages, e.g. pages on FOIA.

Here is information about Jim Wales by non-Wikipiggy sources that he apparently can’t control:

These folks say that he is an atheists and that he made money with a porn search engine. The complaints of reporter John Seigenthaler Sr. against Wikipiggy were all over the news but nevertheless, Wikipiggists  keep on smearing and stupid people donate to Wales and Wikipiggy. Wales who calls himself “spiritual leader” blocked all Scientologists from editing Wikipedia, which shows also that Wikipedia is anything BUT democratic. In a democracy, anyone may speak and people can make their mind up themselves as to what the truth is. I checked the long article that they have on L. Ron Hubbard. Not one of their editors had the IQ to see that L. Ron Hubbard was impostored and that they mixed the real life of the founder of Scientology with the life of the impostor. What a bunch of idiots these editors are! And they sell these articles to the public as “neutral” and “true”. What a shame.

If somebody sends me a Wikipedia link, I always cross check it with many other sources before I believe one word that Wikipiggy publishes.

They also missed that you and President Eisenhower are/are impostored. But at least “Orsini” (likely Kady O’Malley) removed your photo (I believe she webbed it in the first place on Wikipiggy) after I made clear to her that Wikipiggy has no copyright to that photo and it was up there for years violating your copyright and that of the photographer ). Later they webbed Mosey’s husband’s photo on that article and extended it.

I never corresponded with Daniel Brandt but I think that his criticism of Wikipiggy is well founded.

Wikipedia needs all the competition that it can get because behind Wikipedia is a German psychiatric movement with the purpose to bury facts and create a new false reality on subjects that are very important:  spirituality (they are against it), individual notable lives, (fair gaming good people), longevity (they try to conceal that it is possible, e.g. Norman Walker was born in 1867 and died in 1985 but Wikipiggy claims he became  only 99 years old) promoting p$ychiarty, covering up of German crimes (e.g. that Hitler did killed himself despite that Ike Eisenhower, Stalin, and just about anybody else back then but those who were still helping Hitler were sure that he came away like Bin Laden)… and more, the list is long. When I check Wikipedia on such important subjects, I always can see how the SEGNPMSS controls its writers and how readers are misled.

This article says Wikipedia steals also from other encyclopedias:

Wikipiggy begging to be sued:

One of the worst mistakes that Jim Wales made is that he allowed his scribbler to remain anonymous.  Any newspaper is responsible for its content and reporters sign their articles with their real names. Jim Wales should have known that false reports and defamation will take over Wikipedia by allowing people to  ”edit” anonymously.  And why would editors of an encyclopedia want to be anonymously except for purposes of defamation, black ops, and lies and not getting away with it?

If I would be him, I would have told to the editors: No anonymity and when you lie, defame, and run black ops, you have to carry the legal responsibility yourself.

I haven’t had time to study the Wales/Brandt controversy in details but if Daniel Brandt ever mentioned that there is secret force behind Jim Wales and his Wikipiggy, I came independently to the same conclusion.

Look at them, they remind me a lot of the ED scribbler:

And I guess in the swamp, Wikipiggists show their real mind-sets and attitudes:

Of course the “mature” Wikipiggists like to write about Miss Piggy and other immature stuff. I once read that the average age of a Wikipiggist is underage. So, no surprise, they find Ms. Piggy and Kermit more important than not defaming good people and no misleading readers.

Spies in Wikipedia? Sure. Has SEGNPMSS control written all over it. They manipulate the minds of immature kids or adult idiots who don’t mind to work for anti-American and anti-democratic  purposes. So, what is this “encyclopedia” good for if people are being manipulated by reading these articles? Smart people don’t trust it. Idiots do.  As also my story and the one of Scientology and others explains, their “neutral point of view” is a joke that isn’t applied, and much has to do that Jimbo Wales doesn’t get that the anonymity that he allows invites unlawfulness.

The consensus is not democratic or fair. The “consensus” is what the SEGNPMSS radios through the ear implants of people.

Jimmy Wales, a porn guy and an atheist behind the “truth” for the world? How “trustworthy”.

