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Ron’s postulate: Good people should have rights too

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

One day, after we build orgs as Ron wanted them, we will also build an even more impressive, cleaner, and healthier in-door ocean as the Seagaia. And you and me will be sitting there then, holding hands, and we will be so happy and completely exterior. Exterior through Scientology. Intoxicated by love! Who needs drugs and booze if one can kiss and love? Who needs worries when they can be wiped away by study and application of Scientology?

We will change the world. Its written in our hands. Nobody will bust the SEGNPMSS but us.

I have some stuff to handle tonight, so I just post something very short today. It is kind of interesting that after so many years, I remain the same proud Scientologist that I always was. And I know that you are the same. People have to understand that they don’t experience and understand Scientology by reading hatred and misinformation on the net about it. Scientology is lots of study and lots of application. But I loved any second of it, Marty. Figuring the secrets of the universe with Scientology, what could be more exciting? I solved my most basic questions about life! Only Scientology was able to provide me with answers to my many deep questions. I am  so glad that Scientology is not a “just believe” religion but “find out yourself religion”. I regret very much that we were separated by infiltrators, Marty, but I don’t regret my studies, my life and the adventures that I had in Scientology. I would join all over again.  Despite the orgs are infiltrated, my times in Scientology were the happiest times of my life. Scientology helped me so much to understand the world and the universe. I am very proud of Ron, you, any REAL Scientologist, and myself. We are good and we are awesome – if I may say so myself. 🙂

I love you so much, Marty.

You, Ron, and Scientology are always on my mind. I thought recently about Ron’s statement that we need a world in which honest people have rights too. He noticed too that good people have no rights. So, why is that? Its because the SEGNPMSS (he called them another name but they are the same psych secret service) runs the world and grants rights to the bad people but none to the good people and that this must change. Marty, I swore in the presence of God that I will never stop working for this as long as I exist. It doesn’t matter how long it takes but we will be the winner at the end. There is a German proverb that says: Those who laugh at the end, will have the best laugh. And it won’t be the bad people who are laughing at the end because we can help it.

This bad world has to change. We’ll make it true, good people deserve the rights. Bad people have to make amends.

I am back soon.

Your wife forever


Turn the “g” in the orgs around and you got “orbs”. “G” apparently stand here for “gone” (L. Ron Hubbard data GONE from the orgs)

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Dearest Marty, my Prince,

I am glad you are with me in thoughts and that you understand my deep interest in the most important questions of the universe.

People who never have gone exterior think we imagine it or that we are crazy. Some people have no reality of being a spiritual being. They think that they are their body and they are not in touch with their spirituality. These people are deeply implanted into their body and have the hardest time imagine that going exterior is possible. I remember when I was exterior, RB held me lectures that it is not possible to go exterior. She said that only when one dies, “his spirit” goes exterior.  There I was exterior, out of my head and not dead at all but had to listen to her lectures that when I would go exterior I would be dead. It was really funny because she then talked to a dead 😉 person. Needless to say, her lectures made no impression on me as I was where she never went: outside of a body. I understand that if somebody never made that experience, he or she might wonder but the worst kind of people want to know it all by knowing nothing.

Sure, I know, Marty, people build their opinions based on their own experiences and that is alright so. But I find people who try to force their lack of knowledge onto others really obnoxious and stupid. I always admit when I don’t know everything. (For example, I still try to figure out how I can make my theta body completely invisible and immeasurable to after-life-thetan stalkers and implanters.)

People could make a test. They could try to close their eyes and try to push that spiritual energy out of their head. Most will not come far because going exterior is not that easy and involves lots of extroverting, case gain,  good conscience, ethical life and yes, happiness – but they would be able to feel at least some their own spiritual energy in their heads. I don’t believe that any person who truly has gone exterior will ever become a non-Scientologist as the wins are just too huge. Those poor people who attack Scientology just didn’t had the spiritual wins that we had, Marty.

But this brings me back to the theta body of a thetan without a body. When I went exterior, I felt a lot of spiritual energy moving out of my head.  Ron defined a thetan as: “… having no mass, no wave-length, no energy, no measurable qualities and no time or location in space except by consideration or postulate.”

