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The Forrest Gump stories on Chiquita’s father’s blog

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Dearest Marty, my prince,

I don’t know if you read your doppelganger’s blog. I renamed him from Mr. Texas to Chiquita’s father because I sure don’t want to get in troubles with my nice neighbor who is from Texas and who spends the winters in Texas and the summers here.

I read Chiquita’s father’s blog when I have time. There is another posting of Steve Pfauth aka Serge (and many other names) on this blog.  Serge sounds like a likeable person but his friends refer to him as Forest Gump, don’t they indicate that he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box?

My point is: if he is a slow thinker, how can he figure out that he didn’t dealed with the real Ron but rather with his impostor? How can a slow person figure out that MSH wasn’t good?  If he really is a slow thinker, the real Ron would not have given him any job before he didn’t help that person to raise his IQ because Ron knew that a stupid friend is worse than an intelligent enemy.  (Again, this Forrest Gump thing isn’t by me, Chiquita’s daddy referred to Serge as real life Forrest Gump. If Serge is now mad, he should be mad at Lt. Chiquita as I didn’t originate this. )

Lieutenant Daniel Taylor: Have you found Jesus yet, Gump?  Forrest Gump: I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him, sir.  Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest Gump: Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you’re gonna get.

I am not saying that Ron’s impostor never said a nice word to somebody,  and Serge seems to judge people as to if they act nice towards him.  The impostor liked and praised his painting but this is not enough for Scientologists who want to know the truth. And the truth is that the man who married MS is not the man who developed Scientology. He is a look-a-like and he impostored Ron, the founder of Scientology without  Ron’s agreement.

I am sure that Chiquita’s father can be nice too when he wants but he ain’t you either.

But back to  Serge. He wrote that people left L. Ron Hubbard and that he looked sick. That is typical impostor. The real Ron wasn’t a sick kind of a person. He would know how to handle saboteurs and did no go PTS to them, after all, he developed the PTS/SP technology. He was a people MAGNET. He was like a rock star, and he never asked for admiration or attention but he constantly got it. He had an irresistible personality and thetans knowingly or basically knew that he held the key to incredible wisdom. A smart thetan knew that anything that Ron said or wrote could help their own survival and change their lives to the better if they applied it.

Nobody left under the real Ron but the impostor lived a lie by impostoring Ron and people of course left the stupid babbling impostor. The real Ron was so able that he even made infiltrators reconsider their dirty infiltrator business.  I know for sure that a large number of infiltrators that were sent in the orgs to bury Scientology have changed their minds about Ron and Scientology and they don’t want it destroyed but surviving. They figured that Ron was right, despite their case officers wanted them to think otherwise. They learned the value of Scientology. The SEGNPMSS was so powerless against the real Ron’s abilities and charisma that they hired an impostor to alter the tech and make people leave.

I know that he wished often more privacy and less people outside of his doorsteps but that is how it was. It is the moody impostor who was sick and people did leave him. For heaven’s sake, Ron was the source of wisdom, people wanted to be around him by all means. Scientologists  wanted to stay on by all means.

Who knew the real Ron knows that I am right. The impostor had nothing of Ron’s charisma and wisdom. People left the impostor  because he didn’t even know how to apply the tonescale and neither of the real Ron’s other technology and policies on how to be an executive and deal with people. As more as I read of Serge’s stories  as more I know that he was not with the real Ron.

With  DM, it is another story. He was in the UK during the time Ron was there and I am pretty sure he was one of our wedding guests, Marty. He knows the real Ron AND the impostor who died in 1986.

But I don’t have to tell you this, Marty, you know this better than anybody.

I am brewing myself now a cup of tea. It is nice drinking a cup of tea and walking over the deck or the property and enjoy spring but I sure miss you, Marty. I miss you so much that there are no words enough to explain it.