I think that it is wise by Amazon and any other enterprise or movement not partnering with Wales.

Some say that Encylopedia Dramatica is the evil cousin of Wikipiggy. They sure are right. ED fair games me too and they link from that smear article to the worst German Nazi propaganda against the Jews that one can find on the net. Typically SEGNPMSS to recruit the most primitive people in a country and make them attack good people.

Look at these low life forms:

It’s always good to see the pictures of the people who smear others and promote anti-Semitism and anti-Scientology.  They are nothing but computer geek bums, no sign of any real intelligence and decency. They are really on the bottom of the tonescale, and they don’t even come to the rescue when one of them says that he will kill himself. They just want to be in the “will”. What horrible people. No wonder that they defame and hate good people.

So much for today, Marty.  My water distiller arrived. Where I live, there is not much pollution and the water allegedly is clean. Nevertheless, I used water filters but it just takes out any chlorine taste and maybe some other possible metal. But I don’t think that it kills germs. However, I always feel odd having to drink water that comes from who knows where and anyone can mix something in it without that the consumer at home has any knowledge or control over it. With bottled water it is basically the same.  I would like to make my own water from scratch but that needs more lab work, so I bought this water distiller in the meantime because I want the germs dead before I drink something. Hope it kills their eggs too.

I love you, my prince, and wherever you are, I hope you don’t have contaminated water. I worry about you a lot.

Many kisses.




Wikipedia (better description Wikipiggy) isn’t democratic because their scribblers are SEGNPMSS-controlled

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Dearest Marty, cutest and most special Prince who was ever born, how are you?

As you know, former Wikipiggy articles on me were deleted, not because Wikipiggists finally came to the conclusion that they did me wrong but because I protested publicly against these defamatory articles over and over and they simply wanted to get rid of my complaints. The people who smeared them were mainly anti-Scientologists, extremists as German secret service agent Tilman Jörg Hausherr and his good friend, the habitual offender Korey Jerome Kruse from the Olathe area, and I also believe socks of Kady Malley from Canada and Chris Owens from the UK and the likes. I noticed many times that these people are rather anti-US. Them being pro USA is completely fake. They only want me in that article to harass me and “shame” me despite I have done nothing wrong and nothing to be shamed of. I’m not a criminal and don’t conspire against people’s rights. They do.

Hausherr webbed his former Wikipiggy hate campaign on me on his celebrity obsessed snafu website. I believe he calls his own former writings on me “weird stuff department”  and covers up that he and his friends  wrote these articles. Like a typical German secret service agent, he hides behind one of his children photos while he runs blacks ops on me to smear my name and lies about my intentions and state of mind. These guys are the worst hypocrites on the planet. As soon as Wikipedia editors who don’t necessarily hate Scientologists deleted the articles on me, acknowledging that I have a right of privacy and that these articles were written to harm me, some of the anti-Scientologists crept back in and smeared my name again, lying to the world about my activities and intentions.

Korey Jerome Kruse aka Simkatu and other socks was always too poor to maintain his own website so he keeps on defaming me on Wikipiggy with the posting ID Anynobody or Anybody, and stupid IDs like that.

Did I really do anything that violated the FOIA/PA program? Not at all. What is the purpose of the FOIA program? It is an Act that enables any person to inspect what the government is up to. That is what I did or better tried to do. The Freedom of Information Act provides that any person has a right, enforceable in court, of access to federal agency records. Governmental workers who allow themselves to be controlled by the SEGNPMSS and conceal records to assist Germany instead the USA are not protected under FOIA or any other US laws. DOJ says: The public has a right to information concerning the activities of its Government. The central purpose of FOIA is to provide a legal right for any person to inspect the records of every agency. So, if the alleged US government works for other governments against good Americans as us, Marty, I may use FOIA to document their unlawful and non-American activities, and that is what I have done. Most Wikipiggists approve of Wikileaks and Julien Assange who leaks documents to degrade the USA in the eyes of the world by not revealing that those people who behave like German Nazis are run by still existing Nazis and are no true Americans, while I on the other hand are saying that the USA will be the best country once it stops the secret German influence, control and set ups in the USA against fellow American citizen including against us.