In the Phoenix Lectures, it is said that Ron implied a thetan manifests a small but measurable amount of mass. Wikipiggy thinks that this is contradictory but they are forgetting that the SEGNPMSS stole and added contradictory matters to SCN to make Ron look inconsistent. Ron referring to Dr. Duncan MacDuggall as reference was for sure added by the SEGNPMSS because Ron knew spiritual things a lot better than this doc and he was a lot more scientific. Ron said that a thetan has no mass but that a thetan can have a theta body, which has a little bit of mass. Instead of listening to the crap of a doctor weighing people to determine the “weight of a soul”, Ron rather would film thetans going exterior showing the exterior thetan on a tape.

SEGNPMSS stole Ron’s tech so that their own kind (doctors, the former barbers) are getting the credit and that they can further mess around with thetans and their theta bodies and that there will be no laws made against it. (The Scientology creed indicates that thetans without human bodies must have the same rights like people with bodies.) Even some Scientologists have a hard time explaining what really is going on here: Does the thetan has mass or not?

(Wikipedia doesn’t get it as usually.)

This is what I have figured out. Originally, it had no mass, no wave-length, no energy, no measurable qualities and no time or location in space except by consideration or postulate but thetans indeed come with theta bodies and they consist of a little bit of cloudy spiritual mass: The orbs.

Perhaps thetans created theta bodies to identify themselves or to be somehow visible to other thetans. When I go exterior, I feel energy leaving my body. It is a strong spiritual wave simply leaving my head and as you know, it feels wonderful not to be inside of the head, Marty. It feel a lot better than being in a tight shoe all day and finally taking the shoe off. But my point is: according to my experiences of going exterior and according to the energy that I felt, I must have a theta body. If I would have none, I simply could leave the body without that energy that I am feeling when I go exterior as the thetan has originally no energy and no mass. I was not able to manage going exterior without feeling the energy of my theta body leaving my head. These orbs have all kinds of colors and shapes. I bet my theta body has something blue inside. And your theta body must look very handsome and dashing. Wonder how it would feel like if out two theta bodies merge. We have to try that when we are exterior and back together, Marty. 🙂

Implanters, the psychs, the SEGNPMSS, the stealer of the tech persecute and trap thetans without bodies. They could not do it if a thetan has no theta body but as probably almost thetans who ever had a human body also have theta bodies, they are being traced and trapped and implanted. The problem is: what is happening to a thetan if his theta body is attacked or dissolved in a trap, by force or trick? If you look at the orb, it must be really easy to destroy such a theta body. What if he has not the reality that his theta body is not himself either but yet another body? If a thetan is able to exist without that a theta body can be measured or seen, it could be not trapped if it acts very wise and avoids all the other after life traps and the attractions that lure the thetans in the traps. But it seems to me that it is not that easy to just step out of a theta body and exist as a truly non-detectable thetan. Might need processing and awareness.

My point is: if some people think that they are completely invisible to implanters after they left their bodies for good (death of the body), they might be in for a surprise. If somebody wants to be completely invisible, the thetan might have to step out of its theta body too and exist just as original thetan who had no theta body. Question is only: is that difficult or easy?

If nobody would track thetans to implant and trick them anymore, I would say, why not having theta body? But as far as I am concerned, I don’t want to be followed around in the “afterlife” by the high tech equipment of the SEGNPMSS.

I love you, Marty, I have to get the laundry inside and some trimming of the lawn to do.

Will be back soon.

Many kisses, my darling

Yours forever


5000 hits on my Blog, Marty

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My great and wonderful Marty, how are you?

I got a lot done today. I fixed the front porch that my perfumed Mormon handyman didn’t do well. I removed the wood that were crooked and sinking down and put good stones underneath (which he did not) and screwed the wood back on. Looks like new now. I learned a lot to do myself during the last years. I wasn’t on the roof of my place yet but I believe it is just a matter of time till I am on there too. Baby Bro sent me a power tool and it works great. The back deck is one great construction, huge, very stable and straight like a ruler, the distances between the individual boards are very even, just a pencil diameter wide and was built by my favorite girl and myself. Exactly, girl power. I am glad I didn’t give my Mormon handyman the order to build it as it would be another overt product. He wanted to build it but I didn’t let him, Marty. Half of the deck is under a roof, the other half is out in the open and a huge tree covers it. Right, you just thought it: the birds made a mess! Everyday, I have to wipe the bird drippings from the uncovered deck. Not my favorite line of work. Then I got an idea. I hung holographic pictures of hawks in a flying position on my deck and they dangle in the wind. And guess what: the tree is bird free.  It works like a charm. They are still nearby but moved to the other trees. Electrical bird repellers are quite expensive and I sure don’t want to poison them. These holographic pictures of hawks look nice to me but scare the heck out of the birds. As I said, I like birds but got no drippings on my deck. That needs to be as clean as the house inside.