If I can do anything to help you, let me somehow now. If no communication comes through, tell it to me telepathically. I am listening. Just send those flows to me. I sometimes catch thoughts from you when I am not buried in work and actions.

Oh Baby, when you talk like this, you make a woman go mad and wanna make me learn Spanish. Just kidding 😉

Your wife forever, my darling.

Many, many kisses.


Forrest Gump: That’s all I have to say about that.

Steve Pfauth aka Serge posts on Mr. Texas’ blog that Ron’s ‘Palms’ belonged to President Eisenhower.

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

I sure hope you are fine and I am confident that this Blog will reach you soon. I put a bad spell on any stalker, forger and harasser and feel very good about that.

Anyway, I checked Mr. Texas’ blog and saw the last posting II from Steve Pfauth aka Serge. Among others, he wrote: “LRH always named ‘MEST’ for ease of communication. ‘Palms’ was to the west just off Eisenhower Blvd.  Palms used to be owned by President Eisenhower. It was a two story building with a detached garage and guest house with a huge court yard, swimming pool, a date palm field and tennis court.”

What do I have to say to this? Why would Ron have a huge property of Ike Eisenhower if my memory of Ike being his dad would be wrong? Why would Ike “sell” property to L. Ron Hubbard of all people?  It is rather than Ron inherited from him but the impostor did take over.

I bet all I got on that the CIA knows the true story and keeps it under lock despite there is no national security problem anymore involved. Rather the opposite. A national security problem is involved (SEGNPMSS infiltration of just about anything) keeping those secrets.

While Ron, the founder of Scientology was ELSEWHERE, the impostor moved into the  Ron’s property and took it over with Mary-Sue. She was the impostor’s wife. Ron was like me, he had just one love in his life and that was my Mom.

I have memories of Ron being with me and also you, Marty, in certain locations while others claim he would be with them at this time. That is because there was a doppelganger, and I was not with the doppelganger. They were with the mood swingy doppelganger for example on the Apollo.

If somebody would research the Ike-Ron connections, he would find so many of these that the father-son relationship I remember would be no longer absurd.

Once again: I remember that I was as a little girl living in a huge underwater habitat.

Ron was there. He was my dad. (Ron on the right side, me on the left side.)

That is probably why I can see so easily who the impostor is and other people seem unable to see it. Ike was there, he was my granddad. A little boy was there, and I am a 100% that was you. His Dad and Mom was there. I remember her name as Elizabeth and your Dad’s name as Claude.

I am sure that she was your Mom, Marty. She was beautiful and your Dad was very kind.

Your masculine good looks surely come from him and those twinkle in your eyes come from your Mom.

(The SEGNPMSS also removed RB’s memory. They thought when she has no memory to were I was kidnapped from, the secret would be better concealed and she would not be able to make a mistake telling me that she kidnapped me with help by the German secret service from Ron. She told me later that when I was little, I always wanted to go back into the forest to my real parent and that this drove her nuts.) Well, despite my removed memory, thetan still knows. That underwater habitat was like a huge forest. The only thing that suggested that it was something different was that big wood supported glass ceiling. And I overheard that Camp David on the East Coast should become a habitat just as we had it in Utah.

As my Mom was killed by doctors during giving birth to me, your Mom took care of me as I would be her daughter. There was no Mary Sue anywhere. Also, later in the 70s, when we married in the UK, there was no Mary Sue. Ron never mentioned anybody by that name. He likely never met her.

The real Ron also had no mistress named Barbara as some websites published. Probably the impostor had one by that name. But not the founder of Scientology. Ike had no mistress either. According to my recall, Mamie was the CIA agent and his real wife could not be in the White House because of security reasons against the Nazis.

Once again, there is something very odd that the SEGNPMSS infiltrated C of S promotes Ron’s relationship with President Calvin Coolidge son but covering up his relationship with Ike Eisenhower despite clearly evidence of their relationship can be still found. Why doesn’t the C of S check this out?