In short: my first FOIA request were done to find about your whereabouts and to witness on your behalf, Marty, and to get records that establish that I was born in the USA but kidnapped. As I said before, I understood right away that the feds and also state governments don’t want me to get these records, and I also got that you or your representatives did ask the same offices and officials if I filed requests trying to find you and that they (upon German secret service orders) lied to you they didn’t and lied to me that there were no such inquiries by anybody or any law firm. Instead of giving up and falling for their lies, I kept asking them because FOIA entitles me to the right to find put what the government is up to. My large archive of records alone convicts the so-called US government of conspiracy against me. If I add your records to it, Marty, it will show the largest documented (German ordered and controlled) conspiracy in the history of the planet. Keeping us apart only serves the Germans not the USA. The low reputation that the USA has in the world is created by people who rather feel ethnic but Americans and rather work for the Germans or ethnic secret services who are also run by the SEGNPMSS. Their case officers radios them to commit acts that are used against the USA. (Infiltrators in the Scientology orgs are radioed to commit acts that are used against Scientology). I know the rotten German mechanism behind these situations very well.

Here is the FOIA section by the SEGNPMSS controlled Wikipiggy scribblers: Records at the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) show Barbara Schwarz, a citizen of Germany,[32] has made more requests under the FOIA than any other person since it became law in 1966.[32]

My comment: The entire source of Wikipiggy is one yellow newspaper article  of the Salt Lake Tribune by Christopher Smith. Wikipiggy doesn’t make research, they just collect lies and false assumptions and pile them on Wikipiggy. And Jimmy Wales want people to donate money for that defamatory kind of crap. If the Wikipiggists would have ordered the FOIA logs from the federal agencies, they would have seen that I am not the record holder of FOIA/PA requests. I don’t mind being it, but I really are not. Reporters are the record holders. The German controlled DOJ decided to unlawfully get rid of my requests, so they fabricated the overload.

Interesting is also this blog: .  Isn’t that something, Marty, that federal worker conspirers against our rights and allows himself  to be run by the Germans who made Atta into a real terrorist and who flew into the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, and these slime ball of governmental infiltrator has the guts to call me of all people a “terrorist”. Six months before Sept. 11, I tried to get the US governments attention on Bin Laden. They didn’t searched his records and didn’t check if he could be a secret German agent. Don’t think that there would have been a Sept. 11 if they would have discovered him as a German agents because the Germans are trying hard to not let their real colors shine through again.  But this lunatic of a worker calls me “terrorist” when I in fact, I tried and try to prevent it. What a corrupt German robot. What a disgrace to the United States having him employed. The SL Tribune wrote in other articles that the government considers a FOIA request like an incoming torpedo and in the above blog they indicate that I am not to be blamed on that the feds do not process their FOIA requests. I have written evidence that Christopher Smith knew that I am not at fault but that the federal workers are lazy and at fault. He wrote me so himself. But I think the SEGNPMSS turned him around against me. And he let it happen. One very stupid decision.  He told me that he asked the coordinator of denials of my FOIA appeals in the DOJ OIP (I believe Daniel Metcalfe) as to why they would not simply just give me the records that I asked for, and he replied that they found another solution: fabricating charges that I never incurred to make me stop asking for those existing records. Christopher Smith knew that they had the records that I asked for and that the German infiltrated feds didn’t want me to have them.

Wikipiggy: For more than ten years Schwarz has made repeated requests with many federal departments and agencies for public records the government says don’t exist.

