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Show me the money! 175 Million $ of Ron’s estate that are missing too?

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I wait till the sun is completely down before I go outside today. I rather write to you, it’s too hot outside at the moment. But on another thought, writing to you it even hotter. 😉

There is some information saying that 175 Million Dollars are missing from Ron’s estate. Marty, what do you make of below article? I am not a supporter of PRF (not to be mixed up with the RPF). They also make basically the case that the impostor who died in 1986 was L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, while he was not, but some issues of which PRF did raise are rather interesting.

I think there is more to it than His Cobness suspecting that Patrick Broeker has some scribbling by the imposter hidden somewhere, in other words: impostor tech for which I would not pay a dime. Also, Marty, imagine if (allegedly a heavy beer drinker) Pat Broeker (who DM didn’t trust and of who he probably said he would be a SP) would have been the person who did indeed “safeguard” the writing of Ron… Ron’s writings, which are most important to all of us Scientologists! Imagine that these non-published papers would have been really in the possession of SP Pat Broeker! SPs alter the tech. SPs work with secret services to plant forged tech… How can DM trust the “writings” that a SP was sitting on for quite a while?

If Broeker worked for the SEGNPMSS or another German secret service, there was plenty of time to hand real tech and millions over to them. Mosey’s husband indicated to the SP Times that Broeker was tricked handing the writings over because Broeker was told that the FBI would come and raid Broeker’s place. But I don’t worry much about the papers that Broeker had because that was all impostor crap.

The odd thing is: why didn’t DM call the FBI and asked him to arrest Broeker and get the cash and the papers?

I think that they are partner in crime covering up that Jack Vistaril was not L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. and they aren’t really interested in source Scientology but rather in money and power.

The article below says that DM, Patrick Broeker and Annie Broeker could not have control over all that happened before and after the death of L. Ron Hubbard (and the impostor) and that there were so many more involved, attorneys, including the US government. I agree, Marty, but Patrick Broeker and DM had taken control over Scientology and if his exec Sue Wilhere says for example that DM *is* Scientology than he is ultimately responsible for anything that happens in SCN.

Nobody ever mentions that DM and the Broeker’s might answer to secret case officers (non Scientologists) nobody ever officially heard about.  But there is where I would bet my Millions of Dollars on if I had them, Marty.

The real Ron was a master in spotting characters and the tonelevel. He never would have trusted Pat Broeker or anybody of those other non-Scientologists. It was the impostor who trusted Pat Broeker, Anne Broeker and David Miscavige, etc. And I think all of these guys knew that he was not L. Ron Hubbard the founder who died in May 1984 (when the real Ron was murdered). The impostor had access to all money from the real Ron (and I think this could only happened because the SEGNPMSS poodle CIA assigned Ron the founder the ID of the impostor to protect the real Ron, yeah right, “thanks” CIA, but I am still here to tell the story) and told Broeker to bring him a weekly million in cash (according to Tory Christman’s lecture 30 Mio. $. I wrote before that I don’t trust much of what she is  saying. She says that 30 Mio. $ were missing without citing any source of her information. PRF is rather precise saying 175 Mio $ were missing later in 1986 from Ron’s estate, does that mean 205 Mio $ or more are missing?).

After Broeker is gone so long, DM most certainly does not fear him to come back and take Scientology over. There is a whole new generation in Scientology who never heard of Pat Broeker. DM most certainly does not have Broeker still under PI watch because he fears that he could come back and take over. In fact, Wikipedia deleted Broeker’s profile because they find him so uninteresting and/or unknown (but they voted to keep up stuff on me even when it is wrong):

So, what I am saying is this, Marty: it seems that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are forgetting or not saying why DM is still watching Pat Broeker… Of course there might be the possibility that he has some impostor writings (in other words forgeries) stashed away that he might one day sell to somebody for lots of cash but the other reason why DM is still watching him is to see if Pat Broeker has lots of cash…

Well, perhaps Pat Broeker or even Anne Broeker has one or more millions of Ron’s money on secret bank accounts or perhaps none of them never hid money for their own gain. But if it is true and 175 Mio. are missing from Ron’s estate, where did it go? And why did no governmental agency investigate this and published the findings to the Scientologists who deserve to know?

I sure want a full investigation of it, Marty. I know you want this too. Imagine this: this weird couple, Pat and Anne Broeker drop every week a million Dollars on the desk of the impostor, an old man on psychiatric drug Vistaril. And I bet they knew it was not Ron, the founder who got the money of Ron the founder.  Anybody of those who were watching Jack Vistaril, who was for sure the SEGNPMSS, any other German or American or other secret service and their doctors could have gotten into that motor home and simply stolen Millions without that he would have noticed it. Perhaps that was the reason why he was on Vistaril to be unconscious for the robbery.

I want to know who stole the many  Mio. Dollars, and I want any penny being paid back into the real Ron’s estate. I want a full official investigation and when the investigators run into “dead ends” and don’t progress with finding the Million Dollar thieves, we can help them because with our OT abilities, we know where to look, Marty.