> >Ron and Ike seen golfing together in Tilden, Nebraska.
 > >
 > >I received a copy of an e-mail sent on March 22, 2004 from Nebraska
 > >Department of State Insurance employee Martin Swanson to their counsel
 > >Christy Neighbor. Mr. Swanson provided following information:
 > >
 > >"...I think I remember seeing a rare film on the history channel of L.
 > >Ron Hubbard and Dwight D. Eisenhower golfing together in Tilden,
 > >Nebraska.

They are rather mixing the data of the impostor with the data of Ron the founder of Scientology. They rather have no happy life and rather pull something in and rather will never be true OTs than revealing the truth. How stupid is that? Eternal death wish or what is going on with them? Whenever there is a way that could salvage mankind, people allow it to be altered to something that will not more safe a thetan on the long run.

To capture this again: if the son and dad relationship between the real Ron and the real Ike would not be covered up by infiltrated orgs, how come they mention the friendship of Ron as little boy with President’s Coolidge son but not a much more significant relationship with Ike?

They mentioned that Ron bought St. Hill from the Maharaja of Jaipur (Man Singh II) but (just for the reason of argument) they don’t publish that he bought property of Dwight Eisenhower? Why not? Because infiltrators run on the SEGNPMSS order to hush up ANYTHING that would reveal the true relationship between Ike and Ron.

What we know is that Ron was seen golfing with Ike and that he had real estate property by Ike (which the impostor took over) but anything is covered up by socalled Scientologists.

President Dwight Eisenhower was a Republican who defeated the Nazis as the Commander of the Allied Forces. He had to do it as otherwise the Nazis would have slaughtered the entire planet.  His heart suffered with each soldier or other person that died during this war. He said about weapons: “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The world in arms is not spending money alone. It has spent the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hope of its children… This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening wars, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.”

I will be back later, Marty. Wherever you are, Marty, also wrongfully incarcerated, I am sure that you can and will dig deeper into this. If anybody finds more evidence to what I am saying that it is you.

I love you every second of the day and night.



I bet a Trillion Dollar, 45 Euro and one shiny penny that the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard was NEVER set a foot on the Apollo but his impostor did.

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Thanks for being you. Nobody is like you. You are the most unique man ever, and I never give up on you unless you want me to.  If you would want you freedom from me, I would accept it. If you would tell me that you want a life without you, I would let you go because your wishes and happiness would be more important to me than anything.

(But forgeries by lawless Neal Warren in your name do not count, and they are actionable in court.)

Although, I know that you don’t want me to leave you and that you love me the way I love you, Marty. But just for the sake of principles, I would never try to force myself upon you as Warren or other stalkers try it with me. If a person pursues another person against her wishes, it is called stalking. And instead of being loved, they are being despised by their victims.

Anything that comes from that man is painful and hurts. You know how to deal with a delicate woman, he knows how to feed pigs. What a difference. This Warren ape thinks he can barge in here and take what is not his. The reason why you are being loved and not he is because you are as decent as God himself while he is nothing but a remote controlled primitive SEGNPMSS slime bucket.

You will come home, Marty, I’ll never let you down. No one can stop or bribe me or shutter me in leaving you. I will witness the truth that you never harmed me in anyway. I want to see you free and happy.

We both are lucky that we found each other and that we are OTs and know what it up with the other person and lucky that we can communicate without words and are connected in this strong way.

You can hear me and I am talking to you…

Sooner or later, you will find this Blog or a member of your family will find it and make it available to you, wherever you are. And your and my defamers and stalkers know this and this is why they are so desperate and hurtful. Jealousy must feel real bad. I never felt jealousy. You are the most interesting and handsome man on earth, Marty. All kinds of women will be after you. But I am not jealous, simply because I know that you know that there is nobody else like me. Just as I know that there is nobody else like you. You will not throw away a the Blue Mauritius for a regular stamp. And never will I.