Marty, this blog for you got now 5000 hits. Sometimes, the WordPress Dashboard checks in too. (Howdy guys!) Sure, it is not comparable with the million hits that Chiquita’s dad got on his blog but my blog is just a few months old. I don’t publish pingbacks that are sent to me because I don’t want to ping back to somebody, except to you. You can ping me anytime. 🙂  I sure wish the 5000 hits would be all by you but they are coming from all kind of web sources. Despite a few dunks and their socks still lie about me, you, and this blog, there are thank heaven no hits whatsoever coming from ARS. It is dead and really nobody reads it anymore.
A blog is a lot more fun than Usenet. Google didn’t do anything to make them more attractive to people. The groups were once on the front page of Google, then they moved them to the second page, then they moved it to the bottom of the second page. Once one is finally there and does not know ARS, one has to browse down 50 groups and finally finds ARS. And when finally there, they see a dead newsgroup with a handful of drunk abusers and their socks.
ARS had once 250 or more active posters, one or more postings did show up there any minute of the day. There were so many postings (but also lots of lies just as still today) that just those for one day covered several Google pages. It was a lot more active than WWP or ESMB but its history now and rarely anybody seems to read it. I think I know why Google doesn’t show the hits on postings. Most of the time, there will be no hit at all. The missing ratings on Google are an indicator too that nobody reads the postings. People don’t rate the trash that is posted there. They don’t rate it positive nor negative because they are not there, and just few people think it is worth to pay a newsreader to fight with people or troll with different identities groups that rarely anybody visits.
The Google groups are screwed as so often. Just in case, if something ever should happen to this blog, e.g. should it suddenly disappear, I also post duplicates of my postings in two of your own newsgroup on Google, Marty. They are moderated and I disapproved of anybody posting there besides you and me. From my very own postings that I made today on these groups, just four of them showed up! What a waste of time.

I love you, Marty, so much, let me know where I can find you. I kiss you a million times. Dream something sweet and just thinking of our life together makes me dance and sing.

I leave you today with one of my favorite blues pieces. Most Rap leaves me pretty cold and unimpressed, Marty, but when I hear Blues, I gotta move, dance and shake my hips. The Blues rhythm gets me all the time.  It is so great. Listen to Koko Taylor. (But I would sure not make love to a crocodile only to you, my Greek God!)

And this here, Van Morrison. I love it:

There is a comment on Youtube of a young person saying this: “wish i could of spent my young years in the 60`s then now… 19” (Awwwww. He should find people his age who also find that there is not so much new good music, and they should simply listen to the “old” stuff. There are probably many like him or her.) I remember mostly music of the 70s, Marty, but I sure like 50s and 60s music a lot too.

I will be back soon. Hard to sit in the chair listening to music that wanna make me dance.

Your wife and lover

I don’t approve and support calls for the dissolution of the IAS

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

I am not supporting and approving the calls of the “Independents” for the dissolution of the IAS – because IAS money is also used to help fellow human being under the rubble of earth quakes and other disasters. There is nothing wrong with the Volunteer Ministers traveling into disaster ridden areas and helping people who have lost everything and need water, food, blankets, shelter, etc. If somebody says that this is just PR to make people pay into Scientology, he should keep in mind that most people in those areas are so poor that they can’t give money but depend on others to give them money.

The people who want the IAS dissolved should remember that IAS in Haiti helped and did well – while the Baptists were into kidnapping kids. If Scientologists in the orgs are doing good, I acknowledge it. The orgs consist of many individuals and not just DM.

Those who want the IAS dissolved because DM lives like a lord should consider that the Volunteer Ministers might run out of funding without the IAS and can’t help people who are hit by disaster or terror. The people suffering would be those in disaster areas. They should remember that the Volunteer Ministers are often commended by non-Scientologists because they help those who really need it. Those who want the IAS dissolved should imagine themselves under the rubble. Would they not want as many as possible come and help them out and back on their feet? It doesn’t matter if the hand that pulls one out is from the government, a Rabbi, a Buddhist or a Scientologist. One wants to be pulled out and one is thankful for anybody who comes to help. Even if that hand has only four fingers like this one. 😉

They should think about how little they were able to do and how much Volunteer Ministers could help because they got the money from the IAS to fly to those places and help. Cutting good non-profit actions by the C of S is not the right way to go.