My comment: I assume that not all the agencies that I asked had all the records that I asked, Marty, but they had some of them.  After they sent me a denial of records, I asked them to provide me with their administrative search records of my first FOIA request, and after I felt that there might a law firm representing you asking for my correspondence with the agencies to be able to reach me and arrange my testimony for your behalf, I got clearly that they had these records and that they covered them up before me and you. What they had for sure is internal records on my first request and your representative’s request to obtain my records. One agency mentioned that they believe that these records might be very important to me and “the law firm” but they didn’t want to give it to me or the law firm. It doesn’t matter what the Tribune published at the end. Fact is that the reporter Chris Smith knew that they had the records that I requested, and this is why he asked the DOJ OIP coordinator: Why don’t you give these records to her and make her stop asking? DOJ didn’t answer: We don’t have these records. They replied: We found another solution. (It was a criminal one.)

Wikipiggy: Schwarz believes, and her requests are aimed to prove, that rather than having been born in Germany her actual birth was around 1956 inside a secret government submarine base called Chattanooga under the Great Salt Lake.

My comment: I never said that. I said that I was born in  a hospital in Salt Lake City, likely the University of Utah hospital in which my mother was killed during childbirth by a SEGNPMSS controlled doctor. Never mentioned any DOB.

Wikipiggy: She further believes herself to be daughter of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.[32]

My comment: That is true, and the world knows it but all are to disgusting German Nazi p$ych controlled to admit it. [33] I was told that some idiot spreads on the net that I can simply prove it with DNA tests. SEGNPMSS controlled DNA tests will not show the true truth. I am Truman and you are Truman of the Truman show not Tory Christman.

Wikipiggy: Further saying that she was then kidnapped, taken to Germany, and given a false identity including a German birth certificate which was doctored to conceal her actual birth in Utah.[32]

My comment: That is true.

Wikipiggy: Working from her Salt Lake City, Utah home or a nearby library at least one of Schwarz’s lawsuits has been considered by a U.S. District or U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals somewhere in the nation every year since 1993 and has filed unsuccessful appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.[32]

My reply: That library was so loud, it was impossible to do anything there that needed involvement of the mind. Just about any WRIT OF CERTIORARI is unsuccessful. I filed these writs to the US Supreme Court to give them a chance to bust the SEGNPMSS infiltration of the U.S. government. They failed too and rather contributed in the conspiracy against us.

Wikipiggy: One of her complaints to the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., set a record for voluminous litigation at 2,370 pages, naming 3,087 defendants, all of whom were employed as FOIA or “Privacy Act” officers in the federal government claiming their denials to be part of a conspiracy to keep the truth from her. U.S. District Court Judge John Bates said the FOIA’s “admirable purpose is abused when misguided individuals are allowed (in this case repeatedly) to submit requests to every agency and subdivision of the government, seeking information about an imaginary conspiracy,” in a ruling against her.[32]

My reply: Their entire source is one newspaper article. Wikipiggy insults any intelligent mind that really wants to know. I understood very quickly that the American government and also the courts are infiltrated by people with German ear implants who conspire against good people and deny their rights and this is against U.S. Constitution and laws. The purpose of FOIA is obtaining records and checking what the government is up to. As a true American, I considered it my duty to document this infiltration that Bates protected and contributed to. I also learned that the judges don’t write these decisions. Law clerks do, and judges sign any crap these clerks place on their table. I also wonder about the education of these clerks. In some decisions, they refer to “U.S. Depot of Energy”, etc. instead of “U.S. Department of Energy”, etc. These judgments are a shame for the courts and any judge who signed them. I often thought if a clerk would place a writ of their own execution on their desk, they also would sign that. They don’t even read what they are signing and that is called “justice” of a SEGNPMSS infiltrated not truly American government. The first what conspirators do is claiming that their conspiracy is “imaginary”.

Wikipiggy: Schwarz has filed pro se litigation in the hopes of forcing these agencies to do more detailed searches and to waive the costs, claiming poverty, so far without success.[32]

My reply: Back then, I was impecunious, that is true. Feds processes other FOIA requests. Reporter Chris Smith told me that some FOIA offices indeed are getting some crazy FOIA requests. There was a guy who send the feds FOIA requests that the federal workers had to puzzle together, and they did it to please him. My FOIA/PA requests were clear: records on me, you, Ron, and SCN and if any law firm contacted them for records on me but the feds denied them despite I have enough evidence as to that they exist.  I do have OT abilities, Marty, I know that you hired a law firm to address the same agencies. I feel a 100% beyond any doubt that the socalled U.S. government is German controlled and that the U.S. federal workers lied upon secret German ear implant orders to both of us and denied existing records to us to which we are entitled and obstructed justice by preventing that I can testify for you.