Despite the snowy and icy conditions, I biked to town today. My neighbors are always glad to hear from me but I prefer not to ask them too many times for anything as a ride in town because some of them want to me to join their churches. And I don’t want any new church.

In spring, summer, and fall it, is a breeze to bike here but in winter, it is a whole new ball game. The area in which I live is not flat and dry like in a country were any old corrupt and dumb men can bike 10 miles in 20 minutes but they never could get up a steep hill on a bike. Here is all up and down hills. In summer, it is fun speeding up but in winter, the bike often turns into a sled and speeding on ice and in snow does not work because the wheels do not grip but run on empty. Also, I blow some of my money in stores and don’t hurry home once I am in those stores. Why should I not spent hours in stores? That store time is included in the 5 hours 10 miles ride. I pack a lot of stuff on my bike on my way back. It is sometimes like I have the weight on a heavy kid on the backside of my bike. But it is okay, I always feel good when I come back as it really keeps me fit and strong.

But I rather would dance with you in our village, Marty or swim with you in our pool. I am so glad you are not an abuser or stalker, my prince and that you know how to treat a woman. Because of your fine manners, your tender and Godlike character, I fell eternity in love with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being a gorilla. Just a retard can think that he can have what is yours.

Being an abusive liar, forger and provoker never is a key to my heart. It is your uptoneness, clean character and me being able to see were you are on the tonescale and our past together that made fall so passionately for you again. Nobody can or will ever take ever your place. Anybody trying to take your place just makes to be a fool. You are simply the best, Marty.

I really want to restore the peacefulness of this blog. It felt so good when it seemed  just you and I were here. The last I want is giving my insane stalkers another forum where they can upload their obsessions and insanities. One can conclude from Shirley Jean Wilson postings and that she always responds to him that she is interested in Neal Warren. She likes his photo, on which he cowardly covers his 1.1 eyes and perversions behind glasses. He looks exactly like the revolting slime ball that he is. Appalling. If he and his case officers want a virgin, they can make Shirley to their helpmate. She bore some children approx. 100 years ago and that classifies almost as a virgin.  I hope with all my heart that these defamers and stalkers pair among each other  and leave you and me alone.

They are cultures.

I met a lot nicer men than Warren who have a lot better manners than he has and who are also a lot smarter. As even these men did not capture my heart, what makes that pice of perverted dirt think he can? Warren is alone because nobody except Shirley Wilson would consider him. I CHOOSE to be alone because I don’t want any other man than you because you are a God.  Without you, I am a lot better off alone than being raped by an ape.  That passion that you read in my postings works with you. It does not work on any other man.

(So, anybody else reading this, accept and get out of this blog: FAST! I don’t want to hear and see anything of you!)

There is no doubt that I love would nothing more than being with you, Marty,  but if I can’t, this life that I chose is the best alternative if the SEGNPMSS does not want us and I manage just fine.  If I would die without having ever been back together with you, I would still be proud of myself and would not feel that I have wasted my life. I am not meant to spent my life with any primitive man. Not even with a nice man. Only with you. My stalkers should accept my choosen way of life and mind their own business.  There desperation is appalling.

I have organized my life that if I never should see you again, Marty (because the SEGNPMSS does not let us back together) that I nevertheless can maintain my life ALONE until the day I’ll drop my body. I have family and that means that I am not alone but even if they would not be, I still would be able to have all that is necessary to maintain my life until I die. Thanks to something that I learned through Scientology technology, I became absolutely independent. Who says that being on staff was a waste of time. It was not.

In other word, Warren’s idiotic postings that I would need him (or any other man) when I get old is garbage as it does not apply to me. It is his problem. I organized my life that I never will depend on anybody’s help.  So, if Warren feels he is getting old, he just has to organize his life that he does not need a helpmate and that will hopefully end his desperation.