The perfect crime? As you know, it doesn’t exist. Sometimes it takes decades but the truth comes out always. I want Pat and Anne Broeker (Tidman), Norman Starkey, all attorneys, Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller and Meade Emory, etc. grilled under oath as to what happened to these Millions and who else but the Brokers had access to the Blue motor home of Ron’s impostor. American secret service might have the information but as they are German poodles and might have very dirty hands too, they don’t come forward  unless an independent authority makes them revealing finally all they know.

I am sure that all that “reconstruction” of Ron’s finances and “affairs” in 1981 was done without the real Ron’s knowledge because the SEGNPMSS had planned his murder by that time.

Forever yours,

I love you, Marty. Stupid people don’t know that we are soon together investigating what they did. They can’t predict the future but we can.


Below it the article, talking of the 175 Mio. saying that there is no copyright to this article and it can be re-published at anytime anywhere by anyone:



Writing on the fortune of the estate of the late L. Ron Hubbard
(“The Prophet and Profit of Scientology,” _Forbes_, October 27,
1986), _Forbes_ writer Richard Behar reported that “FORBES can
total up at least $200 million gathered in Hubbard’s name,” going
on to say that “Hubbard would have been included high on The
Forbes Four Hundred.”

Less than six months later, on 16 April 1987, the entire Hubbard
estate was valued in court-filed papers at only $26,305,706.00, a
difference from the _Forbes_ figure of nearly $175 million. In
complete control of the Hubbard estate during that entire period
was Executor Norman F. Starkey and his counsel, Hubbard probate
and business attorney Sherman Lenske of the law firm Lenske,
Lenske & Heller (LL&H). In fact, LL&H had been handling all
representation of L. Ron Hubbard for estate planning,
intellectual properties, business management, and litigation
since at least as early as April of 1981, and had been in control
of Hubbard’s fortune and affairs while Hubbard himself had been

But Behar and _Forbes_ elected not to disclose the intimate
involvement in the estate of lawyers Sherman Lenske, Stephen
Lenske (brother of Sherman), and Lawrence E. Heller –the
principals of LL&H — all of whom also had personal and
professional ties to former Assistant Commissioner of IRS Meade

Emory, in fact, had been hired by LL&H to be the chief architect
of the Hubbard probate, as well as chief architect of the entire
Scientology corporate restructuring that LL&H began putting into
effect in early 1981, all of which had been intricately
interwoven by Emory with the tax considerations and assets of
Hubbard and his estate.

Instead of reporting those overriding facts, Behar and _Forbes_
went to great lengths attempting to lay all responsibility for
the Hubbard fortune on three people who could not have had any
control over it at all: David Miscavige, Pat Broeker, and Anne
Broeker, all merely members of the unincorporated Scientology
“religious order” known as the “Sea Organization” (Sea Org). The
other fact that _Forbes_ either covered up or didn’t bother to
find out was that those three people were only employees of the
Scientology-related corporations that Meade Emory and LL&H had
created just years before, and which LL&H fully controlled
through literary property licenses and management agreements also
engineered by Emory.


So wrote Behar and _Forbes_, then wrote: “There is something that
FORBES still doesn’t know, however. It is something no one may
know outside a small, secretive band of Hubbard’s followers: What
is happening to all that money?”

Our question is: why didn’t _Forbes_ just ask the only “secretive
band” that actually knew the answer: Executor of Hubbard’s estate
Norman F. Starkey, and Starkey’s attorney Sherman Lenske? Why did
Forbes direct all attention away from them (the article never
even mentions them), and concentrate all attention on three
non-parties? Can a publication with the tax and financial savvy
of _Forbes_ actually be so obtuse that they don’t know where
control of an estate lies? Or was there another agenda?

“How could Hubbard do all this?” _Forbes_ wrote. Our question is:
how could _Forbes_ do all this? Can a publication like _Forbes_
be so blind not know that an Executor had been appointed to
control such an estate? How hard did _Forbes_ have to look the
other way not to notice that a former Assistant Commissioner of
IRS had been deeply involved with the Lenskes and Heller in the
complex tax and probate plan for Hubbard’s estate and interlocked

In fact, how could _Forbes_ have responsibly gotten the $200
million figure without being in contact with the Executor and the
attorneys controlling the Hubbard estate?

Was _Forbes_ paid to not report where they got the figure, and to
create other false sources for it? There is, after all, almost
$175 million unaccounted for, according to the figures _Forbes_
themselves reported compared to the court-filed assessment six
months later. Or was there some other quid pro quo arranged for
the _Forbes_ silence on the roles of Emory and Starkey and the
Lenske, perhaps even paving the way to a subsequent high-profile
political candidacy?