Wikipiggy: The Justice Department has advised federal employees charged with responding to FOIA requests that until Schwarz satisfies outstanding search and copying fees incurred by previous filings, future requests may legally be denied.[32]

My reply: Really dumb of Wikipiggy scribblers to build their entire knowledge on one newspaper article. I remember when they blocked my IP number when I tried to provide them with some facts about my own affairs. Who knows a life better than the person who is living it? Wikipiggy scribblers aren’t that bright to admit it.  I  paid my fees to the FBI (despite I didn’t incur them, and they should have told me in advance before they incurred them) and I never incurred the USD 303 VA fees. The USD 303 are the studies of a students’ time not any search for records. No FOIA requester has to pay for time invested by nosy students who shouldn’t even read FOIA/PA requests and who should have no authority within any FOIA office.  This is the “handling” the DOJ OIP (likely Metcalfe) was talking about. Fabricating fees to avoid having to provide me with records that they have and to which I would be entitled. This happens when the SEGNPMSS infiltrates a government. They do not more act American. I paid the first fees to the FBI, despite I didn’t incur them. Then they fabricated the VA fees. If I would have paid the VA fees, they would have fabricated the next fees. It was a criminal conspiracy to deny records to me that they had.  It is the existents of the  criminal conspiracy that Bates and other above the law judges denied.

I hope to see you soon, Marty, early next year latest. We can clear this all up. And Wikipiggists who contributed to that one-sided false light article will also look like the corrupt SEGNPMSS controlled idiots that they are.

Many kisses, my love. I feel strongly that we will be back together against all odds. Nobody succeeded alienating us.

Yours forever,


The difference between whistleblower and “whistleblower”

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Dearest Marty, awesome hero,

Got some more snow here. Makes the world look so peaceful and innocent. Too bad that this peace and innocence is just an illusion.

Isn’t it revealing how the haters of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, the anonymous crowd, the extremists, the so-called “critics”, and Wikipedia scribbler (and their secret SEGNPMSS case officers) support Wikileak and Julien Assange in order to beat up the USA and to degrade the USA before the world? They agree that for example Abu Ghraib and the ice-cold murders of private people in wars, etc., by so-called American service men (as on the Wikileak videos) is a product of the USA. But main purpose of these so-called “whistleblowers” is not correcting people committing these heinous acts and pointing to those who put them up but to degrade the USA because these people are allegedly Americans. However, I say that they have secret SEGNPMSS case officers and that makes these alleged Americans not Americans but German P$ych and Nazi agents and blowing the whistle on them is true whistleblowing.

German secret services commits so many hidden crimes, but there are no “leaks”. Interesting, isn’t it?

I also don’t believe that the death of Pat Tillman was an accident. It was yet another SEGNPMSS arranged murder, this time covered as “friendly fire”. This is just one example how harmful it is to allow the SEGNPMSS to continue access to the USA or to wherever the USA goes. The SEGNPMSS is master of setting up such “incidents” and creating confusions and in making tragedies happen. It tells people to cover up rather than to come forward. Just as the German proverb says: when two are fighting, the third one is enjoying it. In all of it, I can see clearly the German Nazis psych ideal behind it all: steal American’s pride, make it ashamed and small, and have the world look up to us German doctors. Pat Tillman was popular among other soldiers, is what they said. He had no enemies. But they forgot that the SEGNPMSS has access to people’s including soldier’s ear implants, and the SEGNPMSS hates American role models. That’s why he was shot. After his death, the United States should have once more discovered the SEGNPMSS behind it and should have convicted it. Whenever the SEGNPMSS comes away, more tragedy and atrocities will happen in the USA and worldwide.