If I want company, I just have to reach out. I know much nicer people than Warren and other abusive dogs from the natter board. These are the last people that I ever need or ever want to reach. They seem to need me but I don’t need them.

There are nuns that devote their life to Jesus. They are not defames as mentally ill just because they don’t allow men to take advantage of their bodies. Their ways of life is accepted and so should mine.

As you are a God, I can devote my life to you, my Adonis. Loved by the Goddesses. No wonder….

And I am looking to find a way that Warren won’t be able to access this Blog anymore but it seems there is no fast solution. I don’t want him and his case officers to read my writings about my love and passion because they are insane and they creep me out. But on the other side, I don’t want to give up posting these postings to you just because of the slime that is stalking me.

Let’s go back to our own matters and to Scientology.

I am sure that you know all that I know, Marty, because, we are real OTs unlike these infiltrator weasels who don’t know anything despite they weaseled themselves up the OT levels without learning or applying a thing.

Ron is blamed on what his impostor did on the Apollo just as you are blamed on what your doppelganger did and does. Ron, you, and I, and many Scientologists were sailing with Ron but the vessel wasn’t the Apollo. While the impostor was sailing with infiltrators and idiots (who believed that he is L. Ron Hubbard or at least acted that they would believe it) on the Apollo, the real Ron was with us in the UK and in other countries and later sailed with us on a different vessel.


What the C of S adopted also “tech” that was by the impostor, an altered version of Scientology that the SEGNPMSS impostor applied. They also took over the abuse by the impostor.

Below document in the name of L. Ron Hubbard is not a document of the real Ron, the founder of Scientology. Jack Vistaril, his doppelganger forge Ron’s name under that document. I bet that NOTHING in this document is per wishes of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder. And for all those who are involved in this: I don’t want to be in your shoes when the motivator will hit you and when you will pull in what you deserve.



I, L. RON HUBBARD, declare and say:

1. I am the L. Ron Hubbard who is the subject of this action, entitled In re the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard, No. 47150. Although I have not appeared in this matter, and do not intend to do so, as I shall explain further on in this declaration, I am nevertheless familiar with this proceeding.

As I said before, thanks to the CIA, a SEGNPMSS poodle, there were two different individuals by the name of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder who got the name by the CIA for reasons of “protection” and a guy really born with that name (pretty exactly what is going on with you and Mr. Texas). But that Ron impostor did not found Scientology and had no right to claim that he is him and had no right to his estate. Scientology founder had no son with name LRH junior, Nibs, did not marry Mary Sue nor did he marry anybody but Sarah (with “h”) my mother, and I was the only child that he ever fathered.

Unfortunately, the SEGNPMSS left me with no shred paper to prove this, otherwise, I would raise hell in courts.

So-called Scientologists in orgs, and the “critics”, government officials, judges, extremists all conspire together and cover it up. It just proves, there are no independent people. They are all lying puppets on strings who have a wish never to come free. Whenever there is a movement that could change the world to the better, they conspire till it is destroyed. Nobody will remove the SEGNPMSS traps between lives and in their ears with the version of Scientology that is left in the orgs or in the Freezone. None has the original version of Scientology, except the SEGNPMSS, and the CIA could have it too, stashed away in footage of the real Ron throughout his lifetime.

Some guys asked me why I would not found a religion or movement. What for? What happened to Ron would happen also to what I say and write. It would be forged, altered, and stolen.

Instead of confessing, people wait unconsciously for catastrophes that will forcefully correct them. That is what I call insanity.

But you are the last person on Earth who needs this lecture. You figured it all out an this is why the SEGNPMSS set your incarceration up. They want to murder you but they are afraid of what will happen to them. If anything ever should happen to you, Marty, I would put the fear of God in them. The skies would fall down on them and the ground under their animal feet would give away.

I would demand their death penalties and not just the death penalties of their current bodies but these thetans dismantled in all eternity. I’ve learned a lot watching the SEGNPMSS who thinks they can’t be seen. But they can’t hide from us. And if I can’t get justice on Earth by a court, I’ll join God’s court for justice and ask him to open the flood gates.

