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About scribbler Lawrence Wright and the likes: bashing and defaming L. Ron Hubbard will not defeat Scientology and Scientologists, and here is why:

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, 

I am in a hurry today again (what a pest!)  but a few words about scribbler Lawrence Wright and the likes: bashing and defaming L. Ron Hubbard will not defeat Scientology and Scientologists, and here is why: 

1) Word of mouth by friends (people who they personally know) not the media makes people try Scientology. Other aspects are coming into play. In 1976 in Munich, I was told tons of bad stuff  about SCN and Ron by German agents. It made me rather curious if it is really like that. If people  are smart enough to think for themselves (they will not allow Wright or somebody else think for themselves) and if try SCN, they will have amazing wins, which will make them never  dump their religion EVER, it doesn’t matter what anyone says. They will always think about their own experiences. This is the anti-cult thinking. Cult thinking is to allow others or Wright and other dummies do the thinking for them. 

2) A large number of Scientologists KNOW that Jack Vistaril was an impostor and that he was not the founder. Any attempt to muddle “Jack Vistaril” with L. Ron Hubbard, the founder, makes these Scientologists think that Lawrence Wright (and the likes) are complete idiots who never even compared photos or other footage of the founder.

3) Same goes for not comparing the photos of you, the original Marty Rathbun in Scientology with those of Mosey’s husband.

4) Why do Scientologists not say anything about it? My guess is that they are being told that it is not safe for them (SEGNPMSS going wild), and they want to be there for their families, or something like this. So, they leave it up to us and are thinking that we have more divine protection or something like that. 😉  

5) However, the day will come when yellow journalist scribbler Lawrence Wright (and the likes) will deeply regret having written their hate book or their hate articles. I also learned that Garry Scarff is his source. GARRY SCARFF OF ALL PEOPLE!!!! If Scientologists and most “SCN critics” ever agreed on something than that lying is all Garry Scarff is capable of. If those who accepted him as OSA volunteer would know and apply the tonescale, Scarff would have been never accepted as anything for SCN.

Larry Wright’s source of information, Garry Scarff:

No, not because of legal or other threats, but because the world will be informed about the difference between the impostors and the originals and between Scientology, Vistarology (which applies also to the “Indies” and the “Freezone” ), and Miscavology. THEY WILL LOOK LIKE THE BIGGEST IDIOTS ON THE PLANET LOOKING FOR STONES TO CRAWL UNDER AND HIDE.

I love you, Marty, and kiss you a million times!

Yours forever,