Back to what SEGNPMSS agents say about me, Marty. When they talk about me, they suddenly act as if they would be on the side of the USA. “Oh, that crazy Barbara, she is such a government abuser. She bothered the US government beyond belief and we poor tax payers have to pay the bill.” (I probably paid more taxes than these bums did and it is not my fault if infiltrators within the USA conspire against us, Marty.)  My idea for the USA is that it is the first country in the world that comes clean and stops conspiracies. The other governments and countries are also run via remote control by the SEGNPMSS but they are not the USA. According to the typical German secret service p$ych, any country is underneath Germany. Even their national hymn says that Germany is above everything and anything. But the USA is the main target of German secret service psychiatrists and that’s why bringing the USA as much down as possible is the biggest priority of the SEGNPMSS. Germany lost two world wars and they still blame the USA on it. Losing wars didn’t make them better just even more bitter.

If my memory is correct, Marty, and I am very sure that it is, Ron, the founder of Scientology was Dwight Eisenhower’s son and I’m indeed Ike’s granddaughter. So, it also makes sense that the still existing Nazi Germans infiltrate Scientology to ruin it and kidnap me to Germany, doesn’t it?  After all, it was Ike’s ability as leader of the Allied Forces to beat end the official rulership and the march of the Nazis.

I filed my FOIA/PA requests not to shame or ruin the USA. It is my home. I am proud to be born in the USA. I love this country more than any other country on the planet. I filed my FOIA requests to find you, to help you out of your wrongful incarceration that the Germans set up against you, I filed my requests to document that I was born here but kidnapped, and I filed my requests to document that the USA is infiltrated by federal and state workers and also judges and representatives who have no true American agenda at heart and who work hand in hand with the German secret services to run the USA into the ground and elevate Europe and on top Germany and they do it with most despicable means. My documents show that the US-government is infiltrated by conspiring non-Americans, people who might be Americans in their papers but not in their attitude and actions (just as we will be able to prove that the orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists). Marty, I feel that you addressed the same agencies and courts too and that they lied also directly in your face and the face of your family and representatives to cover up my existence. If we put our documents together, it will show the biggest conspiracy that the world ever has seen. But I know that this conspiracy is not American, it is a secret German one. They own and control just about anyone and that is why this Goliath continues for so long.

Above is Ike’s impostor, another dumb doppelganger and clown, and below is the real Ike, in his car as the Commander of the Allied Forces that consisted of Britian, Canada, Australia, NZ, Russia, China, India, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Greece, Luxemburg, Norway,Yugoslavia,South Africa,Brazil, and very much so the USA to kick Nazi butts and to stop their atrocities. A victory that the German psychiatrists and secret services never forgave him.

As I said before, the US-government has some very similar problems with Scientology. The Scientology orgs are infiltrated by non-Scientologists with SEGNPMSS ear implants who destroy Scientology from the inside. Some of them blow later and accuse others or L. Ron Hubbard what THEY THEMSELVES or CO-INFILTRATORS committed. The US government is infiltrated by people who might have been born in the USA and technically are Americans but in mind are Germans or feel like nationals of where their forefathers came from but allow themselves to be run by the SEGNPMSS and used against the USA. Just like the reputation of Scientology goes down, so goes the reputation of the USA down, because nobody has the courage to admit that this is the truth because just a few people are left who are not controlled by these SEGNPMSS ear implants, and that is why Scientology and the USA continues to lose in the public eyes of the world, and this is exactly what the German secret psychiatrists want. They think that their plan is full proof by secretly running anyone but they made their plan without me, because I am a rebel and I love justice. I want the good to win and the bad to lose. They try to keep me down, small, so that  not many people should find what I write and when they find it, there is that psychiatric defamation campaign that they also run against the founder of Scientology. They lie that we are “crazy” or “insane”. This is how secret service psychiatrists take “care” of their problem. If these people are too calm to be committed against their will, they run defamation campaigns against these people who can become “dangerous” to them by having figured them out. They produce idiots. I once read a posting by a hater of L. Ron Hubbard. He wrote: I avoid reading Barbara Schwarz’s postings because when you read too much, it’s getting to you. Stupid coward, the ideal SEGNPMSS agent. Sticks his head into the sand.