A more recent star in the _Forbes_ firmament is former _Wall
Street Journal_ writer Elizabeth MacDonald. MacDonald has her own
connection to the same drama and players: she was at WSJ when the
officially secret IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement was leaked to
WSJ by an unknown source almost immediately after disclosure of
Meade Emory’s behind-the-scenes involvement had been privately
submitted to then head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., by media exec Lisa Jan Precious and
her literary agent, Richard Barber of New York.

MacDonald also had in her possession, at the time of the illegal
leak of tax information to WSJ, a full report on Emory’s IRS
Assistant Commissioner background, as well as his involvement as
co-founder in the creation of the richest and most powerful
corporation in Scientology, the Church of Spiritual Technology
(CST, doing business as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library”).

With the tax exemption, CST became the primary beneficiary of the
Hubbard estate in the plan created by Emory, a plan that just
happened to put the Lenskes and Heller — who had hired Emory to
devise the plan — in position as controlling “Special Directors”
for life of CST, with their normal hourly attorney fee arranged
as their compensation for that corporate position. PRF estimates
that to have averaged around $300 or more an hour, and the
Lenskes and Heller have been in that position since 7 June 1982.
For a 40-hour week, that translates to over $1.8 million per year
just for their salaries, or a total of $36 million paid to the
three lawyers over their 20-year tenure as a result of Emory’s
master plan, all of which was granted tax exemption by IRS.

MacDonald and the editors of WSJ knew a great deal about Emory’s
deep involvement with the Lenskes and Heller at the very time
when some unknown source illegally gave WSJ the then-secret
IRS/Scientology Closing Agreement, that coming only weeks after
the head of the Joint Committee on Taxation has received the same
information on Emory that WSJ had, in a closed-door meeting
between Precious, Barber, and Roth’s top aide, Bill Nixon.

MacDonald was even in contact with Public Research Foundation
(PRF) around that time, saying that a story on Emory was “with
the editors.” But, like _Forbes_, WSJ elected to suppress the
important information linking the Scientology corporations and
LL&H to Emory and IRS, instead only publishing the lengthy and
complex IRS legal document virtually without comment. To this day
WSJ has not revealed what they have known since at least December
1997 about Emory’s involvement.

Were the _Wall Street Journal_ and MacDonald actually exercising
journalistic discretion and ethics by protecting a source on the
Closing Agreement leak? Or did the illegal leak quietly come from
the office of then-head of the Joint Committee on Taxation,
Senator William V. Roth, Jr., making WSJ actively involved in a
cover-up of government wrongdoing at high levels?

Now further complicating events surrounding the illegal leak, PRF
in a recent press released disclosed new information that IRS
agents reportedly threatened the whistleblower Lisa Precious,
telling her they had a secretly-made videotape of her that
somehow implicated her in the leak to WSJ, which caused her to
retain an attorney. PRF sources say the tape most likely was
clandestinely made of Precious when she went in to an interview
with Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Others have
speculated that the tape might even have been secretly made in
the office of Senator Roth.

Although the leak seemed like a journalistic coup by WSJ, the
very length and complexity of the IRS/Scientology Closing
Agreement simply deflected the interest of a large segment of the
public, and also did nothing to expose Emory’s involvement with
the Hubbard estate, with the entire Scientology corporate
restructuring that resulted in the Closing Agreement itself, or
with the three lawyers that Emory had helped put in control of it
all: neither Emory, nor either of the Lenske brothers, nor
Lawrence E. Heller are named anywhere in the document.

In fact, the interests of the Lenskes and Heller are hidden in
the Closing Agreement behind the signature of top
Scientology-side negotiator Monique Yingling, who signed with
Power of Attorney for CST, the corporation which is controlled by
the Lenskes and Heller. It’s also the corporation that received
all assets of the Hubbard estate as a direct result of the
Closing Agreement in accordance with the probate and corporate
plan that had been masterminded by Emory while working with the
Lenskes and Heller.


PRF has uncovered even more information on the backroom
machinations behind the Closing Agreement. It has now been
learned that Meade Emory was a former close associate at
Assistant Director level of IRS with Howard M. Schoenfeld,
Chairman of the negotiating work group that Yingling worked with
to secure the tax exemption for CST and the other corporations.
In light of emerging data, it could be said that the entire
exemption plan, including the entire Hubbard estate plan and the
interlocked corporate restructuring, was really arranged solely
by and between former IRS top executive Meade Emory — ostensibly
working for the Hubbard/Scientology lawyers — and Schoenfeld on
the inside at IRS, with LL&H and Yingling being paid go-betweens.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Schoenfeld ordered IRS
analysts assigned to the exemption investigations to look the
other way on questions of commercial activity and possible
inurement surrounding the Scientology exemption negotiations with
Yingling and the other attorneys involved — one of whom was
Yingling’s husband, Gerald A. Feffer, a former deputy assistant
attorney general now with Williams & Connolly.