Love forever,


I love and miss you like no person ever missed another one.


DaVinci Code is fiction but the SEGNPMSS code is not

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Dearest Marty, my dashing prince and hero,

As you for sure know, I never claimed anywhere that you are the SECRET heir of the de Rothschild FORTUNE. A deputy U.S. Attorney fabricated this and lied that I said this. Some people have nothing but secrecy and dollar signs in their eyes, and I am not like that. What I said is that when I recovered my stolen memory, that I figured that your real name is de Rothschild.

Guess he read on-line about that there was a “secret” 6th son and his fantasy took over.

There are as many vicious lies about the de Rothschild name on the web as about L. Ron Hubbard. These lies come of course from Nazi sources.

I never ever mentioned SECRET, HEIR or FORTUNE. As an official son of the American de Rothschild family, why would you be a SECRET and non an official HEIR? I know for sure that you have siblings. They are heirs of your parents too. I hope your parents will live forever. And if not, I would look for them with their new bodies and give their fortune all back to them as I will do with Ron. Anybody of us can create her or his own fortune.

And also, there is not just one Rothschild fortune but several such fortunes as the family is so huge and spread all over the planet. And any of these de Rothschild families have their own children.

It seems to me that if the European de Rothschild’s would be really close with your family, they would not live on the unprotected surface of the world but in environmentally protected underwater habitats as your family does.

Cousin David de Rothschild seems to be a really nice and likeable person. Nothing of his causes to protect the environment are wrong.

But even if he succeeds and the environmental health would be restored to environmental health before industry took place, aging and dying can be only prevented with the way of living that Ron researched and your family practices. Away from viruses, germs, bacteria, toxins, poison, radioactivity, dust, UV beam, chemicals and when people make everything from scratch, their air, their water, their food, their clothes, their furniture, etc. and don’t let anything in their village that could cut down the lifespans.

If he would be close to you, he rather would promote underwater habitats and your family’s way of living. As I said, I was in one of your villages. I can describe it in all details, and I would love to go back there and live there again with you. But I’ll live also at any other place you want to be.

Let’s have a look at the de Rothschild family tree. As the SEGNPMSS rewrites history and is killing people and exchanging them with doppelgangers, I doubt that this is indeed the correct de Rothschild family tree and in any case, your branch of the family is missing and my Mom isn’t on it either.

Have a look here, an “official” de Rothschild family tree. Mayer Amseln is described as founder:

Anybody knows that the American de Rothschild family is in the United States and the financial backbone of America but nobody really talks about them (except me) because it is one of these “grand” CIA ideas, to protect the lives of the family members by hushing them up when in fact the CIA’s secret master, the SEGNPMSS uses this secrecy to deny American de Rothschild its rights, tries to steal their influence and fortune, rips the family apart and works on killing them.

Let’s take Ron’s or your life, Marty as example. As organized by the SEGNPMSS, your lives are mixed up deliberately with those of other people, and this happened and is still happening in present time, and recent history, which means that whatever biographies were written further back cannot be trusted either.

Carl (if he ever lived by that name Carl) had no kids in Naples? I doubt it as I recall that my Mom was from the Italian Branch of the de Rothschild family.

And this de Rothschild family tree of the Jewish Encyclopedia says that Carl (here Karl)  had kids but SEGNPMSS re-wrote anything, so one can’t trust a thing except one’s own experiences, exceptions, memories and research.

I don’t believe anything of this, Marty, because I have seen what people sell as Ron’s life story, and family members and that there was even one or more impostors. I doubt also if there was ever somebody by the name of Jacob Schiff. As I recall it, good and decent members of your ancestors, Marty, settled in the USA and founded an American banking institute that grew into a central bank and supported the USA and became the backbone of the Federal Reserves.