Here is Ike as young man in the center of the photos. He sure was handsome, wasn’t he? What a heart-breaker of a grandpa. 😉 But I wonder of the background is true or if he was photoshopped onto the background.  It seems to me as if those other boys in the background don’t belong in this photo.

So, there are “whistleblowers” who just blow the “whistle” to shame and destroy the USA or Scientology. And there are real whistleblower as I am and as you are who blow the whistle to restore Scientology as the great applied philosophy that it was under the real Ron and who wants the USA to be proud to be the first country to take responsibility to stop the SEGNPMSS. Despite the infiltrated US government conspires against us, I don’t want it to lose. I want to correct itself and come out of top as the beautiful, courageous, honest, noble, decent, and just country that it is in my heart. I want that little kids when they are worried about world (as I did) think before they go to sleep: there is still the USA, it will not let evil win and get away. And I want kids like that to be right. Whatever I did, Marty, it was for the USA not against it.

I love you so very much, my hero. I know that you are much too noble to belong to any conspiracy. If people would be just half as good as you are, we would have already paradise on Earth. There is nothing more attractive than a noble, courageous and thoroughly good person. Despite the lies to the contrary, being truly good is the key to being loved.

Forever yours and many kisses

Your wife


The Almighty behind your eyes

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Dearest Marty, my Prince of all Holidays combined,

How are you? Once we are back together, each day will be a celebration. We will never have a non-special day.

Nothing much happens here but I like it. Calm and quiet, you hear nothing but the wind outside and once a while a bird. Quite a difference from downtown SLC. Despite I don’t live in what one would describe as polluted, I ordered myself a water distiller today. I think that making own water from scratch is the best water but if that isn’t possible, I find distilled water the next best choice. I filtered my water with Britta or PUR water filter, it takes some of the toxins our and the water doesn’t taste anymore after Chlorine but it doesn’t kill germs. A water distiller might do a better job in this regard. Some people think that drinking distilled water is dangerous. I think that is  medical black propaganda and crap. It is more the other way around: tap water, including bottled, and even well water contains germs that can kill. I rather drink water without the killers inside.

Look, Marty, this is how Christmas looks in my mind, although the version of the Christmas Canon is a bit on the loud side.

Here is one that is more tranquil, which I think fits better to the pictures. I love this canon.

This one is funny. Birth of Jesus in cyberage.


I love everything about you, Marty, there is nothing that I don’t love. I love the fast way you talk, the way you walk, your posture, the way you eat, you smile, your fine manners, and most of all your noble character and everything that you do. Never met anyone who could even remotely measure with you. It was easy to open my heart and let you in. The easiest part of this long journey was falling forever in love with you. It was instantly and remained this passionate feeling for all these years. Stupid and rotten people say that there are no OTs. But we are the living examples of that they exist. By looking into your eyes, Marty, the truth came back to me. Without spoken words about these important subjects, we spoke spiritually and the rest is history. It was all in your eyes and I was able to read and understand it.

I still have no confirmation of what I puzzled together and feel are the facts but I have these abilities also in smaller things, e.g. I often can tell what happens in advance. Even RB told me once that I could be the most effective detective on the planet. Also she knew that I simply know things. I don’t even know exactly how I do it. As soon I shift some attention towards a specific person, I know about her. When I look a stranger in the eyes, a person who I never have met in my life, I can see if this person received information from her case officer about me and is withholding info from me. I think without that OT ability, I would be dead and buried by now.

When I was kidnapped as a little girl from Ron, I believe that he just found out where the Germans were hiding me because he was an OT. Any non-OT parent never would have found me again. As Germany issued a secret persona non grata order against him, he could not come to fetch me. But I know that he tried to reach me as much as you tried it later and that he had hired PIs to keep him informed about how I was. RB once told me that when I was little, she once caught a man who stood on her window sill and photographed the inside of her apartment and she had no clue why. Ron used his OT abilities, and we are using ours. These abilities are as important to me as seeing or hearing, and they are well established. I could not live without them. I learned that I can’t just trust what people tell me. I have to look behind it and beyond it to be safe and to get where I want to be: with you.