Directly related to the “look the other way” mandate from
Schoenfeld is the for-profit corporation that Emory and LL
created called Author Services, Inc. (ASI) which handles the
Hubbard fiction works, but once handled all Hubbard literary
property, including the Scientology-related copyrights. With
10,000 shares, the assets of ASI alone are reported to have
jumped from $10 million to $44 million in just six months of
1982, while the Lenskes and Heller were controlling ASI as
Hubbard’s personal and professional representatives in his
absence, and were also working closely with Emory. That $34
million leap in 1982 would account for at least some of the $200
reported by _Forbes_ in October 1986.

Then what happened to $175 million from the Hubbard estate in the
six months between the October 1986 _Forbes_ article and the
April 1987 probate court evaluation of the estate? What had
Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske, Lawrence E. Heller, Norman F.
Starkey, and former IRS official Emory done with that fortune?
How much did Yingling and Feffer know about it? How much did
Schoenfeld know about it? How much of it, if any, did they each

Another layer of intrigue over the missing fortune has been
added: it has been discovered that the person who ultimately
became Executor and Trustee of the Estate, Starkey, is the person
who originally hired LL&H in April 1981, ostensibly on behalf of
the missing Hubbard. At the time, Starkey was not named as
Executor and Trustee. Another associate of the Lenskes, attorney
Norton S. Karno, was.

After Starkey hired the Lenske brothers and Heller, they in turn
brought in Emory, who laid out the plan for the estate and the
new corporations. Emory and LL&H then returned the favor to
Starkey, naming him as the Executor and Trustee in the final will
and trust instruments, all purportedly signed by Hubbard the very
day before his reported death, after a reported stroke. At the
signing of the Closing Agreement, Starkey then turned all the
assets of the Hubbard estate over to the control of the Lenskes
and Heller in their highly-compensated roles as Special Directors
at CST — all in accordance with the Emory plan.

PRF calls for an immediate full federal investigation into:

1. The connections between Emory, Schoenfeld, Roth, the Lenskes,
Heller, Starkey, and Yingling and Feffer, and how much each has
received in payment from the Hubbard estate and Scientology

2. Their knowledge of the $175 million apparently missing from
the Hubbard estate;

3. The IRS-ordered transfer of the Hubbard estate, including all
the intellectual property, into the control of the Lenskes and
Heller at CST under Emory’s plan, while simultaneously cutting
Hubbard’s natural heirs out of the vast bulk of the inheritance,
all of which Schoenfeld approved as part of the exemption;

4. The illegal leak of the Closing Agreement and the responsible

5. The covert videotaping of Lisa Jan Precious;

6. How IRS agents came into possession of the Precious videotape;

7. The legality and Constitutionality of the IRS Closing

8. Any and all misdemeanors and felonies that might emerge from
such investigation, and any and all other possible principals,
accomplices, co-conspirators, or accessories after the fact to
any such misdemeanors and felonies as might be found.

NOTICE: This transmission is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. It is entirely
free of copyright and may be freely copied and distributed by
anyone anywhere in the world, including to all press and media.
All or any part may be quoted with or without attribution or
credit. PUBLIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION is an unincorporated public
service provided by uncompensated volunteers donating their time
and resources to the research, investigation and circulation of
important public information.


,” for original story on Meade Emory connections to
Lenskes, Heller, and Scientology; on the web at:

,” for details of
corporate/Sea Org relationship; on the web at:

for more information on Author Services, Inc. and it’s shares.

,” for more details on whistleblower Lisa Jan
Precious and her visit to Senator Roth’s office.

About Gary Lynn Scarff (aka Garry, Garrett, Gerald Scarff aka Smurf and other socks on WWP, ESMB, OCMB) liar, gay stalker from Hollywood, death threat maker, and neighbor from hell

with 41 comments

Dearest Marty, my prince,

I assume you have your very own share of problems, and I would love to help you with it if I just would know where you are. However, I feel also some kind of progress as if we both could be really together in just a few months. But how long it takes, I love only you, the original Marty in Scientology who is not the Mark or Marty Rathbun in Texas. (If people would be not such liars and would be smarter, they would have compared already those photos of you and him and those photos of the real Ron and his impostor and could have come to the same conclusion.)

Gary Scarff continues to libel and defame me on the anti-Scientology hate message board “Why we protest” as Smurf. He uses a harmless comic gif as avatar but there is nothing harmless about this criminal. I have no intentions to allow any of my stalkers to pervert this blog with their lies and hatred and that is why I don’t allow their blog comments. I also have no intentions to constantly blog about them and grant them my attention because if I would meet these people in real life, I would not even talk to them.  However, I will post this one posting as reference in my blog for anybody who wants to know what Gary Scarff really is like and what he did to me, Marty.

First of all, like all my stalkers and defamers, Garry Scarff is an absolute nobody and craves attention. He is a degraded being like Neal Warren and some of my other stalkers and defamers. After Garry Scarff, a gay man posted death threats against me and forged me hundreds of times on the Internet, I made some research about him. Later, the  ReligiousFreedomWatch also webbed information on him and I must say that they really got it right about Scarff. So, what did they write about him? They wrote that he was paid to conduct kidnappings, he lied for money, he lied in a lawsuit to extort money from employers, he lied to the press, he lied in affidavits, and yes, he lies about anything else under the sun and also you and me, Marty, to get attention. Neal Warren and Garry Scarff e-mailed me also forgeries in your name to my e-mail address using socks.