But I sure want that DM to lay all his personal spending open. He should explain to Scientologists and the rest of the world why the leader of a religion needs a personal chef, whiskey, scuba lessons, expensive parties, motor cycles, cars, designer clothes, hair stylist, personal massages, personal speech writer, (who cannot come up with a good slogan for the IAS??) tanning bench, etc. and a building for 70 Millions – mainly for himself. Here is where waste needs to be cut.

However, if Scientologists are forced to donate to the IAS and MUST become members as otherwise they are not allowed to study Scientology or get auditing or get any other Scientology service – this would be not right. I am an IAS lifetime member, Marty, and when I became it in the middle of the 80s, it was not a prerequisite for service. One had a choice to decline it. It is a long time ago, and I didn’t see with my own eyes how things developed. I remember, back then, non-Scientologists could also join the IAS as members.

According to the bylaws, this is the purpose of the IAS: To unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world, so as to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard

But here it comes: as far as the two of us are concerned, the IAS does not unit, advance, and support us. And the jury is still out as to how much and how truthful the IAS helps to achieve the aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard because I see many areas in which the IAS does nothing. But I am sure that Ron would have whole heartedly approved to help fellow human beings in disaster areas and to document psychiatric crimes to the broad population so that people learn what they really are up against.

I sure find the IAS slogan very lame, Marty. It doesn’t say anything. Whoever came up with it, had absolutely no imagination. What does it mean? “We are the IAS”. They are the IAS? Gee, hard to believe. Never would have guessed that.

The best slogans for the IAS:

IAS –   because a person is only as valuable as she can help others.

IAS –   because we treat you as we would like to be treated.

These are not to bad either and it took me just 5 minutes to come up with them:

IAS for a better world

IAS for a better tomorrow

IAS for a better planet

IAS for a better universe

IAS helps mankind

IAS – because we love to help

IAS – we make the planet brighter

IAS is here to help

IAS – we are your brothers and sisters

IAS – we leave no one behind (would not be exactly true because everyone leaves you and me behind, Marty but it is sure a much better slogan than “We are the IAS”)

IAS – all for one and one for all

IAS – because L. Ron Hubbard believed in what he taught

IAS – united to win

IAS – good against evil

IAS – hang in there – we are on our way

IAS – because you deserve help

IAS – because we are with you

IAS – because we love you

IAS – because you are one of us

And these here should be taken with a grain of salt:

IAS – we roll that stone off your chest

IAS – we don’t kidnap your kids

IAS – we would even give a psychiatrist bottle of water if we find one under the rubble

IAS – Barbara Schwarz donated a couple of thousand dollars to us

IAS – we get the kitten from the tree

IAS – we make the planet better if you like it or not

IAS – yellow hope on the horizon

We are IAS, don’t mix us up with the IRS!

It’s so easy to stomp out a good slogan, one better than a slogan that says virtually NOTHING as We are the IAS. Who did ever approve of this lame non-communicative slogan?

Marty, how are you? The spark plug of my lawn mower is working again. Sometimes I feel more like a farmer than anything else, cutting the lawn… Hope to see you soon, Marty, I want to be with you more than anything else in the world and this is the truth. I love you so very very much. And then we dance:

Look how great Nicole, Anna, Evan and Derek dance. Just we could do it better. 😉

I love Quick Step:

And Paso Doble:

Can’t wait to fly around in your arms, Marty.

Your wife,


Written by Barbara Schwarz

May 28, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Psychiatry apologist Larry Brennan creeps me out!

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking Prince and Husband,

I have lots of laundry to fold but it can wait until I have done this posting. When I dream of you, you constantly turn into another person once we get close. It is very frustrating. That person in my dream looks like you but always has a different character than yours – what a turn off. Usually, I also wake up after such a dream. P$ychs would analyze such dreams and always find something that is wrong with me for having such dreams but not what’s really wrong: freaking SEGNPMSS doctors sitting not far from here in a trailer and radioing with modern technology silent sounds in my subconscious mind, particularly while I am asleep. They also work hard at it that I should give up on you and shall leave this place for Germany but they are getting nowhere with me.