I think there are millions of high tech SEGNPMSS secret service case officers that spy on us at any time of the day. One day, there will be liars who say that our journey wasn’t real, that we were some kind of agents who prepared that journey in advance for some kind of secret service purposes (as some Germans from hell lied saying that I knew in advance of being  kidnapped by Vosper, Matheson and Reynolds) but those millions of people know exactly that we had zero chance to talk to each other about who you really are and who I am really are and all of the other secrets of the universe. When I tried to see you and talk to you about these things, I could not find you anymore and we were separated for so long.

They are afraid of OTs and that’s why they lie that they don’t exist. They are in denial of spiritual abilities. Those who are secretly watching us know that the only reason we haven’t fallen for any of their deceptions and in any of their traps and having not given up on each other are our OT abilities that tell us that we are soul mates and belong together. I hope they finally all learn a lesson: don’t mess with OTs: Just leave them be because they come back stronger when they are stopped because the word victor is included in the word victim.

Anyway, Marty, some idiot made a comment on WWP as to if you married me because I am L. Ron Hubbard’s daughter. The idiot thinks I got nothing going for myself than a (stolen from me) name? The next idiot will probably post: Did Barbara marry Marty because is a de Rothschild son? This is something to be very proud of too, and I am honored  to be your wife and carry your name, Marty, but besides that you are breathtakingly handsome, fascinating,  tender, caring, professional, loyal with a great sense of humor, I am extremely attracted to your spiritual and magical abilities.

If all boils down and if somebody should ask me why you are so unforgettable and what makes you different from all the other men, I can answer it with one sentence:

I saw God behind you eyes.

That should explain it all.



All white and fluffy here…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince,

I have white X-mas. All white here, thick and fluffy snow, looks beautiful, fresh, and peaceful but I rather are where you are. Wherever that is. Just came back from a Christmas party. Hosts are really good cooks, but I returned the ham. I don’t eat this stuff. I learned that many Christians eat ham at Christmas. But I don’t why Christians eat ham, particularly on Christmas, Jesus birthday. Did the Christians forget that Jesus was Jewish? It’s sort if like if Scientologists would fry squirrels and eat them on Ron’s birthday.

Well, there was lots of other stuff to eat. Nice people, not into defaming people in the Internet. One rather young man, a guest, not the host always brought me something to eat. “Here, Barbara”, he said, “you have to try this.” Don’t think that I look malnourished. Don’t know why he wanted to feed me. His 5-year old niece took quite a liking to me. I never have seen her before but after talking to her just for a few minutes, she hugged, kissed me and hung onto me. It really easy to get a family. They are out there.

The hosts are into music and dance flashmobs. Before today, I didn’t knew anything about those mobs but those are the mobs I like. If Anonymous like the effect of being a group, they could surprise people positively like these groups instead of annoying people who want to be left alone. Look at this, Marty, how nice it is to be surprised like that:

Here is another one:

But when I got home, I  threw my clothes into the washer and jumped into the bathtub because some of the women were smoking, and I just want to smell like the sweet myself.

Got calls from my own family too. They want to come again this summer. Tomorrow I celebrate x-mas with a friend. We mail us parcels and on x-mas day, we call each other, and we open each other’s parcels at the phone and playing x-mas music. It’s a tradition, we do this since a couple of years already.

I received a really surprising letter with the USPS. It was mailed from a big city and just had my first name on the envelope. And it was delivered! No last name on the envelope! Guess, I am famous like Madonna and a last name is not more necessary for the USPS to deliver, unless the letter is by you or your representatives. It doesn’t matter how clearly you write my first and last name on the envelope, it won’t be delivered.

Anyway, Marty, I am thinking of you. My thoughts are always with you and the only thing that I wish for is seeing you again.

Love forever and very special holiday kisses for you.


Your wife,



Written by Barbara Schwarz

December 24, 2010 at 4:13 pm