I never had any attention to ever post on Usenet or the Internet but I was defamed before I even had any Internet access. I watched it for a while but despite I didn’t post, the defamation and libel on me became worse than less. One day, I decided to set the records straight but it resulted in even more lies, defamation and harassment by others than before. One of the worst cyberstalkers of all of the Internet is Garry Scarff. He attacked me out of the blue and lied about me and defamed me. I didn’t knew who he was and I never did anything to him. He forged me many many times on Usenet and just anybody of the former approx. 250 posters and many more lurkers of alt.religion.scientology knew that he is the abuser and forger. A security guard in the LDS family library saw the names that Garry Scarff called me (unprovoked) on his computer screen, and he was shocked to say the least.

Here are some of the identities that Garry Scarff used to abuse and harass me for years on Usenet, and what he did reminds me also very much to the abuse of Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall and his hundreds other socks. They are so alike that I once mixed them up with each other but no more.

WWP should be ashamed to allow such abusers to post on their forums, and I won’t read it anymore because my stalker crave for me reading their postings. However, if more libelous postings are called to my attention, I will collect them for legal actions.

The are some of Garry Gary Lynn (Garrett) Scarff's e-mail addresses and how he the lunatic stalked and defamed me.
 Scarff belongs behind bars and the keys thrown away.

Anonymous.Informer @ (Note: the original Anonymous Informer
is an author in Hawaii)
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MRathbun @

These are some of his harassing and defamatory posting ID's on Usenet
and Google:
About Gmail terrorist stalker Barbara Schwarz
Anuslytical Publication
Analytical Publication (stolen from other author)
Barbara Schwarz
Barbara Schwanz
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Garry Scarff posted numerous death threats (also against other people including “critics” of Scientology) against me, and then I called  the LAPD on him who paid him a visit. But yesterday, I learned that criminal Gary Scarff twists the facts and lies now on the Anonymous hate group “Why We Protest”  that I made death threats against him.

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“Curious…if I were to go to Salt Lake City and dump a bucket of water on her head, would The Schwartz melt?”
Garry Scarff to Barbara Schwarz: “I want you to die, too, you mentally retarded cunt, but you just won’t listen.”
Garry Scarff about Barbara Schwarz: “This lunatic should kill run in front of a speeding bus, so we all can have something to laugh at and celebrate.”
Garry Scarff to Barbara Schwarz: “I’ve had quite enough of your psychotic rantings, you dumb XXXXX. Shut up now or face the consequences. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. There won’t be a second. Clean up your act or face the music. A trip to Salt Lake City is forthcoming….”
Garry Scarff to Barbara Schwarz: “If there is an explosion, PsychoticBarb… I hope you’re in it.”

Garry Scarff posted with the name “Boobara” but he also approaches Barbara Schwarz with that name and indicated his plans to kidnap again: “Pack your bags, Boobara. You’re going to be making a little trip.””Better yet, Bob, why don’t you fetch an armload of really heavy books and walk over to Barbara (Schwarz) when she’s at a computer and whoops…. accidentially trip and drop the books on her head… hell…”
Garry Scarff: “You’re very lucky there’s 2000 miles between us, Beebe. You’d either be dead or in ICU.”
Garry Scarff: “Yup! I AM SATAN, HEAR ME ROAR!”
Garry Scarff: “…my
college grades dropped and I was suspended for 6 months from college for receiving one credit out of the required 12 for the term.”
Garry Scarff: “D.E. and others are correct if that I have not been a Scientologist…”
Garry Scarff: “I was ‘friend’ with Scientology, yet going to cult education forums with the Greeks and trashing Scientology.”
Garry Scarff: “I…was even invited as special friend by Ann Greek to accompany them to Canada for the purposes of kidnapping their daughter… I accompanied the Greeks and another deprogrammer, Diane Benscoter to Candada but the effort was unsuccessful.”
Garry Scarff: “The sexual incident involving deprogrammer Bob Brandybury did occur though Anne Greek begged me not to report it as a crime.”
Garry Scarff: “I rather lick you.”
Garry Scarff:” Have a short life, Zanebutt”.
Garry Scarff: “Don’t make me send my henchman back over there to bloody your nose.”


You know me well enough, Marty, that even if I despise a person like Garry Scarff with any fiber of my being, I do not libel them, and I do not make death threats. I never made one to anybody. Like my other stalkers (all bums and losers like Scarff), he provoked me but I never ever forgot the law in all my postings. I could have said because  they started to attack and defame me that I could do the same to them but I never did. I stuck to the facts. Moreover, the UEN has a copy of all my postings, and they know too that Gary Scarff is lying through his yellow teeth.