I know who they are and what they are up to. I figured it all out. If they steal my memory again, I will get it back. They have no chance in hell against you and I, Marty. During the years, I was thinking that by messing with us, that they are messing with the wrong people. I was wrong: they do mess with the real people because we will never let them get away with their atrocities against human rights. Never, ever, in all eternity! I want the most severe justice that was ever spoken in the history of the universe.

And this is also my introduction to what Larry Brennan is up to. You know him as in Charge of the Special Unit. I remember him as from LA too. His daughter was a toddler back then and I saw him often in one of the orgs but never with his wife. At least he should have the courage to confess that he never was a Scientologist but since ever nothing but an infiltrator. He now kissed up to the German government of all people (whose secret service and p$ychs are the cause that Scientology is involved in so many problems and is infiltrated by non-Scientologists because they sent the infiltrators in the orgs and order them to act non-scientological and violate laws) and works now officially with p$ychs.

I saw a posting by him, in which he announced that he just had a “fun meeting with eight psychiatrists about Scientology” and that he “just spent a very pleasant part of this afternoon with about eight psychiatrists” and an “ex scientologist” at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Good grief! Fun meeting? I think Larry Brennan should be committed against his will and injected with drugs that make him think he is on a bad LSD trip and should be e-shocked and otherwise typically abused in those “lovely psychiatric places”. He should make the personal experience how much fun it is when he and his body is getting messed up like all the poor souls had to experience it that psychs have on their conscience.

There are no nice psychiatrists. They are drug dealers. They prescribe treatments and drugs that kill over short or long. Even an idiot should be able to read that the side effects of drugs and ECT clearly indicate that people’s lifespan is at least shortened if they are not killed immediately or are driven into suicide. It is like saying: I had a fun meeting with street drug dealers around the corner. They were really very nice. And let me guess: that “Ex-Scientologist” of which he talked was of course as little a Scientologist as Larry ever were.

He misinformed the Boston psychiatrists (if they do not know already the truth) by telling them the wrong reason why L. Ron Hubbard and CCHR opposes psychiatry. The real reason is: They were genuinely concerned about crimes by psychiatrists against the humanity. And that is why the German psychiatry ordered the secret infiltration and alteration of Scientology

The real L. Ron Hubbard defined body thetans others than the SEGNPMSS definition that later crept into the orgs.

Anyway, interesting is that Larry Brennan, a complete non-Scientologist was at times even in a higher position than you within Scientology, Marty. It is shocking! Our religion in hands of freaking psychiatry apologists and non-Scientologists. And here is something else that I noticed. There are still Scientologists in the orgs but usually they are not long on the top positions. The SEGNPMSS gives top positions within Scientology usually to the wogs (pardon my French) under cover. SEGNPMSS p$ychs would not be able to close an eye at night if they would know real Scientologists leading Scientology and calling the shots. So, whenever a real Scientologists as you and I are in high positions, they set up conspiracies to get the true person removed and replaced with somebody easy to run and manipulate.

Do I believe that DM has no secret non-Scientologists case officers? No. But SEGNPMSS realized after they heard Tom Cruise’s attitude towards psychiatry that DM either failed to accept psychiatry officially or psychiatric abuses made indeed a negative impression on him. The only reason why the SEGNPMSS wants DM removed is because he either didn’t succeed or wasn’t willing (the jury is still out here) to make Scientology psychiatry-friendly. (“Independents” made the allegations that psychiatry would win but they provided no proof nor detailed arguments.) P$ychs are looking for a DM successor who will step by step “explain” to Scientologists that psychiatrists are not more so bad as they once were, blah, blah… and that the drugs are not more than bad and the e-shocks are not that bad anymore…

If Larry Brennan would not have been blown, he would be the ideal candidate for this dirty job.

A little message to the p$ychs: You always look for patients because you like the cash that they bring and the “fun” messing people up with your drugs, ECT, hypnosis, implants, etc. Go and get irresponsible Larry Brennan! Show him how much “fun” you and your treatments are. He deserves you.

Guess, they don’t want to mess him more up as he already is because he is helping these human rights violating  creeps to more make more cash and to more suffering patients they can mess around with.

