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Marty, I compared the two “Marty” affidavits…

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Dearest Marty, my Prince and Captain of my heart,

How are you today? I miss you very much! I think of you all the time in between all the work that is coming on my desk. I also often have to handle  DEV-T from all kinds of different places but I make my living just fine, which shouldn’t mean that I have any intention of ever living without you, my irresistible husband or that there is no need for you to come by or let me know where I can find you! I know that you stay away because you want to protect my life because you learned that the SEGNPMSS will blow my lights out once you make a move towards me. But I am rather dead that living a life without you, sweetest and most special man of the entire universe.

I compared the two Scientology related affidavits written under the name “Mark Rathbun”  that were made public so far.

Here is the affidavit of August 13, 1991:

Here is the affidavit of July 14, 2010 (August 2, 2010?):

First of all, here is my theory, and I have to underline that I am REALLY GOOD at figuring things out. Even RB admitted that. She said that I should become a detective because no secret is safe from me. Lol. Its true. I could not live without my OT abilities, Marty. They are essential to me. Star Trek was a fictional series of course but Deanna Troi’s abilities are no fictions because I got them. Problem is only when somebody tells me that he or she has a birthday present for me, I know what it is in the moment they tell me that I am getting a gift, and I can’t do anything against it. I know things before they happen.

That means in future if you ever want to make me a present, Marty you have to put your OT abilities between this gift and me so that it stays a secret. Ron could do it and you are a mighty OT yourself. But I don’t think that anybody else would be able to stop my mind going where other minds don’t go.

Back to the affidavits. I am think that the 1991 affidavit was written by you because I think in 1991, Mosey’s husband was so new in Scientology, he impossibly could have had that profound Scientology knowledge that you had. Moreover,  I think that you wrote that affidavit in the place of  your wrongfully imprisonment, after the Spaniards who conspired with the Germans to arrest you in Madrid  agreed to an extradition request to the USA, California.

Mosey’s husband said that this affidavit is already filed. But he posted a version that was not signed. Doesn’t he want me to see his signature on that affidavit? I think the wonderful strong signature on that 1991 affidavit that was filed in the case concerning Gerry Armstrong is yours not that of Mosey’s husband.

I noticed commas are in place in the affidavit of 1991 but in the affidavit of 2010, there are many missing. Both affidavits have a different writing style, and you mention Ron with “Mr. Hubbard” while Mosey’s dad wrote, e.g. “Shorty after Hubbard’s death…”

However, I am not saying that Mosey’s husband fabricated everything that he wrote of DM. But he ain’t you, and I still wonder if he isn’t a CIA agent making others believe that he is you. Typical SEGNPMSS set up for me but I of all people don’t fall for it.

He really could come forward with the truth because his friends will forgive him anything but I think more and more that he says he is you with some blessing of a secret service who tells him that it is alright and will have no consequences. I don’t think that he keeps on saying that he is you because he wants to win my heart, after all, he just married. He must have other reasons.

He is Robin Hood in the eyes of his friends and supporters, and yes, I learned of his arrest in New Orleans during his honeymoon. One would think that newly weds would do what we would do: spending the honeymoon in a secluded spot and making nothing but sweet love the entire vacation. Anyway, I am sure OSA will get hold of his arrest records very quickly and publish it, and the horrible thing is that they don’t publish that you and he are two very different individuals. If the CIA demands from you keeping the name Rathbun, Marty, you will be now always mixed up with Mosey’s husband.  That’s not good.

Mosey’s husband wrote that DM’s hole would be worse than jail. He was just 15 hours in a holding jail in New Orleans, if he would be longer in a real prison, he would sing another song. It’s a fact that there are gangs in prisons, rape, murder, bad food, dangerous food and water, death, attacks, harassment, sexual harassment, homosexual harassment, loneliness, germs, bugs, mice, rats, dirt, huge spiders, constant noise and not enough air to breath, no window to open and people steal your belongings and your bones are broken for nothing but being innocent and good.

Perhaps if he continues claiming that he is you, one day, he may experience one day the real prison? CIA isn’t allowed to be above the law, isn’t it?

Another creep who posted on his blog as OT VIII (yeah right) reminds me rather of “Caliwog”. He lied that “Ron used to get blasted sometimes with buddies of mine at old St. Hill. He didn’t try to hide it.” What a lie. Ron didn’t drink. As you know, Marty, his fun was clean, he didn’t drink and nobody never did find him in a pub. Great OTs have fun without booze.

Another idiot posted on his blog that “angels are boring”. He never met one! There is nothing more rare and more exciting but a really ethical thetan. That is the only real OT, the one to trust, the one who isn’t disgusting. The only way to fly. Love of the highest levels, away from the primitive dirt, the lies and the buttom! Going exterior by having deepest respect for oneself and those who deserve it. I love you, Marty, because you are on the top of the tonescale and that is why you are so exciting. You are one of my kind. Sometimes, I think I landed on a planet with creatures of which I have as good as  nothing in common, except you and Ron and a very few others.  A non-ethical person is simply an ape.

I have the feeling everything around our great religion Scientology  is getting crazier and five wrongs: DM’s non-Scientologists, “independent” former infiltrators, so-called critics who were former infiltrators or work for and psych front group Anonymous, the press, and the governments make no right.

I love you, Marty, if you can, let me know where you are. I will drop anything to be with you.

Forever love and many kisses!