This thread where he deliberately lied that I committed HIS crimes was opened by an anonymous poster “Kha Khan EX COS ARS OG” on July 5, 2010 and is titled: Did Marty and Mosey get married”. One of my other stalkers suddenly mentioned my name in a thread that has nothing to do with me. He thought that when Mosey and Chiquita’s dad would get married, it would hurt me and I would hook up with him. Fact is: as Chiquita’s dad isn’t you, it did not hurt me and I rather be dead than ever wanting to meet stalker scum and bums except in court where they are sued.

I don’t want attention of these WWP abusers and don’t want them to post about me.

Anyway, Marty, first of all, Scarff lied that I would use a racial slur by calling

Chiquita’s dad Chiquita’s dad. I never used a racial slur in all of my life. I despise any kind of racism. Race never mattered to me. I judge people by their characters only.

I call him Chiquita’s dad because I can’t call him Marty or Mark because that is YOUR name and you were in Scientology long before him. In one TV report, he throws a stick in the ocean and says to his dog Chiquita: “Go, get it baby!” Or something like it. So, I call him Chiquita’s dad because he himself called her his baby. It is completely harmless. If the name Chiquita is a racial slur, then all the bananas should be outlawed. And it was Chiquita’s dad who named that dog Chiquita. It wasn’t me. But I may call him something else in future: Mosey’s husband. Hope nobody will say that this is a racial slur too.

Tiny Dancer, one of the moderator posted in this threat and informed another poster that Chiquita is indeed the name of his dog but he did not ask with one word that Gary Scarff should post proof as to his allegation that I made a death threat to him. If Tiny Dancer would have asked Garry Scarff to provide the headers of any posting in which I allegedly made a death threat or if he would have asked Scarff to post a police report in which Scarff reported this death threat, Scarff would have pulled his tail in and ran. Scarff never filed such a report because, the HE POSTED DEATH THREATS NEVER I! There is no such thing as a header from any computer I ever posted from, and I find it really disgusting how much libel and actionable defamation is on this hate message boards as WWP. My “crime” is that I don’t hate Scientology.

In the beginning, Scarff took the position as if he would defend Mosey but then after the thread continued, somebody notices that Scarff is stalking also her. In other words: the racial dirt is in HIS mind only.

Somebody else in that thread finds my “Google” pages “infamous”. And who made them “infamous”? Criminal defamers as Garry Scarff.

The per se libel goes on. Neal Warren aka Gregory Hall, worst usenet troll trolls WWP since December of last year with numerous socks retaliates against me because I don’t want to become his “helpmate” and calls me “certifiable insane” on WWP and elsewhere.

Tiny Dancer doesn’t tell them that without the professional evidence (like an expertise on my mind by a professional that is recognized by courts)  that I am entitled under the law to sue them for any cent that they got and that they could be even jailed for posting these defamations if they can’t pay, which they can’t because they are all poor.

(Warren is homeless since almost three decades and defaming people on the net around the clock is all he does. And he drinks! And it shows. On ARS he posts remailers about himself saying how great he is. On WWP he retaliates against me and like Scarff defames the state of my mind. Scarff defames women because he doesn’t get any and Warren has the same problem. Scarff and Neal Warren are very much alike and both forged harassing mail in your name, Marty, to make me give up on you and mailed it to me with their socks.)

Back to Scarff. The only evidence, he linked to is an abusive posting SCARFF did about himself in 3rd person in response to the posting of the Anonymous Informer, who is not me but somebody in Hawaii.  He refers to a posting that Rob Clark (PTSC and the Buttersquash conspiracy) did the Holysmoke website, which is the website of David Rice, the twin brother of Fredric Rice. Rob Clark was arrested because he hacked into Los Alamos (a felony). He sexually harassed me like a lunatic when I started to post on ARS. My other defamer Fredric Rice posted in May 2004 that he wants to open a “deprogramming center: in the Mojave Desert in which he wants to have forced sex with the “deprogrammee” and other criminal plans. His twin brother Dave Rice cheered him on, and he webs all kind of defamation about me on his hate website. RFW seems having evidence that Dave Rice has actively searched means of terrorism against Scientologists.

Dave Rice who also called himself ShyDavid or Desertphile has his “YouTube” channel with approx. 700 atheist videos. These are the kind of bums who defame you, me and my mind:

The saw photos of his car on Craiglists.  He lives in trunk of his run down car.

Scarff lies that I would be a “paranoid schizophrenic with a larger-than-life history and the mind of a savant (think Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man”).

Moderator Tiny Dancer reads that thread and he doesn’t post: “If you can’t prove that with a court accepted expertise, you set yourself and WWP up for law suits and damages.” What is the matter with those WWP moderators? Shouldn’t be a moderator one who knows all the relevant laws?

The rain man is autistic. I met the real rain man in Salt Lake City. I had a chance to see what he writes in his school books and he talked to me. He is not a genius at all. He is a very confused man. Tiny Dancer allows his criminal posters to libel me per se on WWP and doesn’t ask: “Do you have court acceptable evidence of professionals that this woman is paranoid schizophrenic?”