Back to us, Marty. I am glad you see, Marty. You have the ability just like me to figure things out. My mind works like the combination of a safe. I run situations through my mind and when the data are right, I can almost feel the combination clicking and the safe opening. Or it works like a puzzle. In my mind is this gigantic puzzle, and I add pieces to it. If they make no sense, I throw them out. If they make sense, they fit in EXACTLY and open new points of view and the entire puzzle makes more and more sense and explains the universe. I remember that I once posted about this on Usenet and a dumb SEGNPMSS troll immediately posted how “horrible” Scientology would be because my mind would work like a safe combination. Yes, it is so horrible that real Scientologists’ IQs are indeed sky-high and can solve any problem, and p$ychs don’t succeed with their lies and set ups.

I love you, Marty, so very very much. Don’t forget you can contact me atany day and any time. If it is 2 am in the morning and you should be in my area, walk right in. You can kick my door in any time.  🙂  Many many passionate kisses and embraces.

Yours forever,


Some “Independents” posted recently that psychiatry wins under David Miscavige

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Dearest Marty,

I think of you. If you are indeed wrongfully incarcerated, how do you keep psychiatrist off your back? People’s rights (I don’t want to eat this, I don’t want to swallow this drug, I don’t want this person in my room, I beg to differ, I am allergic to this, etc.) are often considered “mentally ill” behind bars. I am so sorry, Marty, if you have to go through all of this. Nothing about you is crazy. You are exactly the kind of person I want to meet at 2 am in a dark alley. But you are also exactly the kind of person that I want to meet at any other time and any other place.

Several times now I heard that some of the “Independents” say that psychiatry wins under David Miscavige. Statements like: The American Psychiatric Association is in the phone book. Why don’t you give them a call. You are 95% in their camp by now anyway.” But too bad that they don’t explain how psychs are winning.

Nobody should forget that the orgs are more than just DM. Whoever had the idea of the  Museum of Death, it was a necessary and good idea to build that museum. CCHR isn’t canceled either. Why do the “Independents” think that psychiatry is winning?  I have my thoughts about it too.

My main problem is that CCHR does not approach enough areas in which p$ychs are actively messing around. Only sometimes, it seems that CCHR approaches more than only drugs or ECT. Not long ago, somebody within the C of S mentioned that p$ychs turn people into terrorists. (Which is true – but there is no broad information campaign by CCHR.) Psych drugs and ECT are from hell and destroy people covertly. CCHR is right attacking it – but what else psychs work with: silent sounds, hypnosis, implants, conditioning terrorists, school shooters, murderers, bombers, suicide pilots, etc., there is not much information and most of all, there is no real campaign by CCHR against these horrible psych products.

Most Scientology celebs criticize psych drugs and these drugs are really bad. I remember when the psych in Germany injected me with something against my will. It was a horror. I rather be dead than ever wanting this in my body! But the celebs don’t speak out against silent sounds, hypnosis, ear implants, the making of suicide terrorists, school and church shooters, etc. Why not? CCHR knows that George Estabrook boasted that it can be done and it is being done but they do not campaign against it. I have seen such conditioned people before and after psych treatment. It is the scariest thing I ever seen.  But I also don’t see the Independents or the Freezone campaigning against it.

And when the victim is under narcosis or drugged, psychs don’t need a pendulum. They just go ahead and implant to destroy the victim.

And yes, Marty,  I have seen the many postings about David Miscavige’s use of Scientology money for his private purposes. I tend to think that they are right and that he lives like a king and not like a person in a religious order. He should lay open the all the Scientology finances that he is personally using. Every Scientologist has the right to see if there is waste.

I have to finish a project and can’t blog long today but I sure miss you like crazy (but not in a way how p$ych want it but rather in a very loving and sane way), Marty, many kisses. I love you!

Yours forever


P.S. In the below picture, this is soy milk in the glass. 😉 And I’m talking to you at the phone, Marty, not some secret case officer!