There was never any but true American intention by any of your direct family members and decency and rights for anybody also in any other country.

Anyway, there is a lot of SEGNPMSS hatred and lies about family de Rothschild on the Internet. Interesting is that they try to blame family de Rothschild on what they are doing: conspiracy and secret world rulership.

This seem to be the official website of the de Rothschild family

–        ONE branch of it but not the branch of your family, Marty, although also in the banking industry, your family did not make wine rather build underwater villages and being very close friends to Ron and Ike.

One day, Marty, I hope, I will learn how good my OT abilities in recalling really are.

As the SEGNPMSS covered all the tracks, I have to operate on my ability to recall and operate on thetan basically knows. And if all Scientologists would do it, I would not have so much explaining to do. It works, if people would know how rarely I am wrong, they never would dare to write a defamatory word about me.

I don’t consider all individuals by the name de Rothschild family who does not live like your family a part of your family. Family members must be alike to be family. A name is not enough. It is the same attitude, the same goals that make a family.

And you and Ron and a few others are my family and nothing ever can change that.

Allegedly, the German language was created in the 6th Century and English as we know it around 1500 AD. I think that the German language was “re-created” around that time too. I strongly assume that the SEGNPMSS formed back then into organized crime.

Officially, you are a baron but as I said, history is re-written by the SEGNPMSS while I know that family de Rothschild’s started as highest aristocracy and not in a little German back street. I don’t call you Prince for nothing, my Highness. My very courageous, special, sexy and cute (in a very manly way) Prince. If they would know how you really are, they would blame you on all the crimes done by crazy people who infiltrated the monarchy of this world.

They would then probably start to lie that we are bleeders or something. RLOF! Yeah right. I was told in a doctor’s office recently that I heal faster than any other patient they ever had. Another miracle.

I indicated before that I look at words additionally to their official etymology and if there is a code in them. I did this long before the DaVinci Code or the move Matrix, which I still have not seen.

There is also a Ron in the word Baron, and could he have rather been “Mayer Amseln” in a past live? Speaking English and German is the best start to understand this code. But it is not that simple of a code either as this example. It doesn’t tell how things really are, rather only that there is more to it and the code lies. Most of the time it says how it NOT is, like Moron. Or Idiot. Having the OT in it.

Usually, the reaction when I tell this somebody, he laughs and thinks that I have a great fantasy and could earn millions with it. But I can go on and on and on and decode hundreds of words and then this high volume of decoded words can even make sense to other people if they are not mislead by their SEGNPMSS case officer to shut their minds down immediately. And I can identify this code in any language. Once in a while, I come across a word that I can’t crack but they are rare.

So, what is this code? It is meant to mislead and will mislead the idiots. But when you know that they are lying, one can figure from the lie what the truth is. And the interesting thing is, I noticed in LA that you discovered this code too. I know that I am not the only one who discovered it. And you discovered it even despite you didn’t grew up learning German.

I could write huge encyclopedia volumes, just by defining the words with their secret meanings. And they all would make sense. One could see the underlying strategy within them. It reveals organized crime and how words are used to manipulate people and how they are kept in the dark. But once that layer is stripped away, on the bottom of everything, there is truth. It sure is eye opening.

Symbols are interesting too. ARC (Affinity, reality, control) triangle and the symbol of Scientology can be re-arranged too and then forms into the Star of David or the other way around. Here are both symbols and Ron’s Scientology symbol clearly shows the way OUT of the problems!

Using my eyes and mind, just as Ron wants Scientologists to be. Scientology is so great that it needs no blind followers to stay in-line. Smart people stay Scientologists as they know that this is the philosophy in which all can be puzzled together.

Oh, I wrote and wrote and suddenly felt strange and then I noticed that forgot to eat breakfast…  Guess I will eat something now, although it is not that healthy and tasty as in you village.

I love you endlessly,

Your true companion