Garry Scarff is the insane one, and he has no evidence at all. There is no court, and not one psychiatrist who dared to call me what I am being called by Scarff and the likes on the natter boards like WWP.

I heard that Garry Scarff’s landlord isn’t giving him the notice for harassing the other tenants in his landlord can’t give him notice because his psychiatrists says that HE is mentally ill.

In the above references WWP thread Scarff lied that “he made the mistake of getting on her [my] bad side a decade ago and she has stalked me for years on the Internet, filing massive numbers of complaints against me with the LAPD and 47 agencies of the U.S. Government…” blah blah… more lies

Nothing but lies. I didn’t post one decade ago. I never stalked the man just defended myself. But like all stalker they lie that defense against their stalking is no defense but stalking. See all these forgeries that he used to post against me and the death threats that he made against me, and complaining against what he did to me is what he calls “stalking him” and these WWP moderators, posters, and readers seem too dumb to get the truth. Garry graves attention as he really is a nobody. The only few places I complained  against him were the relevant police stations as the LAPD. I never wasted my time to complain against the attention hungry pig to other places and everything else that the louse wrote up is also false or taken completely out of context.

He continues to lie: “Barbara is convinced I know the whereabouts of the real Marty Rathbun de Rothschild and has made multiple claims that I control people’s minds through my use of remote-controlled ants, gnats & spiders which I implant in victim’s ears.”

Garry Scarff is a nobody like Neal Warren, they are primitive perverted disturbed stalker who know nothing, and he talks disturbed stuff and  dumb people fall for it and the smart people know that everything I write about Scarff is the truth.

In an earlier posting Scarff lied that I admitted that I was locked up in a Utah mental institution for 5 years. Not even for a day! I never saw any mental institution in Utah from the inside.

But I heard that Scarff is in fact a mental patient and to hell with these psychiatrists to allow their mental disturbed patients stalk and defame. In other words: WWP is a mental institution by allowing these people to defame and lie.

He says that I live from welfare. I never lived from welfare ever in no country I ever lived. Once more, Scarff blames me on what he is guilty of.

Who is Garry or Gary Scarff from Los Angeles, CA 90046?

Here is what the RFW researched on Scarff:

Liar and manipulator who will do anything for money and attention

You can’t get much lower than capitalizing on the tragic deaths of hundreds of people to garner attention for your own financial gain, but that is exactly what Garry Scarff did.

While most people were in shock over the deaths of the 900 plus people who were killed in the jungle in Jonestown, Guyana, Garry Scarff used the opportunity to concoct an entirely fabricated story that his father was a member of the People’s Temple and was amongst those who had been killed in Jonestown. Scarff foisted this lie off to hundreds of attendees at conferences held by the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) and to the news media to get attention and as a fund raising ploy for CAN. (His father was actually alive and well and living in Florida.)

Notwithstanding the fact that Garry has never been married, claims he is gay and has no children, he later embellished the story even further, saying that his wife and small child were also killed at Jonestown.

Unfortunately Garry’s pathological lying did not end there but rather it was just the beginning. Thus it is not surprising that Garry Scarff has once again crawled out from under his rock to become one of the prominent members of the Los Angeles branch of the Internet hate group Anonymous.

Paid to Conduct Kidnappings

Religious Freedom Watch has learned that years before becoming an Anonymous leader Garry Scarff was a “kidnap for hire” deprogrammer for the Cult Awareness Network and worked closely with with various CAN kidnappers who targeted religious minorities from the 1970s to the mid 1990s until the group went bankrupt after being hit with a multi-million dollar judgment in a federal kidnapping case filed by one of its victims.

Apparently to get even and gain attention, Scarff turned on the group after he was blackballed from CAN for testifying against fellow kidnapper Bob Brandyberry in a 1988 Denver kidnapping case. After being ejected from CAN, Scarff executed a series of four declarations detailing the felonies and other crimes in which he and other CAN kidnappers had been involved.

RFW has obtained copies of these signed declarations in which Scarff confesses to the following crimes and religious hate crimes amongst other things:

* Scarff confessed to assisting Adrian and Anne Greek in planning the kidnapping and deprogramming of their daughter.

* Scarff confessed to assisting CAN kidnappers Bob Brandyberry and Diane Benscoter in a kidnapping and subsequent failed deprogramming of a member of the Unification Church by the name of John Abelseth in Canada.

* Scarff claims that he was raped by deprogrammer Bob Brandyberry who he then testified against in Brandyberry’s 1987/1988 kidnapping case.

* Scarff confessed to the kidnapping and attempted deprogramming of a college student around Christmas time in 1983. Another CAN deprogrammer / kidnapper Mary Alice Chronaloger and several others assisted Scarff.

* Scarff dished up detailed knowledge of anti-cult attorney Ford Greene’s marijuana cultivation and use.