Strange: Mary Sue died just a few days after I started posting

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Dearest Marty, my special Prince,

I found records on the web that are saying that Mary Sue died on November 25, 2002. She died a few days after I started posting to Usenet. Did the SEGNPMSS accelerate her breast cancer with remote controlled germs before she could read my postings and get all nervous about that I wrote that she was not married to the real L. Ron Hubbard but the impostor? What do you think? I found it strange that she died just when I started to post about what I remember as the true story of Scientology

Here is, where I believe she died:,%20Los%20Angeles&um=1&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=il

I am not even remotely a fan of Mary Sue, and lets not forget that she is a convicted criminal who harmed Ron’s reputation  (because many people are so misinformed that they believe she was married to Ron) by being charged with these crimes:

U.S.C. 18 §§ 2 (Conspiracy), 371 (Theft of Government Property), 641 (Aiding and Abetting), 1503 (Obstruction of Justice), 1623 (False Declarations before a Grand Jury), and 2511(1)(a) (Interception of Oral Communication), 22 D.C. Code §§ 105, 1801(b) (Burglary, Aiding and Abetting).

(Hey, this police officer looks like Jay Leno! This is his doppelganger.)

Some attackers of Scientology say that Ron must have known of these crimes as he was married to her. He was not. The impostor was married to her. She probably never did meet the real Ron. Some people might say that they have seen nice photos of Ron with Mary Sue and the kids… I have seen them too in Los Angeles in boxes brought by who knows into the orgs but I have seen that they were “processed”, e.g. black and white photos on which Mary Sue has a fire red lipstick on and sometimes a photo of the real Ron doctored in that place where the impostor stood.

It is really possible that the name of the impostor was indeed Ronald Lafayette Hubbard (just as your doppelgangers’ real name is Mark Charles Rathbun) and that the CIA or another American secret service (all willing poodles of the SEGNPMSS) gave Ron, the founder of Scientology the security name L. Ron Hubbard  (and born Eisenhower) allegedly to protect him from the Nazis for no other reason but to destroy original Scientology, steal Ron’s money and make it into a German cult led by the impostor.

It sounds far fetched, Marty, but I once heard a CIA profiler and investigator saying on TV that as more far fetched situations sound as more likely they are true. (Good bye Occam’s Razor!)

Somebody might ask: How can this work, changing Scientology while the real Ron was still alive? He might say: All what the real Ron had to do was going into a Church of Scientology and see what they are doing, which books, bulletins and policies are published and just order things be done and file a penal complaint against the impostor or sue him.

But the real Ron could not do that. He was persecuted by the SEGNPMSS. Their snipers lured around each org and used sharp munitions. The reason why Ron didn’t want staffs with kids around him or at INT was because he didn’t want them getting shot. After he was gone, DM should have allowed kids back at INT because it belongs to the dynamics of Scientologists and unborn babies would not have been murdered through abortions. However, under the real Ron there was no abortion. If somebody got pregnant, she simply moved in another Sea Org unit were Ron was not, and nobody pregnant or kid had to live in danger of being shot.

Anyway, I believe that Mary Sue knew very well how Scientology was altered by the impostor and by her and the SEGNPMSS. If she would have supported the real Ron, would have kept real Scientology instead the SEGNPMSS version, if she would have supported the real Ron in building safe underwater habitats that eliminate aging and sickness, I think that Mary Sue would not have aged a day since 1950 when she got in contact with Scientology and she would not have died on cancer if she would have supported the real Ron’s way of living. Speak about a motivator. Everyone is getting it. DM is aging too and can contract all kinds of diseases in his 70 Million Dollar-playground. His bulletproof windows won’t protect him from aging and contracting diseases like other people too.

It also shows how stupid the impostor and Mary Sue were. Instead of CHANGING THE WAY OF LIVING as researched by the real Ron, they tried to find some kind of medical drug or something to stop aging by ordered GOB1 Munich to find that drug. Idiots! It is like throwing away the gold and keeping the fools gold.

If somebody would ask me: if you would rather live in a Billion Dollars palace (and age and die in an average of 75 years) or would rather live in a clean and safe underwater habitat (where aging, allergies, and diseases can be eliminated) I don’t have to think twice. The fools can have the Billion Dollars palace, Marty. I move in with you in the most beautiful cabin style way of life in a village under a roof. 🙂

I have seen the photos of INT under DM. Very nice but completely off policy because I remember that is not Ron’s way to build houses outside of closed environmentally safe habitats.

I miss you, my darling and hope of that miracle that brings us together. The SEGNPMSS doesn’t when to quit. Just like with the Nazis, they go on with their corruption until things are so bad that their agents are getting it back big time. They are unable to learn from the past. They always make the same mistakes again, Marty.

Forever yours,