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This is the impostor, not Ron, the founder

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Dearest Marty, my hero, husband, and soulmate, 

Above and below is the impostor “Jack Vistaril”, not Ron, the founder.

Germany and its poodle CIA hired him already when Dianetics and Scientology were still unpublished manuscripts in his drawer.  They spied on him as they spy on us.

Have family here. Not much time to myself.

I think of you and I love you.





Will not be much on the Internet in the next few weeks

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Dearest Marty, my precious soulmate and husband,

Although I will not posting much in the coming weeks, I will think of you as always. Nothing ever changes in my love to you. It is always there, come rain or shine. I wish you would be sound and safe. 

After all these years, Marty, you still inspire me. I saw the essence of your being and it impressed me so much that I lasted all this time and will last for the eternity. You allowed me to see your essence, and I am so glad that you did. You are so unique and special that I impossible could forget you. I know I never find another you. From the billions of people on the planet, I know that you are the right one. You are not one in a million. You are not one in a billion. You are not one in billions.  YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE.

If I recall it correctly, your birthday is coming up too. I wish you health, justice, and freedom, Marty. I don’t wish you love because you got it already. And you will always have it.

F has a dangerous operation on Monday [change of plan, the op is postponed…] and M will arrive here tomorrow and will stay with me for the next weeks.   

Be kissed, Marty, and I love you.

Yours forever,






Chimú Empire

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soulmate, husband, and Prince,

How are your days and nights? 

You are amazing and brave, Marty. If the world would be like you, we would have paradise on Earth. I miss you a lot and ask myself every day when I will see you again.

Whenever I think of what is done to us upon secret German psychiatric orders, also this crosses my mind: Who do they think they are? They are outrageously criminal and lack any intelligence, otherwise they would know that they will be caught and held responsible for everything, and I mean everything.

They are living with a bad conscience and throw away the ONLY thing that they can take with them in their afterlife: a good character! Can they spell STUPID? Even if each would get paid a billion dollar (they are not) for the dirt and crimes that they are committing, it is a very lousy payment for a lost character and a bad conscience that takes away from happiness that they otherwise could feel. 

Now to my header about the mass child and animal sacrifice in Peru during the Chimú Empire that existed according to history books from approx. 900 – 1470 AD. Recent news say that archaeologists found the remains of 140 children between 5 and 12 years old, and three adults, and 200 baby llamas. They died 550 years ago.

And who is being blamed? Religion. It is a very old German psychiatric agenda to blame religion on psychiatric crimes.  Fits right into the modern SEGNPMSS campaign of demonizing religion. That’s why this discovery was allowed to make it into the news. 

Who are not blamed are the German barbers and butchers, the today’s medical doctors and psychiatrists who sent the Spaniards to South America to get its gold to Europe and who implant and hypnotize people and control them into conducting the most horrific crimes. I am not saying that the priest(s) or any other person(s) who did this or allowed it to happen was good. Evilness must be a part of their personality, otherwise they would not act upon loud or silent commands even if conditioned. A bunny does not turn into a snake. However, just like with modern terror, bad and hateful people are conditioned by the psychs to commit most gruesome acts.

Why did these 5 – 14 old Chimú kids die? Maybe psychs thought that they would refused ear-implants? Or the psychs were afraid that the kids would not allow them to take the gold of their parents to Europe despite having already ear-implants?  

Their hearts were ripped out, the rip cages were broken, and there were slashes in their bodies. This is a medical not a religious act. Same applies to the 42 children at Templo Mayor in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán (today’s Mexico City).

This is what the National Geographic wrote ion April 26, 2018:  

Analysis of the remains from Las Llamas shows that both children and llamas were killed with consistent, efficient, transverse cuts across the sternum. A lack of hesitant (“false start”) cuts indicates that they were made by one or more trained hands.

Trained hands! Trained butcher/barber/doctor/psych hands, either directly, or via hypnotized and conditioned “priests”. 

SEGNPMSS has their agents all over the world recruit the kids of the world into their secret service as kids have no ripe minds. They are easy to recruit. Or maybe they were killed just because some psychs love killing kids and others and consider slaughter of others to be fun. I bet, Marty, in their twisted minds, these p$ychs don’t consider themselves as the killers even if they deliberately set up and condition the killers to conduct terror and killings. They are of the kind when caught and confronted, they turn out to be the biggest cowards ever and play the victims.  

Knowing the SEGNPMSS, I think that the disappearance of 130 kids in the German city of Hamelin is no story but reality. Because I know the brutality of German barbers and butchers, the later psychs and medical doctors, I don’t believe in “unemployed youths” leaving town for work elsewhere as a German professor does. Even in their own culture, SEGNPMSS committed atrocities. They hypnotized the Hamelin kids as they did with the German dance mania kids and adults. And ttypically for Germany, evidence as to what really happens is concealed. Only if they can blame their own horrible acts on religion, they will come forward with atrocities in the past or present.

They want the world to hate religion and worship doctors instead. And the evidence of this is everywhere to be found.  

I love you, Marty. Be embraced and kissed.

Yours always,



During the last decade, I had a lot to do with the corporate world

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Dearest Marty, my awesome husband and soulmate,

How are you? I will first stop worrying if I see you free, healthy, and happy in person (and only you and no impostor)!

During the last decade, I had a lot to do with the corporate world, and is unbelievable what’s often wrong in businesses and that also concerns big companies with well-known brands.

It starts with that either no Code of Ethics is in place or it is not enforced. IMO, employees should study the Code of Ethics each year again in order to not forget it. Because they do. A company can have a Code of Ethics just to have one but nobody is applying any of it.  There are also often no hotlines in place where an employee can call if a superior or a coworker is out of line or something unlawful is going on. Or employees are afraid to say something as their fear retaliation.    

Thinking back to the time when I was the President of the Church of Scientology Germany, Codes of Ethics were unheard of in German companies, but the C of S (incl. in Germany) had a Code of Ethics in place in addition to the Code of Honor plus an ethics officer. Instead of Germany cleaning up Germany’s pig stables in government, industry, medicine/psychiatry, and wherever else, Germany attacked Scientology and me of course. And not just that. It also sent infiltrators into the org to violate our Code of Ethics, the Code of Honor, and undermined Scientology ethics and laws.    

Anyway, during the last 10+ years, I often gained insight into companies (not related to Scientology or Wise). 

Just in all other walks of life, companies and their executives or employees don’t admit having ear-implants but are marching to the drum of whoever knows their code. It doesn’t take me long to spot that economies (and very much so the US economy) and companies are German-oriented and -controlled.

It is Germany above everything and any other economy. In other words, any CEO in the USA and the rest of the world should know what they are up to against. It is possible that he or her wonders why his or her employees don’t do better considering that his/her order wasn’t that difficult to execute. German-oriented and -controlled ear-implants are the reasons. Germany has the overall control over it and it does not want the US economy to flourish. On the other side of the token, there might be employees who wonder why the CEO or other executives lead the company in the wrong direction.  German-oriented and -controlled ear-implants are the reasons.

The corporate details that I learned fill big volumes, Marty. 

Really, companies should have a huge interest in getting rid of ear-implants. People don’t think for themselves and do robotically what their case officers tell them to do. And they want the US economy and the economy of other countries down, down, and down.

When companies are act criminal or are forgetting humanity for profit, it demonstrates typical German characteristics. Yes, companies that are selling good products should prosper but not maintaining humanity is typically German and the SEGNPMSS wants the USA to have this reputation.     

I love you, Marty, hope to see you soon against all odds.