Unable to remain honest or exhibit social behavior for more than a brief period, Scarff’s life has been punctuated by lies and betrayal of anyone who has been unfortunate enough to become his friend or who has tried to help him or place trust in him. Scarff’s modus operandi is to commit all manner of immoral anti-social and/or illegal acts and then in a feigned act of remorse, make a confession in which he freely admits to the most alarming crimes while blaming others, only to then resume his illicit behavior.

Lies in Lawsuit to try and get Money

Scarff’s lies and deceit has not been limited to just the subject of the Scientology religion. He has likewise abused other religions, although to a lesser degree. For example, in a lawsuit that Scarff filed in 2001 against his boss and former employer, UCLA, Scarff concocted a story that he had been subjected to discrimination based on his religion, claiming that he was Jewish and his boss, a Syrian, had acted abusively and had him terminated.

Scarff lied in the lawsuit stating, “Ayoub was aware of the fact that Plaintiff’s race, ethnicity and religion are Jewish and that Plaintiff’s mother was born in Israel. Ayoub, on the other hand, is Syrian.” However, Scarff’s birth certificate clearly shows that his mother, Estelle Nadine Cox, was born in Missouri, and that Scarff was born in Sacred Heart Hospital, Fort Madison, Iowa, the attending physician a sister in the Church. Scarff’s family was Catholic and Scarff later threatened to sue the Catholic Seminary he was rejected from, when he wanted to become a priest.

Scarff’s vindictive lawsuit was dismissed in 2002.

Scarff is currently claiming to be disabled in order to obtain Workmen’s Compensation yet regularly comes out with members of Anonymous to try and harass and intimidate members of the Church of Scientology. In one instance Scarff and other Anonymous harassed a member of the Church to the point that he reacted physically at which point Scarff hit him over the head with the stick of his picket sign. Scarff has numerous past instances of attempting to incite violence against Scientologists.

Egmont R. Koch



Schevemdorer Landstr. 15

28325 Bremen, Germany

Dear Sir:

I was a featured subject in your program “Looking for … The Dark Side of Scientology,” which aired on station ARD/WDR. I have been told by Ms. Botros that it is going to be aired again. Having seen the show and the falsehoods contained in it, I insist you not air the show again.

1. I lied numerous times and both Mona Botros and you knew I was lying, not credible and not worthy of being relied on. The show creates a completely false impression and I can imagine that Scientologists in fact find it libelous.

To make the record clear — I was never a Scientologist or a Scientology agent. I have no knowledge of prison camps or “myserious deaths” or planned assasinations of anyone from 1991 or at any other time. I was never staff of the Office of Special Affairs, nor did I carry out any activities on behalf of that Office. In fact, I was never on staff for any Scientology Church.

I never saw any prisoners at any Church facilities.

I was never threatened by anyone from Scientology even though I falsely accused Scientology attorneys of planning to kill persons critical of the church.

2. Mona Botros and you knew that I had lied to you when you were filming this piece. You also knew my history of lying, yet you chose to ignore it. Your anticipated sources for the story refused to co-operate, so you were stuck with me. Even though you caught me lying to you and said you didn’t trust me, you still used me as your “source.”

3. The dramatic opening of the program showing me having a nervous breakdown, crying and physically ill at the Farmers Market was not caused by pressure or fears of Scientologists, but rahter your anger with my for lying to you and co-operating with Scientologists; your holding back the money you had promised to pay me and refusing to give me an airline ticket so I could go home, my not having my medication to for treating me for being H.I.V. positive (which I complained to you about) and your refusual to allow me to return home Sunday as promised.

I demand that you not re-air this previously aired pack of lies. I feel guilty that I allowed Ms. Botros and you to buy me off with your feigned friendship and money. Your lack of objectivity and journalistic ethics, together with your willingness to subvert the truth has led to a program that gives a totally incorrect, even fraudulent, picture of the Church of Scientology.

If you chose to air this program again, I will pursue every legal claim available to me under the laws of every country exposed to this trash.

Do not attempt telephonic communication with me. If you call my home to harass me I will immediately inform law enforcement authorities.


Garry Scarff

cc: Elliot J. Abelson Esq.

Station Manager, WDR

He has gay porn and cockroaches in his room (without a kitchen) in L.A.  One posting about Scarff in my blog is enough. Nobodies like Scarff and Warren want to get attention. For a stalker even negative attention is a victory, so I wash the dirty men out of my hair and I won’t grant them more attention than this one posting.

Look how  these lunatic continue to stalk and defame me. Also the postings under my name are forgeries. It looks like Garry Scarff and Neal Warren have teamed up here.  Anyway, I pay any person a million dollars who can prove that I ever was a mental patient in Utah. I win that because I never saw a Utah mental institution from the inside.

I have to finish that because I have to take care of some business.

I am soon back, MARTY, my love. Actually, I feel fine after having posted the truth about Scarff on my blog. The WWP posters might be falling for his lies but intelligent people do not.

I love you very much, and I can’t wait until the both of us are renewing our wedding vows!

Your wife